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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 13, 1930
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i-iast Juiditi dition rice Cormelisville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Blest Adve rtising Medium in the Yough Region, V O f , "? T\n V The Wrcklr Cmirlor, r V \JU. _,0, 1NU. 0 « j . TUe unny t'ourfrr, Km: nded July 17, 1870, r Merged. udM) November 10, Ji02. j July IS, 1VSD. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 13, 1930 TWELVE PACES. At Same Time President Appeals to Public for Support of Amendment . ---- » Recommendations Sent to Congress for Improvement of Enforcement Embody Report of Wickersham Commission and Views of Heads of Treasury and Justice Departments »f or Transfer Of Enforcement to Justice Department and Codification of Existing Laws. · COURTS JAMMED WITH .LIQUOR CASES RELIGIOUS CENSUS OF THE CITY TO BE TAKEN DURING WEEK TV ill Embrace All Creeds, to Which Reports Will Be Made by Ministers. PERSONAL WORK CAMPAIGN NEXT charge of tho work are as fol- Rev. Tuesday of this week, canvasser-will begin rhelr work of taking a religious census of Oonnellsrille, South ConiiellsvUte, Poplar Grove. Th'ls work is sponsored ly the Ministerial Association. Such questions as church preference, attendance, Sunday school mem- By U n i t e d Press. bershfp and attendance w i l l b6 a«ked. WASHINGTON, -Jan. 13.-- President Hoover, the Law j Valuable information will thus he se- J'Jnforeement Ooiumission and the two Cabinet, ollicors having i TM rei for a " ^"relics regardless of charge of prohibition enforcement and prosecution- -Secretary! 'The cards win be turned over to the oi Treasury Mellon and Attorney General Mitchell--lairl before · church named, Protestant and- catno- Congress today tho most comprehensive program for improving! He. alike. T h o neopl© of Connelli-vlllo enforcement since the law became effective 10 years ago. j aro naked-to cooperate in this work. The tenor of the voluminous stack of documents laid before! Dur1n ^ the wek or tho House shortly after noon was that there are numiTmis weak! spots both in enforcement and prosecution machinery arid that; tea -n Congress can aid materially by carrying out the numerous sug-i lows: gentians made. j Census President Hoover called upon the people to support the! 1 '- H law, despite disagreement of some of them with its principles, j D ni' nrHs . _ DT while the Law Enforcement Commission in its report reminded " ncr the Congroiis that prohibition must be viewed in th 4 light of traditional American attitudes towards governmental regulation of conduct. The recommendations were: 1. Transfer of enforcement machinery from tho Treasury to the Justice Department. 2. Unification,of all border patrol agencies under the Coast Guard, with increase of ports of entry, 3. Various changes in court procedure to relieve congestion of Federal courts and strengthening of padlock injunction proceedings. v ·1. Codification of all prohibition statues of which there are now 25. 5. Increase iu Federal prisons and reorganization of the parole system. G. A tighter prohibition law for the District of Columbia, Krupp, Dr. Eugene N. George R. and Rev, W. II. HfttrloTf, E H. Steven- and Rev. R. K.