The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 34
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 34

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

It i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL THURSDAY, AUGUST 20. 1064 201 APR. RA1! TO in rCont. from nran.atng 0himnv 203 f- ksxssh m. 30f ' itnctB rot uu unaa fct sue 3011 mm 304 rWumiJ tCoal fram rrooedlng Caluaaal (Cawt arom Ptassdtag Cataaint 1 j (Coal, fram Preceding Coluaull j 1 r'OTiSla f . . roama. i IN IANDY BILL in Thl Bavsy Ceaae L u4 Leak Us Over . . HYP INTO A WOHDBOUt world of luxury and color. -;SXS THE MANY MCW FEATURES IMWt.l WUIM. Including iwlmmlnl nool and MUo. BACHELORS fROM fl. 1 TWO-BEDROOM FROM 1110. TWO . BEDROOM. TWO BATH' room from 1175. 139 STEWART STREET. PHOXI 134-0730 Managed by Ault-Ktn- ney waaiij i-tq. TBI BXBCCTrVB Centre Taunt , S11S HERE 19 A BACHELOR AND 1' bedroom lull that la unequalled In atria and design. Located en Metcalfe and Lewie ate. iuat aB Elfin, only mlnutaa away from ahopping and transportation. Enjoy tho quiet atmoip here of ona of Ottawa's Boost addraaaaa. ' Equipped for your aomfort with automsllc elevatore, roof top laundry And a panthouaa for your relasslioa 13J pane. FRANKDME APJS, M0 (rank St off Bank I and t bedroeais. kroaolooawd . drapes elevator, parking 1 BEDROOM ' 2 BEDROOMS . $105 1125 Diiy - : ; nmn TURNER REAL ESTATE REALTOR 728-6117 ROt'KI.EUOS TERRACE I BEDROOMS. UV1NO. DININO room, kltohaa electrically equip, pad. earamle Ula bathroom Private baaaaaaM with laundry tuba, heated garage Boat, hot enter supplied Vhoola, ahops. , churotisa Uoie-ay ail Brittany unve rsa aaat TBB LEXINOTON Ml RIVXRDALE AVE. 1 AMD I bodtoom ape, puny eonvenlinsao. TS-7aat- Open House Saturday, Aucuat Sand. 1 P-m. to pju., LORRAINE APARTMENTS Clsrenee Street at Frtel Coma In and have aoffaa ae you wur una L v; buudlnt where all tba r apartmanta ate olaatrleaUy equipped and tha naUa TREE Hot Wator FRXBTJrapee AMPLE PARKJNO . Bachelor and Ona Badroom iSSTf $75 C A. FTTZSIMMONS ft CO. TTBD Rati' on V BloVTlSS Evenlnri ElS-ftaM and 75-1 SSI WABBBN ASMS, ACLAREN BACHELOR, I BEDROOM, EQUIP- pod, washer, dryar. Rural optional. U4-M04: j amnisrai S! NEWLY WEDI TOR BM an. SEPARA' bedroom, laraa trying room, wall- man hilehen, electrically equip- ped. tntaraotad phono 7ao-aioo. . was BND -BEDROOM DUPLEX. SPACIOUS hltnhon, chotoe at recreation room or aaparata beeajroeal. fill aeatae. aaa iota. -Mi 1MB BNPIBL -- 111 Cllmiai . ' Caaraantanlty taaalad Want Bank 84 IN OUIET SO RROOHDIHOS. rand naw bulldlna wttk parklaf . ana baiaoniaa, au auitaa arapwa. aMvator. laundry room, ianltat aonrlea. TV maatar anuma and' laiaaia rBacnaors and ona bidrnnaa, from v , aao. RrnUI offlca on primlim. at - ' :" BfANOB PABK '-( . BISTDENTIAL AREA. . D-, room duplas apartmamV Irrtng room wiu lirop.aoa ajnipBoa. avMMrr, tM WILBROO MODERN AIR CONDI' a-bodroom aulta. a batn-alarator. laundry tmcH- ium. naruna. Appgr :-tanaant or aaT-aajo.. rmaT avbnor ia ' SPACIOUS a BEDROOMS, UVINO and dtn Inc. -alactrleally oqulppad. c om to achopla. tranaportat ton. 7-ajt anarn.. t..,.,.H, 202 WIS. WUTI5 court wrra a bmalxi chil- dran caqulra l-bodroom a p a r -mant, 'k doubla or lowar da a. i . - - rta typo boma nocapubla. Par Oct 1. Must bo soar aaparata school. Praiar Want End. rlaba, or OW tawa South locatt II OS. Ptiona TM-W7S. SMALL APARTMENT. WIDOW, rtcimty Qllmoui -1 oraarml. 