Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 30, 1972 · Page 35
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 35

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 30, 1972
Page 35
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ttC-July 30, 1972 Sunday WMI By ARTHUR DALEY \ Holtzman Rescues Oakland for Blue N. Y. Times Service NEW YORK--When the Oakland Athletics streaked past the All-Star break last year with an overwhelming lead in their divisional race, a guileful lefthanded pitcher was performing magic tricks to light the way. When the Athletics crunched past another All-Star interruption this week with another comfortable lead, it again was a slick left-hander who carried them in the early going. But it was a different left-hander.. A year ago, the A's produced the infant prodigy of the season in Vida Blue, a 21-year-old with an overpowering personality and fast ball to match. But Vida was tripped up by bad advice and his long holdout this spring stripped him of the highly productive first half of the season that both he and the Athletics were entitled to expect. Vida came up empty. To the rescue dashed Ken Holtzman, a 26 year-old refugee from the Chicago Cubs. By way of celebrating his escape from the abrasive Leo Durocher, the artful lefthander picked up the burden that Vida. had left unattended. * ,* * A's Board of Strategy Uneasy If the skipper failed to mention the continued top performances of Catfish Hunter, that's because the 21-game winner of a year ago is now taken for granted. Last November, though, the Oakland board of strategy was uneasy. Both Odom and Chuck Dobson, two reliables, had sore arms and their immediate futures were doubtful. So was that of Vida, the incipient holdout. Reenforcements were imperative. So a trade was made, Holtzman for Rick Monday, the outfielder. "The difference to me," said Holtzman the other day hi Atlanta, "is that I'm now with a first place team that has a good shot at the World Series." If he sounded pleased by the present, he still could not shake free of Ms resentments of the past. * * * Should Have Won 2 or 3 Pennants "The Cubs were first in 1969 until the Mets knocked us out," he added with growing bitterness. "I'd say that we should have won two or three pennants or divisional championships between 1967 and 1971. That's how good the Cubs were--and are. It's hard to explain and I don't think the manager makes that much difference." Rain Soaks Golfers In State Amateur State Amateur Golf Results HUM 1-A Held Carrol, Tom Muon, Robert Runyon, ;sul Btlley, Urry Sl'npton, Jidt PorttJ, S«mor Stcond Flight Edward Rabel vs. V. C. Rlley, match not completed; Red Brown d. FliflM J. M. Johnson d. D. Fr«dwW dAfeult; John PlanNWII vk Billy match not completed. _ Wells, By Bob Baker WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS --"It doesn't rain on this golf course. . .it pours." That was the comment of one soaker-to-the-skin golfer as he walked off the Old White course Saturday after the third rainy day of the West Virginia Amateur Tournament. Everybody played except the championship flight. The rain kept falling and Howard's Creek kept rising and play was finally suspended for the day at 2:30 p.m. Several groups were still out on the three courses when the siren was sounded by tournament rounds," Burns said. "These players will go out Sunday morning and complete the remaining holes of their ounds," Burns said. The first flight foursome of Ken Bowen, Harold Payne, Larry Simpson and Jack Forbes were on the 16th fairway when play was halted. "There was so much water on the 16th green that the group ahead of us couldn't putt," said Bowen. Bowen said he was only four over par after 15 holes. "I played a lot better. I guess I'm getting used to this kind of the first flight scores If he was trying to sound like a good sport who could conceal his deep hostility for Durocher, he failed. "But I must say," he insisted on saying, "Is that the manager has a lot to do with the mental