*Shober. Finance--Rev, Elmer A, Schultz, Rov. John H. I»ambert6on and Hev. Fred Winem-in 50 Steam Shovels,500 Men Will Be Us id in Building R W. Old Meadow --® Game Local Sets Membership Goal Of at Least SOD MRS.O.T.PRICHARD OF WEST SIDE DIES AFTER YEAR'S ILLNESS A meeting of. the Ctmnel5sviUe lo al of tho FayeUe County Flab Gai »e BroteoUve Association will he 1mld n Friday evening at the Baltimore Ohio Y. M. C. A,, at which time t 10 local w i l l be reorganized, The Connellsville local Is condu. ting a membership campaign at I 10 j present timo and m a n y persons a -e being enrolled daily. The goal i« 5 0 } mum her a. The asuoclalion has a nrogresal -e program and the l a r g e r tho menihc 'ship thei greater will be its accol i- plishmeiitB, H is p o i n t e d out by t e sportsmen at the head of the mo\ i - j ment. This Includes tho i m p o r t a t i ' n of considerable s m a l l game a n d t e re-stocking of the u p p e r watrh ot t' e Y o u g h i o g h e n y River as w e l l an mai y t r o u t streams of the c o u n t y . W i t h both the fish and g u n o pr - g r a m being carried out, i n t e r e s t -f anglers as well a those who h u n t s a t t r a c t e d . Kvery sportsman of the c o m m u n i y Is Invited to a t t e n d th*-) s-c.sfiiou a n d f not already enrolled, to have 1m nan e entered t h a t evening. r.% . K i S K r i r r r I M l t » . , | F M (·!.', S t u f f ( u r C P f H O I K l ' M l t \VAS1IINGTOX, Jtiu. l3.--l'rchi'leiU l l n o v o r r a i l e d upon C'ongross t o u u y Tor l e g i s l a t i o n t o i m p r o v e p r o h i b i t i o n ··nfo'xametu and at t h e .vame t i m e he nuir!( a g e n e r a l a p p e a l to t h e people n F the c o u n t r y to sin port the law dtv.p'ti' tho (Usasrecmi'Lit of some w i t h ® T h o appeal M'as ins do in a special ge to Congress, a c c o m p a n y i n g a report oC the l.a\, lOnforcemeut Com- mi'i^on, c o i i l a i n t u i ; ruc-oinmpndcillor.s Tor l e g i s l a t i o n w h i c h tho President a m p l i f i e d w i t h t h r e e of hii- own. _ Tho c h i e r e x e c u t i v e also t,etit to C o n t j r p s s o p i n i o n s of Secretary ot Tri'u . u r y M e l l o n a n d A t t o r n e y Gene r a l M i t c h e l l on i h « prohibiiiou situa- t i o n . The Prpijltleut laid greatest emphasis u p o n reconiineudatlon for re- I f o f ot overcrowded Federal courts by g i v i n g c o u r t c o m m i t sionors larger powe-fh In m i n o r crini n a l cases, t h u s correcting a n i l n a t i o n w h i c h he said r e s u l t e d in I ho, "defeat of both justice a n d l a w enforcement." , Thi« great I n c r e a s e in Federal u-lmlnat laws d u r i n g tut- past, 20 veai's, Mr. Hoover declared, has ConttiiueJ on Ptts?e Six. E. M. Gross Dead At Greeidburg After Busy Life FIREMEN'S BANQUET TUESDAY EVENING I'o \-JTM w i l l be laid for approximately IL'.J perbonu tonionow e v e n i n g at tlu (ireoiiwood Methodist lipiucopal C h i m h dinlngvoom f o r t h o a n n u a l l)«iK|ii(.-t of tho New H:\vun Hose Company. Tho Firemen's Band, directed by \ Ham C. Kuh, and t h e volunteers will bo Iu attendance- in a d d i t i o n to a number ot Invited gue-ntf-. Among the out of town guefola who are expected w i l l be \V. H. t j h a r a h , secretary of t h e We-nti-ru Femifiylvanla Firemen'8 Association, and \V. D. Alconi, past prosidonl. Tho dinner w i l l be served at 7 o'clock. An a p p r o p r i a t e program, with M. B. Pryco u« the loastmauter, will b' 1 presented. Kara M. Gross, 79 years old, pioneer coal operator and ouo ol tho e n r l y m e r c h a n t s of OroenelHirg, died Satur- Vlay n i g h t at hie homo at Greeneburg f o l l o w i n g a Rtomach ,niln out which continued for more t h a n u year. Mr. Gross was a b r o t h e r - i n - l a w of and Mrs. E. K. Dick of (. Mrs. Gross and Mrs. Uio.k are sinters. Mr. Gross waa born at. is w Stanton, a son of the lato Joseph and Suisannah Grofie. lie became Interc.ted In the mercantile w h e n :;0 years old and f o l l o w e d t h a t bu«ine; s for 12 | yearcj. Us later bocame aefioclated j w i t h the l a t o George H u l l , Richard j Coulter and James C. Clar c in organ- I ix.lng tho Carbon Coal Company. Soon after t h i s tho Clarldge Coul C o m p a n y came into exietenco, with Mr, Groes as secretary and one of the directors. In 1902 tho two organizations, with many others, were merged i n t o one