The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1918
Page 4
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DATL.Y COURIER, CONNELLSVII^LE, PA- MONDAY, MARCH 18, 118. p. SNTTDER; Founder and Editor. 3S79-1515. Tin; COFMEJI " V - K..M, SNTDER. . ' · .' ? President. ····; - · . JAS. j. DRISCOUU -Seen- and -'.Crtamirer;' Busl»«s» Itenaear. ·-· -. . ' JOHN.L. CANS, : ~ Managing Editor. ·'-,, . WALTEB S. SITMMEL. *· | . City Eflitor. ' . MISS LYNNE. B. KEraEIi, Society Editor. MEMBKFC OF: ' ' Associated Prass, Asdit Bureau of circulation. Pennsyl'ranla Ar.3oci*t«Jd. DaUHs. ... :· Two C«nt5 par copj. SOc'per month: ts pir yiMT by mail II p»ia fc advance. nd cl«es matter at the The Covrlcr'a Scnrtee TflLJUAM P. -SHJIRMAN. Hospital. Unit 1.. XT, 3. "A..* Fort McFSiferson,. Atlanta, Ga, BAI-PB P. SLIGEB. : ,'/ : iiy ."H, 31»th Infantry,^ t. · s. if' A., C»mx Lee, Petersburg, Va. ~~*tnVAsaocljUol Press is ex- elvalvely mtitled to tii* use {or repttbttc*tk»B 'of aU new*' dispatches credited to It o* -not ~0thM-wi»» credited U^ttis pap*r '. and fcl*o tb* loc*l_n«ws puMiahwi " ' The DayllghtrSnvinE Bill, -which- has pugwl'botlv the Senate ami the House. ·iwing tlie approval ol the President ·on its introduction, win no doubt re- eehre'his. signature and thus become a , -l».w. Beginning with Easter morning, Jfarch 31; 'the,*?.: will start one hour , . 'earlier, thefebjrgivii»g: one mire'-bour of JayJigfct 'ftir'Tecreatlon. at the .end ol a day's worlc, or lor employment or pleasure. .' The jlan, which, has teen in successful operation. In every/ important 'country ol Europe except Russia, is largely a "war .'measure, conservation- in atl -its forms 'and in every possible -·direction having becoiae a necessity. -The effect oJ the new system will be "·.,tlfe substitution of an hour ol day. 'light lor an hoar of darkness during * time when we can use the daylight. "The elimination, of one hour's artificial 'Illumination every day for seven 'months of the year in every home, in · stores, factories and plants running · on night turn, will result in a vast saving of fuel used in the generation of electric power. "Such a .saving'wiH :have on appreciable effect in preventing, a fuel shortage next winter. This ''is the economic purpose of the plan, .second -only in importance to the in- greased length o! tims for recreation each working day. .-'· . *, There is nothing complicated about " the plan. The man who goes to work at 7 o'clock will still leave : at 7 by ..the clock, but at 6 sun time, but_when ;he goeshome'-'at'S-b'clock'in the'after- .noon by the clock:' ha will be going 1 : ihome at 4 o'clock sun .time," and- sim- . llarly with .other hours. Trains- will run on the same schedule by the clock ,»ad no confusion .or inconvenience ·should' result from the tact "that the . clock is one hour ahead of the sun. Toe system is not a fad, but -a com- ·" "WUh,, its Hed''Cross rally, two flag dedications and the big* boom ID War Savings .Stamp .sales.. In the .schools, Souttr Connellsville la .'.not' taking a baclr ffeat-itMs.jSetting: an example, In real, patriotism. . . . . · · " . ' · ' -.w«.vua.daylight -vvlii not give you license to - waste the . night time. . '. "" Now that..the!.earnings.-at'.poker to be included-as-"income" on.tne come tax''r!turris,; there .may -ho casional .Instances; .very occasions course,-, when: a rvision -of fepor ready .