The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 19, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1918
Page 7
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.TUESDAY, MARCH 19, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEULSVILLE, PA. PAG5B SEVBH. PETET BISX--And Home Is Eyen IASS of a Place BT C. A. VOIGHX AMD LOAF ~R-1E C ts No ·W-A.-ceTto SETT TV41S V/AY fi ofu* O Grwdfe THE SEEDS OF DEEDS NCX upon * ttra* t*m Itrtd o*fl ma« who WM v*ry Bat with mil hi* moMT thU old BO on*. H« W known to My kind word to anyone, and lomc Mid that he never nnU**. Mo«t fofea called him Grandpa Otvoeh because he waa ao glum aj*t CTOM, and. Jlttfc children ran from him whom tlMy ,MW him CKRlBf One day aa Graodp* OFWK* n.t fc*i Core his table counting crat-tata *on*r. he heard a soft tapplor on th» arrb of Ate chair He looked down. A qwser Jlttle- «Utn AO taller than hi* kne« wmi ·staxriln* *T MJ ebalr "How did yow «M IN hm?" «xc*ali*M« (he old man anffrilv "I thoocbt th« door as locked." '8* It la. tnrt key* can't keep oat the **!*» band from XaketMUeve lAnd. Tm .Happy GfnlM. at r*ut **rrte*." "What do yon wajit here** growled t?randp« Grouch, haatfly pu*h1u« hla ^non*y b**k Into tht bag* lira come to offer my help, ' r*pHed Happy Qltxtes "You're unhappy ' Te*. Terr unhappy cried Qraadp* (Grouch, "I'd almoit h« wJHinf; to **" kll ray fold If someone could tell J»» fffhem %appta««« can b« found. ' and threat t«ar* rolled dowa the old mao'a · hMaw, N» need of that," laua!h«d Happy plntUa. 'Bwprtnea* I* on* thine that Vnonay eumot bn tmlea* you *bar« It (with thc*e who really need tt." * But every on* la after my money " "·· cried Ormadpa. Grouch, "1 hat* th« T«ry world. Vbere a no happtoea* or p«ao« 'of mind in It r "Tliare'a where you*** "wromg '** re- pltod H*ppy Gigyte*. *The world s a preait bt*; garden and every *«ed planted brtn»* forth its deed. Yon'r* paid In yoinr own coin It yott mlstmat thoa* around yoa they think the same of you Smile and the world amite» with you, frown and the world like a magic mirror fftjwua back at yon." "But no one seems to care *** sobbed Grandpa Grouch laying 1 hi* head on hi* tftgB of gold. ** Always remember that kindness t»v- g«ts klndnMw and love hegvtc lore," aafd 2!appy Gtgsles. There are thoee In the world -rho need your help, find them . £ 4 . EVERYTHING BIT! LEATHER Sow TT«d to lake Boots aud Shoes for tbe German Civilians. Leather has become so scarce m German; that a company has been commissioned to provide the c vilian population with boots and shoes made from leather substitutes. These are of man Idildv, substitutes lor soles, for the legs of boots ami for tops substitutes made from paper, sailcloth, felt, rubber horn, and above all substitutes for soles made of wood The lack of liather Is constantly increasing as the TT»T progresses, so that even the scrape of leather which irere formerly sailed to the shoes will soon no£ be available Such leather as is still on hand or still expected is tor in* most part required and used up for the army coasequentlj rfce civil 1 population must manage for themselves For them the ' age or wood«n soles is approaching, wooden sotes for the finest as "well as the coarsest boots. During the first nine months of 1S17 almost nine rai'lion pai's o£ I "wooden soles -were turned out WAR CORTRACTS TAKEN OVER Reminder* of Federal Leagua Days Held fay Oedeon and Nunamaker, Now With St. Loui«. The St Ijonls Browns took over two ·war-thM contracts wben they got the j bnncb of flre players from the Tan I kees Tbece reminders of Federal ' league day are held by Joe Gedeon r and Lea Knncmaker and ore mid to call for about (5,000 a year each. Commercial Printing' o/ all kinds Done at 15/je Courier Job Printing' Office. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY TRIANGLE PRESENTS J BARNE1 SHERRY IN "THE ARGUMENT" r\ 5 ACTS ALSO IJOCai. PICTURES OP THE COLGNLAL TCA. TAKEN AT THE ARMORY. --aOMOHKOrl-- BLUEBIRD TRESBNTS VIOLET MERSEREAU IN "MORGAN'S RAIDERS" Dili 1 '*. IN s \ers \LSO L KO COMBO1 IN 2 ACTS SprouU After 1,000 Y«ln». At the Zecsui Temple, Iwsno Tillage, ICoga gun, Shig« Pielectnre, a Tery nn- raent wooden idol ol VaJsravana was opened foar years ago and some rice that had reposed therein fully ten cen- tnries ^as removed and planted. The feds germinated and the rice grown tl-eretrom appears to be similar In all r"pccts to that of the present day The yield via large and the crop for nest year from this eeed Is eipected to be excellent Valsravana 13 the God of Treasure When th" statue was repaired a bag of coarse B«ien textile -was exhumed con