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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 21, 1964
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- t it- V'.' 1 - - 1; ' ; - li The Ottawa Farm Jour The Back Forty Acres Renfrew County farmers, -whose hy ind pasture crop were hard hit by dry July weather, should get in touch with the agricultural representative! office at 289 Raglan Street South, Renfrew, if they with to take advantage of the federal-provincial agreement to pay transportation assistance on hay. Agriculture Minister Stewart announced this week that the federal government had agreed to an Ontario plan to pay 73 per cent of the total hay transportation cost up to a maxi mum of $10 per ton for hay purchased after July I, 1964. The cost will be shared equally with Ottawa. How this plan works can be seev from figures provided by T. Q. Dench, Renfrew County agricultural representative, for hay bought in Timlskaming, Prices Generally Mixed For Montreal Livestock MONTREAL (CP) - Prices on the Montreal livestock markets were generally .mixed this week. Trading was moderately active under a fairly good demand. ' Cattle prices were steady to $1 lower. Calves were steady to '. $1 higher. Hogs and sows were steady. Sheep and lambs were , h' Receipts: 2.10$ cattle. I.ITt - j ' calves, 442 bogs, 407 sheep and lambs. "ti Ceed steers 22-23.3S. medium $"' 18-21.S5. common 13.U-I9.U. Geed heifers 29.7 II. 'v medium 18-11.50, common 11-f ' ;17.7S. I Geed cm .15.54 - 17.2S. ' . y'5 medium 14-15.75. common 12.90-1J.75, csnners and cutters S- :T: 12.9s. - :V :,. Geed bulls 17.90-19. common and medium 11.25-17.50. : 1 Geed voalera, few to 39. medium 19-24, common IS-' 29.59. grassers and drinkers II- - l M. ' - - ' f " ' Grade A nag 27-21 plus M; sows 17.59-11. - . Geed bunbs 21-25, few for 'Toronto Livestock Trade " Slow With Prices Steady? TORONTO (CP) Trading was slow with prices steady to the week's decline on heavy receipts of unfinished slaughter cattle at the Ontario public stockyards Thursday. Veal calf prices were steady.' Hog prices. were higher-and . sheep and lamb prices were Shwgbtsr cattle 2.179: Choice steers 24-24.59 with odd tops to 25.40; good 22-21; medium 19-21; common 19-19; choice heifers 21.59-22.50; good 19.59-21; medium 17.50-19; common 14-17; choice fed yearlings 22-24 with sales to 24.50; good 20-21.50; good cows 15.50-19 with odd tales to 19.50; medium 14-15; canners and cutters 19-11.59; good heavy bologna bulls 19-19; common and medium 15-17.59. Replace asset cattle 409: Good light stockers 21.59-23; medium and common 19-21. ' ' Calves M: Choice vealers 29-29 wih odd tops to 19.59: good Z3-Z3; medium 29-25; medium 29-22; common 19-20; boners 12- 17. Hogs 1197: Grade A at To- 90t U6U PUBLIC NOTICE STREET CLOSING SMIet is hereby lv Corporation of In City knumda to stopup and Uvea that The of Ottawa deprlv of Ma cnaraeur u a pubIM hlahwr AU, AND SINGULA J LA ft I I of llni i R that cartain pan! or of lane pramlaaa aituata, Utlna and aim In In Townanip of oioueoawr. ilo of Oil tha County of Cartaton, and Prav- tnee of Ontario, and now within tha llmtta of tha City of Ottawa: and UMNO COMPOSED Of a part w in orismai roao anowane oa-IwHtl Lota IS and II Juaetlon Oora. a a mid Township csiouoaatar Tromblajr aoadi, th aaid part Ul ma airawaacv Dill II dnertbod aa fottowa-. COMMENCING at e point fc tha nortlxrlr boundary of ttti aald road alkrw-anoa, the aald point bolns dlatant Ishty-alx and ainty-ona on hun-drodtht foot (SS.SI'l waatarly. moaauroi along th northarly boundary at tha said road allow ance from tn waaiariy oounaar of St. LiuiMt SnkwS: THENC a 04" lO'SCW.. along th north- ry of th Mrid road ai- ' r towanoa a diatanoa ot tiiroa hun- L" drad and flfty-thra and Ihlrty- -.. ant Ono-hundrad fbat (SUST'I ' to a sUndard Iron bar. THENCt i 9. Te Moo