The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JANtTARY 11, 1830. THE DAILY CDXTR1DJK, , PA FAG: 35 Tested and Triumphant Brass Tacks'* on the Sunday School iLes son ; 4 'Thi» I* my beloved Son, in whom I »m well pleased."thaw 3tl7. -Mot- Hy DR. ALVIN K. UKU, Tho ministry ot John tho Baptist is (he divwnlng ot tho Gotspt 1 !, Ho wae Iho laet ot the Old Testament prophets and the first of tho Nt-w Testament jyvnageliaU. llo JoretoM Christ's coming and r.nriouncod His preaonce. Hl« liieeiplee bacarao Jesu«' iliflt disciples. Ho modestly referred to himselt as "the volco of on'o crying in tho ·wilder- ne^a," but Christ reform! to him as Iho "gi'cittost among them liom of women ' Ho prepared tho way for lho coining King, heralded Hlfl uirival nnd uiinointt'd Him for Ills office 3'ltP Hijrnillonnoc of Christ's Baptism. Tlit-ii, oometli Jomig from Galileo to Iho Jordan u n t o John, to bo baptized! pf htm." But why should Je«ut» lie I m p t i x c d ? C o i i a l n l y not att a fcign ot i pwjiUmee as in the C J U P of all othore bapli/ed by John. For He confessed no sin, h u t iatlior clalnnnl to do al- v.iy-, t h r will of Hlfi t'nthcr Hie bnpfiMn A\IS tho feign i£ Hits complete IdontllUatlon with a sinful race whc*e j fi 1 H a t ion He lunl come to earth to of J foot. Even n« He tbuo idon,tl(lo8 Him ' fcplt with our Bin ills Father's volco' Irom heaven beiiia testimony to H4n j einlotisnoffl IB Ho (-.nyi: "TtMH m iiv' l»lo\ed Son, in w h o m I urn w^l! plwif-od." I i u i n e d l t i t c l y f o l l o w i n g thl. opcnlnc; til htiaven with \\r w i n d ot ·.efetlmouy (ontce the opening oi ho!l and tlse tpstinij by Satan. I h o Tempter's Thrpo Astiiu](. Tito fli t ot Haliin'h temptation^ \\ah phyiiwil --"If tiiou art tlie Son of t!od, comtniuul that thct,o ttonee become broad " It was the temptation to i n d u l g e tho lusts of the tleth in a m a n n e r not, in accord with 'he and word of Uod. In anirver Ho \\leidod the "sword of the epli'.t, which IB the word ot God" as lie said, "It is written, Man shall not live uy bread alone, but by every wortl lhat pro- coedoth out of tho mouth of Ood." The eecond temptation wa i to eulj- stituto a thrill for the throi s ot the cro3--"If thou art tho fcon of God cast thyself down.'* Make a .spectacle that will Ua«/.!e tho crowds in tho temple Into acclaiming Ti ou their Messiah. Why endure the croes to have the world follow You s'hen thie short cut to the throne ie r.Uggeeted. The Cross is beneath youi dignity. Thus r u n s tho temptation to "the piide of life." The third tomptatkm wue tho temptation to compronilae with Known evil that good may be achieved' "All tlie«o tii ni,« will I give Thfl if Thou \\iil fail d o w n and worship me." Let Uts compromlrio. Sunemler for a. nio- jncnt for tho sake of lasting good. The end justifies the means. Do evil that good may dome. Thui the eamo temple!