The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1918
Page 2
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/PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. 'PA. MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1918. . m. t I SS-.-; I te B- -., MWSY NOTES TELL WHATSHAlMING L. IN THE ILL TOWN Members of Saturday Afternoon Club are Pleasant- . If Entertained. PREPARE FOR VACATION TIMES 7*«bTtcxiUB A*k Xenten to Con. ..tkbife Cutoff-iitidi* for .the Ban. ghw mi LtdUm Haul; Boys Are · AM* to the Tamers. Special to '"ITin Courier." s«ft -1*.--Mrs." L. JJ*wi Marsh eitrtaiired 'the Saturday Afternoon, club' of 3£t. Pleasant and Stottctale at a meeting at her home on. S*±imJ»T afternoon. Mrs. G. W. Stoner -was the leader. Tte ·*·· *M*er«l by the title.ot" "Your UMPOdte Sxnt Story." (Mrs. J. Hnw- ard Cnin*r read a r*per on "The Origin aid Htetory ot Short Story." Hn. J. Jl'Zhzmers read a p«per on '·Comparison ot KroUng and StCTen- aon"; Mrs. D. M. Pieman on* on-the "Coqtpaiteon of Poe anil ;Hacwtborae.V Mrs. Howard H. atoner gave an origi- nalstorr... '".: . ·: :..:.- ", Xafce Xariy f OT TaeaUoa, : Th« first rcal'-iisn, of spttos is Scottr date Presbyterian tamjaJow" at rtsdiaa Head in shap*- to-iJart :the summer CITM»O« there. ^Eh»-flrmt »oTe^ made "wai a mirtiiiiMiT ttir rammer house ;cosnmittee 7efftard*y ; morning after clcarch, NOBr,a??h!oo»ecleiiiig comes on;allersona-jf the cmgrega11on art nrtcd takeep in mind donations that ax* - seeded at the bjmgalow.: .Mat- treiye»^are"ne«ted more -tiaa'anj"- tklac^M, then : ~come chaii: and bed? stead*,; but-«BrUdiig that -ist'uMtul Trin-be'che*ri««y-accepted.-' ; ' ·', · -, '·'.-. ; "Bias tojB«gist*T.; ~ ~- ~'"-" " 'Die (arecnineot;hss Invited boys ot 1«-years and o*«r to enroll "for farm wotk during the coming snmmet Reg- Istrattoa began today ami the boys wishing to ielp "win. the war will T- ppft"at"'the Mgh sehooi:-': . . . . ^ ' VGoto£ to W«liiii5tom.'\ Attorney Edward Kennedy, son o£ Mr. and Mrs. M. J/Kcraiedy, has ac. eejrted a° position at Washington,"D. C., ia the ordnance department. Patrons'Day. Patrons' Day was celebrated at the finredetown. school on Friday. Thank Offering. A thank-offering meeting was tead yesterday mbrniag at the .-Methodist Bpiscopal chnrcK, in charge - of the Foreign Missionary society. There ·was special music. Her. J. M. Tho- tmnrof Uoionwwri occupied the local pnrott and Dr. G.' yf. Terirash occupied the TJrdontown pnrpit -- BiMe A meeting "was held yeserday aj- tersobn. in. the TJurted · Brethren. etmrcho! the members of the OrganU- ·d' AAilt Bible classes of th« various chorche*. --Bach dasa in the. district ·was aied to ·end, three-representatives.; v; Most of" ttem took-adivmntage of thisrand a nmnber of-bi'er repre- aentattves were"preait. Music -was famiahcd by -'the male croartet. The addren of the day was made by H. D. ot GreenaborK. Tanlac Gate Officer Tofct Additional Weight and Kenened iris Strength. "Tes, sir, I saintd five pounds during tlie'fliat -week I took Tantac;|'. said Jesse Yost, tfce ""well-known city patrolman, ot 5331 Addison. street,' "West Philadelphia;. recently- ' . . 'I had suffered from a spnr disordered 'stomach'." continued Officer Tost, "and no -matter what I took I cculd not get any better. "·My digestion was very .bad and I got so _I could scarcely eat at all. The gas on .my stomach, and headaches bothered -me no little. ."I was also badly constipated, and I felt languid and kind'ot tired out. My oldttiine .energy was _disaiipearrnc and I "coold hardly pull" 'myself' through some days ..... ..... ""I saw this Tanlac highly praised in the papers. I reid vHiere patrolman Frank Herman had .been, benefltted. 