The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1930
Page 4
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TAGE FOUR. TIU5 COUJtHOn. OO,, Pnbllohertf. HENRY P. SNYOBR, PretiltletU ana K d l t o r , 18TO-1M6. MttS. K. M. SNYDER, President. 1916-1022. JAltJS J. URISOOLJj, President anil Couoral Manager. P. C. UDMUNDSON, MISS n. \, DONEQAN, Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN L. CANS, Munaglnt; Editor. WAI/TITO S STIMMEI CHy JWltor. MISS TvYNNB B, KINCBL.U Soclaty JUUltor. MEMBBR OP American Newspaper Publishers AMiociatlon, A u d i t B u r e a u of Circulation. P o u n a y l v a n l a Newspaper Publishers ADSoclatioti. Two cents per copy; 5oo per month; $·"! 00 per j o a r by mall If paid la advance. 3Jc per week by carrier, K n t o r c d at second class matter at the S,VITHJ)AV EVE:t'IJi«, JAW. 11, 1»30. BETTKli EQUIl'l'KW TO SELL CONNEI.LSVILLE. The necessity c\C 'being thoroughly .·old on tho possibilities ot Oonnells- -,ille, which implies an abiding faith in tho city, Its people, its institutions .iiKl its intiiibtriul and business .re- oarcos, wa.s further and strikingly mphasiz-ert by W. II Kcllcy, of the m d i i b t i i a l diMiart'nent of the West Conn Power Company, in his address hofore tho Rotarj Club. "The first problem," said Mr. Kelloy, "Is, to tell the community to yourself." In this, as hi Uainiiig for salesmanship in any lino, there must be tainlllarlty with the article to be sold. A sales-man who 1« not thoroughly posted us to the possibilities, tho qualities ami the excellencies o£ tho product ho is selling, cannot display much enthusiasm when talking to a prospective buyer. Unless he can ans.we,r promptly aiWl fully all in- (U'.irles about his product he will fail to make a fa-.orablo Impression or. his prospects. He will not gain their, confidence IE ho doM not himself exhibit supreme confluence In the thing ho has lo i-ell. He must transmit some of his own faith lo the buyer; prevail upon him to bel!V3 that what he has lo sell Is tietter adi.ptocl to the buyer's needs tnan anythiug else. Citizens of Connollsvlllo who would ( j u a l l f y themsel\,-s as salesmen ot" tho t i t y should havo i. 11 the Information that can bo acquired about the numerous advantages th city possesses. Their know hnl^o should not be In( l e l l n i t i . m i ' o r t d n r merely general. They MI ·! 1 be a/Mo to intelligently answer ;iil quwjlloi s that may bo ask- od c o n c e i u i u g the sity. It is not iiowjvor, to be presumed that all cltl'cons cnn OT will qualify as salejnon. Suoh injjlfflcatkms. jnay not be necessary but it certainly is do- sirablo that the ! now our city. Since tho Board of Tr?di has boon organized and is, functioning U will servo as our salesman. P,ut this fact will relievo no citizen of the obligation to be icady, willing and able at all times .».(!) in all placet to apeak as favorably and as enthusiastically of the city, its people and institutions, as they woiild speak as sales-men of their own prod-eta tr merchandise. . E\on if they do not actually act as salesmen of C'onnells'. ille every citizen can, and fthounl, cooperate loyally with the of Trade, which body has been duly authorised to act as tho city's salesman. Carping criticism and f a u l t f i n d i n g will never be helpful in any progra.n tho Board of Trade may undertake. Constructive sujjg'es- tionri v.11! .ild, however, mid tyhould Le filven. '1 ,i-' board can create the imxit f;noral.h i.nitre-.'-lonf, only when there is k n o w l e d g e that the unified power and h t i m ; U t ol tho pea pie of the city are l - r l i i i i d it. MT Kfr'.lr-} 's; addrts-'f touched nrmn another matter o£ great interest and value in onr e f f o r t s to belief equip cmr.sehc's ;if .salesmen ot ConnlKsvillo U both o u i ' - i ' l v e ^ and to outsiders. Ho said h i s d c p a i t m e n t is engagt.J in (·oniiplllng a .survey of Conncllsvillo, which luy long been recognized as tho ln.