The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVXLLE, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1918. SCOTTDALE RED CROSS MAKES A FINE SHOWING Sixth Ingathering Itereals Total of Nearly 17,000 Ar- tlcles Completed. 34 COMMFTTIES AT WORK ,X«ek Binary Among the TWts to : TUB Owt literals deeded 1m Cure - ·( Wonted ud SUck Soldiers is ' · Sfc»wj»; Tke rigcm Here i» Detail .- '_ Sooe idea ol the activity of the ·/ Bed Cross at Seottdale is to be found: ;· i* the report at sixth, ingathering of _ ttx units of that town. According to f tie report the S4 units or the organi- » ' .imtkm collected a total of 16,SSI , !»era at the ingathering. Toey were: "- i 192 sweaters, 51 scarfs, 752 socks, ·.'Mi WTilUeli. 201 helmets, 3800 4 in^ -guze compresses, 30 nine inch gauze i.; 'aomgtrecses, 88 3-yard gauze rolls, .-, 1MO 4-in. puize' wipes, 3670 2-lnch '- .cause wipe*, 10 12 inch gauze laparo- % tomy pads, 5 6-inch game laparotomy pads. It 4-inch gauze teparotomy pads, -·' O2 pilknr eases, 12 pajamas,' 318 sur(teal' shirt* 1M bed socks- 11 bath = , towels, 3721 face towels, 78 wash 1 cloths, 20 hot water bag comrs, 26 op. eratlnj leggings. 10 head bandages, 20 ,'i '1 'bandages. 50 triangular bandages, . 1427 abdominal bandages, 22-t eye baa' dage*. 77 fcnec bandages, 20 scultitus bandages, 1 pair blankets- 1 bed pad, .-^-50-surgical bondages, 175 sore foot " socks, 1 knitted baby blanket, 20 hospital bed jackets, 40 gauze strips, 34 baby layettes, 17 pcs. Belgian outfit, 1 bac sundries. Unit No, 1.--Mrs. Huttlemaier, - chairman; Miss Smith, secretary. 11 ·; bath towel* 14 face towels, 18 pil- ', low, cases- 50 surgical bandages, 38 largleal shirts, 7 sweaters 8 wrist" 1»U, 6 socks, 6 helmets, 2 scarfs, 9 knee ' -bandages, 2 eye bandages, 1 pair blankets and 1 bed pad--donated oy Mrs. Beoben Humphries. Except surgical - sUrts and knitted goods. U»lt No. 2.--Miss UlHam. Perry, chairman; Mis« Eicher, secretary. 16 ·weaters, 19 helmets, 1 scarf, 22 wriBtlets, 2 socks. Unit No. 3.--Mrs. Marsh- uhairman; Miss Huth Rlttenhouse, secretary. 270 1 towels, 1 sweater. TJnlt No. 4.--Mrs. W. F. Shotts, ' chairman; Mrs. Kling. secretary. 150 4x4 wipes, 125 4x8 compresses, 120 dMomiiial bandages, 120 towels, 45 "lore foot socks, 20 surgical shirts, 40 '·: socks, IS wristlets, 18 helmets- 18 sweators. 4 scarfs, 6 wash cloths. TJnit No. 5.--Mrs. F. L, BrownTchair- -xo*n; Mrs. Herbert, secretary. 20 sore toot socks, 18 abdominal bandages. 24 bed socks, 17 sweaters, 70 socks, 34 wristlets. 26 helmets- 2 scarfs, 1 knitted, baby blanket TJnlt No. 6.--Miss Perry, chairman; Miss Mazie Love, secretary- 16 socks, ,~- 7 helmets, 2 wristlets, 48 pil'-ow cases, I sweaters, 48 towels, 5 surgical shirts. Unit No. 7.--Mrs. J. 1* Raygor, chairman; Mrs. Anderson, secretary. 20 surgical shirts, 100 abdominal bandages- 31 helmets, 22 sweaters, 6 , scarfs, 80 towels, 70 pillow cases, 66 \ wristlets, 42 socks. ' Unite No. ».--Mrs. Engle, chairman; Miss" Jenlka, secretary. 170 towels, 180 abdominal bandages, 50 triangular l bandacges, K ere bandages, 2 wash cloths, 4 sweaters, 8 socks* 6 wristlets, 1 helmet Unit No. 9.--Mrs. L. A. Zimmerman, chairman: Mrs. Bash, secretary. 20 ted jackets, 20 surgical shirts, 20 abdominal banc!ages, 2 knee bandages, 3 .'