0 ' 13-17tO. - t-BIDROOM APARTMENT, BART of Island Park Drlvo. oonanlant - an uarltna- a- (ua anar a. ' 203 " mum im ATTRACT IVS CONVIRTBD - playroom oa audaam Tarraaa. .i prlvata bath - antranoa. 155 hv r aludaa IKht. parkin. Tta-aOal. aja-aur. ' 1 AVAILABLE. SEPT. 1, OCT. I. ' antral, modern, nawly farnkav l dlahaa. waanar dryar. narklna: 1 -badroom kacbalof. tU-iltl; AVAILABLB IMMRDtATELT, I ' . badraoma, furnlahod. Bandy HIU. Taachan pratarrao.. Illtt. U- . 791. . I AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Eaarrtaw. l-taaroom aparu oqulppad. parklnB. 7ta-H0 BACHELOR. FURNISHED, CEIt-j . too Town, haatad. IM 1571. r 1 - BPI-MTa. .. . , ; i - BEDaiTTTNO. .WTTK . BOTCHEN - aria and auaroeaa. ompwtely ' furnJahad, atnk, - raWdarsior - ranaatto. aa n CENTRAL nONT S M A L t. qulppad, tsltTlrliin, U4-P7M. COMPLETELY WRNISHBD room apartmant. Irvma, aaiinfiw.' rawvaw. EASTVIIW. COMPORT ABLE, S " room, baa tad Ufhtad. smahlng , lactlltla. prtrata antranoa. Tta- , TIM. ... fORKISHEO APARTMENT, lokl. monuiiy. i mcludad 74-4C7a. OLEBB. LABOR. B-MDROOM. hoatad. Ilahtad, parking. Bant. S. raa-ivra lMEDIATELT. OCT. tral. nawly furnlahod. darn apartmant, waahar. dryar, BIB- . ONE BEDROOM APARTM INT, ' MiJ: PCIIVTE OATTNEAP, 1 BEDROOM. " . , HEATED. UOifrtO, Prlaaia. m-atoa. . - i'iANDT HILL. BACHELOR ' anartmanta. moaarnly fumtshod. ' tM. koaa optional, ast-dllf. ms I w ... rtiseaii V iim fully furnished epertmente In yoyirt of any. weekly WEST END. BACHELOR. PR1-vata antranca, aurtabla tor eoupia. PAt-nar. 1-REDROOM APARTMENT. SEC. and floor. (IPS. Sapt. 1. Somar. ast. naar v.aaiwar. aaa-avaa. I - BEDROOM APARTM S NT, a nay rim, are, 7ta-wia. I- BEDROOM APARTMENT. ' parking, na ahuaran: an. m Lauranoa St-, aftar, a. Ua-atll. McKELLAR PARS APARTMENT! 1111 Csrlaaf ATOaaa ni-uti ua-iMi orrsRS nnxy irmmsHBO i, a and a-badroon apartments, alas UrMmvtd . TV and saald service aTallahle If raqulrad. Gardens, swlmmaig pool, weekly, monthly, ran la wltkaut NO" LEASE? REQUIRED . Ottawa's Laadlng " ApartBtant Hotal THE SAVOYS 140 Slater SL - CES 6275 OFFERS: - fully furalahad. bachelors. I-and S-badroaaa' aartee wlt eomphrta hotal service pirn fully aqulppad kit shins. DAILY ST WEEKLY ' piaci rowtJt noxmtrr r. J. aa a- badroom suites. Attractive rstaa far snort and The Algonquin MXTCALPS at LTSOAR r 2M-0581 ANYTWE 203A SHAH ACC0XHCD.I1CIC OIRL TO SHARB 'APARTMENT. Centra Town asealten. ,. BH- t7. 301 UTttBRtUlE AIR CONDITIONER. OM BO. TT. wesunanau aa, new, (itu. eaa- A MATES TOR ALL YOUR bantling rsqui finals why aaA Buy at whaMaan ptwaaT we aarry tha moat soenpleta toe af Super . Sana Latex Saeai Otoaa. Var- Lauraatlaa Trada: Post. ItaJ -1171. AUTO PARTS. 7JSSD, ANY MAXB. laa-Taar. AUTOMATIC DttYTR, II ao, ana stove, pee, vi-ei. anaira. waiaers. nmanaat. arU-Yllla eh lira. Bantal or aaU. M Kant atracC CBa-411. BASStaTET, NSW. NO MATTBXSS. aia: aaa latiiaaiainr. nan! kltdaveaMet: alrl - boyl at ulnpad: asa-lt had, latin. BEAUTIFUL, j VEDDtNO DRESS. ompiava, warn Tay Tea aeai. BSATTY WASHER OOOD CONDt- BEAUTY SALON EQUIPMENT. a Tgainj. tpi iaa atraev BED, SOFA, CHESTERFIELD. Sis easniaar- eat. nrar, aio h. other artlelaa. 7M-4ao. BICYCLE FOR SALS. 7IS-ISK BICYCLE. OCM. LADT-S, KXCSL- aant, t$. TH-a7i. , BICYCLE, MINS CCMv LIKS n Vie-1M " . . BICYCLES. NEW AND USED Top quality at loweaa prism Byeha, Baa and Compaay, SH Baaav lla-Wat ....... . BOX STOVES. BRAND NSW, eel far aamas, atarttaaT SUM. Johneoa's Furniture, tit Murray BROADLOOM. OREEN, I X IS. autdsrpad malcninf runner, at'; Chesterfield aulta Kashmir rasa, excellent. Las i lag Ottawa. ss-ario.. - CARRIAGE, BLANKETS, CABBED, cTiD, aaoy aaai, awsjiaa, ate. , CASH FOB HOUSEHOLD, OFFICE furniture, asiaplila aaUtae. Yeu aene It. ishasaa'a fare-ham,. aulta, 7 pisas dim ag sal. mg. town, s? Aider Clausal. 