The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 19, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILI J E,,PA. · TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 191S. f:. fe-' m iQ' 1 : : *···'.: !-;:-· .flUjr i§aiig HEN»T P. SH7DEK. netT ao* Editor. 1379-13H. K-'M. SNTDEK, .. . . . JA: j. DBISCOIJ* ·- · · ; . . . ·uc'jrjud -ritiami.- Bii3iu«M SlxoMfft. -JOHI* ll GAN3,- Ctty Editor..':..- _.TNNI B. S3NCELL, Society Editor. ' ' ' MEMBER OF:' ' '" .Aaaodatfid Press. _ Audit. .Bureau ot Circulation. - Pennsylvania- Associated I)aHil . 'Pwo' cents per copyi 1 50c r p«r months ,1» per ye«r by Ynail.}£ P»'d i" advance . Bntfit^-ms '·Kcond, class roattor »t .fi»» postoffice.; CohnellsviHe, PA. ·; ' ,, ' . ' · ETE5ISG, MAE. 19, 1918. , WttUAM Pi SHEKMAN. ' Hospital TJnlt L. "O. S. A.. Fort McPherson. Atlanta, (Ja. RALPH F. SUGEE. Comctany E. STWh Infantry. U. S. N. A.. Camp Lee, Petersburg, 'Va. TTHT-AMAi-ifitf'ii '.PTWM 1ft. ex* tlnftvely entitled to tbe va* tor r*inbllcatloQ of ail n»w* (iia- - p»tcb« tredlted to 'it . or not .1 'fttber^rise' credited in this paper - and also the local news published hereto i THE ASSIGITEB CAB. .:;In tbe.'.contention tb»t:,has arisen over the proposal to eliminate the ns- «dgx«d car, and place all coal car dis- tlibutioti upon the same 'basis, the coal operators appear to havu very mnoh the. best oC the argument. ·-Thaionemtae, irhich'accepts orders to load coal for railroad-use, should r«c«ive care for such orders without qharge against its ''quota- under the ratoe raitogTTiles, irhlle:33Ki£ber mine tt, practically the same, capacity, :.or opetatiug under the satiie coiutttfoos, bot -without railroad orders,' is charged with all the. cars'it -receives, is a plan that has. never been equitable ·ad lair to the coal industry. True, it .b»* often enabled mines iavoted with failroad ordexs to maintain she-day cperatmg schedule and thus reduce fixed charges to the mtTwtTvnTn but this bas been at the 'expense ti[ other mines which, because of deSdencies in car supply, have, been unaMe.-to operate but part Hme, at a higher per ton cost, and with resultant demoralization and dissatisfaction among their irorkiDS forces. -J^rom, the operators' point of : that has been the most pernicious effect of the system, pnder it the railroads hare been able to' secure their fuel at almost the cost of production, aao/iirsamft cases even tess than' cost, ·ad greatly to the detriment of the stability ot the coal mining industry. Under-lodcral regulation of prices ibis ·pan ot th« evil is eliminated bat there remains the;practice- of living ears to mineslacceptinc ntflroad orilen in-,ad- dltioii to the percentage to TrtricSi they are entitled under the mine rating lilies. "While the grbss car supply of a ii»en district may thus be kept at or; B'Jar normal, the nurabcr of care for commercial coal zoay actually, be very small, as has recently been the case, particularly in the West Vlr- ITL Hec of tlie present system the UIMtitnin propooe^thftt the mines on a liae b* raflroad be glVen an eonitabie 41»trlbnt3on of the available cars aim a prorata share ot orders .for nQroad fuel, TMspian has tbe m«rft o* practieabntty as it iroul no hardship uixm. the rafiroads, BO» leetea their chaocwi of securing ·n fh«..tail tfcwineeiKnd irooW Bim- nilfy the -work of-car-dtrtribction. Par tte end iadjater it uronM lawe.tbe 9*ry decided advantage of pennkfing jrattteally 'an mines to maintain .·^luDcT'. duvfltttts aefeediAtT^ mold *nee foe aterbEad costs per ton of . ortpct; ~giv working' 'forces · more .: Trerfcing dajs-per w*et and tend IflBerally to stimulate production virile placfeg the whole industry en a m: KKWSP3XTSS .