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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, March 19, 1918
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IT HWtt Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 VOL. 16, NO. 100. CONNEI^LSVIIJLE, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 19, 1918. EIGHT' PAGES. CRY "AMERICANS ARE COMING" STRIKES TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF GERMAN WORKERS The Tommies Who Raid Town From Air Mid- taken for Sammies THEIR BOMBS DO DAMAGE fifteen Fersoas Are Hilled ani Kveh Property is Destroyed. PATBOIS XH6A6X JS FIGHT A»erlcaas Troops 3*ake Tarn, Zffort t* Take Prhoien But Succeed IB (m»T Germans »s Tkey Be- Ik WaodH; Baker- Sakts Talk. BULLETIN. By Associated Press. , March l»^_The head of the Genum mrmy hiw invittd » nimter. »! neutral «.rre»pond- «mts to be present at tke GOT- MB offeuUe on the western froit, the Exchange Telegraph c*mspoade«t at Copeiha^ea reports. Tie eorrespo»*'nts, it is staled, will leave for the front o» AMERICANS BLOW UP GERMAN BATTERY IN LUNEVILLE SECTOR Machine Whlcfc Scored Hit on Our Trendies is Located and , ISostrojed. By Associated Press, WITH THS AMERICAN ARMY IN USANCE, March 19.--It is now permissible to announce that American artillery in the Luneviile sector has located.-and blown up a battery of mine throwers, one o£ which a lew days ago obtained a direct hit on a dugout in. which were a number ot American soldiers, most of them ot Irish descent. A "patrol of 24 men, halt American and half French, last night went into the 'German lines from an. isolated portion of the sector. · It completed its mission of reconnaissance, bringing back the desired information. The patrol lad a short skirmish buto fa- tamed no prisoners, Yesterday, St. Patrick's day. Irishmen of a certain regiment serving in the Luneviile sector, held an appropriate celebration. Last year on St. Patrick's Day these men h«ld their celebration in : , and yesterday the remark most frequently heard was something like this: "Well, this day last year I was strolling down . Now I am strolling down the narrow way 'of ducfcboards in the mud." ' Yesterday' extraordinary artillery in the LONDON. March 39.--Fifteen per- ,«ns were killed and great material tamage was done by bombs dropped 3jr allied airmen .when ihey raided TordTnTto aTe^ira'L^e^wiro "-i des - Da " mes secior wh ~ ere s " ome "~ tr ° 0 » 8 C ° X · enltat "? 12 mon ' whi * was rath _ . _ v J i . i rruu ai _ _ . mnf-a r h a n ttfat PTnfW*tian O D fir- FAYETFE TO SEND 367 MEN IN NEXT . DRAFUPRIL3-5 Quota for District 2, Connells- Yllle, is.Tlxed at 52 SelectiYes. 5 SENDS FORTY Scottdale District is 'licqnireii to rro- doce 58 and ^owit Pleasant 61; Good Start js Kade Here In Enli»t- ing Ken for Eeeerve Company. April 3, 4 and 5 have been filed as the dates for the movement to Ca-nip Lee of the draftees who will be required to report under the ca.ll issued last week. On account of the shortage in railroad equipment it is possible chat the quotas from some districts will entrain, April 1 or 2. Or. this call Fayette county will send 367 men, distributed among the seven districts as follows; No. 1. 59; No. 2, 52; No. 3, 59; No. 4, 45; No. 5,' 40; No. 6, 62; No. 7, 50. No. 7 district o£ Westmoreland county, which includes Scottdale and adjoining territory, wilt send 58 men. and No. 6 district, including Mount Pleasant and vicinity, 61 men. No. 2 district of Sorcerset county, including, the townships bordering on Fayetto connty, will send .77 men. FBAJfK SWKEJfEY AT LAST PARTS WITH I HIS FAITHFUL FOKJ) Frank Sweeney is a silent sufferer today. He has parted 'company with a most faithful ·companion--his Ford. The car was sold yesterday to Harry Dawaon, who got the machine only on hiS'solemn promise to take the best of care ot it as did Sweeney, and ,on the payment oE i big roll of bills. The Question puzzling Sweeney's Mends is--did he r.eed the money? For why else would he sell his "famous" machine. How Sweeney e.tpects to hold his place in society this summer without his old scandby is another question. None of -he feminine sei would refuse