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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 18, 1918
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wen Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week,'6,503 VOL. 16, NO. 108. · CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, MARCH IS, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. VAUNTED HINDENBERG RUSH ON WEST SIDE BIG BLUFF, SAYS WEEKLY WAR REVIEW Gin-mans Will Not Attempt Offensive Unless Forced to It !· Opinion Expressed at the War Department; Nature of Information Is Not Given, bat Declaration Is Made That It" Is Becoming- More and More Evident Each Day;"' Preparations, However, Continue to Point of Congestion. KAISER TALKS OTHERWISE, SAYS AMSTERDAM / By Associated Press. ' WASHINGTON, Much. 8.--Germany's threat of a great spring offensive on the jrestern front no longer impresses American military men. In its weekly review today the war -department records the conclusion that the enemy in spite of his vast preparations, will not take the offensive unless forced into it. v "While hostile preparations for an offensive in the west are not slackening,ft the review says, "it is becoming more evident that the- enemy will launch the offensive only U compelled to do so by the exigencies of the general strategic situation." The nature of the information upon which the opinion is based is not disclosed. It is noted that fresh German divisions have arrived on the western front and the German lilies are said to be approaching the points in density beyond which it would be impossible to gu without choking communication, lines and hampering free movement o' reserves.- Much of tlie statement is devoted^ ·-- to the activities of American troops j w - Ult CABE FOR* WOIWDED now engaged on five separate fronts, one M the sectors lying close to the Swiss border. The official statement, however, adds nothing to'recently published reports of the raids and trench fighting in which the Americans have been involved. «'' Elsewhere on the western front the the experts find no evidence of impending major activity by either side. It notes, h'owever, indications of^Aus- :ra-German concentration in the 'Ital- an theater which may forecast assaults on Verona or Brescia. HAS STROXG HOPES, ATEBS THE KAISER. AMSTERDAM, March 18.--"I have strong hopes that Field Marshal von lindenbwg will soon win for us compete victory on the. Western front," ·cads a message sent by Emperor Wil- iata to the Pomeranian provincial :ouncil as quoted 'in the l.okal An- :elger of Berlin. BOYS FiUXM. "OVEK THERE" ·WQKKS HEBE: XOT AT TH.r, FROXT. WTTH.THE. AMERICAN ARMIES N FRASCE, "March lit--The Amerian* troops who have, been in action Jong tbe Chemin-des-Dames are a hrision composed exclusively of New higland units. The division con- llns units from all the New England tatea. Troops from Massachusetts ave been especially active. ·Tb» identification of these troops up 3 this time has been prohibited by ae censor. The restrictions were re- iov«J when it was discovered that Tie Stars a_nd Stripes, a newspaper nblisbed by" for and of the troops of le American Expeditionary forces ad contained in its latest edition a tory disclosing their identity. · 'Major Purnell, commander of tbe U. S. A. General hospital, No. : 2, at Port McHenry. ild., which will be used as a receiving hospital for our boys In khaki injured "over there." Al- WORK OF ENLISTING MEN FOR COMPANY IN MILITIA ON TONIGHT Captain Cox Bendy to Orgnixc Con- nellsTmes Quota; 3S ! Men Uader or 0?er Britt Age Required. The work of enlisting men to form ConneJlsrille's platoon of Company G, Third Infantry, .Reserve : * Militia of. Pennsylvania, will begin tonight. Captain Frank Cox. who recently received his commission as commanding" officer,, has completed the details necessary to 'the organization of the company,, will be at the armory to receive the applications for enlistment. Young men from, 18 to 20 years of age, and those above the draft limit of 31-years, .arc 'eligible for membership. Thirty-five men ·will, be required for Connellsville's quota in the company. The Reserve "MUiUa is being organized for service within the state only and is intended to take .the place of the former National Guard of Pennsylvania, -which is now in the federal COAL OPERATORS ASK ELIMINATION OF ASSIGNED CARS Favoring Some Mines at Expense of Others in " Car Allotment the IS A PERNICIOUS'SYSTEM PLANS COMPLETE | FOR TRACTOR TEST NEXT WEDNESDAY i --;f- i Several flakes of Machines VTill Be Demonstrated on'-Tliompsoin Farm i Near I'nionjtown. Details