The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 37
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 37

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 37
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es.ewej'ga-x-iia " r ir THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1964 f i U ' J .V'' "" S-' saB" ewgl lJ '' ' ! V -iff y . r-i"."-....) y m n , . W THE OTTAWA 741 V WtHJ fOt SUE '" i,i . IJrjUWOOD, a-RIV ATS. SALS g-BEDROOli BUNGALOW. SPA- clou cloeet. , tarn panelled jaau kitchen., area, bulli-ln 'ajovg. .' l-apeed . uhiu, twk rOWww iit him. nm-itm WmtenI, '.'a-. ,3-Be4reea Baagalew I,... tig. IMMACULATE BUNGALOW WITH -.bright epaetou room, lirepla In living room, family sis kit--chan. la 1 lendecaped lot. oloea to new trad achool. For ap- aeatlroenf, ' aaU Rita Mitchell. lA-M22l ar Prod Burbld. 733- . VKU ReoVlIck and MacDonald aH neaitora. , cae-i ii TTSlCB boom. bungalow ... Lyaweod VUlage .i Located 1 Trinity WHITS BRICK HOME JN BETTER Jthan m eondlttofi with atiach-ed. garage, bvd drive, beeulfl- Billy aainad. Broadioorned. with I naetou. bedrooms. ;pue i 1 ' bathraatm. aaparata dining om. fual fireplace.- Many, other - extrae- Aaaing gav.aoo. naaa .can .Bogar . Sarast I3a-33i fxnlngs XSS-S003 Rhodes Reel 'ty . BIVIUIDg PABK Qaleh Oecapaacy a Taara Oli ; uatm-Mvutmum with ss rtt. Uvlns, toaw.a .biandad. Ota -jvood daeor: 4ui. bedroom or saiga en Jawat laval. . . Many x- istfae Including -dieh washer, trej- jLd -plantar, brick sod anggl- ton Picture liraplaea. Garden t-o-cdeoka .dread parkway. Call .Batty aurbbttl, JH-tslk or r vwtaga -W-laog, Bhodaa Baal tniM LeMltcd, it SXClii.T .FAMILY Baagataw.rBMaa .Blaar Frat . F'aKfH Hlf kway 1 ACRES Or BEAUTIFULLY tread ground with' spacious .3-becaroomtd home, approximately 800 ft. -or mora-of Rlvar frontaga ar tnsta channel of Rldeau Rlv-ar. if you like privacy and country atmdaphar. wa racom-mand you aea thai beautiful honvt. Asking fWO.OOO Call Bogar araiaiO 430-a3l; availing ' 7JJ-S0OJ. Rhode Baal Batata Limited. "Realtor." BkL-AIR rABi-7' -Badr i ,-,.. Baagalaaj .. MM. MUST BB'SOLD 1MME-dmtely. Vendor Heaving- Ottawa, ytreelac. -recreation room- Urge h Waken; -paved' drlvaway. nice ear eppoen uiumm eenaol Only. UIJ0O kveaart Toah. m-ana Albert Oafe Aganclea Ltd.. -naanor. - Tje-aoai. MTtvt' BEQBOOM BUNGALOW , on paved aueet, lovely condition. Mova right la. Priced to eel I. Owner, moved to, V8A. Blanche Gala. ' 2 973 Albert Gale Airertetee Ltd "Baaltar." 7aa- t. ,- ft TMOeV gUirHAK LTD. BSALTOB lawagrtaaHa Mraet. tl-UI am Bvealaga aad Satarday mmtl IN MAMPTON- PABK. eeaartlraL modera .condition. eOMi garagaa. Juat kl: fJT.SOO. $laoa DtjWBf BUYS - NICK ALL ketak bunialow with f a rage. only (I4.S00. axcellant buy. . BEDROOMS. HERE'S A GOOD noma inr "a large ramur. vipr-enoa jeear Cobourg Juet 17 300 MALL OLEBl r.fltMOOH hoeaa Juat 10JOv dear property- 'Make an offer. II. aea 'Down uvs NIC country hoeae wkh lk acraa at land IBLANO' PARK . DRIVE ' A7IEA. newlr decaralad. older lrac-tav fcorna, arUj 1J,J00 with .. ooo down. TK0MAS SHrtraA" UMITED. Xtlat'"" Vnl( .'390' Butjh yista Road,', ;' - t ... . AitajcturaUy' ... deaigned 2-torey, 8 bedroorhit-3 bglh-. room reiuencv large living . room ,-wU' flreplace, Urgg dicing room, adjoining cof fcroorn and fireptaca. Caaa-tnant. windows, braai bard-'wawtV ' . v" -5? .." - tCari John Dowriey, -t . . J33-3791. Evgs. 74M633 CoMrfiPemMrient Trust Cq. t -t- Realtor . ' , . , ,v ; -'. ... V.' f . - .. r" " ' ' ' w '- - -a - . a v.: r..A. Y0UCAM0WI 5 YOijRdwC Z ALL" ELECTRIC'.;; -" """ , vTrend . .... " . . vHdme . r t m .ii FOR ONLY;-' dv.$128::.: w . MONTHLY ;: . ilN THE .MX'ELECTWC . Woodroffe ;, ; Greer, . .l . " (A -,. 'll'.hl!.M 4 .. t A. -." .- Ofitf, 4 full south' of Ba lltrtf Rd on Woodroffg Ayu. ,l.r . ., ,r.,. - 1 f I A- 11 ' if ' ,e! f , ! , - f . SALES OFFICE . " , - ' S6.1 722-7679 Tv' va ,r . i .... - v. 1 n 70f MUttSfttUll" - (Coot, frant praoadlng Column) . DISTBESS SALS . THE OWNER MUST SELL THIS Campcau' built 3-brdroom ae nil-bungalow in Elmvale Acrea. Ha naa already moved ao II la now. Nicely UruLtcgped. cedar hedaa gncjoaea back yard floware. and priced al only Ut- auo. . neoaicR ana jnacuonaia Ltd.. "Reallor.". 