The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 13, 1930
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·PAGE TWO. THJHI.XWU'JLiT, UUmVICLiI.m fJLtLlS, MONDAY, JANUAKY13, 1930. ttmo.le 730- .AnJnteroiittnB program Has T»6n arranged lor the occasion, The 10, .B. Martin Blblo Cltws will meet Thursday night in. tho homo o£ Miss Lmlii Bailey, North TMt(«burg street. JVHs:) Bailor, Mrs. A. R,' Boy or and Mrs. Eva Blttnor compose I he committee. /' _ ; ....... Glnd-ir-KHJni Club. ' "Misfc Emily Wldm'er will criteria In the Qlttd-U-Kum Club tonight af, hor homo in QllJaon uvonuo. - I ' / .,- .. ,. · / . \ - V. ami V. Club, .'--' · / Mra. Rufl'-iell Hall will entortrtin th« Family ami Friends Club Wednesday 'tiiglit at httt home- in Baldwin avenue. With Sirs. JPoole, Mrs. C. ,1. Poolo -will ontortatn the V-est Side Neadleworkera Thursday ight at hat' hotn in IDaet CruWCorcl venue-, · · · ' · - . . : .,-,.. , The Daughters of Union Veterans 111 ruaoet Wednesday night in the; \.moribiin LSgtoh rbofiiSj North Pltte^ urg ii'tr.eet. "", " '· - ^V-.r. :" - · "· Party for Jacklie S«nor. A birthday party in honor of. tho ourth Anniversary ot Jackie Sonor, on o£ Mr. and Mr*. John Bonor. ' of 3unhar, was hold : , Saturday tttiorn'oou at the home of hia grandparfmts, Mr. and Mrs: ^^SVV-Glrott, : at that pla'uo. Fourteen little- ''guests' were present and the afternoon wo.?, ; spent j - a t gamos. Ixmii Qfthrlnsf oi Conntfllav'iUe eiitertata-ad _ · with ·· rooltatious and 'codings; Refreshments were aoryed y Mrs, fientir, ;asBl»ted by Mrs, Qri?ff, Hrfj. Ed^ar ThoraSso and Mrs.'' Paul Brlnker, th0 last; iiamad of Pleasant Unity. .A cake, with 'four;: oan.dl.eB, wa» ' tli« oeufcorpleco. Savors'. , woro .ollyyope, dressed; as ·tlh'y'vi'BWJy- dollS, TJhe * dolor "seliemo was" " grtVen arid kv ttwit- giieala Included Wary · 'and-. iJt^mte^.C^hnell,' Cora : Loe Ortsobll, isnd -teiw CiJhrltig all ot Julius KOifrnWaia, :Chtiatf» fiaanojer and philawthropint, and Adele Goodklnd, of St. Pavil,'mother of Mra. LeBBln^Kwen wore married January 8 at the Ussing Roaonwald honie. _The MendowB," at Ablngton, a suburb'of-Phllada^hfa; Childrenjof the bride and groom :by ,thai* flrsT marrjages were the only snorts aijd witnesses to the ceremony,'which wa? performed by Judge Horace Stern, of Philadelphia, Imwcdintels after the ceremony they sailed oa tho lvn*r Sattirnla for In Egyptian honeymoon. MISS ELY A G. WE US DAVID A. MftCOY Announcement Is made ot tho mar- r!a£o of .Mtee 331 ya 0. Ptillln, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs; -TV.'' "WV Pullln of BrI-ct;?Qjxrt and David A. M'c- Coy, HOU ot Mrs. Ester P. M«0oy of near Ponnsvtllc; and the late B. A. McC'oyi coal opeNitor. The couple motored to 'Cumberland huit May where the oere-.j many was pertonn-od. Mre. McCoy \vn« graduated, from the Wcetern! Ton n s. vl vii n lit Classical and Sclontiilc Inetltiito at Mount Pleasant and has boon ongagwt In teaching. Sho also he« been oi'gfnitet at ths local church for the last few yeans. Mr. McCoy te a member of the .McCoy Brothons Con- etruc'tlori Company now located at Mouongahcta. U. H. Tho Pri one* ship Olaaa will meet j Tiieartay night In the home of -Mr. and t Mra. Joseph Sfsloy, 1-Iyndmun atrt'ct, j South CorinolUivtile. Those who are planning to attend are asked' to leave j on tho 7:15 street car and j?et otf 'at i Jivans store. ' l v h J. 0. Class will meet Tuesday night In the church. A good attendance is .desired.. The Royal Circle Clasg will meet Friday night in. tho home of Mrs. Harry Y o u n k l u , G12 Snyder street. J. lu Proud nt Cluss. The J. U Proudflt C!WH« o£ tho First Presbyterian Chureb will moe-t Thursday night at the home of Mrs. ML E 81y, South Pittsburg' Htreet, Sbtith Connellavile. Tho i-omtnhtoo" consintp ot Mrs. 