The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 11, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THIS DAILY COT7R1T33R, CONN! iLtSTTELB, PA, TAISTCTAKT10, 1930. Basketball By JAJIHS M, BBISC'ILL. High Orange and Black Machine Is Five Points Behind Loses Baseballii Contest fo Jearinette |.i- T-----I-- - -- I - - - - - - ------I , ,, _. ..^ ,,,..,.,.,...,._ , ... , v ,,.,,,,.., i ,,,..-!!.., .,_ .1 I.,, i n , , ., ..,« ,,,, Half and Margin Is Held ®- Tirc Town Age'reeration Takes Viclory l»y a Count Of 26-21. LATROBE COMES TUESDAY NIGHT Conn-el Isvll la High School lost a eloso game in the W. P. I., A. League last evening at the local gymnasium to the Red and Black cago-rs of Jeannette. The score was 26 to 21. It was a last, hard-fought contest, a thriller to n i l who witnessed it. The Col?era led at the enil ot the first period with a C-5 count but shortly a f t e r tho opening oi! the second ciuarU»r, Cribbs tie-d the count with a frc throw and from tflwut tinio on tho visitors 'slowly forged ahead, retaining (lie lend throughout tho re- tiwliidor of the game. Tho super* playing of Miller, btollar center, brought cries o£ admiration to tho lips ot the spectators as that lanky youth played his best game to put the locals In the lead. Tho wonderful defensive which sHcce-sp fully checked the G peens-hurg quintet last Thursday wis woefully woak. OonuellNvllle left tho floor at the half on the short end' ot tho 13 to S count, a lead of five points which It was unable to overcome, each team scoilnig 13 points in the latter half. Six ftold goals were scored 'by tire men playing the guard positions for the opposing team white the forwards garnered two. Tho refit of the scoring was duo to foul goals. Connellsvlllo ilireateneil to tie the score near the close of tho third period but a sudden spurt, gave tho tire town boys a three-point advantage. The locals aro already loolclng forward to Tuesday's onooiintf-r with l/atrobo n n d as Ilie-re- l! no game booked for t o n i g h t Ih-pro w i l l be- a Hcht w o r k - o u t to k r r p th-rni In condition. Th« Breaks With Mason CUDDY DP-MARCO Cuddy DeMarco, former etar Charleroi lightweight boxer, and hi manager, Janios Mason, havo reached the parting of ihc ways. Cuddy may continue to pureue boxing as a means of livelihood, but Maaon advised him following his recent bout with Mickey Russell of Baltimore-, at Mc- Keeeport, to i u t t and told him he would arrange no more bouta for him. DeMarco still thinks he is good for battles agalnfcl a lot of the fellows getting by in he ring, but there le no queetfou that he ha« gone back woo- fully. He hoi. lost his eharp boxing form and tiUon on excessive weight and his friends a m s t r i n g i n g Along with Maaon In advifeing him to develop a n o t h e r calling. nchjilto his record ot h a v i n g fought t h e befit me-n In .several dtvilsone,, it s Out Perry Township Capers «/ J. ^/ PITCHING CORPS, SHORTSTOP NEED OF BOTH LEAGUES Six Managers Shorr Deep Concern Over Infielder Who Can Show Reliability. MOUND STAFF IS WEAKNESS 'onncllsvlllo -21. J t w n n r t t f -28. or near the nd oE hi« pugilistic «t- Imjack . -P ('rfbbi i reer. lie WP« a good spender when Jonos P. Milter (captain) -...C -Johnson .G Lycltis KenMichula -G-... Stevonson Sirf'titutions--Rind-e for Lujaek, Bradley for Johnson, Carrol for Crlbbs. Field Koals--Iludo 