attitude of a ball club. His main job is communication. Today's type of ball player is a lot different from what it once was. "Leo had a great amount of power and that created an unusual amount of tension. A lot of the players, especially the younger ones, were scared of him so they were always trying to please him instead of concentrating on playing ball Ito the best of their abilities. Me? I doubt that I spoke, two words to Leo last year from the all-star break to the end of the season. I didn't pitch much in the second half of the season, either " * * * Duel With Koufax Most Memorable But Holtzman demonstrated high competence at times during his seven years with the Cubs, practically all .of it under the tender loving care of Durocher. Ken was a 17-^ame winner for two years in a row and he was to fashion two no-hitters. Even before that, though, he was to be involved in one of the most memorable games of his career. Hailed as another "Sandy Koufax" because he was a fireball thrower who also happened to be left handed and Jewish- whatever that has to do with it--Holtzman faced Sandy for the first and only time of his career late in the 1966 season. For seven innings Holtzman had a no hitter and finished with- a two hitter. Sandy allowed four hits and was beaten 2 to 1 * * * ' ' Cubs Never In World Series, But... "It was the last game Sandy lost in regular season play," said Holtzman reflectively. "He retired the next year. But' I was to do better than that against the Braves in 1969. My curve and changeup weren't working and I threw only fast balls. I knew I had a no hitter into the seventh when Henry Aaron tagged one. " 'Oh, Oh,' I said to myself. 'There goes the no hitter.' Then I said, 'Thank you, Billy.' The wind held the ball in the park and Billy Williams climbed the fence to catch it. Last year I had a no hitter against the Reds in the seventh when Johnny Bench, of all people, bunted. I raced over to field the ball, knowing I never could throw him out. But the ball had so much' spin on it, it rolled foul. So I got my second no hitter. But the best game I ever pitched was a 1-0 victory over the Pirates last year in 12 innings." Holtzman never made it to the World Series with the Chicago Cubs. He may do so, however, with the Oakland Athletics. stuff.' Of turned in, Carl Linkous Jr. and Albert Cohen had the best rounds of 75. Shooting 76s were Robert King of Charleston, Jon Strieker of Quick and Jim Hawkins of Huntington. The firs flight players started a new 36- hole tourney Saturday. Rev. F a r r e l l Walters of Charleston defeated Horace Blankenship of Athens, 4 and 3, in an eighth flight match. "We three or four-putted the first few greens because we couldn't find a dry spot to move our balls. But we figured it was as fair for one as the other," Rev. Walters ithis," Anderson commented. John G. Anderson Sr. of Winfield said his group played five holes and called it quits. "My opponent (Ralph Saville of Lewisburg) three-putted from 12 en cumcltt thtlr Albert Cdwn, Hunilnttoo M-97-75 Jon Str.'cker. Quick 37-3*-76 Jim HtwfctfU, Huntington 3»-37-- IHk FllfM Smoktv McKnlght «. E. W. Morrl»«, default; Robert McCalllXer d. CoMn Harold Piyrw did not Campbell, 1 ,,. ' ' tMUr MvWtn Ken Karl d. Roy B'luard, 4 and 3; William Dyer d. Bun Frantz, 5 and 3. , Pint Fll«M Anertw D'Anton[ d. C. M. England, Bob Thaxton. Chwhrtsoo 42-3t-«0 * and 5; Homer Robblns d. Clyde Wll- Fr*d Luoar, Occana «-W-«1 Harris. 4 and 3. Ch»r!e» Stoot, Hunfinston 4J-43-* Joe KeManet. Huntlngtoo withdrew Fred Mieller, Charleston withdrew Flifht I-C Robert King, Charleston 40-36--76 Fred Lester Jr., Huntington -- 42-3»--K Billy Wellman, Hvntington 4M1--II David Carter, Huntington 3K3-»1 Gregory Reed, White Sulphur Julian Neal, Huntington John Lalshlcy, Hunting 44-45-1? Jim Rovers, Clarksburg withdraw Plltht 1-0 Csrl Linkous, Huntington 31-37--75 Dr. Jack Shamblln, South Cha«. 38^0--71 Larry Klger, Huntlnglon 49-38--7« Frederldt" Smith, Marllnton .... 