a ride in his car. But the deed is 'done. Frank had tears in his eyes last evening as lie told his friends he had sold the car. ENLARGEMENT OF DICKERSON RUN 'TIS PROBABLE GOOD START MADK IS ENLISTOSG CO. (1. A very encouraging start was made last night in ; recruiting Conaells- _ ville's platoon ot Company G, Third Chemin- Regiment. Reserve Militia. Captain ICING PROHIBITED ·ived Monday at the Hague, the Tir.. lays. "Tne peopie believe the niiders were Americans" the traveler said. ''I was a the neighborhood of a big muni- ions works at .Mulheim (north of Cob- enz and also on the Rhine) at 10 min- ites past noon when suddenly all the actory whistles started blowing and- he" sirens were sounded. Many wo- aen rushed from the works for the XKDb proof shelters, while passing .treats cars were stopped as the crews toltcd into houses- Four or Jive planes v-ere visible in the clear sky. . . Presently some one exclaimed: IThey are Americans."^. . ' "· Another screaraed.'iload: : . The Americans are coming." A Dutchman I knew rusb«d up to ae and.'said: "Didn't I tell you the Americans vould come sooner or later!" The neutral traveler added that al- j rolls . The currants, raistas hough the machines .merely passed -^ A spicos fs "·' ""*""* ·ver Mulheim oc the.'r way to Coblenz I'was, not until 4 o'clock that the "all from New England are in training. The enemy began a gas bombardment late Saturday night and continued it until yesterday. Massachusetts troops bore the brunt of a portion of the bombardment. Six thousand shells were fired yesterday from the sector in which the Americans are stationed, a' large portion being gas shells. er more than was expected oa account of the short notice given for the receipt of applications. A number of former members of Company D. 30th Regiment, National .Guard of OVER HUNDRED BOOP FOR BOYS IN SERVICE RECEIVED FIRST DAY Good Showing is Miulc in ConneUsTrllle in Soldier-Sailor Heading flatter MovemeDt- Over a hundred books have already Kailroad Compmij- Offers Finance it For Public Support Only.- to SECOND JUROR IS SECURED IN UNDLEY TRIAL AFTER 48 MEN ARE QUESTIONED HKTUlUi£l. WANTS MORE MEMBERS) ampaign to .Btrili) l"p the Organization to be Started in Short Timcj Committees in Clmrgrc of Institution Organize and Prepare lor Vfrk. A substantial addition to the Pittsburg I«tke Eric railroad Y. ,M. C. A. at Dickcrson Run, embracing an auditorium wdtb a seating capacity of 1,000, a gymnasium an.d a swimming pool, is a possibility of the near future for people of the Dawson- Dickcrson Run community, if they will put their shoulders io the wheel and Jjelp' along in a membership com- Phooo^raph Taten From Unity Fru- 1 ternfly Club located by Detective. A talking machine that" ***s stolen last week from the club rooms of the Unity Fraternity on Baldwin avenue was recovered yesterday by City Detective J. \V. Mitchell. The machine [ had been taken by ivfo. boys living j near there by the name of King. In addition to the talking machine se7eral records were taken. Mitchell did not arrest the boys but notified them to take the machine to the po- | lice station, Fii-st Accepted at 11.35 O'clock This Morning Special Panel to Complete the · Jury Seemed "Very Frol- able Today. CASE MOVES VERY SLOWLY FIRE THREATENS STABLE Brush in Hogg Orchard on IVcst Side Hums Close to Mine Building. A brush Brecon the West. Side yesterday. afternoon threatened Lo burn Over Half of Men Examined HHTC Scruples Against Initiation of the DwiUi Penalty; One Willing lo Serve, OljjfCis to Jlcing Hangman. paign tSat is to be launched soon, j Ibe Prick. Coke company stable located This was made known at a meeting 'in Greenwood, just above Ninth street. last nigjlt of committees of the Y. JI. : The fire rolled over the ground and C. A. called for the purpose of reorganization. It is the intention of the railroad company, which erected the association building several years ago, that it shall be a community instituiion wax stopped only a few feet from the buihiing. Th« fire department was called out and played a big stream on tho fire, working with the blaze for about two hours. The fire started