talmng rice seeds with a piece of pa per beruiff tbe following inscription, m Chinese ' This imaRe nns been en i graved for the peace of the world If i any one of later generations opens it, t Lc should put m now seeds' The ToKyo Academy of Fine Art prr*- noances the image and its contents of great antiquity--at least 1000 years old. SOISSON THEATRE MONDAY, 1UESDA1 AM) 1VE1)ES14.Y. ?rA.KCH 18 iO 4 T B 20. MATES JEES DAILY JACK BALL STOCK CO. "But No On* Sc*sn» to Cw«. M uid pee what your garden brlnffi fortb," and fttiick as a wink Happy OiKCle* disappeared Grandpa. Grouch raised his head and rubbed his eye». He was alone with hli bags of moner 'Every »ecd brings forth Ita d*eii" kept ringing through his brain Then 111 plant seeds of fclndneai, ln- ·tad of mistrust and hate!" crt«d the oil man. Tylnr up a bag of gold ha w-nt through the village laughing and ehat- tliiff .vlth everyone he met. He mtve ol WH money where H w»a t»et4ed meat. Mid when he returned home again, ha wits tired, but oh so happr t He had planted his first »eed* otfehid- iies*. but they gre\v so qnlclcly that t»- fore long he wa« loved and honored br ·13 the village folk for hi* good deed*. * Its CUE*. ,.. "A cteb buffet In a paradoxical sort of tiling " "Why so 7 'Because so raani men use It ivhen Lhoy are out of spirits " Just Over the Bridge ConneiisTitle (Hest Sldf) (liie Speed-Ball Stock) --EN-(C Pretty Miss Nobody" A Storj of California. The Plaj Beautifnl. Plenty of Comedy With a Good Ptmeh. THURSDAY, JfRFDAY AT) SATURDAY Seats ~So\\ Selbng. ·The Most Sensational Play J3tcr Put on in Connellsrille. (A Rrencn Cocktail) S u n , Singing and Dancing. (V. Comnuttce of Censors Appointed to Praise or Condemn This Play. Matinees, lOc and 20c. lights, 20c, SOc and 35c. "VCT Will S - 3 i · , i f - i - t ' ... 1 ard STATION FIRST FOOTBALL STAR FALLS Malcolm Gifford of WfllianN, Victim ·f Unfortunate ClrcumManCM, It War Victim. Malcolm Gilford ol Willtams coUese, Is the first American football star to fall In the great game 'Vner there." Williams- Joined a Canadian regiment last jprtng and said that ho would, never return to America all\e He Hani hlroaelt Into tbe war game with th» same snlrit that he displayed In football. Hfc did tals largely to help hl'.n torget th« unfoTtnoate train of clrcumsumces that had caosed him to be accused and tried for the murder of a taxicab drlrer in Albany, N. 1 Tkl3 loitdent saddened the life of the foot ball (tar and he cared little what happened to him In Europe Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trfctagl Battery Mao. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOIHPHONtS OPPMAKS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY DOUGLAS FAUUJANKS FN TLaTKG WITH FATE" Alao a Good Comedy T O M O B B O W For Preaento Detntv JUNE CAPRICE ta -rm; JTEAKT or BOXJUTCE" Coming Soon--D. W Criflth'* "rrJTOliLBRANCE" DOCBE BROTHERS COMMERCIAL CAR The car's steady growth in good opinion proves how readilj the public appreciates real value · The kind of people who buy Dodge Brothers cars are seldom concerned with any question of price They always think first of its high quality and stability The record of its economy and comparative freedom from repair costs comes as a pleasant afterthought It will pay yon to visit us and etimune this cur. The Rasolinc consumption is unusually low. The tire mUenge is iinnsnally high. Commercial Car, $885. Touring Car or Jtoadster, $SS". Sedan or Coupe, $1350. TTii ter Touring Cur or Uoadster, $1050. (All nriccs t. o. )). Detroit) Central Motor Co. . Apple Street, Tri-State Phone, 36S. Arcade Theatre Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday March 18,19 and 20 RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF AMERICA'S GREATEST PATRIOTIC SPECTACLE Womanhood The Glory of the Nation" PRESENTED BY CAPTAIN P. N. LEWIS, RECRUITING OFFICER U. S. NAVY. When you see this picture you will realize the perilous position *r»o nation is in. Never was there a picture more timely, more stirring \ '·'· zis appeal, more powerful in its presentation. It is your duty to see it. An All Star Cast . Special Orchestra Performance Begins at Athrassicn, Matinees 10 and IS Cents. T$£ Evening 15 and 30 cents. National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 F. Fayette Street GOOD rOOBUfG CABS A?TD XBUCJiS TO All POUTS. Quick service Moderate charge Careful drivers Moving and haulms Bell Phone 607. F. T. EVANS B8SA TM BOTH PHONES J. N. Trump · IITE LIUp TRANSFER MOTOR TRCCIC tcovnca ASD OBn 103 E. alt* P R. B. Depot. Bvtti "IT HUTS T3EDE

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