2, Miller 3, Johnson, lACius I!, Stevenson 2. Crlbbs, Cashil Itongle. Foul (wain--Connellsvillo, 0 out of 16. Jcan'ietto, 10 out of 13. t e--i By GEOHGE KIRSKBY United Prefce Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Jan. 11--Pitchere and shortstops eeoiu to be rno«t in demand by major league clubs In etrongthon- ing for Ib-e 19J50 season, a. poll ot managers oy tho United Press revoaJed. -At least four American I/eague managers and two National League pllote ara vitally concerned over sliorlstop, while almost every major league leader would welcome additional pitching strength. "Our pitching etaff and tho ehort- fitop position," wirad Bucky Harris, manager of the Detroit Tigers, "need strengthening moat. I expect llog- eett, Samuels, Herring and Wyatt lo aid tho pitching staff rnd. Rogell to Jill the shortstop berth. Funk may ln»lp the outfield." Shortstop was tho weakest link, in the Cleveland Indiana laet season, a«- 'cording to Manager Roger Peckiu- paugh, whq will atlempt to fill that position with a young player. Manager Walter Johnson ot Washington expects the Improvement ot Joe Cronln, young shortstop, and additional help from, four or flvo young pitchere to nmke the Senators a real contender. "Tho White Sox have a fair and pitching glaff," wired Donle "but need more punch in the- outfield. We have picked up sotue new men who should help u«." Third base, shortstop and the pitching ftaff are thn principal worries of Manager Hob Shawkey ot t h New egg to fall b:i~k on nov, t h a t ho is at i York Yankees. If Max Ulehop and .for Dolcy do not 1 alter around second base, tho Fh!l,i' It. m se-c-ret f i a t DpMarco no n?st . S O R D S P O I N T S · a * a · · Sport Too Much Fun; Can't Quit OVBP, So V* AR.S STILU ABI E To WlTf\ OA FAB MAT H E'S w« wan making money and the purses^ Oelphla Athletics will retain the 11129 ( r between lately.. championship team virtually Intact. With the, dropping of DeMarco ( Maeon etill han a group of boxets , The addition ot Sammy Halo-, formerly with tho Athlotic-«, Ifl expected to under his wing. Two of them aie help remedy the Brownu' iufleld prob- heavwywelgh's, Jack Hyan and Jack | leme. Wells, lie also handle^ Domlnlck Profllo, Young Rudy, Jimmy Belmont and Sammy Paris. He is angling now for a return hout hotwoon Belmont and Tiger Jo) Randall at McKeesport. MOUNT PLEASANT CAGERS DEFEATED BY GREENSBURG score- a seven-point inn rein over Mount Pleasant Borough in Section X, AV. t'. I. A, League at i h o WcMrnorrland couniyseitteri gym la«t night. Tho count WHS 21 to H, In tin last quarter the Mountief. outplayed Gi'eensburg but were un- ublo to overcome a decided advantage. Tho line-up: Mount IMwisivnt--14. F Abromson i** Paladino 3 Frooct Volkln OJreensbtirg'--31, ('ravotUi Simmons ( VulcrM-n --C .... W r i g h t Ci Ktiiutfoi . . ..·'- G . S u b s t i t u t i o n s : Stnisser for Kibbs, Kt-lly for Strasser, Page for Shaffer, Benedict for Abromson, Vlinta for Taladlno, B u r c h s t for Vliiifa. Field goals: Cravotta 2, Hlbbs, An. dersoti 3, Page 2, Benedict, BurehoL 2, Kreod, Simmons. Foul gonli: Greensburg, 5 o u t , of 10; Mount Pleasant, 4 out of 11. Scoro by /periods: Greensburg 4 8 7 .Mount Pleasant 2 4 1 Referee: Gentamer. Uniontown High Finds Scflttdale Bard to Conquer The Boeton Iletl Sox need a general overhauling all along the line, according to indications. In the National