72aV-17J7 Eve- .nlnga. Len Wathen. gag.7U7: rred Burbidge. 7iO-l, . BAWTBOBNB MEADOWS Ottawa'! Pavatita. Lecatlan -Aak Oliver . BRICK. MODERN. 4-BEDROOM bungalow. Urge living and din ing room combined, tamily-elsc kltehan. piua baeamant pUy room, wioea eonvenUat area tor all faoillUea Dealrable noma for - you and younr. glg.loo. Email t Oliver Realliaa Limited, "Realtor". SM-S4M-. eveninn. Oeaie Lacompta. lit -7 317. MLS- 1130. 'SPACIOUS' BBIVEWAY HOME IN LOVTLY PARKLAND BET- tini. atatclv brick homa. rnanv fvaturek including Urge dining rwMa wun ovemca ceiling, vun-I room on flrat and aecnnoT floor Large brdroeme, privata drive. Ui W L. A McXInlev Agcn- ciea Ltd., "Realtor," 331-1J2I. jtvenlnga Mra. McKlnley. 724- . OPEN NOUSE-Heart'a Oeafre HtUkte ' - -- SMaaalaerr - COME THIS WJEEklEND AND SEE true attractive, area., at the, end of Woodroffe Avemte Boyih, nal too far out. Featuring Urge lou. - plenty of room fongaraeiung aad the enjoyment of peace and quiet 'to be found tn country livine.; Ideal for children in grow up . free to romp and- play. Por Information call rThe 'Old Pro." Bill vendee. "Rcahor. 23 . . . : ... LOUIS TITLE Y- LTD, BEALtOBN Insurance, Laaai ,. lit Bldaaa. 111-1 lei . BANDY HILL COBOURO KTRrrT altracUve aoltd brtok triplex , -With J bedroom. - (round floor -available, other rented t-125 and . Ska, -S Anlahed rpoma jarlth powder room in baaement and private antra nee. tsi.eoa, jaaraa. Claude Lecuver, J-M BASEUNE ROAD. NBAB WOO IV rofTer xecatrw4ype SHedreoin 'bungalow, cathedral eelllnga. wall lo wall caroaia throughout Dniahgd baaemenl. -13 7 JO, ternM Roger Tllley, Ill-IIH.' --.' TROS. SHIPMAN LTD, BEALTOB 111 Bank Itfeet ' fll-J71 Oaen Evenlnaa Till a Vm. ' OTP RIVER BOA0'. OPPQsi.TE Bogua Electric, pletuao window, overlooking rlvar. unique .three-bed room bungalow, exccplional- ly nigh baaement, large lot. Aak-Ina IlojHMi. r MEADOWLANDm MAONIFICENT three.badraom. brick bunealow. .natural atone front, French doon to patM. recreation room w 1 1 n office, attached garage. IT ft lot Owner tranaferrad! Offara. soo. i . CHOMLEY CRESCENT. CHARM- tng three-beeh-oom Brick twngav ' low with pretty . living room overlooking treed - lawn: - me e ooroereo pano pavao ajrive, ran. dll 3O0. . E LkM VALE ACRES,' EXCELLENT exmdntna. i tnree-beeroom, a m ' bangalow, 22 ft. Jiving r e e m with llreplacev family, kitchen, "nice lot, tree, ahruba. aJUDS. third Avenue,' three, .at- -tached thrae -etorey hoffiea, je-ccntly nmadetled. new oil- fur face. S3 AM dowel oach. Inquire -now. rXRCIiSTE STRBET, IDEAL Inveaunenl, three . badgaoan brick double plua reve-unit onaa -,n.Hmnt. wna-hadroom telle . reaaonablo down payment. Call for oeutii. . ;'.. HERON O0WJJ. . eejni-detached brick: three bed-rooma, ' moraxage; navad drive, nice lot. Only SIS-MO. PRrirrOIt STREET. STUCCO DU-. e. -upper rengeaa nwntk. heated' and lighted, eemmcmlal aontruf. Call now. . THOMAS SHIPMAN .UMtTBD. Reettor " open eveninga un a. v .' aMOVE RIGHT: IN ..': VANO. SAVE. ' ! " ' X A -A rp' ' v ' .' , vrt' . :s BISSON'Sr.r? . . ', Pare de a lAontajjrte-. ' ' - 'W Sell Happiness 'LESLIE W0N6.v ' 'COMPANY LTD: REALTOR 233024 POPULAR QUBt Man-etm comfort , 1 alorey,' a bedrooeaa. Paved drlvaway to garage. Large alt-out varandab. ganrooaa overlooking ardca Only ' S14.T00. juat .HJog down. Ta eat that new Uatlot call - Ooldateek 7aJ-gO7, Mr, Earla T33-ISM. YOO'AteV '"'r invited to visrK V' : park An aaclualva araa' of -Hne knenaa deelgned expreaaly lor aneeullvtai created to jafler the atitua M an envUbU group of Ottawa famlllag. Neva .dee. eigne priced front, 1 1 M0S M SJ0.10S. , . Locatod Juat aouth and watt af the Qoecneway-kUlUand Ave. btteecbanaa. , . -ALU pmci 72eW07J . "'QUEENS VIEW1 J" CONSTRUCTION I CX 'J ' '., ' .ir- " r ' -I' ' j . f -' AWviloBol"" ' CAMPEAU "Your Key, to Batter Living" X,.:m- i 701 MIBBfOt SWT (Coat, tram Preceding Column)' - ' OTTAWA-BAST . OVERLOOKING HIDE A U CANAL, - brick. S