\ IfAB-TPOi KECESSDS. OfftcJal recognition is grfen to .the tact that. .tho daily aewspapcr is not only a war-tuoe. necessity,, but that it i» also the most efficient means at the conanacd of. tho goitcrameiit through ·vftictx to convey- iafonmuioa . to · the »e«ii*e. . - IStMse facts, have-beei admitted by State-food AdminfciteatcT Heiuz ID his Meant i»nnouuc«nent..that .herafter,all. 01 Jn ^"Tegtrlathjigir Tulbkg, 'decisions,: her "cnmmunications ;. from .the Pood Administra: be iwned solely through the spapers. A tew dajis prior to this jic.sjapers, at the request of tde- Food Administration, , began the pab'Hcatioii-if-ih'e flour- re^ port blanks with the -accompMiTins notice tfcat no other form than appeared in. the papers would be distributed. · - · , - - . , . . ' To such a : degree is reliance placed upon the ability of the neivspaprs to make a wider dissemination of information relating to the'Food Administration's activities- than can be accomplished through the any other agency, that Administrator Heinz has given notice to the public that "all persons interested will understand that they arc to depend 'on tie public prints for. information as to .their duties in connection \7itii tae conser- ' vation, distribution and .purveying of food in Pennsylvania," - _"While this: implies an. appreciation of the value of 0 e newspapers as and adjunct to ihe government in wartime, Cfaeir real neees rity to the nation in the present.emsrssacy is illustrated in anothw tile decision ot a local draft .board ;n New Tork. A . cewspaper worker,-somewhat'tess patriotic .than thcs.val. majority .of the craft, made claim for deferred .closeI- iifeyife''' ffcation on the ground that his -work was necessary to the maintenance of the military esCblisbmeJL Tie board concurred in that, view and the registrant will be penniteed to remain, on. his job renjoto-frcon the hazards.of-the firing lines. ,-.While;official elevation, to the rank of JHibHc.iecessity'is'an admitted compliment ..tOtthe importance of the nows- :paper,' there . are really.Vfew of its .workers. »io; will;take .pri^KJn .the fact'that, this recognition .has resulted from- the-application of one of their number to be eienrpt from that form ot service- already gladly and willingly entered upon "by so many earnest, capable and- faithful members of the profession: The-tractor meet at Uniontown will lack some of the thrills, ot a Speedway -contest but It is likely to yteid-a much more, ^profitable return to its patrons. The^ "assigned" cars are cme Icind of which tee coal operators iDViet there has been an over,, not an UTKter, supply. TPith Kedstone township colcltiff coal bring ing $l.Sf}0 per acre at private saJe and that' In.f^reene county. selling at SSOO at 'jrheriit's' aaje, it is that thoro remain buyers who have a prehendtii^ senFe of coal land val.u'es. ; e n e n b u r e : drive to all bluff what' a splhndid opportunity the War Department, with the aid of the Allies, has to call It, 'now that Secretary Baker is on he ground to give personal ·direction to tKe caKinjcr. The Huns are going to play tit for tat by appropriating American property in Germany. They arc welcorrse to it inasmuch as Uncle Sam h«s much the,better.end. of the trade. Ton have today and tomorrow to rnake out yoxrr flour . report. After that Lt win :be the food admin trator to jrnakc tho hoarders shell out. Better consult a doctor If you have not yet'felt some pronounced symptoms of garden fever these balmy, spring- like days. Why Spoil 810 3I*«!J Johnstown Democrat. And affain wa beg to say that we think it llttlo short of a crime to spoil good corn meal by mixing it up with other things. . i Tie Age of r«troit Free Pres*. One of the sublime · confidences of youth. IB tha£ -when a man gets inar- rred his troubles are over. Merely a'Snpenret. Cnmterland. News. 1 There wnl be hope for Germauiy when its people realize that thj German superman is merely a supernut. WAXTKD -- YOOH RESBINITS. BAllBKECs'O t£ -- CHAMEBRMAID AT TOUGH HOUSE. ISmarttd ·WANTED--DISHWASHER AT WEST SHE HOTEL. Umartf ·WAITED--GIKLS POK FACTOKY and shipping deparun«nu TRI-STATE CAIfDY CO3£PANV. HAND TTTE- writer. Call Bel] 13-H, or Tri-State 95-W, ICoant PKasaat, Ufebtf WANTED -- EXPEB1BNCE D tor.