for the tractor demonstration which will be conducted by the Fayette County Farm Bureau on the farm of W. M. Thompson, Uniontown, Wednesday, beginning at 9 o'clock in the morning, have been- worked out and five of the tractors that will enter the demonstration are now on the ground. Tbe demonstration will start Sopply at Cost or Less, Is Clubn; {.promptly at 9* o'clock and continue Shonld be Replaced by Flan Giving All Mines a rrorutii Coal Tonnage. H»s Knnbled Kailrowls to Secure Foci A sharp conflict is on between the coal operators and the railroads over the assigned'^car proposition. The coal producing companies are urging the curtailment of the privilege long enjoyed by mines having railroad fuel orders, through 'being furnished cars sen-ice ami stationed at Camp Han- Cor ^ clasg rf ] oa dlng irf addition to cock awaiting orders Cor overseas | the percentage-allotment for commer- duty. Onfe platoon of the local co m -, ciai loadiagi Md ^ cstablishineilt of panjr wil] be stationed at Jlount the same rulo of distribution, i'or all Pleasant urfder the command of a! mines lieutenant. The headquarters of the company will be ' in ConneHsville, Captain Cox and a ;]ieutonant, yet to be chosen, being in charge, The organization of this unit will provide an excellent opportunity for young men, not of draft age, to acquire military training and a summer camp experience without serious interference vrtth their civil-life duties. CHKI6TIAX E!«T)F,ATOBF,1?S LOOKING AFTER LOCAL The Christian Endeavor Society of the Christian church is making systematic effort to keep In close touch with the members of the church and Sunday school who.are In the military and naval service^ Letters are being written, .papers and books sent to tbe boys who are being trade to feel that the folks back home are very much interested in their comfort and welfare while on duty at Uie front, in the training camp or whever stationed. DISCHARGED i-t.-us.iwji.iij , . - -. , . --; KOTIFIKU TO BEGISTEK " ' ,1TM'TM" ,^?i?* .!' of the fact that some have railroad orders and others do noL Tbe railroads are opposing any change in the method. Several conferences have been held before the railroad and fuel administrations in Washington over this question but no decision has yet been reached. It has'been a custom with, the railroad companies for many years to furnish to certain coal mines on their lines a preferential or arbitrary railroad car suppiy, in consideration oi being supplied with railroad fuel from the same mines. The coal mine thus favored usually operated six days per week, while a neighboring mine developing tbe same vein and producing the same kin^ of coal would operate but one or two days per week. Under this system tbe mine which would operate steadily would have less fixed charges per ton in the cost of producing coal than the mine which operated one or two days per week. Where one mine operated six days per week and another mine operated but one or two days per week, it is easily understood .t through tbe day, plowing at different times ofi" hilly land, also on fiat land. Seven machines are either in Uniontown or on freight cars and will arrive in Uniontown before tbp -demonstration. Due to tbe uncertain weather conditions at this time'Of year. Ihe Farm Bureau deemed it advisable to appoint community centers where farmers and other persons interested in attending the demonstration can be reached by phone should tbe demonstration be postponed on account of rain. The following .centers in this section will be called Wednesday morning, March .20th, between 7 and 7:30 A. M. sbould tbe demonstration be postponed: Bell phone---W. E. Miller, 907 ring 12, Scottdale: W. D. Hixon, 51 ring 6, Dawson; J. H. Rittcnbouse, 13 ring 4, Smock. Tri-State phone--Payettc City exchange, John C. Bianey. 7 ring' 5, Smock. s The only, reason'for postponing the-; demonstration will be because of land;. Young men who were members of : Dcr the National Guard of Pennsylvania at the time of registration June 5 last, and who were later discharged from that service, for physical disability, tinder weight ,or other causes, have, received notice 'directing them to report to their local boards for registration. SOMERSET DOT AJIOSG THOSE DEAD OF -DISEASE. Clyde B. Jones, reported last week rionary force are being treated there. XL6IAXS TAKE OVER . SECTOR HfiLU BY FRENCH ON THE BRITISH FRONT IN LANDERS' March IS.