The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 4
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r Zcll What Are Bones Made Of? Win the IS-oolume BrUannlca Junior encyclopedia or coo and home. Send your Questions, name. age. address to Tell Me Whyr- care ot The Ottawa Journal. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner Todays winner is: Patrick Kirby, jj, Austin. Texas. oy A. UUKUM The hard substance that forms the framework of our bodlM la called bone. The entire framework is called the skelteon. - Our bone begin to develop before wa are born and continue for many yean until we reach full growth. How tall a person become depends on the length to which the bones grow . during early lif. Toe bones of children are softer and more easily molded than those of an tmmitj uiuiuvu mm wivee vi sail adult. During early years. II a PURE ST, PALEST TOPAZ 1 ' fcr Dm aokwr. ft . , gsaw , , Immkdw I 1 X cur. IU UrM . II ' iSJTSi 111 mtm&Smt i ' I I J fljnj haws. I II y RARE -SCOTCH WHISKY. w in e.rfctfc apart h stf 10 PUBLIC PARKING i AT EXHIBITION GROUNDS Special . O.T.C Direct Bus Service from Hull to Exhibition Bus Enclosure at Fifth Avenue, '-August 21st, 22nd, 24th and 29th. Leaves HuU at 9 a.m. and every . 14 minutes thereafter, "August 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th. Leaves Hull . 10 ant and every 14, minutes thereafter. ' Buses Will Ism Exhibition Grounds Enclosurt . Up Unto Approximitsly 1 un. Regular O.T.C Bus service to! exhibition (rounds pass all major parkins; areas. Special Boat Service by PAUL'S BOAT LINES ' August 21st to 29th Sunday excepted Leave Rideau Canal docks at Chateau Laurier opposite Union Station starting; at am. Arrives at East Gate at Exhibition Grounds H hour service. i Boat service also from Boat House at Dow's Lake to Exhibition Grounds East Gate ame H hour service. ' LAST BOAT LEAVES EXHIBITION GROUNDS APPROXIMATELY 11.30 P.M. . l((fZ -''l r f?ri I 1 FMID M HIE TEIE OUT ML VANCOUVER: Up to 5 Flights Daily - $116 Econorny Oihw Ask rMI Vravrl Aims stoat Ala CANADA'S (Imp Travel Man. ,' . M MI Mill Ainl on Ill-Hit. mCAKADlANtVf Me s 33 bona it not Dronerlv shancH II often can be reshaped so as to support the body better. A bona IS Dot dead matter, h is living or "organic" matter in a framework of calcium and phosphorous. The calcium-phosphorous salts give the bone its hardness. If bone is burned, all the livina matter is Humeri un and what remains is non-living or inorganic matter. Sinca hone is llvfne -matter it i-v uuui iaiiiuci sat J there are blood vessels in bone needs nourishment to live. So JUSTERINI O o fast SWawwseaw I'lWaTIT I 1 SBSI " k Co day and in the AIR you whjch bring its. food and re move its waste products. There are also several types of cells in bone. One type, the "osteoblast," builds up bone; another type, the "osteoclast," tears ft down. During childhood, or the grow ing period, the osteoblasts are very active and home grows. During adult life, they are even ly balanced. During old age, the osteoclasts become more active, and the bone becomes thinner and brittle. The hardness and strength of bone makes it the most Import' ant support of the body. It ah lows the human being to walk upright and to withstand bumps and bruises. It also protects the most important parts of the body. For example, the bones of the skull cover and protect the brain, and the ribs protect the heart and lungs. Red. white, and other blood cells are made in the marrow inside several long and net bones. Bones also help to keep tne proper amount oi cawium, phosphorous, and other ele ments in the blood. ' ' FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Jim: What is black and yellow and goes zub-iub-xub? Jack: I don't know. 'Jim: A bumble bee flying backwards. .'. -' ; Fred: Did you bear they had to close the highway? , . Ted: No, why? Fred: The rabbits ate all the clover leaves. - my f;Ts' e .. . TRUE OR FALSE? - 1. Many foods contain acids. I. Certain ants live in colonies, but most ants live alone. S. Astrology - is the science that studies the -stars. 