The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 13, 1930
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.MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1930 T£O5 DAILY COURIER, CONNETO -SVTLlOS, FA PAGE FIVE. v Baseball Basketball JAMJES iff, DBISCOLJ . Cannelisville High Passers Will Face Westmoreland Five At Gym; Result Is Uncertain Dopesters Puzzled, by Past Performances; Good Game · Anticipated. IS LEAGUE ATTRACTION A basketball gama, of considerably Interest, ono which will hardly be claimed by eithtir side until it is ended, Is booked for tomorrow night at the High School gymnasium.- Latrobe High School will meet, the Cokors in another feature event of Section .10, W. P. I. A. League. The Lafrobo t e a m - h a s been somewhat llko-ConiifllsvlUe--In and out, · The visiting 1 club--also an orange and black uniformed quintet--defeated Jeannette last week before that team came here. Theu the Tire Town boys took the measure of Connells- v i l l o on Frklay. However, for those who like- to "dope out" re-suits in advance, Connellsville passers' took a. Kame from tho Dayton, Ky., champions and the latter quintet smothered Latrobe. The Westmoreland county cljfib was exceedingly disappointed in football season when Connellsville showed unexpected strength and won the annual gridiron battle. Now the oportunlty to even up fact's the visitors'-and it will bo a frame well worth witnessing. The contest will open at 8:15 o'clock. There will be a good preliminary attraction to occupy the attention of t h o - e a r l y arrivals. Nation's Best SCO'ITDALE HIGH MEEK GREENSBURG SQUAD TOMORROW TCIrkmnnltes Beady for tys'caters Pllgrrimag-o 'State Armory, Counto · AMERICAN LEGION TRIMS JOE'S TIRES IN CLOSE CONTESTS The American Legion won two out [ throe from Joe's Tlree in the City League at tho Elks alleys. Santmyer was lllgh scorer w i t h -137 for three i'r-aye. The ficore: Joo's Tires The boy's there,' ;o you say when Babe Ruth hits a homer. Ditto for what you say when Charley Hyatt shootr. a goal in baeke-t- ball. Ruth takes hie cut and the ball goesi places, and Hyatt takes his shot and the tiall sujtpa the laces. That may rhyme to suit you ami H may not. Either wuy It was accidental--merely Incidental to the busineee of putting down on paper the way this man Hyatt, gathero baskets full of basket!) In basketball, Whew! E Fay et te county C'niontown High iiloom Joe- B o u c h e r 163 .128 126 12-1 135 130 J o h n BBiK-hor . Klshov .................... .loo 150 Uli 142-- 429 105-- 80S lati-- 382 - -- 525:: IS!)-- 4;; 5 117-- 117 Charley, a native and a graduate of School, who ie, captain and forward of the University ot Pltteb-urg team, h«« been, overloading tho big box scores for three years. Ho recently hit his high mark by p i c k i n g up 27 polnta in ono game. Anybody who can do t h a t in a major engagement must be good. Hyatt did his high scoring act In «. recent game agalnet Montana State. It was hie 12th and l^st Held goal that gave tha Panthers t h e i r winning margin of ono point Black haired - a n d Coasting the build of a good, rugged htdfbuck, Hyatt has remarkable endurance. And the pace LOCAL SCORE ANTICIPATED SCOTTDALE, Jan. 13 -- Tho Blue and Whito proteges ot! Coach Red KIrkman will mako their firat appearance in the W. -P. I. A, League before tho homo followers tomorrow night when tho Qreenaburg High School cagers play against tho Scottdale High quintet at tho State Armory. Tho BcoUs have participated in only ono league fray and t h a t was' at Unlontown last week In which the local cohorts were defeated by n Hinull margin. Determined to reap a bounteous harvest at tho expense of ISlmer Carroll's warriors, tho loculdribblers are completing n series of hard workouts which should put them into excellent condition for the game, Scottdiile