--The import- it coast sector of the western front nich for a considerable time i» been held by - the French U been taken over by tbe Belgians. h»t Albert's new army has been able . assume this additional' burden waks highly for the conditon of this imparatively. small .fighting machine hlch-has battled so'vail entry from te beginning. KILLED BYFALl Y»nn$r JT»n Meets Instant Death in Accident MichMl Sochko, 19 years old. a umber for the H. C. , Frick Coke mpany, was instantly killed Satur- ·y afternoon when ns fell quite a stance trom an .elevator at the Ines at Lels'enring No. 3. Funeral .rector J. L. Stader prepared the dy for burial. Fnneral services 2re held this mornins at the Greek urch, with interment in the. Greek mttery. Deceased was born in Austria, a n- of Daniel and Helen §ochko of ar Leisenrinp No. 1. He'was un- irried and in addition to his parents survied by two "brothers, George, a Idier, located at a training camp in iias; Daniei at home, and two sis:s, Sofie at home and Mrs. John iidort of Pittsburg. HUMAN PAYS $468,000 CASH FOR COAL TRACT At *13«0 an Acre. Seir level Is Established for Bedstone Township · I'lltsliurtr Seam. Announcement has been made of the purchase by J. H. Eillman, Jr., of Pittsburg. of 260 acres of the PitU- burg seam of coal in underlying the Puller .lands in Redstone township for J46S.OOO cash, or at the rate of $1,800 an acre. The price establishes a new high level for coal in that locality, being J200 above what was paid for adjoining coal a few months ago. The Fuller tract'is adjacent to the plant of the Conneilsriile Central Coke company, m which Mr. Hillman is a dominating figure. late Isaac G. Jones of Somerset. He was among the first draftees to go to Camp Lee. He was transferred to Camp Gordon and then to Camp Hancock. SERGT. ROTTL1ER PRttLJUSTER OK CONIfBM.SYtLLE HOTS Alfred Hottler", son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Rottler, who went to Camp Lee with the first contingent of draftees, and was shortly afterward promoted to a sergeantcy, is now serving as drillmaster of the last group of draftees from this section, among who'.is Ralph Sliger, formerly linotype operator in The Courier omce. v USES BUTCHER KNIFE . Sluh Tkro»t; Bro»(i Ford Jfaa . TVill I'robublj Die. Worry is believed, to have induced «*b McMannus. o5 years old ot Dry 11, near Broad Ford, to atiemjlt to d his Hie yesterday by gr.ting his :oat with.a butcher knife which he 4 wiefted sharpi-_. There was little pe held oatLtoaaijrfpr-hi;: recover}-. MciUnlius committed the act ia an tbuilding used, as a store house Jut fiS-. o'clock. He was found by . son, William, at 3. His wife and indardghter were away for the day. Mannus is a Frick pensioner. ,'·. V»4ergoes Operation. irs. Thomas Cape! of Ninth street, Jeawood, who was admitted to the .tftge State hospial, last Friday uh- 'went an operation on Saturday and [ »y is resting easily. | CLASSES JOIN FORCES X era o rial 3foYement is launched by · Methodist Sunday School. The.L. L. W. class, .James McCairns .teacher, and the Young Men's class ot the First Methodist Episcopal Sunday school held a joint meeting Sunday morning at which a memorial asociation was formed' lor the purpose of rasing and administering the proposed fund in commemoration ow all the men or women of. the church who have gone or who mar go to -war. W. S. Behanna was elected president; W. B, Shaw, nice president; J. Herbert Richter, secretary, and James McCairns, treasurer. It was decided also that hereafter there* should be a class coalition with Mr. McCairns as teacher and "W. S. Bebanna as sub- teacher. OHIOFTTiE HOT HAS AB1HYED Df FKAJfCE. Nelson Collins ot Ohionyle has sen' a card to his parents telling of his safe arrival in France. LOCAL BOY IN ESCAPADE Arrested in Illinois Torrn for Firing Through Taxi Koof. Franz AHred Dieter, 21 years old, who says bis mother resides in- Con- nesslville, and Blanche Eugenie White, 18 years old, of PRtsiurg, following a series of adventures ·which, culminated on -last Friday night at Champaign, 111., were arrested and are now in the police cells In Chicago. At Champaign Dieter fired a couple of shots at taxlcab drivers and then, fled, leaving the girl to drive the taxicab all the way to Chicago. Dieter assembled $125 and he and 'tie birl claiming to be cousins, left Pittaburg on March 1. When'they were almut to leave.-Champaign some dispute . arose over the . depot that. they were to be driven to, and Dieter fired two shots through the Joof ot the cab. He hit either of the,drivers.. J. V. McGlnnls Terr III. Joseph "\V. McGihnis, father of Postmaster W..D.