-t atop in the preparation of an c ffec-the "-a'c j i i ^ i a s h i p cdinpti'gu. This is i A ^ s l p i u . t . ' h i l l y a:ranged catalogue ol' tho c l t j ' s i n d a f r t i i e s , our resources both n n t u i f i l and aciiuired, transnorUt- tlon, bunking, school, library and c h u r c h l a c i l i t u f r , labor supply, markets, e q u i p m e n t and other features t h a t ( ntei so largely into our life as going community. In short, it i.s a d e t a i l e d and carefully prepared statement ol the things w e have- by which protjpec live ^ei kem for titea Judge the m u r l t b and advantages of a city ox t o w n \\hcu c o n s i d e r i n g change of location. This sin-vey w being -madcr with the (.oopcuitiou of the Boawi of Tiv,dc. U'lien (Ju sin vey is* completed t5ie West Penn -!\!!1 bo even better positioned than now lo p u o h e l p f u l a.s- sist'vui-o in tl i cooperativo efforts to s e c u i e I.ILV, iiiiiu-itrles, b l a n c h plants,01 th( o \ i ' i i mn o( tho existluf,' hid i i . - l ' l e ; a ! ^ . i l y in agination. Tho I , ' ' t i l loiiu o 1 eft o i l , a., iui i been ^o )i.t.,'y doiiioj! l a t o d b t h e enljigo- m , i t ot ( ' e ' o u u t ' l U - N i l l u dill: Com- ·THE! DAILY COURIER, CONISTELLSVI JLT3, PA. SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 39r,D. BEEHIVE COKE TJBAOB ISf 1029. " 'The "vitality of' ilio _teehivi" ook» trailer"of tho Oonnellayille -Begion watt ratUW fltrtkiDgly lllutri'tBd-in 1020. That -fthe total tonnago reached 3,080,730, or 'a gala of 34.5 per cent ovor 1928, and that its groats valuo was JlS.^Si.eS, a- 5L4 iper oent greiiitor ·than in the preceding year, umet bo accepted an proof that I he product of tho Connell5Vlllo Region continues to bo a factor of no mean Importance in the fuelling Industry. It Js not dented that the. statisllct for 1929 aro small, wftoii compared with the fat years ranging from 1805 to 1920 inclusive, but they re-fleet tho changed conditions that have followed, the decline since the latter date. They do not .however, register tho extreme low pointrin the tkie In output tho year 19£S 'made-a 'lowoi a-econ'd, being only allghtly better titan 1880, at which time the coke trade began to develop. The vaVue in 192S wn« the low eat since 1S95, Jne to tho appreciated market prices rather than to tho volurao of prodtfctton. The increase of 1,376 S1(J tons in thfi output of 1029 over ]'12S raised tho gross valuo to $13,454 t %8, which was practically the eanie a In 1S98 when tho prico average was but 51.55, or lees than half tho aveivige in 1929, If the production of beehive coke ie confined to tho morcluint Interests in 1030, as Ii. was dnriiiij the closing months of 1929, and whlqh now eeems probable by reaeon -A tho disappearance ot the. U. C. Frlek Ooko Company from tiie field oC coke production, the merchant group, with i few independent furnace operators, will remain tho dominant lorco In production. This position has in fact boon maintained for two consecutive years, in 192S and 1929, a situation tnat now gives promise ot becoming permanent dining the remaining lile of the Connells- vlllo- Regori as a amirce of beehive coke ritipply. ' The beehive coke (ratio may be doomed to eventual extinction, but that period hats nft yet definitely arrived. So long afc t to Connellsvillo Jlegion possesses tlu Toailence to come back after hard knocke, and to tho extent that it did ,n 1929, the date of final.eclipse must still nioro cer- tainly'be pwjected ii lo tHe future. Fortuaatoly, Jiowevt p l f there will remain ail Increasing demand for the raw product of tho mines to be used