The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1918
Page 8
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-SPACE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH IS, T3TS. REASONS FOR DELAY IN MAIL RE ACHING SOLDIERS ABROAD ·ANY COMPLAINTS FILED .I ~ S I Tost OMce Department Gives Explanation of the .Causes. In S»iUnes of Steamers, - Chayges in LoaUiau of Troops, Ah- «»c« OB DeUched Jaty, failure to F«rw«rt to X«w Address Trouble. In explanation of the frequent and sometimes very protracted delay in the receipt of mail sent to the soldiers 3»rving ibroad the Post.Omce Department has issued the following statement: Parents and relatives oJ soldiers in France are urged, to take into consid-^ eracion conditions in connnectioa with " t h e mails to the troops abroad, wh.;n they receire complaints a-bput delay in delivery of mail. They can rest assured that a soldier -who Is with bis co-.n- maud and not absent on detached duty, or. for. other causes, will receive ais mail in. approximately 30 days from the time at the- mailing of letters. In- tacict» are- innumerable', where mail his been received In between IS and 20 days, but on the other hand there are a great many cases -where soldiers bave,.f«Hed to receive.their letters or pcbages .within a period of from two ito three months from the time of Oieir mailing;. . . . .' ."When mail Hoes not reach a soldier within 30 days from the time ol mailing, it is due, -sometimes, to a temporary- irregularity -in the sailings of steamships and transports; it is due, sometimes, to the fact that the military attthorities in France, possibly for military reasons, hare not promptly advised the postal agency of the location of the troops. If.they are newly arrived or'if they have recently - changed their location; it is:due. sometimes to the lact that the soldier has been to the.hKpttal or has been on detached service away from his regiment, and the-jnail "orderlies charged with the reacMrecaing of . the mail. hare been slow to lorvrard the letters to th new- address. Tb.»re ate on. ftle with the Post Office Department 1,080 complaints about the delay to the mail to tho boys !a France. Of the relatives of-soldiers who hare thus complained, 237 have written to the Post OSSce Department airtoiBg that since the complaint their adresses in France are receiving their letters and parcels. The Post Office . Department desires to receive the complaints about mail which indicate a delay of more than six weefcs, as each complaint is followed into the camps ami trenches, where a report is obtained either from the mail orderly or his commanding officer on the cause of the delay. In this manner the Post Office Department has been able to get gratifying results in tie movement of the mail both while it is in its custody and after it pases out of its jurisdiction into the.hands of the military authorities. :^W%ea-jt is-considered Ut about 3,- OOO.OOO pieces of mas! a moati "go to the: soldiers in France and that the boysrar*. not one compact Una, but scattered over France, the do- iays, -though'.unfortunate, anrt somc- ·-5--heattbreakiag-to'relatlves, arc : :-esi;gible in quantity. sumptuous feast was prepared by .her Saughter-in-law. Mrs. C. V. Hardy, and a royal time was had. In ^pite of her years and the fact that she has not been veil for a long time, Mrs. Hardy insisted on doing her bit in the preparation, of thatdinner anr. what she did proved she-had not forgotten the skill which made bar famous as one of the best cooks'in the county. Siie received m«tny. presents and. spent the day very' happily."" The. .Pechin bo/s..have organized. a ( baseball club and expect io do some | almost"professional playlu'g'the com-! ing-season, . i The people hereabout arc very busy I getting_readj'. to plant the biggest, gar- j dens -iii- their "history. They are thoroughly awake to the needs as presented by tho govcrninent'and i;one of them. wHl be slackers-. · Paul Provnnce and family have moved from Maaoning to the. Courtney house on Hill 'farm. Jlrs. Mary Mor- risee, who had occupied the 'house, moved to her farm on Trisbtown mountain near Old Center furnace. Charles Bryner and family have moved from Jit. Braddock into the Bryner house on Ferguson road near j Pechin. Pechin; I£ You Know, a British or Canadian Subject Who To Be Helping In This Var X GIVE US HIS SAME Name Address '· Where '.Employed _____________ . ______ ........ _.:. ___________ _ __________ i Cut this out and forward. to the British and Canadian Recruiting; Mission, Smithfield and Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. - · PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS ' WHO ADVEETISE IN THIS PAPER. ECOSOXV IX CHKCKIXfi ,VCCODJT. Experience 1'rovps That a Cheeking j Account Saves Jloirey; i Try this plan for yourself and you win find it true. A bank~accourit subject tg your check is a systematic method of handling income and expenses,-* System "results in a saving Every man and -woman who has a fair income should open a Checking Account at this bank. Call ana talk over the plan with us^ Banking hours daily from 9 to 3 o'clock arcd open on Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 p. m. The Citizens National Bank. 13S N. Pittsburgh, street, Connellsville.