The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 39
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 39

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 39
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r tT """"T T" ' ' ' w fy . -'- - J--'- . - -1 - 1 v THURSDAY. AUGUST 20, 1984 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL .39 Ml AUTOS 101 SUE - (Pact, ft frmlHl Cot- 1SSI CHRYBLEB WIKDIOI. motor end tires ood. Bon oiler. 1e-M17. . KM MS TO) rvorr with ouik rum many sciaiaarlas. 1.004 erltaal . mux tverttlablel, body an run- nine Mar m wiper eonaiuoo Hlsbeet offer Cell Bendy IU- lin iiimh 1 "OS nnki wmiAl. IMl . 4-DOOB HARDTOP. rVLLt eoMlppe. all white. HM erl. Btnal bIIm, snonf ni, - rtll nnsnee eeln- bom otter: private 7SS-4I41 tor appointment . THE HOME OF "GOODWILL" - -USED CARS , ENVOY Ipxkl tote, completely reeondtttaned. rmlahe m bleak, excel- $795 ; Uxreafnaat IMl AUtnit SSO. roll; neon- C $745 IMt VAUXXALL Super MUn. In m t cotWltiMt fin- v jr.- - $695 Jliyi TUBMAN ' . MOTORS LIMITED Peottee. Belch. Acatsa, VeuxhaU M4 QMC Truck! .1770 BANK STREET at Alt VtoU 733-4080 MYERS AUGUST ' SELL-A-RAMA ALL UNITS REDUCED IN PRICE -1962 Chevrolet N44)O0R SEDAN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION $1495 MYERS ELGIN at CATHERINE 233-3532334411 NO - DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED ' . Continue Payment ea Any of Tbeaa Cart. " No Hymants Baton Sept 1. lata pontiac '1T7(; etaU waoa I ' ' .!..... $1295 -MS PCNTIAC oor ' tar. : $1195 aan cravROLR tOQO km Sparta '07J .faajwmAC ' $1995 Eb $1995 ZZ2S $1195 imimittiac $1995 MM PONTIAC Swat CbM $1675 Ml WICK Moor tor-Hs. SX-...$2095 . imi comet t.oQC stalls, waaea P ' ' it enrrsus ... $895 ' Duval Auto Sales (OTTAWA) LTD. ' SM Rldeeu Straot The Beae of Better DM Cere 1 JSt-ttffT FOUR POPULAR CARS ' AT , POPULAR ; PRICES J' r.v n SURE AND SEE GUEST MOTORS LTD. , - f ' Aaiaiim canm. ce e. 72 LXbUC STREET ' HUU 777-2731 ...... 'ii , 101 . AUTOS Rt Silt (Coat tram Pieeedin- Comma) UM CHEVROLET. OOOD RUK ning oorwuKm, soa 8 e e e a a IMl CHCVaOLCT. OOOD CONDI- UO. BOM Oflor. CONVEBTIBLB IMl POIfTIAC PABMIENNB COM- vortlblo. fully oowrroa, iooo oondlikm. Must bo told. Con r nut wrmi, tuU pric tl.TM. or moroH oftrr. U4-17I1. door, roam, ooa ooowuob. w THESE MUST BE CLEARED WE NEED THEiPACE FOR RAMBLERS Tdke Your Pick Of 1963 CHEVROLET BEL AIR SEDANS None over 13.000 mile and just like new. Automatic TrantmiMiont, Power Staerinit, Cut torn Radio. Sat Belts, Windshield Washer. IF YOU HAVE A NICE CLEAN CAR TO TRADE WEIL MAKE YOU AN EXCELLENT DEAL WAVERLEYMOTORS LIMITED . Rambler, Jaguar, Rtnsult ISO DRIVEWAY 232-3501 1962 PONTIAC PorUixuw ooaoorUbw wttk a cylmaor motor, avtomoUo tronomlmlon, oowor Moorut a brakoi. rlo on othor oa Ino. ony block with whit $2495 mtortor TURPIN PONTUC, BUICK LTD. 424 Richmond Road 72S-1717 DRIVE OUT AND SAVE $ $ $ $ DURING DILAWRI'S PRE-EXHIBITION SALE IMS rORO Oalkxaj oor boratoo, MO onriot. powot kioorm. powor brokos, oowor oootk. oato ' moUc