in the manufacture of by-product coke, hence^ the comniercln! and industrial Importance of tho tonnellsville Region will remain for gen-orations to, come. Jtod-ging by tho ·cotiiiparatlvo slxe o! committees the l*ayei to County Bar Association iKinquetl-tg remains -fcho mosit imporfcint acinity of this or) Tb,e increase in Uiitte'd States Ste«l CoTporation'a order,', and the aug- mTited rate o£ -opei ation, Indicates thait the nov," year i.i making a good start in steel. When it is reflectotV in coke tho Ooin0J!.9\"i)!o Region will 'feel a Aew stlmttlns J O'iictivity. " ' If the American 'nembers of th-e Naval Conference delegation satnplo the product of the 4 ^-hour beor making machine on board the George Washington too freely, they will themselves need to bo disarmed by the time they roach "London. II\N a- ( l i s iiu':v o n d t i l i n g form of i n - r l u J i r i . x l i j i o w ' i H "may not be us QUU K i»r ,-pn t.K al ir. b u t w i l l be more JftSI'ii", i!u»n .11 v ti'.luT hue," ho said The p!"im«* i'f t v u p * - t a t u n on part | iu Co \\ e I i \ n n I'IUMT Co in pan v t o 1 v' v ,i m i " i "t t u M i w i t h UK* U j n ( l | i I '1'r.i If [ i i v \ i! ·-; ('ounelli}inc w i t h ' an ^\'i t ' p l i t u ' . ! iitietK 1 } devoted to th? ' c i t v ' f , iTiiii.H-v -u.o'i! If a i t i \ e l y «up i poiU 1 * 1 ! by t h ^ ( ' u / i ^ i i ^ t h e I^o^il o-1 Ti.uie In a!'! nif" w i t . i lit* iiiiinstiial DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD FrieiMls Meet in Porto Rico Danger to Life in Careless Handling of Poisons in the Home WHERE WILL YOU BE A YEAR HENCE? \ i l l ( * w i l l b e in \..ii the u t y to om ( n u - U i ' ; Tnis o n d i - t i t - i t - .Ouitl i Oina,,'t_- alt .itl/eji»-i ) « !·(! ' - . · t l n i ' ! ) · i»io-.i)C«'t-) tor lib- fit ( M I * a ! ( ' i n 1 ' in j-'-o'ii!^ 1 t h a n ever ii*C'iA y\ 1 · '' 1 c u b I!IH t I.U-. t u l ' t' M" I ' l u k f t ! ' ,1 t O i ' l l / . l " O I ) |I-S- Attempts to Reduce Unemploymeit by Legislative Action . - . u . t , , , Bills' Introduced in Sendfe fttid House Aim to Bring About Stahiili/ntion. By D A V I H I/.VWKENGB 1030 b y Tho Courior.) WASHINGTON, Jan. H.--Ktfortft are bolus made to 1 ridgo the growing gap between tho U t m l n l M i f u g number of w o r k e r s ' w h o n c o l v e high wages and tin- Incicafaiiig number of om- ployus who rou-ive low wages. This and otlici phaaes o£ employ- m e n t arc receiving serious contdilora- tlon by govevnmon 1 ageuclea and the study is reflected u the hillh Introduced in the Somiic and tho Ifoune respectively by Senator Wagner, Democrat, ot Now York and Representative Cable, U. publican, ot Ohio. St-nutor Wagner cnllfa his measure tho "Unemploymout Slabilization Hill," which provhl s tor a boaul con- sibtlriK of cabin'"I members who would plan In advuuce all public 1 project*, including river atid harbor work, public buildings uud highwayh, -so-that--these- pvoiefit* -insiy. bo-lni' mediately- sttirti'd in periods of depression ^without .vurillug Lo prepare plans, Ancther bill by Hio Now Yoi'k Senator would provide for cooperation between tho Fodoi i[ Government and the States in mal i t a m l n g ^ mtincipa! public; emi)loymcni oUSc-os Thlo Work would, abolish tlio present United States Employmon Service and would make an enlaigetl operation in conjunction \\ i t h the States. Thu t h u d W a g n e r bill would exp a n d tho s t a t i h t i c i 1 woi k of the De- piu-Hncnl ot Lal;o so as to gather dull' trum the maji r i n d u s t i i c s as well ai, retail and wholesale trade. The three Wagner bills aro aimed to secure better nlorinutlort, to uti- l l i i ? tho construe! on programs us ,i meant, ot" stabilizing t-mplo'ymont, and t f i provide a "cle ring house of men ami job-, so «·? t. e l u n i u u l e the tm- vmy!o\iniiit mid he waste r o ^ u H i n s '.ivui iob ' ' i i n n t ' K 1U [ii-c^ent uu i- .iblt ' a bill i. tU , to a!li( mnonj, (hi- .' iac" an a p i i . o y i i a - t H u i lor tho on .MI / a u i m ol .1 n a t i o n a l ' rnipUn nieiit s-^ti n, usi" the U n i t e d I SUit( e i u p l o \ n i ' ' i ' s t ' i v i n a r i .1 base | « i t h a ntim.ui ,1 As,-i!,tanf J.M .