1 decided- that I wanted to try Tanlae, but before I got the medicine I talked with a doctor about It. The- doctor said it was all right to -try it ."I 1 began, using Tanlae. When Uie-.doclbr weighed me he was surprised 'to discover that I had gainedvfiye: powtd in weight on the first bottle of Taniac. "My stomach is now in. good shape ind 'l-teel fine. I am rapidly gaining back tfie strength- and weight I lost." udac, is now'- sold here by Coa- neUsville. Drug Co. Tanlac'can also be secured in. Inn- bar at T. C. ; Easoa's Drug store. -- Adv. STORIES STIR SCOHDALE MAN TO REMINISCENCES to Conlor ot In eomneticn with UK publication in The ;Co«ier- on Tuesday evening o£ Sterna reiattns to the oldeat; and yooBCest., knitters, they befcaf Mrs. : Mary Rash KeUar, 95 Tears-old, of Addison.: and. Anna Belle Madden. seren, of Vanderbilt, Evans Jiush of Soottdile, a relative of Mrs. Kellar, (urnisbes some interesting .history which ; js herewith published: ; ·' '· - "I T»S greatly interested in re*d- : ing in The Courier concerning the old«3t-~and~ the--youngest- Red Cross " knitters, difference in their »gea be: ine JI8 yeats,- both ot them children. · The writer oil that item did not give I the name of Mrs. .Mary Rush Keller's baby brother, whose name was Jacob. : He was'alive only a short time 'ago, . aadlaet sure he Is now-alive in Sonth' ern California and' is 86 or 87 .years '- old. The immediate decendants of · tho Revolutionary.. Jacob Ruah were " proud of the name and handed it down · in each family.' He -uras 96 years of · age when he died and his mortal remains ]ie in the Old-Jersey cemetery. ; near Confluence. By the way, he : originally settled in this region from ; New Jersey whern .he -was connected ; with the Benjamin Rush family. Ben: jamin Rush was one of the signers of !the. Declaration o? Independence. :Each of his sons, John, William and I Jacob, had sons that they named : Jacob. In the early .days when al! · were settled in the Old Turkeyf oot re-" · gion each had a prefix to* his name so -that it might be Icnq-wn,of which onj -you -were speaking.:,Thus,-old-Gr»n-; father- Jacob, of-i-th* .- Revolutionary Army, Mrs/Keller's fcither, was known as "Doc Jake." " His son, Jacob, was little .below, the medium in height,-' and was.kjicwn as ^"Little Jake." i "The writer is the son of'Jacob H.! ' Rush; who -was a son of John Rush. I CITY POLICEMAN . EXPERIENCE J..H..Rush was the proprietor of carding and fulling mill in his younger" days, and thus he was distinguished by £fie title of "Fuller Jake." 'William Bush also had a. son named Jacob, who's prefix was ."Esquire Jake," and was the father, of Lot Rush of your city, and Ross Rush, a.'brother who served together;in the wa'r of tie Rebellion. Ross was kilted in one of the, engagements "on^the^ James'river, Virginia. His remains were sent home and now lie also in the Jersey cemetery. ' . · 'Coming down v to the present day, the writer of this item has a grandson. "William Edmund Hardin, who is in Camp-Lee. Va.,. a member of Battery J 1 , 313 T. A. He -writes home that he is one'of the gunners in their section, and lhat they are doing some tall shootinE;". hit the target eight times out of 10 at a distance ot three miles away. Edmund is the son of George D. Hardin and Clara Rush Hardm. of near Gratton, W. Va. All honor to the 95 and ,97 year-old kjit- ters, as; well as' they who go to sub- due'the tyrant'kaiser'ot Gormany." StOters Should se that the whole family take at least 3 or 4 doses of a thorough, policing, system cleaning medicine this spring. Now is the time. The family will be healthier, happier, and get along better it the blood is given a thorough purifying, the stoinach and bowels cleaned otit, and the germs of; winter, accumulated to the system, driven Vway. Uollister's- Rocky Mountain Tea Is 'one of the very best and surest spring medicines to take. Get it and see the difference in the whole family. Their color will bo better, they'll'feel fine and be well and happy. Connellsville Drug Co.