40-41--SI David Cappellari, Beckley 40-43-43 William Butcher, Martlnsburg .. 40-44-M Eddie Porter, Huntington 43-41-44 Gu» Belcfter, Jr., S. Charleston W-40-W Flight 1-E Gregory Powers, Huntington 38-40-71 David- Glffln, Princeton 4041--11 0. G. Kennedy, Lost Creek .... 3S-44-K Corky Layman, Huntington .... 41-44-iS Philip Watson, While Sulphur .. 44-X3-47 Georg* Bryant Jr., S. Charleston 50-42--92 James LaRosa, Bridgeport .... withdrew R. H. Beymer, Huntington wlltidrtw Flight 1-F Evans Harbour, Milton .. James Cody, St. Albans Church Softball 39-41-M 41-42--83 David Henderson, Summersvllla 45-39--84 David Fox, Huntington withdrew Dr. J. J. Mallamo, Fairmont .. withdrew Second Flight Mark Richardson d. Joe Collins, 1 up; Marshall Hawkins d. Dennis O'Connor, default. Third Flight Charles Price d. Rob Johnson, 3 and 2; J. R. Preston d. Dick Whitman, 2 and 1. Fourth Flight Carl Loroj Jr. d. Lormie Ratliff, 1 up; Bill Lickert Jr. d. Scott Romesburg, 1 up. Firth Flight Charles Harrison d. Max Egnor, 4 and 3; Pat Wiley d. Mike Luchlnl, 1 up. Sixth Flight Don "Moon" Mulllns d. Tommy Jones, FRED BURNS SOUNDS SIREN Halts Rainy State Amateur Play Marshall University golfer Gregory Powers said his driver slipped out of his hands on the 17th tee Friday and sailed into Howard's Creek. "I was so wet by that time I went into the creek after it," Powers related Teen-agers Carl Long Jr., 17, of St. Albans and Bill Lickert Jr., 15, of Charletson won their matches 1 up and will meet :oday in the fourth flight finals. "We're good friends and have played together a lot of times," said Carl. Another Charleston youth; Tom Steindler, 15, won his seventh round match over George cause of the water. I said to heck with it, I'm too old for this," Anderson commentd. feet and^ almost four-putted be- Butcher of Martinsburg, 4 and 3. But Rob Johnson, 19, and Jim Carman, 16, were beaten. Two South Charleston golfers, C h a r l e s Madge and Don "Moon" Mullkis, are in the sixth flight finals. Defending champion Ken Karl of Sistersville topped Roy Blizzard of Charleston, 4 and 3, in the senior division and faces William Dyer of Morgantown in the finals. * * * CHIP SHOTS: Lissa Mohler, the 1971 state women's champion, showed up to watch Saturday's 'play. . John Faulkner of Hinton said the dates of the _ and 1; Charles Made* Adkins, default. Seventh Flight Tom Stelndler d. Ge and 3; Bill Zban d. 5. Georae Jim Ca: d. Charles Butcher, 4 srmsn, t and Eighth Flight Rev. Parrel! Walters d. Horace Blank- enshlo, 4 and 3; Mik« Marsh d. Tom Farrell, t and 4. Ninth Flight Allen Morrison d. Max Lewis, 7 and 6; James Rlzzo d. Rlley Robblrw, ! up. Ttnrti Flight Robert Dan-iron d. A. L. Houvouras, default; Ralph Savin* d. J. ». Anderson Sr., 3 up. 11th Plight Steve Fox d. Harry Murray III, 7 «nd S; Gordon Hanson d. D*v» Stelndler, 6 and 5. MMi Women Twin w L Teim w Central 7 o /Morris Mem. 6 St. /Marks « I Central S first Presby 4 2 Elk Hills 4 Starcher 5 4 First Presby 4 Elk Hills 4 3 St. /Marks 4 3'nal Jacob 4 3 Emmanuel 2 Emmanuel 2 3 Mr. Olivet 2 Grace Cov. 1 4 B'nal Jacob 0 Dunbar Calv. 1 7 Starcher 0 First Nazarene 0 7 La»t Week's itars Men Jim Klncald, Elk Hlllt; BIN Kapp Central; Bill Johnson, Emmanuel; Steve Max, B'nal Jacob; Steve Jarvlj, st Marks; Harold Gulley, St. Marks; Rick Katseff, B'nal Jacob; Rip Carpenter, Emmanuel. .Judy Neal, Morris; Debbli Rubin, B'- nal Jacob; Chris Young, Elk Hills; Betty Carpenter, Emmanuel; Roxle Hardman, Starcher; Ton! Maxwell, Central. This Week's Schedule Monday: 6 p.m.-* Emmanuel vs. Presby; 7:15 p.m.-* Morris Memorial vs. Mt. Olivet; 8:30 p.m.-Emmanuel vs. Presby; ?:45 p.m.-Grace vs. Presby. Tuesday: 6 p.m.-* Morris vs. Starcher; 7:15 p.m.-Emmanuel vs. Dunbar; 8:30 p.m.-B'rwl Jacob vs. Grace; »:45 p.m.- Central vs. Grace. Wednesday: « p.m.-* St. Marka vs. Central; 7:15 p.m.-* B'nal Jacob vs. Emmanuel; 8:30 p.m.-B'nal Jacob vs. Presby; »:45 p.m.-St. Marks v». B'nal Jacob. Thursday t p.m.-* Central vs. Morris; 7:15 p.m.-*Mt. Olivet vs. B'nal Jacob; 8:30 p.nvEmmanuel vs. St. Marks; 9:45 p.m.