The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1930
Page 12
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. TAGS TWELVE. pTftW/vOLANS TO PUT FERST SECTION IN OPERATION MAY 1 First Unit of Counellsvllle Extension to Ho Completed Hy That, Dato. LOCAL END TO BE FINISHED LATER BAILY GdtmiBR, PA', SATURDAY", .TATTC/ATcr Tl, Qomplete Wabash-Seaboard System as Outlined by Interstate Commerce Commission The ,accompany)iiff mapi to the use of wljlch the Uniufl Btates Daily, Wnshtjugton City, 1ms oolirUousiy given (The Courici' permission, shown lh» nWnttuUe of tho Wabash-Sea- baardlRallrojid Hy-ilom, as outlined by tho liitoi'stiite CJuifimerua Commission. Tho BynUm I n d u t U s tho \Vnbash Railroad, tho W h t - e l l n f j Ltiko Wrlc, v t h o Plttsburg Wont Virginia, ,tuo Wfestarn Maryland, Iho Ghoflapoako Ohio of Indiana, I ho Seaboard Air Line, N o r f o l k W e s t e r n f i n d numerous other S m a l l e r t i n e s having con- neaUonB, together w i t h trackage I'llshtfl over carhilu poiHiecllug roads. neferanco to tlio map will show tho I m n o r l a n o a of (ho Vitlflburg- "Wosl V l r n ' n i i i which In nucossjary to clone tho BTHJJ b a t w o u n [ho Who'cllng L/ako JBrie and the Western Marvin id, This is being dona by the coiiHlr ictlon of |ho C o n n n l l u v l l l e IGxtonslon now In proRVOBfii Til IF In nhown by ho d o i t e d H u e oil tlio mnp. Thn c u m p l o f o d nyntem "« ' I I cover m u c h of I l i o (rqnh'ixl nnd eaMnrit , United States fr»iin Omnlia K a n s a n ] C i t y , S a i n t Louiji n m l ( m i e n .a in this Toledo, DP.volt and i uflalo in t h o n o r t h ] Now York, Baltimore, Norf o l k I n t h p o n a t , n n d Savannah. Jar.k- souvlllo- n n d M i a m i I n t h o B o u l h , w i t h n i n n y noniiPotlojiH to I n t e r i o r a n d Int e r v e n i n g points. , Tho tulvnndiKOH (o ( j n n n e l l a v l l l o of bolus a point on I h i h System, nnd also the n j H I I m n r o O h i o .System ( w h i c h will ho i l l u n t n i l c d In a l a t e r m n p ) m u n t hit r e a d i l y apparent. l!y llioso m e a n s Connellarillo w i l l bo, placed In dlroc(/ touch with n i l tho principal mnrltt'tlnft editors of the n n n l n r n , snutb,orn, northern and c e n t r a l western soctloiiB of the Uniifrd Hl.atcs, the h c n o / l l f i of which w i l l bo of l u c a l c u - iiblti v a l u o (o our i n d u s t r i e s n n d those l l u i l m a y I n l c r locale lii'ri. flpeolnl to Tho Courier, riTTBBURO, Jan. U--The Pltteburg '«· Weet Virginia Railway Company, a small but Tory important link in the Wabash-Soaooard System, is p l a n n i n g '.o fttarl opemtlona over the first sec- j .Ion 0* tho Connellevltle extension by [ May 1. The Initial portion o£ the lino to be put into service w i l l cover l i t rnllea of tho proposed 38-mile improvement. Tho balance of the road into 'onneUsvlllo probably wilt ue completed by August or September, according to reports current in Pittsburg. Tho portion to be completed in May w i l l carry tho road's tracks to the a»t sid'O of tho Monongahola RU»r. nil., w i l l permit tho a t n r t i n g of service to tioveial i m p o r t a n t induatrial phots, among them tho mills of the I ' i U s b u r g Stool company at Moneseen, iir.d tho Donora plant of the American SU'ftl Wlro company, Thf extension to Connollsvlllo- will ! f « e the gap between tho PUtaburg Wwt Virginia and the \Vetsteru Maryland and will make tho devolop- mtMit of tho F. E. Tupliu'a proposed l-.Uiik l i n o Irom the (Ji'eat Lakes to tho Atlantic Seaboard possible, so far as t r a c k a g e irf concerned. While the- consummation of the plan, c a