The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 19, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1918
Page 8
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SE;FAGE. EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 19,1918. : 64 MILLIONS WORTH " Office vJWoiiuees j'Ae- -Hi';'.' TERRIBLE SORES o Hitter Vow Ckrooie, We rejr Ir»g Co^'G*anu»tee* San.Cmra OUtot.t to eiTe B«Uef and Often Peia«iit»t Cue. | "My daughter'was. troubled.Tor. over, a year with i.'fever sore on her lag, ana 'was-"-Helpless in -bed lor three months" To the great surprise ot all, i including^the" four doctors who had! aUended-her.'San Cura Ointment heal- ed the great sore in less. than" · six ! AT -IT 1C Dim CAD ! -^^-""^ J - D - Ho6d To » m ' ril le, Pa. ' I W"J1 - 10: "Alii fvlVj Karl C. Banks, of · the-Atlantic Re- fining.Co.* of Pittsburgh, had .a sore on his ankle lor a y.ear. He doctqrM., and tried rarioiu remedies, without relief. .He says: "San" Cura Ointment worked like, a charih;. . reduced ' the 2 0 0 t k l s new Diamond Amberoli Into J T O B T |3Hfi*ttli farmed Pnrinrtlie War; at Bate of IK iMCBtim io « Tear; BoUer*. A; summary of the United : States R»el Corporatiotf s.' records on proflt- ^iihartng-operations. "show'that the em- ployes-have subscribed HOT '161.00.0,000 i«f. the.stoefc of the corporation-on the JjistaUment plan.-' This large .total gjrepresents the money actually paid by he .workers in steel mill and office or 71J.348 shares of ,the common :md |?I»wf«rred stock since the prafit-shar- W J»|T program went Into effect in 1I03. of subscribers has been i87,M«, an aggregate which repre- K««nts some duplication by the snme |i«dtyidaals, as the 'employe* in many r ?eases have sabscribed year after year.. |£' .The ..broad application of the slock, ' swelling ana healed the sore in two weeks." , " .. ' Bear.-in .mind; ^tbatniesides sores, San'Cura Ointment is used with great success_ia eczeoia, boils,, carbuncles, salt 'rheum', tetter, also-Itching, blefid- ing and protruding : jIles. · In cases oaf burns, scalds, cots and bruises-. San Cura is most valuable. The- price is. only 30 cents, 60 .cents and $1.20 a jar, j and the Lau'ghrey Irns Co., Connetis- ville anl BroadVay- Drug Oo, Scottdale, wib" are 'agents .in.. their .respec-. Uve towns, guarantee it. . . . . AMBEROLA CLUB The Edl»on L«bormtort«« have authorized ui to tell a limited number of JCKW B0IS05 BIAMOTO AJTBEB- on the Club Plan. COXFLEX10S" SOAP. " It yon want a lovely Wmpieiion, vith soft, velretj- skin, free from pimples and blackheads,, use San Cura Soap- the great antiseptic and Skin ?iubscriptlon plan was " emphasized pulifier . 25 cents a eake at the'lAUgh- g'wnen the 191S,tl3^was clos_ed. ra lew re y.- 0 ru g :Co., ' ConnellsTille and _ . ago, ·with 95,437 shares- 'sub- p:'»cribed for, st a. total value of ?3?80,'. So^heavy wis .Uie demand" that: ^thc-corporatioii -irasrt oiced : to "prac- -set -aside*' "for :. subseriJiersr. ares.'' The-! are- allowed ~threV years itC Virhich to par lor their. stock, unless ; elect to take it-up by paying in fj^fu I t;whhtn. this period. fe A^ commentary on the prosperous I?conditionsTM among th* employes is piimpplied by. the corporation's record |-e( payments- on stock subscribert- for p'to January. 1917. in. slightly :nore JJthaj^.a year nearly ti7o-:thirds of,' the Si7 Ji3,SZO subscribed has been pa'id in. ;-'Juidrthe one-third still due is leing ^.'.rapidly 'paid 'lor. in'cash and.ttd ap- ^iplication of the large dividends to .