The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 19, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. DAILY COTJRIBR CONNELtSVILLE PA TUESDAY MARCH 19, 1918. t r . if 8- ¥* I TURN HAIR DARK WITH SAGE TEA VOt TAUJOMTJIT. "ARGEEMBNT"j -- A five part fit- tle production In wiucfa. J. Bu-ae? If Xfcuti WJth Salphw It DiKfceu Se Naturally Joboty Can XeU. t* seen.» »»·£««.' »te. fa betas jrewnted today Ho* Jota Ooibi»rz. lUSh minded lawyer, dedans that ·vreaitb. and influence co»M free * mart at urirdar on the ground* at rasantty 1 liow he tails las coa^malftA mta th« Terr T*g*t of tte deektrattea, COTJ- fesces xad~is rek*£*i, -term*, one ot the most grip!fag'inl powerful pSoto- Ittfe, w«t»rin* and th« «~in thte'pict«r*r ft to' a" tremendous, story of the emotions and irtti make a mark-OB the-mta* of nrlllioos. AndeQe HlgstUy a- -well known actress ot tbe lerltimate *t«#e, makes "Ml Initial bow-before Trmnsle- tans. "Argmneets", a strictly modern story "By J** CmnrtngMm, bawd on a lawyer's coarse that the law too often ntfacctrncB in nntrdfiT esses. .Miss ol a swat ddncult '.role. A comedy is luetoded In H» program. Tomorrow Violet Meraereaa will be ", a fire seen tat "Morgan's Ba»»' ^»rt BtaafcrM attraction. Carafe Blaefcb will lie featared m "ffls Boyat aem* a "World attraction ta. f»» nets. ITHay aad Sataraay MM Jtai* and and the mossy mbdg at home, Tteradajs IA11 drm» stores sell the ready-to-TM* prodoct. fmpnoy-ad toy th« addition of otter ingredients, called Tom Meo*e will Cfn*r«Ua:iS»V-~ staxrad "The SOISSOK "laTMJB M3S JJOBODf the o*erin$ giTBn by tbe Jack Ball Stock company Mooday_msane'; and That eeay »'«»rav toe SoiaMn, a« «Ued to-Vanwitr wttfc a large and ' iianc«"~ Mine Virgmia PcxMll im.:«ie-lWl» raa* won her aud- ieane. froa» -the start.- The mother in Qu» k*glittml IttOe TMOMOO WM in the oavaSe hioa»-of M** Bra Sar- gwt "AD «e,arotid-to»«»~a-lo»er,'' aad B»I a Kayo. Atod^ttie bin to perfection. Too jnuch^cre*. cannot be (fn»TOaOabaiamiCfor JIB meet teWwd dtcactkn of thls's^JeuSW o(- ferJnj. ~ The scenery and draperies wem btaatjCnl Softening with tbonday SMrtinee, to* popdv mana- »tr and actor. Jack Ball, win offer ike pairoM o( the Soawoa the play extzaordbavry, "Mam'zeDe." The seamy and effects will alone be worth the price ol admanon. T4am- ttDf" -tt a uiaaital comedy and er«ry- ·ody laoehn. If the patrons want to aee a real teagh producer with plenty of stDCic, *TM^^g and they ham a treat enniiig THE OVPSStSM. reel Triangte drama teatonns las Tnirtaads will te shown, today ajaocl comeSy -will al*o be abown. To- morreflr, "Wttllam ?oi pnaeota June CSqpdee in "The Heart ot Romance.' Thursday JiaramrtU Plaeber appears is tlxr.Mntual dnma, -Jiltad Janet Janet vtas lulted by a young man vho kept Ms eye on the main* chance and went tn score 1 ! of. a irtUhtar girl when. h« fotmd that Janets fortune kad^beeo lost. .Honr th« yooag lady Inraied bet misbbor's palatial man- ahn^dtmne hn afcooDca entertained bar Mcmer beau and his tente and discovered that tbe Sntler who had beea abettlai her waa really the o«ber otfl REASONS YOU SHOULD -M VTWHUNBOOD, OORY OF THE NATION" »'» Soul , Baiag ~£m*mttA at Jo. ' cafe Taday a*d TamOTTaw. for the soeeeaa of i J- S Blaeklcm's sool-ctir- laK drama, "Womanhood, the dory ·f a nation,* tmr**^c Alice Joyce and Baray Moray with an all-star Vll- agcajb cast which, is aboim at the .tecade theater today tomorrow and Wi*a«rl«T. are. New York is shown luaaliiil Steoi * the sth Theodore TtntiamnltViniatCT a. rotismg patriotic ifizbnaKrniM are shown "terpeotoes umtcr water TJre eapttol at _^8*»taaetoo. is the back- Cromd for a scece- containing thons- ct ^eofte. Two high blooded gallants fight a duel with Svrr yards and T mmittions laetorles are seen in bill bloat. Zep-" pelin» are witnessed: maneuvering in -: actton. A new ftrrcntioo; the "aenal tnrpedo,"' la demonitrated. A clever : axr»t wireten; talephooe is employed' to seoci diapartcaes from- a~ Ctrl i tbe_enomy_headguarters to the .; Anterlcaa lin«*_Tbe Itgmdary^Colum- ;: bia is lro»gfatjo Me with an mymci- ·; bia urord; and chjeld. A pacntet^neet- :. lac turns 3nto a riot that is anything ;: but pacific. A nnatan militaristic machine slays his own son to enforce » discipline-and to gam. tlm« for a bat" tle"_A Cl-nl War battlefield strewn i wijo-Qefo dead is transformed into / terrain- jieopied with restored armies. ;· A heroine of the notion is lddnap(«d ·: it an aeroplane by foreign agents. A ' irhole-navy Is- dcwtroyed-m a sea?