'H. S, Mart-/., Mrs. H. W. Mc- Kobblo, Mrs. James RuB»ell, Mrs Grace Davidaon and Mrs. Sly. Joint Installation. There will bo a joint installation o 'officers of tho Baltimore Ohl Vnt«rana Assooiatinn and tho Jenni Utyton Auxiliary Tuesday night in tho Baltimore Oiilo Y. M. C. A. Foi lowing the I na-UU lotion a aoeial hou; will be held. Lunch will he served by mom-bore of Ih6 auxiliary. The two organizatione will hold a eoparate business sosslon, » With StrshColllns. Mrs, P, II. ColliiB will entertain th Colonial Club Wednesday afternoon a hor homo at Bree/.owood V Twelve ('lab.' Mrs. Cluu'Kwi Marietta w i l l entertain (.he Busy Twolvp Club Friday night at hor hc/riH! in East -Crawford, avenue. F. il. Club Will Hoot. Mlsa Piiarlp [{obinsoii will entertain the F. VI. Club Thursday night H t . h p r homo in the Wesley apartments, \Vcst Apple street. - '-· · j. ». J. Clu). ..;'.'.' Tho J. B. I. Club will !H; onlerfaiml , Friday n i c f h t by, Miss .LaVerrie Mlllbr : at her home, iti 'South ConncnsviUu, Luiicltoon. . l A L .o'clock bridge luncheon for women members of the Pleaaant Valley Country CUib'wlH be held Tuouday ' ii'ternoon at tho clubhouse. .Kosstewbt'S . lire Mi-j3. Charles 0. Mitchell and Mru. ."· Kniest K. KooaSr" of thte place and f Mrs. ,1. I, 1 . K. Miller and Mrs. .T. Frank : Kt'iuiey of Scottclalc. Will Instttll Officers. The Womun'K BeuelVt Aaoeiatiori w i l l meet TuesdSy night In Pythian . Hull, at which .time officers tor the ensuing year will be elected. Mrs. Mary T. U;irdwiek of Umoiuown will be the insUUliug oftteer. Ofllcers and guards are asked to wear white. A f.oviM'ed-dish luncli, planned for the · i n u e t t u g , hits beeu poatpoUed. n t t h Mrs. Viuijrlin. . H i i t s e t l Vaughn will entertain ( l i t ;imuurt Club Thursday- nigh-t at li.-:i j.'iuio iii South Pittsburg street. Itttinboir Club. The Rainbow C l u b ' w i l l be enter- · t!ii:H'! Tuesday tilgbt by Almetta · GiHelutul at her home in IGast Crawford uvenue. Chrlstliin t'hursh .The Mui'thti Norton Cllasn of the Chi-itillan C h u r c h will meet Thursday a f t o r n o o n tit tho church. Mrs. 'Josepine Merqnda will bo in charge of tho mid-week prayer sorv- ! See Wt'tliujjtluy evening. i)bborah Hfble lnss. The -Deborah IHblo .Class ot · Flrat Presby.terlau Church will hole its regular monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon at S::H) o'clock In th church parlor. M. V, Events. Tho regular bus InesH meeting ot tin Miisiomiry A u x i l i a r y bus be»n post ponod from Thui'ttday nlglit ot thi week to the f o l l o w i n g Thursday. ' The Btuiday »c!iool boiled will mee Wudneaday nl.ghj. iinraudiately follow Ins .the- yira yi?r sii rvlce. (·', J-', t'lnss, Tli« G. H. Clus i of the First Metho cilat . Jfiplscopttl (. huroh . will meet to night in the honi'i at Mrs. Ruth McCo. of Poplar Grove. First I,'. P. Chiirclu The -'.Mary K, '.Qlck Claesi will moa Tuew'iiy at tlie home of Mrs. C Walthefs, Jiyruluifin street, South Con CHEST An echo 'mooting will he- held Wed iieed ay night tit 7:45 o'clock. Tho: regular moo-ting of the Christ i«n .Culture Clais/.wil.r'be held Frldu night 'ftt'the.h'OB.e.of Mra.'H. L.. South"Avoh.'stfi'»t. A."j!tney will feature the meeting. The Junior Missionary Society \vU meet Saturday afternoon at 2 a t t h e church.. - , . . . . . . · ; Sbilo LodgT, . ' Shilo Lodge," Ladi«e A u x i l i a r y to th IJ. of K. T., w i l l meet Tuesday nigh at 7:30 o'clock in Odd Fellows Hal Kttsl Crawford avenue. f . _ , . · · Lutheran Events. The Catherine Von Bora .Class"... wil meet tonight »t the- htmie- " o f Sophia Metzgu'-. 81U Wofit street. OlDera will 'be elected at thi mosting, ; '- ; · The regula/ meeting of thei.