·( lot | OiifiMl. w h o \.M Id h i \ t . E-UPL.-N i h i o n i ot all ma ' ' i s it\ tint; o t h e t 'nplo- - mont o[ \ s v i i u ' : In h j i S , (hi (J-jb!c In!! w o u l d i (jo-fi i.Uc ···ciMluK PIHJ'IC empUiymi'iil oliki i uiul would p i o v i d n tor tho pubhcati m ot iuioimatlon Poi«oc In the pantry 16 as dangerous as a gun says a statement by the Department of, Agriculture, referring to tho recent caao in whictuareenlc was found In -Christmae fruit akes. Tho rocent holiday i'ruit calce ppison case, in which cuiick action by' tho FooJ, Drug and IneecUcUVo Adwinlc- tivitfon aavod from illness and, perhaps, death, peteoM wh,o had bought the calces, lea'dt tho administration lo issuo a warning to houawlvt' regarding poitons In the household. "Potions such ae garden and domestic insecticklos are today almost a household nocos,slty," says Dr. P. 13. Dunbar, ataietant chief ol the adrain- ietratloti. "They ehould, however, ho securely locked up or he carefully stored beyond tho reach of children, and they should always be kept away from food. "A packago of poison on the pantry eholi If, its ilaageroue as ti loaded gun," eay« Dr. Dunbar "Someone comes along who doeen't know tho package contains poison--that the gun is Irjcufid--and tho result is Injury or oven dtath. I/i)ce precautioiifi are essential tri food atoms, reetaurantb and food factories!" ' " · The arsenic which came so noar taking a toll of Jmmah lives during the Christinas holidays had been bought- a! an insectlcflo fceveral yeare ago and had not been hdfetly put away after use. It Is supposed that one of the children, finding the package, of arsenic, /mistook, it for flou and empticHl it in the flour sack , i the pantiy. A oomowhat birailar cno occu red in ail I n d i a n a store tome yoate ag , Con- taminalctl .sugar cold by tbo store made a 'number of perst nti ill, silling t\vo o£ them. Tho ·adtnlnibtnvtloi f o u n d that rat. poison h.ul acckicutall · been thrown tnto tho opou sack of 131 gijr.. In Lo/, Angeles, in 192i, ]!) j jrsoue became ill Irpni eUing pieri con alning arsenic. Tho bakar who made I i« pice did not know hcnv the arsenic g j|. into f h o i'ood. It \viefc de-Jnred to b accidental. Probably none ot these cafies would have ocurred if poieons hal be n kept away tiom th'o food ^ind out if ' the kjtchon. Tho Fedornl feaustlc poirion Kit ro- (Iiiirct) that certain alkali an. acid poisons be labeled plainly ti large type to lewse-ji tho danger ot a^ciden- , tal poisoning. However, the o aro ! many other pcie-oiif,, such aa thoao J found in iuseeticidcu ami Hom eilver j poliflbcti, which are deadly if t. kn In ' sufficient quttntiUe«, ami the 'ederal relative to opportunities for employment. It would CBtablMi and maintain uniform standardu and procedure and would endeavor (o asswst in tho transportation of woikers lo such places as might be- deemed necessary. Senator Wagner has boon agitating the question of uncmploymont dala for three years, lie says that, fho bills ho had introduced "huvp In principle- 5eon approved, by the fovomosl ocu- noiniKts ot the country and a K c n a t L investigating coin mitt DO lias ITCOIII- mendc-d tho enactment of such legislation " One of the chief d i l l i c u l t i c H w i t h unempioyment legislation 5ri the past has )).'en the political /Hpi'c-t. When tho p'jak ot prosperity was reached duriai; Hie Coolidga Admliibiluitiun It waa i.oted