Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 87
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 87

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 87
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Movies in 1975 bumper year for comedy By Vinceit Cuby (C) N.Y. Timw Ntm Service NEW YORK-Despite all indications that next year will be a very lean, very conventional movie year, 1975 is turning into a bumper year for comedy, the toughest, riskiest kind of movie there is. Mel Brooks got things off to an early start before Christmas with "Young Frankenstein", which is still going strong and becoming something of a cult film among the very young. I don't mean just teenagers. I also mean the very very young, 4-to-10-year-olds who respond to Brooks's affection for rude sounds and words, peculiar names (and more peculiar pronunciations), sight gags, running gags and even the double-entendre, the rhythm of which is accessible to kids even when they miss the redeeming dirt. In addition to "Young Frankenstein," we have Hal Ashby's "Shampoo," the most ambitious "serious" comedy of the year to date, and "The Happy Hooker," in which Lynn Redgrave cheerily tends to the sexual fantasies of all sorts of maladjusted men in the most affluent of all societies. It's as if Genet's "The Balcony" had been rewritten for a television sitcom audience, which isn't a terribly bad idea. .The English comedy collective that calls itself Monty Python's Flying Circus is represented by "MpntyPython and The Holy Grail," which may be one of the year's most successful comedies because although it pretends to be slapdash, it's anything but uncalculated. The low points have absolutely no, effect on the highs. The movie works the other way around. The brilliance of its best flights of fancy, combined with the striking, authentic beauty of the physical production, makes even the occasional so-so-gags look good. Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones, the two members of the Python company who co-directed the movie, are not inconsiderable, untutored filmmakers. Like Woody Allen they appear to know a good deal about how movies are made. The spectacular battle scene that more or less concludes the film (which really just peters out) is virtually a how-to guide for filmmakers who want to shoot a spectacular battle scene without missing any cliches, the sort that have been made obli- gatory through the years by "Ivanhoe," "El Cid" and dozens of other solemn epics. * The two newest comedies of the year are exuberent farces of the sort we seldom see anymore--Mike Nichols's "The Fortune," set mostly in Southern California in the 1920's in a landscape of crumbly bungalows, two-lane highways, nosey landladies and dumb cops, and Blake Edwards's "The Return of The Pink Panther," which restores Peter Sellers to his finest role, that of Inspector Clouseau, the Parisian detective first met in the 1964 Edwards-Sellers collaborations, "The Pink Panther" and "A Shot in The Dark." In "Return of The Pink Panther" Inspector Clouseau is no wiser but he is older, and even more imperturbable, never aware of dangers of his own making that lie in wait for him in every automobile, refrigerator, swimming pool and sauna bath. Clouseau has the self- assurance of a mad genius and the patience of a saint but his deductive powers would fit into the ear of a flea. "In Return of the Pink Panther" is low physical comedy-slapstick-of the kind largely ignored by contemporary American filmmakers. Newport theme: American music Cont. from page 9s scores are not readily available; the very names of the composers will be familiar only to specialists or those who dip into histories of American music. - . Hardly an aspect of American Radio Classics Classical music scheduled to be broadcast over radio stations WTIP and WTIO-FM at 5 p. in.' today includes Borodin's "Symphony No. 2 in B Minor, Op. 5" with Yevgeny Svetlanoy conducting the USSR Symphony Orchestra; J. s. Bacrrs "fassacagiia and fugue in C Minor" featuring organist E. Power Biggs. At 10 p. m. the stations will present "Show Biz" narrated by George Jessel. "The Sound of Music" will be presented at 10:30 p. m. ~ music will remain