*iH(l i: may bb- hecessa ry. ·T The boys Over · There are keeping tab"on ·rfhat.we do here at home, so it b d U o o v e s - u s all to set. a proper ex" Tt la hot the fault of the Connellsville Njjvy "League knitters it yiei-e Is not n:ore comfort on .board the U. S, 3. Charleston than -' any other of Uncle Slum's fighting boosts. Taking tlie Soads Gat of Politics... Sonierset Herald. . ' P | Senator Sproul's declam.tion .that the state's road program "must be carried, on-no!: as a political 1 favqr . but;, as a political ris'ht of the 1 - peopje/' Will be applauded throughout Penin'sylvania, and nowhere with more -enthusiasm then in Somerset county, where the people Ions since learned;;,,at. the Hifrhway Department has been "th* football of politics."' . , . An Impious Minneapolis rTrlbune. President "Wilson hat; reached the end of the alphabet-land fixed a price on zinc.,-When he starts to revise h« will. discovei: that just below A for alcdhol and 'B for beer he apparently overlooked C for cotton, w h i c h - i s running:, wild in price, compared with other necessities and luxuries. Hust Be. Taken Care of. Gre«nsbur£r Tribune, Senator GtUHnger declares that some men who are draTrine: J.S.OOO a year Jn war-*work t o r " tht government could not earn $1,500,11 year at anything else. The 'senator states the case mildly. But of* course deserving Democrat! must be taken, care of. " ' TAXISHTfG SCBS. ' The '·'Vubjparines "go "subbJng 1 forth. manned' -by' heroic men;, they journey east and v.-est taid. north, and don't 'c'bme' hack' again...- .The kaiser sees his ' costljf.bon.t3 then ' somethin . . sailing, from his shore; .frightful "sets their groats, and they come back no more. "There is a hole," the kaiser sUrhs. "somewhere beneath the sea; there U-boats go» no more to rise; alas, and woe" I a _ m t e l WThen. firnt my U-boat praft wai^_ sprung. I called for volunteers; the chosen seamen then* gave tongue to loutl ..and happy cheers. They -sailed away to break and burst old Britain's power and might; ach. schweltterkabe und Uverwurwt; where are my boyc tonight? And when to save the Fatherland I now ask volun- .teers. no sailor lifts- a willing- hand-I'm -facing" mutineers! And'so 1 have to- make the threat, of hemp and gallows scenes, before they'll come, .already "yet, to man my submarines. Xaught can .iffrlsht the German soul like formless mystery, and I'm afraid of that great hoJe. somewhere beneath the seai" And still the kaiser's U r boats go, by crews reluctant man- ·ndcj; and some firim monster, down below, is seeing- that they're canned. ONE WAY TO SAVE RUSSIA. By Macauicy. A 3COTHEB THOUGHT. Oh,,my laddie! oh, my laddie! Can't you hear me bravely singing As'T tuck the covers 'round you, Or a drink to you I'm .bringing? Do you hear me in the night time "When you call in dreams tbt frilu, Saying: ."Go to sleep, my laddie, . It w311 very soon bo light?" Oh, my laddie! oh; my laddie! mon-*ense measure, the practicability [ tton't you know that I am near you? "el irhJcb has been'proven. - · " -·- «S3aTE THE PHIUSTISE HIP :: ,UTD THIGH." ^'-, There remain a munber. o£.' people, ·Mme earnest but mi£gui£e£ i, · ··':" ;'of them, timorous and fbbilsii. '-viv: i-i-" ·here to the belief - that the -sariit r .ay · to end the waVls.toitalk'l-; -"---any. sort of peace- jnst So Ifmeaiis r . ^s: saUon of hOtillUes, la their prre*V weening desire-, "to, see . the" '"-aKsfefcl "brought 10 aa end, on any terras, -these advocates oC submission to the '' HohenzoUern -will, would haggle, bar- ·jain and temporiie instead "of obey-. Ins the scriptural injunction to -'Smite : ' " - ' : th« PhUitihViiip'aipit thigh", as Col- r .o-n*l" Henry -Watt'erson -*urge*.