roto, whltowkllo a. $2295 IMl COMBT 1 oor oooch. cyllnoor, 010001 trono- $1495 IMt MTTIOH BMoou oor oHon. eyimaor. auto matlc, power Moorln in EST $1495 IM rALCON 4oor eooeh. $1,195 1M PONTIAC 4-oor sutlooi wasoa, oylmoor. kula- 1M COMBT Caotom kUtloo a ajmnoor, Man- $1395 ' ItO POBO , aor Matloo wmoo, cyUmlor. ma- $1095 IMl CUKVKOLXT Blacarwa oor aaao.. oyilmlor, otomUr tranomlatloii. whiuwsns . $1695 Special 1961 STUDEBAKER Lark 2- doer station wtjon, cylinder, atandard trans -BiMl0B....J775 ONLY -DILAWRI OF STrnSVILLE CAN DO m . Many Other Now an Chote Usa Can lo Chooas from. , ' DILAWRI : MOTOR SALES LTD. 707 Mala St R. ' . Stitttvilla, Oat 1 Hmtrtaa Paot BoITt Carbar , ... an ujhwajr IB. Telephone S2S-S121 . ort2S-0122 : Mercury, Mateor.iComat Ml AUTOS FOR SALE (Coot, from BumiIii Column) BABOAIN AT tlAH imi OLDojioarLJL rxrrj.i.ivT cooauwn. ai.ouo muto, tuny ouippoo. mvaw. ro-ms. CBNTUB MOTOB Mt OlkokMM at Boot. ZIS-IIII NO DOWN PAYMENT. IMl CADILLAC riJUTWOOD. Bvorir poaalbla ostra, 1 awn or. ok.Tav -IMl OLDBMOaiLB HABDTOP, fully ooworo. tlM. IMl PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO matte an rala. Ilka new. tl.m. IMl CHBVBOLBT, RADIO. BPOT lm SlJkJ IMl COMET DELUXE. AUTOMA- Ue. Bortoct oontfltloB, SI.4M. Its PONTIAC BEDAN. EXCEL lent IranaDortatlon. MM. MANY MOBB TO CHOOSE PROM BBBNNAN BBOB. LTD. IIS) Welltm-lea Tlk-ltkl. lluaaa lM CHBVBOLBT SEDAN; It voupo norotOB; ism PoriUot HoMtop: is Valiant et-Un; ItM Chryklar aoaaa; MM ClMlnlal a-orfeo.k IM CORVA1B COACH; ItM RAM "" wo-m; IMl Coneul fooch: IMl Chevrolet eoavort. Ible: U Ponllaa aoaa. coxvajr COACH; 111 jaan; IMt Chevrolet aeaoK IMS -iio aoo l-ooor kart- 'JIVAUANT BEDANVTm! PIAT OLDaMOBILB SUPER M. S- Im. srLii jolet oatfoa; imo Cherralet eta , Touxnan aedan. IM Volk-waien coach: ism ! VAUXHAlI SEDAN: 1BAB JMUke aedan: Its Chevrolet -oor hardtop; ltd Meteor 02 A0T0SWAITO AXJ??J?1' MODEL WesnaajBI. ny OBmrnm mW SgX,, Olaaataa. M Knl wuena. Coneula. wot14 lie S COkchante (or late modal carTaa aurtoe Motors, lie BIaao atroet. tM-eSM? ' "MIDIATI CABS TOR ANT LET MB BELL YOUB CAR FOR SJ -an arranee a SSmW- CalTioa NEED CAIH1 um m,. 1 wiu Buy your ;1, y pneo or trade J2!?f" kah faAr-hl. MeDonold' S ww, aae orss. C7:i"" oonanno. ray 'YTILY OWNED ADTOMO. laoVt r"" oonotuoo. Call W.aUT LATB MODEL CM AND r -.m. fzveio VlnfLCL'LA CBEVaoLETS Autir-ib.l-i-ii cUnjf Ave nua. TM-M0t. Wl"LX CAB ON CON. " rncf. iae-oe7. PALMKB'B lliva m " y M-V14. AlllOl Mi reucp ajo mm e"5J2otH ;,ALrroN pick-up v. mma. eaeoo. fab- CHEVROLCr iaT. 1.TON. STAKE at-tip wwcai, Borfoei. ate. rUEL OIL TANK TRUCK. ISM aww Riuwr, f COWDfUrW ona. las sallona. tSl-Mir " vW1iI'DlLlD fHOOL BUSES. KiCrug-Sa PhonTwoU'S.- NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES 2 -i'S"'?" .or "lr KIND Jglar Sal XmZtZaZuZ ISM DO DOE U.TOM Bkmt completely reeondlthine. new SrUur6- "" "- B INTERNATIONAL aTON yieo-uo. Mir oacMittao, BM-IT BM. BXCELLENT. IMl AUSTIN vaaa. wayume. SM UMar. 105 MOTOftCTCLB TIBS A ITS CO. WB atXL AND 8EBVICB HON a. BSA. an Rartey-DevieoB MfaMv! Ih j ' r . NSU Btootors. to an aot Baa wooa. SM Mil. tot LEGAL i TENDERS FOR - BUHDINQ WORKS Tna. iaia i. Uena la National Copltal Commie Inn ttlfUH . I u, l.. ivnoora wui eteoo a ra noon. "T w.. mm a nw piiVtM;, m. m In G Boor Room. Th rn II 1 --- Itaelflo oeoeot the lowoat or any ad onvolopaa, an clearly marka "Tenoera lor altoreUona la No- Mr. D. L. McDaneM Notional CapHai Ml Cartln Avoa-ie, -' . v : Ottawa, Oolarw. Plana art apocifloaUoiw aaa be obuine from the ollicea of the Commltatoo at Ml Corlln Avosuo. CANADA PROVINCE OF QUEBEC Ubell District 8unerior Court No 7311 Dame Jacqueline Rlel. etfa un-ar community of property ot Patrick Thlbeult. day laborer, of the City of Manlwakl. Label I e aietrlct an the aaM huaban nro-ceodlng pereonelly an to euthor. Iro hla wtfe lor the Burooaa of the preeanta Plklntlff s. rteymono uecontie. Menlwau, ba ovale evnnei. . oarvnoonv MOTrck We. arothenoury of the tooerlar court. Label le dKtrlat orer the efenant Boymon Deeonlle, to appot- at the office of the Moorler eourt at Mont Lkurtor withm I monm rrora tno loot minitoaiuaa of theee preeents. uivew ot ino nan as 4 war ice at ProthonoUry of the ! tuo-rtar CeirrV Lakelle Oap Roy. Lawyer, ' ' r h P.O. Box. a' 1 Merttwakl. fT . " 4 ,,-Attornev of the Plabrtlff ' Ml U6AI NOTICE OF . APPLICATION by the Corporau-ei of the Yewnanls of Napaaa fee approve! of a By-law ta efloe ' an -euktlah THB TOWNSHIP Or NBPBAN DBAINAGB ARIA NO. I (PA kk WOOD BILLa-riSHBB MBICMTS); lo aathorlie Mreemant wnb Ike Cerperstiea of the Cltv of Ottawa foe the eoaotrocUen of eartaan aewkf e werka aealme tor the draloait of each Araoi to provMa for the parmant for the tot worka; on to lm peae k aewaca rata far Back BerBoea. TAKE NOTICE THAT: I 1 The CouneH of Mm Corpora tion of the Townehlp of Napeen Intonda to apply lo the Ontario Municipal Boar for approval of the conatrueUon under atreemonl between the Corporation of the City of Ottawa an the Corporation of the Townafik of Nepean of a atom) ewer of a tflometer of forty-elshl ("l Inchea oh Neabrtt atroet In the Cltv of Ottawa from Plaher Avenue to a point one uundre and ilxty . two (ISI'I feet north of the ex latin- culvert at Prince of Wales Drive. (Herb-after cello -The Neabrtt atroet Drain"!, at an eatlmated total coat for the Corporation of the City of Ot tawa an ute corporation of the Townehlp of Ncpeen of, Elshty-Two Thouaan. Two Hundred (BUJOtMi Mien, of which the turn of Twenty-Pour Thoue-and. Two Hunan IUMMMI Dollara wUI be paid by the Corporation of the City of Ottawa an the aua of Fifty. Elkht Thouaan ltM.0M40i Dollars will be paid by the S orp -fallen of the Townahtp of enean: and the corporation of the Townehlp or Napeen in-lens ta charge a pert of the coot of work M a sewer rale for per tod of ton (10) yean upon Unas that wilt or may derive a benefit therefrom. ii It la arapaaa that aeventy-ftve ITB-H per centum of tno aotat eeumatoa eeet to tno Townanip of Nepean or a net estimate amount of Forty -Three Thoue- ' and. Five Hundred