The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal Published by Tha Journal PuhlMhln. Co. of Ottawa Ltd 137 Quarn St - 2M Sparks at.. Ottawa. Ontario FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1964 Pay Complaints . The Civil Service increases announced yesterday cover one of four groups of Governm e.n t employees! Those who say they speak for employees in the group assert the increases are inadequate. ! Wl. kAAm TkS. UUtflk? .1 ," ' . . J Taxpayers of Ottawa would feel much 'better about the ill-starred sewer sur-charge on the water bill if there was some assurance forthcoming that City ;Haii naa pin-pointea tne source oi tne error and that there was some guarantee that a similar mistake won't be Jmade again. ' ; ' " " Few will be naive enough to believe Ohat the Ontario Supreme Court's ruling Ithat the sewer charge was illegally im-fposed is going to mean any. bonanza ya returned casn. icmiiica places where we may reflect on the heritage left by the brave and the wise, and on the blessings of peace we enjoy! The Democrats' Dilemma It will take all of President Lyndon Johnson's reputedly vast powers of conciliation to prevent a. nast floor fight at the Democratic convention next wee over the seating of delegations from Alabama and Mississippi. Disputes over who are bona fide convention delegates are an old e n o u g h story particularly at Democ r a t i c Few employees anywhere feel they conventions. President Johnson's are adequately paid so we should not be too 'surprised if the cjvil servants getting these increases find they can refrain from cheering. And yet ... Most extensive, and we believe, sincere, efforts have been made by successive administrations to ensure that the Government does not only claim to be a good employer but is that, in facU-. state of Texas sent rival delegations to the 1944 convention and the problem was settled by seating both and giving each delegate half a vote. . Part of the trouble this time is brewing over a law which Governor George Wallace pushed through the Alabama Legislature barring as state delegates anyone pledged to President Johnson. The convention s credential committee To attain that objective substantial has a ice probem on its hands in changes and improvements have been deciding if the officiai Alabama dele- maue in recent years, iiiciuuii.r ihc a l ruli.H nmnrrat establishment of the cyclical review of pay announced by Finance Minister Fleming in February, 1962. It provides that over each two-year period the compensation of all -' civil servants and RCMP members will be examined, group by group, in relation to the earnings m outside employment. The Government no longer guesses at what good employment conditions mean. The Pay Research Bureau of the represent th civil service uimmiMiuii inyuauij whites and But Mississippi's p e r f o r mance is potentially a greater embarrassment to the President who, in the electoral mathematics of this year's voting, must cut his losses in the South to win victory. Two sets of delegates from Mississippi are claiming credentials: the "regular" all - white delegation which in other years would normally tate and a group of four egroes from a rival Knows more aooui pay conaiuons man "pjn Democratic Party." any other organization in tne country. delega,M are unpedRed The scope of it work is indicated by nd probaby wi not iupport President this paragraph In the last commission Jonnson. Tne Freedom Democrats "n report: . . ... . committed to the President and they The.taformition for the Pay Research ,-,. tri.nA. uii,,vi nm, have powerful friends wiilingMo Bureau studies It gathered hi part each year by means of Interviews with ofTicUlt of several hundred firms and Institutions. This direct approach enables the bureau to develop an understanding of th compensation paid