unexplored during the Newport Music Festival. There will be a look at the American Revolution through contemporary folksong, ballads and broadsides. Completely forgotten 19th- century composers will be resurrected. Chamber music always has been prominent in Newport planning, and there will be a good deal of it this summer. Ballet will be presented too. Good, bad or indifferent, the mu- sic beingj)resented this summer at Newport is an American cross-section that will not be duplicated anywhere else. Too bad that people around the country will not be able to hear any of it. If audience reaction to previous Newport Music Festivals is any indication, there is a nostalgic glow to much of the music; especially the salon music, that everybody seems to relish. Often it may not be of any great importance. But it is part of our heritage. There are no FINER DIAMOND RINGS Permanent Registration, loss protection, perfect quality assured by Keepsake. Keepsake' Registered Diamond Rings CALVM of Spring Hii Norma Vee, Vocalist THE FIESTA LOUNGE PRESENTS Mon. thru Sat. 8:00-1:00 "THE NORM A VEE TRIO" Danceable Musk of the Big Band Era Featuring West Virginia's Top vocalist: NORMA.VEE Ron Hester on Drums Jim Beane on Trumpet THE FIESTA LOUNGE Adjacent to Smiley's Motel 6210 MacCorkleAve.S.H. St. Alan 768-427 7 or 7 68-9091 Watching it is like taking a long, wild sail off a banana peel and landing a couple of hours later, softly and unharmed, exhausted from laughing. "The Fortune" is very funny and also fascinating since it's such a departure from anything that Nichols has done before in film. The only thing it comes close to is the ending of "The Graduate"-the shambles of the interrupted wedding, which many people felt did not easily at tach to the rest of the film. "The Fortune," written by Adrien Joyce (who wrote "Five Easy Pieces") is all farce, the tale of three quite different but equally matched ni twits, a slick con artist (Warren Beatty), his seedy sidekick (Jac Nicholson) and the New York heir ess (Stockard Channing) whose for tune they covet. It's a feature length film in the manner of a two-reel comedy. It's about blundering and then coping with subsequent disasters, all ' harmless. "The Fortune" is a marvelous, uncharacteristic stunt, and Nichols pulls it off with style. He has also presented us with a fully-developed comic actress of unique quality. Stockard Channing is a new star, a South Off 1-64 . (Exli-9) NOW SHOWING TH6GOOO DOCTQH NHL SIMON'S COMEDY WjTHMUSIC ·SKOAL DISCOUNT f flf WKTWtS--i $ 5**OFFRIG.M»« Friday, Saturday * Sundays Only ttt»li«(»ttnn»t*lMt»tHcm»»l I CHMUSTON735-3IU young woman who somehof recalls Ethel Merman, Kay Kendall and Barbara Harris without losing her own very odd, very appealing identity. Comedy is doing well, indeed. All this and, soon, Woody Allen's "Love and Death." For an adventure in good eating and fine entertainment visit one of Kanawha Valley's Newest and finest Supper Clubs. Now Playing Tucttjn Sil9pjt-2i.m. featuring George Half Bonnie 8. Mike Firzwarer locate* Jut iff 144 it thtiritf the Dinkir Til Nil E SUNDAY SPECIAL · New Yoifc Strip · FH.f C «t C A · Sirloin · Kama* City ? *VI · DelmonicottRibly* 11 lude* FF or lak*4 Potato SSIteinsOnTlieBiiSMSSMM 4 Secretary IBM* Daft West Virginia's Ik. 1 Sleohbwe OPEN 5 PJN.'tl 12 MIDNIGHT SUNDAYS KANAWHACITt CLUBHOUSE |4102MacCorkleAve.Si. 926-9960 Burger Ottf SPEC1AI GUESTS REO TOVIGIIT FESTIVAL SEATING M.OO CIVIC'CENTER SOX OFFICE ONLY i TICKETS AVAILABLE AS LATE AS SHOWTIME CAU 348-8070 FOR INFORMATION IN ASSOCIATION WITH WKAZ m CHARLESTON CIVK CENTER You get a Super Shef, a Big Shef, a Cheeseburger, a Hamburger and Fou ^Orders of Regular French Fries. FEID A FAMILY OF FOUR FOR ONLY __$ 1 SuperShef® and 10rder French Fries 1 Big Shef* and 1 Order French Fries 1 Cheeseburger and 10rder French Fries 1 Hamburger and 10rder French Fries SAVE 82* EVERY SUNDAY (ALL DAY) Burger Chef Kanawhatitj Montgomery, W.V 4216MocCoikl«Aw. . 425 3rd A' Crosslanes Charleston 5514 Kg Tyler Rood. 5|9w. WoAuijlonSl So.CrWfestM Stlfcans. S408MocCoHtlA«. 421 MocCorMe Avt. Marwet Riplej 9TO MacCoiHe A«». 702 W. Mom ft. ] CHARLESTON:W.VA.

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