* assaults the titudi I of our houlij. Our only sufficient weapon is fait hin and f a i t h f u l ueol that same word w i t h which .Christ routed and defeated Satan. Wo nvuat learn ·wttli Him to oay. "ft is written It i« written a^iiln " (The International U n i f u m Lesson for January 12 U Mutthe v 3:13-4:11. tho «uljert heing, "Tlio lUiptlfAU and Temptation of .lefws," and tho Golden Text M a t t h e w 3:17, "This :s My beloved Son, in whom 1 am FIRST UNttTEtD South PlttnbuiiK streel and Morton ave-nue, Q. R. Krupp, pastor -- Bible achool at 9:45; diu-Tlea B. Caffaon, Jo-., suporiutoiwlont. Morning -woa-shlpt 11, Clirit." liJvcning -worship. 7:80, 'Keeping a'Rcaolujtion." IntermedliutfJ Y. P. C. U . B:30. Senior Y, P. C. CJ., 5:45. Wetlensdny «v«ning, 7:45, fl«rv- oe of iprn.1s« and prayer, in the foran o.f a.n echo nw»llng, Saibunday at 2 he reg-ulft/r mlseting ot th« Jtmlor Mis- sionM-y Soctoty,. PAYETTK UNITED BRETHREN, Her. R H. Arodt, mlntetor--Bast End: unday school, 10 A. M. Preaching and communion eofvico, 11 A. M., Tjetde, "Communion Meditation," Sailor 0. E. Soioty, 1 30. Moore Mch- oria,)". Preaching, 2:45 V. M. Mount OliW: Senior 0. E. Society, 6-30 P. M. Preaching, 7:30 P. M. Theme "The Happy People." FIRST BAPTIST, E. }I. Stovocu, minister--Church ecliool, 9'45, lee- son, "Tha Baptism niid Temptation ot Josu«." "Wliat does it iivean for us? Morning ·woruhip, 10-45, a-ermon, "A Resume ot the noon-day raoetins held last week'at the- Orphoum Theatre. Evening worship, 7::iO, s-ertuon, "A rhurch on Plro, Do^a it Draw a Jrowd?" PIRST ErVA^OETjlCAU South Gon- nollsville, M. R. Ty«on, pastor--3 30 A. tyl. Sunday School, Mrs. G. Shoo- ninker, suporintendsut; 10:45 A. M , inorniitB worship, 7:30 P, M. evening worship: Wwlacadny, 7:30 pruyw- meeting. F . I R S T PRESBYTERIAN, J. L. Proudflt, minietar--Sunday Bchool at 9:30, II. W. MoRobhio, superintanddut. Morning worehip, ti. Young people's society, (1:30. IDvctiing service, 7:30 James Q. Potter ot tho Waste-n Thoo- log-icnl Seminary, Pltt«burg, will deliver th eormon at both services Wtxlneedfty evenin;, prayer services at 7.45 q;olock. PRE3BYTE1UIAH, Leieenring No. t, Rev William Hamilton, pastor and faHporlntMident of the Sunday achool-- Sunday echool at 'J-A5. Soloist will William B. Gray of Dlekerson Run. Preaching- sorvicr and communion at 11 o'cloi k. FIRST MPJTHODrST J-JPISCOPAIj, R«v, D U., 15.D., minister. 9:4-5, fjiinday f-ohooi 11, morning worship; tmbjf'Ct "Inteixsting- Crori." 6.30. Epworth Lnrag-uo 7'30, old fi\»h- ioncrt sorvico, e l d hymns, message, "Ai Pilgrim's Pirdsress'I FIRST oHunrrH OF THE UNITED BRETHREN JN CHRIST, Lineolr: avenue at Race «tree-t, Elmer A SuhullK, minteter -- Church achool 9 ' 4 5 A. M A class for overy age; Hairy U. Witt, general superintendent Worship U Il;sormou, "The Leveling Proce-sa." Senior C.'hrtatiftn Bndeavor Society, 6.30; loaders, Molrin Cough- enotir 'anl Way no Akers. Junior Chrtbtian Bndenvor, 6:30; Mrs. J. It. Uun«ton, fiiiperintend^nt. Kvenlng servloa at 7 ' 3 ; sermon, "Supreme Elements of tho Supremo Religion," a rcoumo ol the community noon nievi- ;os i"id-wcek fcervieo Wednesday at T JO P. M. FIRST ME;THODIST PROTISS- TATs'T, West Apple street, J H, Lam- bortaon, minister.--Clasfl mooting,'!!; leader, G-eorge Swallop; Snimlay si-hool, 0 . 4 5 ; T H Meft.nn, nupemn- l«ml«vnt Morning worhip, 11; mtb- jc,ct, "The M« kne» of .leans " Junior C. E. 3. 