--Adv. ATHLETICS AT CAMP DEVENS- Very Few Dull Moments After Day's Work Is Done, Says Sergt. Francis Ouimet, Sergt. Francis Onlmet, former national amateur and open golf champion, wri tes from Camp Devens at Ayer, Jfass^ that he.Is having lots of tun. He says that there are few dull moments left after tb day's work Is Oone, as athletics are very popular. '/When America gathers her men together for a great drive against the Germans, she will have the finest collection any nation could boast of," Is Oolmet's opinion. Read The Daily Courier. TO-NIGHT AT BEDTIME If you feel ou'i- of -sorts, run-clown or "all In" troifi over-exertion, or if you arc cnselpated, or your Hver IB out of order .lake 8L13S NATIVE HERB TABLETS In severe cases of sick headache or rheumatism pains, two tablu may be taken. You will pet up next morning: very much better. BLISS NATIVE HERB TABLETS act gently but effectively on the kM- j neys. liver and bowels. One box contains 200 tablets, cos-ts $1. and nsnally fast six months. Get the s c n~ /"2i uine, and look for trade mark \/D) on. ^^ Sold by A. A .Clarke and local agents everywhere. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY THE DEVOTION OP AMERICA'S MANHOOD IS TOLD IN "HER BOY" SCREEN DRAMA OF MOTHER LOVE AND PATRIOTISM, STAB- RING BFPIB SHANNON AND NILES WELCH A SPKCIAL PRODUCTION --ALSO--BLOOD AXD THC.YDEB" KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. ' --TOMOKKOW-- TRIANGLE PRESENTS J. BARNEY SHERRY IN "THE ARGUMENT" ' ' IN 5 ACTS. ALSO LOCAL PICTURES OF THE COLONIAL TEA, TAfcEN AT THE.ARMORY. SOISSON THEATRE L', TUESDAY AJfD WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 10 A'» 20. MATEVEES DAILY JACK BALL STOCK CO. (The Speed-Ball Stock) --Df-"Pretty Miss Nobody" A Story of California. . The jPlaj- Beautiful. Plenty of Comedy "flTitb a Good Punch." THUKSDAY, FRIDAY A5T SATUBDAY . Scats Sow Selling. The Most Sensational Flaj- Ever Put on in ConnollsTille. (A Brench Cocktail) fun, Singing and Dancing. i Committee of Censors Appointed to Praise or Condemn This Play. Matinees, lOc and 20e. Sights, 20c, 30c and 35c. - -PECHIS, March 16.--Adara Ro - . McClellandtown, one of tlxe boys a. · ' Camp Lee, has been discharged £01 physical disabiliiy. stowed on bis v;a; home Wednesday to visit bis aim' ilis3 Delilah Markley of Keffers ste lion-. He lett here 'for home Friday. Miss'Mary Lowrey of Cimtinrata; · No. 1.. is visiting her aunt, Mrs. \V". D I Blacta o'. FergUEOTi. .. . · 1 . George Gildroy of Church Hill is ir ·the front line of those who are doini their bU- and bis wife is ail entfausiac ! tic as he \"-. They are raising a ca!' keep- two-pigs, and have a brocd cf H tie-chicks, tie first in this vicinU. They have purchased sLt acres of Ian and-a horse and will cultivate ever. available foot of the land. They e; .p«t to raise enough for their pv.- ne»ds and some for inarketi fit' Gildroy is the eldest son of Mr. a: Mrs. John Gildsroy ol Ne-.v Englai. Wit. near, the..luraace. . Mi. and -Mrs. Joseph Piper of To;' gosbil road are the proud jtarents or . . bouncing baby-girl, the stork iiarinj;' visited ther home this week. · \ Charles E. ^Tuning of Coolspring .' soldier who has been visituig iii^ Rcv.--Harry TuniTig of Fergv . J9onLroa.d,. left, yesterday for C^mp Gordon.- _where ; -ho .is .stationed. He hac 1 . .been, home on a furioaglu Ho, like;: soldier-life very -well, anS says they . . have-plenty, to eat and lots oE stren-j -UOBI drilling to do. . | .Yis« Gladys-ililler. of Kellers station; · celetmtea her birthday last Wednesday. Among her many presents was ?. hamhome diamond ring. W. S. Franks ol Ferguson road has . broken ground for his* early potatoes which he expects to plant March 17. and is also malting garden. .The festive ;frogs woke from their .winter's .sleep Tuesday last and were singing In the ponds west of Pechin. They must look through three glasc windows before spring really, says the old adage, and the .first one'Came this morning. tb.e mercury standing at - ! « . . , - . -- Arthur McCusker of .Church Hill has purchased.» new sis-passenger Reo. and eipects- to enjoy some summer trips with his family. He keeps his c»r in the girage at Rrr. F. J. Brennon Jntil he can hare one erected. T\t f»nHy motored to Coonellsrille lut night and attended the show. [ihs. Eliza McDowell Hardy cele- br»i«) her 82nd birthday at her home .oa th« larm. «t IrishtonTi March llth. Q«it« a nmnber of her neighbors and Mnwlt *Dior«d the day with her. 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