near Wheeler road. Vp to 'l.K o'clock this lifter- noun two jurors hud been secured in lie trial of Frank Jtt. Lindley for the murder of Frank A. Jinrkey. The second man, accepted ut Uuit honr, iras Jiicbard Miller, steel worker, of Pcnns- · \ illc,_ He was the Jftli man called. . . . After 26 veniremen h a d bean e x - Dden received at che Carnegie freo and not £or the exclusive use of rail- j several hundred yards from the stable.; amined without a single juror being library in response to appeals made! road nxm It uever has been a. purely | H quickly, spread and large clouds o f ; secured'in the trial of Frank M Ltnd- . Burkey for books for the soldiers and sailors. This is considered a good start and as Indicating the right spirit on the part of tho public. Those who have given books are as follows. Wright-Metzler company, 18; .Mrs. J. M. Tteld, 23; Miss Alta Decker, 12; Mrs. Bdna Brendel, fi; lies". E. B. Burgess, 1; Mrs. H. B. Sheeu, 4; Mrs. VC. N. Lcche. 36; Miss Jean Armstrong, -I; iliss Margaret Dull. 36. . Every one who has one book to give is urged to take it to the library or railroad institution buL the desire of j smrjke rolled up. Fire extinguishers '. i ev f or t ij e m u r der O f F: t h e company i s that t h e public shall ' ' " - · . . . - share more largely in its advantages. At the meeting last night was L. H. Turner of Pitisburg, superintendent ^ ot motive power, who spoke briefly on j in served as a check lo keep llie ! geny, a" clerk" ot^Belle'vernon.' kep-. m tte stable were used to check ; bafore Judge _, Q Van SwearinEen ia the names until the are department ; Uniontown tile first maa of the 12 was aj " rl . vcd - : agreed upon at H:35 o'clock this Pit notes where the earth had fallen ; morning in the person of J: H. Hag- the plans of the company. Remarks along this line were also made by Dr. H. J. Bell and Rev. B. Purnell, who had been informed oC the tentative plans. Addresses were also made by Rev. H. A. Baum, R. K. Smith and li. H. "Turner. Dr. Bell and Rev. Pur- dences street. flames from getting close to rcsj- j U p lo . thal hour the ind ] catjons tbo vcsl Slde ° £ N r a U l 1 pointed strongly to tie entire panel f being exhausted without 1 much head..,,_,,,_,____ _ _ _ ,, _ , , . _ _ ,, 1 way having been gained in the selcc- KEYSTONE DIVISION *» ot "»"»*· "·'» ·**«*« ** it wijl st;II bo necessary to summon a the Y. M. Is by Which Pennsylvania 5 a the rolled* last night, the recruits whole being well qualified Tor service. Twenty more men will be required i t o complete the enrollment. These must enlist before Saturday night in ont .Ma»l be 1st A on Hot Cross Bans the Coming Good Friday. By Associated Preaa. WASHINGTON, March 10.--Hot cross, buns which are sold and eaten on Good Friday will not be coated with icing this year, the food administration announced today. Rule 'NO. 1 of the bakng regulations forbids tb-e use of icing and limits the amount of other ingredients In bread and signal wgs sounded. HASG1J]! COLLAPSES. IXEMCA5 S5IPBBS LAY GERMANS 10TT WITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES X FRANCE, March 19.--An .Araeri- an patrol between Rennieres -wood nd Jury wood encountered an enemy ·trol early this morning. For an our and a half the American patrol j ricd. to make some of the enemy pris- ners but without -results, 'although number of fights with pistols and Ifles occurred! As the Germans re- ired, jumping from a tree, American nipers made a number of lucky shots nd Germans -were seen to fall. The Two Are Killed,' 33 Injirei at ft»rida By Associated Press. · .MIAMI, .Fla., March 19.--Two men were killed and 33 other were Injured early today in a collapse of an unfinished hangar at the Dinnerhay naval air station five miles south of Warn! during a storm. The dead are .Matthew Mutlen, Brooklyn, Now York, and aa unidentified man. May increase Postal SaJaries. . WASHINGTON, March. 19.--Flat lerican telephone wires wi-.bin the pay increases of J5 per cent lor all employes in the postal service. l«rman lines were tapped again .dur- igr the night not f far from where the atrol encocntfir occurred. The enemy rtlHery fired a number of gas sheila t oat lines. OFflt'EJIS JS FBAJfCE ON BOARD SECKETARY BAKER'S PiKIAL TRAIN IN FRANCE, March 3.