-- Adr. STABLE MANURE IS MOST liFFECn?E FERTILIZER TO USE ON THE WAR GARDEN Sired Sofl Koixtor* »»d SoppliM BMterJa to Xakc Plant Food Avkilable. Nathihe- is finite .so effective as a fertilizer for vegetable crops as stable maiiura; Unfoitonxtety the supply in towns and citie»;is rapidly decreasing; But wheneyer possible : it used eV«n though!. the amount available be little.. --Manure is not only an; eicellent 'fertilizer, .but'-itV:givea, the soil a!'. greater- capacity 'for holding moisture, -produces, a more open stmctnre' and also supplies countless bacteria whieii aid greatly in' making plant food available. It is not desirable to ploy, or spade fresh manure under directly before planting. ; Home . - gardens should therefore attempt to secure a supply' of matmre several weeks, in advance- of planting. If it is fresh, piie-it-'in the garden in a compact pile with straight sides and.a-.flaf top. "When it heats, re-pile and add'water to prevent its burning dry. Repeat the turning several times. Very rapid- decomposition is thus encouraged. To prevent the loss of'ammonia as gas, mil acid "phosphate with the ma- nure'at the rate of 1W)' pounds to a ton of Tnanure;. 'the ntanure becomes a. more, complete^fer.tilizcr by : ' : .,.. - r^ell-rottedLmanure may be worked iritoTtEe ,,'soin Rafter:, plowing, ; but c'darsii "strawy^ manure... must * be spaded-- ii5der"--"i-33ienieavlei:;jaK; the'- poorer'" the -sbir-the"more"mariure is needed. A two-horse load to a plot 25 by- 100 feet is not excessive. Less than this amount is better than inore. Easter Dresses for the Kiddies · Introducing the Easter Blouses This is a season of Waists so Dame Fashion tells us. Our Dresses in sizes from 2 to 19 years are wonderfh.1 values, beautiful styles and very moderately priced. So we have prepared lor a large waist season and our stock is bubbling over with waists. They are dresses for every occasion. Some for play dresses, some schooj dresses, some Sunday dresses, and Confirmation dresses. The prices of these dresses range from $1.00 to $18.00. Buy That Easter Suit at Dunn's We add to our list ' of customers each season many people who have learned that our Suits have the distinguishing characteristics of high class designing and handling ' in the tailoring. The variety and number of suits w.e now offer daily is much larger than^ the maximum carried'last year, because this'.is a suit season and because Easter is early and because many rnore people are buying- here. Our suit prices range from $22.50 to $75.00. . · Visit .the. suit section tomorrow. We are showing every new idea known to the waist designers this season. The waist section should receive a visit from every woman who would know what is now correct and smart. Style Features of the New Street Dresses The name of the spring stocks is DIVERSITY, but these nevertheless, well defined ideas which are the basis of the styles and which all good designers build on. Frocks are of all fabric or fabric and satin, silk or foulard, iu combination. Our 'dress prices . range from $12.50 to $65.00. Many new arrivals are ready for your inspection. The HOME of QuALlTY ; and SERVICE! K9tol33lN^PlTTSBURG_Sti Prittstown. lakes Coffees Place INSTANT POSTUM DCUOOUS FLAVOR boWin^-- Economical A^anderbiltv VAiNDBRBia.T, : Marcli JS.