t4J.Se.Ml Donara shall Be met By oe-b-eiturea nevabla within 1 (11 yean on. the metalment plan. The annual rat la estimate to bo 4M mills on the value of the Ion. The follow tn la an example of the annual chame an an averase weHtn - property ror wnicn tna aaaa men! an Ion hi S5M. Aaaaaaif value at) Ian SM.M Mill rate S S nev-ar Rata (Aimual charcel S 01 ! The ana upon wmea eucn aawar rate to no leiaau m M deeerlbs ta Bcnotul A" hi No x-,iotlene will be erante. tl Any rat-oarer may. within. twenty-one oays error ino fire publication of thla notice, sent by prepaid past ta the clerk of the Township of Nepoan. at the ad-reaa (Iven below, a notice in wiitln sutm his objection to such approval or to the B-f nn-HLnM -I the aooclal rote. may aporova uto eaxa aoec-i rata pursuant to the atalate an approve ot the eel worka. but before coins eo It may ap- peblle hoarln when any eb-Vtiona wUI be amiemoro. but notice of each hearm wul be etvoa only to theee P-xvona vrne have (iven ootloa of objertien VcHEOULB "A" . Bylaw No. Sl-M THB TOWNSHIP OP NEPBAN of the eeeterly .limit of the. Clyde Avenue nana m wey -' - -Ncpeen Tovrnahlp-Clty af Ottawa boundary, thence eeeierly klenf Nepean. bem tno norui-eaet corner of Lot Burmycr-ot D rive. Iimwi i p- r limit of tna Ttrwnehip of Mcbomi . - i.a tno -auth of the south-east corner af Block "6". Plen Ho. 4IS2S7, bem sieo s poim in me mmn w-a-Miw , limit of sal Block -Q " e a. point in Lot in. Pun Jseotn wntcn at IM feet couth of eouUi-vreel corner of Norn atrwat, acontmu- tn wve-eriy, iwv wmw ; parallel to the aoutherly limit of corner of lot MO. thence weeterly SSTttS eoutherly limit of lot 54. to tno eon www - ail or naei i- . - ieonally aeroae Invarncea A v e-nue to tno aouth-eeet corner sj iouth llmtt of m JSL northerly alon the rear lotltoe of lota MT to aostmuwaivw. ... mUmtm the roor lot Una ml ota Ml to M tncluaive to the north . wt .corner of lot eea. thence ite-w-jiy ZC lot Itnoo of lots MI to . 709 In clusive- vo we -w-: of lot TM. U?nco v-eaterly alon the rear lot una ' clualve. to the aouth-weet corner 'f,'. '::"w-Z.Awina. Drtve to the weeterly limit ot Block "F. PljJrllitbera-o rthrl- ne n-rto "- ' " 1, ,k. a A. nvae-i" r T- . .- itn mt nrtchwoo Drrre: ,i i . ,k Mrth hence --- . TT7. in. W BO" w -t-aKrrlw OUs lib.?kv of Auf"i V- Vy tM-wn-hl - Its'Vlchmon Roa. Ottawa- Ontario. BANKRUPTCY SALE IN THB ,MATTEB of JM Bajlk 7oS?o7trah tb. style name af Venna'a Jewaters, aa the Town of Benfrew. M the Ptevmea af Ontario. FOR SALE BY TENDER Boole termers wlU be roo-tve . .l- - " ll liajla-Bl etSttll 1 -iT Monday, the Mth day of Auliat. lM7tae lha lolhyarln V I .itv af JoweUery. chine ware and "'" value-at ap-xro-a-aately. re-eu - . . : S Savon snowtasas. alam eherv-me. 1 elr eonaiuonar. I nun cabinet, 1 aWel aoak, 1 chain an other Ibreas. ' . AaeeU may bee-eijyarcirt- aWM W vwm ' - oera must bo soole and cmsrly markM tanner m i-a-i " must be accempanle by a eerU-flo cheque payable, W lha true-too, for 10 ot the amount of the or. Tno niRnest aw any wjw- aot na my accepiea. DONALD A. MacLBOD. CA. Mac Lao, fjomrlo k Ce." Chartere Accountant-, ll O'Connor atreet, , ' Ottawa. . 