The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 19, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. HEWS OF THE DAY AT MI PLEASANT BRIERY RELATED Police to Bid Town of Men Who Insult Women on the Streets. , OUR ARE HEAVILY FINED L u n g s 'Are Weakened By H a r d Colds The old fmilr naair -- io tablet form--Mfc, Mire, eafy to take. No opi*te»--no mplea»«nt *fter effects. C«rei coldi in 24 boon--Qnp in 3 _ . _ box with Bed Top Bod Mr. Hilt'* pictare ea it I'troMe Is Ortmd to Xed Cross Work oi the il«c*l e*»pter is riaeed i» Standard Clm.; Gees Direct to Fr»nc«. by 'he local chapter: .552 pillow -f cases, 52 pajama suits, 466 hospital bed shirts, lOfl" bed jackets, II bath towels. 2,yC4 face towels, v 103 wash ,' Special to The Courier. . iMOUNT PLEASANT, -March. ,39.-local police started a clean-uf cm- ade on Saturday and Sunday. They rere assisted" by Constables Ellis and IcCollongh. For some time drunken nen have stood at the corner of alleys. ind accosted women as they passed. George Iugely and George Fnschens ·were arrested and each was fined $10. Two others were gathered ir., one leaving a $10 fine and another ?5. Mrs. Flora King, who pleaded guilty to the u» ot "dope." was fincil $15. 'When cyiestioned as jo whether she had 10 cents to get out of town she stated that she had not, but would ·walk. She was cautioned not even to do her shopping in this town Go Kiect to Fnyire. cloths, 214 socks, 31 operating leggings, 12S bandages, 23 hot water bottle^ covers, 48 handkerchiefs, 54 substitutes, 6 tray covers, 1 cot comfort. All Day Setrin?. The Friendly society will 1m e an all day sewing on Thursday in the Elks' club xooms. Sarprise Tarty. A surprise party was given Saturday nigh't at Iho Bohemian hall in honor of Miss Rose Kattera. Onests were present from Jrwin, Greensbttrg, Scottdale. Tarr and Mount Pleasant. Games were played and refreshments served. Home un Fnrlooqb, . Thomas Salisbury, a sergeant in liance, Ohio, and Merton of Charleston, Va, and one daughter, Mrs. Laura Stauffer at home.' Mr. Bossaii was a member o£ the HeptasophB, the Odd Fellows and Cantons. Ohiopyle. i OHIOPYLE, ifarch 18.--Nelson Collins has sent u card to his friends, spying he arrived safely in France. Mr. and Mrs George Hafferty and two children of Mount Pleasant spent Sunday the guests of the termer's parents, Mr and Mrs. "W. H. Bafierty on Garrett street. Miss Helen Robinson spent Saturday shopping and calling on Connellsville friends. Miss Lena Mitchell, teacher at 'fVil- kinsburg, who has spent the past week here, departed Suuday for Harrisburg where she will take up a government position. Miss Mary Beck of Somerset is the guest of Mrs Clara Vaughn. ~W. S. Bafferty and family of Con- ncUsvillc spent Sunday here . Mise Frances Meyers and Miss Beu- iah Orndorf spent Saturday shopping in Connellsvilte. A GOOD KIDNEY MEDICINE CONFIDENCE The Mount Pleasant chapter cif the ( the quartermasters' corps, stationed Hed Cross h»3 been notified that some j at Newport News, is home on a £ur- of its boxes have reached France in | lough. good condition. Dr. B. M. Loar, chairman of the Mount Pleasant chapter has been notified that the work til the John C. Bossart. John C. Bossart, aged 66 years, died yesterday morning at his Main street chapter being up to the standard, has home. Funeral services will be held been placed on the O. K. list. Boxes ; Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock and be sent direct to France without opening at division headquarters. The following is a report of a recent ingathering of hospital- supplies held interment will follow in the Mount Pleasant cemetery. He is survived by his wife and four sons, Charles and Edward of this plae Harry of Al- Dvspondent Women. Nature intends every* woman to be cherful, light-hearted and happy, but when dragged down - with pain and suffering from female iljs, Till, power alone cannot overcome' a nervous, despondent condition. ,MuHiides. of American women, however, have Found that there is one tried and true remedy to restore health under such circumstances, and that ^s Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from