High can bo expected to t u r n In quite a few triumph* as wa« evidenced by tho grout s h o w i n g of the combination in w h i p p i n g South Brownsville, East Huntingdon and t h e ; Dayton Vocationuls. From the mauuer i of the local boys, the first t r i u m p h w i ) l { bo recorded over the Wctslaiurelaml countyseaters. In tho other guinea in- Section X, Mount Pteamiut goes'to J c a n n e t t o ami Latrobe pilgriuiciges to Conmvlluvlllo. On Frklay night, Scottduie w i l l visit Jeannetto wlillu Unlontown goes to Oreetibburg uud M o u n t Ploasaul playu at Latrobo. Saturday evening, the Millers were* unable to get going against Norwin, ono of the fastest combinations of Westmoreland count;- and a 30 to Klcher wn« the only member of tho Scottdavo outfit, to reach the bafikf.t from the field d u r i n g tho- luet half, nettirrg two «hot«. The line-up; S Nonvfn---!IO. H a m m e r F 1 .. Morgan _ V ., Kerr C - ,, Peters Q-... New Bid for Heavyweight Crown ' Vittorio Campolo, Giant ' Argentine heavyweight, ' as he arrived in New York from South America on the S. S. Voltaire, prepared to brave the 'wintry blasts" ot one of New York's mildest Winters, In a new bid for the world's heavyweight crown. The Gargsotusn pugilist from the sunny southlands towers at 6 ft. 5]^ ins., and weighs ?.2Q pounds, [Charleroi League Team Meets ..Bui:ks Wednesday; eh Plays Saturday Will"Shoot BasketbaJ l for Cornell Thljs Sea ton Humphries Tolalrt U i l b s o n 090 614 G7!)---1983 American Leplon. ISO 115 .13; 78 llil "131 154 140 IIW -100 133-- 330 i 151-- 430 ' 17S-- 4 f . 7 j 144-- 4 2 0 ! Totals fir. 9 703 731--20!):$ EAST HUNTINGDON AT UNIONTOWN GYM TOMORROW EVENING Kast Huntingdon Township's MB- keieers will pilgrimage to Uaiontswu tomorrow night to meet the undefeated leaders of St-ction X, W. P. I. A. League. The cosnlyseaters had an open date and last m i n u t e arrangements placed A l v e r t o u on the program. , J. Owen H u n t s m a n ' s fast combination should give tho ICverluU't clan a tough light. U n l o n t o w n got-s to Greensburg Saturday n i g h t InsU-ad of Friday evening owing to tho fact that J'itt f r e s h m e n meet the I'itt Junior l/ollcge ( t u i n t e t at U n i o n t o w u on the latter dato. never gets too hot for him. The beet t h i n g about his work le that he gets these j;oalu when they have to be "got," Hie beut s i n g l e game- totals of the sea«o:i carna in'' the Northweetorn, Ohio State and Montana Shite contoste In w h i c h tho Panthers were preened io the finish lu f r o n t . Thi,j to C h i p p e r ' s t h i r d am! last campaign w i t h the Plttsburgeru. It probably w i l l be his host. In the first e i g h t engnscoine-uU ' a. hard 23-gauie Kchediik'. ho totalled !!! · po!n!«, a better c l i p t h a n I I P Hashed 'last year when he f i n i s h e d wt li :',D2 point*. Hyatt I.i regard-ad UK tho greatest b a s k e t b a l l pluye-r i n the country. Critic* wiio huve bei-n this m a r v e l i:i action contend t h a t he does not have to m a k e a single p o i n t to b» the beet athlete on the- court at any time. His j fiell * s vnet .value in m a k i n g a clicking corn- ' t v i a l SrottdnlP-- 11. Elchor ..,, Stauffer .I. ,- Cox Rush Wai d ft for Haw- Ketrom for Gallon for Substitutions -- Bainoy mer, Thomas for Morgan Kerr, Cole for Feturn, H u i n p h r i t u , Cuniliu for wislcl for M t a u f f e r , S k c m p for Cox, ShwarU. for Hiirth, Oomvuy for Wattle. Field (fouls Hammer, Morgan, Thomas, Kerr 4, Patera 2, Klcher 2, Foul goals---Norwin, (i o u t of Scottdaie, 1C out of 1.4. R e i e iv e~ B r 1 c It fry. 1C; AUTO WRECKING SPRINGS SURPRISE WITH CLEAN SWEEP! TUG bltmtion is making Malory in basket- i lt!i -' eat ball for the Uuiveretty of P i t t s b u r g h 1 " 8 al l h u E l k H l i l k - v s - « !l »K such ue has never b^en recorded and I 8tralsht ocintCBte '" ( ) l l « ot ' l!l « ^ writer* claim that this is being made " P60ts ot the eKLSOrl possible through his Individnnl ability. Baltimore Ohio l-'un- r combination in the Oily I n d u s - Buckpin League w e n t Uwn t« i)ul'or(i p o w e r f u l Auto \Vrock- threo Iggl-'Bt Farm who favor University of Pitta- burg in ita athletic contests are being urged not to be so partisan that they overlook the good finalities ot the Such Pearl _... Brinke-r .... flobiasori Totnlf .. 