employee in- the private sectors of the economy and to achieve a high ' degree of accuracy in comparing the duties i and responsibilities of positions in the Civil Service with Urate of positions outside the lunner irom me ei recti 01 tne white lutiiicr iiviii tliv c 1 1 c. l ui llic wiutc Flying Over Parliament '. Hill carry . - -m T """"" their fight to the floor of the eonven- . ' " . .' . ... ; . tion. The Democrats have an agonizini problem that is both moral and poli tical. Do they recognize the Apolitical v existence of the Negro In Mississippi and thereby alienate even more white Why Not Victory? By WALTER LIPPMANN voters in the Deep South and auffer "p1"6 nM bMn om com strategy would force us to . . ... ... .UlHt xJmm tKa. ri.Uiu.tar rhrWita) hat-U-Il -Hmlttifl thftf nlaint -from tht Goldwater choose between admitting that viuiivia whu imrcn I t;iialia;ru a I II nnjv uviuci .uvwwuaj tn th. Pariar ann.lta.tff nloni.tlrm A.x,m mt,A tk. (, tnr 1nr which, next to the oresldenL. . rc"c. nnoa iiaeu . times not to return. Crossing Bonk Street The city of Ottawa is in the midst of such' a remarkable building boom that the announcement of construction of new office buildings has become routine news. ' , But there Is more, than routine in the construction of two targe structures, one being built by Campeau Construction, the other by Bourque Brothers, In the Kent-Laurier-AIbert Street area. " The location of these two targe office . . a n..t a ml.l.U Inunlvlno anm II .100.. uicr uava atwu aiuiio n, m - V . .' XV. n.nk v..ifji praciuea ? civic administration remains under a In" crossing Bank Street the city 1s i cloud. . - - moving back to where much of Its busi- There should be no head-hunting. But .... the public" should know how such a A .....-.. , , ' " . , - b 1 !... ,.M haiMaa atu what "J,,,-.V f- ', , . ... i,gU9a IIIIBtanV WUiu aiapii - .. . ' .. .. ... , steps are being taken as a consequence. ys ... .. ... i r .T r T ' Notes ond Comment : Ouitt of Camoobello; ; ; ' "What goe. up must come down" ;B. Johnson quoted the poet T. S. Ellot (on the "still point of the turning world." , Camoobello, she believed, was one of fthe still points in a changing world and President Roosevelt would think that pair. The Toronto housewife who took a shot at an ice cream truck can i be in opening the park those who partici- -thankful she wasn't tried by a court roared had made a good beginning. children.. v if I Indeed they have. The island will be the memorial to a good man. Mrs. l, B. Pearson, in her speech at the opening, recalled how the news of Mr. Roosevelt's death in IMS caused her to feel a wave of fear for the future. tsj i c m wavej vfi leal ivi lutuiv, President Johnson used 47 different pens to sign a bill the other day and tk. MrlJ to caaat tna aesisu . , . it in innny-hin. Th. mm i a, w. .. 25 Years Ago 3 I rr a TM laaraal at tat; tt, 1st. . , LJON. '. HARRY NIXON. On-" tario Provincltl Secrettry, asserted that certain agent, had been ; unloading hardscrabble farms kt Ontario on Immigrants who had money. i Mahtf N. B. McLean. N, f Id her speech at the opening of the" 't telling it to the cost of living.; lmm chMrf engineer in char,. tS'n ISTlX ' A woman'sldTToTTsho. that fits' aVS S. ,'7.: a tass a saa a " " " - ---- . ..ia- alta . ., l JtJ laa Dalll . w vnfj jiui fauiij mm u&iii ,mm act. lasi p" -ct v-1 Sit Norman Beckett of Hamilton- won the . Governor , General's Medal at the DCRA sneeta Connaught. with 174. This , was one short of t possible. " I FeSr of war led to a decline m value, on the New York Slock, Exchange of from 11 to $3. .. - ' Renator Frank O'Connor, M, gave them all away to onlookers. At died in Toronto. He had found-least he knows where all' his pens go. 1M the Laura Secord candy en-j - terprtse with branches across t " ' t - g ' ' i ' tMany others share a similar memory i The, Columbia Broadcasting System !r"L, uL.L, J of that sad day but the free world for. which has Just bought control of the L JT.kT Cai" i.h .d iwhv Mr. Roosevelt and tha leaders : New York Yankees says that baseball ...,"r. ...F'? f of his day labored with such devotion " le t business. Baseball fans have at-:; can.dav Exhibition. Lansdownt jhas survived its danger and its losses. ways said that the game was"a matter park, had a finger nipped by ;Not least of Our freedoms are the still of inches. ' - "-V .'1.'