--Awhile we are busy at home," aid Newton D. Baker, the American scretary of war, in a talk to'officers t the American staff school today, with ^ur industrial preparations and ·ainlng of troops our . hearts are ·azurplanted to France. M/ visit has rought me a great uplift in spirit » a boy takes apart a watch to see aw it is made in order to understand le functions of its parts I have been [Icing this army apart." j whether on an annual salary or day pay basis and including those 'of all grades and classes was recommended today by the Senate Postoffice subcommittee in revising the annual postoffice appropriation bill ; Ship Selzire Delayed. WASHINGTON, .March 19.--Requisition of Dutch ships in American waters still awaited word from London at noon today and officials indicht- ed that actual seizure would not take 1 place until the Netherlands government had been heard from. XEKICAB BOXBAKP GKBMAX TOrVXS ·WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN RANCE. March 19.--American artil- ift on tUe Toul front today' bom- irded towns witin. the enemy lines i ^several occasions. A considerable amber of gas shells were used. The inner* also dropped projectiles on erman trenches. A few shells hit in; IB town of Essey and others i n j ontse. Drake Will JtecoTcr. FOR WORTH, Texas. March 19.-Captain L. V". Drake, Royal Plying Corps who with Cadet Ellis Watts erf Portland, Ore., fell here late yesterday will recover it is announced today.- Watts was killed. [have been named stations for I Uon: "\Vnght-.\Tetzler company, Kc- backers, Keagy'g drug store, Clarke's drug store, ConncHsville garago. McCreary Motor Car company; Hyatt Mo- CoUections are also tor company. order that the" company may be re-| made by automobile each day betsveen ported In readiness for mugter-in as -i and 5 o'clock, promptly-after that date as possible. Captain Cox or other members of the (Continued on.Paffe-Six.) CHAUTAUQUA MEETING Guarantors Called to Plscaiis Course Friday Evening. The guarantors of the chaulauqua will meet Friday evening in the office of Attorney Ross S. Matthews to con- sfiier the matter of a course for next summer. The advance representative of the Jtedpatn-Broolcway bureau present. be NOT KECRC1TLVG. DriTDr oi "Overland Submarine" simply Stirring up Patriotism. Captain Stanley Huntley Lewis, wbo is touring the country in the'interests of the government to stir up patriotism, spant today in the ciay also. He was at the high school this morning, and his "Overland Submarine" 'was oa exhibition in the business district. Captain Lewta is not recruiting men for any branch of the service. Hiking to Camp |.ec. S. Gilbert Barnes of Pittsburg, member of the Seventh Cavalry, which held ils reunion here last fall, is hiking.from his home lo Camp Lee, 500 miles. H passed through Uniontown yesterday. Entertains I!oy Scouts. Seventy. Boy Scouts were entertained at the Arcade last night. The boya formed near the Carnegie Library and marched to the theatre back of the ''Overland Submarine," driven by Captain Huntley Lewis. Killeil by Train. ... Morris Stahl, 36 years old. *§ \fr. and Mrs. Adam Stahl ot Stahfff-, town, was struck and killed-yesterday morning at Jeannette, by a Pennsylvania train. Mr. Stahl was a railroader an(i resided in Greensburg. PRESIDENT WILSON GIVES APPROVAL TO DAYLIGHT SAVING abroad. The meeting wa;j presided over by Harry M. McDonald, chairman of the (ConilnjJud on ^re Sir.) - ' special venire, owing to the exceeding care with which the jurors are being Pennsylvania, were among those en- to one of the fallowing places which j n c i l talked on the work of ..... - , collec- C. A. for the soldiers at home a n d ! Guardsmen Hill oiv be Jino-nn. The Twenty-eighth Division encamped is to be unofficially Keystone Division." A keystone with a black field, on P°s«d to capital punishment. at Camp Hancock in future i ot other K men examined during unofficially known 345 "The ! 