Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 26, 1974 · Page 84
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 84

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 84
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Page 84 article text (OCR)

Alcatraz:Rock of Empty Cages By Jerry Halse (C) 1974, The Lot Angeles Times A L C A T R A Z - It's a SOUTH SEAS MOTEL "Directly on Me Of eon fnal" · Ullra Modem · Hooim-Hficientiei ' 4 Bedroom Penthooie ·AirCom'.tHnl · Aulomnlk Dial Phone* ·Cable Color TV · Reasonable totei ·CoUPri«.-7 Courses ·Healed Pool 4Kid*e Pool · Reservation! »d»iioole Mr. Mrs. Bobby Watts. Mgrs. Phone 803/448-5187 1007 South Ocean Blvd., Dept. 4, k NyrtlpBeich S.C 79577 A On the South Carolina Sands SI \1\1KK WIM) \10TOK INN Air Conditioned, Coble TV, Efficiencies Rooms, Elevolor, Swimming Pool Golf and Tennis priv. Cabanas. REFRIGERATORS »ll ROOMS /?Sm Directly On Ocean ^19015. Ocean Blvd. Phone(103)44I-43C1 ROGER AM£ BERNiCE MINION MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29577 (····················· switch: the old mobsters would have paid dearly to get out of the Big House- now the tourists are paying : """""""i.*Bi.r- |I'IKKYIK\\ MOTKI I I I 204 N. Oceon Fiora Blvd Mmi£ BEACH. S.C. 59577 Rooms^ond Apts. accommodate 2 to 6 persons. Cable TV. Air Cond. Elec. Heat. Private Patio on beach. Near Amusements. Bobby Baker, Mgr. ' 1 MRS. ERA DONKLE, Owner Phone (803) 448-6941 ·*****·»*********»**»* ^--··^fc^ Rooms Apartments 405 Flagg Si. · Phone 803.448-3857 MYRTLE BEACH, S.C r j Block from Ocean 3-Blockj from Pavilion Wo Air Conditicned oom Cable TV. ... Pool ond Kiddle Pool. MYRTIE BEACH. SC. 39577 MOTEL 304 5th Ave., North MYRTLE BEHCH.S.C. 29577 Phone 803/443-354? Rooms-Ellic, Apts.- All Elec. Kitchen* ' j Block to Beach. Heated Pool Kiddie Pool-.Carpeted Coble T V - Air Cond. --Ceramic Bolhi J Blocks to Amuse. Park Mr.tMri.N.J.||i!cki.(h»Mrs-M(r$. Overlooking Ocean SI \ C O \ I MOII I 305 N. Ocean Blvd. % MYRTLE BEACH,S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3242 New, modern Motel. Luxurious Rooms. Woll-to-Woll . Carpeting. Double Beds. Effic. Apts. Private Balconies. Cable Color TV. Individ. Heat Air Cond. Ceramic Baths, Halfway between Amuse'. Centers. Ocean Front iLic.'irrst I T I K I S (Venn Blvd. OI'KNALI.YKAK- KAMII.YRATKS Hiiniii^»ii Uiiiim Apis. ·KllicJcnrics»CiibU''l'\ ·Air("iml. Heat ·Heatcrl Pool.' Kiddie I 'mil IKS. K. A. IIOMIKK Owners and M;IM;I[:ITS Sea o Nymph Motel Molisirili-n-it \\i-\\ 2:107 \.o-i-iiii in, ,\. . - "mics Iront units. Cable TV Healed Pool. Air Cond. All elec. K i t c h e n s . ; \Vall carpels. Tile tuns A; showers. M R . M R S . D . M.WIGGINS Owners and Operators PHONE 8():V448-fi079 ' 601 N. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-6665 Efficiency Apartments-'Room TV--Air Cond. Fu|l Baths--All Electric Kitche n s -- H e a t e d S w i m m i n g Pool. Ocean Front New in '77 OCEAN LODGE MOTEL 604 North Ocean Blvd. MYRTIE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-6770 Rooms. Efficiency Apts. Private Balconies. Color Cable TV. Heated Pool. Air Conditioned. 1 '/2 Blocks from Pavilion FRED A. PERROW, Owner-Mgr. BAHAMA MOTEL 904 S. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3267 Across Street to Ocean. Cable Color TV. Pool Kiddie Pool. Golf Priv. June and last 2 wks. Aug. Rates: 1 6«W, from 585 V. ec Uy 1 Bed. i Kiichenette from S95 Wtflly ' 8ed. Kilchenctie Irom SI25 Weekly 2 B « l "om Apl. tfom $135 Weekly J"ly-Aug. rates slightly higher September-May rates apprax. »' KEN AND PEGGIE TALLMADGE Owners and Managers iide Hotel Ocean Front 1000N. Ocean. Only Motel on The Boardwalk ROOMS 4 APIS-DINING ROOM POOL, HEATED-CABLE TV Please send for rate brochure. CHECK OUR RATES FIRST! Phone 803/448-4431 MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 to get inside. But while Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly did two years