-McGinnis, ; who has been confined to his home at B»st Connellsville because of a fall; isitailing rapidly. -Members of the family:at distant points have been summoned home. 4\Ir. McGinnis 'was 83 years old last September 12. .Albert landenberger low. Albert Xandenberger is lying near death at his hom'e at East Connellsville. Members of the family .-were summoned yesterdar to the bedside. Several years ago Mr. Landenberger ·was Injured in an"- accident and he never fully recovered. TICKET OFFICE CHANGES; Sherman ll.ncy Quits Pennsylvania to Go.WJth B.'ft.O. Sherman ljuey has resigned as tick- e t . agent-for tae Pennsylvania Railroad company' to become night ticket agent at the city station of- the Baltimore Ohio railroad^ Mr. Huey will enter- upon his new duties tomorrow, fight. . , : ' - : ·-,. William Hoover, Pennsylvania tick-: et agent in the West Side, will be transferred to the office .here, while John Lefer will be made agent in ih; West. Side. ' . . -Heasles Cases Keporteil.- Two cases of measles were reported to the .Board .of Health'over the week-end. Seeling Postponed. The monthly meeting of the Vanderbilt Fancywork club which was'to have been held .Wednesday at the .home of Mrs. W. E. Kelly at Vander- biit, bas been postponed to th'e fol- i lowing Wednesday. of days become demoralized and dissatisfied. Many coal operators contend that AM UN TRIAL; PLEADS IT GUILTY All Indications Point to Long-Drawn Legal Battle THE DEFENDANT IS CALM Pleads Not Guilt? in Firm Voice Before Judge Van Swearingen.' v Willfred W. Lufkin, for 15 years the 3atc Representative secretary Augustus P. Gardner, the first member n' congress to join the colors, s-uc- ceeded Major Gardner i» congress. He is a Republican. WIFE IS AT .HIS SIDE BOYS OF DUNBAR ·TOWNSHIP SUNDAY SCHOOL HONORED Senice J'Jni; and .Honor KoII Dedicated Very lurge Gathering Sunday Afternoon. not fll to plow. Those attending the Wilh impressive 1 services Uie honor \Yiflow of Burhey Also in Court in Deep 3Lonrmng; Motion Made to Quash Indictment Because of Technicality Refused: KxptTt Coming 1 . The preliminary ukirmish in the battle to establish the guilt' of or innocence of Frank M. Lindley in connection with;; the murder .of .Frank A. Burkey in the latter's office in Con- nellsvillc the night of December is, was staged today in Uniontown. The case was called this morning before Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen. At the very outset Attorney D. W. McDonald, of counsel for the defense, offered a motion to quash tJie indict- meni on the grounds that the defendant bad not been given the proper demonstration who go. to Uniontown by train should take either ;lie Mason town or Brownsville ca:- to Thompson's Cross Roads, where the demonstration will be held. . roll and service Uag for the boys of J Preliminary hearing.'A technicality is the Summit Sunday school in Dun- j involved, based on the right of the bar township vrbo have gone io the; magistrate John C. Reisingcr to hear froct were dedicated yesterday after- ! t l i e 'case. noon. After arguments lasting until 12:30 The chapel was filled to its utmost j o'clock Judge Van Swearingen refused ' ivfmii »r/\ r\T i »mi' ca P a cHy when at the close of tha ! l o Q"^sh Uie indictment, BURN TO DEATH! scl1001 ' Superintendent H. D. Bam-i Court did not reconvene until near- i har-t turned the remainder of the serv- '. ^' % o'clock when the examination of! Charred Rodies of Roys 13 and Hi 1 " over l ° ^v. J. H. Lamberts^ o f f e r s was * ake ° u ?- TM e ^ ork weiu Ywirs Old Foond in SUMe Unins. - ! Conn,e!tevilte. After singing and i vei T slowly and indicated that ex- one corner objects which did not burn as readily as the hay and other rna- came , the unveiling of the honor roll by| K e a n f o r the defense. Of Uie three Jean Hankins and Beulah Hart, sis-| mt - j a called up to 2.45 o'clock one pleaded eo^ientous scruples against pernicious and mining industry continued altogether, is further claimed, has p ( railroad companies for 26 more to purchase their luel supply at about, the cost of production, sometimes actually less, but rarely with any considerable margin of profit to the producer. The Cac; that overhead charges could, be cut down by haVing a six-day run, and thus make possible a profit on commercial orders, has often bcou tbe only inducement to accept railroad fuel orders. The system having, during these days of short car supply, developed atill other abuses, operators generally favxr aa abandonment of it. They contend that a car is a car regardless of the purpose for which the coal This system, it i i n g i n tbe hay a ° d had s ° no lo sleepj Miss'Bessie Hardin having two broth-! ed i permitted the i Bof0re the bodles w e r e f o u n