The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1918
Page 6
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B1A- 1 Fill, DAILY COUREiR, CONNELLSVTLLE PA. MONDAY, MARCH IS, ISIS. f 5. Aft THE PVHJLKOIIST. ACT ONCE! "HER BOY'--A fire part Metro I production In wiuch Effle gbannon i well known in all English speaking countries as an actress of spU-ndid at-| tainmeata and great personal charm ·fcrappearfcis in the leading role, is being presented today "Her Boy is a great -message of- patriotism in line wiJi Metros consistent policy of aid in the government in e\ery possible ·way to light the torch #£. patriotic fervor aiu.,e*p it flaming. The pic? ture'llluslrates the way In"which war comes to the families » It shows the torturing sacrifices mothers must make to send their sons away, but it also shows jthe duty of the nation and the devotion to the right hejteep in ~^tte" heart of every right minded American boy By every means m ber power Heln Morrison in ''Her Boy" tries to keep~"ber boy" from entering the set-rice, only to find that her mofct extreme measure, her last' card * is the Very one that convince*, him that enlistm*n£ Is a necessity and a glonoua; privilege Pauline Curley as Virginia Gordon is seen as the sweetheart of Davidson Morn son, while Niles Welch v who has appealed in many Metro attractions, is excellent yx.the.xoXe of David Morrison, ID. the production, the audience will see glimpses ot spiders'that were trained to act in several scenes A fine comedy,- "Blood and Thunder,"" is included in the program Tomorrow J Barney Sherry will be^se^njn "Argument a great legal drama. -Wednesday's attraction is '^Morgans Raiders, in wjjich Violet Mersereau is starred Friday and Satnrdar Mae Marsh and Tom Moore will appear in The Cinderella Man " THE SOISSOK. Don t stav in doubt any longer about j o u r health and why you do not feel 13 good as you used to years ago or i^en a few months ag"0 You h a i e said lots-of times tha'T'yott^-would. see the doctor *"jind yet you ha\c~tiot donejso "Why not consult a specialist and pet the -very boat at the start of our treatment, and be cured to stay cured. le you" those saxno all gone feel inffs depressed spirits no -ippetite, hawking and spitting 1 dull headaches, draRffinc pains constipation etc. The tutted Specialist* -will cure you if curable Men. have yO u spots before the eyes dfczy- spells, weak dull eyes Impaired memory spots on skin pimples, strains etc: 1 *"· "Woman, have jou dragging .aaiits in abdom«n Veafc back pain between shoulders down spine and legs, ache oil over" dragged out Don/t wmit a.n other da but consult The Unttfcd Spe- catllsts who -V.IM cure ou it curable for they ha,\e made a speclalt}- of treating diseases peculiar to men and to women PHOOF JFROM PATTEST I had been sick for a long time with bad case of stomach, and bow«l trouble Also \ery" bad -with painful piles and backache. I took "treatment with the United" Specialists and am novf in first class condition from ul mj trou ble I also gained 10 pounds In weight ile taking- their treatment. (Slyr edl I*. R. TREVORROW Smlthfteld Tfac United Specialists TUESDAT Baltimore H««N«, ie*r B * O S»»- Hem). OBMllirrllle Every Wednesday and Saturday Ex changrc Hotel Itmontown The popular Jack Ball Stock company, did some fine work here last ·week And the amusement loving public are waking up to the Jact that there is «. treat In store, for them this week "The Pretty Miss Nubody, that beautiful California romance uriJl start the "week oE "with the entire strength of the company Thursday s ofienng will be the hit and sensation of the age "Mam zelle," there Js something doing every moment in thre play Ad Mr- Jack Ball the popular manager and aamer of this excellent company ·will have a committee of censors pointed to praise or condemn this jrtay. 