League, Charles Street, new manager of the St. Louta Cardinale, thlnka lilfi team "lookfl good Just ae it ia, outside o£ the pitch- ng etafl. We have some good yoxing pitching prospeeta who I think will come through and make UB n dangerous contender," snid Street. Pitching ie the weak spot in thn Phillies, according to Manager n^rt Shotton, who fe m a k i n g efforts to go( t h a host four minor Joaguo p j l c h ^ r n By JACK SORDS t 3} Press Sports Oatooniat-TVrlter, round American dollars, he'g well pajst the hf If-century mark In agti and he's seen almost four decades of wrestling, but you can't get Stanislaus Zbyszko to quit. Sport fans like to I alk about the iron men of the diamond, the aging stalwarts of the ring, »a graying veterans of the sun-bathed fairways, but all th^se have no record quite like that of the elder Zbyszko. Stanislaus ia still active on the mat today because, he says, the game is in hi« blood. .After 2,000 tuasels he is still eager for the miniature warfare of o e man's g^eat inuscles pitted kgainst another-the first form of con-bat--the battle of bare hands against bare hands. Ebyszko has won and lost the world's heavyweight wrestling title twice. The first tin-3 he won it from Ed Lewis, who bcara the gum tng of The Strangle! Stanis^is wan past 501 That was in 1 928. Lewis rewon the t tie from him but the Ponderous Pole again acaled the heights when he threw Wayne (Big) Munn for the crown in 1!)26, \-,'inning two falls i i 12 minuted, a titlo match record. Later Joa Stecher gained the 1 tie from MARION JUNIOR QUINT AT I'ERRY GYM ON MONDAY Joo McCarthy experts Lester Boll Lo piug- tho Chicago Cubs' wnakost a\io( at third ba^e. Tho Cuba \\111 nor.l another catcher it Gabby I l a r l n e t t ' e arm hoe not healed. John J. McGraw'a principal concerne aro second baeo and tho outfield. Eddie U u t o n t o w n M i R h Hchool hud H-s b a n d s f u l l Uisl iiiglit at i l h homo Kymuasiinn \ s h e i i Krottd.ilR opposed the Fayctte cotitityeea.terR in ft gamn in Section X W. P. I. A. League. The Evorhart ra;i chine won by a score o£ Althotisli U n i o n t o w n received six Marehnlt and Amly Reeeo will hataolSXAR. JUNCTION c nn,skch'»r,s I'ndor Conch A clam son Prc in re for Season's Opener. more o p p o r t u n i t i e s f r o m the free lino- they w e r e una.hle to materially in- ctease the advantage. The l i n e - u p : Union I (Mill- ~\. Scolldulc-lG. 2--21 7--It NORTH UNION WINS VERDICT AT REDSTONE Noi-tii Union Township came t h r o u g h with n IS to 1-1 decision over t i n - nodsiono Township High dribblers at Republic U\^t night in Section X1T1 of tho \V. P. I. A. L/eagu-o. 15rou«iifevllle won from Point Marion, l!i lo 11, whilo German Township tripped (icurgc^ Township, 23 to t t , and t'armii'luiols defeated /South Union, 17 to 16. I n i-iti'tiou X l t . I)unbar won over Perry Towns,hip, 25 to 23, while S«- « l i ' K l y Township msot tho dopo with i 17-1 ! t r i u m p h over ICast Huntingdon anil Hollo V e r n o u spilled Hurst, 27 to 17. In Lo"l!on X. Connell'mUe loal to Je-annHte. 2B to 21, while Greene- lurg ckMVate-d Mount Ploawant, 21 to U uud ITniontown conquerwl Bcott- d.ito, J.! to 1(! Afo! ongahoht lowrtecl South Itrowns- Mll',« 21 to 5. Donora trlppod Call- ln ilia. 15 to 1!!, nnd Charloroi toppled i. 47 to 21, in Section V. O t h r r uport news on Page Eleven. Foid . . . . F ISlcher Evorhart - F Staulfer J. John C. Cox Harris G Rush Rankln ,, G Waldo Substitutions-- Skemp lor Stauffor, Stauffer for Skemp, Skemii 1 for Cox. Field goaM--Ford, liverliart .'