corporation, the Keystone Coal Coke Company. Mr. Gross had boon a director ot thin company s i n e ' Its organ- iation. lie was a member of the Masonic order and the U n i t e d B r e t h r e n Church of Oreensburg. liesid«i his wife, Mrs. Sarah A. Menscli Gross, he is s u r v i v e d by two daughters and two Mrs. Elizabeth Prlchard, 40 year-j old, died at 11:10 o'clock las! n i g h t tit hpr home at 1320 West f ' r a w f o n l I ' v e n u e follo*vlng an i l l n a s s of about a year. Mrs. Prich.ird WHS born A u g u s t 23, tSSO, at D e n v e r , Colo., the d a u g h t e r of t h p l a t e Mr. and M r s John J l a y n o i . She f a m e to Conne!l'3ville w i t h h e r p a r e n t s when she was a r h l l U n n d had resided in this c i t y ever since, She was u n i t e d in marriage on Hep- lembsr 5, lOoi, at Ymmgstown, Ohjo, ^ylth Oliver T. Rrieharrl, n natlv^ ot C o n n p l l s v l l J e , who also survives. Mrs. I'rlchard was a member of the Mi-fit Baptist C h u r c h , Woman's Christian Tompenmco Union! 1 and Hoobe- velt Council of nepublican Womt-n. She was very active in the organisa- tions, » In addiilon to her husband there are four chi.dren: Clara, J a u o , and Cella, at iionio. and K e r m i t of H a r - risburg. T h e r e is one sister, Mrs. Mr. t i'Ottie Strawn of C o n n e l l s v i l l e . W i l - liam Iluyncs of Dunbav IB a brother. Tho f u n e r a l service will he held at the late home. a f . 2:30 o'clock Wednesday a f t e r n o o n . Usv. E. H. Stevens, pastor of the First Baptist C h u r c h , w i l l officiate. I n t e r m e n t will be made in m i l Grove Cemetery. Storm Takes Many Lives in Britain; Hundred-Mile Gain LONDON, Jan, 1,1. -Kale w h i n some-times reached move t h a n If 1 miles an hour halted i-hlpping in t h ; English Channpl and d'd wide d a m a p · on l a n d last n i g h t ' u n d today, c a u s i n ; deaths estimated at flS. The a d m i r a l t y t u g S'.. Ocnney snn 32 m i l e s n o r t h w e s t of U-shant, wH i th,e loss of 30 HVOB. The severe stori t prevented ro«cue efforts. ICIght per Cnts Necessary Between Monongahela River . And Scottdale. TUNNEL WORK PROGRESSING Fifty steam shovels and approximately 500 men will be at work In tho course of a month, on the third section of the new line of the Pittsburg · West Virginia Railroad, which is being constructed from Cochrans Mill to Connellsville, it has been learned from an a u t h o r i t a t i v e eource. Already nix steam shovels have been removed to Jacobs Crook, where a t u n n e l is being Wre-d. Dally ateam shovels are being moved to the scene and it was said that half a h u n d r e d w o u l d be on the proposed route of the r a i l r o a d on the /section between the Monongahola River near Belle Vernon n n d Old Meadow Mill near Scottdaltv This portion of the railway passes t h r o u g h the rich undeveloped roal fields In the v i r l n i t y of Jacobs Creek as well as the flre clay area near Lay-ton. There Is m u c h work for tho steam shovels, it wa said, owing to the n u m e r o u s cuts that aro necessary. It was said that there is one hill near .Jacobs Creek w h i c h IB about 100 feet high. There -will be no t u n n e l at this point. Steam shovels vvill bo used to cut. through. In early spring the contract for the final eight-mile stretch which "will extend t h r o u g h Connellsville to a connection with the Western Maryland will bo let, H. H. Temple, chief engineer of the Pittsburg West Virginia informed The Courier some time ago. Bruce -Sterling's Suit Against Law Partners Is Dismissed as Scandalous i The funeral service w i l l bo held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'c ock at the United B r e t h r e n Church. ALTITUDE FLIERS STILL MISSING NK\V Y O K K . .Kul. 1".