The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, IS, 1930, OSES, PAGE TIIRKJU. \ SCiOTTDAH BOY INPFCTSBURG UMcers Befuse to Turn Them Over to. Chief of Police' frank Ganoe. SPORTSMEN PUT OUT RABBITS to The Courier. , Jan. IS.-- Chief of Police Jftranlk Ganoe went to Pittsiburg SatrmJay with wan ants for Walter ffoarijgyae, 18, and Fxed Woleys, also 19, A Ev«raon, who were appr«ih0nded la Plttabung, anxf -who, it Is aaW ona-ade a clean "breast of robbing the Milter store and Ixuolcs Hardware store The toy« were arrested charged: with carnrytog concealed weapons and dxtr- JtH5 the questioning -ire said to have cxn?easod to tho local robberies Tho police rofuaod to turn the over *o Ganoe They will be until Tuesday and if no other ohargo la found against them in Pltts- thoy will bo tin ned over a.t that Rabbits Liberated. Four crates of rabblta weie shipped bv tho State to the Scott dale Sports- meii'a Asfcoclation. (!. C Blown, -deputy gfamo warden llboiaited the robblts In tho Oeek Hill ditric^ Thwe wore 48 in the four crates. Jailed for Desertion, -*se Overly of Mount Pleasant wanted tor boino time on a charge of non -support and desertion, was arrested at Dunbar on Satin day and brought before Justice of the Peace William Kennel, who gave him a hearing and default of bail committed him ot Westmoreland county jail Constable Ira B Rltenoi i took Overly to jail oa Saturday night Pnity for fiuostn. Miss .Elizabeth Blokley of Reason n\enue deligthtfiilly entertained at a partv in honor of her guests Misa« Ha.rt and F-ll.i Mao Daniels, both «f Cleveland. Ohio Main of the younger ct were tresent O u t °^ town. Buests wtfre present fiom Groensbitrg and Mount Pleasant tiTindh was sened Many other house parties and theatre 7«-irties were griven in their honor durins; the past week Book Club to Jlosumc. Ilie aegalar meetings of the Book Club will bo icsumnMl on Wednesday evonJns Mr* J. K Campbell will give the review Tho social cominUteo !« composed of Mrs Homer Ruth and Mrrs. W. F. Randolph Music flnb Tonight. The Monday Mus-'c Club will meet this «veninK at 7 15 o'clock at the Prosbyterian Chiiroh. Miss Mar- Ku^et Kritschgau will have charge of tlu program Tlio n u m b e i s paesenteI will be for the_ lefi hand alone A most unusual program H promised Th: chairman ot tlip hostesses com- mlttc-o Is Mi s W ]: Houseman Son In Owens Home. Mr. and Mis Cl,nenc« Owens are tho parents of a son born at the Memorial Hos,ilt»l st Moum Pleasant 0. 1-. 1IocUenl)ii''pr Ttiinfrknlfe. (Joorpo 1, Hockeibiny of South Broadway iin/toiuc-i t an opu.itkm for tu-ule appendUlti-t .it tho Memorial Hospital at M o u n t 1 The regular nwwttng of the Ladles' I-anovwork Club li s been postponed u n t i l AVodtiesday J. txti.u y 32 It will nu et with Mis nu,,-a Pi.iucis Jubilee ( irclc. The Juhileo f ' l i c l ^ of the Methodist Kl Iricopal nun oh w i l l hold Us regular nx^thiK »t tho c h i n c h on 'Unusday evening, Janiwiy It' It w.i postponed ono week on at count of tho church He-ivio-ps Ke\. Kctiyoii I'reiuhos. Rev A L Kenyan of M o u n t I'leas- nnt ctelin i tho so mon at tho ITnitetl Piesbyterlan C l u i u ' i o n Suutlaj moiu- In ?. Uallj M itiiiPl. The A o u n ^ I'coplc'K Poderation at its mooting held at tho "*. M C A , pi \nned for a rally to be li«ltl at the Uuirch of Ood at Mount Pleasant on 'I hureday evening N ' o v c i i h c i 1C *t 8 o