The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1918
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 18, 19lS THa DALL.I COURIER CONNSLLSVILLE, PA. 10 MTHiiGLUB There Are Many Things in bfe More Agreeable to the _ Players. PRETTY SOFT TO DUCK AWAY 4it Ov.r Notion That Training Trip Is All Joy Rid* for Ball Towtr-- No Pleasure to CM Into Cojidltlen. Te*, It'i pretty "soft" to be able to tract away from the frigid, disagreeable weather of the North Its "soft" to rnlaa the changeable "weather of a Northern spring and bask ID the steady inruhini. of the South Its "soft" to linger In a fine, hospitable Southern hotel, listening to the pnlms sighing sweet lollables and the pickaninnies hamming in- to the accompaniment of a banjo It's "soft" to na?e somi-on: paying your expenses while you are literally breathing' In the dne roxance of the romantic South and enjoying yourself flitting around a baseball field a couple of hours a day to wear off excess en- Yes, Its "soft." Thats what the folia generally tay when a ball player or scribe hand* ont the information that he is going South with a baseball clab Its so soft so pleasant, po agree- a-'e than 97 out ot every 100 metient South for baseball purposes at this time of the year envy everyone back home even though the folk* at home are forced to dive into doorwrys to dodge the chll id breezes «o Swttt Joy Ride. The bafl player floesn t need sympa thv ^Te 3 pretty well provided for But get over the notion that n train Ing: trip is all one sweet Joy ride for him ' No onp loves physics! or mental pain The average buslnes.-, man when physl rally troubled win close his desk and Jet awiv from his labors He would (eel offended If someone Insisted that - fce should work Getting into condition is no sinecure True th*U s a part ot the business bnt even thouph n mnn Is paid to Buffer pain that s no reason he en Jovs the pain When a fellow Is forced to continue his muscle-ripping labors when his muscles are crying ont for rest that fellow isn't exactly enjoying himself More or Leu Bunk. The South mav have its romance But as for the impresIon that one gets from flowerv novels on South trn "itmosphere --welt there s more o- less hunk about it. T^e South Is verv fine for those who live there* But when the lust for trivel lios ind ; all n nnn reallv lives for exists in Uie No-th ^ou miv rest assu-ed that man will tnke the Jiorth in preference ro the South any time Undoubtedly he sime applies to men whc live In the South Southern hotels are h spltibl" ei-nu£h If cnvone e^er s'tw a hotel which h« thought really was hosplta tile A hotel is a good place to £0 when TOU c t n t go any place else Southern t-itning trips are of eoaise necessary to baseball, hut .from the ball p'are-s point of -UTV there are irony things in life more agree- abl» than going througo the process of getting into condition in the South* RECORDS BROKEN FOR DEALS Sale of Alexander aid Killlfer to Cubs Hcadi List--Stuffy Mclrria Bring* Up Last. All records for baseball trides and ·nles in i single oK *-ejj,on h-t\e beea broken this «intor Tkcj Tollow 1. Aleiondc- and Klllifer «old by the Phils 'o Chicago for 530000 Pren- dergnst and I5!lhot.fci 2. Bu«h, Schnns i.nd Strnnlt sold by Ath'et'cs to Hie Red Sox to' $60000 Pitcher Grosi Catcher Thomas and Ojtfleldu Kopp S bhortstop Lavan and Obtfielder Shotttn traded by the Browns "to V a-slungton for Pitcher Gallla and $15000 '·t Ootflelder PasLert of the Phils traded to the^Cabs, for Ontflelder Cy ·ft llliaras 5 Pitcher George TjJer traded by Boston to the Cubs for Second Base man Ljrry Doyle and Catcher Art Wilson. I fc. Infielder Herzog of New Tort traded to Boston for Second Kascman Larry Dovle and Pitcher Barnes T Pitcher Al Mamanx Shortstop Ward and Pltclier Grime 1 ; Pittsburgh traded to Brooklyn for Outfielder Sten- fle and Second Ba"eniac 3ntslm» 8 Stolty Mclnnls "sola to the Bed Sox Columbia .Grafonola lumbia Records What price stall we pay for our phonograph?