badroorha. den.' ftmahad . baeamant,-garage. S Bower. ' WESTBOBO OUPCEK" . SEE TrJIS ONE IP YOU WANT A good noma, wun incorne m a convenient location and uat a. few eta pa Irony the baa Good . living room. 1 roomy bedrooma and dandy, kitchen equipped with range and refrigerator How can yau beat trim tor aga.awiT - Reddiefc and' MacDonald Lid.. -Realtor." -TiS-nj-T. Eveninga Len Wathen. SSS-ISZT. Mr. Pll- grim, 7g-g7l aTk ' OUVEB" OITR CHOICE Or 3 WEST END modern brick bungalow In better than near condition. Priced from IT. 000 to (IS-SOO. All da- alrably located. Batter than aver age value - for- aualiflad purchaecre.. Ernegt J - Oliver Reeltlee Ltd .. "Realtor." S13-S4SS. EvenlngaMra, Cadieux. 'TSS-S3I0. MLS SOaa and ex--clualva. -.' , i - BBDBOOMS . i IMal ACULATS TWO T STOREY. Urge ' fenced lot In residential . Weal End area. Cloae la choola and all facilltlet. For appointment call Turner Baal Eetat. ."Realtor." TaS-SH7 , ' BST VALUB IN TOWN j All Brick Baagal . S BIngamlll Avenaa I ' SPACIOUS FAMILY HOME, A yctra old. with J bedroomi. g bathroom, 'pica living 'roonv with g (uel SrepUce. family kitchen. carport. In excellent' Condi uon Approximately tninutea walk to all achool. play grounda and tranaponation. Try knd beat, thia on for value. ' Aaklng 17. 500 'CaJl'CHariea Hl.Sr.5i; eva-nihge g25il31B. . Rhode Baal r?,$500fiown -X:. - : $150 M6ntW Will move you. into tfiis raoo- rrt 3-bedroonr brick bunggi low. yVttt igrport' fully toKod. and 'rand(cped,'-n Manor ..iivwff;',;": . .. CHECKS, fl ;ie ' ' ' THE JOURNAL 702 HOUSES FOt UK! ADULTS. FURNISHED S BED- her -May. 7U-1U ALTA VISTA. 4J ED ROOMS. . Dwuuiui vara. aifa. raawKua. ATTRACTIVE FOUR. ..BEDROOM - homa, j. bieaeHjm ' fitroughout. - euitaoie tor professional, gage. ' PAS-SIST or SHV3717. AVAILABLE OCT. C O R N E B - Mand Park Drive, newly raacw-I rated, 3 bedrooma. glU. T2a- AVAILABLE I, DOUBLE. J BED- roarna, aept 1. gll. gja-toag AVAILABLE. KEW BANGALOW. . nignway si, g mile OIUw. near aohonl. S baooom. a eath-; rooana. glJo. a33l4SS.y . - AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER, 3 BED- raama aai wood Drh AVAILABLE,. l DOUBLE, a BED-room, dan, gsreg. -Ciebe. 315- aava. AVAILABLE OCTOBER. RIVER. aioe, a-aix gaat. rnooern ap. f1. r ruU- betbroaana. .carnorg. ' Urge yard. Hop. Tlesua. VT AVAILABLE; 3-BMrtOOP B U T- gaarw. i rear eld. raakr Eruriiarl. ' y ranch acnools. Beautiful panoramic view. Ottawa-Hull. Large playTng araa lef children. p BEL-A1B. PARK. r.BEDBOOM nungaiow. giu. nov, I..73S.MM7 BRICK FARM HOUSE, PLUM Sling, 'commuting dig fan c. , naaonabia. Monhs4lorar'. 4- 3131. BUNGALOW. ALTA VISTA. bedaooma, .RropUca, garage.-targe treed lot. Must be seen AdulU preferred. 733-gltS. CENTRALLY LOCATED. 373 Mi - La ran street. S bedroom plus den room-. All very-apavroa rooms rerreci tor executive or profraalonal family, eta. (lis monthly, uhtii- CENTRE TOWN. SINGLE. MOD-emlaad, radecoraaod, H, bathroom. Excellent for large adult ; family, gla S33-S5ST. 1 f V r ENJOY A-'NEVf" "WORLD ; OF f COMFORT IN -A MINTO, JO WN HOUSE 1 Wonderful carefree living Vt ' new tit 3 -bed room "Sbart-' . anedt hnena" with freedom ' frwm shalptananca and reapon- alhlllty tnjoy the qOteV dr. - vcy, and " apaelaaunaea of , fme new home and gardani i PLUS tha aoneantanceg of apartanea llvtng; v t ',- '. I i .'40x' indoog poot' .'.- ' IMynVple-Stak Outdoor Pool , Regtiiitlon Gvmnasfum ' H.'Exarcsaa "Roam ."v -! - Samng. kwtna, Recreetum PJobmg . Chlldreng Nursery t AYSHORE. Cart) rur Av a nchrmnd 1 Road: niat aneg. at thd :Pme . greet Rd. . tnteraactlon. Daily til S m4 Sunday til S. Slav. I tl. JOURNAL . : : j: M?vfUaa UMaUL nmf-v - lv!aw i (s J&S "'''fr-Xi- ' vawcowtgei i X vyZy4wvyZ't! ', t - icin rV '. A'- Wiwwiric-. at W " Vaw'' ifV W eJONTaiAi M t?)0L AND WET4 lelow-normal temperatures and heavy rainfall is ' ,, forecast for. all at Eastern CAnadg and the Atlantic - .provinces in liia long-range otOJook. of the United i 9tateS' weather- affica; Southern Alberta and British- Columbia wilt have abbVe-noonal emperatures. Map . and figures cover the period to fnid-Seplember. Pre-' 'tipftation Will be light over nearly all of the Prairie ' ' Vprrnnwet 'and wjll b moderate In most of British- , ki Colijmbia. -.' -. 