d o t k Wayne Psihtl presided Txactly Suits LIderlj Persons. Poley's Honey and Tat Compound lulckly stops tciisinr haj.isins; roughs that tiic out and pi \ e n t bleep Irnniedjately i o l i e % e b di f tickling I'iroat and n e i v o u , hacki )T coughs Sedative w i t h o u t opiates and mildly Uxativc Win Bailies ban Antonio, Vt'xas, says "Actual evpoi u n t c w i t h m IH c o u g h medicines IMS t a u g h t me }i it Foley's Hone and T«u excclb t u d w i t h it on h a u l I shall not need o couRh this i v i n t o t 1( liah been vvoi th I'D 00 a bottl to me Vsk loi it Air sale by C Ro llet/ol, A N o y l w o i t h B'dg -- Advoitlbcmeut. i Three Trapped bj \ ire. N'KW YORK, Jan 13 - A -U-eat-okl couth and two small boy companions i\oro buinel to d e d t h last night w h e n llie, beVic\*d to IUIAO flmcloped in tlm c x l l a t ot an Oson» I'.uk buiIdniK. Uticklv engulfcMi tl'o IIOUM ami tini- pci them FIrwuun T\llled In False Vlurnt. {··HILADUMMilA, Jan 1,5 One hio- man wa-i Kill«i IUK' threo otheifi \\eie injurel c i l t i c a l i y l i s t iilijht in a coi- lirtlon of t w o file enginrn w h i c h were r(6ponding to a la'ae a h u m FationUo tlu/oo who advertieo CHINATOWPAYS FTS LAST TRIBUTE TO CHARLIE BOSTON Plcturesqne Scenes Attenfl funeral, With Chinese ami Christian Services, BANDS LAY TO CHASE SPIRITS By HLAKRY United Press Staff OoTT.i9pon)d«tit. Minv YORK, Jan. 10.--The Fanff- Bhul magicians In Mot/t atnwt coiv- aultecl th« «ign of tih* amrr dragon today to learn -when th« magnetic cuirraits of the earth would 1» favorable for -the a-eituTO of Charlie Boston's body to liia home, -wheie Efoeng-hai rises by the aea. Charles Boston -was 1nir1eS yesterday with sxich a fun-eral ea Chinatown M.S not seeti in 13 yeari.*, and today his body rests In a temiixjrary gurave In Cypress Hills Cemetery, anvalttog tb© iavoraWo flow of timo lor its trip to China. Wow Charlie Boston VTOB a man in his fashion--as great, as any man can be who d wells moat of ihia 67 y-eara in an alien hemisphere No on* knows imnch about ClM,rJie Boston .except that he arrived foxxm China an undetermined number of years ago, lived in Boston long enough to acquire the only laet name he. ever had, and th4n came to Hew York to become a potent power In Ch.ta«a» -politics Hro ho h-elpc-1 form the Iteon Ton?? and iintil his death stood Jiiffh in ihe socic-L ooun ils that the tongmon hold behind th door of the "Snarling Tigw " More than two ·weeks ago Charlie Boston began his joui nev toward !eaih, and a/ week ago Satin day he struggled upright hi 'his bed and ordered servants fo dross him in his "best black suit They la ed his shoes, adjusted his collar smooth-ed his black coat and Oharlie J lid bnok «TK! ·iled Funeral preparations began vm- medintelv The hangmen -svere fcn-m- moncrt banners wore ringed iitp and Charho Boston's bodi was taken to the "I Wish You a T.,ong: Life Chimeso run-eral ParlorV the only plaoe hi the United States w h w e a Chines^ can be buned by his xn nj.iymen Y«terctav Chinatown p a r a d e d through a pathway of fioweis to the bronze coffin whoie Chai lie lay With the Chinese cajne .Too Humphrta!