- Don't try to antwer that at home. Come here. Loot at one model alter another until yon nave seen the entire line They -at all exhibited for your inspection. They'll be played for you. Listen to the $18 Grafonola Listen to the $250 cabinet instrument and tie models in between That is lie way to answer the question, "What price shall we pay for our phonograph? ' Your visit here will be a welcome one It is * Columbia policy to make such shoppie j as pleasant as intelligence and sympathy can make it. Rapport-Featherman Furniture Co- A trip to Pittsburgh is never Complete without a visit to «rsi; EPPA RKEY NOW IS IF YOU WISH TO LIEUTENANT IN ARMY| HAV£ '· HEALTH You can not afford to miss this opportunity to consult and be treated b t^ia Specialist. 1)1! J{. ». 31achrN/Ir I Eppn JepLthi Rlxej left handed pitcher of the Philadelphia J,atlonalal ·who Ihes at CharlottesvIHe Va. has' been cumralsaioned a flrst lieutenant In tl e snuitarr corps of the National anm Ke probablv Trill be assigned U the gas defence section UlxcttxPM of the IltMddrr nnd n ur ATI- o DlhenMfN of th« Skin \\ orn ou nnd run down mm And women no matter w hat our lit "cnt rmj be cali-- H costs j ou n thing B ree examination lt«TP In \ our Home Tctwn Itrmcmber (be* D n j \ r w **i \G n o r r i 114 ^ I H l x I u r j r 31 Connclli'tillr BOXING BELTS IN AUSTRALIA Emblems Given to Winners in Differ ent Classes--Must Be Won Tnrte Times to* Own It Promoter Bnker ot Au-rtrallu has cut the chirapionship boxing bouts from rwentv to ten rounds and gives cnaro pionshlp belts to -winners In the flj weight bintnmwelght feathprrvplght l!t;htweiElt nnd weltern eight classo 1 ! The holder must win th= "belt three t!*nrs to own It. Arrerlca Vs France A.n»riran soldiers In Prance mny epgage In soccer games with French players during periods of relaxation at tne front Rattling the Skeleton A IvMiiliopper of race horses calls himseK Helter Skelter That's the wmy some of the honres nan. Rub Musterole on Fo r ehead and Temples A headache remedy w iout tte dan gers oi "headache med!ci~e" I^heves headache and that miserable feeling from colds or connection. And it acts at once' Musterole is a clean, white ointment; made with oil of mustard Better than a mustard plaster and does not bh=ter Used only externally and in no way can it affect stomach and heart, as some in ternal medjcmes da Excellent for sore throat, bronchitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia con gestion, pleurisy, rheumatism lumbago all pains and acb"s of t^e back or joints, sprains, sore muscles bTi-ses, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the chest (it often prevents pneumonias 30c and 60c jars, hospital size $2 50 PAGE SEVEN 'heStoreAhead" SERVICE AND COURTESY WlMtfcw 7*Q »h«P ·* B««enlMHav · in peraoa by mall or telephone T«M witt mhrtijt fend the nine hixb recant for y*«r pvrBonaJ weUtire *nt MittefnctfriTi that fcn* charictorlzed tfc !· Sl»r* for luir a. cent 117 'THE STORE AHEAD" j$f Green Trading Stomps in AddrLson io Bes-i Vaiues BACK OF PURCHASE ·vou hiTC lh» Rimrnnt** of t ilk oO "fir oSo ba»l «-p*--B bcs nwc foandcJ on ] oneM) r^d intff rlty --r ausin iw that rrtaini iht confidence of lU )· irons "-bop h*r* h/ matt with perfect tafctr Cute Apparel for SHOP BY MAIL New Spring Styles featured for the little tots at prices that are extremely low for goods of this character--exclusiveness is a feature of Rosenbaurn's baby apparel - quality up to the usual high standard maintained bj us. C-l«--Splt-drd y»!., 1» T Ol*l--Th» Cnp » nadv of !.» Crcwn a»««W »f tawbrai- fne Wtlata. with d*«p tarnbudt. d»rrd KntiKt* xtim ·*· i *hif trri nVriij In caibr*Wrry Imn ctttT* rmaV *af ·rt«n4r -!*···· *«l STwuitJ f»« All (ixc* 1 AA ·vwcra finLsb Aia vcrr ·4»««t*r *9 tm 2 raara J..W iu.i «-i nuaehlliJ 1 yU 59c U Cap CMF- C-103--Tha cap !