702" H0mSF0IIUn (Coot rofn Preceding Colnmnl CENTRE TOWN. I BEDROOM. modernised bungalow, gn-moa. CITY VIEW AREA. S-BEDROOM. Ii, bafh, fireplace, recreation room electrically eajujppan. auai diTple. Upper. ms: L 0 W I ft. ana, garaga- -aia. . . EXECUTIVE HOMB. -WILL- SWrr Diplomat. utdiuouni, plua pre. vater apartment or maid' guar- . bHV recreation roora. t'ji bath. douMe car garage. Urge tot. S330- ntonthlyi a axrangemanU mad If .-furnishing . desired. eAa-3Zl. . ... . , ,. . , FURNISHED 3 ' BEDROOM SUN- gglow, hegted. lighted. Atant aw, sag-iaag. . -.. .- GLEBE DISTRICT. 7 BOOMS. completely furntahed, itnlenad baaement, equipped k 1 1 c k e n, recently redecorated, garage. yara; . nvnanie atmllar. ssg-asTI- GLENWOOD DOMAINS. 4 IID room, wall oven, hark ard. un- GLOUCESTER STREET HEAR Lyoa. 3 bedrooms. adulU. g5. . Oct: 17 gMaog dap, 721-573 : after . HETaOn .PARK. N ALP DOUBLE, , g oeo rooms, giaa,- tstivsi. LARGE S-BEDROOM UPPEB AND sower aisptea. es,-iw LA ROSE STREET. S BEDROOM nouaa, viiaDre now. oevw Urge fenced yard. SSd-3eS. MODERN S . BEDROOM HICK - bungalow on quart iu aw, lor children, library and park on earn block, near achool. churches, shopping, fenced lot 73 a 100. S125 to careful family. : etove and refrigerator can be rented. Meadow Land area. 733- 7733. .. . " . ' ' 1- OVERBBOQK. BPANKINO NEW 3-beoom hornea. 11, -344-3331. . T4A4ia. PERFECT HOUSE FOR CHTL-f dren. ready fay Bant .-1. walking " draUnea Irdm bua, acltooss. and church, newly .painted. S room, earn i-otc bed, EhnvaJ Acraa, rant S I S3.- 3J-ari. Scitfips6rV'& .. ; McNcrughton : v UMnto Realtors "233-2689 Evenings 749-1331 1 R0CKCIIFFE PARK Unfurnnhed; -S bedrooma, large living .'raotB, r dining room and 3. bathrooms, long leasa. - s - : 2v0 BUENA VISU Completely furnished, 4 bed rooms, 2yj baths, finished plsyroornt . Availabla for 3 . months. " 42 ACACIA Unfurnishad,- 2 bedrooms, ' playroom, living-dining room. - Evgs., Mrs. Twidala, - v 749-5891 3 BEDROOM HOUSE. GARAGE. hair acre land. Carle too Height, sias. ixi-ai?. . i'Lincbln Heights- J Homes On The Terrace 5 a ' 3-4 Hedf oom Town Hon decoratad la your eh Pica of . W offer apecioue Indoor and out done : aiivina . private ha semen t. -aunt floor 1 - powder room. , A beautiful - view and many other Utile extra that malm that cUffareeio. , r .i Located convenient to echocls trans puliation and shopping. VISIT OUR HOMES AND COMPARE j y RENTAL AGENT i ' v23REpINAEr t . 702 MUSES TO! KMT. . (Coat, from preceding Columal RANCH STVLB. DOUBLE, ' 3 werwnaj SWKrsnr, ! SEPT. 1, 3 BEDROOMS, CAR. . port fireplace, cleee to aennot. baautlfully landscaped a a d fenced. S3S-TSSS. VERY LARGE HOUSE. S BED. roams. Sady Hill. 38 Stewart Street Suitable far many, pur-poim. Monthly rant S25S. , 73S 407. . . - - .' ' WEST .END' M A NO RD ALE ' 20 dm e.cvai,- ruieiws, Draca o u n- galow, 'rccrcetion room.'lmm-cnatetyl SI 33 monthly.. Security aaiaaa. WEkTOATE. LABOR 3-BEDR0OM SIM. 73S-31M. 711-M1S. . I BEDROOM -DUPLEX. UN-equipped, parking. 723-441. alter a. S-BEDROOM BUNGALOW. LARGE lot. Bent. I. ST Kmaadala Blvd.. Bleaaom Park. . close Vplanda Airport, aa-oaa, S BEDROOM. HALF . DOUBLE. garage. JOSS CbevrUr. . 73- ' agog. ) . BEDROOM BUNGALOW, Greely. a mllea Ottawa. Rrwaow-ablei Telephone Greyly 7-J. 1-BEDROOM DUPLEX. LARGE, heated. 3130. Igg-IM: avenlnga Tss-oeia. S BEDROOM HOME NEAB rcmp headauartara. glOA. 74- aeia, gg3sa. s Large rooms, uppsr Duplex. Centre Town, gS9 S3 734 evenings. g-BED ROOM ATTACHED HOUSE. waver ley near Drlvaway, fiss. 7Zgl0. 33 RaVENHILL AVENUE. Luxury 3-bedroom U double. tumiahed. 17a. Fenced yfd. cuwe. acnooia. anopping, ate, , - sw. ass-iiea, rxa-arag. rUBNISBED BUNOALOW ATTRACTIVE S-BEDROOM BUN. galow, Alia Viet, October' 1. 