'Pretty Miss Nobodr," will be presented here today And the onlooker who witnessed the production of "The Minister's Sweetheart ' the last three davs of the week, has come to the conclusion there is a treat' In store for the Soisson theatergoers tils -week. The stige settings of this company are true- and adequate, and the impressive work of each and every member ot -this popular company has been commented on with favor by the most critical. » ap- this THE OBKHBUa. "THE -AJ.TICS OF 'JJQ. showmg today features the noted dancer of the Ziegfleld Follies Ann Pennington. The picture gives Miss Peonigtoi opportunities to "wear some stunning (owns and an especially chic bathing costume in. the swimmings scene*- She will also hare a chance to display her prowess at hi£h diving and dancmg. Being expelled from school, running away twice, interrupting an* elopement _a»d impersonating a famous danseuse ar* only a very few of the many adventures that keep her bu«r~ _A (ood comedy will also 3e shown. x Tomorrow Douglas FairbraJw npcar»-:in the Triangle drama "Wilting With Fate." "Wednesday, June Caprice In the WEUam Ibx drama "Heart,, ot Xencxee." FAMOUS WAR SPECTACLE B AT ARCADE TO WEEK of the 3*. fl**" wm V PnmM tail J. 9. I*wte, T. 3. At the request erf hundreds of pa- Irons the management of the Arcade fbtttre T?*aya a return engage- the patriotic.. photo- spectacle ," at "thmi tb.e*tre today, Tues' "tey Mid mdneadar, March 18, 19 and 3« The uftual popular *~pnces of (id- mission will prevail, 10 and 15 cr,nt* at tb* matineee and IS and 30 cents ;-»,t the erexunt; performance The pw- ^tare_witt be jireawited by Captain J. N Lewis, recruiting oOcer of the U, S Jtery , "Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation." which is a sequel., to" "The Bat- tfo^Ciy ofJPeaee," and a direct an- -mmti to the pfcrlfhi: "group and the an- ^i-AttericaA- foreign*TM la this coun- " tiy, -aad which *om«s from the pens · of* Commodore- J Stuart Blackton, U S.N.andRev Cyrus Townaexid Brady, va» photographed by the Greater Vltagraph company; and is conceded to__bje_Jhs_nMMrteTipTpdTH;tioix of that company, is being shown at the Arcade theatre today, Taeeday and Wedaesda? March IS, 19 and 20 TKe aim of 'TVomanhond' is the e» altation of patriotism, the necesxfy ; of preparednes, the. compelling power | Cashiers choclcs outstandinp: Dividends unpaid Dther do mane] deposits Other time deposits Total ot time de posits subject to i eserve items 41 ·12 43 -14 and 45 528.743 jT State ot Pennsylvania* County ot Fay- otte, sa I. John V. ArmatronR- Caahier of the above named bank do aoletnnlj swear that t)ie aboic statement ts true to lh* iest ot my Jcnowlfcdgt. and belief J V. VRirSTRONG Cashier Suh«criht.d and sworn to Before me this Uth oay ot March 1318 JOSEPH \ MASON Nota-y Public. Cor reel--A ties t TYttUS ECHARD D\VID WtRTHIMER j DULL Directors ol| self sacrifice, especially among the women of America in these troubled and anxious times It is the t reply whicb. the American woman makes to those *fao flould betray or despoil her flag Womanhood is the supreme revelation of. the three noblest passions In a woman's life FughUy called The lave Epic of the Screen, 1 it depictt the love of a inaid for a -man the love of a mother for her child and tie love of a -woman lor her country The cast of otner big spectacles of sort do not compare with that of Wonraniood, The names Alice Joyce, Harry Morey Naomi Childers. James .Morrison Joseph Kilgour Peg py Hyland, Bob Connelly Walter Me Grail Edward Elkus Templar Sajte and thousands of others go to make this the mightiest cast ever appearing in any photoplay This production will bd ^presented in a manner in keeping with the other offerings of these exhibitors an or chestra will interpret the fall musical score. If To* Want Something Advertise ftr it in our classified column. One cent a word. Bmmtc. Stateavntt REPORT OP CONDITION OF TH Second iNational Bank at Connellavine in the state ol Pennsylvania, at tho close of buslwesa on March -i, 191 * RtSOURCt-fa 3004 and d s- counts (except thoie shown on b and. c) ffi33 638 01 533 63$ 01 Overdrafts unse- -- U S. bonds Jc posited to secure circulation (par 85 oS5 0 t 025 00 I 025 06 528 748 5" Total 1 47° 004.