1 la- law. - i , . . .. CHESTERynT n SET. B . PIECR. waman awing room aulas. ixa taio. CHESTERFIELD SET. CARPET ana saner aaasanow ramuura. Moving, mast sail. PAS-Utl after a. chrome Kitchen set. Tu-toas CLOTHES TO FIT -BARBIE uour aaa. aaaa, uarserssi. tag Dm tog Room Taala, aCQ AC Droplaaf ..r. v P JF. 7 J Dining Roam .. '." fan ft , Seta, from OT.yj .rsssiL,;: $29.95 afrtgerators, , 70 0? . " ,.,v'-' f 'a REID'S WAREHOUSE MART 409 Laurisr A vi -W. , ; .233-8993 i V'bPaLAND1 ItUuirOiKl Roact. ; " 729-1469 "I r , 600 Colors i, , WOOLS " ' ACRlLANS " NYLONS - ' " TRILANS -! ' ' BLENDS ALL ClOOfMJ DIRCOVN ISU 1 TERMS AT BANK BATES . Call Us for Meeae Bar ilea. : t 729-1469 Opaa sja, ta bjb. . Mowlsy tdFrklay , Tt COLEMAN SPACS HEATER AND lOO-galloa tank, top condition, alee ahud'a buddy-buggy wagon, naw, anoaUant aargalna, 171- auii, COLUSR S .SNCYCLOPEDIA. M volumes. IS ahlldrea's volumes. plus boot iM-ooar. ua onnacsaa. aava or neat auer COMBINATION STOVE. FRIO-Idaira. furaltura, ate. Chaalar, rarralltan, Hue. 771-7007. COMBINATION STEBSO AND TV laaa anunoat, naov, aaa-iaw. COMB IN AND SEE OUR LAROE atsBWatCUOtt aSrst lwTWtl aaW4a Cateftflll . auppUea. B. F. Ooodcico. 4ai a na. ua-Tjat. CONCRETE FORMS. REASON- aaa, I t I. II puns. CONTINUB FLO. aj.OOO BTU OAS furnace, complete with controls and Number 10 flam lined gaa watar haalsr. both I year old. 1371 or otter, 1 Arthur Street. COTTAGE TOILETS. COMPLETE with septic tank, a raw nit to alear at Sill, regular Ills. Ottawa's largest aa lection of plumbing. WUUaaVa PlamMng and Meeilna Ltd. IOeS Mertvala Road. 711-iiM. Closed I p-m aaturaay. CRIBS. B.- BTROU-ER. BABY walker, eerseet. high ehalr. - duck reek or, a far eoata, apart- DAN ELECTRO AMPLIFIER twin 1 j-inca naaakara; aeat ones TAS-SMS. 1 .T DISHWASHER.. INOU8. CALL IWiH. ELECTRIC BXBRCYCLS. A GUIDE to payaiGBi litniat. ao a-aia. aoumat. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRTTANNICA. junior ana aeniar acta, a a a a- . caaaa. CU-IBM. . ' ESTATE OFFSRINO HOUSEHOLD ant model OS refrigerator. OB reare, apartment slxe, washing anachtna, Ublaa, chairs, dlebes. National Oeogrsphia nuigattnaa, ra. rnans sua aa Boulevard, t 0(CELLENT anar a amy, EXCELLENT CONDITION. FOOT- bau boots, ataa 10 1. amy ag FENDER PRECISION BASS AND jMr.fa... FLOOR LI II O T II WEDDINO areas, a yen rugs. rAS-aTia. FRIDOES,' STOVBS, - WASHERS. teed. Appliance Servlca' Centre, . aomeraat aaa mocnasiar. , w FRICIDAIRS KELVINATOR, a euom seas, rum inreo vaare aao. Ilka new, las oaab (aa dicker- .. tngi. ass-is7s. .i..,,...... ; FUR JACKS'PS. COATS. STOCSB. as, perfect, wsslialia . run, PAsir. .1. I OAS iTOy , ALMOST . HSW. OAS UOHTS ON SALS. StJr. aaa ramaerasora. a year war rant. Buy naar. Mantes Pi op aaa OENTLEMANS SUITS, ea. aa. Par. baa. i OOLF CLUBS. MSN'S, LEATHER oaa. annoy .aart. larerH si ntnga. j-- , . - OOOD VSSD - BVILDINt mtanaki for mia. 1 GUITAR. BASS. GIBSON EXEC GUITAR AMPLIFIER. .USED. If . apeaker, sw. Kaa pailalaa Pianos. SHS-70TL , . - HAMMOND ' ROAN. - MODEL at-iot wrm auut-m revera, apaaat- axS-SlW. ' MAY FOR SALS. ALFALFA. TtmathF, alover, .straw.. 