1he forenoon, making 26. to that time, the ma iority declared themselves op- which is emblazoned another keystone with a white field, on which are inscribed the words ''28 U. S.," were not opposed. Four One said he would vote for a. verdict according to the ovi- For Seven Months Beginning March 31 Clocks of Country Will b* Set Ahead au Hour. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON. March 13.--The day- HASTE, CALL TO KNITTERS VTomtn Asked to Turn in All Completed "Work by Evening 0T~3Fafch 30. An argut'nt call 10 tbe women ot tbc, , « tt , L ,,- ulfoUVJ1 ^...^^ ,,»., ^. - .-Charleston Comforts branch oE the)because ibe personnel of the division · d^th penalty. 'He was accepted by is made up almost entirely of Penn- ! thc defense but challenged by the com- moaTrealth., Joseph Bungard of Saltlick township -WBS excused because of opposition to capital pUBisinnnt, j Bernard O'Connor of Couucllsville, j was not accepted because he said fce j had business dealings with, the de- EBtlmatet) at $7^160,000; Second in j fen3ant and that he had a fired i Navy Leajrao and all knitting for that orgrm 1 ration to speed up knitting in order that the goal of 3,000 sets may 1)0 reachedj if possible by Tuesday, March 26. at wfcich time all are asked to have completed sets turned in. It Is the intention to pack the outfits that nigiit and send them off the next day. According to a letter received by light saving bill was slffned today by President "Wilson. It put all clocks forward an hour on the last Suniiay In March, and turns them back again the Larft Suaday in October. The daylight saving plan will 50 Into effect and be observed wi.thout the slightest disorganization or impairment of conditions. Trains ViH i run as usua.1 and every feature of daily life intq which the element of time eaters will remain unchanged. Mrs..J. Moh-in Grey, the chairman, the demand lor emfo"l sets is as great today as ever. One hundred sixty seta are needed to make the thousand. SPEAKS. S1VKATER. Minister's Son Holds Ulstfjiction Among 1 Boys of the City. Theodore Nelsou, nino-year-old son An Interesting Meeting la M. E, Church at VorryopoHs. The Women's Foreign Misionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church at Perryopolis held its first thank offering service Saturday afternoon in the church parlors. An interesting program was rendered, Mrs, AW?ie Strickler of ScottdaJe who helped reorganize the society last year gave an interesting talk and Miss of Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur Nelson, is Seal who spent five years as a mis- the first Connellsville boy to complete jsionary to India told of the conditions and turn over u tho Charleston Comforts committee ot the Navy League a sweater. Master Theodore is very pvoud'of bis accomplishment. Rumors Discredited. .WASHINGTON, March 13.--A dis- patcb to the State Department today from Ambassador -Francis at Vologda dated,March 17, convinced officials thai reports from Tokio that he was on bis way to Seoul, the capital of Chosen were untrue. FOOD ADMINISTRATION CALLS ON FARMERS TO SELL WHEAT BY MAY 1 Connty Tood Director Charles L'.|thaf they shall bring all of their Davidson of Uniontown this afternoon! wheat, except their necessary re- I'irst Balre Conies. ·'' A n-inc-pour.d 'daughter was born Sunday Oo Mr, and Mrs. J t A. Cowgill at their Uomei n Higbland avenue. It 'at the hirae in Highland avenuo. It Emma Lon Sha-w. EATT AKTIU.W8T FIGHTWO OS TKBntTS FBOXT. PARIS. March 19.--Heavy artillery itinE Is in progress on the'Verdun ont. says tonight's official commun- itjon. On the Belgian Iront Oieie' sre severe struggles before the Gorans were' expelled from positions in fticb. tier had gained a footing. Her Fiftfe Juatjemarj. Th» home ol Mr. «nd Mrs. igbe» at D»wson iras the prettily appointed birthday rty Saturday afternoon, in. honor of efr, daughter. Charlotte Jane, it be- I her fifth birthday. The ; littl* esta 8p«nt an afternoon long to be 'A dainty lunch WAX made public the following message from State Food Administrator Howard Heinf: - _ . la order that we may comply with the urgent demands of the allies for wheat and at the same time take care of onr own domestic supplies, we. urgently need'this year an earlier and