02 1LKT10I SALE C omelets lino ot new an Bead furniture. Saturday. A usual ta. IMt. Combe Furniture Company Limited. Brtdse en MIU atreet. Car let aw piece. Ontario. , Auctlaiiaara, McNelly an Menliamary MANY BACES itVthnlt Mora tbaa na unerent ethnic group or tribM live ki Africa south of the. Sahara, Xtll.Mc . -t How Often Is There an Eclipse? Win th is-volume Britannica Junior-Mnctclopiia for Khool and horn. Send your quution. nam, aft, addreu to TaU af Whyf can of Th Ottawa Journal. In east ot duplteatt quutiom, th author will dtcUU th winner. Todatfi winner u; tana Zfnaon, I, Boillc, Ohio. By A. LE0KUM II you didn't know what an dips really was wouldn't it liightan you? To see the sun suddenly get dark ia the mlddl of the day can be a myatertous and frignteninc evenL Today af cours. wa know that an eclipse of the tun takes place when the moon, in its Journey around the earth, pasa- dlractly between the eartfe and the sua and casts lu shad- s oo the surface of the earth. An eclipse of the tun occurs only when the moon I for then th moon is on that sid of the earth (acini the u Then why doesn't clips take place at every new moon? The reason ia that at the moon moves around the earth,' It : passes aametimM above and tomattma below the path of the earth. It path la not directly m line with the orbit of the aartb around th sun. While most of us think of an eclipse aa bains an acUpM of the tun; tbere era also eclipMt of the moon. This happen only when the moon is full. (Or then h It at the op- poeit side of th aartb from the aua. Vha the mooa comes directly behind, the 'earth, as n from the sun, tt gradually into the great shad- ow-co-h- cast by the earth and dUar-naars.frora view. A total eclipse of the moon then oc cur-, . In tome years no eclipses of the rnxion "occur, in ether years there are from one to three. Every year there mutt be at least two aolar eclipses, end there may be a many as five. The solar and kmar eclipses to ll ether can never be mora than even in on year. At any one pUce on the Name Head Of Student Affairs University of Ottawa hat re organized it non academic service for students, grouping them aO under the repontibil Ity of a senior lay administrator. The university snnounced today th appointment of Jeaa Archambault, SO, of Victor a. a administrator of student affairs, respoiuibl for the Place-merit orrica. Health Services, Sport Department and the office of the dean of students. Th dean of students. Rev. Jocelyn Saint-Denis, OMI, remains responsible for the university"! relations with student organizations, including the Students' Union, campus residences, off-campus lodging and student rauiMelling services. Miu Evelina La Blanc, dean of women, also remains associated with his oftce. ROMANIA COMPETITIONS More than l.m.OOt amateur artists tre takhw Bert In ruv non-wioe artistic arm petitions held to mart Romania's lath