--Hopeful of writ In ; tinis today to t h e m s t c r t o u s I disappearance of two fl'ors who h a v e ' not been hoard f r o m M U C O t h e y look off nearly 7- hours, ugo on an a l t i t u d e t»3t fi'i?ht. u band of a v i itors prepare.! t o resume the search f r t h e m . Tho 10 or so pilots sv I o p a r t i c i p a t e d in SiiUmUy'3 search f o r Daniel Madra, tc.M p i l o t , and A'lHUun K i i k p a t v i c V , observer, wi-ie l:\iul-bound over the \veek-tiul hy t ··:. rain, *h'«'l s n o w , x Vanderbilt Drys Will Ring Bells Victory Day will he eel brated hy the Woman's C h r i s t i a n Tomperanoe Union of Vanderbllt Thucslay, .huni- ary 16, with the rinsing of the school and church bells at 11:50 -, in the- morning. One m i i i i u r w:l! be designatel for each year (Hat Prohibition has been In effect. In the evening the regul ir m o n t h - ly meeting w i l l be held ni the b,me of the president, Mrs. CS h U o l i e r t s . A playlet, entitled "Why tho I'.eils Rang?" w i l l be given by cast selected f r o m the membor.ihi . MONON BAPTISTS WILL MEET HERE THURSDAY, JAN. 23 The mid-year meeting of the Monongahela Baptist Association will be held Thursday, J a n u a r y 23, a-l Hie First Baptist Church of this cll-y. Speakers are Rev. Robert B. Longwell ot! Gatihali, Assa-m, Cor X years a missionary; Mrs. A d a h II. Boyos -of tli'O "Woman's American Baptist Home Missionary Society, William C. Tlu»s- sell, director of the state board ot Mfaslor-ary Cooperation and Dr. C. A. Soars, executive seere-Uiiry of the state convention. The meeting will convene at 10 A, M. The program iv. 10 A. M. Devotional--"The Christian for a Christ-Like World." 10:, 4I 0 A. M. Address--"Making- a Chrlsl-like World. Genoral diBcua- sion. 11:30 A, M. Missionary address. 12 Noon. Luncheon. 1:45 P. M. Devotional--"The Church for a Christ-like World." 2 P. M. Korum--"Responsibility for a Chirist-liUf* World." Under direction of team l e a d e r '(:30 f. M, Missionary address. G P. M. Supper. 7:30 P. M. Devotional^--"The Cost of a Chrlst-likt World." S P. M. Missionary Address. 8:30 P. M Pageant-"The Trans- Cornier." and two were- lost when th^ moto · ship Adroit founderod off tin- Prone · coast. Additional deaths reported on Ian' in England included two caused b. the wrecking of an automobile w h J c hit a fallen tree- and throe others i! isolated places. CHILD BURNED IN CHRISTMAS TREE MISHAI When iiifl clothing Ignited from i Christmas tree Friday, J a n u a r y 3 Robert Marietta, five yearn old, son o Mr. and Mrs. Albert F, i B u d j MariotU of Akron, Ohio, formerly of C o u n c i l s ville, suffered n severe b u r n of tin right leg. Robert and two of his litth playmates were b u r n i n g the tree ii the yard o£ a neighbor when the accident occurred. Tho boy is reported fc bo getting along nicely. Mrs. G. W. Penrod of South Nintl street, Greenwood, mother of Mn-s Marietta, was mimmonc'd to Akron last Tif-flday. Robert ifi a grundeor ol' Mr, and Mrs. George A. Marietta of .Edna streut. LOCAL METHODISTS JOIN WITH UNIONTOWN IN PENTECOST SERVICES The, Iflrt Methodist Kpiscopa) r i i u r c h of (.his c i t y will join with Aslxury Church of Uwiontovm in the celebration of the 1904Mb anniversary of tho Day of Pentecost this week at t.ho Uniontown church. A "central preaching mission" w i l l be held each night with the'exception of Saturday. The evangelist for the week is to he Rev. 1. J, W. Fast of. Wheeling, W. Va. Assisting Dr. Fast will be 60 or rrKxre nrhiiis-ters ot the MclCees-port district of the PUttthurfi Conference. l,t is planned to nrako some special group ih« honor guest each night. 