-..i-.-.-s) bear. ... v ,i. 1 , ..... ... ., ..' . .'! ,i ,-.-f-'. ' . .. :t- , - . ' ... -. '. y,b- ::.y-7 i:- V'.,: .: .. - ', 'A V Mosquitoes . Don't Prefer Blondes "r ' Tangier Not What It Ina tka Wmtan rraa Praat Used to Be JT IS no news thatmoequitoea .we aom prop,, r-uar , PETER BRAESTBUF other. But the brferm.tion : ,'M obtained in a survey made ..,,,- ., recently for the manufacturer TANGIER, Morocco. , of an Insect repellent, whiia it "JT'S N0T -' won't keep the critters awy i be." grumbled a long- from the unfortunates. . my time British resident. "But it's give them a slight feeling of now the last city In Africa where superiority. ,. .' a foreigner can enjoy lift." The survey, made among 800 Many older middle - class people in 16 Canadian cities, Tangerines, loraign or Moroc-showed that mosquitoes don't' can. Mill look back fondly on prefer blondes. The person the post Second World War they like is someone with a boom, when Tangier was part of dark complexion, who wears a duty - fret international mat , dark clothing, Is energetic and and thus a haven for. uninhiblt- healthy, and uses cologne or ed .financiers, money-changers, after shave lotion. The Insects and smugglers of American will Ignore cool, light-skinned cigarettes and penicillin. people who take a lot of baths stnce Moroccan Independ- and don't use scent enct In lt, alt that has slowly One can conclude from these disappeared (without aottceablt findings that the way to avoid grief on the part of the mass being bitten is to dye one's of the Moslem population). To-'' hair blonde and sit hi a bath- day, Africa's most northwestern tub ail day. On the other hand. port. Juridically, is fust another .if one it not particularly dark, tax paying city of His Sharif- '; does not wear dark clothing.- (an Majesty, King Hassan II. eschews all kinds of cologne n, cUy v ,nternational na- and scent - bug still gets Vor ha. not faded: a ullor nam- bitten -to death of a Summer , K.u Spini,h ,ie,u ,n evening - then the conclusion A , . Morncc,n Rei, Ert Is obvious. This party Is ex- L0 , UN ont rff Mosqultowelwjwy Ure- Frenfh rest.uranls. Omar rrnrr Khm PM America the same personal priae at a .rhnn thick head of hair or a bright 1 . . - t and sparkling . tyeV proof Mow.vtr. tht British colony posiuvt of abounding health. . according to one of its stnior . members, "tht only iortiga col ony that's growing. , Wt'vt had ' 2M new arrival, in the past it months. We're getting them, now ". from. Tanganyika and Kenya. , F . : . i ii Former. settlers, yon know, who f SPENT today in that place can't stand tht climatt and tht . of my youth where tht lazy taxes back borne."-sun baked dusty and. slept r . . - in the vacant ttreeU local ,IKE s Fnncitc0. Tan-men wcklng on their plp gjer (pop; mM) ju m 1"" -"" . hit . overktokln. tha Tm ira oniy way 10 oeieai mt " . hlr l f r. , k . auarilla ia-tn nut murk ir feet on the hot road to the Cl,.. y.,, .... ..... . mmruirm n . ' . . . , . t j w L, ... r-- ... . , . rt v, uiuiuwr airv opsin I cyt3ica.Wrev.ew 1. :' in the North? Or do hey S5? t?JT&l&: rT ZoPZZTJ -L"f ? where : IntaVJka-l kw i!arv aH(iiitmnri Inf turllno blandly accept what MississlDDl' calls . . ... nnnnm i.k a in the Jungles and in .u.. -v "J J , - - -- icnrs ipeawni gw an