--Misses Opal Gilmore; Mabel- Hair- anii.Mary Belle Galley a! Franklin township, we*e business- callers here on Saturday evening. · : J. L. Love, Lewis Marotti. and J.' C. Beatty were recent business callers in Pittsburg. · · · · · · · ·· . Patronize those who advertise. ' .-Mrs. Ophelia Koors, who "has been in Niagara Palls for the -past teiv days," has returned to her hinne^here. The Fancy Work club w.hlch was to ' have met Wednesday. March 20th al the home of Mrs. W. E. Keliey has been postponed until the Wednesday;-March 27th. Mr; and Mrs. G. -D. Bryson, o£ Me- 1 Clellanatotrn spent Sunday -urith their daughter, Mrs. John Pratt; % PRITTSTO'VTO, March 16.--air. and Mrs. Join .Truxal spent Friday in Pittsburg, attending the automobile show and visiting friends. Samuel and Vernon, Mardis^motored to Saiton, Bedford county, Friday for a few days' visit with relatives. . "William Faith .'spent Monday in Greensbur'g on business. Grace Richtor · was at Buchanan over Sunday with, her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Strawn Richter. Benjamin French, who .is employed at Ligoniei*': was : here - over -Sunday with h i s family. . . . - · · · " Attorneys-A. E. Jones and L. G. Chorpenning .of Uniontown. spent Friday "nigEt with the fo'rmer's mother, Mrs. MaryMJ. Jones, of Cherrj- i,anc farm, .near .here. '·'. *- .-: ' .' 'James'GrJger; will move on Monday next to his farm hefr-ecently purchased near the Mild school house from Samuel Adams. Harold Atkinson, and family will occupy the .house being vacated by Mr. Griger. Dickerson Run. i You will.find them IU.PM att. columns. SOLDIERS IN CAMP · The:abrupt change from home conaforii to camp life may be trying on your boy's health, but if he ·will only take the rich liquid-food in SCOTTS EMULSION following! it Trill create richer blood to establish body-warmth and fortify hia lunga; and throat Thousands ol soldi-ire all over :the world.! ^ tako£ftgff*s £mis8Qsii '$£ It ;s exactly what they, need. J ScoU a .Eactie. Bloomficld, X. J. 17-30 "^ DICKERSON HUN, March 16.--Mrs. A. B. Joseph is spending a tew days visiting her sister, Mrs. "W. Hitter at Mount Pleasant The Dunn Coal company has its new siding completed and are now loading coal from their new mine. Mrs. J. C. Jacobs and daughter, Miss Grace, Mrs. Allen Patterson, Miss Grace Moore, Mrs. W. El Keliey, Mrs. J. Allen Crawford and son, Harry J., were shopping in Connellsville yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Florence Logan of Dunbar is the guest ot Mrs. Thomas St. Joba Tor a few days. Philip Fieldaon is passing around the cigars this week. A new baby girl nas been added to the Fieldsen home. The (family now consists of a boy and two girls. Billy, the little son of Mr. and Mrs.- Dave Foitz ot Vanderbilt, is. very ill w;th pneumonia. Mrs. James Beatty, son, .Robert, and Miss Loraine Ambrose were shopping land calling'oh Connellsville friends ' Friday. · . .· - · · GREENE COAL TRANSFERS A. C. Sbermrfl and Sons or Late Capt Husted Acquire Holdings. J. Espey Sherrard- assignee · of Zaddock H. Jackson, of Uniontown, has sold to Atexaftder C. Sherrard a one-third interest in two tracts ot coal j In "W-ayne township, Greene county, containing 217 acres; consideration $12,000. ; · J. M.'Huated, of Union town, has sold to A. M. Husted, J.*E. and W. B. Husted one-twelfth interest in four tracts. of coal In .Cumberland lown- Ishlp, aggregating 40S acres; consideration $1.00. If You Are Hunting- Bargains Read the advertiseing.'columns of The Daily Courier. .You will find them. As Well as at the Front PA.