102 105 A u t o opponents' club. Such a lop-sided partisanship is b r l n ^ i U E criticism cm the he-ado of Pitt boosters, . and there Is a keen desire to olfse-l such a uenti- ment. » * · Hack W'iteon brcik« into priiif. again with the remerk he is willing to take, on "the loud-speaking lad," meaning Art (The G r e a t ) Sjhlres, w i t h a great deal of pleasure and I'll do it. before the Cuba start their t r a i n i n g season, too." Ail that is "anie-lfl ........................... i:U neceseary to get him to Chicago for the bout right now, Wilson sak', is to be offered what he thinks ae ie worth, Daniels was high man w i t h a tally of 620 for the- t h r o e clashes, l l l i s llmil gamo w:is marked by a score of 207. The suoree: «. ). 1'i Shaw .._ %2t) Pery MB l.S'4 141 ISO 121-- 342 144 47-( IL'n-- Sufi .U«-- 4 SO 145-- 410 \Vn-c McGratli .'. 1!I7 Yatce _ 1,'!J Svvaliop 17!) Wingrovo 11!1 FRED ASBECK f 'KKl» .ASJU-.c.'K, who emleit ilia col- l«?Ko i-iin.'i!r t:ist fUinnuM' liy tcitir- Iriff Japan with the University of Michigan onscbatl toaiu. Western c, o n f e r e n t : * i-hainpions for two at might yearu, will report for a try at the Yankees' train' ·; camp in St. Petorsburp n e x t month, Asbeck, a ri/rht-hamlrri rltclicr towprins: six fcft six infhes in height, has n t t n i c t - «! the attention ot tuauy tie acouts. ORDER 1. NASH SUIT OR TOPCOAT The new spring and summer patterns lire on display. (.'ul to your I n d i v i d u a l mcu- Mircnient. (jiuiriuiti-ed to ill. (.'uiintntucd lOO-'-j, pun; *ool. SIMONS The Tailor !i(is nest Cnmford A v e ^ "st Side, Coitucllsvllle, J'n. Totals ..... 75S Gflf) «S2-- 2012 121-- 4S4 12(i-- 3S!) 110-- -if! 6 t-10-i- JIBS 2Q7-- 525 734--2221 II! (i 121 1411 IS 7 Scottdnle Independent Club 'Will Bo Hard Pressed In Both LARGE CROWDS ARE EXPECTED SCOTT0AJL/B, J a n . 13.--Tli« Buicks i ivil! H-«'lng into action twice this week Ixs-fore tho homo followArs, -meeting two of th* most formidable basketball tennits in th« Monougahelti Valley. \Vdiie(jlay n i g h t \v111 Itnd the locals onl«rlniiii-ii{j Chartorol of the- Alleg- h-c-ny County Leu-gnu and tho-past iper- foriiniiK'-eH \f the Governors iiitcilcate that tho Mlll«r» will hu-ro thonr bunds .full ovory 'tnluuto. On Saturday afternoon, th-e Kni^h-ttt of Pytbla.H club, of Mon-esseu which itdminiK'tei'Oii :i r u d e B-ot.baek -to the Buicks kist weok, will come to tho armory for n return on'gaj?onwn-t Thcnj'K no doubt that the Scot.ti-efl w d n t r«veiige iinti wnuv it badly. T-h-o cr«Mim of local count material wl.ll -bo OH luuiri ftvr 1,'otlior encounters /is tho inianfc-BOinoiiit , Io triumph I n 'Ixilti HturlH. Tlito Monwsson. f r a y , ' scheduled in th-o Hfl-(.rriu'xii, 'will mark a new fiteii In .local baake-Lhall nircl-e-s InaH-tmn a.s thft otlU'lalu feel Hi at. Saturday u.f(.e-riM.Mn giirnos may appeal to the fans of t h i s vicinity. The starting tiin-o will bo announced- Ja-ter. Robert E, Lewis, of Suff jrn, N. J.. captain of the Coj neli basketball tcjim, whose throe y iars M a varsity member will hold aim In good stead when his' team m seta lotna formidable riTala l-hla Wir ter. In Meed olf Something' T Then :ise our Classified Columns. , Results q u i c k l y Hollow. SlmoiK Mint Ai'li'r HKCKIJSY, W. Va., J a n . 13.-- ioliert. I,. Miller,. 