complete marketing of the wheat in farmers' hands than usual. The allies are taking from us 50 per cent of other cereals than wheat to mix in their bread. Inasmuch aa the people in allied countries and the soldiers must be fed with bread baked in bakeries it is impossible lor them to prepare bread made wholly out of other cereals and we raust. furnish them with sufficient wheat to maintain their bakery loaf. "I therefore appeal to all of Use lo\ the state of PoniuylTa.aU serves for seed, to market before May I. This is a war call and a service for Uncle Sam who is fighting for his life. If your local miller is unable to buy all the wheat that .is offered, market it in other customary. trade channels through which it will reach the Food Administration .grain corporation. "It Is announced that machinery for the enforcement o£ the regulations ot the selling price of wheat mill feeds has been set up and that we will re^ ceive complaints in this matter and promptly investigate all cases. , We have wired Mr. Hoover that he can feel assured that tha farmers of Pennsylvania will answer his appeal to market all what before May 1, with the exception of reserve for seed, as our farmers are as patriotic as any others and as determined .to win the ," Biuik Robbers Kill Hun. V T.AMPA. Fla., .March 19.--iBank rob-, bers'early today blew the safe or the" state bank at Zephyr Hills. Pla., and sliot and killed one man and wounded another. They got no money. and her experiences in that land. The contents oC the mite boxes together =,,, ,..,,-,-,, -., ^ence- but that he did not ear-, to be is authorized at the insignia of the di- i l h c hangman, vision, J. S. Saroier of Dunbac-township No. The ur.offical designation of the I * declared he would not vote for con- Twenty-oighth Division was chosen viction if the evidence warranted the sylvanians and contains the entire former National Guard of Pennsylvania. PRICK'S INCOME TAX Amount to Tliut of llockefeller. H. C. FricK. will be one of tbe largest income taxpayers, being next to John D. Rockefeller, but far below him iu the amount lie will have to pay. Mr. FVick's income is estimated at $11,- opinion. After having served on three hon^i- clde juries William C. Ilawk of North Union to'wuship rejected. He said 250,000, on which basis his income tax I accepted by he bad no fixed opinion and* was not opposed to the death penalty. He was woa-ld ins aprorimateiy $7,155,000. Rockefeller's lax contribution is estimated at $38,400,000. 3 Andrew Carnegie, wbo is said to have an ufcome of $10,000-000, will pay about $6,400,0000. £MOKS£ Local Trades Unionists Faror FclTrOvr jfember of Craft for Assembly. At a recent meeting of the Centra,; Trades Labor council of Connellsville Russ«U B. Mclntyre of Qniontown the Common'weaHh him. but the d-efeuse It was Oliver C. Brown a larmer of Franklin toimship who expressed aversion to being the hangman^ However, he said, he would follow tie evidence and would favor a first degree verdict if the evidence warranted it. He was chaJlcnged by the commonwealth. Charles Harsirman, stable boss of Buliskin lownahip,- was opposed to tho death. penalty absolutely and was discharged. , During tne morning Judge E. H. with the Lbank offering amounted to ettc county district was endorsed as Republican candidate ! Reppert* overruled a motion to ror the legislature in the Second Fay- '" nearly $40. At the close of the meeting hot chocolate served. and wafers were NO Physical Tesi« In ^"o.. 2 'District His- continued This Weefc. Examinations cC men in District No. 2 have 1 ended for this week. The draftees in. Class 1-A have all been exam- 'itied now with the exception, of about 150. Two-days next week will be devoted Mclntyre is secretary of the Uniontown trades council. 