-ch'urc council -will b/ 1 - held tonight, .'at 7': 3 o'clock i n . tlie -hijrc5i.. , The L.adie«' Blblo Clasa will moe Thnri5dty n i g h : in (.lie social room b tho (.'hurt'li. The D'n'ug'htr -rs at R u t h Circle wil moot Tuesday, nigt at, tho home of Mr*, B. 11. Fi'iixee, -1121 Sycamore street. ilclls Class. Clilfie of tho Firs -copal Church will moe at tho home of Mrs, i, 711 Tsiibelki road. The sists of Mrs. Glgllotti, cott autl Mm. Grace . tiut nootbliXK* cafe ointment that frequently relieves \a one application-an j eetciom faiU when applied! cnca cv :ry hour for 5 hours, AD drugrs . - V t The- Fldelie Methodist Bpir- Tuesday tiighs Marie Glgliotti committee con Mi\i. Marion Htiey. l-'lrsl An all Jiy s- nesday in the Bible Clasti w In the home 532 Morrell i :·· Wilr Prizes ;ftt A«n4 \Lpweet*tter and Mra. WJlliam 'jjOwwietit/tr.-.ot' Mount Pleasant .,:.1W*.' awarded high prt*es at a jard party given Saturday nlg'ht by Mra. James E. Nearer at hor home at Beatty In honor «t her sleter, Mr». H. P, Ksrr, also of Beatty. STOP BAD BREATH Thou-i«.nds of poJj)lo affllcitod w i t h bad br'jfttih find quick relief Ihroutph Dr. Edwards O U v o Ttubleta. .The plottwant, BUSraf-oiiDttM tablets ftr taken for bdd brohth by all w!io k n o v y Dr. EHwarcVa OUvo TfliblfttB act g e n t l y b\it f i r m l y on .the bowela and llv«r, s t i m u l a t i n g ' Ihom tti natiira a c t i o n , cleurltiK tho bloorl and g-enlly p u r i f y i n g t h e ' e n t i r e »y«tom. Ttl'ey dp that which dangeroiiM calomel 3o«sa w i t h o u t Any ot tho had aft«r offertB. Ollvo Tablets brings no pfiln 6r. any dlsttgfro«vblo effects. Dr. F. M. Edwards: discovered the formula . a f t e r 20 yeara of priUftlii among patients a f f l i c t e d w i t h b o w c and liver compln.ini, with the altendan bad breath. Olive i"Bi)letfl purely a. vftgetabli oorapO'Und; you will knew ; t h e m b t h e i r ollv» dolor. Take nlarhUy for a wo«-)c an4 noli tho effect. 16c, Oc, 8tte --«A4 v «t t IH m on t. RIFLED BABY'S BANK, ACCUSATION W WIFE IN MVORCE ACTON Special to The- Courier.- UNIONTOWN, Jan. JS.r-Among- dl Vorofis granted today .,waa one to Mre Evalloa Dennis of LSlsetirtng No. :'.! who testified that the Only thing hei husband, Clayton Hov/ard , '.Den over bought hor during thai r married lite %vaa a pair ot shoB. She. left him in March, ID 28. : Money he- earned working ho took and uBacl for Humbling, 'saW Mrs. Den nls. He oven "liftod" the bitby's ban! money, aald the vr\io. Thoy .*e.T .rnar rled July 23, 1924, at UnioutiMvn. .Supreme Court Upholds Removal -Of Mayor Cauf fie Jan. 13.-- Jus-lid Alexander Simpson today Illod ar 'opinion, in Supreme Court upholding the lower court's order for tho re nioval from public office of Joseph I/ 'OU' formr mayor of Johnstown Pa. " · ' : · ' . - , /. Caufllel, convicted of- charges of lortlpn and mlscon-duct while serving la tiublic o'fflco, is serving a jail sen teiiee. ¥tfe Preservers Cut all grreena in two or three Inch sections, : Put in a heavy utensil with one-fourth cup and a dash of aalt. Cover and cook over ft low heat for 15 or ZO.mlnutfia. KvMils. svlll lie hold Wed- church. The Beroan ill moot Thursday night of Mrs. E. B. Coloman, venue, Greenwood.. The At the 1VEW COMMUNITY HALL (Formerly Miller's Hall) TON1TE ; , . ADMISSION Gents 50c; Ladies Free Discovery Deadly Exfeia«st Dr. J. C. W. Prazer, professor of chemistry at the Johns Hopki w University, who claime the d a- ^(5-i'erSi ofla'jpfpcesOo'fiUniinate t ie| .deadly" carbon thoriosdd^ gas fr m the exhatjat ol awtorapbtlfls. Garb m mbnoklda goa ia produced by n-; compiete combutition, aivd ) r. ,Prazer/8 discovery is a cherni ·«£ 'catalyst, by whicli tlte rhonoxidc is ;changed to carbon dioxidie, a hsu m- ilcas gaa. Several severe