-wlF burning oil« The sUe roonr-of a battleship is seen engulfed as the vcssei founders Gag attacks as conducted on. the batterfield are reproduced with fidelity to actual ondltioiis. President Wilsoa is prasentod delivenag an oration to a victorious nation. Corn for Breakfast -and-there's no form equal to The old-time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulptifr tor darkening gray. streaked and ?ad*d hair is gland- mother's recipe and Jolks are a;;ara ng it to *eep their a good- even color, winch is (quite sensible, as we are living in an age wnen a youthful appearance is r o£ the greatest advantage _ " Nowaday*, thonyb, we dont haTe the trouilfsome Uait-o! ^tbering tJie Sage and Soipbur Compound." R is \ ery popular "because noted? can dn- corer it has been avpUed. Sfeaply moisten your coo* or a soft brush with it «ZK» draw thta thmcii yomr bair, taking one «tnaU strand at a time, by mooting Hie grey bair dls- appears, bat what defcghts the ladles with 'WyetKs Sage and Sulphur co poond, is that, besides a the 'hair after a Cew 'applications, it afeo produces that soft lus- tre and apeparence of abundance which Is » attractrre Thi» re**- tre and appearance ot abundance let rejimitc for those irte) desire a more yoothtel appeantnce. It is not intended- for tbe cure, xnrtrgatxm or prereation of diseaae.--Adr BO ARDS RECEIVE , INSTRUCTIONS AS TO NEXT DRAFT Xea TOU be Xxawn in at laterraJs So as Sot to Datt iBdutry. The local draft boards of this city ha-re received letters from, the War" Department concerning Uie second draft, on which no date has yet been set The letters state that the will not be drawn m largo numbers but will be carefully chosett and taken in small groups just as they are need, and «*» that the cultivation 6*f the farms of the* country and the essential indnstrtes will not be impaired by the lack of necessary stalled labor. There has been much said concerning the""»econd draft which is only romor according to the letter One thing- certain , at says, that the men in Class 1-A will be the first to go and tbey will be called in their order drawn. Tne men. employed in agricultural pursuits, however, will te given deferred classification and placed at the bottom of the Ust The deferred chrasiflcataon to men engaged in farming is really the granting of a fnrlough prior to entering actnal service, says the letter There is also a need for mechanics in the army bnt these are betas drawn slowly and with care so as not to hamper the industries where they are employed By the first ot April it m expected that 10 000 men in civil lite who are in the draft age will be called for by tMfe government and will be sent to institutions to nnde^go two months* intensiYe study to become well enough acquainted with th? work in which they are needed to be of service to the government, allowing the factories to retain their skilled forces. BACKACHE KILLS Uorrt roaice the fatal mistake of nc- elocting what may t**m to be a simple little to»ckache ' There Isn t any soch tiioe Jt may be the first ·wa itttr that your kidneys *rc not working property, and throw lay off the poisrons as they* should If'this is the case after cause of that backache and do It quacfciy or you nwiy flnd youraelC In tie grvp o-C aJi inciirabte disease GO3LjI ^CEDAIiJHaarlem Oil Capsules ·will g1»"« aiWKKSt 1 owned late relief from IcMn«r and bladder troubles -which may be the unanspected cause of gen erzl ill he*Uh. GOLD MKDAX, Harr Mm Oil Capsmles are imported direct from the labors'tories !n Holland The ai c prepa.r*d-T-tn-corr*ct f|uantity and corrvenient form, tq ta,ke and are posi- tlveiy Ruaran-tced to^?i\e prompt rc- Itef or your money T%:1H be refunded Get them at any drag* store but bo sore to Insist on the- GOLD MEDAL brand and talte DO thcr In boxes, three sizes--Adv Dawson. myer, JTarch 19-- OarJttm. N-ew- an employe of the P £ L. B at Dicker^in Run met with a painful accufent while at his work' Sundaj morning He is one of the air men and while working on some cars he .had his hnger