. «l» bandages, 250 towels, S sweaters, ' 34 wristlets, 16 socks- 3"helmets, 1 · Mart. _,Unit No. 10.--Mrs. P. J. O'Connor, . chairsmn; Mrs. Kennedy, secretary. 5 sweaters, 3 scarfs, 12 wristlets, i; sweater. Unit No. 21.--Mrs. Jerda Carleon, chairman; Miss Burfcstrobm secretary. 60 bed socks. 84 towels. 60 abdominal bandages, 14 knee bandages, 1 eye bandage, 6 sweaters, 40 wristlets, 24 socks, 11 bPlmets, 12 scarfs, 47 wash cloths. I Unit No. 22.--Sirs. Mooney, chairman; Miss Margaret .Fmnerty, secretary. 10 sweaters, 4 socks. 1 scarf, 24 wristlets, 11 helmets, 7 wash cloths, 8- knee bandages, 21 eye bandages. : Unit No. 23.--Miss Lucy Clarfcson, chairman; Miss Etta King, secretary. 54 towels. 114 abdominal bandages. 2o bed socks, 4 socks, 2 wash cloths, j Unit No. 24.--Hiss Fitzgerald, chairman; Miss Hixson. secretary. 116 iowels, 47 pillow cases, 11 wash cloths, 3 knee bandages, 63 eye bandages, 9 sweaters, 2 scarfs, 24 socks, 32 wristlets, 1 helmet. Unit No. 25.--Mrs. James Campbell, chairman: Mrs. B. Glasgow, secretary! 16 sweaters, 4 wristlets- 8 helmets, 400 8x4 compresses, 225 4x4 wipes. Unit No. 26.--Miss Katherine McBurney. chairman, Miss Kelly, secretary. 4 sweaters, 4 socks, 2 helmets, scarfs, 10 wristlets. Unit No. 27.--Miss Catherine Wcd- dell, chairman; Miss Armstrong, sec- 'etary. 4 wristlets, 3 wash cloths, 6 knee bandages- 26 eye bandages. Unit No. 28.--Mrs. J. M. Zimmers, chairman; Mrs. Mellicger, secretary. Work not completed. Unit No. 28.--Stirs. Connors, chairman; Miss Edith Moore, secretary. 1 sweater, 2 wristlets, 2 scarfs, 1 helmet. Unit No. 30.--Mrs. Tff. A. Bndd, chairman; Mrs. Kennell, secretary, 3 sweaters, 2- wristlets, 1 helmet 26 socks. Unit No. 31.--Mrs. Cler'y. chairman; Miss Jarrett. secretary. 20 sore foot socks, 45 abdominal bandages, 10 socks, 90 eye bandages, 35 knee'band- ages, So towels- 225 8x4 compresses, 17 pcs. Belgian outfit. Unit No. 32.--flliss' Carrie Wiley, chairman; Miss Cecelia Reid, secretary. 725 2x2\i wipes, SO «4 wipes, 600 0x9 sponges. 240 4x4 compresses, 50 4x8 compresses, 20 folded gauze strips, 10 surgical strips, 10 socks. Unit No. 34--Jfiss Mautie Loucks, chairman; Miss Kerr- secretary, i sweater, 22 wristlets, 2 helmets. BURNS, CUTS, BRUISES San Cera Ointment, Relieves Pain, Draws Out Poison and Heals Promptly. There is no better remedy for burns, cuts and bruises than the antiseptic and healing ointment called San Cura. Every person ought to have a jar on hand; it is the first and best aid to the injured in case ot accident, and Is the ideal remedy for so many other distressing and painful ailments besides. For example, it is guaranteed by Langhrey Drug Co., Connellsville; Broadway Drug Co.- Scottdale, to relieve netting, bleeding and protruding ptles, eczema, tetter, ulcers, salt rheum, boils carbuncles and pimples, or money back. In case of old running sores, no matter hcnr long standing, a few poultices of San Cura Ointment will draw out the poison, and leave thorn in such a thoroughly aseptic condition that they will heal promptly. We advise every reader to get a jar of San Cura Ointment today- and keep it ready for an accident or emergency that may happen. 