713- Open: House Three projects w ottawa's manor park Featuring . ,1, 2, 3 Bedroom Apts. and Terraced Homes and Motel Type-; ., Bachelors . BOMS '''y AVAILABLB IMMEDIATBLT : ? Otners for September . and October -Occupancy. A typical exarlipia Is a 2 hed--room -noma .which has bed-rootng and tiled 4-pleca bathroom on Are top floor, Ihriiti room, dining room and stitch-u M lM main floor,- arid healed tares, laundry and storage room in your privata: basement " Also Included' Is beat; hot water, stove, refrigerator and. tha moat complete management ' services anywhere " ;-rip :. - . jt ' W hav a fully furnithed model, dvt liable' for your ttt-apection duly including fcun-dafJUllsrlL, , t 'v Manor Park Management. ' ' A , , , , Company 231 Brittany. Dnve 702 . .HODSB FOB tOIT (Cant, troe Prarjedtog Columal ' kOCKCLIFFS PABB t BEDBOOMS, S BATHROOMS. living roonv dining room, located at the north and of toe Village Available Sept. 1. Aaklng tleo monthly. Oil J D. W a Hereon at Bhode Real Eaute Limited. "Realtor," Jjo-a.131., daytime or M4-793 evening. , l-BEOBOOM, Hie YOU'LL FIND A HOST OF OUT-' etanding home toaluree. -A few example: cereViiic tiled bathroom with expareuve vanity, ape. ' clou planned work-saving kitchen plua aha advantage of a aeparau, dining . room. A full aiMd. baoonicnl. driveway and Urge Undacapcd ground. This eeml-deuched home ia ideally located with school, churches' and caningwood Shopping Can. Ire close by Mr. Rothacluld phone g2S-4S3S BOCKCLIPFE ! FOR RENT. S-PEDROOM HOUSE.' In choice -location. This house naa tn addition to living room, dining room, and den. recreation room in baaement. gsg-aggg BRITANNIA 1-BF.DROOM. V, DOUBLE. ! bath, separate dining room, fenced yard, garage-. gi33. S2S- 7.t. ADELINE .STBSET 3 - BEDROOM. SEMI-DETACHED brick, Sept. I. Apply S G Macy and-Son. "Realtor" and General Ineurance. 35 Laurier Avenue East 337-15(9. 113 PiNBCBEST BOAD ' 4-BEDROOM.. 4 DOUBLE. l"a batha, spacious living room and kitchen fenced yard, t block from achool and transportation; SI35. gag-4H ' ' . -SUS - - ' 3 - BEDROOM SEMI 1 DETACHED bungalow, for Srfcl 1 occupancy. In excellent location. Close to CMHC bead office , Rideaii High School, etc. Good aiaad room, well pUnned kitchen. Undacapcd lot Mr Kawal,' 7-423 . f UNBEATABLE -LOCATIONS r. !- . . ' gtt-Ml Evgs. . EAST END. 14 JLtSSER. LOW. r duplex, . 3 oedroeene. urge living room, dining room., heated grg.' 3143. ' . - - WEST END. 13' CHENtER, NEW 4 tseelrooms. tiring room, dining room, and garage, tie. Tlg-gsU. avga. 133-013. ' " . tag IROtlUOIS ROAD 4-BEDROOM .', DOUBLE. AVAIL-able ImmedUlely. Hi bath., dining room Attractively Und-eraped. T32-4273. carport, recraay I loo roorq if (Jcylred, g2g-IBil. ' ' ' BOCBT "POINT EXECUTIVE ' COUNTRT HOME with gtucbed 3 -car garage, a . acraa of undacapcd ground with 300 It., beach. UpaUlra has S bedroom, linen .room. 4 bally: rooms, master bedroom with Z bathroom, fl replace Wall to Wall broad loom, gnd' gundeck. Downaulr has sunken living room, wall to wall1 broad loom. . raieed flre-nlafW 9 ia 41la ream with fireplace Large den wun eeoarat en ire ace. . spec lou kitchen with pantry and built-in stove. Brearkfaat room with view of Graham Bay Large family room with beamed celling. Tar-- rauo floors, eton Ireplace. 1 powder ' rooms. ' Basement has double, reereetjori room and pow- to room, aaav monthly. S2S- Jl. t ,. , 703 ROUSO WAKTO) TO KIT SELLING CALL THOMAS BffTP- man na.. -naaitar," 33-ag 72g-17gl. awwwwaa. S-STORET. S OR 4 BEDROOMS cloae tranaportarkm.' Cash. Prt- 'v. .. pox s-sij, aosimai OLDER BOMB WANTED HAVE 1 CLIENTS EACH WANT-una older beemaa in onsi 3 or 4 bedrooms and large dln- "a room iMeisiieu. All caan or high down payment depending on aualHy of home. If you are considering gelling that type of nome. pieaa call Betty Babbitt. S3g-P331. evenfnea T2A- ana Rhode Real Cats la Limited. ncaitor. ,. 703 NOUSES WARM TO BUT BUNOALOW, SPLIT LEVEL, t oeorooma. dining room, playroom, garage, maxJmam gill. 731-3030-. lUhVOi. . DEPENDABLE TENANTS, 1 BED- near acnooi ggstvlew Reaunnablc: T43-SI3?. ' EASTVIEW OB EAST END. 3- aaotooiu b n a. preferably equipped, healed, lighted, girage avasaiogs KINOSMERE.' KlTtkl'FEBRY, 1-1 bedrooma, fireplace. Oct. I. Year- u. eai-isao evenings. OVERBROOK - AREA, ' a BED-. roonia, drtactied orTifngla. pref- iwir -aiis aasraira. sart. 1. ror Presbyterian minister, no children. 