78- OUBBHOLO FURNITURE, DIN- IN GLIB WASHER, OOOO CON- fallaSPaVa ' Bw)fa7sVMr . -a, 1 av-1-"' a JACKET. PASTEL. MVSKRAT. aaw, gas. aadgi cage, sss-sm. SjrrCHEN CHROME SET, W ASH Ttng STachtne. SHS-Iaal. t -, LADY'S BOX COAT. BUGS. iHusooi, ataa aa. gas-Twaa. LLOYD BABY CARBIAOS, OOOD MISCELLArTEOUS FURNITURE aaa hiasikilg appnaneaa. Leaving oouatry. Sla-atMK after .. RUBBER MATTING ". Cfwrvutad - er rtbihMh ta Fkts. Black in stock. Otbsr i)oaan smuMs. v I Ni lACWm ' : . catm,;,Mv.?.. MS. SaYVTEW ROAD, t ; - OTTAWA ONT . Telepkans PAS-S1U ';RElsiTTy STEREO orAPM-IANCES A APPLIANCES U-M par BMntk far. bp3 CaB AaUaas' Bataaaa'i' ''' a-m. and la pat.' - a steel SERvrcr aa ' fi ,1 I T sr J r - f VHTjr ItwMltilTWMIlta . Taction srwi nbrVcaUon. ' t art Sttx A vajlabia. ' , y k'ZAGERAAAN v ft CO. iTD. . S.r ' m'tAYVITO BOAll,'' OTTAWA. ONT ...... PAS-SI II rvuinmMi ; Mi .SrVniDIIIVIl ... . t -1 ; 1 , J COLONIAL nmNiTURE ca lto t Tisde M Disiilaiiat ' ' 401 BAjnCw Dial 23VMU f 1 I :i,.y.., as '-I f, t i C i ' 1 -J ' . ,.,v . r.,'',-, 1 .,. , 1. v "3, ' . ' . Ml f . . ,' "' ,l I TV- , W' -4. f .Sl'X.'t ij f t , V?" J ' li-t t t , "II " -vl Vy ' -' V?"' - , , I l iVt is ..wv - iY,.UI - k ww -,1 - 1 -v 1 ' 1 vL ' . ; . I - -4 - Ji--"-Cv V B ' 1 - -1 " -'- 1 iiaaiai ... aW7v. i:k.? ? MISS TRAR1POLINE 1! i. Shapely Nadla Roquea, fresh from bar ftWvts part in tha "Polica of St, Tropez,'' uses bar charm to win tha nod from .judges In tha "Miss TTsmpollna' com-v . patitioa on tha Fraodi rUvrara. . " ' : (Fadnana Jaarnal Pheao) sot ixaan Rt sui (Coat, horn Piamdlng Column) LOOK HOW LITTLE IT COSTS a awn a . aarap. aaiuxa Bta-saa. Xanraora no. ana uwhVna Fan- tuea include aultonbois ntaking. toaioajramlng. atari making oacu-wecnoea viomea inaaabaa pays for S aaonUaly on itaakT. Oale S7S4S. Dial raa-assi, local aao sue area noaaa la (Na abUgauen.l MICROCORDER TSANSI8TOS tope fasardara try wabear, wniie the hart. SaBJa. Valktr Aadla Visual. ISSa WaUlagtaa Straat, MODEL RACINO SCALEX aa feet, s laaee, pUtrorm. ItS-lStt MONITOR WASHER. EXCELLENT tineei-. aaaai ror L 121. KUTISS. MOVTNO, MUST BELL STOVE. washer, dryer, riving ream i ad etudra, lampa, tables, are bad. Kane, baby dream Accept affeis. Phana aatwaaai S R B. TWIIN. 1 OFFICB PURNfTtlRR. NEW .AND aaad. PoohamX IIS.1M AJbart OIL 7 PAINT1N08 , OP T O TJ B ritaiea, yaaatlsa ; artist. - CSB- S1T. . - . OROANS OP QUALITY. CONN i natureiiy i. near inem at "Kaa Parlataa Ptaaa Stadias.- StU- 7P7I. OWNER BOUGHT NEW KKN. saara, haa for sale Hataalnt g..faT eonauion, only nia TTl-OSSS, :..-. OWNER BOUGHT HEW KEN- arat canister laraimy a years aid with anachmanta. goad dttion. Bsa-asos, . OWNKR BOUGHT NEW KEN-- aasra haa far aaht JngMs auta- goad wecklng order. fS-SST! PIANO . GRAND WITRLTTYER, wamaa. sassuna . naillllia. SIS: tanas. LauaaaH Paaaa and Orgaa Centra, 1U WaUina taa Street. tU-lSS. ' I PtANOSI PIANOSI NSW AND aaad. barraina aaa, Lausials .Plana and Or ran Centra, isss Waiungtoa Street. TSS-IUS Open Friday aitiilnaa, . PIANO SPECIALS. OTTAWA'S laravet asiectlona. apartmant else, uprlghta, granda, player planoa and rolta. Soma aaw aaoaela ; ssduosd Sam. C3ona oraana. Ken Parisian Pianos, loss St Laurent aouievara mmw tM snaaaaararai SHa-7071. ""'" PIANO, ORME; TENT. WOODS.) I I it 'lias release Bead. PIANOSI COMPLETELY BBCON. dttion ed and tuned, from sits a, senna. utsHa riano ana ur-' gaa Ceatre. MM Welltngtoa : Straat, laa-USS. Open Friday PIANO. - GRAND. MAHOGANY, aneeiient aaaatttan, Aaklng fass. prlvata. TBS-Siaa. i . PIANOS. REBUILT AND 3 O A B, so teed. Bay or rant with option aa purcaasa. Haa la la tree as per month. Robertson, Plagls and Tluey Ltd, sa Sparha Straat - and CarUnaaaaa Ptaaa, BSS-iaal ec 7 -SMI. , tft. . . ' RECONDITIONED v-v ' PIANOS' . . -$195fc,$299,,;; .;ti: l: orme-v ,..t 4.S0NS IT0. , .300 BANK STREET " 1TV; r. f : Admiral 23": Damons tra tor, fun Ouarmty ' .