-'iwith ·'characteristic -emphasis when 'saying:. " ^The end of the- war... 15,. to ; ' bff .^ - Have the hands that once caressed you : . l*ost the .mother gift to cheer you? Do you think the -dreary distance Keeps the heart of .me-.away? Can|t you hear me ".calling to you . As I'called bat yesterday? i Oh, my laddie! oh, iny'laddie! I have followed where'you wander. Here" the flesh .of me Is', dwelling, ' -But my .soul Is" witn you yonder. Tea, my soul to you Is singinc All the. lullabies you knew In the 1 days, laefore-this danger Made" a soldier.boy of you. . - j Oh, my laddie! oh, my laddiai .Through the trials now before you, Through the perils o f .the n i g h t 1 time I shall still be watching o'er you. Can't you feel my mother fingers · Smooth the hair about your brow? · Can't you see me; oh my laddie. ' Standing there beside you now? . ( but-bTlthe - sword of the wid-"oi-'Giaein;,.tho "terms" atxGCtt* ^atftwr d .out of the mouths -of -cannon; thA..lazy sons ot peac«*'w 1 ho are too good' to live and too proud to fight -will have to :put on: something more"*tiiai3 ·; 'Tvair paln't'and' feathers befo*. they can -, be tm*t«d'ln the tinal equatron to-.., handle" results." "I'Own .with tom- n»yrotI.-'\". v ' - ' · - ' - " ' - " · - - ," '" - * ""'" "There are a few other "things to b« considered than "freedom, jus- tiee and respect f.»r the principles of International 'law 1 .'': "WS shaJl liot treat" wfth'tHe Hohensollern at 1 all. nor with Germany, until Oor- --·many Is born ag*ln. Meanwhile "there ara ·scores," many- and- btootly -"-- · , "the Sussex; the Helgian horrors, ^P,^daUy"the murder of Miss Cavell. the murderous -air raids upon London and I'aris and the .un- · defended coast towns and hamIftts: ·he Sun^b H '^nffer. '.ls.. mtne. -ftav.e.j?qffered_- ;has heard- the-shrieks of drowning wo"men-^-h"as , '. seen tha-'.tiky -fiands of ' .children . - »tretche^'"C;qt: In' dumb 'entreaty - · .from the 'bottom of th'e sea-- clhd,' In answer ".'to.. "both, ; another ^YOic« .. ·xclalms-abova tbo-ain of the teiap' est an-i thft.-Tbar^of s b t h e PhUfstlBe/Jfij? :and . . If we 'etiniTroeate -"w.e are;-..ljat. , Freedom' -;in V: the iT'nlted States ', s r,er - ' quires not 1 only t"-»e destruction of . " ' s battlo;V'-'Sniu;e-;.-. 1 It. News of the Past Condensed f r o m the Files of .";"-*':Th'e Courier. - ' 7" ' 3PRIDAT, MARCH'S*, 3868. ITOIDA.Y, MARCH is, isns. Detailed report,of the ConneaisviUc coke trade for UIQ weeklns March 12, shows a total of 15,008 ovens in the region of which 14.SH8 are In blast, and 3.770 Idle, with a totaUestimated production of 153,524 tons. (Shipment^ for th,e week ag-greff«.ted S.S18 cars distributed as follows: To Fittgburfe-. 