30 cents, 60 cents and 51.20 at Laugbrey Drug Co.. Con- neUsville; Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale, on the money back pkin. SOAP FOK THE SCAEP. ·San Cura Soap is delightful for shampooing, because it is full of antiseptic properties that banish the germs of dandruff and other impurities from the scalp. It removes pimples and blackheads, too. 25 cents a cafce at Laughrey Drug Co,, Connellsville; Broadway Drug Co., Scoudale. 1,000 COMPLETE COMFORT SETS BY END OF MARCH If yoor druggist doesn't keep It , -kehaets. 346 socks, 2S snrgiral shirts, · send to the Thompson Medical Co., 220 abdominal bandages, 2f* towels. TJtnsTill«' Pa.--Adv. 135 pillow cases, 10 hot water bag eoTers. - , .trait No. 11.--airs. 'Wadsworth. chairman: Miss Glassburn.' secretary. 44 pillow cases, 192 towels, 46 abdominal bandages, 2 sweaters, 2 ·wrist- Icte. 1 Mart. Unit No. 12.--Mrs. 'Whalry, chair. nan; Mf s. Mary Byrne, secretary. 100 nrgical shirts, ISO pillow cases, 440 towels, 210 abdominal bandages, 20 T. ,i~lMdages, 10 head bandages, 20 sculte- ·yiee bandages, 14 sweaters, 162 socks, , "Xfi^wristlets, 1 helmet 10 16*4 laparo- i tomy pads, 5 6x6 laparotomy pads, 10 - 32x12 laparotomy pads, 20 6x3 folded 1 ·: gauze strips, 40 4x4 wipes, 20 9x9 ." _ eonrpreeves, 20 8x1- compresses*, 20 , 4 i 4 compresses. 25 2x2 wipes, 10 3 yard rolls. ·Unit No. 13.--Mrs. TVray, chairman; ' ' JD»s Walthour, secretary. / 38 towels, · 40 pillow cases, 2 socks. · ; Unit No. 14.--Miss Bess Millen, ; chairman: Mrs. Brooks, secretary. 180 - towels, 1 sweater, 1 scarf. 1 Unit No. 15.--Miss Grace Lockard, chairman; Miss Mai Gibson, secretary. t sweaters, 1 scarf, 10 socks- 6 -wristlets. 12 hetaets.'SO bed socks, 10 hot water bag covers, 24 abdominal band- HEAVY MEAT EATERS HAVE SLOW KIDNEYS Eat Less Jleat if Ton Feel Backacky or llure Bladder Trouble. No man or woman who eats meat regularly can make a mistake by flushing tire kidneys ocacsionally. says a well-known authority. Meat forms uric acid which excites the kidneys, they .hecoroe overworked from the strain, get sluggish and fail to filter the waste and poisons from the blood, then we get sick. Nearly all rheumatism, headaches, liver trouble, nervousness, dizziness, sleeplessness and urinary idsorders come from sluggish kidneys. The moment you feel a dull ache in the kidneys or your back hurts or il the urine is cloudy, oftens'ivo, f u l l of sediment, irregular of passage or attended by a sensation of scalding, stop eating meat and get about four ounces of Jad Salts from any pharmacy; aUce a tabl-espoonful in a glass of water before breakfast and in a tew days your kidneys will act fine. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with rithia, and has been used for generations to flush and stimulate the kidneys, also to neutralize tie acids In urin ,0 it no longer causes irritation, thus Aiding bladder weakness. Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot, injure; makes a delightful effervescent lithia-irater drink which every- on-e should take now and Uin to keeep the kidneys clean and active and the blood pure, thereoy avoiding serious kidney complications.--Adv. PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For Next Week South ConnellsviUe, Unit No. 15.