on The Rock, the crowd today is let out in less than two hours. Tours are conducted daily between 9 a. m. and 3 p. m., with launches sailing for Alcatraz from Pier 43 next door to Fisherman's Wharf. En route to The Rock, visitors may buy penitentiary- style T-shirts and jailhouse hats from a vendor decked out in stripes. On arrival, they learn that Alcatraz is now a "park," given over as a 12-acre parcel of the 34,000-acre Golden Gate National Recreation Areas -- recreation in this case meaning a hike through the Big House with its tiers of empty cells and ghostly corridors. The sight today would turn jailbirds to jelly. Capone would shake his head in dismay. Baby Face Nelson would figure the fuzz had gone looney. The Birdman would whistle like a canary. The object of everybody's attention: the uniformed attendants. Girls. Imagine that, girls in the Big House! Only instead of carrying guns, their most disarming weapon is a smile -- that and a sweet hello. They're all members of the National Park Service which administers The Rock. The girl guides lead flocks of visitors up a serpentine path to the bleak bastion crowning this volcanic island. It's the first big house ever to go public. In 1963, A l c a t r a z was abandoned, left to the sea gulls. Only a foghorn stirred the forbidding silence. It stood idle, filled with its haunting memories, until the takeover by a band of Indian activists on Nov. 20, 1969. For 19 months the .Indians turned down the peace pipe offered by federal agents. F i n a l l y , U. S. marshals armed w i t h shotguns stormed the island to end the- occupation. Not a scalp was lost by either side. But the question remained: what to do with Alcatraz? The real estate people let it leak out that they aren't exactly overburdened with requests for used penitentiaries. Someone made a bid to * open a nightclub on the rock, but this was denied. Another thought it would be a splendid idea for the government to develop a museum filled with prison memorabilia. And there was onfe wag who wanted to flood the ancient fortress and turn it into a shrimp farm. Instead, the National Park Service responded by opening Alcatraz to sight-seers. Since the initial boat landed last October, they've been pouring ashoreleven days a week. We were met by pert'Kyra Griffiths who suggested that everybody "Put the picture of the prison out of your mind and enjoy the beauty of the island." , A nice thought, Kyra, but to do so would have taken a great deal of imagination. Especially since it was raining bucketsful and visibility was 100 yards at best. But the downpour along with the mournful wail of the foghorn and the muted thunder of the tide crashing against the island created the proper, somber atmosphere for a stroll through Alcatraz -- once America's most escape-proof prison as well as its most dreaded. Footsteps echo and a whisper moans like the wind. To hold onto a piece of the world outside, prisoners like Al Capone called one particular corridor Michigan Ave. It gave Al a feeling of home, of the old neighborhood. And occasionally the boys -- among them Doc Barker and Waxey Gordon -- would gather at Times Square. Only there were no bright lights. Just the monotonous, drab jailhouse gray. Times Square was where guards passed out cigarets and at Christmas each con was given six candy bars, six cigars and a sack of hard candy. They had to make it last. It was an entire year's supply. As for the Birdman, Robert Stroud, he was unduly glorified by Hollywood-film makers. In her spiel, the pretty girl guide tells visitors how Stroud first killed a bartender in Alaska and later stabbed a prison guard to death with an ice pick at Leavenworth, Ordered hanged for the guard's slaying, the sentence was commuted to life by President Wilson. The Birdman finally died in a Springfield prison, months after Alcatraz was closed for keeps. Alcatraz was a prison for robbers, murderers, kidnapers