^wneral bouseworlc. Ca-11 202 Weat C«dar avooce after £ -P. at- 4martf ·VfAXTED--GIRL. FOB. GENERAL honsewcric. Apply 'MP.S. C. a BANE, Bast Mmrphay avenue.v t6mar3t* WAsmro--BOT .TO ACT AS poster an£ worit in drug store. J. C MOOSE, RENT FIVE OR SDC room touse. All modern conveniences- H. C. HOLLET. B»tl 703. 18mar2t* ANTED--CHAJIBBRitAlD, MID- agd lady preferred. B. O. SE3TAUBANT. . -.; : ISmarJt ·TCANTED--GOOD CAR · REPAOR- rovx. Apply. MASTER MBCHAXIC. · TPANTKEH-TBUCKERS AT BALTI- t Ohio freight station. Pay daily. ISinart CL--iSS SHIP- pteg olertc fior' ftinritnre stora. "Write "CLERK," cax» Comiez. ISroarSt EXPBH.tE?ICE D aad srrit #irL High feat salary paid. 150 Worth Plttatrarj; street . ISiaartfd WAKTED--YO17KG MAN TO RON- elavatoz. ^.itust be .over 18 years of age. Apply a* SOB ACKERS. " ' ' ' ' " ' GS2*ia,KlttAN BOOK- fceeper. ,'Maet ;-be- experienced' and ell recomm«nded. TRI-^CAT£ CO. " " . ' · ' . · ISrnartfd FOK S338KAQHA~- phic and- gtmoeal- office "work.' Address rSTENOGEAJTBKK;'' The Courier. . 19m*rtf WA^^^TED--.TOTJNG LADT STEN- ograpfeer and accountant. State ex- per-kuxce · and saiarT*.' desired, i Address 3. 1 . A., caw Coorier.- : ',-. . ' Ithnartfd 1 , THE BEAST OF THE SEAS. -By Macauley. WANTED--"CI JR-L VOR GKKERA L- housework. 3M EfJtt Fyeite. FOR BEST--ONE FIVE ROOM bouse, srnaJJ eardao, iras and bath. E. SOLUS. BORR- Addltioo.. ISmactid FOE K1SNT--ONE ITJIIXISHJE D room. Prelcr railroad or otlw ir** 1 ^man. 253 East Crawford. . Primary Klrt-tSon I*riwlttiiuttl«»ix. , 1" AXD BY AX ACT OK LOST-- flATimDAY EVENING BK- ..ween Arch a t r and FOR RENT^TJCREE NICELY FUR- nlahed room*'for ligtit hHisek«epln£-. 1217 Sycamore street. ISmarlt FOR R15NT--QZTE DESIR ABLE store room formerly occupied by Muans ft. Murphy. loqutr* FIX3KSNCK SMUTZ. · Jgfebtfd FOR RENT---t^ARGE BUTT-DING, ·w-ith space for two automobiles, and a hie storage room- Inquire HI We»c Green strw-t- 18mar3td FOR RKNT--THREE BOOMS WITH bath, hot water, gas "and electric, for couple -without children. Inquire ROOM, care Courier. I8mar2t" tho Gen«ral ABat,-mbly of U»c CumTiioii- Tveallh of I'ennrylvanla, approved tbc · ^vest Side, pocketbook l?th day. of February. A. D. IMS. tia j money . R e t u r n to Courier mwle the duty of the County Camrnit*- atoners of tvt-ry c o u n t / wiLtilu this Commonwealth to ijlve jmbUc notice of the S'irLnK primary e!u«tion, tbo tim; of holding the samo, and the nam** of · all officer for v.-hich aotr.inat.lons' arc | to be raado; ni/w ter-iforti. in obed-. lenco to the »ail Acts of Ans*?nibjy, we, \ [ i-opan Riwli, G«ot:e I'. Hoovur ;tctl ; Charles H, NuU. Con*missloner3 of . FayeUft county. Pen nay! van! a ,lQ IKTC- ' by make k n o w n , publish and fflvtt pub- .' Uc noticv to tho electors ot tho c o u n t y ; of Fayette. that on Tuesday. May l!l t 191S, h e w u c n ih«* hoars of J o'clock j A. M. and T o'c(«M:k P. 31, a primary j eloctioi known a« the spring primary," will tvt hold In tho *#n;ral election districts' estolitinh^d by l.iw In tlie said county of Kay*tte, at which thne they J ·wrlU vote by t:tllor for candidates f o r ' the seventl public .ofHc-is* to be flU"0 at.' thfi XovernWr election. 1818, vis: j AT ONCE LINOT1TPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILT COUKIER OFFICE FOR SENT--FRONT OFFICES OK second floor o£ Dunn Brans building. Inquire o£ HARBY DUNN. Sjan-tfd FOR RENT--TWO LABGE TJNFTJH- trfshed liffht hoosekoepinsr. rooms. Ko children. 