t, a dlatanea ot two hundrod foot and tan an hun - : dradth taat (SOO.IS'I to th aoutharly koundary of th said road allowance: thence n alona I boundary of tha aald road aliow- anco. a OMtanca- or on nonorao and lffhty-lhr and nlntn ono-hundradlh feat (lSI.lri: THENCE N- tl tt'9"W., a diatano af M-ty-l(ht and aiatjon ona-hitn-dradth tt isssp to s standard tron bar plantad at th point of caanrnenaamant of thla doacflptlon. Th' Board of Control . haa s CammUtoa of Crty Counctt. ohall haar In soraon r W ku counaal. aoltcttor a aaanl any paraan who elaitna that nia una wtii n prat-ndielany affariad by b bylaw and who appUas S ba kaar. ' Born anolleMlona to ba a a- mlttad to tha underatgnad en or naror uia lata oay oi oapiaawaT. las. DATED at Ottawa this list Say of Auguet. last t. a. t. ixmtxrx. , Dopwtv City Ckwk. ' i I I By R. U. Mihaffy Cmmmrnt, critical and thermit an Ik farm tmd atricnltural tcn. Northern Ontario, where the yield was about double that in Renfrew. The special freight rate est hay via the Ontario Northland ami the CNR from Us Park, .Earhaa er New Lie-keard Tlmtakamlni la Pesa-brake, Forester Falls er Renfrew Is SS.W per tea. It h estimated truck haulage at each tmd would its frem tz to tUt per tea. Of the total of S 13.60 per ton, $10.20 would be paid under .the federal provincial agreement. That means the farmer would have to ' pay $3.40 or $3.15 if the lower truck haul rate were charged. NEED INVOICE Mr. Dench says the original invoice must be forwarded to his office, as weH as the in voice for the transportation of the hay to the farm. ritual slaughter 21-24.59; sheep . . Eggs: Wholesale prices to country -stations fibre cases: medium .49; small .21; B XI; C .23; wooden cases: one cent higher. . ' . Batten Current receipts aon- tenderable 91 score ten- derable 51; 92 score tenderaUe Cheeses Delivered Montreal waxed current receipts, whole sale Quebec white 39; colored Skim milk pewden Spray pro cess No. I la bags 12-lltt; rol ler process No. 1 In bags 12- 11; feed 11-12; butter milk powder feed SVi-B. Potatoes: Wholesale selling price. Que. new 59s 1.10-1.20; NB 75s 1.75-1.95; NB new 50s I.1S-I.45; NB new Ms J5-.37; PEI 7Ss 1.75-4.99. fault ryt . There was a fairly good demand for broilers, hut supplies were ample and prices were lowered. Lighter receipts of heavy chickens sold well at firms prices, while fowl and broiler turkeys remained quiet. ronto 29.75-20 SO dosing at 29.50: heavy sows 29-29.95; sugs 19.59 on a dressed weight basis. Sheen and lambs 475: Good lambs 21 per hundredweight; common and medium 19-29: sheep 1-19. Butter Eggs Churning cream and butter print prices were unchanged. ' - Butter prices: Agricultural Stabilization Board tenderable carlots: buying 40 score S3; buying 39 score 52; selling S3. Fruit Vegetables Trading wag draggy on the wholesale fruit and vegetable market Field tomatoes were offered in quantity and prices were barely steady. Apples, canta loupes, plums and peaches were steady. Good quality broccoli, corn. egg plant and sweet red pep- pert were in demand and prices wet higher. The light supply of head lettuce and cauliflower were steady. - Heavy supplies of local grown bushel new potatoes were offered at prices held steady for today's trading. Apples, early Mcintosh bu. 3 85-4. transparent bu. 2.50-3, red astrachet bu. 2.50-3. metba bu. 3-350, duchess C bu. 1.75- TREATMENT AVAILABLE TORONTO (CP) A decompression chamber to treat divert or tunnel workers who get the bends went into operation Thursday at Toronto General Hospital. It it the only one in Ontario. Previously, patients were rushed to Buffalo, where tha' nearest' chamber was ' located. .: ' ' - - - . .Where dealers have already sold hay -to farmer, and the amount of transportation was not shown, theapplicant should obtain an. invoke from the dealer showing the freight or