d T o n y ! ers ia the service. *y Bartlett, 30 years old, was arrested on I to be Una used, hence of railroad loaded into it is every mine on a should have an efjual share of the allotment of the available cars and should* supply the railroad with a prorata tonnage oE the coal consumed by the railroad. '· In other words, a mine should not be supplied with cars for railroad fuel loading in addition to A borjuet stood on the organ con- 'a charge or setting fire to the building.; laining n i n e sraal] fl whicb repre _ Bartlett was apprehended by Albert |Rented the Sandorfky, a brother of one of victims. Three men were in stable, BarUett Is said to have told the officers. Two of them were smoking, he said, adding that he h'ad cautioned them against the danger of fire. CONNH^VILLEBOY SuBers Hra\-y Loss in Uie Big Fire at .Tohustoirn. Among the losses sustained by-the ?1,000.000 fire in Johnstown last night was that ot the firm. o£ Towzey Phillips, electrical contractors, to the extent of ?30,000. The senior member of this firm is a former Connellsville boy. Prank Towzey, a son of the late R. D. Towzey, and a brother of W. H. Towzey. He .learned the electrical business as an employe of The Electric Company t^* | Uon. Rev. Lambertson asked that Col. lne Barnhart take these flags and give thorn to the mothers of the boys. Tba minister then asked the mothers to come forward, form a 8 'circle and join, bands., which they did while-he offered a very touching prayer for the boys. The roll contains nine names as follows: Emery Hardrn, Bvans L. Barnhart. Ray L. Hankins, James Hardin, William- Ray Hart. Jesse -M. Grimm; Joseph Luckey- Charles L. Harford and Hay Renninger. or r , _ ,, .,, . . , its normal quota tor commercial load- °f ConnellsviHe, which was the first ,^. while a mine alongside receives j elect p c U ; hUn * f o:oly that percentage determined ~ i coun * and on of tnc its commercial orders. . Tb.e impression is gaining thai the final ruling on this question by Director General of B '.11 roads McAdoo and Fuel Administrator Garfioid will support the contention of the coal producers. Such a ruling, it is believed, will do much to stablize the coal mining industry and .encourage great effort to'increase production. MUST FILE REPORTS Food Administration-. Hft([nires A;- countfng of Floor by IVetlncsdar. Charles L. Davidson, Fayette county food representative, received a^telegram from the state headquarters last evening cajlirig for tbe Jromedi- ate return of all flour reports which must be filled out by householders. Official report blanJks are found in The Courier. . Mr. "Davidson has already received several, thousands of these blanks and in. View of the fact that morie^are yet to be returned, Mr. Davidson announced last evening that household- era would he given until "Wednesday evening to make their returns; The blanks' must be in the county .food representative's office or returned to the various regional aides -selected by Mr. Davidson- in Fayette units which we're acquired and later merged by the West Penn Power company.' Mr. Towzey went to Johnstown a number of years ago and has since developed a large business in the electrical contracting line. ROB LAUNDRY THREE SEEK DIVORCE Dairsou Woman Wants Separation Charging Dcst'rtioQ. Libels in three divorce cases were filed Saturday iii Uniontown. Eva S. Williams of Dawson is seeking a decree from John H, Williams, They were married January IS, 1903. Desertion April 1916,, at Broad Ford is alleged. Peter Sipos of South Brownsville seeks a legal separation from Mrs. ,Spzanna Sipos of ^Arnold City.. . The fact that her husband, Steve Toth is ntfw confined in the Allegheny county workhouse, is one-of the contentious upon which Mrs. Margaret H. Toth of Redstone township bases by Court Crier Charles M. Fee, all s being on Mr. Ltrulley as he arose tbe invitation of Deputy Clerk of Courts Barrel W. Smiley aud entered his plea of not guilty. There were few jurors summoned for the week, absent and the grind of the court began without delay. . Liindley*s voice was hardly audible when he was called to plead. 