34, w«ri shot and k i l l c ! hnre last n i g h t . .too W i l l i a m s , · opuly w h e r l f f , an'efii.Bd u f t o r Hie Klv otlnj?, sail ho flre-d at Mill(.'r when the latter attacked him n f t t - r he had v arned M i l l e r ami three conipanioiifi tlu t they were c a u s i n g a disturbance. Tournament Friday Afternoon, Feb. 28 Keagy Corner Team Clashes Again Tonight Tho Keairy Corner baskntball team swings into action again this evening at the State Armory, meeting the Masontown Whippets. The corner c l u b has boen having difficulty in booking attractions that will give the team a r-3al test of strength, Tho Whlppeta are reported to be maklatr a reputation in their home community and the Corner five is anticipating a real battle. The game i« scheduled for 8 o'clock. The Corner Club has nut been detailed since tho Bason opened and holds some decisive vlctorlea over good combinations. DUNBAR BOROUGH HIGH BASKETEERS LOSE TO PANTHERS AMOCO DRIBBLERS OF SCOTTDALE WANT TO SLATE CONTESTS I'fttronlze thodo who advertlf 9. BCOTTUAM3, Jan. 13 -- The crack Amoco Five of Pine Tree has organ- i/.cd tin independent basketball team in I ho 19-25 year age l i m i t , tho roster b e i n g made up o£ former high school Kt.U'ti, A m i m U c r of open datea a r e on the schedule u n i t tho c l u b would liko'to incfi-l. Koine o£ I ho leading combina- t i o n s in di'ayette county. The team would prefer fast contingents. Oul-fltu desiring to slate games are reffi.iest.od to communicato w i t h Albert C. FrettH, munagor, 510 Homestead avenue, Scottdalo, or call Scottd-ale 800 a n y t i m e after 11 o'clock In the morning. ^ Yanks' Manager Off for Sunny South I t--' V -» An excellent photograph of Bob Shawkey, man- -f just before they left for St. 'Petersburg, Fla., afjer of the New Y o r k Yankees, with Mrs. where the ^few'York team will prepare for tha Shawkey, In their New York hotel, taken ' opening of the 1030 baseball season. Tho Dunbar High School baeketeers went down to defeat before the Panthere In a closely guarded contest. The final «coro was 12 to 9 The clash was replete 'vith .thrills and the high school boys, green and inexperienced, put lip a great light. The Panthe-ra, while off form, played a neat content Bogusky «ni Korwin, ihowod tip beet for the loeere. while the others contributed much. Jlmmie Maloy wan the outstanding performer for tho victora, many times penetrating the scholastic defense. Bell and Bur- hatiH also played a good frame. Cage competition for tho lassies was Introduced for tho first time in tho Furnace Town inBtltution when the Varsity girls triumphed over the Reserves, 20 to S. The line-ups: P nn bar--9. 1'isnthers--12. DeBlaslo F Bell BogtiBky -.-- P Maloy Kerwlu C. ,, - Gllmore Cross ._ ... C}. « Burhann Berardino O Bruno Substitutions--Dunbar, Ciamoci-.o, DeMott, Cooper, Vorae!; Pun them, Foltz. Field goats--DeRlasto, Kerwln 2, Bell 2, Maloy, Burhans, Bruno. Foul goa!--DeBlaslo ;:, K e r w i n , Maioy, Burhana. TarB Itj--20. GHmore F DIN ell o F. Play to Commence on Follow Jng Bay at Place to Be Determined Later. OFFICERS ELECTED Jones -- _ C. _.. Cross S. C. .. M a r ti u O, itesheaborg -- C). ,,., Field goals--Oil mo re S, DINollo 7, Rodlsey, Buraans 3, Foul goals--Varsity, 0 out of 4; Reaerves, 0 out of 3. lies err es--8. ,, Rod key Burhans Ziakii Bl8.ckwell ,,.. Williams Reilly YOUGH MOTOR CLUB ·- DOWNS PARAMOUNT IN CITY CIRCUIT Vough Motor took the tidd eonteet from tho Paramount entry Jn the City League at the Elks alloys. Hauser of the victors was high with u total of ·171 pine. The scores: Paramount King * S3 151 110-- 344 Hagner 138 14f. 1-13---42fi Gallagher ISO. 123 148-- 451 'GREENSBURG, Jan. 13.