Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 26, 1974 · Page 72
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 72

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 72
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Page 72 article text (OCR)

Crossword Puzzle CRYPTOQUIP V G V T C T I G S T C W M Y F 1 T L I H O Y F : A L B T O H '· W H M F G N N E A J , J E G M N G N V A E G M N B T O N E A S G O C S G H Today's Cryptoqulp cine: 0 equals U Answer for Sunday, May 19, Cryptoquip: : CHUBBY GIRL'S MISTAKE: TO FU- j TILELY IGNORE THE FACT THAT J CAKE HAS TOO MANY'CALORIES. ; Tom Snyder gives his best 49. Secured 53. Bay window 54. Actress Merrill 55. House wings 57. Musical direction 58. Shakespeare 59. Native policeman 60. Australian sea miles 62. Yugoslav VIP 63. Compass reading 64. Matures 65. "- a ACROSS 1. Clothing size 6. Buzzes 10. Former First Lady 14. Hebrew patriarch 19. Arizona Congressman 20. Of the ear 21. Outside: comb, form 22. Haitian dance 23. "You Can't - You" .9S 27. Fencing 67. sword 68. 28. Bully 69. 30. Cereal grains 31. A coin 75. 32. Saints (abbr.) 78. 33. White 81. House pet 82. 34. Large 83. paddle 36. Record 38. Sailor 84. 39. Earth 40. Insects 85. 42. Nobleman 44. Australian 87. marsupials 47. Walks 88. like a duck 89. Birds 90. Coming in last 92. Argued 94. Animals 95. Dregs 97. German cobbler and poet 98. Vend 99. Chalice 102. Profound 104. Inlet 105. Trade 106. Knave of clubs 109. One of the Fates 111. Presently 113. Miner working abandoned .,,_ ..claim 2. Conform 44. 3. Roues 4. Merriment 45. 5. Hebrew priest 6. British author 7. City in New York 50. 8. Kind of glove 9. Popular song (1907) 10. Wager 11. "Little Sir-" 12. Place 13. Sally forth 14. Wurttem- 51. ·52. 54. 56. 59. 61. 64. Japanese seaport Algerian city River in France Dry dishes Traduce Weather word Within: comb. form Tree of Ceylon Leaves Soaked Farm buildings Stitched Brit air _Jerg. 115. 116. Festive Pitcher "A- Misbegotten" Public warehouses J 22 ' Calloway 123' About Wander Formed electric arc Actress Wynter European shad 128- Open lesion Scottish 1. Rail bird "A Little 15. 119. 121. 124. 125. 126. 127. "The-" 16 . Of an 17 area Redecorate ijj Grafted ?4 (Her.) Thin metal 26. plate Slavs 09 European river Young girl Night sound DOWN 33. 35. 37. 39. Stringed instruments 40. 41. measure "French novelist Precinct Crushing snake Cringe Opera heroine Noted for tea culture Foray Filly Soften Riding whip Winter vehicle A maniple Word in the Psalms 43. Linger t«. in me middle: comb, form 67. Esoteric wisdom 69. Old Norwegian measure 70. City in ' Norway 71. Indians 72. Walked 73. Leverets 74. Kind of steel bar 75. Rock song 76. Kilmer poem 77. Sour **--*· --*- · --ouosrance" 78. Tigers, etal. 79. The dill 80, Fish 84. Make a phone call 86. Wife of Geraint 89. Ashes of seaweed 91. Shine 93. River near ML Etna 94. Affront 96. Right of holding 98. Natives of Stockholm 99. Coins of India 100. Watered silk 101. Wrath lua. rui iii a quandary 105. Blemishes 106. The kinkajou 107. Biblical name 108-French " TiVfiT " 110. King of Israel 112. Nest of pheasants 114. Hebrides island 115. Scrutinize 117. Taels (abbr.) 118. The heart BffTGod-"" dess of harvest Average time of solution: 61 j minutes. 27 39 33 28 20 Zl 30 22 31 By Jerry Buck BURBANK, Calif. (AP) "Sometimes you get the feeling we're all by ourselves," said Tom Snyder of his "Tomorrow" show, aired at 1 to 2 a.m. "Our available audience is only 10 per cent of any other network show because of the time period." But this doesn't deter Snyder, known for his brash questioning of guests, raucous wit and opinionated re- joiners. "People ask me if it bothers me that Tomorrow' has a small audience," he explained. "I say even if you work for a 250-watt station you owe the audience the best you can give them. "That's why it's so disappointing when a show turns into a turkey. You know it's a turkey. You know it the first five minutes." Few of his guests have ; been failures, but then there was the man who was a champion eater. "We were on the air before we realized you can't talk and eat at the same time," he sighed. NBC estimates that be- iuui dim nvc numon television viewers watch the one-hour "Tomorrow" show Monday through Thursday. "The Midnight Special," which really cleared the way for late-late-night television, runs Fridays. "Tomorrow" - nremiered.0ct^l5 after NBC executives decided there was an audience of insomniacs, young