14g-gU3. PROFESSIONAL FAMILY.' I CHIL- . - a, raiuur e- bedrooni bom for 1 m o n t h vVeat End preferted. Would be pleaaed to look after your family peta or garden. , Willing to pa approxtaiavely-, 3130. 72- R ELI A RLE FAMILY,' S BED- room. A1U Vista. Wast End. September. W-0g34. V , .. RELIABLE PAMIL1TWOWLD LIKE '" reus e aeuiuuiu -town n a U a . Reference latnt apprtnlmately SI7S. 1M-S17. exunason lg RESPONSIBLE SMALL FAMILY require 3 and den or g-beov room noma nv nepi, ,, avast End . preferred. 74-s93? SERVICE WITH RESULTS. HAVE enema ior warn s-na, vtvtc Hospital. MrKallar Bel . Air. aar Considering selling At no obli gation call yack ehrahweu. "Raal- se, - isv-avi f " URGENT, NEED "LARGE HOUSE. a room or mora, a children. , Will pay maximum tllo month-; ty. aasoaer avja4nas: YOUNO PROFESSIONAL FAM-. Ily. I child. neaU 3-4-aaidrooms. Kraga. quiet area. Watt End. U l.-7a-7313i , 1 BEDROOMS. OCT. I. MODERN. o""y mil. ateaaoeuimgi '4. Pm. ' , ,- . S-BEDROOM HOUSE.' ELMVALE ncree. nept. i. RU471I. 4- OR t-BEOROOM MOUSE, I 'e-l namraorna, required SeptemMi : 1 li.'GVsh or South End pra-rVnrgd. ga-M44, SSO.g pm. Norut-Oeywer 4a-31U, g -g pm 704 OfTICLVJTORaTO III! approximately t.goe sq. ft. pf apace bt high clssa . building available. Cnnipetltive rat for right party. Phone Bob Thome. S33-eg4 for details. APPROXIMATELY 84). FT. w iroor epsHXf pins a qu a I oaaement, witn plenty of head room, at S43 Laurier W.Abetween Bank end'Kient Aaklng gaog per month. Formerly Wed a, reajteuranl - Ftrausronf ronu-siriio.acll Joke Downey for Inspection. .Canada Perme- . nam Trust t;., -nealtatv 13-3711. evening T4OAjL APPROXIMATELY l.lOO fMJ FT. t muce poe. BmiaoM lawyers. and specialty shops. SIM roon inly 7 Mctcalf corner Slater. Ta-4STS. AVAILABLE. S30 OR 1.000 SQ i.. new piaca, ,if bnjiiksi ea. Any prnfamlonal business Also aa rege, 11 m 17. 733-S74S. I 704- OmCB, JT0MJ10 RIIT ICont. rrooi Preceding Coliirnn) .(AVAILABLE "orrK-E OR STORE. II. . . ..n m . "fV av- iM-raj A V Al LA iLR OFFJCeToR TOrTC 70 Someraat Weat Reasonable 7-S4l - -BLOCK QFF RIDEAU. 400 8Q FT Newly renovated. Beaton aula J3-laa. BUSINESS 1OCATION OR OF-Sce epaoa. auiubla for medical practitioner; excellent condition. m-7gl after g. CABLING AVENUE. NEW A IB conditioned office building. sy aeceea to Quevnsway. elevator, freg parking, hvdro. char acre, lee Jack Aaron and-Co Ltd. "Bealhan" I31-ai4l. 711J5 EDDY STREET. HULL. OFFICE or meeting hall. 31 x 71 ft., well lighted. prtvaU office and washroom, llfto per month. .333-1" ,- . ELGIN STREET STORE. 1.M0 SQ. It. I33-6US. eveninga 73J-70J1 MODERN OFriclTAND SHOW, room pce. plua telephone service available, on ehare baaia. in ground floor prestige location In central Ottawa. Box aVftlS, Journal. , ' NEW OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE or workshop space. 30 x ao ft. atorage and parking, off Milk vale Road. 2S-1M. Street ..Ottp' iwa gS4-a01. WESTBORO ON RICHMOND Road store or office. 1' x SO' plua baaement. rcaaonahle rental, aultahie for any business parking. Daytime. 72g-53l or 323-, 1168, evenings TZl-OleS. BANK AND nXKON BOAD . . TWO . ROOM OFFICE. APPROXI-mately 333 square fact, elecy traclly included, free parking, glutt 132-1143. BC HAS O SfTv A T CABI.INO 100 TO J.500 lQ FT . SUITABLE for anv. prof rssionsl office, new bunding, from 171 Heated. a3S 4913 . BOVAt TRUBT CO. " 7' Metralle Street " ' . . I3- . '".. AVAILABLE IMIdETI ATELV. cVan. modern office suite from 430 an. ft. te 1.3oa sq. ft. Park-. ing nBlabta, close to all bua - r route, corner Bank and Laurier. 'NEVV ' - WENTWORTH. PLAZA ' : . DELUXE IPARrMENT BU'UING qfficb'space :ndw renting! ' Alronriltjoning- .pgr king. : cieaniog.. ervict aviiVhk ' Bitiuted In trat heart of Ottawa FOR FLRTHER INFORMATION . CONTACT MANAGER ' 258 U6GAR STREET - Telephone 234V4063 ' " 70S ' .PIOPLRnfOPUli AYLMER. QUE. CORNER LOT, water, aeever. l.3 771-4113 BLOSSOM'- r'XRK.'BEATJTIFtJi! wooded lot. 134100 aq. ft. $3,100. J COMMERCIAL PROrtSRTY 143 gue, witn, large spnt-iavei rnooern home, altuatcd one ldj plenty of roorrf tor expansion, approximately gOc a BO ft. MLS 15og McKeown- Realtle Ltd., 133.4am, avenings Lao McPhail. 