--Mrs. J. Schraisiurm, 2 helmets; Miss Margaret Schraishuhn, 1 sweater; Mrs. E. C. Hartman. 1 helmet; Miss Ida Burkhardt, 1 sweater. United for Service Unit, No. 17.-Miss Gertrude Rhodes, 1 sweater; Mrs. Anna Denny, 2 sweaters, 1 helmet; Miss Rebecca Patterson, 2 helmets; Mrs. W. P. Brooks, 1 helmet; Mrs. Cooper Patterson, 1 helemt; Mrs. A. B. Staufter, 1 sweater; Miss Klor- ence Patterson, 1 helmet; Miss Mary Parkhill, 1 helmet; Miss Rutb Robinson, 1 sweater; Mrs. Mary Robinson' 2 helmets; Mrs. T. J. Hooper, 1 sweater; Mrs. Edward Hart. 1 sweater; Mrs. Charles "Wright, 1 sweater. 1 helmet; Miss Anna Junk, 1 sweater; Mrs. Thomas Hasen. 1 pair wristlets; Miss Jessie Rhodes. 1 sweater; Mrs. P. M. Buttermore, 1 sweater; Miss Laura Moreland, 1 helmet. T. J. Hooper Bible Class Unit.-Mrs. M. J.' Cummings, 1 helmet; Mrs. John Everett. 1 sweater. .Miss Ethel Painter. Dawstm, 1 sweater. The Devotion of American Manhood is Told in "H«B EOT" Screen Drama of Mother Lovs and Patriotism, Starring Bfflc Shanuon and Niles Welch. A Special Production. -4-Aiso-- '·BT,OOI AND THlTSDEn" Keystone Comedy in 2 Acts. TUESDAY Triangle Presents .7. BARNEY SHERSY in "THE AKGUMKM" In 6 Acts. Also Local Pictures ot tha Colonial Tea taken at the Armory. WJED1VESDAY Bluebird Presents VIOLET MERSEREAU in "MOBGAIf'S EAJHD.ETCS" Drama in 5 Acts. Also L Ko Comedy in 2 Acts. THURSDAY "Wro. A. Brady Presents CARLYLl: BLACKWELL and EVELYN GRBELY in "HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS" A World Production in G Acts. --Also-' "CUKKKiVT EVENTS" Showing Ail the Latest News "fRiijAy" "SATURDAY" Coldwrn Presents MAE MARSH in Oliver Morocco's Famous Stage Suc'ess "THE CIXDKRELLA MAS" A Christmas Surprise Package Filled With Good Cheer. She was rich and he was poor. Nothing between them but six tin roofs cprercd with snow. How in thp world will we get them together ^ Also a Good Comedy. --COMISG-- CLARA KIMBALL TOUNfr IN "SHIRLEY KAYE" atronize Those Who Advertise ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY MARGUERITE CLARK IN "BAITS Bl'BGIiAK" "His Day Out," a Two Heel Billy West Comedy. ----M 0 If 1) A T ANN PENNDtGTON IN "THE AXTICS OF ASS" Harum-scarum Ann will keep you chuckling for many a day a.t her antics in that hot-bed of convention, a girl's seminary. : Umit 5o. 16.--Mrs. A. C. Overholt, · - chairman: Mrs. Hartman, secretary. · .1 sweater, 4 helmets, 2 -wristlo3, 2 } 'locks, 2 scarfs. 160 4x8 compresses, I 10*0 4x4 compresses, 1175 2x214 | ..gauze wipes, 220 4x4 gauze wipes, 1320 I ' - *pon(e3. ·Unit No. 17.--ifrs. Rosenteel, chair= van; Mrs. Peterson, secretary. 9 J »w*aters. 5 scarfs, 2 socks. 10 wrlst- · l«t», 16 helmets. 22 surgical shirts, t J40 towels 60 bed socks, 90 sore foot i jocks, 40 abdominal bandages, 26 op? mrating lessins, 12 pajamas. S " Unit Mo. 18.--Mrs. Panel, chairman; ; 'jfn. Hernley. secretary. 7 sweaters. f^-'J2 socks. 12 wristlets, " helmets, 55 shirts, ISO abdominal band- 34 baby layettes, Cdonated by 7"J(rs. L. K. Keister,) one bag sundries, ij -. '^Unlt No. 19.--Mrs. W. F. Stauffer, I ~;«h»lrman.: Mias Fergnson, secretary. i ".-14BO 8x4 compresses; 78 3 yard rolls, ' ;*K 4x4 wipes. 335 2x2 wipes. UnVt NOL 20.--Mima Pauline Parker, Continued from Pare On*. Mrs. S. S. Stahl, 1 helmet, 2 pair wristlets. Unit No. 3.