herbs and roots. This old- fashioned medicine is now considered the standard American remedy for such, conditions --Afr. For the post six yeay, we have been selling Dr. Kilmer's Swarap-Root and it has certainly wm tte confidence ot the people as everyone who has used it recommends'l!t» Tit believe that Swamp-Root ist he best kidney and bladder preparation that ^re handle. Very truly yours- COCSHRAN . MATHIAS, Druggists. .108 N. Main Street. Nov. U, 1916. " Washington, Pa. Fr»re TVliat Swamp-Root 1VUI Do For Ton. ' Send ten. cents to Dr. Kilmer Co., Binstiamton, N. Y., for a sample size botUe. It will convince anyone. You will also receive a booklet ot valuaible information, telling about the kidneys and bladder. When writing, bo snre and mention The Connullsville Daily Courier. Medium and large size bottles for sale at all drug stores.--adv. Card of Thinkb ·L. A. Trenker and family of Bunbar desire to thank relatives and friends for the sympathy extended during the receTlt, death ot tb«ir wife and mother.--Adv.--19-lt. irVHAT N the telephone is for your voice; the motor car is for your body." --John N. Willys Jlobile oils, heavy, mcdinm and light in lots of 5, rels, from the barrel only, per gallon 10 gallons, half barrels and bar- eoc Buckeye Xon-Skid Tires, made by the Sebrir.g Tire Company, Sebrng, Ohio. TVc ar« using these tires-on our own cars and a number of people in ConnellsTille ar ( e using them and getting as goott results from the use of Bnckeye tires as they' are from the 3,500 gaajranteed tires. 30 x 3 _- $ S.i't 30 x Sl£ $10.95 31 x 4 ; _ $15.95 32 x -1 .". : $16.45 Other sizes--prices in proportion to the alioye. ,TYe carry a fair stock of automobile accessories. We charge your battery. We irork six mechanics in our repair department and can do your ivork to your liking. We can vulcanize yciir tubes and tires. We sell Hudson and Overland pleasure cars and Little Giant Commercial Trucks. The new models'are in. look them over. Your telephone, and mail order Trill have an immediate attention. Wo will treat you the best we know how.. Why .not give us a portion of yonr business? WELLS-MILLS MOTOR GAR CO. 5. Plttsbnrg Street, - CoTmeHsTfHe. Pa- Smithfield. SAHTHPIELD, March IS.--William M. Miller and wife have sold a house ' and two acres of land in "Woodbridge town to Charles T. Miner. This property was conveyed to her by Edgar C. Wilson and Eliza B. Wilson his wife of jMonougatia county, Va_, by deed dated the 22nd day ot August, 1859. ^Gallaiin Lodge No. 517 I. 0. a F. has taken $750 of war loan, ''Liberty Bonds aad Saving Stam'ps," Mrs. Hannah -Airraliam, Mrs. Harry j Abrabaro, Mrs, Ora Conn visited Mr. j and Mrs. Samuel TowXsend at tlxetr home in Nicholson township Sunday. A. J. Button and son, Omer r were in Vrt-tsTmrg Tuesday. They drove home In a Dodge car iwrchased the city. . I REPOKT OP CONDITION OF THE I Union ITJUonal Bank at ConnellsviHe, j m the state of Pennsylvania, a: the close of bUbtneM! on ilnrch 4, 1918. RSSQUHCES. Loans and discounts \e\copt thoao shou n in b ami c; . $233,396.47 5 Overdrafts, tintro- cured 1J8.U.1 U. S. bonds deposited to s«- curo circulation (par value) . iG.OOO 00 L* S. bonclK and certificates of indebtedness owned and Un- pledged Liberty Li o an Bonds, 3^i par cent and 4, per cent, urpled-g- ed Securities Oliver thaiiL'. S, bonds (not including 1 stocks) o-wnied unpledged .... 1!,100 00 to lucks, other than federal reserve b a n k *.tuck.... i Stock of f e d e r a l reserve bitnk (SO per cent of subscription) V,jili.e of b a n k - ing 1 house . . 23,019 SC F u r n i t u r e and fixtures ... ebtatc owned other than banking 1 houe IiCUvCul reserve with federal reserve bank .... Items with fedem'. reserve bank In process of collection (not available as reserve) Cash In vault find net amounts due from nu- Liona-1 bunks ExLhd-nscs for clearinghouse Total of itemjf 14, 15, Ifi, 17, and 13 . . . . 46.23633 Checks on batiks located outside oC city or town -of reporting- bank and, other cash itt-rrs .... Redem.ption f u r d with U. S. TTctv*5urer ;ind due from U. S Treasurer .... "War S^vinffs Certificates and T h r i f t Stamps actually owned 33,396 17 132.52 15,000 00 $5,000.00 83,500.00 . 