un nun ..B-.. w retroactive oav auch as that covering 11 normal and , lose Negro as well as I months In this latest Increase, the gen- libera, white votes? . t . . . .k W1! : .. V I .ngllu tk. nna Whit, ital-nal t A n , erau uawticni; ui tire iuuiii acivii.c a-..Jr fu v v 'would seem to be fair. from Mississippi has probably the best ' l. Mr.. v t,. lilt rlaim ' tn nrnonilnn Rut It will K. i tha whole svstem worked out so we boutn. Uaboriously to ensure Justice to Gov-: The Democratic Party has never ernment employees worried much' about its inherent con- i Meantime, there is M.000.000 more tradictions. It answers, with Walt Whife ' -nnii-llu tn ormiti nt iult mmnt mfl. SMIIIUajll IVI BS a UU Wl '- a tn- - ln the Ottawa area, where the Govern- Very well then. 1 contradict myself, merit not only tries to be a good env m tare-1 conuln multitudes). Vtnv., fiit -tM aYimnia ' tnrr-a nth.r T But Canadians continue to stand employes to emulate It. The latest In- "mazed 1 how the same party can hold ce c c paigp l 1 Ql . uuuui 19 umwu vy Ul9 V I - . . vB.....v... "... , , . . . i . issues. According to ournefl up. .. amp. ano aw ina prauie ana adventure , tradition thev ouahu it tt said. Eithar wav. it would not ha . roounuinl- ' against of youth to dear that hot to stand apart from tht party much of a victory, and tht Amc ni Asians, white men! ttars spUled to my cheeks- ' conflict. There hat Indeed been simple solution, which has such c,Bnot w,n ucn long after tht shadows bad, such a tradition. But It has tnealculabit risks. It really no What Is mora, whitt mtn, uv grown solution at alt . eluding tht Russians, will not in a sleepy sfttrnoon. . t ... .. j:a:...i. a - ... j ... oeen oaaea on anomer iraov- so been bated on another tradt- servict organizations wnicn connoer toj v-., wnnnm tj(jn w(jich ta lhlt , . , mobUizt tht large enough i tha last increase inadequate. They are to human rights to ignore Freedom tt tn, wtter., tt ,nd rm... maaaes of mea required for this i i . i. .. 1 .1. .i. . r- ...... n-tYiiurai, fatui .r. ivim n . avm- .7 ... . ilia, question remtins. wny. fi- t. . sayinK, us. cum, uutt iiic uuiti iiiuciii ma on lns main lines. 01 a v . - """ nenvw is not a good amptoyer and challenge . bol of the Negro't political struggle in foreign policy and national de- ?"Lu .7,po? 01 Britiin nd lh French. fence the two parties . art tgreed. can wa not makt tht outer liuahint whiitle . u . ROBERT W. EARL. Kemptvillt, Ontario.. . , . T tna Belgians and tht Dutch, is oi A r a "fJr? M '"'"".u11 that guerrUU warfare in Africa SuOIt J3ltS ",UI 'V"Tm ""' r" and Asia can have no victori- .- . . Cinr. tha rnnvMiflmi at Caw. ouMitnn. i niuv. ia. nnftn . . . . .. . P.l.c-tht Republican party 7l5 iiiw "TT. '' hu been challenging the basic m Soviet UntoTwith ; principles and objective. . of ,u formirtit nejMf irMna THE plain fact is that the sup. American foreign and oWtnce tnJ artnu la ilu ttntaalmi nf .rrllla..ra.r. policy, mat oeing in. case, flndin (, ntm uie reaponaiDie caoii vniccra aiahej prevail. ; crease may leave torn hardship in "Br mo ? governor waiiace duty ,0 explain and defend the ; uj-i Mon which The specific cai, warranting, attentioo but: "d" dJ' .!'T""- JC!","Cit? ..k52r. Z Ncra'S K which The ra Aal miliUry should changed. ' Glhtt foreigners living hi Mor occo stock up on Scotch, shoes, and English woolens. A westerly Atlantic . breeze softens the Mediterranean glare. From the mosques, the calls to prayer reach across- the crowded Kas-bah, the garish post wat apartment bouses, secluded hlgh-walltd gardens.' and somnolent tourist hotels. From the surrounding hills. Riff peasant women in flowing red and white striped skirls drive mules laden Frrtm TTancnrd "egembie. m market in from nailSara Tangier. Moslem women in black valla miah n.M Katn, fmr. .' -'' . !vj, ..rlaget