l l i n g for tho consolidation of, the I'lttsburg West Virginia with tha WiMtcm M a r y l a n d and the Wheeling Lako Ki'le, still faces many obstacles, tlie proposal will ho aided by the f a v o r a b l e a t t i t u d e ot the Inter- ·^iato Coinmereo Commission, whose · · D u a l " consolidation plan proposes th^ (ouacll'latlon of the throe roads and Iho incluolo.i of tho new t r u n k line in I ho Wabnah- Seaboard System, Tntl! the commission is able to force tho lialtimoro Ohio to give up itri holdings in Western Maryland and t l i o Van Swerlngeiw to dispose of t h e i r Wheeling pake Erie stock, tho u n i f i c a t i o n of the three line* cannot lake place. T!io Plttsburg Weet Virginia has made largo investments in Wheeling X- Lako Erio stock In order to fortify ita position lu tho railroad merger truKslo. The- last balance sheet, ai t h e end ot 192S showed that it had inve«tel $1,200,000 in preferred and K.502,000 in common stock of "Wheeling Lake Brie. U also has applied to the. I n t o r s t n t o Commerce Commission for pcrmlts«lon to acqnirR t h e \VpMtern Maryland. Tho road" offored i n |ay $18,(373,000, plus c a r r y i n g costs, for t h r B a l t i m o r e Ohio hoUHnge, or a n y other figure which the commission mi'sht nnitif. In f i n a n c i n g tho extension of ' I t liucv,, t h e I ' i t t e h u r p Wept Virginia hat, t,old ?C,odo.OOO of iVi per cent first m o r f g a g n li ind« and s h o r t l y w i l l offor "2.000,000 in r per cent thovt term not".-;. Tiip notes w i l l ho ro[ilfic?d hy n ',ocond I'-MIP of K',000,000 bond*?, por- iil!.--;ion to ii-fino which has been re- n u n t c i . Tin- comply! pd extension should in'in:; ,i lai'sp a m o u n t of new traffic !» the 1 ' i t t f b i n - g K- Wc«t V i r g i n i a nnd - i u n i l r l Sucre.IM* its loadings of m a n u i - i c t u r r d pi mliu'tH, such a^ st-OPl. Thi6 w i l l t e n d I n rodure the jffoct o f UK- u o l e u t f l i K t u a l i o i u ; in coal t r a f f i c , w h i c h IKHV C'omprisca about 05 per i .'lit of i t s business. I n tho coming voai', IIOWF .'or, the greater part of the lipwfili-, of th extension w i l l hot be r'-coivc-iJ w n l l e the road w i l l havo f h o ' l u n i c i i of "lif incrc-a'-pd irui-ehtedncBS. Th.V « i l l I r r h l to reduce t h e surplus H I U f c h a r p c s . T'ie o o m n a n y V iiiuujiip account for iho f i r s t 11 m o n t h s of 1!)2'J showed a . · . a l i , , t ' i c t o r g a i n over 102S, but i n c o m e ' in X o v e m h f M - dropped s h a r p l y i n com-1 parison will last year The u l u i i i p ) i t - f l e e t . s tli" depvtf-SMl Condition of l x ) t h t h e r i t e e l and coal industries i n 1 t h e I ' i t t s b U f R difttrict. T h e Decembtr i i ' l i o i t p r o b a b l y w i l l show a more p r o n o u n c e d d e c l i n e . In t h e - i l months neded November In. If'i::i, n e t Incoine wae $2,004,0161 , u t t r .ill iKvrges uiulvalent to $».C1! j ,i ' - l i . t i e on (he- ,'{02.o'j] sharcri of c a p i - j uil - l o i k ijutalaiKting. This comparer j \ i t f i .f l,S»'i,3"o, or $S 28 a f)hare, In t h e c o r r e s p o n d i n g period of tho pre\ nu- yoar The otock K on a $C an- n u a l d i v i d e n d basin, !u .Vovcin·")· gros-i income slunipe-!! ·o $!iP,2,f.2:: from $:!!)ti,25S in 1!)2S. Net I m o m e a f t e r all charges dropped to J12r,5:!S f r o m $171,1523 in November. ir»2s. ST. VINCENT ALUMNI WILL MEET JAN. 20 IN PITTSBURG The. P i t t s b u r g Chapter of the Saint Vincent A umni Ai^BOCltitiou will hold a "general pet together meetltiK" at t h p IHuiiufne C o u n t l l K, of C. Hall, ·1337 b ' i f t l i avoinue, Plttsburg, oil Tueti- iluy, J a n u a r y 28. at 7:30 o'clock. Uev, CJeruid llrklge, secretary uf t h u a=6o- cUitnon, a n d tho various lommitteet, in charge of tho affair are \ \ o r k l n j ; lo miiko this gathering one ot tho gala m e e t i n w of tho 1'ltUsburg Cliapter. ICfforta aru liclug mad" to ut in tmicii w i t h overy o!i w i u d e n t of tho col logo, and \\lieii all w i l l h a \ e been a r r a u g f i d coinpletel} it promiotv. t o be one of tho greatest meetings of itri Kin I hi t h e I ' i t i s b i i r K d i M d c t . J o l i n .1. Maloney, proslrtcnt of the r i t t s n t i r i ; lir.incli of the Metro Film I ' o m p a n j , \n c h a i r m a n of the n i p p t i n g a n d I.^fin.ii'd M. lioehm, p r o m i n e n t P t t t c b u r g lawyer, w l t i be ( *i Uie bat.oupt SYSTEM NO. 7 WABASH SEABOARD TlalJroad Company. Lehigh Vnlley 'nailvoad Company. The Wheeling Lake Krle Railway Company 'The Plttsburg West Virginia Hallway' Company. 'A'ootern A l a r v l a n d Hallway Company. ^ -- «.-, TRACKAGE RlOH UNDEB CONSTRUCTH The Akron, Canton Youngtttown Railway Company. Toledo, Peorla Western Railroad. Ann Arbor Railroad Company, Cheaapeake Ohio Hallway Company of. Indiana. New Jersey, Indiana Illinois Railroad Company. Manfstlque Lake Superior Railroad Company, Norfolk Western Railway Company. Seabord Air Lino Railway Company. Detroit, Toledo Ironton Railroad Company (undivided one-halt interest). A l s o t h f f o l l o w i n g trat-kaeo r i g h t s ' Over tho P e n n s y l v a n i a f r o m Loganspori l lr,d. Ovor the- Orand T r u n k , A»hl»y to Muskcgon, .Mich. U v o r t h n Rcuding b e t w e e n Shippensburg and i l n r r i n - b u r g , f'u. Over t h o P e n n s y l v a n i a f r o m l l a r r l s h i i r g t o villc, I'a. Ovc-i t h e H e a d i n g f r o m K o r k v f l l p to Blackwood, Pa. Over HH» U o n d l n f ; from South BeUilohcm to Philadelphia, Pa, O \ r r I h n Pc'iuipyivniiia f r o m Dclphos, Ohio, lo Fort \Vavno, Ind. Tlio Chart'fe Jlailrtmri Company. f'Jnat Berlin Railroad Company. i'JmmitBburg Railroad Company. Siuitiuohanna it New Y o r k R a i l r o t u l \Vllliamsport North Branch Railway Company. Chesapeake Western R a i l w a y . \ a l l c y R i v e r Railroad. Rig H a n d y fc Cumbc-rlaivl Railroad C o m p a n y . F r a n k l i n P l t t n y l v n n l a R a i l w a y Company. .Marlon Rye Valley Railway Company. V i r g i n i a Soutliorn Railroad Company, i'un berlaiK! Pennsylvania Railroad Company hindivifled one-lhird interest). Tlip B u f f a l o Crook Railroad Company (undivided o n e - h a l f I n t e r e s t ) CenesFfe Wyoming Railroad Company ( u n d i vided onp-fil'lh i n t e r e s t ) . The Tronton Railroad Company (undivided one- half interest) Tho Lake Tormina! Railroad C o m p a n y ( u n d i vided o n e - f o u r t h i n t e r e s t ) , PaLapsco niack Rivers Railroad C o m p a n y ( u n d i v i d e d one-third i n t e r e s t ) . Kenwood Wheeling Connecting R a i l w a y Comp a n y ( u n d i v i d e d one-third;). High Point, Thomasville Dt aton Railroad Com- ·*' pany. Lawndale Railway Industrial Company. Macon, Dublin Savannah Raia-oad Company. Philaclolpbia, Bet,hlhem New England Rail- M a x l o n ' AInl * «= Southbound n iltroad C o m p a n y road Company (undivided one-half i n t e r e s t ) . South B u f f a l o R a i l w a y Company ( u n d i v i d e d ono-sixtli interest). Aberdeen Rock fish Railroad Company. , H e n n e t t s v i l l o Cheraw Railroad Company. Birmingham Southeastern Railroad Company. H u f i a l o . Union-Carolina Railroad. Cape Fear R a i l w a y s Ino Clitfsido Ttallroael Company. Carolina . Northeastern Railroad Com'pany. Durham Southern R a i l w a y Company. Kd^emoor Matietta Railway. J'iedmont ft N o r t h n r n Railway Company. The Georgia Southwestern G u l f R a U i o u d Company. Uroeiivtlle . Northern Railway Coinpiiuy, Moore Central Railway Compai y. St. Marys Railroad Company. Atlantic Yadkin }lailway Coi ipany. Tho Townsville Railroad Comp tny. Virginia Southern Railroad C o i i p a n j . \Viirvontow Rail Ro.