--Mrs. A.'B. Kurtz, 1 sweater. TJnit No. 4.--Mrs. Rockwell Marietta, 1 sweater; Miss Louise Soisson, 1 pair wristlets. Sergeant Charles MeConnick L'nfe. --Mrs. Noble McConnick, 1 helmet; Mrs. George McCormick, 1 sweater; Sirs. William Gilbert, 4 pair wristlets; Miss Anna Falco, 1 pair wristlets; Miss Sadie Rae Hawk. 1 sweater; Miss Edwina Stum, 1 sweater. Over There Unit.--Mrs. P. H. Mc- Kuvitt, 4 helmets, 1 sweater; Miss Alice MeKevitt, 1 pair wristlets; Mrs. David Cunningham, 1 sweater; Miss Grayce Dunham, 1 pair wristlets; Miss Nellie Bevaas, 1 sweater. Athens Temple Unit.--Mrs. Laura Buskirk, 1 heimet; Mrs, Louise "Wagner, i helmet; Mrs. j. H. Keller, 1 sweater. Uniontown Unit. No. 12.--22 sweaters; 12 helmets, 4 pair wristlets. Doonan Unit, No. 13. Dunbar.--Miss Mattic Bowden- 1 sweater; Mrs. Daniel Harper, 1 sweater, 1 helmet; Mrs. McClain. 1 sweater; Miss Margaret Cochran, 1 helmet; Mrs. Johi Jobes. 1 helmet. Knit and Win Unit. No. 14.--Mrs. Edward Sweeney, 1 pair wristlets;. Mrs. Roy Minerd, 1 helmet; lire. Stanley Morris, 1 sweater; Mrs. J. L. Cypher, 1 sweater; Mrs. H. L. Piorsol, helmets; Mrs. Harry Ford, 1 sweater; Mrs. J. Robson, 1 sweater; Miss Nail Sweeney, 1 sweater; Mrs. James Coniff. 1 sweater; Mrs. Imphotf, 1 pair wristlets; Miss Clara Baker, 1 sweater; Mrs. Ada Whlpkey, 2 helmets; Mrs. S. L. Fletcher. 1 pair wristlets; Mrs. Henry Rhodes, 1 pair wristlets; ;.chairman; Mlas Oberly, secretary, 40 | Miss Lynne Kincell, 1 sweater; Ivy ,, abdomical bandages, 80 towels, 11 Penrod, 1 svreater. PARAMOUNT J HE ATRE TODAY LEWIS L. 5ELZNICK PRESENTS CONSTANCE TAL.NIADGB IN "SCANDAL" WONDERFUL PRODUCTION IN S ACTS. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. --Monday- THE DEVOTION OF AMERICA'S MANHOOD IS TOLD IN tf HER BOY" SCREEN DRAMA OF MOTHER LOVE AND PATRIOTISM, STARRING EFFIE SHANNON AND NILES TVELCH A SPECIAL PRODUCTION ' --ALSO-"BLOOD AST) THTWBEE" KETSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. MMWMMMM WMM SOISSON THEATRE MONDAY, TTJKSWAY ASD WEDNESDAY,- MABCH 18, 19 AST) 20. atATES'EES DAILY JACK BALL STOCK CO. "Pretty Miss Nobody" "The Play Beautiful" \ A Story of California, England and France. ' First Time Here--Lots of Comedy. THUBSDAY, FKIDAY AND SATUBDAY The Sensational Scream "MAM'ZELIE" Afternoons lOe and 20c. Nig-hts--General Admission--20c, 80c and 35c. A Few Choice Seats at 50c. Friday Night Country Store. The Hoover Suction Sweeper The One Cleaner That Gets ALL the Dirt Easy to Operate--Built to Last a Lifetime An Electric Carpet Sweeper and Vacuum Cleaner combined. The brush of soft hair sweeps and shakes the floor covering while the powerful suction removes ALL the dirt. The Hoover way brightens--straightens the nap--prolongs the life of the rug. The Hoover soon pays for itself by lengthening the life of your rugs--to say nothing of the pride and satisfaction in having them always bright and cleiin. A Demonstration Will Prove All Points of Superiority Claimed for the HOOVER See this wonderfully efficient Sweeper and Cleaner at work. See it in your own home-on your own rugs and upholsteries. Phone our Carpet Department, and a representative will call at the time you set. Demonstrations