-SarU. $169.95 -&Xcohen:t BANK at UURJEK . ' I rf lr 1ai" e 5 - "' - .11 .'.J 301 . unoafotsiJi i (Cant, from Preceding Column! . S,. : : lUTMlonATOft. W IITI HO kouaa., tag, eomptetely gua ran ks - as .. Chartea Lindsay. BIS Bank at REFRIGERATORS. VARIETY OF ..i"?. "khan, traaa . at ea ilors. Tiiaaaalla Fnaal riS-ISM. t. - RENTAL VACUUM CLEANERS. . M "untltuy. fras delivery, pas- RENTAL CHAIRS, TABLES, OUT-haard aaotora. takrvialona. refrt- eraaara. cribs. OBlca. banquet, noma fumlahlnga. Johneaatv Fusv snsraiii, murraF, SSS Bank. RENTAL OP VACU'JM CLEANERS SlaaoathlF. dap, ar algbt. tas- REUPHOLSTERINO. OIVR vntra torejiture a aaw look. Wsrlrman-saap guaraataed. Frao oetlmetae. f-Plecs eat. davenport and ehalr ham fTSJS. Cad una and Tttt mj. ,it Jaavtraa. Bnad. , ItS- RIFLE. MOSBSERO, SIV BOLT aetlon, daup aaaamima. Stl- aa- SECTIONAL CHESTERFIELD worn inaaa an sutaUM mtm. Foam rubber tashloaa. rood aaa nm, amgm aprmg and m a -trees, Maaaa srieart g iara. 7SS- gSWINO MACHINE. AUTOMATIC Zlg-Sag. bultonhoam, am but SHOTOtm is-oAUOE a- mao num aiiaa asuoa, arana aaw, SM.St. SIS lays tt away till hunting sissaa. Tha H a at ere Sapply Company, 7 Durooner, aastviaw. tai aan. . SHOWER STALL, SIS! LEATHER sop eia igany eortae labia. Ill; 't$i$S$ilXTrr.9: WOtM SBWINO MACHINE. AD ssaearJa. faaay etltohea. alt ens. buainbilii, regular SleSSS, ra-l 1 1 I. aa lance aaa.IT. Take aver payments. CI II SIS-7POV anyrnwa. . . stovb, rruoiTMiRS, mt, fully ilng drawer. acinar aamditton. S7S Stair earpat. Race Wllaaa. IT yards with aalirliH. aaa. T4S- TELEVTSION. B4S, GSNBBAL ; Biaatria, aomatetely rebuilt, aa perfect aandtUnei; area delivery; , tree aerial, free parts end eerv an ae a - - an ea monthly. CharVm Lindsay, sag as TELEVISION RENTAL. Sll DB Uvers, apttoa la smrajaaaa. SS4 TELEVISION, N. ALL SIZES. BUY nt. Trade wUaanal aaah. sninisei, ara-vaa. TELSVIglONS. NEW, USED, Ii.w?T?'F. aav-aaea. TXNT IS a 4S, RIAL BARGAIN, viae vaiws nr es. rai-aaii. THOR AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC arewar, una new, gaa, 71 l tie. TRANSISTOR IT ED TAPS RS coraer. Mart air, arana new. woo at htnga. as or beat affe. 7IS- liw. ... . . i iikaiavMiaai ;rsALE.: sa" fioor BOOKCASBI ..i .. $39 -$15 :.:'-$9 :.$65' r.$10 COFFER TABLES BND :IftUTLNn : inkrijTjRr"r ' 3tr7A MCITREAi ROAD . ... 7ss 6266 , NOTE: Opaa Evary WatkcUiy Evaoinf Until t JO p.os. ' lOaillnuad aa Neat Odumal TWIiev MATTrriSSCS. COVlBS. spraaaa. biarcsin condition, ass-lesa. YPEWRTrER. STANDARD. ?lllng last at a law price, ash lea camera, reflex, antra leneea. Private. IIS-t417. Used furnitvre. desks and heire at Svaaa and Karl IBS VACUUM CLEANER, EXCELLEtrT wmiwa. iaa aiaa. VISIT OTTAWA'S LARGEST FUR. allure and appliance lraae-la da. partmant Always aa InlaraaUni tour. Johnson's Furniture, 111 murray, VOIGTLANDER BESS MA TIC, al mm., complete with 1SS n carrying case, alters, r. Value IMS: ssort- tismis, anar 4. WANTED. SOMEONE TO TAKE aver balance of pay menu af ainasr automatic riff-laa aa machine. Original llt Yoa have machine far SSI ar monthly. Dealer write Baa ass. Jenrnel. . WASHER CONNOR. OOOD CON- ""on. loespensivs. fsa-aiaa wter a. WASHER. AND DRYER. KEN. mora SOS,- brand new, awaer anaiinw. aoa-Ofai. Wlfuill amvrj !. vulona, trade-ins. rully recondl-Monad. Waat End Apvllanoee. via wmisagToa. 