509 Bast Groen street, ,2Sleb-eod FOR SALiE--OXE 1316 FORD. $50.00. Also one 1317 Orerland. cheap. In- ouire Tri-State No. 13. Bell No. 28. 10mar3t FOR SAJ-E--BRAND NEW UNUSED wheel for Ford car. W1U Mil exeep- nally cheap. Call · Bell phone 23, Scottdale, Pa, 15mar6t FOR. SAUE--DISTRIBUTOR COIL, generator and Bijur startine motor complete. Inquire C. I*. WORK, Con- nefcUnrille. Fa. IGroarfit FOR 3AIJE--I 1917 FORI TH-tJCK, panel body. In good condition. CKN- TRATj MOTOR CO.. West Apple street. Councils ville. 14mar6t . FOR SAL--TEAM. AG"E 7 ANI 9. New bratw mounted harness. Good transfer wagon. Inqulro, at SOUTH HOTEL. ISrnarSt FOR SALE--^THE LA.TE SARAH A. Marietta residence in Johnston avenue. Incjuire MRS. J. T. DAV1ES, Boll phone 75, Trt-State 616, "Dniontown. Imartf POJB. SA3-K--B ARC AIK. E tGHT room house and lot 40xt3fl, Eigrhtls street, TVest Side. Inquire 115 South Eighth street. Tri-State S55-W. . * . 15mar6t" ,. f *~.~~~- *,, v TIBST .CLASS e-Lectzictacoie..' Must te" familiar with hoiise Trirtttg; etc. Apply " FA.TETTE CO.. 54 Morg-antown street, Uniontown, Pa- ISmarSt -AT OXCE, E3CPEKIEN- salfcslady. steady poEition. jUuart tmdcratand alterations. · PEOPUffiS' DEPT. STORE. 220 Korth Eftreot. .WANTED--MEIERS WANTED WHO are- studying 1 for examinations to ffet the best mining- book published, "Mia- Ins in a Nutshell" hy JAMES WAE3- LAW. Scottdalfi, Pa. Price J2.2S. ·' SleMit , "THREE .OH FpUR MOD- ern unfurnished rooms l»y young couple No children. South. Side preferred. Ad- ·rresir "TENANT," care- Courier. · "' ' , IDmarlt* . .;. WANTED--EXPERIENCED CASH- ier and stenographer for department store. State salary wanted and. give reference -with application in own hand writing. Ad4r«ss X c;\re Courier. " - 26£ebt£d W ANTED^-AG E^fTS WANTED IN ConnEllsvjUe : and vicinity to soifcit orders JTor men.'s''Salco Clothes from factory direct to wearer at wholesale prices. E. O.'Box 522. fhHadelphia, '- ' v - ' _ C T E p -- O L D FALSE TJ3ETH, Don't matter if broken. I ps.y 52.00 to $.15:00 per set : Senfi by parcel pust and receive' check by. return mail. L. MAZER, .200? S. Fifth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. · . . 5mar22t* "WAITED--ANY 3CIND OF 1 f'RTjT- in?, whether it is a caHtne- card. suJe bill or the fintst enera?ed ·wedding lirrttatlon "or annou.ncement.. "We print anything--everything--do ir. promctly and 66 It rfsht. Call the man at TJRi: COUKIER otfice. Both phones. 27-tt FOR SALE--0«E SEVEN PASSEN- Eer Mnchell 1915 touring- car In first -class condition. Win trade for horses or cattle. P. V. PJ3RRY, Bo«li pho»cg, Scotldule. JSmartl" FOR SA1*E--4W7 INDIAX\ MOTOR- cycle. R- X. motor. Practically new. Ron only 500 miles. Bargain to quick buyer. Inquire MOTORCYCLE, Courier office. . ISmartl FOR SALB--OKE GOOD COAL range, $15,W. Brown Reed hahy buggy and leather folding go-cart for $20.00, Iron folding, bed couch $5.GO. 212 East Payettc street. I£mar2t* FOR SALE--3 PIT WAGONS, "10 bushel capacity, 32 Inch gauge end dump. A3so 1 post a.uger for shooting coal, adjuMable, 3 extra bits. Jucruire C. L. \VORK. ConheUsvIHe. Fa. · "'» 16mar6t FOR RENT--A- THRES STORY brick building, 96x49, suitable for. a garage or manufacturing- purposes, on the corner of ' Meadow Lane and Church Place. · Inqujre J. L. STADER. · . 12martf Secretary of Intrn;kl Affairs. Onp Jodp-o of tho Superior' Four ReprescntiUl-fes In at-Utrffe. "We wii: pell tit Public Auction at nrvcrr- l r arm (between Continental No. 1 a rul No. 2) on SATUKDAT. HARCH 25. 1918. nt 1 O'clock P. .!. .Sharp, wun. · "^^'-H 20 head nf pood second-hand Congress- I Hor.