downtown. r-Z ii . ui a.viia urvninat . . rt,. ake all U primarily and prJomlnanUy Upointe): A. tht story goes. , a joo i or um mi.niry ana not the doe wat ttllins tht wolf that . ?: .. ' . to for tht airmen. . -,, M ... ST'.'TV. :." eastnee of Goldw.t.r's home and was well treated: he , VJZ ? . . strategy Is tht Illusion showed off hit well-fed bodj and LTl. -L Vll IWtckV-a major general to the air hl, long katr. Envious of tat gLJ JH of tht force, that wars can bt won by dog. tht wolf ventured to ask: J? tb ,urn at ttia rarra iMiamriRMwiaiw j r.. ----- - naiiM ai a natmfrar civil righU who venture South -tome- MPon,, Afro-AaUn group ofCommimiat bMbing. and tht short and ZSLaT 'ZTTL . tN.'ratanr..'Tae governor, ""'' i . , . ' parties. This is as if the United timplf way to victory is not i. .! La trt me at weit boy!vr- "P" English -' " States were txcluded from the, through tht mud end tht iuntle " v. . " !; J.t-- nd h Po' admittedly isn't pOR working Journalists, . organization of Amtricta but by air. Tht otvy and the id thtdoVi htvt a good wh" H " either. . Wheat first concern Is Id states. find out what it going on, these . ...... , uiuaiun. i am well treated, well, r """ " tns ak a' i.l . . . ' link at .atlUa. T 1 oaya ar. , utw ys ij" IP WE look around tome morev b.nsrobrz.hou,wS vxz ,TJl "" that thrtr mUIUry ri . superiority It obvious. Tht td- r - . . '. ' T.Z vanctd nations of MOPSY SINCE SHE WAS VOTCP "MOST POPULAR MEMBER" OF HER 60CORITY THEY ' ALL AVOID HER, fed and wtll lodged." By that ,uo x - seuiers. l angler aas t-at t " V time, tht wolf wis willing to -mr prooucs.-oi Other VieWS ' snar. the dog t lot when, sud- Amrlc mlddllast prosperi- V V denty. he noticed that tht htir 'be beatnik. Often be bat I - . around the dog's neck was enewartd-an advartUement for INO MEAL SUBSIDY ., well worn off and that chM PfM " Yugoslav Edmonton Jouraa) ' there were maris on the neck ",B' m r tmi sandaU. A special committee hf the kself. He Inquired: "What It arrived to replace the to mas. ot utt itcx inai wun t0 b, , tht grip of a House of Common. b reoort that?" To which the doe r JKJO is some mistake. t is inconcetvaoie command Moscow ana retting u General Gi.p now practises bt a burdtn on the Uspaytrs. .k.t it i. m-raiv "clerical error." pln undoubtedly were an important fclerks surely do not handle civic busl- contribution to the break-through. But ness of such importance without being the new office, buildings . are by far ; checked by the most senior officials. . Private enterprise s most ambitious i So far it is not even clear what de- venture In that area. More, we hope, furtmaar malt tha rrnf The whole Will follow. - ' -, ' so. Even tf cnanger at tne cait Pn"R lhouh h" i-nf to have decided that wimTtnd plied: .-Most, of the time. 1 laWes of the "PetH &KX0-quar which Secretary McNamara naa inrrcanta. thair nniui.l M..iki. .wu . -L.... - . . ter. - k. ArMinm .ra tint ' . . r r-.. ' "- ui naT. collar arvam ina rnr . .. . ., . . .. . . , innlnTTh. war in South pw,'.r J" , "M "erv with mealt In tht parlia-Nmt I. am chained. My masier . , : ..a . . , , winning i tht war in Stoutn world dimlnishee. mentarv restaurant. ti Ji . tu nurica ' j ' , v,,itJi.i .t ..iik ,u. .,u. ' Viet - Nam we art. 40 SUCn -.., . . . - . """ . nmji.iv fi arw The Journal hal said before that the 'l- a'on ith .,he tXH JSm,' 2 Qrprul .fM Th la paradox ean, I believe,. It also to reported to have '"No.. I would rather be lean tolerant. Kif (marijuana) Is Isewage treatment plant must be paid Pfnde Bank ' Cfna.df' ot Ba"k' p osp of mo treble in '"Pl-'ned. While the great decided to recommend to tht .rArun Ireety m tM wood, 'grown locally, and th.'ESaik for. whether by a surcharge or by street- mean th"1 at ,Mt the h. CoorT BrltUh Guiana is a T "T" m,kln th,m ,pMk,r " 1" ,h " ' r a collar and can mingta with tht Ukt-mtndtd property taxes The easiest way out of rrier of Bank Street ha. been .Td Castro doe. no, r 7 ''rfnl TS&S&E?' chTk" M':SpM, " -' ''ifca.