!, J o h n , Harris,, lUfiikm 2, Eicher 2, Stauffer 3, Cox. Foul goal --Unioutowu, 7 out of 16; Scottdale, (5 out of 10. Score by periods: Uniontown 3 G 0 8--23 Scottdale i 3 4 Heferee-- \quadro. -16 BELLE VERNON DEFEATS HURST IN GOOD CLASH JJollc Vemon scored a 27-37 doci.sion ove-r Hurs'f c*f M o u n t I'loasant town ship last n i g h t in Section iS.II, W. P. 1 A. IxagiH». Martin o tho winner broko through £ov n i n e flild goals to g l \ e his club i decided uduuitagc. The line- u p : Hello Vornnn--27, Hnrsi--17. Martin F. Ujhtnau Stanley F M. Smith Wallentim C.. W. Smith Eastman ...G. Kroti Bauer .G _ Clausner Substitu ions -- Igoe for Martin; Mlehner 'or Stanley; Wasciek for Walloivtini ; Kurtz for W. Sniitti; Me- Googan fo ' Krotv.; Strelllc for Olaus- ner. Field ,-oals--Martin .1, Stanley Wascl-elc, Ixjlunaii 3. .M, S m l l h 4, W, Smith, Bfluer, Krolz. Foul go i If--Dollo Vornon, 1 out of 10: ITurst 1 oat of 9 -Hearst. tor eecoml bane, while left Held and ] center Held need strengthening. If Qus Sulir, tha high-priced Pacific Coast League first baeeman, meaeures up to expcctatlone, and George Grantham performs capably at'second bane, tha PUteburgh Pirates w i l l have their principal weaknesses remedied. Shortstop G l e n n Wright's arm and Pitchers Uazzy Vance and Buzz Mc- Weoney are Wilbert Hobineon's chief concerns. "If Wright's arm is well and Vance and McWeeney pilch as they should. ·we'll oe In first division," said Robin- eon. Dan Ilowley, new manager of Cincinnati, bellvos the principal need of the Ilede is p u n c h and he Ihlnlte Dob Mus-el ami Harry He-ilmann, veteran American supply it. League outfielders, will CONNELSVILLE BOWLERS BEATEN BY PERRYOPOLIS Tho f l u c k p i n artists of journ-eyerl to the I/. A. Brown alleys at Perryopolls w h o r e they were- trin-mived by a margin of 320 pins in a fust match gaim^, Tho scores: CONNKLLSVTL.LK. Lawson .».,,.. .122 127 Venorshy ^ ,..fc,133 164 Nixon .. - -...'.... 100 135 Splndler . 128 150 Conn Totals Snyde-r Flanigan .... Blasco Lefty ,, .. Winterhalter Totals 162 1R(5 PBKRYOPOLIS. .... ... ,. .M7 173 .... ..... ... .14 t 154110 14-0 13-1 105 403 412 375 412 70S 2-OSf. 128 12S 131 171 140 ISO 163 160 8!) IB 1 } 125 4S5 476 MB 471 419 ...670 827 702 2205 few weeks and ho PerryopoliH a formidable ON JANUARY 16 Tho basketball carrpaign ot the PerryoijoHs Urada Sch jol will be in- auguratecl on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock when Uio drib' lers under tho tute-lago of Coach /Janieon clash with the quintet of tin Marion Junior High School of \Vasln igton township at the 1'erryopolls gy nnaslum. Mentor Adameou ha . been working with the team fur a Indications aro t h a t inetitutl-ou will have combination on the lie d. The probable lineup apparently will b up w i t h H\nklo a td Ermet Popo at guards, Matway at 'enter ami Kra- nlk and KosicKy at ( h i forwards w i t h Hozinw; and Galley at first string reserves, On T h u t s d a v even! ig, January 16, Porryopolifi La!tc«j on ;tar Junction at ihe former's floor In ·* hat promises to bo a bitterly fought r ige contebt. In the p r e l i m i n a r y geine the g-lrls of the IVrryopollrt grade s-h iol and the glrle o£ the j u n i o r class of the h i g h school V.H1 WRESTLING DOliS NOT HAVE SINGLE WICAL" CHAMP CINCINNATI, National Boxing Ohi ., Jan. 11.