--"I feel very grato- ful for what Dr. Pierce's medicine did for me. I am enjoying good health, today because of its use. About five yoara ago I caught a severe eold Trhich settled iu ray bronchial tubes and on my lungs. I had tho doctor, but hia medicine . did not seem, to help mo. I kopfc getting worse sill the time. My cough became very alarming. When I ·would take these ncvere coughing spells, I would notico blood. Got so I could not move around; if I did, I "would have one of theao spells. I wag ready to give up when I happened to get hold of a little booklet and read of Dr. Piercers Golden Medical Discovery. I made up my mind to try it, as I was about al! in. I had taken about four bottles and from that time on I gained fast, for it completely restored me to good health which I ain still eu.-joying, thanks to this inotiiciue.''--MBS. GERTBUPB JENNSWINZ, 404 Hemlock St. FOR WOMEN (^ f Ifew CASTLE, PA.--"I am glad to say that Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is , a most valuable medicine for women. I ' have myself used it v?ber» in a delicate way and the- benefits were very marked. It is a fine medicine for that condition. I have recommended it to^soveral other women who havo used it for this purpose --always with satisfaction. I have olgp seen 'Golden Medical Discovery' used in a case of threatened, consumption, and the result was to arrest tho disease. I know Dr. Pierce'a remoclica are just as :«ipresoirtetL " -- MES. JENNUB ' Bartram Avo, CUTE BOXNilT UA.0E SO BY QIUI3T VEIL. Qftltnws the prettiest'thing about a wonderful bonnet is the veil, though few young ladies have found this out. This hat' one of the most fascinating tor spring and summer wear, proves it beyond doubt. The hat. though very chic, is s-impiy trimmed, and ulone .holds no special attraction, but attach this most charming veil to it and tbe combination, is irresistible. Tho hat is ol' plain braided straw with a satin ribbon Iw.iid. The veil is of very fine texture and falls in a (new mode Crp-rn the crown of tho hat with a fullness that is most unusual and winning. The edge of the veil is trimmed with a dotted design, and the dots are extremely large for a veil. Altogether spring looks mighty appealing, barbed thusly. Patronize those who advertise. Don't knock Conncllsviilo by sending your money-out of town Cor your jot work when Tlio Courier company can do it hero nt home. ]Lot us give you prices. PRQSTBftTIO! May be Overcome by Lyd E. PinKham'* Vegetable Compound--Thi» Letter Prove* It West Philadelphia, Pa.--"Dnrinet thirty years I have been married, I ha been in bad heal and had several E tacks of nervo prostration until seemed as if it organs in my whc body were w o j out. I. wa« final persuaded to t LydiaE. Pinkhan Vegetable Co: pound and it ma a well woman mo I can now · all my housewo: and advise all ailing women to t Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Coi pound and I will guarantee tbey.w derive great benefit from it"--Mr PnA«nc FITZGERALD, 25 N. 41st Stree West Philadelphia, Pa. There are thousands of women ever where^ in Mrs. Fitzgerald's conditio suffering from nervousness, backach headaches, and other symptoms of functional, derangement. It was grateful spiritfor health restoredwhi. Jed her to write this letter so that oth women maybenefitfromhereiperien and find health sa she has done. For suggestions in regard toyour co dition write LydiaE. Pkh»m Medici! Co., Lynn, Mass. The result 40 years experience is at your service rfttinn lor ratoncg n*tur*l color to tray of iwr, for removiae duidraff *ad 19 * htirdm- pnp. Is not A dye. Geerom siwd bottlw it italcra. ready to uoo, Ph To Heal Bed Sores For 25 yean physicitns and nunci have never found anytKing equal to Sykes Comfort Powde One box proves iu extraordinary heal! power lor any skin inflammation. % a S, tf "r Vln0 ' *"·'· other- drug-Mai The Comfort Powder Co.. BoBou? Vli*

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