-ul C'ompan;. McRay Terminal Railway. Tampa Northern. Railroad Com jany. Interstate Railroad Company (undivided o n e - h a l l interest). Chatham Terminal Company ( u n d i v i d e d one-half interest). Wiuston-Salem S o u t h b o u n d Ro Iway C o m p a n y ( u n divided one-half i n t e r e s t ) . St. Loin's Hannibal Railroad Company. Copyright 10,10 hy The United States Dully Fill llublngr C o r p o r n t l n n . The main purpose ot tho mooting ia to dscues plan.! for tho celebration of the 26th a n u h e r s a r y of tho alumni association to beheld at the college at Latrobo next. Juno and to build up an association to take charge ot the colouration. Tho meeting In J u n o Is expected to bo tho largest in the history of the a«»oclat!oii, aa well tin In the history of the college, Other purposes ot HIP J a n u a r y 26 meeting arc purely social, educational e n d entertainment, Bovera! p r o m i n e n t speaUra havo been uttcured f o r I h n evening aruoug thorn Bfrimtor David 1. Walah of M a f l n a u h u a u t t a . Rt. Rov, Hugh C. IJoylo, biuhop of J M t t M b u r t f , w i l l give tlu Invocation nnd 1U. RHV. Auvollua Stehlet, O.S.H., p r t i h W o t i t of Bt, V i l u - t'*-tit Coli^Ro, \ 111 give a short t a l k at t h o The f tor Bargains 7 Read ths aav^rtlsements in Daily Courier 'Whoopee' Ousta Many Students SIOUX CITY, Ia., Jan. 11--An Investigation to unearth causes why students "flunk out" pt college w h i c h promises to bo aa searching as th« Carnegie Inatlluto investigation re- gartllnjj college ahtlotlce is b e i n g mads by officials of .Mornlngaldo College hore, Too m u c h "whoopoe" headi, the liet o! c u u a e a , Others aro listed in order oi (heir importance): Lack of interest if college w o r k ; loo l i t t l e m o n e y ; loo m u c h o u t h l d e work and "jutit pialfi duiwbneus" and u i i f H i n l l l a r t y with c:ol- Ugti methodo and liuibllly to adapt the college oiu'lronme-iitfi. The, i n v e s t i g a t i o n it, bcln« di roc ted by P, M, Moaaman, p r e s i d e n t of the colieuo, M y r o n Urabnr, dnan of men a'id Misci Lillian U i m m l l t , dwin of w onion. Perryopolis PERRYOPOLIS, J a n . 11--Earl E. Curtis, dramatic coach of Perry Township High School, is bus w o r k i n g on another play, "Icebound, ' "neither a comedy or a tragedy bv: a little o; both," which will be presented by the members of the Dramatl · Club, T h e ] date of It3 preaentation has not yet j been decided. Finds Age of 79 Too Late for Bootlegging Smithton Cnarlea Thrasher of S hag r e t u r n e d to his s p e n d i n g aroral weeks nallevlllo Hoepltal, whor went an operation. The eighth crarte at Po started a stand in tho i c a n d y , i i o p o o r n , ehewin may be purcbaeed. The | t n help d e f r a y t h o e x p e m niuil (rip of (lie eis^l R f " liurg, R t the cloi.a of U lar Junction horns aftur at the Conj h e u n d o r - ryopolits hue I cliool where j i g u m , etc., | roflts \\ 111 K) ea of I l i a a n - lera t o P l t i H a term. ALBUQUKRQUE, N. M., Jan. 11-Money hadn't been coming in so easy to Juan Guitlerreza, 79-year-old refii- dent of San A n t n n l o . Friends and neigh bore, feeling sorry for tho old man, told him an easy way--whisky. J'tifln set out t-o m a n u f a c t u r e whisky. It looked «sy, hut e o m e t h l n R slipped, he told J u d g e M i l ' o n Ilelmick in district court. Severn! grand c h i l d r e n and great i g r a n d c h i l d r e n w o r e in tho courtroom Rfl J u a n received a suspended «on- tontse of CO d n y e . AA the ,1ulgre'ke the l i i i r h h words, Juan h u n g hia head «nd prom!