1 C E., C. Senior C. M prayer-mec-tlni?. (i'45; topic, "How ( an Nations Practice the Gold-en JUiIo?" In tho'«vontug :i-t 7.30 the pastor will review the We** of Prayei as ob- 6-rrvr-tl in wui city by tho Protestant churche,'?. Uep-ular Wednesday e\ enlug prayer nwjetlng at 7:30. DUNBAR METHODIST KPISOO- PAL, Harry Humbert, pastoi--Sun- day school, 3:46 A. M. Morning fcoiv- Ico, II. Kp^orth League lit 8:40 P M ' I ; ' TRINilTY RKKDRMEU, 'cprne.i of Plttsburg and GTe«n street--9.45, Sunday school, S. C Witt, suiporin- tendont. il, s-ermon, "Tho Holy Com- mnn'ion" C 45, C\ Iii 7 30, sermon, "Tho Blessings ot the Church." EXPONENTS OF NEW MARITAL CREED PAYN'U A.. M. K Rev. \\ . S. Amoi, iniuiste-r. - Sunday ^t-liool it 9:15 MI- ]rtfinteni!ont. W I' Thompson Morn- injx worship at IK. 15. ' ' i ho C,!Mt ommlssioi). ' K\.,ni;ell'-t M a i y I^ou llonciPison Evenlri? \ \ o m h i p at 7 30; Mibjec-t, "The Oiu Ti in dod ' V I 1 meeting, ii:30; GliuH v ,\lare!lo, pi c^S- e out Men's niHsi- nn-Vtin.; i( .;·"(.! M'omon i n v i t e d , s-iU3e.(. ' l']» \ S o r l r l u:ul l l f r Traps," by liv.mgelltt I I ( i i - loi»on, Mr^ T i l t i o SholHeld. go.-.i-l tiinger, from t'o.^hooton, Oliio. v \ i l l londuct special .sou sr seisiic 1 . Th« \ c - ',iva' w i l l tlobo J l o u d ' i v , J a u u a i v 13, ,v!th a -iiient .sen ion whiUi ib insplr- ng aa \v.ll .is IM a u t i f u l . Tho n u b l ' c is iuviteJ C'URISTIAX St'IKNCK SIX. llvTY. Mcf rorv H i u l r t i n j - tifvnUaj '·*M M . ice »t 10.45, sitbjix't, * S»u u i n v M i l ' SuniKiv «."hx! .1! ') ! \\ t - d n l j ( L i \ ovenit.,; tf-timwi'.nl meeiliij? ut *? U*. i d i u r loom ojn»u (i uU I I D I I I J I 5 I. i MV ·' i i!Hi ! n h i i a j · CHRISTIAN', h'onth I'lU-s- Inusr s i u e t . Hev. Kngem X D u l y , min- istec.-- ).;;(), church school, Walter S SHniniH, AnpprinteiHi^j t. Clasos for nil. age-. 1U -lu c o m n i u u i o n and ivoi- ''hip' (,iib}e't "The Op n T)(xr." b 'to, S e n i o r and I n t e r m ^ n d u P C' U 7.3u, \ v o i « h l p "I'naii'.vsorori F'l nv ' "\\oil- nc.^lav i t n v o i - ! i i c i tint; n t 7 '{0 ( v vveok paii'c- to t h i n k 01 Uod D.iptisms it tho t lofvo of tii" i o i u i i K s e r v i c e Sum! iv Tills frl-eii'lh } M i ) i h invit-f's o u ti a l l of i t s S«M \ L C H nirucfi OP THI: V i n o a n d X o w t n j w , li i l p i i K Sholun, n i'i t!IIM- --1411)1** st hx 1 .it i).45, Mrs i' V Ijopldj, h i i i M ' i n i ! niih-nt M rnuii 1 ,it 11, H i b i ( d "'i'lio I'owrr uC t h e Koh S p l r ' l " l-h nlni; wo i s h i p it T .lf, bwmnn. "Ai;j{ji s s i \ t C ' h r i U nil t \ , " Y 1' ri. nt 7, n irolhy S l e i g h t c r , k u d o r sulije-ct, T l i i n r t L.i'-r Y e n ll.u-5 T.nis;)T ( " ^ ' ' / m o in.'Min;;, \ \ o i l i i i m 1 iv nc'lliiu, it 7 !'!, \ J ' s R i Siioht' io idi v r No companionate marriage for this n -wly-waddad Souderton, Pa., couple, William Kenneth Meyer, poe', and Ethel Pylotto Amelia Con, o^ Wisconsin. They signed and attached a contract to their marriage license which states jn legal t jrms tlmt if they do not have » bobv within two years either oi e may obtain a divorce 15,000 PERISH DURING FRIGID WAVE IN CHINA Poorer Classes of the Northern ProrJncos of Country Grout- est Sufferers. 