'Vho l i m e the various local organisa- tion will leave tho church is as folio w.s: Monday--Official board night. Cars w i l l leave church at 6 : 4 5 o'clock. Tuesday--Men's night. Cars will lea.vo church at 6:-l'5. Wednesday--Ladies' night. Cars will leave churoh at 6 : 4 5 . Thursday--Sunday school. Can's will leave church at 6:45. I'iday--Kpvvorth League, Cars will leave c:huT;h at (3:45. Star Junction And Perry Boys Injured in Crash , Three young men, t~wo from Star Junction, and one from Perryopolis, were Injured. Sunday night at 10 o'clock when the automobile in which they were rifling skidded and crashed into a bridge spanning a creek at the Concord Church on Koute No. !1, near West Newton. They were Uke-i to the Monongahla Hospital, where their condition wan regarded as good. It wan believed that they iii no', suffer internal injuries. The i n j u r e d are: j Robert Jenkins, 22, son of John j John Wolfe, Star Junction con-' tueions about the lower leg. Jamee Sieley, 22, eon of F r a n k Sisley, Perryopolle, laceration of the upper lip. John Wolfe, 23, sou of James Wolfe, Star J u n c t i o n , laceralior of the head and i n j u r y of left knee. It was not known J u s t how soon the trio would be able to leave tho Institution. They are under the careful observation of attendants at the Mon- ongah-ela Hoepital where they were removed by paeelng motorist! alter the mishap. Judge Henderson Rules Accusations Hare "No Place In Legal Action Such as Instituted by Former Congrens- man. "PROPER" BILL MAY BE FILED Bandits Get $7,000. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Jan. 13.--Three bandits held up the First National Bank at Mason, Ohio, near here, to- tla'y and escaped with,$7,000. Their automobile lator was f o u n d In Mil- dletown, abandoned. Survey of the Yough Made As Early as 1873 as Part Of Trans-Allegheny Canal Babe Spills Hot Coffee Over Body M a r t h a J a n » K i c l i e r . 11 d a u g h t e i of Mr. and Mrs. of G i a n t C o n u e l K v i l o , m uiths old. A! ra. Kicher Firemen to Attend Service at Church Favorable "Report Submitted And Congressman Wiso In- Iroducetl Bill in Congress. PRACTICABILITY DETERMINED 1824 A navigable Youghiogheny River, Jirst proposed by G e n e r a l George Washington in his r e c o m m e n d a t i o n to join the Ohio and Potomac by slack- water tho Youghloghony, i n 187B oc- c-upied tho attention of a p r o m i n e n t topographical engineer who reported The members of the N e w I t a v e t i ( H o s e Company w i l l a t t e n d t h e service Scwttd.ile. i' rrnerly ot I a ' t!le C h r i s t i a n Church n e x t S u n d a y u a s scalded . i b o u t the 1 e v e n i n g The p a s t o r , Rev. K. \. D u t y . u l g h t Council -Mot-ts TonJulit. ·jew C l t v C u n u c i ! \ \ i l l meet in !'.' til'-t iip''n sos: ion sii jratiou a w t e k a g - face, b h o u i d e r aucl c h e s t '.-hen she wl!I be l l l e s p e i k e r i upset a cup ot' hot cotl'ee la u T h u r s - t ' i d a y n i g h t . The injnrie.s a r « reported ! H u m u s A i r e s j to bi h e a l i n g us w e l l at, c n bt ox- IH.'KXOS A I H K S , J a n . t;! - The city i p t ' i t t d . fivs el'iH'wl u n d o i a l e m p o r a t u v c of [ I T S ' j Tho Ku'her.s moved f r o m C o n n e l l s - , d c w i ( u yesteix ay, t h u UtKhe^t ru- I viila tu Scnltdalu ahoitt -j. m » m U itan. \ in\At\ t h i « u u i n m a r Tiie Weather H n i n tonight and Tuei«liy; colder. is the noon weather forecast foi \Vest- i»rn I'ennsylvania. Temperature Record. 11)550 ISHJ!) . M a x i m u m .. 'M 'IM i n i m u m ?,(' i n Mean I U Jl to the Secretary ot War that the project to develop the stream between C o n n e l l s v i l l e and West N e w t o n win- practicable. Colonel W. E. ' M e r r i l l was placed in charge of tho exploration after Con- greiw in 1873 had passed the river and harbor b i l l w h i c h called for the appropriation of ?5,QOO for the etudy of routes for the extension of the Cliesapeake Ohio canal and he in t u r n designated Colonel Thomas S.