3,133 cars; to points west, 4,350: to points east 1.365 a decrease of tbrcs cars as compared w4th th-e previous week. Farm of H. P. Bern*111 at McCoy Hollow and known as the Klondike la fouml to be underlaJd with porcelaia cement stone. A company !s to be organized to developc the ledge. John C. B. Mitchell, formerly a re-s- ident oC this place strikes it rich In a silver mine in Arizona. The mind Is known aa "The Hidden Treasure." " Heavy coke train on Baltimore Ohio railroad crashes into a slide n«ar Laytcn. Ton cars are demolished. No one is injured. - LaPo-rte Myers, a prominent German of "Wispier, dJes under mysterious circumstances. It Is claimed ha had a number of enemies about Wheeler. Charles \V. Young of SIcKeespflrt. and Laura B. Stillwaffon, Coniiellaville; Homer Hensel and Annie Koose'r, Sprlnwrfleld township; David M. Loop of Fort Hilt, and Elizabeth Brlnker, Nor- malvillo are granted marriage licenses at Un too town. Andrew Jackaon Shell, *1 years old, dies nt his home in Johnstop avenue. George Janes, 72 years old. dies at the home of his son-in-law. Frank ICin- cell in Seventh street, "ew Haven. Mrs. Edward Herd, formerly of Wheeler, d-ies at her home near Greens-' burg. F; T. Adams wholesale frnit dealer. moves into the Colley building, a few doors north of hJs former quarters. David Trimble, an employe ot the .Job department of the Newg haa h-is hand severely cut'under the paper cutter a-t that plant. ' { , · - # TKUnSDAT, MARCH SB, IMfi. Detailed report of the Connellsville cok« trade for the week ending March 21 shows 37,4£$ ovens In the region of w-hictr 10.941 are in blast and 20,54-t idle, with a total estimated production of 160.058 tons. Shipments for tlie week aggregated G.773 ca-TS distributed as follows: To Pltteburg 2,G74 cars; to points v,-esfc, 3.520 cars; to points east, 570 cars; a decrease of 1C cars aa compared with the previous week, · \FHlhirm C. -Berg- and Mrs*, Picyerwe Irks bot-fi of Connellsville, and Edward Ward oC .WIlkcs-Barre, are injured when two cars'ori the West Penn Rail- Trays line come together, head-on between Che O. 8t B. culvert and the high trestle at Fayrrtte station. . Traffic on Plttsburg Uike Erie railroad is tied up by a biff slide at AIc- Cunft, three miles west of Dlckerson Run. · . roturned in Un-iontown WANTED -- TOtTB business. KETDJNE*a BARBERIKG tf ·WANTED--CHAMBERMAID AT HOTEL HAAS- 15/narUd WANTED -- CHAMBERMAID AT TOUGH HOUSE. . ISmartfd FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM: or rooms for liRht housekeeping. 506 East. Green street. IGroarZt FOR" RENT--THREE NICBM" PUR- nlshed rooms for light housekeeping. 2J17 Sycajnore street. Ifiiuarlt FOR REN'T--^THRBE ROOMS WITH j bath, hot wa-tcr, gas and electric, for couple w i t h o u t children. Inquire ROOM, care Courier. ISmarSt* · WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTORY i and shipping department, TRI-STATE | CANDV- COMPANY. ISraartfd j FOR REXT--FRONT OFFICES ON second, floor of Dunn Evans building. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. ND HAND TTPE- vrtter. Call Bell 13-R, or Tri-State 9S-W, Mount Ptoosant. 22febtf WANTED --EXPERIENCED GIRL for gen'enU housework. Call 202 West Cedar avenue after 6 P. M. 4marlf WANTED--GIRL FOK GENERAL houaevork. Apply MRS. C. O. BANE. 506 Ease ilurphay avenue. 15mar3t* WANTKD--GIIU* FOR GEN ERAJu housework. 30-i Eas*. Fayette. I G m a r S t * FOR SALE.--ADVERTISING SPACB In this paper. 'Ask for r*te«. 'FOR SAL--FULL SET OF SHOE- mohiirs' tools. Inquire SCRS. THOMAS J". INKS, Lincoln street, Ohiopyie, Pa. IfimarZt FOR SALE--BRAND NEW UNUSED wheel for Ford car. Will Pill exceptionally cheap. Ca.U Bell phone 2?. Scottdale, PEL. ICmarfit WANTED--3OY TO ACT AS ter and work in' drug store. MOORE. WANTED- room house. FOR S.A T.TJ:--DISTRIBUTOR COEL, renerator and Bijur starting motor omplele. Inqutro" C. 1,. WORK, Con- telliTit'illc I 3 a. IfimarGt -TO JtENT FIVE OR SIX All modern conveniences. H. C. HOLLEY. Bell 709. ISmur^t* WANTSD--CHAMBERMAID, BIID- Ole aed lady preferred. B. « O. RESTAURANT. ' ISmarSt W^VNTED--GOOD CAR REP Amman. .