trucking for the total amount of hay purchased. This would include the freight and thai trucking to the farm if botirT charges . were mad by the dealer. ' - . Mr. Stewart alto announced that the Ontario Government will pay freight assistance to individual fanners equal to' one-half the cost of freight to The move is expected to move feeder cattle Irom uk p. tlRIC Mon lhe drought areas to the Toronto Dairy Farmers annual meet-skyardsjoJAug I to , posaihry by the first of Oct 31. . . - . I kl .. w nrtwa ml Tk. r.. Upon application being madeJdill) y FooA Sarvice Bur- the; Ontario Government will! y"L'. .. i7 ri mnj sfumw cdiii'tT , map in cases where losses have oc curred from drought As a further aid, Mr. Stewart said the Ontario government would extend a hank guarantee for purchase af hay and grab) by these fane, era wha have suffered daaa- age from draught r army worm Infestation. Aug. I crop condition report of the Ontario Department of Agriculture showed the Ren frew County Fall wheat crop was estimated at 93 per cent or normal; oats at 89 per cent oT normal; barley, 89 per cent: hay and pastures, 80 per cent: potatoes, 70 per cent and fod der com at 73 per cant of nor mal. For example, the Renfrew nay crop was forecast at one Yet Anothei r) MONtREAL (CPi - Wbera-ever he may be the missing Hal C. Banks has yet another legal tangle to contemplate tv day. .', ' The deposed president of the Seafarers' International Union of Canada (lnd.) now- has been charged with being "unlawfully at large" and a second bench warrant hat been Issued tor hit arrest The complaint filed by the Crowd' Thursday, would make him liable to at much as two years m prison. It results from hit non-ap pearance at a bearing earlier thia week on a charge that he end IJ ether sua conspired incite teamen to sbandon tbetr ships.- v- .--.( ".: The burly ex-boss had de posited 11.000 hall hut for a month his exact whereabouts have been. a mystery. ,- Some observer! have apeca- lated he may be In the United States and the Canadian govern ment hat asked the U.S. Fed- eat Bureau of Investigation lor Information about hit possible movements there. But Justice Minister Cuy Fsv reau told the Commons Thurs day his department hat received na report from the FBI. North' Dundas HS Has Three Ontario Scholars CHESTER V1LLE (Special) Three students of North Dundas District High School have won the title of "Ontario Scholar. They are Janice E. McMenotay. Thomas R. Vllhansen, and Ron ald E. Warner. They are the first Ontario Scholars fn this high school dis trict Each will receive a award and an Ontario Schotar diploma for obtaining aa aver age of 99 par cent or more in eight subjects.' . . - STILL SERIOUS ' ROME (Reuters) Italia Communist Leader Palmira To-gliatli who suffered brain hemorrhage eight days ago is still la serious condition. Communist 'party headquarters here announced Friday. ToglmtH aav derwent . a brain operation Thursday and there were no complications, a medical bulletin said, v 1 I I I IT TO MOITI ITTBETUI W Blek a to the I I REIITAL FUItlllTORE We rent thsaterfhld sultaa; bedroom suites; diaint room so Has; foidlnf chairs; tatnts; tolevisions; refrlgeaa-tors; cribs; office fwrakure; eosnplet housshtld fwrsnsh- torts I taaa. IT TO DAT IT TSt vni ' W eWtvar We supply egsanitt service I a ratal plan way ha aanvirSat to parrbaas plan. a aaa raatal of aaw tonHnra, If go to a Bank swam atote as tst naoa, post liaimi, m-lt rt Ow rantal at Wada tn rarnttnra. talapkan or go to one Marray Smat Mara at 111 ararray,ol Dalka)a. ass-Sltt. i joii!iso:rs FUnillTUnE LTD. , I .' : ' hn r9rkktt1 Ml ftm - ;.' ; jj THE OTTAWA JOURNAL nal Page ton to the acre, against three tons to the acre for Carieton County. Moving to Ottawa Office of the dairy Farmers of Canada will soon move- to Ottawa as the- remit of a dec- of the hoard of directors at