[ Sedgwlck lo succeed him. "Thinking t h a t it w o u l d be practicable to establish a alackwater navigation on the Y o u g h i o g h e n y i- far up a« CoiiTiellavfllo, and knowing the strong desire of the I n h a b i t a n t 1 ; to have such a n a v i g a t i o n , 1 directed Colonel Sed£wiclt t o atop t h e c a n a l s u r v e y til Connellsvlllo. and beyond t h a t place- to survey t h e river to a conned ion at Went is'ewton w i t h the work done in 1S73 by L i e u t e n a n t Mal i a n , engineer," Colonel M e r r i l l (-aid In his r e p o r t to the Secretary ot War. In 1SSO a h i l l wiiri i n t r o d u c e d in the Mouse n t i k i n g for an a p p r o p r i a t i o n of ?150,uon for I h e i m p r o v e m e n t of the V o u g h i o g h e n y . The measure was ;ji- C u n t i n u c d un J'ttfje Four. MRS. FRANK CURTIS DIES SUDDENLY AFTER STROKE OF APOPLEXY Mrs. Sarah Bra4ford Shaw C u r t i s , 74 years o l d , a life-long resident of OormellBvUlo, died suddenly at 5] o'clock Saturday evening at hei nome at 229 North Sixth street, AVes . Side, following a stroke of apoplox: . Mrs. Curtis, an i n v a l i d for 12 years, bud suffered two strokes before Sho passed a w u y w i t h i n I 4 6 m i n u t p f a f t e r the final one. Mrs. Curtis, wife of Frank Ourtia, well-known, gardener, was bom at Breakneck, the daughter of Jamos, Jir., and Martha Ann EVtwkl Shaw, both deceased, in August, 1855 She had always resided in this city. In addition to her h u s b a n d the following c h i l d r e n survive: Mrs Rose Piern, West Side; Mrs. A n n a B. Young, Glairton; Mrs. Ida M. Bcissart, Fittsburg, and Mrs. Eva M. Davison, at home. * Robert H. Curtis, u sou, died some time ago. Th«re fire 19 grandchildren and eight g r e a t - g r a n d children. The funeral service will be- h ld at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon ut tile late home. Rov. John H. Lambcrtson, pastor of the Metliodibt Protcstan 4 ; Church ot which she was a m-ember, will officiate. Interment vvill bo m a d e in Hill Grove Cemetery. Special to The Co-urier. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 13.--The bill j filed by former Congressman Bruce P. Sterling to secure an accounting from his fortm*r law po/rtnei-s, K. O. Rovsa S. Matthews, Chartes h. lyn and DonaW MT. Higlvee, -was mlsserl l)y Fayette coumty court this morning on" the ground that it was both "ecandalouis and impertinent." lyea.\"o was gdvon tho former congressman, hoiwcvjr, to fllfl "ano'Uior anil proper bill." Among the things Judge D. W. H«n- densou iointHl out in his opinion as "scandalous and Import-in-Mit" woro the charg-es niaiiie by M,r. Sterling that while he was sick in a hospital tho defendant*; did not vtejt him ; they 1 ouk ·j-dvantage of his nbMtico in businas.s matters; they refused to pay him ju.'U sums due; three of tho lietendant.s. put on tho partnership books a note which they represented aa a imrtn«r- rship debt; two of tlie defendanto iiFed partnerahlp earninKS to maintain a mountain farm and B. C. Iltgbee iifcetl partners!]i:p money Ijjr his personal enterprises. Among the irrelevant matierfi in 1he bill the court declared. ar« Mr. S1erling's averment that h-a had been active, in business and political clrck'8 for a uurnher of years; Umt by r*;u- eon of his bueiness aesociations and r}en/ling« he has ^provld^d opportunities for tho defendants to make Investments whdch turned out proifitftblc: tb;it during his in Florida his private offlce wee occupied by Donald M Higbee; that large fe-) were oa.ruod by the I5nn in 332fi, 1927 and 102S as a result of his political and biislnoRs associations; t'bat CPI-- t a l n notes were not of the partner- shiii but of the indi\-iduals. Stlch matters, sold the court, do aiot ibelj* determine tho fiuestlon of an ac- ·coun-ting. In addition the court declares tho' former congressman and Mns. Sterling, his