crashed. -Harry C McGill of Moncssen spent Sunday 'with. Is brother, Clarence, North Damson A St. Patrick's dance is to be given tonight in thp Cochran banquet hall fon the benefit of the T "M C A at Camp Lee Come out and enjoy the evening and help the good cause iMiss Asnes Mclntyre of Leisennng spent Sundaj at the home of Itfr and ilrs Thomas A. "Sfclntyre -Mr and Mrs Charles Hansel of Un- tontown spent Snno»j- at the home ot the 1? t T ; parents "Mr and Mrs Frank Mong. "Uio V. u^ Attanson of Connells- lille Miss Eh2abeth Mae Brown Haxry Carpenter and children^of Con- oellsville' attended the musicale Saturday for the benefit of the Red CJoss. Miss Lena. Bbeinart »as a Dunbar «sitor Mondaj J- i?atrom:o those who advertise. X * ExdusivtMilliiieryfor Easter Introducing This is a. season of Waists so Dame Fashion tells us Our Dresses m sizes from 2 to 19 years are wonderfhl values, fceautaful styles and very moderately priced So ·we have prepared for a large -waist season and our stock is bubbling over with waists They are dresses for every occasion Some for play dresses, some school dresses, some Sunday dresses, and Confirmation dresses. We are sho-snng ever} new idea Known to the waist designers this season The prices of these dresses range from ?LOO to $18 00. Buy That Ea*t«r Suit at Dunn's We add to our list of customers each season many people who have learned that our Suits have the distin- . g"uisning characteristics of liigh class designing and handling in the tailoring. The variety and number of suits we now offer daily is much larger than, the maximum carried last year, because this is a suit season and because Easter is early and because many more people are buying here Our suit prices range from $22 50 to $7500 Visit the suit section tomorrow The waist section should receive a ·* isit from every -woman who -would know what is no%\ correct and smart Style Features of the Ngw Street Dresses The name of the spring stocks is Dl- "SERSm but these ne\ ertheless, well denned ideas -which are the basis of the stjles and which all good desjgneis build on. Frocks are of all fabric 01 fabric and satin, silk or foulard, i i combination Our dress prices range fiom $12 50 to $65 00 Many new arrivals are read for vour inspection TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE' 129 to 133 N PlTTSBl/RG Stj CONNELLSVILLE! PA. Try Making Your Own Cough Remedy Dickerson Run. If TOU combined the cuTitive properties of every known "rwidy mado" tough rcmedj, you would hardly have in tbtn all tho «urntne p«ver tlrafc li^s m thm Binrplo "home maae' con^h syrup which takes only a few mmutus to prepare Get from anv dniffinst 2% ounces of P ncx (GO cents worth), pour it into a pint bottle and. fill the Dottle -with plain granulated aupor s^rup The iotal coat ia about 65 cents and prves you a full pint of really better cough syrup thira you, could wrr ready mode for $2 0. Tastca pleasant and never spoils. This ftnex and succar syrup preparation f»ets riffat fit tie cause of a couch and gives Almost immediate rcJiLf Jt loosens ihe phlegm, stops the nasty throat tickle und heals the sore, im tiled membranes that line the throat, chest and bronchial tubes, so gently and easily that ifc is rcnlly aptomstun; A day's "use inll usually overcome the ordinary coujrh and for bronehjtis, cronp, ·wlioopmc couch, and bronchial Asthma, there IB nothing better Pinex le/a most yaluable conccntrntcd compound of genuine Norway pine ei- tmcfc, and has been used for generations to break up severe coughs To a\oid disappointment be sure to ask your drujonst for "2% ounces of Pmci" inth. full direcbona, and don't accept anything: else A guarantee of absolute satisfaction or money promptly refunded, cocs \\ith this prenaration. The Pines Co, Ft V^ayne Ind, DICKERSON RU\ March 13 -General Foreman. M f 0 LaughUn of the P £. L 13 car saops spent Saturday and Simdas \Isitiag his familj at McK-ees Rocka \V H BurkeU, returned last even LU.