their trssl saaaial aneelini held a Part Arthur. The offiee has been kt Toronto since the organisation was established in imj. i and the test kitchen, at 147 !lt Rond. Tor-mo.. wiM not 'he affected. w w Marking Centennial To mark the centennial of the cheese industry in Ontario, the Ontario Department of Agricui- a has set as aa exhibit of old - time cheese mskina equip- 9 in the htcEJmy Building at Central Canada Exbihhioat . The 99th lam I fair of, South jnantageac Axricnltnral Society is hetag held at Rica- vilie. September 11 and IX . CsnaUsa exptta af heal to the U-S. to 'August' 8. this' year. showed a jump. of n per cent over the same period a year ago at 9J93.M9 poaatds. A VS. biH. aiased ktrgely at Australian beef imports by U per cent. Fined $200 i. - ..- 4 S, - y .:.V,w - for Duping Policeman PEMBROKE (Staff) Oskar Munk. 42. af Easnrula pleaded guilty Thwrsday when charged with public mischter Fining him $209 er two nwnths in Jail, htajntrata S. C Ptatus totd aha he was Habie to a ftve- Lab Lafmare. Pembroke lawy- inr Mwnk. .said be Evidence was that OPP Con stable Jack Vrrth days hraastigaaag Hunk's re port that hi damaged by scene at the accident. Munk finally adsattted that he ad nan lata a rand ban is i and hi torn -werried about the 300 Entries In Maxville Flower Show MAXVILLE (Special-Absut 99 entries war ezhakated at Maxville Horliciihuial Society's flower show here and deligwl efficiahv Mrs. Angus htacRae chalked up the Ughest sweater of points for a new tsmibMar. other top prize sesiii war Mrs. Duncan Christie, tar. D. C Msawa, Mrs. I MaclUIHcaa. Mrs. R. Metcarfc. and Mrs. R. MacRae. Other" print sanies tact MlaV Co HOOplaa ItMtTes ant1 Mrs. J. .LgMkV -"Bck ntoau; Mrs. H SMith. witwtltvw bom, and A. J. WUkev hnskots. - SCHOOL ADDITION MAXVILLE (Special) St Separate School let the contract for and to J. A. Saw Cnawrarthm. Cornwall Work at now as RUSCO 2S1, 19 COLOURS cro - J:sef, llli.Ww L " ' I tSif lit lUFFEXIN ; TattLna 2 HI 643c RIDE RELAXED RIDE REFRESHED CO O.T.C. ENJOY THE BEST i mi f'-Us :,S.,n MARGARET FLETCHER Wins Ontario Scholarships CAMP PETAW A WA (Special) j a pretty 18 year - old student ho has her sighu set on a career In science has been named as the first graduate of General Paaet High School here to receive an Ontario Scholar ship. The .award is valued at Margaret Fletcher, of 14$ Moreuil Wood Boulevard, Camp Petawawa. is using the prize to continue her studies in tech nology. - She starts an 11-month' laboratory course at the Ottawa ClvW Hospital m the Fall. A native of Ottawa, she is the daughter of Major and Mrs. J. W. Fletcher of Camp Petawawa. Alexandria Police Chief Resigns ALEXANDRIA (Special) Folic Chief Fern Segutn hat resigned from the police department here effective Aug. 31. The chief hat accepted a pott in Preacott with the Ontario Department of Transport at an Inspector. Hit resignation was submitted at a police commission meeting Wednesday. He hat been chief here for a most five years. V The commission will call for applications for tha now open chiefs Job. -;' . .... Auto Workers Threaten Strike At Massena CORNWALL (Special) A strike which could tie up pro- tioo. at General Motors Chevrolet Foundry in nearby ssena. NY. seems likely If u and national issues are not resotved by August 31. Workers at the plant, mem bers of local 465 United Auto Workers, voted 559 to 51 In favor of strike action this week. Plant officials said a number of Cornwall area persons are employed at the plant PLEDGES SUPPORT ' JAKARTA (Reuters) Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the Cambo dian need of state, left here by air Friday after a week's state visit with a promise that his country would always give In- tupport when it was N sunk Street 239-9597 tToaa nocati iy to ritaan 0 am. to 4 Jn. Saaaraay, t sjs. to 1 in. TTTTTT in 1 Mam St, ISI