tests h: ve ·pro'ren the efficacy of hia i ia- eovery, Dr. Prsuser (Jeclures. s Longest. · Serving Pretni' ar Count Stephen Beth-Jon, Pn mier j mid virtual alwolate. dictat r of Hungary who, on April 14.o'.thiij yefir, will csiobrat« th« nint i an-' niversary of his becmnmg: Pr smier} of hin country. This ia a 1 ngar, term of office than that he d by any other Premier »oV acte ns a. Buroca. imic Air Battl B ^A GENERATION ago when Vicka VapoRub was originated, jf"\. the idea of treating colds without "dosing" was almost unheard of. Today, more and more colds are treated this modern way, and the whole trend of medical practice is away from needless "dosing,'" Mothers of young children especially appreciate Vicks, because it checks colas without risk of upsetting delicate little stomachs. Of course it is eqimlly pood for adults. Just rubbed on, Vicks acts through the skin like a poultice or plaster; and, at the same. tiir)e. it gives off medicated vapors which are inhaled direct tc- the inflamed air-passages. To keep pace wkh the ever increasing demand for this better method of treating cold.;, the famous Vick slogata has again been changed, as there are now "Over a6 Million Jars Used Yearly." 4* M I L L f i O N J A R S U S E P TE Up Another Step A. ?T. qARTWBIGHT. Former Connellsville man made vlce-prealdetit ot West Penn Power Company, ia charg.o all engineering and construction work contiectet! M'tth goneratlon, transmission and dlitrl 1 - butlon. H!g:ht Hand Amputated. Amputation of William MaTiott'a right hand at the Molcroft Hospital was necessary thle morning ·when it waa oruBhed under a motor wb.Ho he was at work to'r'tha IiKllan. Creek C6al -Coke Company. The young man, 26 years old, Is'a! son. of Mr. and 'Mrs.' Valentine 'Mariott. o£ India:\ Head! 8tabb«d Wlf«, ChnJ-g-e. "UNIONTOWN, Jan, IS.--Mrs. LlllJan Haw, 23, Is In the Union-town. Hospital Buffering with a Itnife wound In. her back «jul hor hus'aand, Jamee Haw [A in the city police elation charged with, the stahbtn£ ae the re- of a auarrel., Behind the · goggles is LSetit. Harry A- .Johnson, enjyi leering officer of the force, of 2( planes detailed to stage a 3,100-mile mimic air tattle from DC troit to Spokano, Wash., under t ab-Arctic conditions. The mask IB electrically heated. This is he sort of uniform the U. S. an jy dons when it fights in. the wini jr time. Five Persons Eat* n By Sharks Wher Boat Overturns in Squall 13}- U n i t e d Press PORT JyOUIS,. Maurlotltw , Jfen. "18.-- 'Ji'iTo pel-Bonn w'Tro ) s-liairkB today wh-cii a ' s q i i a H overt''niied their niolorbout l.wo .miles off sli- -re In 'Pam- orfiiB Bay whero Miey wen fishing tor sharks. The six" in f h o boitt.s n. tempted' to swim ashore 'hut o n l y om ·n^a(Jo M. of General Ra!fjft« Berolt, MONTEVI0ISO,,Uruguay, J-aii. 13^-- Unconflnnod reports received hero la-st night »aki Nepomuceno Sanivia, fion oC th« lat« -General Aparicio Saravia, leader of the Nationalist party, had. proclaimed a r-ovoluUon in Ilia Rlvara province. Doctors know, that- this modern sciehtifi laxative works efficiently in smaller doges because yoki chew it. Safe and mild for old a ad young. FOR CONSTIPATION Unsafe for Huabands Ono husband declares In the Amr- tean Magazine that the most malign Invention of tho modern day Is the one which has mnde the world unsafe for husbands, the Invention being re- tnll credit. "Don't Throw 65c 35c 70c : 80c Save More Thau Hull' On Your CLEANING Small Overhead .Kxposise. No Trucks. JS'o Brhors Man's BUit, cleaned and presBod Man's pants, cloaned and pressed Man's topcoat, cleaned and pressed Man's overcoat, cleaned and pressed Man's hat, cleaned and blocked . Children's coats and dresses ( p l a i n ) Lady's dreaaes, cleauod and | pressed, ( p