133-1413. . - r - CYRVILLE ROAD. LOT 100 X 400, with foundation. 333-3011 FOR ANYTH1NO CONNECTED . wun Real Estate, can auu ru- bey Realty Lrmlted, CE3-a4, lot sa a- tas. aoo maitland. , Tis-sais MOUNTAIN LAKE AND acre., road. S mllea; 7.( Terma 33B-377S. -3 J. RICHMOND BOAD - AT WOOD. rorr. Substantial s-room brick . re ride nee oa large commercial lot. , Ample parking, ideal for otnoa. with ahop Uciliile at rear. Much better than average slu at . g3g.gog. Terms. Far complete- detail' telephone Mr. B-radahewt 2e-ll.U Nlcholeon and Wymark. (VRee 13a- TITT. - -. --.. : B MALL RESTAURANT ANfJ lunch counter, living Quarter. gas pvTmoe, - approximately I x acres land, terg Trontag on Highway S near Kempt ville. Slpck and equipment Included In we iuii. prsre 01 nf.ouu. wun a - reaaonabfe down payment. Good terms. Call Dave 'Rtntoul. Almonte -Ml or Tan. Albert Gale Aonclca LtU "Realtor.- SUMMIT NEAR ALTA VISTA. , largg KH 79. .114. gio.c Ueorg rlovrlth,' "Realtor." In surance. MQrt-are. '74S-BD71 3 - STOREY BRICK. CENTRE Town. Zona ROl Showlu excellent revenue 'Paved yard. IS-car parking. HaH hock from ; Bank street. Vendor will take . aiHorut mortgage. Plata Real Ea-tale tOtUwai Ltd. 713-4324. cvo- ninaa isaoei. nine. iJl-li'Bi M Thorn. 72g-5J4J ' S-UNIT DOUBLES, ALL IN EX- re eni conaition ana am ,a Will gelt lnrflvidugUy or 1 par. 0 ACRFJS ON WESTERN 4ruenway. ga 373 ner acre. An. Wf. sy-as?, aowrrssi. -. CHOICE ACRE -BUILDING : tote o'd. m block;'' South Hull. I eov-auia. '.-.'.' WAREBPUSB, . '., ...Retaa Location ' ,,'."'., .'- -.I . slower Town .. , NEW EXCLUSIVE LISTING -ON rrvxicrnlxed jrroperty, o f f a r mg excellent facllltie for many nee Leer priced ror quick action eale. . - FOR COMPLETE DETAILS CALL aaua- aonnana, .lav-avau. AUll Kinnay Realty UmlleeL 333-S344. Ttjos! SHIPMAN LT0U ktALTOR SIT Pre, lea gtreet Tla-1471 ' Open Evenings TIB a pas. WEBT'CENTRE TOWN. LARGE commercial property- fronting on .S tr4, -approximately 100'- n , 114', at present S duplex ea, 1 amgiea bn property, excelltat revenue. Call for detail. SERVICE. STATION "KITSv PRES. tig Weet End comer I o c a tiari. Urge ifroniagea boih gtrael. hottert coxnas- tn tfnm Call for details. ' . ' . , - COTTAtJE "LOTS. CROWN ' Point, beaullfiH lot In aaclaaiva area, extra large lot .with all convenience ,t nearby. . SIOS aach: , ,,'.., . '. O0 ACRtt'S LAKES. CIAI bush. . excellent . cottage tend, 8 nod reeda. gaod hunting, flsh-ig. to nunute from Oil S-UNIT APARTMENT BUILDINO, - modern -brk-k, East End, wall reesea, terrific condition, low down peymerrt, eaey term. Wr STORE PLUS pt)PLEX.r BRICK, central, well rented, corner , property new wlrrtat, excellent buy at llt sno. 4 APARTMENTS PLUS STORE, corner properly, well rented, new furnace, on mam atreet. ,dubm garagew Real buy at 143,- HIGM RISE APARTMENT BUILD. Ing eft..- Ontra Town - near Laurier Avernue. corner tot. best of terma available., Must b gold. Please, call for further details. 1 STORES PLUS 1 sfuBTU.VT brick. Bank Street, excellent ' revenue', gasy terma, buy. of lb ' week at rrnn ".T T THOMAS' SHIPMAN 'ttMITtrJ, .'Realior- Open avenrng till .133-ien:- - , ' . i : : tConlmuod on Net Corumm 37 70s nmn rot sue (Coot, from Freeing Column) ' OCILVIg ROAD VACAflT LAND STRATEGIC COR. aer location ' approximately 4 oug so. ft, pMc ato.ouo. New exclusive . haling - With Tany Paquetles 14-I44t AuU lUnaay Realty Limited. 333-S34a. . , BVILOINO LOTS CHOICE- BUILDING LOT ON Richardson Avenue., go ft, among, good residential home. ' Prto gggog. Ore Rsven HlH near Churchill S3 ft tot aanad for duplex which In thai location should b an extra good wveat-ment. Price aa yofi ror detaita pleas can Fred McCoy ,3S-ggl4, ' H. -F Beach Tl-r7ig. or John Powell 132-37. C. A. Fife, mom and Co. Ltd. ('Realtors" T and Insurance. Mortgage, 19T Spark street. 