-Vpp S y iiASTEK West Penn Shop. MECHANIC, 18mar3t FOR SALE--1 1917 fORD TRUCK. Hanoi body. Ic g-ood condition, CENTRAL MOTOK CO., West Apple street. ConneiJsville. l*mar6t FOR SALE--TEAM. AGE 7 AND 9. New brass mounted harness. Good transfer wapjon. Inquire at SOUTH - HOTEL. ISmar^t FOR SAXE--THE LATE SARAH A. Marietta residence in Johnston avenue. MRS. J. T. DAVIBS. Bell phone TPANTED--TRUCKERS AT BALTI- | 75. Tri-Staie 646. Uniqqtown. ImrtC more daily. Ohio freight station. P a y ! WANTED -- AN" EXPERIENCED cloak and. suit girl. Highoat salary paid. 130 "orth PHtsbury: street. ISmartCd WjOTTE D--Y OUNG M jVN TO RUN' elevator. Aluat b'e over 38 years oC age. Apply at KOBACKEJSS. ISmarSt FOR SALE--BARGAIN. EIGHT room house and lot -10x120, Elg-hUi street. West Side. Inquire 119' South Kiehth street. Tri-State 695-W. ' 15 mart t" FOR SALE--1!917 INDIAN MOTOR- cj'cle. K. X, motor. Practically new. Run only 500 miles. Bargain to quick bucr. Inquire MOTORCYCLE. Courier office. ISmartfd WANTED--C-KNTI-EMAX BOOK- keeper. Must be e-xueriiinced a n d , come well recommended. TKI-STATE | r" cea CANDY CO. I B m a r t f d FOR SALE--SEED POTATOES FOR sal-?. 50 or 60 bushels iitiu m o u n t a i n iiotatoes, mostly white: ;x few ;atu Uoue. Box -113, D u n bar, Pa. Umarlt' WANTED--YOUNG LADY STEN- qgrapiier and accoirntant. St;i.te experience and salary desired. Address P. A-., care Courier. 16martfd finding" John Ab-ram-s and John Stanley "WANTED--TWO FIRST CLASS electricians. 3Fust be f a m i l i a r with house wiring, etc. Apply FAYKTTH 15LECTHIC CO., 5-i Morgan town street. Union town, Pa, ISmarSt WANTED--AT ONCE, EXPKEIEN- ced Ftilcshwiy, steaoy position. Must understand alterations. FRQPL.1SS' BJSPT. STORE, 2^0 North Plttsburg street. . 38inar3t FOR SALE--TWO ACRES LAND with seven room up-to-date house. near Connellsville, along- street car lae. Address "HOME," ears' Courier. 12marGl* FOR SALE--ONE SEVEN PASSEN- ger Mitchell 1916 touring car in flr^t class condition. W l i l trade for horses or cattle. P. V. PERP.Y, Both phones. Ecottdale. ICmarSt* evn lower. Burglars sain en-trance to the Neiw Haven Hotel and carry off a lot of aat- ' Forty^ members ._pf the CqnneUsville ^'vfiip"a.-dr^Xfi«rAhc3ent"Order ^' of Hi- berjitans~srp to- Plttsburg to-.particlpa.tQ in -_St/ Pat.-j'ck's-Day parade, " .'Captain..Lloyd J o h n s t o n 1 and. J.. K. Balaley^return from *a southern trip. They report 'walkliii^ good and say-, tlie' people are vory VAerai with cojd''flitch j and- taiUgs. · . -Bars, of the notel -Marietta.. Central ·Hotel; Bannms-\House, Marietta's and !D«an'B "wholesale'. liquor stores-arid Lafayette Hotel, JTeiv Haven ha-re closed on account-of ercp-iration of. li- Fomale walking match js begun on Kfiw Haven .'rink; Fifteen wo*nen,-ra- jSured chompk)ns : 'of as"many, cities are ;he contestants. ' . . Michael Mad-j-gs-n purchases' a $00 autocracy-^. In Germany V- but ' total annihilation of mflitarif'.n · and th« /military..- . spirit." if- .any ^ power i*i 'leift' Intact 'in 'Germany to makf'· treaty-«»lth any other .- owr, -we are,lor!L If all govern'- ) meftt'ln Germany be not blotted out j . even as lh"e 'Southern Confftd'ertfc:,-^. { In America -wag blotted but. w« | ar* lost. We have foueht in vain,-/ U nt erc»t ot'-J. t). Berry in the and all our. sacrUices in Wood and {i n?r ^stibltelwnent · brick-. i -Alex J. Johnston has.purcha "~ ~ ~ In the jo] Eorry, .