annrvenery of liberation from un utraiarts. NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION INVrTATION TO TENDER CPX Releeatfoa, Grade SeperaUorat : miwuu ar-a oo-dreaat to the arider-tene for ott locUon- Prwjcott Line. ant one an Approachae will 6e rocolao until 1 00 pm . t DO T. an apene ta public (irteen mm. later In lha ortlco ml the TUESDAY. (EPTEMBEB Is. IMt .. Plana, aonlrett Occvntanta an orm i W tender may be ebtalne ot the Commlaalon'a offkee. Ml Carlln Avenue. Ottawa. Ontario upon the peyment In the form of a certlfie cbeeiaa or caaa In the amount of Forty Dollara (siO.001 which wul be reruBde on return of aU plena an eocuxneata aa The loarsat or any tewar not 1. B. HANDY. National cepNal Commlaelon. . CorUne Avenue an , Bell Street. OTTAWA, ONTARIO CANADA PROVINCE OF QUEBEC Ubelle Dbtrict Superior Court N. 7S1S Patrick TklbauK. dav laho-er. of the City af Manlwakl. Label lo oxnrvn. piomnn - v . stay. mon Docontle Mentwakl. Lake lie dlatrlct, aIerMlant Hnrtrl We. prothonetary of Bos oapwlm court, Lebelle dlatrict, oroer the erenent. Raymond Deoontle. to eppoar ot the oflleo of the eupertor eourt at Mont Laurie, wtiht-i t month from the loot nokh-eiu-a ea ineve pvwxente. Oiven at the Half af fuel fee at ssant uurter. siirMii. ipse. HOLLAND MATTE. Pr-Mhonotary af the Superior Court. Lebelle Dwtrtct- . . Attorway ar I teas namtirr . s earth's surface, total eclipu of the sun will be visible only once in about IM year. That's why utronomers travel long distances to mak special ob-tervationt whenever there it an eclipM of the tun to be seen anywhere. The studiM they make help them leant about th tun bees use they can see gas clouds shooting out from ihe ua during aa eclipM. e e e FUN TIME ' . The Chuckle Bos Sign ia a restaurant: Eat Now Pay Waiter. .c e e The only motorist who never rum out of gat It the backseat driver. e e e WORD PUZZLE T I R LJ S N T I 1 S MY ANSWER by QUESTION: ' Everyone I talk to has a different answer (or what a person must do W be saved. I am going around in circles. Can you tell me whet ia the simplest and most direct peth to take, or is it as complicated as my friends have uid? F.C. ANSWER: When Paul was asked this question, he said: "Believe on th Lord Jesus Christ, and thou thai! be uv-ed." Now. that doe not only mean that we trust in the righteousness of Cod's Son, imputed to us through faith but H also means that we era to believe end do all that" He requires. It mean that we are to be forgiving, unselfish, (re frqm prejudice, led by His UNITED AIRCRAFT of CANADA LIMITED Our expanding operations have created highly attractive openings in our systems group for qualified "programmers" with experience on the IBM 1401. Our company growth insures excellent career opportunities. . , Stirling Salaries An AboYi Averaje Apply in Writintut Employment Supervisor. United Aircraft of Canada Limited, P.O. Box 10, . LongueuU, Quebec. ye AT YOUR Can you change the Erst word "Test" to the last word "Runs" in four moves? Change one let ter ia the word