«c^. n.'l fit for outride v,-ork. Thijro tire n few fine Brnot! ifares in One Repre^on tatlvo in Congress, (23rd Hiiftrict.) One Senator In the General Assembly. (32nd District.) Orw Representative In the General Aanembly, list District.) Three 'UeprrHenta.tlvfl.s in thu Gcner- I * al Asfremhly. (2nd District.) i Therft ar« also to he olectcd at the j sprinp primary nioctlon, by each polU- j leal party: [ Two Members of tlie State C o m m i t - ' tee. . j Two Central Cornmitteemen in each ! election precinct, ' '. Given under oxir hands at our office i in Union town, Pennsylvania, thta IDlh ; day of .March, 1313. j I.OGA-V ni'SH. J GEORGE: p, HOOVER. ; CHARLES H. XUTT.. i Corrynissioners o£ Fayfltte County. I Chief Cleric. ; mar" ! thin · s lot, Thfn w i l l be n tine o p p o r t u n i t y to bay pond work horses cheap, Term* of-Sah« Str£Mly Canh. CKO. C. AI4.E-V, Auctioneer.' ' \V. J. RAINEY. MAN AND WIFE TO TAKE CHARGE OF AND RUN A COMPANY BOARDING HOUSE FOR 35 MEN. PERMANKNT TjatPijorivrENT AT $75 PER MONTH AND IJtVING. CALL KJETl FIRE BRICK COMPANY. LAYTOK, PA. BELL PHONE 98 R 31, DAWSON, PA, OK SALS--TT^REE HORSTilS, three cows..50 chickens, fanning Implements and baussliold g-ools. All sums under $5,0$ - cash, ,and all over 55.00, four months' .credit. Three per cent discount for cash. DOBCAS E. SMITH, administrator estate of James H. Smith, deceased. . IgmarSt* FOR SALTS--TWO SINGERS, js.oo. Other makes at J10.00 Thetre machineg are in ftrat-cluas,. sewing- condition, Every machine BTiaraortced t o . naafce pertect 'stitch, just as good aa new ma- chino of same matte. 'Come and see them. Try them for yonrself. Be convinced. The sewing is perfect. 123 South Pittsburg. "WHITE SEWING MACHINE CO., ConnellsvlUe. Pa, ISmarSt*. Liberty and Ofrpcr Aticnaes Pittsburgh, Pa. 'tf ancl Misses New Spring Dresses of exclusive style ana superior ·workmansmp pmg fcy mail i* szie' and convenient Style Sketches sent {ree on recjucst. \Vn"^ "Mfyer JonasJOH ? Co.. Mail Or5ca- Department, PittsturjK, Pa. CLOT Sunday, March 31st is Easter Sunday. The advanced forecast of the weather is not yet announced, but here's hoping that it will be fair and give everybody a chance to display their new Easter outfits. There is wonderfully attractive Easter raiment at all our sixty-three stores; there is the greatest line of new novelties in women's, Trusses' and children's- wear that the market produces, starting with, new tailor-made suits, fine assortment of dresses of all leading materials, shirt-waists, skirts, and all the other articles necessary to make up a real Easter outfit; handsome lines of novelties; headwear, dresses, hosiery, ribbons for the younger folks. It is hard to describe them all and will not attempt to. The men and boys are being well taken care of, or at least we are prepared to take good care of them. All the new staple styles of suits, complete new lines of spring and summer styles in hats and caps. It would be hard to describe our wonderful assortment of footwear for men, for women, for boys, for girls--only want to announce that the spring styles are all in, they are handsomer than ever before, prices reasonable taking everything into consideration. "We are ready to serve you, ready to outfit you complete with Easter clothing and we can save yotl money. 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny \ Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people Ittc our Shoes. They're pleased triti our style selection and our methods in. fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Sboes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY ' --BUY-- ' W. S. S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government JKABCH, 191S. JAX 1, 1923. $..14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELLSVILLE,- PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results. I 7

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