--Ten coaches representing county high schools met hero Saturday in tho midwinter meeting of the Westmoreland Cc-unty Athletic Association and arranged tentative plans for tho sixth a n n u a l basketball tournament. The dates set are Friday afternoon and evening-, February 28, and Saturday afternoon and evening, March. 1. No site has been selected, but will bo February 6 when the association maets again. Invitations were extended from Greensburg and Vandergrift. A. A. WeaBeck-er, Youngwoo-d, was elected president, succeeding Preston Ditty, Monessen. Karl E, Loucks, Greensburg, was re-elected secretary- treasurer. Trophies as well as individual awards will be given to tho winning teams. Schools represented at tho meeting included Arnold, Vandergrift, Scottdale, East Huntington Township, Jeanuette, Norwin, M o u n t Pleasant, Monessen and Greensburg. Word was received from Latrobe, New Kensington and Parnassus that they would enter. Schools will be polled tn tho next two weeks as to the site desired and the towu announced at the next meeting. DEL GAINER NAMED MANAGER FAIRMONT BLACK DIAMONDS FAIRMONT, W. Va., Jan. 13.---Del Gainer, whoso homo Is in Bl-klns, W. Va., a, former MB leaguer and a man with 20 years experience to [professional baseball, will be manager of, ·tho Black Diamonds in the Ml'didlo Atlantic League, it was announced by ofllclaJs of Iho Marion County Association which -operate tho local franchise. G a i n e r K tip-plant^ Joe "11-ooke.r" 1'hlHips. It is suid Ga-in-e-r will play first bms-e. H-e van hit as hard as ever and finished with Baltimore last {5«a- son with «a average of .333. Gainer brok-e into the professional gam© in Graf ton in tho Pojmsyl- vrmla-West Virginia Ieaffu« in 100!) ami 1 the -next year was with Detroit. Durin-K his major league career lie played with ilw Tigors, K«dfiox «n-rl CnrdinalB. l i i s niiiinr league ·aol.lvdtie.'v were a-t IMilwau-kee, For-t Waym.-, Houston, Sy-racu-so, Rochester and Haiti more. Jack Dempeey recognizes to Jade Sharkey the "boss" of the heavyweight ranks. He still feels he himself would be able to give e 'good battle in the ring, despite his li»ig lay-off and intimates that if any foreign fighter captures the crown, ha, will probably resume training for an engagement. i · · · ' , .", The Cleveland profeoelonnl bnalcet- ball team has captured the first half championship of the American .League, defeating Chicago laet night, 20-16. At tho half the score was 16-8 in favor of the Clevelanders. Totals _ _ Snyder Pof*e Hatfser Small - 401 419 401--1221 Yough Motor 114 1S2 143-- -144 125 100 ...--- 225 __. 153 181 158--- 471 134.-- 134 Totals 391 443 440--1274 HURST DEFEATED BY DERRY CAGERS Hurst--2 J. Lehman ... M. Smith .. W. Smith Hurst High of M-ouni. Pleasant Township lost a 37-21 declslan to Derry Township i-jaturday night at Derry. · ^ The line-up: Kerry Twp--87. Bradon F, , Cfraham -- F. .. H. Johnson -- C. ... Squl-bbs G -.- - Sen! Perlno O. McOoogun Score by Q u a r t e r n : Derry Twp 7 i. 1.2 !,'{--;!7 U i: 12 a 21. -.Shearer fi.r Cruljarn, Bailey for Shearer, Orahain ior liailey, Ji'errarl for Squlbbs, Abbaticchlo for Pai-Ino, Cook for Abbatlccbio, Sirellic for M. Smith, Kurtz for A\ r . Smith. Field goals--Braden !», Graham 3, Shearer, lohnson 2, Lehman 3, M. Smith .'!, W. Smith 2, Scni. Foul f i n a l s -- D e r r y Town :hip, 7 erf i 1 ?; Hur-Bt, :i out of o. Hufaroo--JJlazk. out MATJO OSA A S the American toreador won I'lill-Uu-erwlujf iionora in Bpalii, so la M a t l o Oaa, light heavyweight boxing champion of tjpuln, wlnnlne hoiiora in AmuilcK. Qua. the Spaniard, hu« won every ona of hla stiirts In Spain and la op on to meet all comers. Ho Is from the Bnma state claims Paulino lister un, the Spanish wood chopper. It is rumored Hint Osa. may slfrn with the mune^Qr of Kirl Chocnlat*. At present he in in Utah, whlpplna "ill comers in tho flatln nr*na ttar*.

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