-i.r.t aitti.tlnfi waiiM mm to he, broken. ; ;. away? 1 P,Pj, .Bve Invented ot eating la the restaurant. Mmeh.t . th. atmosphert daddy , back , in tht U.S. But iSze r7T U For ome curious reason large com. 7 Coidw.ur annrtr to "V.rl Ct,2Zt2 Z .T T'""' --V - hi. prenct' ho be- !tStWt development in the downtown. uJkm. to that a EEXtt&Z tSZXSASti J'VZ Z. e -Tt f.w .The Veterans' Affair, and the' Trade" - f- may be non-vfotont XTto. ft think ...-". "ri.'T: 7.T i - v i and Commerce buildinss were nioneera T0"" .. " obedienct tt Gtndhi used it lnr recommend that the cost of Wert sioneers woul,, CM ? w obedienct tt Gtndhi used it in CaUT. ----.. . " v... .. s. ...j .... " - . V.., .1. ... k ... I le for V.. v " nerv 10 " India, or It may bt v.olent as . r .m5 ' - our Immense nuclear power to M. it i. rki. ..a tur mm n.. i... nnwar wv" - - man u India, or It may bt violtnt as Mao practised It In China and meals bt raised to a level Z J , t , .1. Z ' Ullr distance fron whtrt tht restaurant would not f,.,! ,uv . !l be "PH Socco1? are the work Keeping their dlslanct from tiivjpvi win. iirw viita us v t't'fiai-' do not enf beatniks and they're a sad were true, lot," ... .. .4 ....v,;.. . .. ;.V' free and !iht !m' 11 -e,,ve by Ptul ("Tht Sheltering Sky") ?Thls sounds simple and guUy. that modern weapons, conven- consider whether MPs should !"? But If the Communist did not tional or nuclear, cannot find . not pay what other Canadians 'rallsm. eeasa and desist, tht Goldwater targets to hit which will defeat pay for haircuts instead of V ' . tne guerrilla warrant of tha cents la a tubtldited barber Wttk. .-' shop. '. ....:'. kind ol Side Lights . Dant County Ntw. Ing expatriate int.llectu.1s ltd Bowles. "Wt Ignore the beat niks" said one of the youthful co' - owners of tht new "Brutish Americtn Bookstore.' The other day all hands turned out for the Saturday night opening ot an art gallery across tha street, hailing Tangier's renal- sance, with an appropriate dedl- -Boy Scout leader to troop: calory odt by novtlist William Remember men. If you're lost ("Tht ' Naked" Lunch") 1 Burin tht woods at night, get your roughs.' ' ' . v bearings from tht sky. A glow , This cosmopolitan ttlidt will indicate the nearest shop- and tht fact that both Barbara ping emtn." : V .- Hutton and King Hassaa It bold ; ' " ' eourt here during the Summer Tyfcts hi Spiktt "" . ' ' ; saon has helped tourism. Portland Ortgonlaa - Intermittent cries hate Pretty -aid. all m a row r" over the neH for other are one of the pleasures of economic development to tdd Summertime, but it seems to ,0 'oreign . fin- u-lh. Impreotrios of beauty d 'clori enderwey; are going a bit far In IncoN Although Tangerines i tend to pnrtting a conte.t for H-year- hin h"' the rest of Morocco, olds In the . Miss Universe eomplaln that Cast- Pageant at Miami. hluK -the Industry. A , The little airla were turned nw lrt htt been suggest- out like their elders as make-ao, ". ftaval thip-bathlng suits and.spikt heels. often happens. : They were primped and eotf: mot uc" P'n T eome te fured. . & . t ' j y Baught. r. r ' But somewhere along the lint . Tangier, moves', slowly. The . tht charm wat ktet There wat U.S. consulate has beta trying none of the appeal of Innocenca tor years to change the name that tugs s father's heart when of the street . en which It Is hit child first comes forth dolled located. -. (t it the Chtmln dea up In mnmmy't clothes. Why Amoureux ("Lover's Lant'), not hist let them grow up tht Most people here tee no reason " eld, slow way? '.., .'-,' .. , , . ,lr a drastic twitch. .. '.- -.

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