}.'the^amounts due. ' · ' , . ' . J ... p the 40,742' shares subscribed, for _t January, 191, only 3442 remaiin to ? be -paid, for-and no Inore than T.T-186. ^·of. Jhe at^tO sobsci-ibers'-liave yit to {complete their payments. Npt'ajl of who subscribed conloiiue Broadwaj- Drug Co.,. Scottdale, who are affents--in their respective, towns. If you can't get it' at "your druggist send to the Thompson Medical Co.. Titusyiiie, Pa.-- Adv. ' · : . payments are divided' equally among the fully paid subscribers: In some years this has - amounted to as much as IS a share. · · Confluence. CONFLUENCE, March 18.--Herman F. Parnell son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Parnell or this place who enjoyed a 4 day furlough here with is parents left Saturday for his camp in New .Jersey. . . . . . ;. ·;.. Mrs.' "Wan. Reiber- and daughter, Mrs. Wm. Bnnrworth and little daughter,.Lonise Burnworta went to Cereal, Pa., Saturday. tn visit Mrs. Ilefber's daughter and Mrs. Bumworth's sister, Mrs'. Howard; "Wright "and family for to the end, but it is estimated that several days, "·'-- "*"-- ^·vl theraverage of those -who surrfmder their'stock within the three yeaa-s is Eo jnore taan .15 per cent o£ the total -; TPlth this aTeragB substantially reduced ]n yeers or large earnings and ! 1916 and 1917. ' The employes who subscribed in ifrfi January 'last yew are noir getting-a w relum at the rate of 922 a 7haje a ·'yew. In addiffion to the dividends th« corporation, beginning the year after the snbscrtption is flJsd. pays to -.' the stock owner fS a share each year i for Hv« years. This is an incentiTe to the worker to ^keep up hi3 pay- iotnts and retain the stock. Feetdes ^ ^ ; tide at the end of each, nve-year P; juried th« proceeds 'ot stock sur*"''" rendtnd to the corporation by em- B.L ploy*» who have not kept up their Jl'rs. "Win. Boor and sister. Miss Beatrice Youukin were shopping in Connellsviue Saturday. Mrs. Fred Koontz who is recovering fro'ra. a recent severe illness is contemplating a trip to Oshura, Caoada, to vis/it her sister- Mrs. W. P. Knight jnst as soon as she is able to travel. Mrs. Emerson "Wright of Greens- Tur« Is here visiting friends here. Mrs. George R. McDonald vice president o£ the Red Cross chapter here gave a fine luncheon, to the merc- bersiof the chapter on the "West'Side Friday evening. A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all present Mr. VS. 5T. Ringer has returned from a visit with his daughter, Mrs. Jamee Weyant at XcKeesport Charles Recknor and son-ia-Jaw, It's the only way you con buy this instrument on such a small Initial easy monthly terms. Come in and let us tell yon a if you can't cull personally 111 Ucbed coupon and mall at once. t rondorfnl $35.00 payment ant WFilGHT- METZLERCO. I W. Craw Pa. Clyde Bovlra have .returned from a visit with Monds at Connellsv'ille and Mt. Pleasant. / Mr. I. L. Hall and,,daughter-in-law, Mrs. C. W. Hall laff Saturday for a visit with friends in Connellsvillo and Uniontown, ' ifrs. Charles McDonald and son, Raymond of Deal, former residonte o" this place are visiting Mr. 1 and Mrs. John Davis on tie West Side. 'O. B. Humbert the undertaker has purchased the old Doctor Pritciuier property on Odea street adjoining the residences of D. H. Pore and H, P. Meyers consideration ?1,000. Frantz Tissue are havin« the ( front o£ their garage weather boarded ( and otherwise improved. ! Mr, and Mrs. Russell Parnell and ' two. children of RussefiUiu, Pa., who were here visiting the former's brother, Herman, who is imjoying a furlough from, a soldier camp hare rt- tarned home. W. W. Prazec has returned to his work again as brakeman on the C. 0. branch alter n. scv^raJ days' illness. Step Lively! Corns Quit with "Gets-It" The Great Conx-Looacncr of the Age. Never Faili, PainJeat, "Watch my step? "\Vhafs the use! I go along "riffbt side up without care," even with corns, because 1 us» "Cots-It", the painless, ofl-llko-a-ba- nana-pfcel corn remover. I u-led other yays galore, until I was biue CONNEL15VILLE WIDOW CRIES FOR JOY "I couldn't eat anything but ra%v egr;s and sweet milk and was so weak I could hardly walk across the room. I would have heen. in my grave ioday if I hadn't taken .Majr's Wonderful Remedy "WTien I did. "When I think how I have sujtered and how good I foel now I cry Eor joy." It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrbal mucus from thfc intestinal tract and allays the Inflamation which cuscs practically all stpmeh, liver nd intestinal ailments, including appendicitis. One does will convince or money refunded.--Adv. Be Sure to Serve them with the Best-- The same good beer with the same good reputation it had/years and years ago, when me grown-ups of today were kids. · It is all Quality. No expense is spared--in materials, labor or process--to make it the best you can buy. Ask for the. Pittsburgh Brewing Co.'s GONNELLSV1LLE SPECIAL BEER AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS. CLUBS- ORDER A CASE SENT HOME Con ) Sfanpfr C**t Stop «, W* u*« in tho fac* and red In the toes. No more for me. Use ·'Geta-lt." It never fails. Touch any corn or callus with two drops ot "Geta-It." and "Gcta-H" does tho rast. It's a relief to be ablo to stop cutting: corns, making them bleed, ·wrapping them up like packages and -using sticky tape and ealrM. It remove* any corn clear and d«an, leaving? the toe aa smooth as your palm. Ton aui wear those new ahoea without pain, clanco and bfl frisky on your feet. It's gr«at to uae "Gets-It/* ··^eta-It" Is sold at all dru^Klata Pyou need more than 25 cent* a. bottle), or sent on receipt of prtco by B. Lawnnce Co., OUca^o, JU. Sold in'CanneHavlllc and r«co-ram«nd- ed as the world'a heat corn remedy bj laagrhrcy Drug Co., A. A. Clarke, Con- ncnsvllJc Drug: Co. ®SX-X3©®®3®®^ 1 BEAD THE COUBIER | 9G33®®e^ you SUIT NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Savt the Teeth and Prevent Diseases. v "An *dr*Med up -with b holt In hl« Rtb0m,*° ft i ~wtM B. bit ot aarca^m A. gM lut * yountr roua friend -whD»« ·- ^ JiitAt w naw except hte piano- Lund" 'abo««. KJct ·ooach, too.' man or woman Bhabby patr epoll the Appearmnc* n oteffaat , cormcnta ever ha tctth? Ir«B» in all LMLB*. if you open your e. daftay^d Mt of t**tk' MMM end* rlfht tber«.[ hols In th» aho« tor you.' both to man and women. [OlrU, and yowny mtn. you lout b*Ii Rho TL^mM^'fim which Trouid be dlrect- «d towPd yen U you h»v» bad tmeth. pfou loujt - b* pleamta^r with ·noothftU of decay. You can't fo* healthy cither. The condition ot the tenth hav« a telling Influence on other OTEQB of the body. Bad to*th *£*ct tb« IntMUnea, irtom- ftcb, heart, anil ev«n Ui» ey»B, M*dl- caj iclsnc* chovs that bad tMth pro- fluc« unhealthy conditions all over th« ody. ltli Senrcco Tooth Paste at yovf a jwdeatiaeoaiy prsparwd proof Pyorrhea^ there'* no ne«d taiag prey to th«»» Uii. No in**d of. havlnc a mouthful o£ decayed ffi*«th. U«ed regularly on a tot ot ·Dod te«th'th« deadly germa hav* Uttl« whanoe to enter. If 'they should enter (they can't Mifct long under ita thor- ' ouch, nlaartiiinc properties. Jut a bleaniMr and preventive oC diaeaae ol the Uftlh it fa posttirftjy reliable. AdTatioed- ca»tm flhould b« treated by your dentJ*L ' * " Vet Benreco Tooth Paate a* a pr«- prentative. Ask