- Mrs. Margaret Co«rtney, 67 years old, I T^Idaw d-f- John Courtney, died: "WV J. Welsh, telegraph operator of West "NeTTton, drinlcs two ounces oi carbolic acid at Water street restaurant which results 1 fatally. "* . E.OV. Thomas R. Brown, S5 years old, oldost Ba-ptLat minister in Western Pennsylvania, dies at Confluence. Jndge R. E/Umibel'ha,nds downitp-in- lon in Union-to-wn refusing the petition cl' WilUarn Llkina and o'thcrs to have the account of Republican county chairman. John R. BJKTIC, for the November, IflOT, ' audited. , , Edgur Cramo'r and - Miss EIroa Lir-t, both of Dickerson ' R u n - a r e married. TVANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO are studying for examinations to get the be?t m i n i n g book published, "Mining in a Nutshell/' by JAMES WARDLAW. Scottdalc, Pa, Price $2.26. . . Bfeb44t WANTED--EXPERIENCED CAgS- ler and stenographer Cor department store. State salary wanted and gtve reference with application in own hand writing. 'Address X, care Courier. V SGfoblfd WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH, Don't matter i- broken. I pay $2.00 to . SIB.00 per set. Send by parcel'post ant! i FOR SALE--ONE GOOD. COAL range. 515.00. Brown Reed baby bug- try ;ind leather folding 1 go-cart for $20.00. Iron folding- bed couch 55.00. 311i East Fayette street, ISmarSt* FOR SALE--3 PIT WAGONS, 10 bushel capacity, 32 inch gauge end dump. Also 1 post auger for shooting coal, adjustable. 3 extra bits. Inquire C. L. WORK, Connoilsvllle, Pa. IGmarSt FOR RENT--A THREE STORY brick building:, 96x49, suita-blo for a garage or manufacturing purposes, on .the corner of Mcadov\- Lane and Church Place. Inquire J. L. STAD32R. 12martf receive check r e t u r n man. L. MAZER. -200? S. F i f t h Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ' "ncKl*tration «f Votcrn Thin Week. Register assessors in eyory borough'. _. , . _. _ _ o and · township In Fayette county' will j invitation or announcement, ' W e prim. sit at .the various polling places Tues- anything--evtrythih'g--do it promptly ·· WANTED--ANT. KIND OF FR1.VT- ln£, whether H is (jailing card, sitie bill or the finest engraved wedding day and Wednesday of thiaTveek Cor the voters. £or the -ote atHhe be regr- with their respective parties.- Tt is die duty of,every voter to be sure t h a t - h e is propirly registevedi Take yoxir tax receipt along:. mar-18-20 · ' · . · » - · ' - · ourpose o£ enr.oilmff -voters k- Trorkt-,, 3 oufii of town - faU primar i es . Jh-order to voJ reat resoiu for eamblm-s. pr i mar i e ».thls fall votersemuat FOR SALE-JrWO SINGERS, fo.DO. all;' the!- ~ rtreagtll' arid. : po*r!r' with wh!cll' : vi ' t! ^a w 11 ?^ 1 **' th ' 6 PhU!E ' tillc i -Geors* W. Ber.b c rt; one of "the oJdest j anfl Weh. } .v_.. .-.'·.- . :·» i raaidoats in Connetlsvflie dlas af Ws | iless.tbe moaern. Philistine is,tlms ! home in Main street.. ... .·-'.-. . . · ; smitten, arid;--smitten. · With ..ail;: the!:'^'^ Spilh^r, M years old, dies at i aro in Grst-claas sewing condition: is'.ho-aa*.·in.-^bw JUiven. - · j Every machine guaran-teed to" make John. R..3fDon,.-formerl3r proprietor o f ) perfect stitch, just as ood as new ma- Conlhien'ce;--House af Confluence, i chine of same make. Come and sec Estelvme. Va. · ·; . . . tht-m. . Try -thorn Cor yourself. Be con- Rr', WHIia-ms-, 35 years I \-inced. The sewing; is- perfect. 