wife, ha-ve transferred Uioir entire property and holding's except, their home, as a "voluntary living trust tx5 the National Bank of F«ay- ette comity." The bank should bo n. party to the suit, declared the court. "Tho entire bill la dis-mlssed aivl expunge! from the r«oo-rda -wlUioul projudk"" to the right of the -plaintiff; to file another a.iid proper bill." the court concluded. LEO A. DAERR WILL VISIT ELKS TONIGHT TROOP 8 SCOUTS TO RECEIVE MERIT BADGES TUESDAY The court o£ honor for Troop f, Boy Scouts, will meet Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock at the Christian C h u r c h , at which time m e r i t badges for tcstn w h i c h have been passed by Ui examining comrnittop w i l l he pree nitcd to the f o l l o w i n g : John Meet 'ezat, cooking and survey l u g ; Keith Brown, astronomy and signalling; Hit hard Long, athletics, bookbinding, p w l m - niing and -scholarship; Frank B r o w n , scholarship and p l u m b i n g ; Free DeMuth, c o o k i n g ; W i l l i a m Durbln, lifesaving and bookbinding; Charier, Phillippi, cooking, swimming, wsk- etry, p l u m b i n g and astronomy, William Balsley, cooking and p l u m b i n g . Star badges will be awardo to Scouts Phillippi and Balsley. The court of honor in composed ol! tit i ex- a m i n i n g connnHlee and 1 troop committee combined, Die former being James C. Long, 11. R. S m i t h , .'. R. Morilrozal, W. R. Long and Frank B r o w n , the l a t t e r , itev, 15. N. D u i v , 11. E. Mason, J o h n L. Gaiis, W a i U r S. S U m m e l and Roger M c C o r m i c k . Leo A. Daerr of Greensburg, district, deputy grand exalted ruler, will jnako liia first official visit to Conuelleville tonight at 8 o'clock, being a guest of Connellsville Lodge No. 503, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, An appropriate form of entertainment has seen arranged and luncheon will be served. I t Is desired that a largo a t t e n d a n c e of members bo on hand to greet Mr. Daovr. N o m i n a t i o n s w i l l be received for the oliiec- ol' trustee Cor a two year term and the election will follow immediately. There will also bt» initiations. C). VETERANS MEET TUESDAY The t J u l t l m o r o Ohio Veterans Association w i l l meet Tuesday evening at 7:3(1 c'clo k at the V. M. C. A., at w h i c h t i m e oflicers w i l l be A kirgc g a l l i p r i i i K of the I'- t h e hope of the leader- 4 -.. A r c t i c I'atrol »/ir Gonl, M I X O T , X P., J o n . i:i.---The five A r m y p u r h i i i t pl.ine-3 of the ,M Cl-cmttns, Mich., lo S p o k a n e "Ar flight hopped off f r o m the Mino! port at '1:25 A. M. today for C, li'allij, M o n t . , by w - i y ot (ihiis-iow Havre. The reiiKiiiiiiiK slilps of w i n t e r p a t r o l s q u a d r o n followed m e d i a t e l y . Mount Pleasant Man Injured When Car Strikes Pole firi-,1 jimt · t i c " n I r- reat i ·mil ! t h e j im- ! Six Jiilicd in .Mino ! I'ARlti, J a n . US --Six person*, - v o r o j k i l l e d mid 11 i n j u r e d , f o u r p r o h i b l y m o r t i t l l y , in n. m i n o cxplofei-on t h i s m o r n i n g at Digue, southern Frame. Joseph P r a t t of M o u n t P l e a s a n t s u f - fered Heveio ciil.s of the hoad and faro S u n d a y afternoon wlKn bin automobile c r a s h e d i n t o ,'t t e l e p h o n e polo in f t l ' o r r e l l a v e n u e . Tho m a c h i n e . 111111111114 f u s t down the irnuk--, had » roar \sheel in the West I'cuii strep'. cHr tracks. As tho driver t u r n e d his car H h R h t l y to release it, tho m a c h i n e .swerved s h a r p l y and, out of control, crashed i n t o tho pole. The auto mob Ho w;us badly wrecked and the 1 " polo split, at thi 1 b,tK-e Pratt'.s head w e n t t h i o u g h the windshield. Ho W.LS takM! to -i p h y s i c i a n Cor tr-eat-

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