7aa-teaV - WASHUiO MAOSlall AND itovan reouirt. auaraoteed SIS up. The Bervlea Depot Um- naa. saa aeaserar. iKe-oeia. I BABY CARRIAOS AND PLAY- paa, gaoa conoiuoo. 771-7041 S-WrTEXL BOX TRAILER. . a PLOTS, CAPITAL MEMORIAL SS? wwn l-aa- I FULL DISCS. HUB CAPS FOR laav ruatnu at . ad. YW-SSTS aftar SJS I BOUDOIR AND BED LAMP rxa, so so: indoor TV antenna. IBS. .Robert Electric IS BJ-deeu Street. ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL FUR- niture. aaaa. prever uaag, must Hving room set, l-eeetar sols and matching arm . hair. Genuine walnut oaf tea. lead taijtee, lampa and pictures Rick Scandinavian style walnut finish dinette table and 4 chairs. Bod- waive awe su Pw- r-M. ZlZZ,. ... mi u T-a real . Road. ItB-SeYT. '- " ' a -CHAIR DINTNO ROOM SIT. aaraensa manogany, gang cendt- wn. vv, ava-evia. CUBIC FOOT FRIG1DAIRE A fen alectrie range, SO-bach. SaS-llts uatweea l-a. It INCH . MAHOGANY TSLS- viaiaai. caramiaaar set, gunar, na- I0 FP ISS4 LAWNBOY POWaTR mowers, tareen valley uumbar. va aaoatraai neap, tea sail. PAIN . EXTERIOR AND XXTERIOR Pectal SI SO per gal. Interior. Latea atSO par gal. aoisshee. var- Ltdt ! eac. as, ugermea ana ca. I OS Barvtew Road, Ottawa. Oat. lev-aiis. t WtLLTS AND CO. LTD. I PIANOS: ALL CANADIAN WILUB rajm as aaammeraoie a a a l a g a. Vaad and reoondrtkmad pianos ram 7g up. Ottawe s ! 1. 1 ay. new. up. iicrSD aaen, f ta Whav BP J aaaqp TatxaaHl V-W sBUBf SOT Bank, betwaea MacLsrao a ueiaeen aseaaraBi a await. EM-MIL; Opea Friday a pas. ' - i .tawianmPanimai- , i ' till OUBEHOLO PURNTTURS I AT a. ah post ta r-"-1 1 " varana avaycap, arse irta lawn nuvwar. gala. TSa-SSSS, ANTPBfJBS CAN ADI ANA 'AND GLASS. BPE- al kiadmada quilta. aa to S4d. --"-'. n iibi. vr" seven San Weekly I to V Route MV. SS aulee aouth af Ottawa. BRABLBY PIANO AND OROAN HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN WITH tton unit, complete, aas. Ham- anona apaaat mi. reverberetkai unit and presets, eeva giss: f S3O0. TSS-144. f . v m. Dorolisher! Cleafjnp ! Lumber Yard MfMTli -. .-.,- ..'!'.. Forcsd sir.. furMCas.' na tanks, avowaws. bttraeBpac naa tat s, floor tvtraacm, doars, windows, stslrs, bath tuba, suiks, pasina, tonsts, i heat int. plravod. lrOOtrg f fast Of 2x4. 2x6. 2x8, 2X10, wood aa Msms, stssl bwmi, ala Rrlnars rjoora and windows, Irieks snd btocka. - i , , . , ... 'i tt I . , Many Otnar teen Tod ' rtumarfjua to JrMoooa. I nbotvl Co: ui dofthi - ' Osgoole Lumber . . LfMtW at tha arui Albion Road. 1 mila annrh of Ridssu Cadatoa RaKawsy. 3011 4- AUOUST 'CLEARANCS SAt.c AM aU travel trailers. Buy now and HOLIDAY TRAVBL TRAILER ' CTfany eelee and rentals, lata Carting Avenue. TlS-llsa, aiatt r rem srauera. OUSB TRAILER NEWLY DEC rated, mjamleaetp f a r a I had. riM ntaaW aw m,, y waiirppoa navai trailer far rent and eale. Make yaar rjng f ast. Alee acceeeortee. hitches, Mda Riirror, slacker tacke. mtm ea-aaa,. Travel Trailers,. MM Calling TENT TR A ILERS APA CH g HEP . ii - a - aw.a. anvarnner. for the camper at ABC Campi rvvwaje. Ihvaryuimg TRAILER UUtPMENT AND AC-s Mini lee. equallur hHchsa. elds awiwa asienaion eora. stack or TRAILER. SfNOLB WMBCL WITH eawuaa, .ugana. .rsaaeil, BSB- T RAVEL TRAILERS. GET MORE far leas, fast ananctng; a quality line ta eheove tram. . Reeee aula hltahaa. awnaaga. najrrbre. Cam-Ma . parte daawtaaant. Boa Traval- Mor" Trailer Seles, a tnltas saulh af atAFWI High tray . . , .,-, IS FT. SHASTA. OOOD CONpI- tloa, ileepe f. 11,000. SSS-IIS7. 