'Of the $100,000,000 worth of thrift stamps bought and paid for by the people of tbe United States, Pennsylvania has sold $7,006,450.80, to a larger number of individual siioswribers than any other state in the union. Returns From Hospital. Mrs. Percy Edwards of Dawson, who bas been confined in the Mercy hospital, Pittsburg. the past few Police Uniforms Arrive. The new uniforms of the city police force have arrived here ami the officers will appear in them this week. The suits were ordered about a month Woafiftwer i Pair and warmer tonight; Wednesday fair, is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. · 1318 1917 .1 ' Maximum 71 42 . Minimum 42 20, if ear. 5 7 31 The Yough river fell during the night: from .4.10 feet to 3.20 feet ihe entire pane! of jurors for term discharged because It lad not been certified by the jury commissioners and the court to the prothonotary. The jury bos was without an occupant when court adjourned last evening at the close ol the first day of tho case. Thirteen veniremen were examined during the afternoon but none was found acceptable. Nine were challenged by the common-wealth and two by the defense a'nd two were excused because of jllness. I. "Walter Stoner of IHinbar township being interrogated when court recessed for the day at 4:30 o'clock. Inability of prospective jurors to return a verdict of first degree mur- ier based solely'ujwm circumstantial evidence lormod tho basis for several challenges by tho commonwealth indicating that the prosecution wilj seek to weave around Lindley a chain of circu in stances sufficiently strong enough to cany conviction with, tho I jury. In interrogating the veniremen j for the commonwealth. Senator Crow did not seek that information but several men made declaration that they could not conscientiously return a ins turned d'own because they were [plants as a part of their investment verdict of first degree murdor based too high. That occureci in the case o£ j necessary to remove the remaining ; solely upon circumstantial evidence, the bid* recently Hied 1 with the H. C.; coa). Acesrdingly the company re- ; A challenge for cause resulted. ' jected ail bids a:id decided to work the ' a-bandoned mina itself. to completing the examinations of the weeks, has returned home much im- men. proved. BIDS FOR MORGAN VALLEY MINES REJECTED BECAUSE CONSIDERED TOO HIGH Tho rare instance has happened of {ders offered to iay, after having in- bids for the purchase of properly be-: eluding the cost, of equipping the old PHct Coke company for the old mines in .Morgan "Valley. Some weeks ago a cumber ot coal mem in CtraueilsviUe and vicinity, alter a.a examination of the workings of Valley. Morgan, Rist, Tip Ton, ritom; KI.KVATOU MISHAP. Inquest Inio In only one instance did counsel for th« defense object to a challenge by the commonwealth. T. A. Dough- litl, of Dunbar township, on examination by Senator Crow, fiiated thai bc- I)*a1:h to be ! cause of his opposition to capital punish in cm as a principle ho would Foundry. WaitB,.'Novelty aud Summit, j Held litre Thursday. and the blue prints showing the group- j AK in , ucst into the dea[1] oi 5 Iic j ]acl jbe inclined to give the defendant the g of tUese mines into units, submit: Soch . k0| wfclo was tiiied.Saturday when beni fil. of the doubt in a close decision. _ _ | . ted bids for such property and rights , he fell from an elevat ^ at Ule JACt.or Senator Crow had -challenged H c pri(l! . Coke companj . at i the juror .for cause- Atorney McKe (s enr i ng No 3 _ w i j j ],,, conducted · secured from '. im the statement that the company possessed air each plant. These bids covered a wide _ range, from ?15,000 to $30,000 in the j ThursdaJ . ev eaing at S o'clock at Fun- I BC would return a verdict if satisfied case of one unit to ?40,000 lor another. I [!ra[ Dir ',, ctai . j L g la d. er . s par lors by beyond all reasonable doubt o£ the Generally the bids were so high : fr rmcr g. H. Baum. of Uaiontown. " ' T!j|? j ury , s compose( j Ol g. X. Os- Har ' rJ . sta/tord. j. B. Kurtz, Ir- bids were so thaX the officials of the company declined to accept any 'of them; being convinceS that the bidders had overestimated the possibilities of tie prop- oairlons to return the amounts the bid- Tin Prinkey, "William DeBolt a^d E. W. LeiberEer. defendant's guilt Judge Van. Swear-, in sen then overruled the challengo tor cause after which the conrapn- wealth exercised its right to tory challenge. Continued

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