'Not Guilty," was his reply to the formal question. , Both Mrs. Burkey, the widow, and Mrs. Lindley were in court. They occupied chairs in one corner of ihe court room reserved for women only. It is f romored that, one of the principal witbnesses for tie commonwealth will be a finger print expert, who made a carelul examination ot tbe blood stains on the wall of the stairway between the seventh and eighth floors. The commonwealth claims tn have a witness who will testify that bindley walked down this stairway about midnight on December 3S after being-seen- to go up the elevate r with Burkey to the eighth floor. _ ,, . s her petition for a divorce. Thev · Boys Gain Katrance Through Kcnr ;jnarric[1 November 38, 1315.,at C 1) mdoiv But Arc Frightened Away. berland . A blanket was stolen from the Con- nellsvine Steam Laundry .company on Baldwin avenue Saturday night when thi; jil^co was entered by two boys. The youthful robbers got away before the police arrived and had not been located today. The robbery look place early in .the morning, the police getting a call about 6 o'clock. The boys were seen climbing out of rtar window. hrough which they had gained an entrance. It was reported today that the. youngsters had'been soen kneeling before the safe in the front of the building and they were frightened away when discovered. One lad, it' Is said, went out through the window EXPECT 200 FARMERS Prepamtioi/s Beini," 3IaIc la Feed Big Crowd at Baniiiict Friday. . Preparations are being made to feed 300 persons at lie banquet to be given the farmers of the community by the business men of the city at lie Masonic Temple ' here Friday. T. J. Hooper and W. 0. Adrian of the committee in charge made addresses at the Summit church yesterday and the preachers in the rural district have_ promised to call the banquet to the attention of the farmers. Af least'200 of the persons ejrpected SERVING_ON JURY Men .From ConncHsvillc Ecgion Called in Criminal Cases. Among those sen-ing.on the petit jury from this vicinity, this week: are Thomas .Flynn, Rev. J. H. Lambertsou, F. H. Harmening, L.- Gallatin, -W. A. Bishop, A. A. Clarke, A. Gigliotti, B. O'Connor and F. R. Weiroer,.Connells- ville'; H. L. Addis and Hi E. Kooser, Vanderbilt; Josiali Bungard. Saltlick township; Joseph T. Brown, L. Hunker, D. S. Leapline, J. W.' Stoner, R. Flesher, Charles Kennedy and T. A. DoughHt, Dunbar township! James Cover, George Wilkcs, E. Martin,, W. S. Stickel .and H. Se-' Christ, Perry township: George Eicher. R. King, Upper Tyrone township; S. Fulton, D. P. Leacher,'R, .Miller, Alex 'Wilson, Sr.. Charles Harshman, BulJskin'townslijp;. A Van Horn. Dawson : John Kane and E. K. Swink, Dunbar; E. Shulu and H. Buriin; Connellsville township; TV. C; Glover.- South Connellsville. . TWO FIRES OVER SUNDAY Jrom'the local district. ,- -Information received, at Canip' Lee indicates that the drafted :nea wil'i forwarded to that camp by the local ·boards during the five-day period be- Partly cloudy arid warmer tonight I ginning next. -Tuesday, instead -of. on and Tuesday is the noon weather fore?; Friday, travel! 29. cast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Eecoril.. v . 1918 U917 Maximum ' u_60 - 57 Minimum 30 33 ' .Mean . -!5 45 The Yough river fell · during the night from 4.70 feet'to 4.40 feet. The men in the next quota will very proba.bly go t'o France with the 80th. division. Trotter Bfiy Unlists. Peter G. Genot/pf Trotter, enlisted in the United. States cavalry in Uniontown-- and .will 1 " leave . tomorrow morning for Columbus, 0, while another .slid down an air shaft..! to , utQnd t j e ban , ue t will be farmers i One ls on S(m(1 , si(]c and ot j lpr ,',,. DRAFT DATE ANNOUNCED, Jfcrt Contingent for Camp lee tfl lid-: gin Movement Jfext Tuesdar, Is. : , ' "Overland Sii'Mimrine" Here. ~ Driving his "Overland Submarine," Captain Stanley. Huntley Lewis, act- ng as a recrutink officer for the Untod States aerial service, arrived in the city this morning. He will remain here a few days. His macbne attracted much attention, the body being-of bullet prgoC armor, and mounted witb a Colt machine gun.. Smith House jji A fire on South Sycamore street about 5.25 Sunday' niorning partly burned a shed 'used',as a storeroom. The big hose was used .to extinguish' it. Spontaneous? -combustion is thought to have caused the blaze.' Chemicals were, used to extinguish a lire in the Smith House bar about 2 o'clock this morning. Matches in a drawer chewed by mice are thought to have started the. flame. The fire was confinedfto the drawer and only, a little damage was done. Gcigcr Uacli c-n Force. 1 Henry Geiger,. wBo was formerly a j policeman on the local force wasj Buys Wangles Hand. sworn im by Mayor John Duggan last j While, playing with, his father's week arid went on duty Satarday. Geiger fills a vacancy that has existed . in the Force 'since the December shakeup loaded'. revolver Saturday evening, James William Blackford. 14 years old of Brownsville, shot iunsclf through the band " · ' ·

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