-11 REPORT OF CONDITION Ot THE First National Bank at Pi-rryopHs In the btatc of Pennsylvania at the close on March ith 1918 UPSURGES Loans and dis counts (except those shown in b and a) 9425 564 98 $ 42S 5S4 08 Overdrafts unsecured $ 1 310,6~ 1 310 67 U" £*. bonds deposited to se cure circula- ·t 1 o n ( p a r -value ) ; 5 * 0 0 0 0 0 U S bonds and certificates of Indebted n e a s o w n e d a n d unpledged 220 000 00 270 000 00 , Liberty Loan bonds 3'£ per cent and 4 per cent, unpledged 56 900 00 Securities otner than L, S bonds (not in eluding stocks) owned u n- pledg-e 9S 429 54 Stocks other than Tedera Reserve Bank slock Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (50 per cent of subscription) Furniture n.nd fixtures Lawful reBcrvc with Fcder al Re-serve" Bank Cash in tault and net amounts due from national banks Tot*] ot Item* 14 IS 16 l r and 18 $56329663 Checks on banks located outside of city or town of reporting bank and other ca~s'h fteme Redemption fund with "L S Treasurer and due from U S Treasurer War Sa\ ines Certificates ind Thrift Stamps actual ly owned 9 8 4 2 9 Si 450 00 t 900 00 I 200 Oft Tota.1 »1 428 T27 30 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid fa I Surplus f u n d Undivided profits ?33 ""»S 53 Less current ex pcns-es inter esu and Lares paid 2 0 2 S 13 Circulating note-5 outatand- 6000000 S O Q O O O Individual deposit-* ject to check Cashier* ·» checks sub 1 2 1 6 3 2 8 0 6 out 3l\ idends unpMd "otaJ of demand deposits (other Chan hank d e p o s i t s ) subject to R e se r r e Items 34 35 36 3' 3S 19 40 and Si 217 325 91 Total 1 »4" 85 50 00 II 428-27 30 State nC Prnnslvanla Countj of Fuj ette BS I HOW \ R D ADAStS Cashier of the ibove-named bank do solemnly ^ w e a r that the iho\e statement Js truo to the best of m j knowlcdpe and belief HOWARD ADAMS fashier Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th la of March 1918 BDAfUVD MARTIN Notary Public. ar E STRAWS,, J L COCHRA-N J H PRICE D rectors 35 DOO 00 75,000 00 f 104 032 00 50 000 00 U S bonds and certificates of indebtedaew ownned an*d un- p]ed«red Liberty Loan Bonds, 3 14 per cent and 4 per cent unpledgr- ""ed " Securities other"than U S Wds (not Including stocks) oirne4 unplrd^e'd \^S31 313 67 231.313 S7 Stocks other than federal re- reeerre bank stock 37 8(5 34 Stock of federal reserve bank (50 per cent of subscription) ' 4 GOO 00 Vilue of banking house 175 130 »0 175 120 00 Furniture and fixtures 3940000 Real estate owned other thn banking: house T 2*2 4 Lowtm reserve ^rith federal reserve bank 6177844 Cash "in "\ ault and n«t amounts due from national banks 190 569 16 Cheeks on other bxnkc in tb« ffame city or tow n as re porting- bank (other than ttwa 17) Total of it era a 14 IS 18 17 and 12 1*4 Ktl 12 Check* on banks locatod outside of city or to-wn of re- portlDfi" bank and other caah itemB It £3 Redemption fund witk tT S Treasurer and due from U S. Tr*a*arer 2 500 00 Total r t i L1ABILJTIBS Capita) stock paid in f *0 000 00 Surplus fund .· 10* COO 00 Undivided profits 76549 S8 IJCBS current expenses 1 Interest and taxes paid 3-MS 75 7330313 Circulating notes outstanding 54.000 00 Individual aepoaits""subject to Check S6T 39S 33 Certificates of deposit due in l*s* than 30 days (other than for money borrowed) 11 044 si Certified checks 102.70 Dr.R.W.MacKenzie Private mm* Cmr+mlc FOE BACKACHt, KIDZTEY ASH i · BLAjDDEK TROUBLE. KM- Accole or *»Ec(ln ft tke Jitt** *·/ tfce mvrl aad VrimKry TrvoMea. CALL AlfD CONflUT ME Here In Yo«r H«at« Towm t VACH -WKlTIESDA-k -- AT -- " ETV STAC HOTE1 rirtahirK St. CmmmrO^wtnt. P.. ESTABLISHED POLICY ,, It is the established policy of the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania to promote efficiency and accuracy in every department and to make its service useful to the people of the community Checking accounts, large or small, are, invited. HAVE YOU FORMED THE WAR SAVINGS STAMP HABIT? It's a mighty good one It's a double action habit for It benefits both you and the U S Government Very convenient: too, for you can save as little as 25 cents at a time as as much as $100 The interest is liberal and the security the bast in the world. Stamps for safe and full information at the Side by Side Which Phonograph for You? H J C H phonograph would you rather have--one that plays all records or one that plays only One kind? The Brunswick is the all-record instrument. It places no restrictions on you as to what records you shall buy and use. It offer* you the whole vorld of music--not merely a part of it. Would you rather have