85,500.00 19,100 00 13,350 S.01* Sfi 5 1JS.OO 3.047.0S 2G 37154 43.37Q.7S 4 3 S D 4 7,483.75 2,500 00 1.697 04 k Books Wanted By Soldiers and Sailors PJ ease go o your book-shelves, select as many good books as you can spare, vrap them, mark "Library War Service," and leave at our store or Carnegie Library to be sent to the camps. Q. Hundreds of mothers after careful examination have concluded that this is the logical place to buy their children's j i Spring Clothes. This year, more so than ever before, are our prirces^lower than elsewhere. Investigation is the best assurance. Girls White Lingerie 6 TO 14 YEAKS. Extremely becoming and unusual style features are introduced in these Dresses, which are suitable for Easter. Confirmation, Graduation and Party wear. The materials are VOILE LAWN BATISTE ·in medium and high waisted models, including many versions of the new coatee style. Tucks, Laces, Ribbons and Hand Embroidery are important style notes. PRICED $1-50, $2.50, $2.95, $3.50 AND UP TO $15. Little Girls Easter Charming, winsome styles that mothers will pronounce adorable, are priced within roach of the most modest purse. $l.SOupto$4.S5 Best selection at "The Big Store'' from our larger and more varied collection of moderately priced styles. Boys' All Wool Blue Serge Suits In the latest Norfolk and Military styles--ages S to IS years, priced-- SC.95, $7.95. $8.50 AXD $!UO. Boys' Jfcn-cst Mixed Suits 83.95 up to $1250 Boj-s' Sen Spring Hats ... 50c and Sl.OO Sew "IVliiie Blouses and Shirts 75e to $1.00 Boys' Separate Bloomer Trousers 65c to $2.00 Sew Spring Top Coats .. _ .. _ .._.._'. $3.95, $4.95 and $6.50 % New Easter Neckwear Collars, Hosiery, Footwear and everything to complete his Spring outfit. O t b T time dcr 1 S JL^ Total of urn* 1 deposits Mlbject to reserve. Htnn 4J. 13. 44, and 45 . 1J.507 32 Total $55. Total »5a2.°29.54 LIABILITIES. Capital stock-paid in .... Surplus f u n d Undivided profits 1V.4I 52 Leba current expenses, interest, and taxes' paid 1,GDI.43 Circulating notes ouu?u.nd- int- Individual deposits subject to check Certificates of deposit due In less than 30 days othir than {or money borrowed) Certified ch-ecks Deposits requiring notice but lens 1 than 30 days ... Total of demand deposits (other taan .bank deposits) subject to reserve, items 34, 35, 36. 37. IS, 39, 40. and 41 . . 35S.m 93 Certificates oC deposit (other tha". for money borrowed) ~. J 50,000 00 40.000 04 9,550 03 50,000 00 276.2GI IS 2.3GO.OO 100 00 State of Penn*j Uanla, Countj- of Fai- otte, as: I. JAS. C LONG, cashier of t h r above naiwd hs-nk, do solemnly .-rw car that the above pt:iu-nent is true to the beht of my knowledge, and bejief. JAS O LONG. Cashier. Sub'-cribod and s u o r n to b e f o r e mo Lhld ISlh day o' March. 1518 '. \VM S T A R D Xotar\ Public, CHAS. B TRANKP. G w GAUL,AGHI:H, A. C. EDWARDS Directors I ESTABLISHED PQUCY It is tie established policy of the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania to promote efficiency and accuracy in every department, and to make its service useful to the people of the community. Checking accounts, large or small, are invited. THE And get more of at. Use Our Bald Head Hair Grower It truthfully will grow hair on Bald Heads, See Forst, Scottdale Druggist. A Drug Store for the People. OPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WE Aft Earner's § VTE/IIV ciothingi a ooocc 3OOOOC J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBUC AND REAL ESTATE.- NIX * Couth Mwufew vill*. P« Dr.R.W.fflacKenzfc Trwitlw Special, Prxra4e and CTuwnh: Dltnrase» ot Mim. su FOK BACK4CEE. KIDITEY ASB Bt.UJDEU TROCBIJi. TVhelhcr Actrute or Cfcrontc. Klit'omntlKin* Conj^CHtjon of tlie A«7i«, Injtonunntion of Ihe lUitdli Crave] and Ijrlnnry Troublfj*. CALL AAD COXSWLT SIE. Berf Stt "Vowr Horn* TV»rn EACH -- AT JTKW STA« 114 S. Pitt«lmrp St^ ··CAP" STTJBBS WHAT CHASCE »ED THAT JWJTEY HAVE By KO WE AIN'T 01N 1 IN THERE EITHER: orr xe win. BE LATE -SOWBAY

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