-- The Ass iciation hafi an- West Side Club Defeats Oilers In Uneven Game T-ho Wost .Side bakotball Learn, ·whldi l o u n t l its fctrido carlior in Wi-e weok when it daf«atd tho Catholic Cliiib of ftlonoa.sen, continued on its w l n n k i R streak last iu?rht a t tho State A r m o i y by dtVilimj tho Wavorly Oil quintet o£ Scott/dale. Tho count, waa 40-1't. Taking an early lead, the Wost Side p;is,ic-i-s maintained it tho-ong-hout, ·vvklening tho breach at every stage of tho -contest. Docllm-entl and Poiaer carried off scoring- honors with McCleary aivd Isola clofio Iwliiiul Uoth's four goals kept the vfeitoi-s from being entirely to s. no wed under Tho W«st Siders are anxious book games w i t h any HuilT, e!Mi*r nt home or abroad. For games, csi.ll 1854 and a»lc for John. The llno-up: West Side-- 10. IVnverty OII--14, I'olBCT ....... , ..... J?.. ----- ............. Ttoth Isola . F C 'TUitb W i l l s .. Robbins ......... G -- ....... ------ Sterrel! McCleary ......... .O. .. ... _____ . S u b s t i t u t i o n s -- Deollmentl tar Prink-o-j', for AJcCJeary. Flelr! sonlS' -- Uecliiwjntl 5, Poisor 5, TKolo, 4, MrGleary 4, Itohblns, Knlh 3, tloth 4. * Foul goals -- West Slclo, 4 ou-t of 7. Ref-ev-o-e-- Philll p-s. scioialion decided: Ciin KonnenbuVg, 1'rovuloure, ) r t t., Richard -Shilait, P h l l a d f l p h l a , J o h n l'HSOl[, A v t M i n a , N«h , J i m bando;=I, St. Louis, Mo , and Pete Sauor (also k n o w n a! Rny Stecle), T u l s a , Okla. Honorable mention was filvrn to Jans Steinke, Chlc-ngo, and Jim Browning, San Francisco. Following are the conditions for tho e l i m i n a t i o n matches Entries must b made to (lie N. B. A, be tore February 1 and $5,000 bond nounced t h a t a f t e r n nation-wide survey and inveHtiffaUoi ot wrestling it was u n a b l e tci name a champion in any d u l s i o n of thai -port. The a.ssoclatlon, however, listed contenders for the t t f i e s In the heavyweight, light-heavy veight, middleweight and welter veight divisions and a n n o u n c e d plan tor a series of Grove City d e f e a t e d SI. Frauds at m a t i h e s to determln championship? , basketball last n i g h t , 35-19. At t h a t , The f o l l o n i n s he ivies should he I the CJrovers wore c - i c d i l r d w i t h riii- glven opportunity to compete, tha as-I playing a ragged game. If i i l l live r-riU-r, Soniienbiirpr is to r w H r e n liye u n t i l t h e o t h e r tour h u v o hei-ii matched. F.iilnre or any of tho flvr t o enlef means his elimination trom consideration for the title. Thrilling Court Contest At Leisenring Gymnasium Determined by Two Points -© W.P.I.A. League Summary f SECTION TEN Yesterday's Eesults. Uniontowa 23; Scoi tdaje 16. Greenshui"g,#l; M r u n t Pleasant 14. Jeannette 20; ConielJevllle 21. W, U Pot, Unionfcown 2 0 1.000 Latrohe 1 0 1.000 Connellsville . . 1 1 ' .500 Jeannette . 1 1 .600 Greensburg _, 1 ] .DOO Bcottdale . .0 1 .000 Mount Pleasant . 0 " .000 Games Tuesday Latrobe at Connelte'rille. ? Jeannette at M c u n t Pleasant. Greene burg at Scottdale. SECTION THIRTEEN Yesterday's Ilesulls. North Union 15; Redstone 14. Brownsville 19; Point Marlon 11. German 23; Geor,;es 21. Carmlchaele 17; £outh Union 1C. North Union Brownsville , CarmtchaelB ._ German _ Point Afarioti _ Georges South Union. W. 2 2 1 j _.. I _. 