131-7 1U. IW ACRES 1V7J" PAVED BOAD. SO StlLES from Otuw. mixed bush an property. Ideal . for bunting. Only 32.15, tul prioa. Sun Laffln. Richmond I-83S-244I. Albert C-ale Agsocltg JJU, -Realtor," 71-4ai. - Apahrnerit Site 'M .' . '" , V . ('. . Overlooking Bideaa River and . NCC jmrlf,. near new- hospital. , Riverside Drive. New Smyth. ' Road, bridge provides ' ejuKk oasa to dqwatown OlUuaa . for tenants. - . Prfcd Includes replete buddi-' Ing pun and permit t Mortgage IFnajecing AvaUakU. '. Bud PolUi.' kitniBZi 8244380- , MERVIN GREENBERO tTD; ' BUY1NG7 CALL' THOMAS men Lid, -Realtor." laS-1471. aaw-ejey,- r. ':.' WISH TO jOCCHANOE VTJXAOiE farm with 'buslnea '.IntVEaren farm on paved road lo North. , CUude . YluuhMu. . Metcalfe logs . . 7O7: 0UT-Of.IOW PMPttTBS " -SJe.,Ph,:,'t- -R'ALfony - SMt ,mn Properties. ( r m g. Telephone-Almonte 440. ' .' . J. R PATTERSON. UtALTOB-? new .homes, farm and vlllagl property. KemptviHe lgg-330-.; LARGE COUNTRY HOME.''' io acre.-rarllve eeRIag.wll facfl. NEW HOMEB AVD OLD; AtV farm. Somervltle and Semer. -ville. Brokers, KemptviUW -23- HEW I-IOOM BON6ALOW ON . 4'' nennouae. yuat outawg town irnita,. priced, for ; vPtOrT'P ..-'. -v. ' ' "7 - I i -i"1'. PROPERTIES. H. T Poapat. Brqkcr. pan Dearer, Kan. . . more, Metcalfe ISfU. ' ' J USE. 3 XlLES FROM " oiuwa,.oil Healed: hof, eeld, , water, bath, paved, ream. !rg- sot. Also garage, gag ptnis ' aell eeasarate- Or together. Tor Information call Ottawa. 134-4700 nvmpsvtlie aa-xaao.. CEBALB i.;aymtBT.vMALTOBa' It A Beckwlth Strert ,. - Sasiiha Falls, ni.l ,r.,in WACANT.LAND. SJS ACRES f ,irea iniuani m amiutg yaiig, . orj"-,'u'1 tl-ACRE PBM TfN VrLtAfji'bF Frankville. 1 - storey modatjl . bonee. good barn. - - . SOO ACRCB. -GOOD OAIRY FARM ' In A-t -oorHlilaon, l mile Iran Smllha llla. -RIDE AD i LAKfr' w? SUM MER S. home. , i . I a miles- west -or- smttim Falls a-hrrlraoin. good beach. BRITON BAY .1 YEARS OLDX ' tram cottage, modern kitchea ' and bsUiboat and., motor lay : eluded. '.- . MACirmras REALTrts .. . ;. - 'gt4-gt eg,' .' . gJ7-4J( ' AT.' BRECKENR1DGE.". QUE.'' ' vary comfortable house. 4 bedrooma, living room, dining room',-ki'chen and pantry. Oil heated. Separata 1-car .garage, p a V d driveway. Eaay comrnatlng to . . Hu'l or Ottawa. 11 aerca ag -.. vn4, ..' - " .-CUMBBBLAND - , r . ACRES OVERljOOKUN'rt. - . tew River, modern 3-r-adeoova-frame1 bouaar and -dnabl garagaa Ii minutea from National Ba aaarcie. Bstabltshad fruit 'tree:',' and amall ruu.. Asking las50g ' Phon Cumberland a,. .it "r RICMMOND " V jji jrr- L'o'v e L r buica!lo : nlv S years old, on blhwa-yv almost acre of Iant fun aaiaa-J gii7oo with i. ooo down, staa Lalfin, Richmond.' l-glg-14-tl. ; Albert Gat . Atenciea ; 414 ; .-Bitor,-- iia-4ai,r. t. . 701 iMSKJi!MOiaa WO-ACRR FARM. ALL TTLLABLaV e only SS mlla aouth Ottawa eight room alon houaa. om- ' pletely remodelled. -AU cearireavr. rnre. largd harn. 133' hd f at ear and milk carers. 425.000 of new mac hk-trrv. extra houaa for ' hired help. Price, 199.0M. Balf-V cash Irving rrMHIer Ltd. call Charles HeuveVRR 1, Brinaton ' ' 173-ACRE FARH 10 .ACRES i- tOUbtet terg Brick house, rriod- " rn convenlancaai ' 'good ' barn. , with or without machinery- WiO n houss asparstely.,' Central -location. 'mllea from' Bmlfhg Falls.. Apply cacti Wright, It t per. out. Teiepnooa io-R-1-a - ,.-.,,-' SI JO0 DOWN. COMFORTABLE 3. bedroom farm -home -and ovti -buiirling with hydro, rreaar . gyatem and io scree, within S3 V mluas of Dftawa. 37.300. tuli prtr-e. gxtra land kvallable if rev quired. North Gower 4-3Ul aur a. 710- tonA6ES mm r, ARMIT40E LANTHNQ, H mlLF , , 1 be-droaxng. UU007 Wrvna, Usl ceo tf 'lake, near messines. is as,- on reaaeei rano. low rr-ktk fronuge,, Gqod,ln tng. ' awihimlpg. , 7-Q3s3. ,' .'. , COTTAGES ON MISSISSIPPI Lake Para, for gal or ta renrr . rumtshed. Irraiete plumbing. Taie pnone vriica.ypca jlg OATtNEAtJ IfrVER. Ti ''MIT-M Hull, aeraa, a bedroam. fully furnished, qurppd. t Prlvaei '"vPAN.t600E -,.fVrODa;COrrAGESii ; v VargB -J Vtrrtwrna .-.yj - 1 1 at Big Dlsetiurit. . .-UMMsve-ake. ..mi a .'I aa , ii s a -r ... T aiiaia. I- t I i I! -;1

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