4. A leopard and' a oanther art the same animal, i. The southernmost city in Canada Is Windsor, Ontario. See tomorrow's paper for the answers. Answer to yesterday's Word Puule: Teat, Rest Rust, Runt, Runs. :' - Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook 0 Event. Send your riddles, joke to: Riddle, Joke, -Tett Me Why!" Today winner is: Irene Cleasly, 10, Ottawa, Ontario. Y -.: - CLEARS LAND More than 4.MM.6M square miles of fertile land in AT rica, previously the domain of the dreaded tsetse fly, is being cleared for human occupation. wssJ Wlwutll a AIR CANADA. Tike' advantage of frequent and night (lights to 35 Canadian communities to seven maor cities US Co steady with CANADA,whertver travel and get there and refreshed. IN VANCOUVER...stayattho HOTEL VANCOUVER . v PHONE 236-7303 FOR IMMEDIATE RESERVATIONS ' A OM Hotel - Hilton Operated 1 THE OTTAWA JOuW AL, Goren on Bridge By CHARLES H. GOREN NORTH ' K V.AQi OQJII WEST E.AST t an A OKISIJi AKJtl 1J4 SOUTH AAJ1S42 Kil ' ' " OI ltt The bidding: West North East South 19 Doable Pass 1' Z I Pass Pass 1 Pats Pass 4 Pass. Pass Psss , Opening lead: King of ' - Although West nut up a spirit ed camps Isn against his oo- ponents during the auction, he was unable to outbid them single-handed and they finally bought the contract for three spades. South's hand is superficially worth a mere six bolnts; however, facing a partner who has made a take-out-double and then raised the forced response. South's holding possesses definite merit and he is fully warranted in refusing to sell out to West for three clubs. :' West opened the king of clubs and continued with the ace. The appearance of declarer's ten on the second round suggested that it was not safe to play another club. West was reluctant to lead from his broken holding in heerts and, fearing a possible end play later on if he retained the lone ace of diamonds, he cashed that card and then exited with a trump. Declarer drew the spades' with a lot i ' - ?4 1 two pulls end paused to. assess his prospects. He had already lost three tricks and was confronted t with prospective loser in hearts and' diamonds even assuming that the heart finesse succeeded. West's play of the ace of diamonds followed by' his abrupt 'shift to a trump suggested that the diamonds would not divide favorably and, .therettre, North's long d amond could not be established for a sequence of bids had pretty well marked him with two five card suits which was ronf rmcd in the play when he showed up with two spades and apparently just one diamond. This distributional pattern gave South a ray of hope. With the trumps accounted for, he led a heart from his hand and finessed North's queen. The ace was cashed next felling East's Jack and then the queen of diamonds was led. East realised that, if, he won the trick, he would be ' end-played, for, down to nothing but clubs or diamonds, the lead of a club would present declarer with a ruff and discard while a diamond return Into the dummy's Jack-nine would, also surrender a trick. -, When North's queen of diamonds was permitted to hold. South abandoned his attack against East, arid' switched his attentions to West. The latter was thrown In fllh a th'rd round of hearts . and. whether be exited with a heart or a club. South xould ruff in the North hand while he disposed of his remaining diamond. ' " Journal Want Ads bring quick results. more : Leafs, Hollandia Play to 1-1 Ti 1 Maple Leafs battled Hoi landia to a 1-1 tie in ODFA "A - r Division play Thursday night at Brewer Park. Joseph Otto scored for Maple Leafs and Vincent Krigkitts tallied for Hollandia. in o aviiuil ruuv vjiiiua takes on Lusitania at Brewer. -efllCIC iVr: - a 45 Srfkss, ftipej mi (sImi hk hdodes Fristei, Imhu mi tut. ' "mcripIlM Ssnglisstt t) Sim Uw ftk. Booth Bldg. v - I . Suit 316 165 Sparks; Street 511.85 ' '-e-v,? U sua? ariacliwl tlUrs to I ..'V ' V. BIG TASTE HUSKY FLAVOUR 'Hoarsi S aJB. to I Dally lac Mini Satarday Opea Wedoaaday 'III IS swaa Phanai tXt-475g af Csaaaa sad U.a. TJmmM ItH . iV k ' an ale ssJsasjsSBBBssfaajsssjsBa . 4 aaosssssassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss REAL SATISFACTION everything you expect m ONE IN TWELVE WHITLEY BAY, England (CP) Sailor Brian Hopps threw 12 -battles In the sea. each containing a note. Now 28-ycr old Brian of this Northumberland town is to marry a Danish girl who answered one of the notes washed ashore in Denmark. First water reservoir for Man hattan was built in 1771. scii mm a r i ' rm M gV At k M 'aim, ,.-.V; .. ' i FK1DAY. AUGUST 2. !Ud4 Official state flower of Indi ana is the sinnia. TAT.1BL.Yil DROC STORES "PrtitrlpTJoi Wwk I SfMCtaftT rsts Dsuvgsv RMna S lam , - S1S-J4SS CtrllaswMd CMrtre ' 1IS-SSSS Oa vbioi XJVK, a v-W x?A es : BIFOCALS 517.55 Compteta . W"h rnmn, . . and Cim always S, ,

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