-S after spending a ^er pleasant visit -with his family at Cumberland 1W Joseph Nowrajer of Daw^on an in inspector at the Dickerfaou, Hun yards lost a finger Sunday while in the per formanc p of his dunes Mr and Mrs Felix Cable of TVhitsott spent yostordaj visiting the latter 5 nareots M t and iAIs John Mickej dt VanderbiH Charles ForeTian and "N^ Currj \i ere Pittsburg business "calle s Sat urday Mis Sam Bridges of IH\vsoa was bhoppmg and calling on lMtt»burg friends Satuidav Mrs Belle Jackson of McKees Rocks is pending a foiv days hcie visiting bor paients Kr and Mis Henr 3?ukner Read The Daily Courier TDD' IS 61 utle Spring Begins Xliis T cck. "Winder bids us far»eU this week Spring is here Soon the robins and baseball score= TV ill be u th us Yes time is flying Ai you making the most of it 7 Are vou saving some Jung regularly? If rot bettei sft*-t an ac count with ?1 or more at the old reliable First National L)ieial mtcr- USE SUBSTITUTES.OR QUIT !b the Ultimatum to be Delivered to Bakers T)isrc'sai)mg tht Rule. AH bakers not usmg the required 20 per cant ot wheat flour substitutes m bread and rolls ha\e been ordered bv the Pood Administration to cea=e baking toose products on "March 20 They will not be pe-nutted to resume until they are piepared to conform to the regulations undeTM penalty of relocation of Uicii bcerses GLASS OF SALTS IF YOUR KIDNEYS HURT JLast .Less Heat if lou free! or Kati Jla4dpr Trouble. Meat foms uric add which excites and oveMvoiks the kidnojb 111 thei efEoits to i Itcr t from, tbe bjstcm Regular caieib of mea.t must iiush t^c kidnojb occasioi ajl "Vou must ic~ heve ..hem. like vou i elie'i o j our bowels removing all tbe acids waste 1 m tbe poison else ou leel a dul 1 misery in the kidney i egion sjarp pains ta tie back or sick headache dix/mess youi stomach soui toaguo is coated and tthea the wea her ib "bad yoi, iia%o ibeumnuc things TLe uiinc is Lloud'v full of sedairent the channels oftep gel irritated obi ging you to get up 'vso o ih^ee times dunag llit, niglit To nsutraJue thcsp rritatm^ acidb aud flush off the bodyb unaous Vvastc £U about four ounces ol Jad Salts flora any pharmacj ake a table- spoouful m a glas of i\a.tei bcfoie breakfiist for a fe s days ird joi i k u- ucys will then act fine and blacidei dis oiders disappeal Phis famous salth is -nade from Hie acid of grapes and emon jdice, combined with Hthia and has been used for gen orations to clean a"d st-mulate sluggish, kicmevs and stop bladdei irnta- IOD Jad Stilts is ine\i«isiie, harmless and makes a delightful effervescent lithta-water drink wh eh iniilioBb nf men and ^vomen take now and then Jiu- avoidiag serious kidney and bladder diseases -- \\ Only Two "Weeks OIi» Itched Very Much Causing Scratching* Disfigured Her. Free Sample Helped So Bought a Cake of Soap and Boat of Cutictrra Ointment IF YOU WISH TO HAVE HEALT1 lou can not af'ord to misb this ipp t u n i t j to con*?u)t and be rented by this SpecuUst, "My sister when two weeks old, was taken sick with a kind of rash It seemed to settie m one spot on her iace, and we rc told it was eczema. One day it wouid be almost gone and the next day :t wou d break out j and blood woUd issue from it. It Uched very much caus:rg her to scratch till it bled and it diafigurca her face We obtained a free sample of Cu- ticura Soap and Ointment It see-ned to help her so I Bought a cake of Cu- ticura Soap and a box of Cutjcura Ointment, and she vras .healed" (S gned) Luther D Caton, Box 383 UnioBtown, Pa June 8, 1917 For every purpose of the toilet Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment are supreme Sample F«ch Free b-r Moil Address post card, Cuuoura, Dept R, Boston Sold Soap25c, Omtment 25aodaOc in Eggless Faster Proiwied. A movement Das been started ) N Mrs Herbert Hoover \vife o£ Fooc. Administrator Hoovei and other ]~ I dies m "Washington to sa% e GO 000 000 I eggs foi food tills ear ov a countrj j-wide obsei \ance of an useless La'-tei TOO ttffil BWA150 «« H?W- AIKWHT OE OTKES 0SDJS DK. Clirnnlc ULfeoKt-M of Wen lneaxcK of the JSIndiler and DineiiN«N of the Skin "VTorn out and run do-wn men i women no ma.tter ·« h i ^ ^ our »ilm may be call -- It co« s T O U noihi Free examination Here In T o u r Home To«n FOB CCUGHSTSKD COLDS A handy Calcium compound, thnfc saf»- ruards against chrome Junp and throat trouoics. A tonic r«*rto«TUJvo jirepartd ·without hatrnful or *ttj.JJt lorminff dru;,^ SO cents a box, inciung war tax ·*t~»UO »e Uqnid Wa* for Sk J C Moore. Drufirsiet. Water St, GonreUbTitie.

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