people and shift workers they could tap. "Tomorrow" isn't straight news like "Today" or pure entertainment like "Tonight." It is somewhere in between, with nationally Miuwirnewsriiakers and Snyder's light-headed approach. "There's no script or format," Snyder says. "All I have are a few pages of notes. I feel the key to a show like this is listening to people and hopefully they'll listen tc yo»: . ."It's .conversation,. not a question and answer show. Snyder, 38, who is also anchorman of KNBC-TV's "Six O'Clock News" in Los Angeles, said he doesn't i;ir~ ·· _. · · · _ _ _ _ _ ,, .nvC'lO" -go'into"tlie"shows with prepared lists of questions. »· "When Martha Mitchell was our guest we had quite a few clippings," he said. "You can figure out what to ask. All the notes went out the window. "She has such a scattergun mind. Not scatterbrained. I mean she goes from one subject into the next with such facility. "But I go in with something in mind : wuj; ^ ost guests you have a pretty good idea of what they want to talk about. But thev H~-'* fake Howard Hughes autobiography, and a mother and daughter who talked about their liberal sexual attitudes. What does he look for in a guest? "First of all, people whose mouths work," he said. "People who can say something without a long preamble and long-winded rhetoric that doesn't say anything." The show is taped at 9:30 p.m. at NBC's Burbank studios, although sometimes Snyder takes the show on the road. He has been to New York, the Tennessee State Prison, the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and on a tour of nighttime Los Angeles. He plans soon to go to Las Vegas. There is no studio audience, although one was tried during the New York visit. "The audience at home at I a.m. has had it with applause signs and hooplah," he reasoned. "They like a quiet show." »· The 6-foot-5 Snyder came to Los Angeles from Philadelphia in 1970 to anchor the "Six O'Clock News." A few years earlier he had_been uicu uy anotner Los Angeles station because Louella Parsons beat him to the air with the announcement that Debbie Reynolds had given birth. When he took over the KNBC news show it was behind in the ratings. Snyder's manner pushed it into the top spot. The NBC flagship station in New York tried to lure him there, but he turned down the job. While Snyder is witty, he contends he is not a "happy news" anchorman. But he doesn't hold with doomsday reporting and acting as if the news was written on stone tablets. "I think it just comes out of me," he said. "I've never had any trouble talking. Sometimes it takes a long time to get my foot out of my mouth." Snyder has been the object of speculation and rumor that he wants to succeed Johnny Carson on "Tonight" or that he will be the new host of "Today." But he says, "I don't have any great ambitions to go beyond where 1 am now. Johnny Carson does that show so fine, so well. I can't do those things he does. My background is news and information. I don't think I'd be comfortable or could do it well/' As for the "Today" show, he said he finds it too struc- "tured and rigid for the freedom and flexibility he likes. "I hear all the rumors," he says. "I try not to get caught up in it. I hear I'm supposed to go to New York. I've heard these rumors so c» i aon't listen any more. "I figure if NBC wants me to do something they'll tell me in their good time." Chrysler Airtemp Heating t Cooing ·ittriMcr^Mltr. TlRODYM CORP. 1325 Dunk»rA»e., Orator, W.Vi. PHOK 768-0066 rnanw I i r mvnuLO URCONDmONMG Your CHRYSLER HtTEMP Dealer SMITHERS,W.Va. Phone 442-5249 SNODGRASS HEATING AIR CONDITIONING -»OMLCJiRISLERJRTEJP DEALER 525-BCobb Street South CharfcstbivW.Vft. -BONNETT'S HEATING 4 MtCONDITMNMG-REFRKERJlTNN YoHr CHRYSLER AIRTEMP DEALER Route 1,10x82 Poca,W.Va. Phone 75 5-2964 CALLHttN HHTSSfi URCONDITIOrm Your CHRYSLER AIRTEMP DEALER 4H iv mum Hurricane. W. Vn. Other guests recently have included the Rev. John McLaughlin, Jesuit priest on Present Nixon's staff; oiuds Terkel, author of the best-selling "Working;" Clifford Irving, author of the Give your ears a workout. ^\ TUNEIN . g 40 Years of Chrysler Airtemp Air Conditioning, 1934-1974. ^PARTJIVE: . -Inc Tn'uKSUAY SHOWS Starring your host. Fibber McGee-with the great stars, the great shows from radio's Golden Age: Abbott and Costello RudyVallee The Soap Operas The Kraft Music Hall And many more WCHS-AM 7:00 P.M. MAV9K 1074

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