and other c r i m i n a l s termed too tough for an ordinary penitentiary. Created originally to hold Civil War prisoners, it was equipped with a drawbridge, a watchtower and a furnace for making cannonballs. It w a s n ' t u n t i l 1934, though, that Alcatraz began receiving bigname gangsters. Finally, it was abandoned in 1963, when foundations began sagging, walls became weakened and the plumbing had deteriorated. In the beginning prisoners were allowed to speak with one another only twice a day -- three m i n u t e s in the morning and three minutes in the afternoon. ' Violence flared during a riot in 1936. Later Capone was stabbed and after this the warden was nearly beaten to death. Alcatraz's biggest riot occurred in 1946 when, during a 72-hour mutiny, the rock was bombarded by the Navy, Marines and the U.S. Army Air Corps. In the end, three convicts and two guards had died, and 15 men were wounded. That's the story of Alcatraz, where, on a clear day, the view of SariTrancisco is a gas ... On I fir Orfitii Front c \Toi:vii.i.\non:i. Rooms, Apis.. Ellics.. Healed Pool, Air Cond TV Wall lo Wall Coff*l, 2 blodt iron Pavilion ANN t LEE ROSSICNOU MGRS. 506 N. Ocean Blvd. MYRTIE BEACH. S. C. 19577 PHONE 803 448-5706 Overlooking Ocean I M P E R I A LI COURT@MOTEL| 5524 Porcher Avenue MYRTLE BEACH. S. C. 29577 Phone 803/449-5828 i Family Efficiencies. Secluded Courtyard with Bar-B-Quel Grill and Picnic Tables Cable! TV. 2 Mi. North of Amuse Center. Quiet Area. Daily! Maid Serv. Ample Parking REASONABLE RATES ·V* J«e»k Wrtufi, Owncn-Mfn. Holiday Sands' 7 DIRFCT' Y ON OCEAN FRONT 62 UNITS 1,2, and 3 Bedroom Efficiency Apartments COLOR TV NEAR AMUSEMENT AREA · Direct Dial Phones · Cable Color TV · Restaurant ·Fishing Pier Vi Block · Golf Pkg. 15 Courses · Stay parked and walk to Amusements Cof'or Wxfr 'O' turner if 1 04 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29577 Phone 803-448-8478 DIRECTLY ON THE OCEAN QUEEN'S INN and COTTAGES 602 North Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-5712 ALL MODERN MOTEL COM EIHENCES THE VKAH \KOl !\D--GOLF PACKAGE PLAIN--MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONORED For brochure and rates, pka*o send: Name Address. City State Zip MARK III 1400 South Ocean Blvd. CG Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 "Overlooking the Ocean" Efficiency Apartments and Rooms--Elevator--Cable-Color TV--80 degree Pool and Kiddie Pool--Golf Privileges--Maid Service--Lifeguards on Beach--Close to Amusements and Shopping. 100 Yds. to Ocean. For Reservations Call 803-448-8614 FRIENDSHIP INNS® vMvXvXv !·: i § P0 Directly on the Ocean Front :»;« NEW IN'73 H rite DrauerA-- 170S SOUTH OCEAN BLVD. MYRTLE BEACH/S. C. 29577 Or Coll 1 -803/448-4345 For Kate Schedule and Brochure ROOMS.' 12 BEDROOM Effic. Apts. Con- KATE S JUNE 1 THROUGH JUNE 21 Dam front EH. 2 DU. lefc 2 Ptnom S24 Bey SI 60 Week OKI* Vie* EH. 2 m. It* 2 Penoni 120 Dor SI 30 Week Ratei June 32 through Aug. 17 Oceon Front EH. 2 DM. ledi 2 Penoni $30 Do v $200 Week Color TV. Heated Pool Kiddie Pool. Golf Priv. at 5 Courses. Tennis Privileges. Rolei A ( . 11 lira*** Sept. 2 OCMII front EH. 2 Obi. led. 2 Penoni $20 Dor S! 33 Week Ocein Vk. EH. 2 DU. Be* 2 Person. 518 Boy $ 120 Week Ratei Sept. 3 through April 30 Ocean Front EH. 2 Dbi. le* 2 Fenum it 3 Da, $82 Week Ocnn View EH. 2 DU. le(b 2 Penoni SI I Doy $70 Week n X- ». r 4 i ii Ut 52 For Eodi KUl Penon. SEthtl, Mgfer HoNop-Wetk Ends MyS tor a Memorable Vacation (Where strangers rttel ond leave friends) \ IPLOMAT 53 Ocean Front Units-- ·ELEVATORSERVICE ·HEATEDPOOL ·LARGE PARKING AREA ·CABLE COLOR TV ·ONEBLOCKSOUTH OF PAVILION ·CLOSE TO AMUSEMENTS AND SHOPPING ·GOLF AT 7 COURSES, TENNIS PRIV ·RESTAURANT SERVING DELICIOUS MEALS MARYS. HOBEIKA, OWNER-MANAGER 606-610 N. Ocean llvd. Box 2133 Phono 803 448-7121 Myrtle Beach, S. C. ·"··"- W77 ' /'.

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