Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 26, 1974 · Page 76
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 76

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 76
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Page 76 article text (OCR)

*. 'Serpico 9 chilling story of corruption By James F. Dent "SERPICO," Al Pacino, Village. *** F r a n k Sejpico was a smart, ambitious, honest-- ;ind somewhat unorthodox- cop. He badly wanted a defective's gold shield. He wore his hair long, sported a board, fastened a gold ring in one ear, affected hippy rainment and lived a swinging bachelor life in New York's Greenwich Village. He studied Spanish and ballet. W h i l e all of this drew harsh looks 'and dirty remarks from Serpico's fellow policemen and his superiors, he probably would have been able to weather their hostility and scorn-had it not been for one other serious character flaw. He wouldn't take payoffs. And that almost got him killed. "Serpico" is the somewhat fictionalized account of a true story. It has been only in the past couple of years that the Knapp Commission made public its sensational findings about payoffs, graft and corruption in the New York City police department. The commission investigation was triggered by the testimony of Frank Serpico. As excellently played by Al Pacino, Serpico is not just a cardboard idealist. There are gradations in the shading of the character which Pacino carefully draws out. Serpico isn't sure, at first, how to react to the payoffs. "If I had a wife and kids and I needed it, I don't know," he says. "Maybe I'd take the money, too." Serpico's awareness of the insidious graft inside the department grows as he watches the payoffs mount--from a fatty roast beef sandwich from a delicatessen owner who's allowed to double park up to a $12,000 cash bundle handed over each week by a narcotics pusher. Serpico is no dummy.He knows that higher ups must be aware of what's going on if not actually a cut. He tries to find someone who'll do something about his suspicions. But Marmet Theatre HELD OVER "DOBERMANGANG" "DARING DOBERMANS' Box Off ice Opens 2:15 Film Review he's stalemated at every turn. Serpico finally meets another honest cop, a young politically minded plainclothesman with connections in the right places. Rebuffed inside the department, the two take their complaints to the mayor's office. But the mayor won't do anything either. It's going to be a long, hot summer, he says, and he can't afford to alienate the police department. Frustrated, angered, Serpico agonizes over the final chance--to tell all to the New York Times and let press and public reaction force the department into cleansing itself. "Don't go outside," a religious mind- ·ed, uptight, "don't rock the boat'' officer tells him. "The department washes its own dirty linen." No it doesn't, replies Serpico, and that's the trouble. He takes his story to the Times. Shunned as a fink by his fellows, Serpico is assigned to the narcotics.squad and goes on a drug bust. Two fellow officers stand aside and do nothing when the narcotics dealer traps Serpico and shoots him in the head. With good direction by Sidney Lumet and a well done-if four-letter word filled-screenplay by Waldo Salt ("Midnight Cowbody") and Norman Wexler ("Joe"), "Serpico" looks and sounds as authentically New York as possible. The dirty tene- ILLYWOOB lOOSQuarrierSt 346-0041 RATED ADULT ACTION FILMS 21 and over DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM Show Changes Each Wednesday 11 AM thru 11 00PM OWENS Midtown IT'S THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD ANDTHE BIGGEST BLACK IMP-OFF OF THE DECADE Features It's gonna get solved... , 4:: 0f or the towns gonna explode. I 7:50 PANAVISION- - COLOR 9:41 .Walnut Grove Drive In Owens Drive In" "SWINGINC SKI GIRLS" (X) "AUNTES SECRET SOCIETY" (X) "CHAPERON" (X) "SPACE THING" (X) "COME ONE, COME ALL" (X) "BIG SNATCH" (X) ments, the seedy overcrowded precinct houses, the Village bohemian milieu all are authentic backdrops for the movie's action. In addition to Pacino, the movie's good cast includes Tony Roberts as Serpico's Ivy League cohort; Jack Kehoe as a "good" cop who takes corruption for granted; Biff McGuire as the "God bless you, son" officer who wants to keep everything inside the department; Ed Grover and John Randolph as the inspectors in charge of the investigation and Cornelia Sharpe and Barbara Eda-Young as Serpico's two girl friends. It is chilling to know that "Serpico," basically is a VALLEY DRIVE-IN ST. ALBANS NOW SHOWING true story. It is frightening to think that in America's largest city, one of the movie's lines is more truth than fiction. "Who can trust a cop that don't take money?" Owens Drive In FLEA MARKET EVERY SAT. SUN. OPEN 10:00 to 6:00 All Admissions 50* NOW SHOWING X-RATED-ADULTSONLYl Union Projectionists POSSESSED BY ASATANICALFORCE The True Story of the Two Cops Called Batman and Robin STARRING WEST VIRGINIA'S OWN DAVID SELBY 1:30-3:15-5:15 7:15-9:15 / 344 3676 " i Plaza East from the people who gave you "The Jazz Singer" 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 VILLAGE BISNET REQUIRES ADMISSION PRICES TO IE CHARCED THIS PROPUCTION ADULTS $1.75 CHILDREN 50' O^IWIUT DISNEY TECHNICOLOR® 01973 Will Dunt. Production, HER SISTER'S ABNORMAL DESIRES- A HMMV WVM PKKNTATKm ll«in« PAUL KMIT · EHHtn KENNESSY SUSAN BOWEN · ind FLANAGAN it Cynlhu 0 BOXOfFICE MltRIMTIOIMl Pictures REIMS! ALSO SHOWING "SWEET GEORGIA" CAPJTOI A girl with a great following: Every cop in the state was after her. Everybody dse was behind her. 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