l a i n ) Lady's coats, cleaned and pressed (plain)...... Lady's fell hat, clowned and blocked Ladles' coats w i t h fur collar Positively Gimrnntce Every Job 50c ,od and 85c 85c 35c $1.25 151 W. Crawford Are., Kast Sldo Conncllsrtlle, Pn. SOIS80N BUBLDr^fl : Tailors Over 40 Years. Diet and Health BY IUU1 HUNT PtTtRS M.D,AUTHOnOf DIET AND HeALTH*AMD%ET FOR CHILDREN* Supposa Nobody Oared! "|yiY D10AR DOCTOR; Tou never iVl heard of me and ara just as happy. I n«ver beard ot you and ' waa happy, too, until my wife (rot bold of your book. Diet and Health, with K«y to th» Calorics. 1'ho taking: ot nouHsh- 1 mane on my part sine» then bas r e j - u l a r l y Involved a battle. Now, 1 oak you, whr.t dki I over dd J3 you? But you did a lot to mo. H o w e v e r , t h ·) trouble Is dying d o w n . Threa ot tbo po«t m c « t r o c e n t yeera havo been . · · dlevary conflicts, Lulu Hunt bul . j hold my Peters. M. a p o u n d Hire, and she has gained! She claims B ft 6 In. in height, and I claim 5 ft 4% in,, although when meaadrod In suooessiori ,011 a regular measuring 1 device, I proved to bo ono- fourth Inch tailor. how queer mathematics can bo. But uho ear- rlea her 160 (clothed) baautlfully, and her relatives and frlondn say she looks muoh better. I also carrr my SOS (nnclothed) wall. ". am 46 (nchos in the chest, 38 waist, 18 bleeps, 24 thigh (what dp you -aro?), no you see wolfi-ht Isn't necesjarily obcwilty. "MR. B." Wfint do I caroT A lot, Mr. E.I Anyone BO cheerful an you are should be preserved, and with a Trolght of 205 stripped, and a height of 6 ft. 4% Jn., you ar« oarryijie around con- nJdcurabls excess fat, uid excesa fat IB a menace to healtt and life. According to the rule of allowing 110 pounds for 5 ft In height (in stock- Ing foot), and 5% pounds'for each. Inch over, you should be aroijnij 185 pcKUida. AltoilMna; 6 to 10 per cent over this, for tho heaviness of bonea and musculature--we'll grivo you 10 per cent--you oould weigh, around 160. That mokes 85 pounds too much of you. I note that your vrnlat measure Is considerably lens than tho chest, which, is as it should bo In a man, BO evidently you haven't tha exceed fat. in the spot mrhera man usually storeu It But you have It tucked away somewhere. Surely a measurement of 46 inches chest and 81 Inches thigh, with your height, moot Includo some fatty padding?--tt couldn't be all muaclo. Your wife la also overweight SOB both had butter tak« tbo little bo* a little more nerJonsly. Musclo tinBue does weigh mom than" fat tissue, equal steed amotmtp bninc considered. So a. mojacular P8«V son could look smallar than a ffltt person and havo tho sarno welgphi. That also accounts for the fact tliat tncrooflinpr the ezer^ao may WtXitft moaauremontB, while tho' votgfat MU mains stationary. Another point I'll epoak oft ng whether a porson appears fat or QDt« Is the distribution of ffet. Wboro K Is evenly dfstributed. tbo peraoo. doesn't look so much overweight aa ho would if It wor* unevenly MB- trlbuted. And It also fretmcntly happens inat a person of normal weight will look fat bocanao of ttrts unequal distribution. Hjcerclae ie the anEnvor to who have an unequal E.Hhoug-h tho Inheritance of cartatjj. typcE) of forma does eoetn to ba A factor. Wa imv« InstiT.ottonB atmttar to those la my book, !n conaenaod fona, for thoae who need instructions oa how to reduce or gain. Obs«rvo tho colutnu rides, and 'twill come. * ' « * Mrs. T.: Your question on the dlot In kidney Inflamnjatlon are answered in our pamphlet oa Kidney and Bladder Disorders. See column rule* for obtaining this. ^V'^^ v X^V!v Open Monday, Wed Hes- day and 109 North Pittsburj? Streot iose Who Adverti«* ^ The · CourMt'i

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