The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1918 THE DArbr PA NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Annual Inter-Society Contest in High School Set · for April 5. GOOD PROGRAM IS ARRANGED Question of Military Serric* After the "War lor All Toang 3len_to be Defected hi Members of Societies Penoul »nd Other Iieirs el Tttwo, Special to Tlie Courier MOUNT PLEASANT, March IS -The PbAlo aad Euzehan Inter-society centest of the local high school will be held in the Grand Opera house April 5 at 8.15 o'clock The proceeds MAIL ORDER HOUSES DO DEVIL OF A BUSINESS 1 BY DEVILISH METHODS The mail order booses do a derfl of a business and use devilish method to get it Many of those f omen who aio now dealing out of town were drawn into the meshes bj some neighbor v»ith th.e ·sotaetiung- for-nothmg bag in her bonnet If 9be can take advantage of her neighbors ai-d use f-iendshrp as a cloak to hide a grossly selfish motive why--tor every ten such victims she gets a premium Ye Gods' What a terrible price she pays for her duplicity To lose the confidence of ten friends for a fryms pan or an egg beater is pev- %erted economy^ The Club of Ten" has beaten many a trusting housewife and will continue to do so until common sense takes precedence over this commercial lottery The father, son or brother who sanctions out of to»» the divine He is di- buying is undermining habit of sell protection. It's Easy-- If You Know Dr. Edwards' Ohve Tablets alter the expenses are deducted will to to library purposes. The persons bving declamation^ will be MerIu Coy and Stewart Dillon, the a'temates are Donald Stonei and Sam Kalp Recitations Tnll te grven-by Elizabeth i Cowan and Marguerite Harmon, al- I ternates. Marguerite Stauflor. a n d j ' Minnie Crosby Orations * ill be i liven by George Becford and Lillian I Gregory, alternates Francis Koch |j~rTMand bowels --there's DO need of insky and Jean Marsh. Elizabeth I haTmg a sallow complnnon-- dark noga - King, Ralph Rox Mary Nieder and under your eyes -- pimples --'» bi! ous Benjamin Levine and alternates | jpoor face -- dull ffea -with no · M»ry Foi, Thomas McKmnes, George Cooper and Carl Ruder wiU debate. "Resolved That After This Present War Every Able Bod ed Man in the United States Should be Required to Perform One Years Continuous Mill tary Service Beiore Attaining the Age of 25 Years The alternates * ill only serve in case the persons chosen to take part are unable to take }*art on the program V minisiiing imp chances of advauce- iment He is acting unjustly to his em ployei ami his native town Vrd (therefore all men and sensible ivo men should place the s^anrp OL thsap proval on the foolisL aad habit at once Ask yourself todaj this question Do you think it is right' The pay en velope will ne\er get an fatter if mother listens to the piomptingt of the devil Oi the oily exaggerated j tempting of neighbors who strive to use her to satisfy a greedj impu'se.. T omen "ft ho rcrus-e to deal "vath out of town mail o-der houses caa trutnfully j snj to their husbands or sons I ap- I preciate your efforts in m behalf and am working for jou and not against 3ou Protect yoar home and you- ho-ne town by being loyal to them-Buy at home Boys' Suits $4.95 In tlie cleverest new models trencll stle -n.l*h slash pockets aud nrfl- itary belt, featured at J49-5 OUTER SEW SP"IE«3 SCIIS, 110,00 ami $12.30. Br jwn Kid Boots $7.95! j i Nev arrivals oC \\omeas Boots, i lace st Ic LCH.IS heel 0-inch lops ; ana onlv "s" 95 Taupe Kid Boots $10 Has cloth tops lace sivle new 1-4-8 Bulits 1 -*. keel The Spring Opening Display Discloses Just Over the Bridge' ComnelLsiillr (Meat Side) Mrs Edni Benson spent Sundav with Mr and Mrs Richard K ng of Manor Airs ,Joseph Lakin of Connillsvyle spent Sundaj with Mr and Mrs John Mulhn. Mrs F S Irwm and family iave returned home from a visit paid Rochester, Pa., mend 1 : ' Mrs John Madden entcrtaine'd the committee from the Daughters ot Isabel who are preparing for an m Illation that -alii take piace at the K. of C moms in Scottdale at an early date FERTILIZE LIBERALLY A»d Tour Garden 111 Repay Ton lor Tour liforts and Expense. The general farmer has to d«al quite largely with quantity, while the gardener or even the trucker not only considers yield but also earlratss, appearance and quality H s soil must contain in available form tho right nT "4MiT»t of plantfood to produc rapid growth THIS is one great esse \tial in thej reduction of early vegeUcues of hi^h quality The system of crop- pjTiy js extensrv e, and the retuni justify expensive soil treatment Ordinarily, liberal amounts «f various plantfoods can ies upphed m the form ot manure and completi commercial fertilizers For the home garden the soil is ben- efitted by liberal fertilization irrespective of its composition This fertilization «uprhes for the various \ eg- etables plantfood for manmum yields of first-class quality mum WfAK Posiuva Proof We publish tile formula of Vinol to ptovc convincingly that it has tae power to create strength. T Cod Liver and 3ccf Peptoneit, Iron F «nd UancBoeftQPcDtaaateu Iron and Ctti" e, XtiiB ajul Soda A ' woman who buyi a bottle of Vinol or a weak, ran doivn, nervous condit on and finds after giving it a fur trial it did not help her, will have her money returned Yott see, there is no guess wo 1 "!. abort Vinol. Its formula proves there is BOthing he it for all wea'c, 'an-down. overworked, nervous ns" and women and for feeole old people -nd delicate childr=-. T"7 it OK-- -!b- ^ ---- 1 L«n»trey Erug Co Connellsville, DaTld C Bason, Dunbar and at the best drug store in every town and city In the country sparkle. Your doctor wiU tell you ninety per cent of an sicLneaa cornea from inactive bowels and liver. Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician m Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound mixed with oE- _ od to act on the brer and bowels, which be gave to Jus patients for years. DnTsdwards" Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, are gentle ID their action yet always effective. They bring about that exuberance of spint, that natural buoyancy which should be enjoyed by I Everyone, by toning up the liver and clear- j mg the system of imparities. . You will know Dr Edwards' Oure Tab- fets by their olive cake. lOc *od 25c pel xo. Meyersdale. JlEYiFJrlSDALi. March 16--Mrs J H Bowman is \isitmg i clashes and friends in Johnstown for a few das Mrs H. J, Flick of Martmsburg, W Va. is visiting her brother and sister- in-law \ir and Mrs P H Ramer, at the Colonial Hotel .Mrs. Vi C Price left Thursdav for j a few davs'' iisit with relathes at Bedford Mrs A. H MacLennan aa(i daughter Jean have returned from a visit to Connellsville and PitUburg Miss Hc=.ter Mejers i" visiting friends In Somerset for a "a- days Miss Clara 'VMlmoth entertained on Thursday evening 'and. had for her guest the members of Class »No 3 of Vmitj Reformed Sunday school of which she is a member 40 FATALITIES --^---- i In 3Dne«. of TTesl Tlrginla During I Xtmth of February. The monthly fataluv report of the State Department of Mines issued bv Chief .Earl A. Henrj shows 40 persons killed in West Virginia mines during Februarv Of these fatalities, 36 occurred inside of mines and four outside All those killed wero American- born except nine foreigners There were 25 Jailed bj falls of roof and coal, 10 by mine cars two bj electric current one by a. mining machine two in minor accidents Eieraies Host Have Permit to 3oTC. German alien enemies before the} can change their place of abode 01 leave the district'm which tney reg iste-ed under the President s procla- | matioD, must first present themselves I to the registration ofBceran their dis tiict and obtam a perrmt issued undco the direction of the United States Marshal Patronize those who adverse HfGHcostK SPILLS " ' JVC ·ver W . 1 4 s T o»40£« I l«»"t"l iliard SERVICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trained Battery Jlan. Representing the talents of our own Artist Designers and noted Vew Tmk Jlillrnere We are particular!} anx- ious that every woman should see these extraordinary creations. Featnnng "The Big Store's" leader line at $6 50. At this popular pace they will further increase our repa- ' tation of offering the greatest MnUrt- ery values m the city. Every Sow Shape, 3few Straw, Xew; Color, T Dfv Style, iacluded in this,as- ; sortmcnt at $6.50. Ro Th! * Jtitr.ti/ic- ^""JSSSS^os btan-tttd Product! Corporal* NO LABEL REQUIRED 'aints Certain-teed means certainty of quality and guaranteed satisfaction-- the _first and last object of careful buyers. Both quality and satisfaction are guaranteed by a'business which has gained world leadership because of its ability to manufacture and distribute the highest quality products at fair prices. x 111,, Roofing Shingles Cmom-itid is a conservation product. It is maSe from rags and asphalt, skillfully converted into roofing that is impervious to the elements Cirtam-Utd K the most efficient type of roof for all kinds of buildings, from the modern sty- scraper to the farm barn It is light weight, weatherproof, clean, sanitary, fire-retardant. Ctrtoin-tted is not affected by fumes or gases, and cannnot rust or corrode Its first cost is moderate, laying cost low, and upkeep practically nothing Ccrtam-tecd is guaranteed 5, 10 or IS years, according to thickness. Certain-teed Paints Varnishes Made from the best quality materials, mixed by modern machinery in scientifically correct proportions to produce the highest quality paint. Certain-tied Paints and Varnishes are sold at cost plus a small profit. Each color is priced according to its cost. Paint makers usually charge the same for all colors, basing their pnccs on the cost of making die expensive colors. The Ccriam-tud policy puts each color on the right basis Therefore most Ctrtatn-tad Paints cost you less than competing paints of anything like the same high quality. MfeJ Certain-teed Products Corporation Factcnu: StLoim.Mo. Eajt Stiouii.Ill. MaT»Bdlei,DL York,P.. NugaraFalh.N.Y, Ridunoad, C«EF. » Bo*teik Boffalo, Cfeieaxo, fTnfiBHili, CJi Mvolt* Jen0rCrtr.KmmasCitr.Mo. Lo»^ i*ul*. naw Oneu*, Norfolk, V*^ Oklahan , Binninrbam, Boxt ^ . Sales OfFlau N«w ToA, Cbmto, I Sttoou. 'Paint Produl .. . .. T terd Profilers C Westmoreland Grocery Company, Wholesale Distributors, Connellsville. "CAP" STUBBS "AJP TH' VIL1IA3S STILL PLBSCED BEtOW W A CHOOU5H CO.OW tfW TH* JUfiR«X*tniN6 LANDS TK AtREflTW 3LACK SHffDDWS. GASTOM ME«W1 fy tO» AWftN CL56E /IT MLS fiUTufl FKOZt:

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