«Pd not lo do It a g a i n . TTse Ans. Ttoy p*miiiji. Looking for Bnrg-alns I Read the adv«rtUeiuenti In U a a i i l i Feai To (IMJI i h f fni, »lni.-e fe ir oppr( j aseih strength, g i v e s In yo 1 r weakneBf strength u n t o y n u r foe.-- Shnkesneara. Pireplac* V i a i o n a A tlrpplnce properly u t i l i z e d is a f p p d f r of t h e l m n i { D i i r l o n . M a n y n c l i l U I t i n s Bern h i s flrsl splendid v i s i o n of r u u u i n c P , of pneiry, of u n d y i n s benut.v, in Uie g l o w l n c embers of the open fire. SM1THTON, Jan. 10.--WiMiam Sutton of \Vcat Newton was a local busi- ti-ess caller W-ednobda.y. Word has Ijeen received h«r* of the birth of n baby Iwy born to Xr. and Mrs. Gray Smith of Sutervillo on jU'Oiiday, J a n u a r y 8, The f a m i l y now consists of two gii lf and two boys Mrs. Smith will IK remembered aa Miss G a r n e t Rhodes, formerly of S m i t h t o n . Miss G a i l Morrow was a West X e w ton visitor Wednesday. Mrs. Theodore C u i i t i h i g h a m of Conn e l l s v l l l e was a gii(:H at t h o home 1 ol Mr. ami Airs. D a t j d K i i n d l AVwlncs- day. Mrs. floia Kunlw 1 was n MolCe-va- p o r l caller W-odnesi ay. Mrs. !. II. YOUIIK was H P i U s h u i g vl.sitor Tueaday, Josaph !''«rrando was fl \lorwns -11 vihltor r w a n t l y . Think I , Over "Monf.v rtofisn'i 'iituin li;i|ipinyssi.' But did you ever (lid mud) jn.v la a borne for the poor*- -Forbes Magazine. STATE PUBLISHERS GATHER JANUARY 20 AT WILLIAMSPORT Hpnaltcrs of NnHonnl Promln* «iM'« on I'rognini for A n n u a l Convention, ADMIRAL BILLARD AMONG NOTABLES of SVIbUAMSPOKT, .Ian, 11,-- Spettk- ors of nutioiiol protnlnnnoo nml somo at tho beflt known puWlehortf ttnd other n«w«paperia«-iL of tho State arc on the program Tor tho annual convention of the Poimsylvairla Noiv«- pepoi 1 Publtehern Aseociation, vrhlcli is to be hold at tho Hotel Incoming, Wtllamflport, Monday and Tueeday January 20-21. At. a banquet to bo held the 'evening of th-e flrflt convention day, Admiral F. O. Biilard, commandant ot tho United State« Coaet Ouard, tvlth head- quartera In the Treasury Department, Washington, TV ill tell some stories of (hrlling experienccfl lu. which coastguardsmen. have played the* leading parts. Political Writer Listed. Preceding Admiral Biilard on the program 1» 1'aul H. Mallou. chief of the United Prc*f, etaff of oorre- spoadonte at the national capital, who will tell some "Inalde Stories ot WksningUm." Mr Mallon bae had two unique experiences that do not fall to tho lot of every newspaper man. Ho hiwi fallen ia a blimp In tfoe course of reporting a newe event, and he aac been Investigated hy a. Senate committee. Hie cloer-lhan-tieual contact with the Senate came after IIP had reported the doings ot this augtist body in ojcecu^ivo session. History records that the Sonate came out second best in Us tilt w i t h Mallon, finally deciding to amend its rulee so that matters relating to confirnmtioti of appojiiteoe will hereafter be con« eld-ored in open eeseions. Another banquet speaker T\-ill bo Thomas !