y«ur dentiit If you .should not pay oJJ attention to your ^teeth. Of ccur** we ifon't 'nay our !Tootii Faate will curs Pyorrhea. If you aJready haT« It. y o u r dvntlat iM the doctor. Bran Jf you aro WmcUd with hUi twrible ddsvas* Sec- ireco Tooth Paate TTtil help you to «r«t jrii of it. with your dentlat'i aaalat- [ance.. But we don't Trant. you to con* oract any ailment of the mouth -and {teeth, nor Coe*j your dantai doctor. A jrev«nltv» U far better thaa to have 10 go throoch tbe trial* of a OUIT. Eave your teeik by Benraco Tooth jPaeto find th» probobOlty i« that you fwtm't have u» iJ*al with foul and pain-,' £ul dteeawen. By tUnc excel«nt car* teeth you xcay *ave atomaob,) l, heart and eye troubles. all ttncaxitioc to ks*p the tsetb ' OXra 'do It with Seoreco Tooth tho latest tsxnrerr of .dental l. Sampl* of Senreco fr«* if you it. S«xreco.7ooth J?OMe, ' Clnciit- Come to the Easter Store! For Easter marks the season for ne.w apparel. And this ' store has in every sense of the word-prepared bountifully and ·well. Smart Easter apparel for women--for men--for boys. Beautiful Millinery, Suits, Coats, Dresses, Blouses, Piece poods and Dress Accessories. Men's Spring Suits and Topcoats, Shoes, Hats, Shirts and Furnishings. The entire dsplay characterized by faultless style--sound quality^-fair and economical pricings. Complete Readiness in New Spring DRESS GOODS and New Spring SILKS Months of preparations--a fevr unusually attractive pieces chosen here--a certain color rejected there--constant watch over soundness ot quality and weaving. The results arn here and ready NOW, in our completed Spring display of Wool Dress Goods and Silks. Time yet to fashion them into pretty Easter costumes--but not a day should be lost. Weeks and months this Spring and Summer for them to prove tfee wisdom of your choice. DRESS GOODS! All colors are good--from sand to browiij such as beaver, beige, khaki, taupe, taa. and all tlie blues. --All M'ool Jersey Cloth in old rose, beige, and Cbinese blue, 52 inches wide and $3.00 the yard. --All Wool- Yelonrs do toine, Tor street suits and smart coats, choosing eapy from the color assortment, 5-i inches wide and $4.35 the yard. --XoTClty Fluids for spring -w^ar; elegant range of styles from neat to daring effects, at $2.50 to ?-(.S5 the yard. --AH Wool .Serges, in great variety, representing al! the ne^r .shades and the ever fashionable navy at ?1.25 to ?3.00 t.he yard. --Silk-ftnd-nool Fabrics in special demau'd for the Easter outfit combining service and beauty t 33 to 40 inches wide, at $1.75 the yard. NEW SILKS! --Fmilards, just about the most popular Spring silk at the present time. The designs arc strikingly new and chiefly in hiue-and-white and black. Prices 82, $i»0 and ?3J0 a yarn. --Silk Ginghams, borrowing their designs from the prettiest ginghams they could find. Checks and pluius. At $2.00 and $2J0 a yard. --Oorgctte Crepes, most necessary in the making of nearly all Spring gowns. All colors. At $2.35 and $3.00 the yard. --Heavy Satins in midnight blue, taupe, and purple for afternoon dresses, at $2.50 the yard. --Chiffon Taffetas for Spring and Summer frocks. Beautiful shades. At ?2.00 and S2.SO the yard. --Crepe }lecor and Crepe dc Chine, in a range of light and dark shades, at $1.50 to $3.00 the yard. Your SOLDIERS and SAILORS WANT Some of Your BOOKS A campaign for books is being made this week. We urge our patrons to co-operate. Wrap your books. Label them "Library IVar Serrice 1 ' and either send to the Carnegie Free Library or leave at this store. 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