41 S, l-BEDROOM MOBILE pome, fully furnished, winterized. oKcellent condition. a a leled cabanna. BIS-SPM. ISSS GLENDETTE, 14 FT SLEXPS a. uasa aaug sam pnaaii iaa 4U0 . 302 Asnaii WAMIW CAMERAS. EN LA ROE RB. MICRO ecspss. Biooculars, pnotograpnie aqulpasaat, Gould s, SS Beak Straat. aiGHSbT PRICES PAID, USED at nee furniture, typepwnten. ateel Sling ahtnata. dupllcatara. aaaara. tape ruirdsrs. su-uea PIANO AND CHISTXrlFTELD SM-S1I7. PIANO. GRAND OR UPRIGHT urgently needed, cash. TIT-SMI. evenings. PIANO WANTED. IMMEDIATELY Caea. TISMISS. PIANOS, ANY MAKE. ANY SUB. tar -MB. , BHg.7071. PISTON PUMP. OOOD CONDI- aa uar-iara. RALPH'S FURNITURE PAYS en tor nouaanoia niranura. ap-allsncee SM-dlST WANTED, OLD CARS FOR JUNK. wui tow sway, no coat. BIS-aSSS. WRECKED VOLKSWAOSN wantaa. axs-iass. ,,,, 303 ioah a mm. BOAT. TRAILES. .MOTOR IS taroii. sonvertlkle tap, a vas. SHt ease .V T ' CABIN CRUISER. II FT; 10 FT. ueana. luiiv equipped with 317 cu. Inch Chev. V-S motor, auto-matte huge puma, blowers, ale. K-xtTifroar- CAR TOP' SAILINO CAT. maran. II' ftbarglaa. aaw. 4SM. omforteble see la, fully quipped, outboard rnatar. ear. inn earriev. CAR-TOP BOAT. CONSTRUCTED as alarms plywood, every youa paaled with marine glue and held together with aver 11 grass AP rttmately II feet long ay tl. wide. Serai V bottom. Ideal (org adulta. Aaklng pu only. nr quK aaat. rrtana iii-eaai after I pn. OCT FREE IS' PRINCECRAFT. nnregiae - runabout, eonvcrtibtc top, with purcheae at coat af as 1 h p. electric start Oale and trailer, tha package, purchased ISSl, r ei.vvv. aaa-aaae, . .1 rtaw iaa bmw-iihio sur4L.irr.n ruiaar. ga rt, lj p. Holiday Marina Be lee Ltd. Baxlaatva deei. era lor Shepherd Cruisers hi tha Ottawa Veliey, Merrick ville, It. OUTBOARIj ptOTORS FOR SALS. jorinsoaa rural tura. lit Murray. 'lev. , ' YOUR TRAVELLER BOAT A N O jnnneoa outboard motor dealers alas sad service, always a good took af need metara on band Tammy and Lefabvra. SSS Beak Straat. CES-S711. Bit JOHNSON, ir THOBNB'S iiaauas aaat au aquippaa. maesercran irauer. aid. asas. StittsviiMi maatl ips-itai. . 14-FOOT MASON MAHOGANY Eraae Boat, vittisjsis. ware, full rear aaat said spm . frawt aaat. vlnl Sack, boat Ig aaw, powered by as hsiwyunsi Evinmde slectric In aacelleat shape. Cah. trad. arms. Leo Dutsnege. carl Place. Phoaa BPS ar I0S0. ir PTTSRBOROUOaV OOOD CON onion. Tag tart. t ir CEDAR STRIP. WINDSHIELD. eta at lag waeei, ayioa cover, isai h p. electric Gale and trailer. PPM. Oreea Valley Lumber LaV. tfq jsontreai a oaa. . ' ' ' t SS FT CABIN CRUISER. BLEEPS S. Aysaa built. 1PSJ fun seller sink head depth louader alternator an safety equip. BMat, htaai family boat. May be inspected St Manotiek Marina. For' Infarmatlaa can. Amprier asa-saoa, anar aao. Ill BUYS HYDROPLANE AND 1-7. SIS-IIIS. .'. j ISSl IS FT. PETER BOROCGB n total aaat, s ample lely equipped. k p. eleetrie Mart Jehneea. Tea Naa trailer. Owner lee vine country. Bast eer evar SLOOe). 304 FASN LWUMOm COCKSHUT. SO TRACTOR AND aaower, .new oaaittoa, ana other farm machinery. Reasonable, a. juneeu. nswtnorne Rood. COMBfNS WTTTf MOTOR. PICK ap ana out. eioan.' rsaiswa a i a, rMvtdeoaa, S04S Soott Stra( DAVTO BROWN DIESEL-TRAC ter, msasl ass. uka aaw. Ut Baa bears. . Law atS-Stia. . JOHN DEERE 4S B P. COMBINE can, Head. Jaetxaewe aaa tlnaoua flow gralp dryar and moisture meter. Max villa, ITT- aaa. write ataxvllia. Box ate. sol mrawia : STEINBERG ; 6 STORES TO SSRVS TOO 1 . tUlltnfd Bfmfa inasa ' ; Waatgata Shoppin Can Ira ', Eaitvlew Sropom Centra Dmvsla Shopping Canlra i 8M Montreal Road 18 ttxtvs Stragr, Hull , t V-WCHMEUO'' ICE CREAM ' f. r ' a. n . ., - J !