·!. Richardson, humoriet, ot WJlliamsport, who will tako for his subject, "An Appreciative Williems- port Advertiser." At a luncheon to Je given the first convention day in the Lycomlng ballroom, there will DC two addrcescb. Harry Horehflold, comic etrip artist and creator of "Abie, the Ageaf;," will tiilk on "We're Al! Moro or LeEo Funny," and Dan We! gel, booster extraordinary, will epealc on "Selling Pennsylvs.nia"; Charles M. Meredith, veteran publisher of the QuaJtertowji Free Pres* and formerly president of the National Editorial Association, will preside at the luncheon. Tho convention will open at n o'clock on Monday, the 20th, and ho in charge of "William N. Hardy William«port, manager of tho P. X. P. A. T T| io committee arranging tho two-day program comprises Colono! C. J. Smith ot tho AJlentown Morning Call, president of the state ase'oeia- tlou; Dietrich l,ainu,do ot Grit, "\Vil- IhunepoH ; Goorge H. Graff of the WUliamsport Sun-Gaaette, and M i . Hardy. Heretofore, this convention han been foeld at Ilarrioburg, but thle year t h e publiehcrs decided to cluiuge to Williamsport. It is expocted there w i l l be more than 200 publishers, otlw newspaper executives and their wives in attendance, in addition to about 50 representatives of newspaper supply houses. Following an address of welcome by Volonpl Smith, Diotrick Lamada w i l l give a talk on "The Early History of G r i t . " Dr. Franklin Banner of Stat" College and Fred Fuller Shedd, editor of tho Evening Bulletin, PMhidolphi.1, will report on the work ot tho p u b - lishers In connection with the school of journalism' at State College. A dfecueslon of inuonio tax problems will be led by L,. Clifford Myers, certified public accountant of Williamn- port. To DlKctiKs TccImJcal QuesMons. Then will follow a forum at which the general ' mesa sifuation, newsprint priccfi, legislation, advortieiny nnd more than 50 other technical subjects will bo discusBed. At a meeting of d u l l y newspaper publishers, presided over by Waltei L. Bates of tho Me-adville Tilbune-Ro- publican, there will be an addresw on "Insurance lliitos," by I. Z. Buck- waiter, business manager ot the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., and llarn "W. Cullte, president of tho Interstatr Circulation Manogerts' Association will give a t a l k on "Circulation Problems." At a session of weekly publishers, presided over by W. S. Livongood of tho Meycrsrtalo Republican, vice president of the P. N. P. A., there wil' bo an address on. "Progress of thr Circulation A u d i t Plen," by Jay AY Shaw, field fiec rotary of tho New Yorl- State Publishers' Association ; one oi "Cost Finding .Syotcins," by C. Clem ent Moore, accountant, nnd one on "Advertising Problems in the Smalle' Field," by K. B. AVolfrom, m a n a g r r of the Shlpppnsburg Chronii'lo. At a Monday a f t e r n o o n f-,re;lon o' d a i l y publishers, P. W. Loisenrinp, biibi ne.'i manager of the Allentow i M o r n i n g Call, a n d W, O. Strong, adv e r t i s i n g manager of the Krlo Timef, | w i l l ( a i k on advertising eubfecK , 1 \V. E. WHICH, maii'igpr of t h e median: - j r a l f l o p j i r l m r - n l o f t h i America i Newspaper P u b l i s h o n i ' Association, win give h i v views on "Stamlardizi (ion of tho i'rintiiii? Kiitl of (ho On Tuesday, t h e hi'cond convention di, Senator W i l l i a m 1 ) . .Mansfield l l h c M i K o r s p o i t Daily NCXMS, will talU a b o u t "OHU-ial A d v e r t i s i n g " After ,1 di-x-m-sion of frox p u b l i c i t y and 11 i r'-adinjr nf several c o m m i t t e e r e p o r t ^ , o n i i e r - w i l l be olodrd f o r tho finsuirc M ^ i r . In t ) i c ufUM'iiDon t h e iiilblifiltpi p iiml t l n ' i r r:u(vtt, w i l l s l M t t l i o pUn i of thr i v , o 1'K-fl.l no wi paper*.

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