in the store given any time you call. A Size and Model For Every Requirement BisselFs Sweepers Best for Daily Use In homes where there is no Hoover Electric, BISSELL'S Sweepers should--and ; usually do--have first consideration. They prove their worth many times a day. I Sweeping with a Bissell's is less tiring, easier on Rugs and Carpets, and far more | efficieilt than sweeping with a broom. Come to the store and learn why BISSELL'S has been leader for a generation. See the Favorite Models at $3.25 and $3.75 Easter Gloves ere Never Prettier Shown in Finer Array -- Fine French Kid Globes \utn two clasps and sewn overseam--in brown gr^y, biack. white, lac, mode and navy-- at S2.*.") pair. Fine French Kid Gloves in striking combinations of black-and-white and white-and-black--at- $2.75 the pair. --Women's Washable Gloves, one clasp, pique sewn,--in wbite-'and- blaclt, :hampagne-and-b!ack. Newport tan-and-black, light grey-and- black--at S2.00 and 82.50 the pair. --Women's GlfAi's of fine French I-ambstan will) t\\o clasps, over- fleam sewn,--in black white, tan, brown, cnampagne, black-and- white, white-and-alack,--nt $2.00 the pair. Easter Silks for Charming Easter Frocks! · We can tell you their names--their various %vidths--their colors--and how they sell,--but we CAN'T tell you adequately of their unusual beauty and quality. These you must judge for yourself-- --Doohlc niillh Crepe do Thine at $'.V)0 Hie --Double Yiidth Georgette Crepe at S2.So the --Donble -nidih Crepe Melvor at $.'i.OO (lie --Double niiitli Dress Satin at $2.50 the --loul)Ic width Foulards nt $2^0 to $3.."0 tli --Yard wide riiiffon Taffetas at $1.65, 3^, the jard. --1'ard wide Messnlines nt Sl.Co the yard. --Ynril Hide Foulards at £2.00 tlic yard. ird. 1 --Double n i d t h Wash frppps nt S1.T5 the jard. aril. --Yard wide Kairatai Si!k at $1.00 anil $1.50 the ard. yard. ard. i --Viird iiide flash Satin, at $2.0!: (o ?2.riO the yd. yard. *i50 | --\utural Poniree Silk, 32 inches wide, at, $LflO the I jard. --Cheney Foulards, 40 inches vide, in navy, brown and L r recn,--at $2.5l the yard. hi usos Suits Consider this assortment from any viewpoint--or from all viewpoints--and you are sure to fiad it most attractive. The right styles in just the fabric and color to achieve the desired effect--it's a pleasure to women to be able to choose suits of this kind and knowing they are absolutely authentic. Trieotiae Serge Poplin Silvertone Bnrella Poiret Twill Checks Mixtures "Wool Jersey Gabardine Pony. eton. military, norfolk and ripple styles in coats Draped, tunic, tiered and plain tailored effects in skirts. Choice of 16 new shades. All sizes for women and misses. $1 Q.75 to 19 .50 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On Every $100 You Spend. Advertise your wants in Daily Courier. Big 15c Matinee, Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for tie j Whole Family. FEATURING. The Funniest Man in Burnt Cork JACK GKAST And the Little Blonde Disseminator of Gladness and Joy HJELEJT atcKEXi'A THE FLEWISGS Original Funsters. BLACK AND WHITE REVUE In tnc Symposium or Domestic Fun "THE SILENT WOMAN" On the Screen---WILLIAM S. HART in "IStcry liich-'a Man."

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