-,,. - I" ,,J DOMINION STORES LIMITED - RED and WHITE - rpor STORES ' EXTRA SPECIALS.' "'AT OUR NEWEST " '.RED AND WHITE 780 ST. JOSEPH BLVD., : . HULL, QUEBEC ' 1 I t V.! Opan Taty Evanlng ' Till PJB. i triMillniled an Neat Unliiitml A&P FOOD STORES A&P SPECIAL BLEND TEA 1 lb. Packaga Qa SPECIAL war a. EXCEL STORES MAPLE "LEAF SMOKED Cottage Roll 59 LOW. LOW PRICES AT L0BLAWS Belas Sweet Mixed Pickles. U n. oa. 53 ladfom Greea Olant .Paaaj 10 0. Fay. Medium 53y tor , Rice Ctifx. u oa. Pkg; S tar 39 Allied Food ." MARKETS " SAVE 19c " HEINZ FANCY ' Tomato Juice ' 246 os. Tina 307 msToci ADORABLE PRSNCH ' POODLE. mi t msls. chareeaL any. IS IM-t4M. - , ADORABLE POODLE PUPPIES, man, standard, blue-black and bcewu Raeaonsble. l-aaa-4811. baiet'hound PWPPTES. TOP Canadian, and Amoricea Moad -lines. .By sppointment. Huirte-ood Kennels Reentered. SU-1014. aSAGLCS. IS WSEKS. s"FS mala from top show stock. ' Pellawood Kennels SZ7-4M4. BLACK LABRADORS, -REGlC "X"" 1-Y?!-.1 .YIA"- MA LB. house trained. TSMta. . BUDOIBS, ASSORTED COLOR moving picmitaioa gala. TSB. S70S. COLUE PUPPIES. RIGISTERIO. FOX TERRIER PUPPIES AND thare. B ArltngtoB. Phona CCS FRENCH POODLES. PUPPIES. GERMAN SHEPHERDS. S MALES and a famaiee. t weakai aam I exoellent show pruspiilt. female, waeka, ' Patiswaud Kaansls. GERMAN BHEPTIERD PUPS, TtXO LVrr?..0' r"' Vatarlaarlan. - TTI441T., .. , i ETUrfTtNO rJOUrTDS." OTARAri ' Tas-iasg. . Lovable, small quiet, dal matiaa. Reasonable , ta good family. t-sas-dSSl. . . LOVELY BASSET PUPS. MALI, raeeonable. oal-o7, Pet and hobby'centre, for marly sag Leuri, West. New .'ocatra at SI7 Bank near Som ' araat fire sale oa aew, XM im-.; POODLE, SILVER, lONIATCiS male. Inoculated, rsglgtsrai. SSS-SaM. Taa-aSST. T RSOISTERSD MINIATURE ' RiKpmm1' " WMk- ,n"7a aiLVER , POODLE PUPPY, IB 7 tea. STTTTSVILLr KENNELS PETS boarded, bathed, clipped and , Silk, Btitta.llle lis. Cmnplete Una of pet suppllee. 7 TOY FOX1 TERRIER BtrrpprxS, ragaitsill. BIS-laaT. ' - TOY POODLES. TOY brad. Ltttl beautlae ready ta go. Slrad kg American Cham ataa. iiver aoowmau. t.naanpioa studs, all eaters available. Mrs. Courtney. , Doraourt . Ksnaela. SS4-4S1L BOARDINO RSNNBLS PETS BOARDED. BATHED. CLIP pad end groomed, aaw ketiaea. ' Phaaa Mrs. Hayes, Tes-assa. 3ot , uvinoair-. nam BROWN AND WHITE SHETLAND pw saaa, uva rears ea, area m Attytna. Quiet wiu shUdraa. . v, w. aaar. tryster, oat. DAIRY COWS SOLD ON TIMS. SS men tha ta pay, aa dawa payment. Farther mformatloa aaa Lea Menard at Leo's Uva. stock. Oreely, Ont. , ... DAIRY COWS SOLD ON TIM B, i aa down payment, as montha la ' P?-' Xmbrwa. or wrtta lev raeaianswagn, Ottawa. ' OREENBANKS FARM. SHORT ' haras, feme lee all area. Hard aire sraadaoa of Beptaa Cow a w, i PBSTM HAY FOR SALS, CLOVSR. yjt,v.- AjiaK: Ttawisea, "5 top QUALrnr hay in basu? Boa E-S4I. JaaaraaL - HiltT.fi2SJt - rich a.,. . SAO HIM Atf m'.. L .TT " i 1 wr una nil BALK. 1 Apply Doug Dennlaan. are.l. , 1 -vats, opkui s. ssg-astt.. '7 j 3WA .CTAWAJratCSJ' ' A7J J!5g" OP .CAHAD I A BJ orAmerleen proof -like pate, doi JfTt- .etc-, urgently weittadl We will travel or rail Cant Centra , af Canada, all Sueere. ISa-psel. OTTAWA COINS. CO . We- will buy ar oa ear lata. all aotra for yoa taa. at n e UNCIRCULATED COINS ALT, year, needed Sar CenrrsJCan an. lAibitia. fjaiaa-.;T7f ; ' Jixmisi Want Ads bring quick results, ' : -' . y t tc -".V ii a slei'ffl" ih i lb a it !!

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