with each move. See tomorrow' paper for the answer. Win th Britannica World AUat or yearbook 0 f pent. Stnd tour riddlet. fokat to: Kiddlet, Joket, -nil Ma Whyf Today" winner ta; Sharon Marihall, Ilofn, Tex. Leils SERYU SAYS: ' 1 L 1 TRANSISTOR lONITTON KITS. Manotlcfc Moton isporta Car special latai. saa-saaa. PABTS AND BEBVICB AH Bntttab can Beell-h Mai-em Ltd. 111-eiJS AUTHORIZED SALES AND SIRV- lee. Moms, atu. nuey eoe woa-eeiey ears. BBAUPBS AirrOMOTIYB ITt OlaBalaoa U1-S4 OPEN DAY. NIOHT. ALL EXCHANGE UNITS AVAIL- abie. aim icrewn pane, eernes. Waldlns. sea, atl. . AUgnmtnt un . 1W-.VMV apateiwia. noiinvan andAli-xuncnt, S3 Kin Edward Avenue, t-ea-eaie. JUdiotor Service FREE TEST1NO. FREE ES Ti me tee. rrea cnec-tmE an tne vehicle. Hy'a Radiator Co-, Clean-ins, rape Ira. recoraa. M We). llnftoa. PAS-M3S Vfhotittry stSalllRQ TRI-Ck- BEAT cuantona. bomner auio top up. vs-lBee -all ame- ALL CEMENT WORK DONE BT terry i.oiirn, ri e ta t years. Always check with a recietcre contractor. Free eeU- mates. S4 months la pay. a atM. ALL TYPES PATIOS, WALKS. . curbm. suorenteo. rrea eeu matae. TSS-41U. a -' CEMENT WALKS STEPS. PATIOS and otuooo. rrea aetimawa. ras- ' 'i V. P. CLOST. AND LAWNMOW- ars. nenerai repakra. tea. weoa- nffe, iia-sase. L RECREATION ROOMS. REPAIRS. sc. rree eeumetee. a. Bruce C. A. OBANNBN aa teas Ltd. trais THAI DAH. ALTERATIONS, aaora rroaite arm oeaitione. re- pelrs, recreotion roeme, roorm an rhiaciea. Ton noma n, whatever n an we'U a It. Just dial the BIG -J" an we P. eee M today. EAVieTTtrrUGKTNO. REASON- m pricee. rree oetimotee. a. u. OerVfn Plum bine an HaeUn. HIT; Bank. 1U-SSM. o 1 A V B BTROUOHINO SUPPLIED ana matoiiaa: eoKterme yotnt fuonntee erorkmanahtp. frt eautnatea. Any time, sslttn ROAM RUBBER AND POLYTOAM fehricetln. Beattle Foam Rub ber, U aocoavall CAPES. JACKET, M UP. rb. pairs, rssionskia. Card aaa. M- liss. - & llf Co,umn nt5n I r.putiblqolirr.bu$lrH)$$ who art ready to tarn you. Pont delay call today. I 1 McRVOY BBOTHBBS . ' SU Bant Street Jll-SJll ESTABLISHED 12. . PABKINO UP TO I TEAR TO PAY for the beet ki worm sir heat Ins. call Hubert Stove an Fumece Ltd, 7M-J7M. TOWER PRODUCT IONS. 1T1 S parka street. 1M-M11. close Selurrla y far July an Auguat. GENERAL REPAIRS. FOUVDA- tiona. pamtinc. escavet i a . cement work. Free eeumetee. 14S-374T. DISCARDED FURNITURE, CLEAN up refuse, removal to crty dump. Moderate ratea. REl I7M. . . McELHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP-er, carden loom. Proa of eo. stone or clay. Pronuil da livery. sas-. II. TOP QUALITY FTELD BOD. tc per eq. yd sae-Mll. North uowor, collect. a MANDBBLEY. BOD ' TOP QUALITY MERION BLUB ram ana mixeo niuo areas, our eery so, ixl-lto. FIELD SOD. 1ST PER YARD, over IM ysrda. M1-JM0. . TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. IM a ea vara aetiverea. rnonc collect VemptvlUe isa-ll(l. SPECIAL UME8TONE. REGULAR loc reduced loc. t:ecur trees. waJUtone, aoda. 74S-1S11. o t ACRES. NURSERY SOD. 11 M Err acre or beet ones, oeorte-ay, RuaeaU, Oat. a BAMN't NUBBBBV BOD TOP QUALITY MERION AND Hann a Blue. Alee no. a nuraary So at reduce price. Pkeae collect, Greeley loa. SALS. PATIO STONES. WHITE, rid" Broea, black, rejects. tU-(Hit. OLBN ACRBt SOD USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION ' Blue nureery rod en our Glen. ' acres Blend. U-lMa. INDEPENDENT TRANirER. 