* of the siUer voice, BrMte *ass aird Kid Hog an, who thrilled Ol arlte Boston years a?o -svlth left that were the best in ihe Boworv rri/« rinsrs For the occidental p-irt of fhniHe Boston Rev K C Yrting of the Chinese Presbyterian C uirch said n Christian prajer in Ohh esc and John Qnarantas Italian Band ttfav-M "N^ar ei My God to Theo" A ew ("him tin TI Chinese, siarh as Lai K i i n ' T i u k , rhar- lle Boston's son wept i the edfre of the coffin but those whf i\ere teeph rooted In the faith of CY nfucupj ftood dry-»\el and mnillnp For was not Charlie Boston's soul o i the way to join hi"; honorable aiTstors and would not his filends am-nR the living ptotoct him from the t h o i m n d minor dovlH that pursue the spirits of tho depaited' So the On I eon ' carried Charlie Boston . lt*iy thrke around Chinatown To el udp the devils, thev Koattpiod bits of pai»er behind the coffin, foi oveijotio k n o w s that ovtl spirits -will i n t e n u p f th^ir p u r s u i t of the dead lo gather bn ;ht scraps of pappr Tlio followers of To ifuciui were leaving; nothhiR undoiu to e n v e the !oul of so illustrious a i an a« Charlie Boston, so behind th coffin two Chinese baiuliv, tho|t \\oodwinfls shrilling 1 warned off tl « evl! spirits fhtrlk' picture thiei feet squarp and wieathod \sith fl w is was in tho profession, too so that all the devils might shrink befoie has fe-ailes» face For the thoiiHaiids of persona who lined the curbstones in Mott, Pell, Doyers and Bayard i,ti ets there a white siniHj.ii banner t^oggy with (ho rain pioc [aiming In Chitiefeo "Rl Yen Cluing How" which 7reuis ' T h e man of honesty and usefulness " EAGLES BEATEN BY ELKS OUTFIT JNOTY LEAGUE Tho klkr, won the o-dd ganio Cioin the Kaslct. on tho Klltr- allee in tho City League P Oppeunaii was high with n. ol 150 for the tliiee games The ecoies P Opperman Heiber Dim ling OePoll B t i c K m a n '1 ota It, Kemp Rclhor Sponco M t N u l t v bohonag-e Kauth Totals _ ELKS . 130 . . 158 169 ,,. _ 105 16.! 149 tsa 01 155-- 450 126-- 447 100-- 408 139-- 878 17-- 2S1 B4S iiB7 617-- Ea^rlos ISO 163 119-- 112 112 109 -- 2S!1 111 101 139-- 351 - l i t 106 113-- 333 . . 10S 130 118-- 350 150-- 150 575 BOD OiD--1S23 STOP THAT HACKING COUGH F AR too m-iny pcoplo fool themselves into believin;; that a cough len t serious. Even a alight cough may be dangerous What 19 far worse it tears doi n your resistance and makes you a prey to more- serious dlseaien. II you are coughing, use Severa's Cough Balsam. Soothing and quickl effective, this remedy has been a househ Id favorite for 50 years. At druggists, ZS and 50 cents. to those wlw are about to Gcoop Conrfortalilc, color* a I, inTsting, and couv«aicnt-- tiMM) piece* iboTlid b*r- im»»i»« cdllighefitUT in er«ry UTJAS roono-- « charming; combination of Qa*ea Anno »o itylc*. The wntirw piece* cam. bo " of eight $535.00 Or they may bo acquired indinduallyi $173.01) - fth.OO 5M.OO 4S.OO 4B,()(t 2D.IHI \ Ing Clmlr Uasj hair Arm Chair Console ______ Console Mirror Oocasional Table Ism ok or 'l'ahle_ SB.OO lo.OO This Berkey Gay Home Complete Ensemble ·\T-OURS « -«- pleadbng . . years together Is ffae Nearest Idea in Furnishing o ,vexing prdBlumi, ,To select a singie psece or suite for an estab llstied home is often per- Bat to select groapsof f crmitmre for a number of rooms that look as though they could dwell for in friendly harmony -- this i ideed is an achievement. And who but Berkey 8c Gay, America's leading furniture creators, would have thought of solving this problem by designing The Home Complete Ensemble. Three groups of furniture for the Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room, each expressing the individuality, style and exquisite woods and workmanship which only Berkey Gay furniture possesses. Yet the three groups are rels ted in design, comprising a harmonious and complete home picture rarely achieved -- but -without hint of sameness or monotony. By all means inspect The Home Complete Ensemble before you select your new furr iture. Tkl KENNERLY Suite For tbt Hopitafity radiate* from every piwce of th« Keanerjly mite --horo i« Elizabethan furniture authentically ernnjlaced for th« modem homo, with tie many fertturtw ot atfla authenticity, convenience, and exqxsuito woe'k- msniiup foaud only ixt Berkuy Gay fnroi- ttt!«, $310.00 Tor tho S i'ioccsi Sidehonrd, Extunsion Tablr, Host Chair, and 5 isldo (Imlrs. f l i l i i u (.'ahlnpfc $112.00 nditlUoiiitl Clioht 1S.OO luldltlonal 'MORE Suite for tl i Bedroom Ton will lore tlw Ki traora for !r« trne i _ Ann* ny-le, ite roeD iw fim*}, and die many Tittle touches of « nvcmienco and exqninta workmnnthip so in k«!pijti£ witK Bericcy fie Gay quality, $c 98.00 Tor tl o 4 IMcpr 1 ;: Hod, inrcnn, rn^liboj, mid Tol et Table. Stand . . . lf2H.50 addlllonnl Ch/tJr 28.00 ndd»loriitl UoDch 25,00 al(Utlon«I Ortly at Aaron's Will You Find the Berkey Gay Furniture Complete Home Furnishers Since 1891 naiaiBiai n iiii»n» d Convenient Payments Can Be Arranged If So Desired Confluence CONFLUENCE, Jan 13--Mis Thorn is F,d\v,uds of Mai Melon was a \isltoi %sit i tiiend'i in t o w n Salmday MHs Hazel Ilelubaugh, one of our tcacheis v i s i t e d hoi home at C'absel- nian ovei ^unclaj Role A n d e i s o n of Bid\vell was shopping a n d visiting Cuonds l)i town Sinnd.vy Miss N e - t i e T i l i n p e \ a higti :chool p u p i l h f r e v i s i t e d liei homo at I arsei m a n over Sundaj Mi n n d M i s 7 L n u n i H O i * h a n r t , OnraLriinn. wars visitors to Plttsburg Saturday. Pi of C R Swan, ono oE our school teachers, hns l o t t i r n c d l i o basinets visit to Washington, D. Mi and Mrs Samuel Raj beck 1 loturned Cioni a visit w i t h li loud Rockwootl Mrs Leona Stilcicle Ins i c t u to her home at V a n d e i b l l t i l t o i a h e i e with her p d r e n t R , Mi and Daniel Smith M H Vong-ht o£ Foit Hill ^ f business visitor in town y s t e i d f r Tho Mon's Bibia riasa ft i.ho h Ohuro'* held a \ o r y i n t e r e s t i n g n Ing in the Sunday school j nnni ni church Thursdaj, tha occaBion b igh n a ' avo at norl ( a l t l i t g a 10 c o t I h o tile i C K u l u t nionLlily social mfeting The- next m e e t i n g w i l l be on the second T h u i s d u y evening in l«Vbiuaiy T3 .innouuccri by the pieslclont, J. L nu i n\\oi th W o i k on llu" new C h i l s l i a n C h u r r h Irt bohiK p u s h e d m p l d l y t o i w . u d to (onipUHlnn bv C'ontiactoi l«' 10 A V I i · in tT M n l U i P H h of \\,ih i V i s i l O l i l f l O f S ( ( M l l I V D u n If I Sin I Hi, w h o ba boon i i u i i f 111 I s i p p o i t r d n l l i l l i v i m p i D M d n l t h i s u i l t i n ^ , M I B l i i l l l o K r p d W . I H a \ i H i ( f u - tn O u m b c i U n i l . Md , and i c l t i i n y cut or- \ 7* JL Victor Ralios Mot I h l y Pit) munis i GEO. W. CARROLL Patronize Those Who Advertise PA1SMT UP! A dollar's vorth of suiisfac- (Ion for cury 0110 jou Call FOX'S And You'll Opt It$ Phone 8-tl. tlioss wfoo

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