Soarks St at OTowaor J. D. Sanderson Cowipaay limited : : ROOFINC 5 ROOF REPAIRS -SHEET METAL WORK , 417 CATHERINE ST. ; '' CES-9M9 . I XJpHcal Oar eaalltad prsaarlptlsn rv- Oar aye esaafsrt and Us Oar Easy Credit Plan jack scoiv JEWELLERS 112 Sparks SI, Ottdwa 4t ChaaaVrra tt, SwJOW rails ' hast salted apnaar- 7 Fund Drive At Cornwall College CORNWALL (Special) "A fund raising drive for 9 minimum of $150,000 has been started by Cornwall College. Rev. Henri Legault, superior of the college, said money rais ed will w be used i to reduce a construction debt, totalling II,- 709,900, and for expansion and improvement,, of education a I services for the students and community. . The campaign will be conduct ed .among parents, friends of alumni and Interested residents of the community and neighbor ing areas served by the school, Cornwall College was organ ized in 1049 and from a humble beginning of 14 students and three priests, it was grown into a modern Institution staffed by 24 priests' and four lay teachers with a student enrolment , of mora than 350. .-'! It ts affiliated with the University of Ottawa which confers degrees earned by students at Cornwall College. V - ,t - . Journal Want, quick results. - Ads bring fin CLI-inX DAV - Saturday,: August 22 Save on BACK-TO-SCHOOL FOOTWEAR CHILDREN'S AKD TtKS' SKCES ; CHILDREN'S SHOES Durable vulcanized tola with smooth leather uppers. , A choice of Laced Oxfords, Two strap or Dressy Pstem Pump. Size 8H to 3 , . . Get set for Baek-to-SchooL rt- Reg. IM. Sale Pair TEEliS' FLAT 7aM. v 'tis A good choice of styles and colours in sizes S to 9 In the group.' - Reg. 4J9. EATON'S Sal Mayors Get Adjournments ,;TJRACBRIDGE. Ont. (CP- The cases against former mayor Wanda Miller of Graven-hurst and former mayor Glen Coatea of Bracehridge, charged connection with share oeai- inn with Northern Ontario Nat ural Gas Company Limited. were' adjourned when the two appeared m .court Thursday, Magistrate Thomas Readman of Bracebridge, who refused to hear, the cases a week ago be cause the two former-insyors are long-time . friends of his, continued the adjournment until Oct. 5 for Mr. Coates and Oct. 14 for Mrs. Miller Special Magistrate A. J Marts of Hamilton, who Is to bear the cases, was In the court room but did not take the beach. . .. ! v Eal at Honti tha Easy Way NO HOT STOVE - NO COOKING . ' This Mknd tnyoy CMUwa's tnwfS Chin takeout food In yur own horn. Just phon SM-T70S utt your ordar wUI ! wkaa jrou call tor It. Wi "22B Albert Street at Bank 2SJ-7798 . I HEEL CASUALS pair ' 5 M PRICE BURLAP DRAPES 38" z 54-Reg. S.95 : Sale, Pair' 7r xM" Re'. 1J.95 Sale, Pair- 95 A -e hole e of Brown, Mush-; room, . R d, ' Orange, Green or ' Parchment colour. ' , .Telephone and Mall . Orders Accepted:. Phone 341 or 23S-7561 - . There are 12 Order Clerks to assist, you. 3-" t -1 -. ' t ; . v d : 5 j 1 t i I j l III) - ii II- J OFEII T0:;iGIIT UIITIL 9 PJ.1. TODAT. AUGUST 21. 1964 , LONG HIGHWAY 1 uriu wlfV I WU kik Cisco, is 1-1M miles long. FOR DEAFNESS mo eTTos" no truss WrlU far rail S Un km Ulaf. Canadian Vibraphone Co. at. oiawSM m. w, PAST SERVICE ON FILM DEVELOPMEN1 . K0DAC0L0R " . 24 Hours '- . -,- BLACK WHITE Same Day Service PHOTOGRAPHIC STORES LTD. SO tserk StS SUckaMae IS Mala SU. O B. XL onipc lif t ItlWb CARPET RUBERS - Ends and .samples of Wool Acrilan and pro-pylon in assorted cot-iturs. 27" wide and up to 94" long. Rag. SJ9. EATON'S Sale Price, each Handy Foam Rubber SLABS Ideal for th do-lt-your-."self UphoUterer. v 13" x 15" x r Sale, each 06 15- x 4v'x r ' !Ssle,eac9i..,?l56 l : 21" X 72" x 1H,4-96 .21" X 72" x'2"VC; ' Hoop ' ciinins Natural rattan peel-col-' our with sturdy steel base, rubber Upt on feet 27" or 3" In diameter. tf,: o on .4.05 VT. EATON CU . . eHCM treest -. SnU Annual . - a. r " - v.

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