14-hour service open for monthly con tr acta Aleo piano movtne. fS-llw meure. ISl-MIt or Mi ni.., ALL PAVTNO JOBS DONS BT Terry Contractors, guaranteed I to 1 yeore. Alweys check with a resietere contractor. Free eo-time tee. M menthe I pay. Us- PAVINQ DRIVEWAYS. PARKING palcn Thtb tchln. wont (uarsn beeult ravin, tsb- For Information on MRaSERVUcall I compassion. Sine it is obvious that wa cannot do th.i in our ur. regenerate state, then it Is necesury that we be convened first. Good works are not the qualification of a Christian; they are rather the result of being "in Christ." ' Except there i life there can be no fruit, and all the good fruit you could gather end lay before a dead vine could never give it life. The Bible uys we are "dead in tre-passes and sin." Christ Mid: "I am com that they might have life." So the order Is this: first, Christ: second, good work. Jesus said: "At the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; oo more can ye: EXCEPT YE ABIDE IN ME." Spirit, and full of Christian ABSO OTI Dapcrtianalns: SFACTION. outalde pa in Una raaonablo McCeilan Broa CES-ail- for a aer bbos, plumbino ana Mainuj. r ree cetimeito. work fuarenteed Time per mente. Bcpalrs our apecielty. Niaht an day orden asvite. CU-S221. f'-lL.- NATIONAL PR-'NTERB LIMITED, fine quality comm-rclal print-In 401 Preeton. C-741. LO-MOR PRINTtRS SOCIAL. wummerrlel prlntine. prtoto, offset, weddine InyTutlona. Ml Gloucester. CES-SS0S. I .;i.-rh... I REPRIOEBATION. BAL-B AND mrvieo an branchn Mor r eon a, 117 Preeton atroet. lil-4J. ALL BOOF1NO AND REPAIRS done by Terry Contractors. uar. enteed . 1 to 1 years- Always check with a fesiatere contract- Free estimates. 14 men the ta pay. 1U-1SM. QUINN INSULATION CO MP LITE BOOFINO SERVICES, all work kuerantee. Free eati- meteo. Telephone day or a v a-nlnsa, PAl-isu. STUM CLEANING MOBILE STEAM CLEANING AND preeauro weehlns; car ensinea, heaemente cleaned and water . proofed, reaaonable. 7-V4S4. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A. Bruce Beneon umlted. ru- .3XL WELLMAN CONCTirrB LTD. ror reinrorced pools, neiee ana Servke. 7M-MU. S2S-1TS4. BLUE LINE TAXI, J4-BOUB prompt mrvtce. Cell CEs-UM. RED LINE TAXI LTD . 14-HOUR aery Ice. ceu ill-Mil. TOOL SHARP-NING TOOLS SHARPENED. CIRCULAR end nend uwi lewnrnowers, rreclslon work. Guarantee. IM '... .... ELECTRIC. STANDARD ' AND portable Hemtneten typewriters, lor sole or rental. J. M. Hill and Ben. Ill O'Connor. CU-T7M WEEO KIUING WEED KILLING AND FERTtLTZ bi. Bealdentiel. Industrial. General lawn eerey eervice. phono SU-417 for Ottawa. Mull area. 236-7511 'i i v, I i ii Ml .V.: . r v 1.v e V; "-v ' t

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