-Elk Hills vs. Central Friday: 6 p.m.-*Emmanuel vs. Morris; 7:15 p.m.-* Sfarcher vs. Mt. Olivet; 1:30 p.m.-Central vs. Fresby. * Denotes women's game*. ROUND UP ALL YOUR POLICIES Get the one business package you can understand. Get .Etna's Custom?AK; it fits your business needs exactly, provides one-policy convenience. And it's economical, too. We'd be pleased to give you full details; just give us a call. DeVan- Gallaher ,,,, 1116 KAN. BLVD., E. Ph. 346-9646. . Surety Co. mdte Use Want Ads. Dial 348-4848 Pipestem are Sept. Resort 15-16-17. Invitational "We n«ed advance reservations because we only have 50 rooms for golfers and they are going fast," said Faulkner. The field is limited to 144. The Pipestem tourney will be played on the same weekend as the State Open....Pipestem pro Bill Robertson said Barney Thompson has postponed the 36-hole best ball match slated there Monday pitting Thompson and Bob Runyon against Berry Hills pro Joe Taylor and Ed Carte...Former West V i r g i n i a University athletic director Red Brown is playing here in the senior division and said he is enjoying his retirement. He leaves Aug. 20 to attend the Olympics in Munich MOTOCROSS R ACE SUN. JULY 30,2P.M. PRACTICE 12 P.M. A will* fast soft track ClASStS1pO«hru250 and OPEN CLASS . TROPHY RUN Large Trophies for 1st 5 places Trophies for Junior and Mini Class (5 places) F*r Information. 756-3343 For the Finest in Motircjcle dicing Come lo ALUM CREEK RACEWAY on State Rt. 14--3 miles from Alum Creek on Coal River Rd. 15 acres of beautiful ground for picnidng. OLD TIMERS RACE 37 YEARS. A OVER KANAWHA CITY 3708 MacCorkle Ave., S.E. Ph. 925-5271 Store Hours: Man. thru Sat. 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thurs. Only _S30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. SO. CHARLESTON 4932 MacCorkle Ave., S.W. Ph. 768-0951 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES BlHK»MERIC»ID. Any Make Any Model CHECK ALL THE FABULOUS 1C SPECIALS LISTED BELOW FOR THIS 1 WEEK SALE. SPEND AN EXTRA 1* GET EXTRA $ VALUES! touiw SNAP CARB CLEANER RELINED BRAKE SHOES PERFORMANCE PROVEN DISSOLVES GUM VARNISH IN SECONDS! SECOND . CAN ONLY -. . LIMIT 2 FILTER COMPLETE BODY SHOP, EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIR · 1 Day Service in by 9, out by 5! · SANDING · MASKING · SPRAYING · BAKING OPEN MOM. EVENINGS 'TIL 8 FREE ESTIMATES Rust is completely removed by hand and power sanding for a satin- smooth finish. All chrome and glass parts are complete!/ masked to prevent unwanted coverage. First your car is primed where necessary then 3 full coats of MIRACLE MIRRO GLOSS. Then your car is baked in a new G. E. INFRA-RED OVEN to a sparklin diamond-hard finish. ONE Year Written Guarantee against Crinkling. SNAP SPRAY LDEGREASER leinf NATIONAL 425 Wash. St. E. AUTO PAINTING Phone 346-1622 HOURS: 7:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. DAILY MON. OPEN TILL 8 P.M. SPRAY IT ON -- HOSE IT OFF! SECOND ' CAN ONLY . . LIMIT 2 SNAP KOOL TEMP QUICK ACTING RADIATOR COOLANT SECOND CAN ONLY LIMIT 2 LIMIT 1 SET SECOND SET ONLY! Per axle set with exchange^ for most cars. SUN ITACH SOLID STATE 12 VOLTS. 8,000" R.P.M. SWEEP #SST802 Oil Filter S-01 FOR MOST AMERICAN CARS R E A L L Y C L E A N S YOUR ENGINE FOR LONGER ENGINE LIFE. MEETS EXCEEDS ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS. ANOTHER UNBELIEVABLE NATIONWISE SPECIAL VALUE! LIMIT 2 LIMIT 1 MOUNTING CUPI #NC5 ONLY . . SECOND STP OIL FILTER NOW ONLY . . SPECIAL U OFFER GOOD THROUGH UG. 5t». H72 n" :n« W KM TE R S A T C E E D HOLLEY CARBURETOR "ALL AMERICAN" DWELL TACH KRAOO CAR STEREO #1850 LIMIT · 1 SINGLE 4 BARREL CARB. RAC AIR CLEANER #3338 ONLY . . #549 LIMIT MEASURES DWELL RPM ON 4, 6 8 CYL ENGINES. RAC "ALL PRO" TIMING LIGHT #1537 ONLY . . . LIMIT 1 Plays a!l 8 track cartridges. Beautiful metal cabinet and chrome finish. Excellent balance and tone. Fine tuning #KS430 SET OF KRACO STEREO SPEAKERS #K£222F ONLY . . .

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