500,000 ARE FACING DEATH 'Emerald Green Features NPW Shift By United LONDON, Jan 11--Slot o than 13,000 persons are reported to lmvc (U( (1 in ( Idtiu. as a result of a hiUfrr old wave which hats swept Uw noi'Oua u pi o vinces of tlie country, (u-cordlnfi to a import to tho Da,ily Express fiom Peiping. Hundreds havr been frozen to cteith in the tanner capital I t s e l f , ii'id scores are reported daad eaoh night as Iho ill-clad coolies, wiapped HI newn- papors am! rags, ««ok f a t i l ^hi'Uoi in dooi ways Heavy snow and a gale from the arctic are addiriff to th' 1 B u f f e r i n g , and U !s estimated at leant 50«,00c pool- in the PolpinK urea, alono arc fiw IIIK death unless relief comes .10011. .Hundreds ot j u n k m e n aud t h e l t farmHas are reported to liavt been drowned nwu Hankovs, in Hi Han lllvor, l i e crushing HO) c-ni't hko paprr. Several h u n c h e d j i i k i i h n IIKMI, pressed in-to the army for SPI vlrc in Honin piorinco have jwHhed in t h o snows. Cadet Killed In Crash. SANTA MARIA, (\il , Jan. 01 -- AVhen his nh piano- went into a epin and crashed to earth, l.aivronco W, Lake, 25, hers Angeles cadot at a local aeronautics school, was killed laet night Acquires Onifitt Jinn. INJJKl'KNUKXC'K, Kan , Jan 11.-Officials of the Atlno Portland Comont Company hero ltw»t night announced that tho United States otcel Corpora tion t h r o u g h i f s subsldiaty, the* Um veieal Voitland C'emimt Company, ha. acquired all property, IUGOIH uud lius! new of tho Atlas Portland Cemon Company. Two Go to I'lmlr J'or Murdor. TKKNTON, X .1., Jan. t l -~T\\ men, one of whom Mnolrcd a cigai f i ho walked to tho oloUru! t h i n , \\M » oxecutcd lust night for 'he m u r d i r oi' a truck driver Tho nnn w e e Joseph Mai raz/,o, 2\ who nDioUed t) c clga,i, and .Juso-pli Panueri, 2 t A new and charming frock mado of emerald green silk crepe. T/M lovely targe collar, which is gath* ired onto the blouse, is extremely n?w and Battering. The gown ban the high waistline and longer skirt t which shows the uneven bcmline, Slayer Gets Dentil Sentence. J M I . U --Thorn Franklin Delighted IB Solving Problems The solution of problems was a special delight to Benjamin Franklin. He made it a cardinal point to go to the very foundation of things. Consult us freely about any perplexing problems. CONHEULSYfLLE, PA. i I I I 1 1 W E S T S I D E OTHER NEW FORD MODELS Just Arrived ROADSTER -- TOWN SEDAN STANDARD COUPE NOW OK DISPLAY ' West Side Motor Authorized Ford Agency. Open Evenings Crawford Arc. Phone 407. SAFE- CONSERVATIVE STRONG" A CASH RESERVE You know you noecl a cash loserva, for emergencies, as we 1 1 as for the peace ot jnind which its p08fle«Bio3t would bring. Why not build one iluring the coining year with "Tha Oldest Bank n ConnolHvlllo" out of current earnings Jmt he way a properly managed buaincfis house does. Tho 4% interest this bank pays on Raving! will make uuch a reserve R source of profit as well as comfort. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 OLDESt BANKtN CONNELLSVILLE r i U O S H Y ' l K K l \ N n i i n b a i l i . u . l K W y l l e . m i n i - L t ' i ,snii!n\ M l u x i i ai Sldliiifl;: \ \ H t h ' i u I! -,!!') H Kui 4,1 l i ' !i ' I ' l l i I t^- \Kn m ' I i J M ·. , l o p \ H i w t i N i t .1 i i ( i n i ' n f i u U U ' d U n i t - ' K M i"j.. « , s I M u i i» *u)ij'l ' 'I i i I ' l 1 i , t I n u t i l l ' M ' U ' I i r m \ i B.) 'r ' ' U I jt i « ' 'i ! U v V I , V P i i !' M i I H I M I \ U U r i l i ' K \ , \ l'-ai.\!(.»iv i H v e u u o W H H e i r l . ; I) D . p a . s t o i ! ( !j-ri !n i . i t e v l i H u i '» A M S u i K i u y « i hool, Ui f M»\«l-. t i i o ( l n t i * i i ! u t i i M o i n i n ^ U t J i t H j i 11 M i / n u n . ' ViiuMi 1 i ·'«»· t u i l!n i ' 1 Uli en '" i u t l i o i '-· i t : if ' 'ii ill « (' i n \.uloiu. I ' ' at l u · ·!,.« t d l ' i « t K i l l ' ' ! . , n i i j f , '^ t ( I I ) 7 '" I ' ) ) I''. ' I l l l l ! I ( ) I S '" VI !' I1H ^ ' I 1,^- fH'l IUOI1 l,o^ t ^ i n c i r p :- i t l - ' c i 1 !· i n ill f t j P. Martin, 2!!, ( o n \ I i t r x l Ui"t of murder in tho fhtt desioe In I slaying ot C' CaiiK'rou f'ook, Ccl, ba me6engpr, d u r i n g ,i h o l d u p r l !IP flxcd tho ])enally tit death DEAR ME IF ST1t-l_ YJITH MRS !SASE=UUtS SCO-TC.H PC AIMS ROSENWALDS ON HONEYMOON NOAH -NNOUt-D HOCK HER ASTTEra. TO HIM FOX Vs/ATEfevi_IET MICH . NOTIONS To*NOA.H /v -- - If "iou o f l .Moiio* If or A n } Cninpcxny 1 1 1 | , J l i " ' H I M i l . i eicuitnlH' . ' I I - IB AN IK WARMER BROS. "Show of S h o w s ' opens M.jrtday, .laiuiary J3, at the State Theatre. U n i c m l o w n , "Fayetlo'h Foremost Theatre " It is the advpiit oi ;i new tnont in pu-turcK. "SHOW OF SHOW a" ih drama, melodrama and tragedy. It is comedy, travesty and farce. It is musieaJ comedy, revue and opera Shape.speare to Jazz!, It has, by actual c o u n t . 77 start-. It has, by actual county, f.OOO Holhwood beauties- All of them tinted by Technicolor--and none of them tainted by time It IB 100 show? in om, and any one of llu- T O O is worth the price ol' admission NVARNh'R HKOS. \ \ i i o s-ponsoiod t a l k i n g pictures, singing pictures a n d color pictures, have cnJipf-od all ihe'ir pievioiiK elf c i t s in "HI LOW OF SHOWS" There never \vtu a m i h i n t ; like i t Ijeforo A n d t l u M c \ \ i i l n e v e r b e a n j t l u n - i ] i k r - i t a y a i j ) . PerfoimaiK'-H at i l u 1 S'ale on Monday, Tm-da\ and \Vt'dn\sda.v, J a n n . i r v K5-I 1-1S, diinnR tho (Migaiieinent ol "SHOW Ol' 1 S110\\'S" w i l l be ' o n t i i t u o u s Irom noon til 1 I J'. ,\l. J(eu,aid!ess ol !!u . n u p o r t a i j n ' o) the e n g a g f u i p n l , (lie STATWH u s u a l popular price scale w i l l prevail. Ci P n s t r - l i photo ot J u l i u s Kosemvnld. « ' l i n , i ^ o mu t i i - i i l i u na. c, and Ins b!il", f o r n u - i l v ?i!i. Adolc ( l o o d l u n d o f St P a u l i 1 - t f f o i i p l r i ! n l v u k r . l f i o m .\'i v, l i o i k ioi I ' I M O J H on a I or MV t r i i r of t h e M i " d ) t r r i r n c n n . ' i l u ; \ \ o i f m i r m d K i ' t l , .»' A b i r- tl n, P a , at tho hon-'p of Lr^inf: R p ^ p n v v a l d . r l i l «! ' M "f th I li.nthiopi'-t nnd s o n - f n - l a w "f Mi" ( t o mam^

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