0 0 o u 0 0 0 1 I 9 '2 J Pet. 1.000 1.000 l o n o .HOC) ..100 .000 .000 .000 Gamr.s Tuesday, Brownsville, at Cnrrnlebarl*. South Union ;it North Union. Redstone at Geor,v,os. Point Marlon at Gorman. SECTION TWELVE Yesterday's Results. Dunbar 25; Perry 23. Sewickley 17; E ist Huntingdon. 12. Belle Vernou 27; Hurst 17. Sewieldey . Du nhar Perry Bollo Vernon Ba«t Huntingdon Hiirpt W. _ 2 -1 0 0 I, 0 0 1 1 2 Pet 1.000 1000 .500 .500 .000 .000 Red and Black, by Virtue of Triumph, Has Good Advantage for Section Title. SEWICKLEY HAS TWO DECISIONS Frtdiij-. Sewicklfy at Perry. Dunbar Towtiehip at Hurst. Eat H u n t i n g d o n nt. Bollo Vernon. SKCKIOiS K I V K Monongahola 21, S. H r o w u f e v i l l o 5. Douora 15; California 13. Charleroi 47; 1\ est Newton 23. W. J,. Prt. Charleroi 2 0 1,000 Monongahela 2 0 1.000 Moneseeu 1 o 1.000 Donora 1 1 ,500 S. Brownsville ..0 1 .000 West Newton . 0 2 .000 California _ 0 2 .000 Games Tuestlnj". Weet Newton at California. Donora at South Brownsville. Moneesen at Charleroi. Pitt May Play At Washington In 1931 Report WASHINGTON, P a , J a n U . - I t i s understood ill co le^iute circles that a Pill team may "c sepn in action at Ule now stadium planned for Washington Jefter-ou College here in 13.H. Many who h a v been opposed to Iho .supposedly graceful gesture of Uin Presidents in sui r o n d c r l i i R ( l i e date nt t h e Pill game m xl Novertibor, ho t h a t the Panthers mli:ht J o u r n e y to C o l u m bus to meel O h i o S t a t e , are f i n d i n g consolation in the I n t c f c l ne\vs. Wash-Jeff is ooking to a Mrulium and it is also lo !dng to a game with Pitt to open thai .stadium. Such an a t t r i ctlon would IK tho biggest sporting event In t h e h i s l o i y ot thlh city. H Is nl«() inn! 'rslotid t h a i a l t e r n a l o gaintH w i t h P i t t , .uiii t'arnoRH* T e c h aro Hie pliui at er coinplt'tlou uf the fatadium. Pitt's great b t b k e t b a l ! club flill go after tu t e n t h victory tonight, meet- inc; CeorKetoi.'ii U u i v e i s i t , n t l u b w h i c h is expec'ed to give e q u a l l y as rnut'h t r o u b l e a: did Montana. In one of Ihe most exciting and thrilling basketball contests «ver wit- nefcsed at tho beisenring No. 1 gymnasium, Dunbar Towuship High School dribblers last night triumphed o\'er Perry Towuship by a score of 25 to 23 to forgo Into tho lead over tho "arch rival" who aro expected to give the Red and Black a warm light / for the championship of Section X, W. P. I. A. League. The decision however did not give D. T. undisputed possession of tho top r u n g as Sewickley Township also tallied its second decision by whip ping East Huntingdon. Dtinbar in it: other circuit fray downed Alvcrtof while Perry had counted Hurst out. For 24 minutes the battle raged furiously and neither combination seemed able to sweep away to a nea . advantage and the tally at virtual!" every ,jtage was separated by no mor.v than three points. However In. thn last quarter with hut, three minuter to play D. T. Increased Its margin to five but this lead was short lived. The excellent foul shooting of GaJ- ley kupt Perryopolls in Ihe runnin as t h e sturdy forward sank seven out of nine tries. The y o u t h also carao through w i t h four flold goals and t o o v the scoring honors of tho evenlnj,. Kcl'ly of Dttnbar w i t b four jrut t f five t h r o w s from the free ll u » tilUc 1 materially m that club's score wlUIo Joo Tulley dropped futir double-dec!