123 ·nllerna are" read- to "reanmB "their I * dlea a ' t ' her hOme herc -"" ' " ! South Flttsburg-. WHITE SEWING »!iwns are- r«wi. to resume tneir John Courtney, .died at !s home to I MACHINE CO., ConnellsvUJe. ^a. worta COaquest. [ Fio3pe*t street .at :he age of GI.yeu.ra. | !Smar2t* can (uver?thV can .OeUTer-me v tW^' h»l v . y. peace, thai t the we may idake. irilhbe*--tiut 'a' 'Germaxi !4ies at Es pe«e--to last onlv until the' Hoheu-".'' ,3 £r3 - JO · . - · - · .' . · . ' - - . _ · · - · · ' - f ' O l r i (ilftM n.t and do it right. COURIER office. Call the mar. at THS Both phones. ^7-t FOIt SALE--THREE HORSES, three cows, 50 chickens, f:irn:in£ implements and household goods. All sums under So.00 cash, .and all over 55.00, foui- months' credit. Three per cent discount for casli. DOBCAS E. SMITH. f i t l m l n l s t r a t o r esta-tc of James H. Smith, deceased. IBmarSt* FOR RBNT^ONE FIVE BOOH house, snuill garden, g-as and bath, 35. I SOLES. Hoge: Addition. ISmartfd I Loot. LOST--SATURDAY EVENING BE- t«-ecn 'Arch street and F o u r t h street, "West 'Side, pockeLbook containing m o n e V j Return to Courier office. ISmarSt* FOR RENT--ONE PDRNISHKU ! Prefer railroad or other g e n t l e - j ISmarSt man. FOR HENT--ONE . DESIRABLE store-room formerly occupied by Means Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTZ. . 2SfeStfd FOR 'RENT--LARGE BUILDING, with space for .two autorr.obiles,.,and a ~*iS stOKiffG room. Inquire 111 "West Green stt ' ISmarStd AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR 'jAT THE DAILY COUEIBR OFFICE Sunday, March 31st is Easter Sunday. The advanced forecast of the v/eatlier is not yet announced, but here's hoping that it -will be fair . and give everybody a chance to display their new ·Easter outfits. There is wonderfully attractive Easter raiment a( sill our. sixty-three stores; there is the greatest line of new novelties in women's, misses' and children's wear that the market produce's, starting with new tailor-made suits, fine assortment of dresses of all leading materials, shirt-waists, skirts, and all the other articles necessary to make up a real Easter outfit; handsome lines of novelties; headwear, dresses, hosiery, ribbons for the younger folks. It is . hard to describe them all and will not attempt · to. The men and boys are being well taken care of, or at least we are prepared to take good care of them. All the new staple styles of suits, complete new lines of spring and summer styles in tats and cap%. It would be hard to describe our wonderful assortment of footwear for men, for women, for boys, for girls--only want to announce that the spring styles are all in, they are handsomer than ever before, prices reasonable taking everything into consideration. We aTe ready to serve you,, ready to outfit you complete with Easter clothing and we can save you money. ' : 63 tarze Department Stores, · Located in-Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with our style selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE ·with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY- W. S. S. War Savings Starnps ISSUED BY United States Government SAKCH, 131S. JAS. 1, W2S. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELLSVILLE, PA. JF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring tfae Results.

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