a phonograph with one or two prominent features or a phonograph that is a combination of them all? All Phonograhs in One The Brunswick is the latest and the final type It includes a newer and better sound chamber--built entirelj of wood--like a fine violin So it is free from metallic or harsh, sounds The BruDSwick has a, throat--»ay volume regulator which is designed after nature It does not have shutters and mufflers on the outside The Brunswick has instantly interchange-able reproducers, especially designed for this machine--not makeshifts The Brunswick has an accurately timed automatic stop which actually works' The Brunswick has an extra capacity motor which means less winding You can play as many as seven records without winding The Brunswick has an improved index file. ' The Latest and Final Type As stated above the Brunswick is a combination of them all Frankly we examined all the finest instruments before announcing The Brunswick and combined the most desirable features We knew what we were about, for we had been, making fine pTionograph cases for others for many years The House of Brunswick, as you know is the leading wood-working concein of the country We have been in business foi 76 years We own our own forests Our woodworking craftsmen are famous the world over Brings Pathe, Too Among other advantages, The Brunswick plays Pathe Discs We furnish a reproducer for Pathe Records with Sapphire Ball Needles Thus we open up a ne-sv field of music which has been closed to most homes Pathe has the largest musical collection the world has evei known Many of the leading singers musicians, bands, etc perform exclusively for Pathe Yet with all these advantages--al] these superiorities--you -will be surprised to know that The Brunswick is offered at slightly lower prices This we should not mention--maybe--because some people judge musical instruments by 1 price alone So we want you to think of price last when you compare The Brunswick Put it to the severe test Compare its tone Appraise its features Note its fine ·woodworking 'Examine its finish m detail You may even compare it with phonographs costing more But, type for type, you will find a saving on each Brunswick. For instance the size usually sold at $100, we price at $75 Don't Wait Longer Before deciding on anv phonographs, know The Brunswick And ei en if j ou own an instrument, it T\ ill be interesting to hear this latest improvement The Brunswick dealers listed below would be glad to demonstrate for you, without obligation We want all to become acquainted with this all-record phonograph as quickly as possible Go to a Brunswick dealer todaj and ask him to play your fav- onte records Ask him, if you wish, to have a Brunswick sent,to your home Once you kno-« The Brunswick j o u -Rill prefer it above all others Prices $32.50 ta$190 Peter R. Weimer J27-I29 E. Crawford Ave., Connellsville, Penna. P L A Y S N A L L R E C O R D S For Baming Eczema 12» IV. Crairiord Are, ConnellsTille. "The BauV mat Does Things for leu" Safe Deposit Boies i lor Rent. Greasy salves and ointment* should not be applied if good deal 8km is wanted. From any druggist for 35c, or $100 for extra large size, get a bottle of zemo. When applied as directed it effectively 1 removeseaema,quiclcly stops itching, and heals skin troubles, also sores, bums, wounds and chafing It penetrates, cleanses and soothes. Zemo is a clean, dependable and inexpensive, penetrating, anbseptic liquid. Try it, as we believe noflimg you have everusedia aseflectiw and satisfying. The E.W fcc»;Co l .CI«dmd.a OCOOOOOOOOCO'SQOGe.OOOOGOOOC J. B, KURTZ, MOTAKV PUBLiC AND REAL ESTATE. , No. K South Meadow L*n*. ' Conn.M«vlll. Pa. c OOOCiOOCOOOGOOOOOOOOOCOOCCX) A r«nudr lor InfMUou ^ f th4 u r i n a r y tract mni.n BY DBCB it detfr»((-- Pri« tl P*TC«! THE EVANS CHU^oT r 3 bottU« S2 7s FraparMi bT SMICALCO .CINCINNATI, O National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 E. taybtte Street, GOOD TOLKC\0 C4RS 4I IRUCKS TO AIL PODilS. Quick service Moderate charge. Careful drivers Moving and haul ng Bell Phone 507. * J. N. Trump WHITE LIN WW TRANSFER MOTOR TlttlCK ud WiGOU HOVIMQ AJ1D HOISIUfO

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