· mad* of C-IO--Thu ahecr erttandr anbra4d*i7 mOover cmfaroidrrr viJi ical cap It taalb lumtdcred and rrry iama4 with loyed tnnrbaci nu^ ribbon trim chic for a child 3 and 4 jean '1 7^W* nied Sim RP to ^tQf 1 "^ The double Hce edce at j ,»,, . t ^ l«^""l" " " ""_1*75 D 262--Til** xttnirtir« node) Li nad« of T*llc Lmplr* effect witii rirtind r*ke 4aiou!r trin- nt«d inth Flinch )ot*4 mncl feotJt«r *Utchhir Slxa -| rfl 2 3 id «.r« l.DU D-soa--v«rr d m i n t r littu drcra mMlc of soft i tdtuool. n«cL and lr«7ui art Herd with lice bud yvke U tweked la fin i*h*d with French Lnots. SlMro C tEMKHo. I rear "I Or and 2 jo-n ,, D-204-- P r e n of nainaBstt vtir? n^at tcvable made with e voke S^irt mzdc nnd tuck* at b.ttom montai 1 and 2 fine whit* and nerr broidered itlt rwJH* A 113--ll»ndio«i, Sk.rt Cmt raide ( d.Lh with deep cMbmdem* ept SixM 5 ±? 6-50 A Jl--Tfcij Oat all wool Kt-f« vi front and back tw pocket* »«t*f« Hrtmr madi? »f A-302--Skort Coat of CrraR rok* In C**ai»crc wilh 9cxjlop«d Knd ^ f)0 nnbivUeretl cnUsr hnpd *ttji --"-Wv ««t**n Very DM*--for babies 6 SI" g r ".i 4.oO A 3(M--Tin» »«r7 fftyliah coat i« made of S»TX« wlUt n m l roll cullar and caff* and belt. Sire. 1 2 and 3 q QO A-30g--Thu pretty hltlc ci*t i made of cerce in plain boK ilj-'c with cuffs and collar fin Iclied wili bra*d Sues O JTA 1. 2 and 3 jean O.OU The Rosenbaum Co.--Pittsborgh's Most Sfodera and Handsomest Department Store Strive To Hare Healthy Skin Next time 7«u ATA In f»tb«rlDr of wom«n not* the dltTor»nt condition* a,pparent In coroploxlon Tou ·will ··« norne filled -with blackh«adl ·omo 5iT nd rough orn» vmooth ft ad §;r*afl7 some «n**red wttii rouge Dome streaked with TTj«taJ}Jc powdem ajad once In a ·you win muB DUB that I* a. ·trmUon of Intenisrwice 1 ' 1 from «rr«ry point of rl»w The color la rosy th« ·kin IM ol*»r and smooth th« porta mr« MerHLlI moA open, the powder do«a not ·hvw'on the firm vlroroua «kJi. Er«rr woman can ba,v« a good ooxa- jHeiloji If «b» wilt oniy^UB* A little dlacrvtloo If you would acquire r«*l jfcaanty tlw b«auty of p«rf»ct health you jnM»t' replenish your,, worn-cut n«rro« with lecithin Mature · own nerre reitorer and put Into your blood th« inrlgoratlitr Iron which Nature Intended It to have for {health In moat of tfan modern foods the** and other vitallaiar «Iement» hav* bMn largely «Umlnata4 Yet to be r:a.Uh and beautiful the 0ya ;t*tn must hare them They aro found In Bio f«nw not only in prop !«r proportions to restore weakened i vitality but in auch form an the *· jt»m can beat aflalmllate them A treatment of lecithin and Iron peptonatft *M oombinod In Bio feren Increaaei the appetite aJ1» nutrition and InrtKomui the patient And Bio feren In its pellet form la osy and palatail* to take--no liquid Iron discoloration ef the t*« + h no anplcMajit taat«. There IB no ·ecretT'or"" myiitery about El /er»n Doctors prencrlbo it regularly because they know exactly whit It contain* am well as what will do and hay Icnow they could -3ot form»!a,t« a better I up-; building tonic. The action of Bk-feren on the *yit*m la »o beneftclai. we are *o sure c' itm clvinir you poslLKe health and vlror provlalnr of coursa, there la no ·erlotiH chroclc ailment auch u cancer, tuherculoal* etc. that w« only »«il it on the condition that ou aerr«* te return tha empty packag-* and accept a refund of your money unl«M yon ar» entirely ·ad«5«d There t* · tuia waittnjr for b«e,tth and beauty JFt U better to do thtngv today than tomorrow Go to your phynlolan today--riclu now--ha will adTlM Bio teren. Then · art taking tt at orco ft* he advJOM or as dlroc Uon» on the package call for The guarantee protocta your money In t ere* tine booklet may b* hod for the aakinr Lance package ?i 00 at all leading drufcTglsu or direct if our drurffldt can not mpplj you. The Bent An el Bemedlei Co Inc. Cincinnati Ohio. LOCAL Bell 842. Xn-Statc 573. DKT13TCE Residence 161 Haas i t COSTTELLSTILLE, Patronise Those Who Advertise j BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c IF YOU HAD i NECK AS LONG AS THIS FELLOW AND HAD SORETHROA1 T O N S I L I N I Ujfe WOULD QUIBIlTiaiEVE IT. : * l f c W r M t S PETEi DlfK--Except Orer the Phone, Perhaps By C. A. VOI6HT -- ) WAS Hoprvifr- CALL, UP HARI2VT V^'f^E / MELLO -- TOMKSHT-- OW PEAK, ,Y5 3UCW A "BoT \we owm. A CALL--- \ "TUtHr^ MRS IS SUCH A SIMPU5.70M AND PET^Y \S A SCREAM Mao KMOVV vwXT t KNOW How HE TALKS --

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