-- crs. I n c i d e n t a l l y Keilly also shot a b e a u t i f u l field goal from near mi- floor. J\Jll! e r L b r ||i P( ] Ulc |w ; ckod . uafcium. w i t h a lefthandfid backfill.,t thaf went through the hoop without touching ( h o i-jmg j t VRa ]iy {dr (] o most thrlHiiig score of the coutcbl. The- game was nip and t u c k fro n tho very beginning:. After B a l l . y dropped in a foul, Perry came ba k strong, Galley ttelng the count f r o m the free line and Swells sinking in-. only field goal from a difficult ang e KeiJIy on a neat pass from Behrens heaved from the center of the Ho r witli a circus shot that gave D. T ,111 edge. The youth had just tallied t^ from the free line. When the c u r t a i n droppdd on the first quarter, the ta ly was S to 5, Duubar. Galley did practically all of i i i o Perryopolis scoring ],, the second and third quarters. The U u n b a r bojs ·. p- parenlly were f e o m u c h concerned over tho others, reputed stare, lluit fhcy virtually forgol about Galley aii.l he readily (ook achantago of c v n y o p p o r t u n i t y and several of his shut's camn n-lipn not n single Rp'd ai») Black defender was w i t h i n c )oso pn-x- Unity of him. The half found n u n bar h o l d i n g 11 lo 13 margin. D. T m a n a g e d to get but three points in the third frame and the score- stood 17 to 16 at that time. With Joe Tulley paving the way with some excellent playing and the ace shooting- two nahi goals as wjl as one- frojn the free line, Dunbar managed to hold a two- point advantage when tho Una! f uu , was fired. It was a typical "Dimbar-Porry" cage combat. Action galore mar'sed the hard t o u g h t h a u l - that was ic- plete with thrills. Only 17 fouls w e r e called on the two coinbinmions desiiite the tcuscueas of the close f o u g h t game. Activities were dela;.ed for -15 minutes owing to the ·uciii-a t )poarauct of Ihe scheduled referee--Howard of Oni o n t o w n . The officials wore T ery t o r t i i n a t e in being able (5 lind f t a i i P h i l l i p s ol CoiHiells'iiiJo who jirr- formed In a most excellent ma.nie'r. Mr. Plilllipp, 0) ] 0 O r the Jpjidlng t ago c.\ecuthes in this section, has woi kod a number of frays at Perryopoliu and had bo-en a regular olllcial ut Lol sear i n g for some lime. Lclspnrlng journeys to Hurst High next Friday whilo 'Perry TownMiip, at home, takes on Sewiokioy. 'Oast H u n t i n g d o n joiirneys to Belle Ver'ion. Th" line-in': Dunbnr --25, 1'crry -2!t Tulley .-. .... ., . V -..Daugfaprty Skonczny... -- .^- V · -- - Gi lley HehrenP (' . , _, Svctts Hailoy G - ....Baughman Hellly (} -.Thrasher S u b s t i t u t i o n s -Miller for Behreni', J e n k i n s for Swells for Daugherty, Uaugherty for Swells for Jenklnij. Field goals--Tulley 4, Skouozny, Miller, Bailey 2, Ileilly, Daugerty, Galley 4, .Swells, Jenkins. Team fouls--Uunbur, 7 out of I?; Perry Township, 9 out of H. I n d i v i d u a l fouls--Tulley, 1 out of I;" Miller, missed 2; Huiley, 2 but i £ A; Hellly, 4 out of 5; Daugherty, 3 rfui of '1; Galley, 7 out of 0; Svetls missed 1; Bauglunan, 1 out -)f 1; Thrasher, missed 1. Scoring by q u a r t e r s : Dunbar . . . . R \; 3 S --2"i 1'Pi'ry 3 7 1 7--^J - P h i l l i p s ,

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