that alargo number, nf pooplt. were unompjoycd. Senaior Wagnar gave out an estimate which tho ^Republicans said WHS ivxagger- atutl. Tho Government agencies^ as a rale vhich arc undo: the Influence of tV party in power have had di£- llculty on this phciho of tho matter bo- causa at times their reports have not jibed with the optimistic statojnpnch of their superiors^ By oslablibhlng agencies which could operate 1ml"- p e n d e n t l y ot any Admlnlstratlcm through a system of constant p u b l i - cation of data, it 1s believed that tho unemployment problem would receive more serious attention. I n fact, 3l if one of the large factors iu Hie proo- toin .if prosperity which the President's committee is e\-pcx:ted to Ucklo. It is considered that many of the morg.'7-s in tho industrial Hold wJiirh lead LO unemployment could, if sclen-i tllk'ii'ly surveyed, bring to Industry K. bet er ( l i s t i i b u t i o n of s k j l k d ar, well as u iskilled worlcfrs. The redlstri- u u t l o n ol' ^orkoi'a is one 1 ot the prin- t-iplo phases ot employment which is b e t o i e G o v e r n m e n t agencies lodaj, .1111! ho fact t h a t Congress is t a l u i i ^ a l e - p lnli'n.-st in piopo^ed Icjiisl.i- t'ou may be taken (o moan Unit -,01110 tni\u in tho present session Governmental t u c i l i i l c b iu relation 'o pm- ployiiuMii atudiPH \\lll h,. jnaterially intnmsud. law doee not l e q u i r e that th se articles ho conspicuous!;/ labe eel as poioonous. Although many manufacture « have voluntarily need warning, labels, or | httvo put their poisonous prep; rations I in containers nt dietlnot.'vo o) ape or ! In hoUlorf w i l i i rough exterioi 3 Htiul- del with knob« or pom to lo w irn the u«er even in Iho dark, poteoni of t h o ; InsiCctloUle iyjie- aro frequently bought In bulk form in bagh ( h a t re not labeled. Arsenical insoctii Met, may e ?lly be mistaken for flour. Unless p ickages containing such polfeon iro lo ked up or at least caretully «cfefpgat cl after use, there IB danger of tho poison.' gelling Into food. The, caution hous,e-, wlfo«hould h.ivt a aafc placo i which sho can etoro all to prevent* uccldunis, fliiye tlio Dfpartneiit of I A g r i c u l t u r e . Save money-- rend the ada. today. January is a month for taking inventory, inventory of one's tseif on well aa onc'« Ijtibiuess. Intitead of making a lot of resolutions that are likely to be broken before the year is over, it might be well to tako stock of your innate resources. Si!, down and think over tho following questions: Am I making th most ot the powers and abilities t h a t I have.? I am ii« smart as Bill Smith; I have as pleasing a perionullty. Why is it t h a t he is getting ahmd, while I aiu jogging along in the «ame old rut? 10 Jt that his ability Js all assembled, as It were, on display and 1 "eady tor nee, while initio Is still crated and in the warehouse? I am Intelligent, I have a good brain, I ani capable of learning new things. Ana I taking advantage of tho opportunities to train myself for the kind of a position I want? Am I making myself the kind of H person I want to be? It la training that counts these days, ae much or more t h a n native ability. A good mind without training la like goods that aro tUll In the warehouse. It may be excellent "raw material" but no one- can use it in that etato. Many second-rate people aro holding fairly good positions hecause they have the training. Many others jiiet as intelligent, porhapt, moio Intelligent, tall bccauhe they do not rave tho training which lltn thorn for a particular plac.e. Wheru you aro now doea not j n a t t i T The i m p o r t a n t question is: .Aro you going iu thu direction that you wont to go? Abe Marti* Students Till Acreage. BROOKINGS, H. D., Jan. 11--Members of the Brooking^ High School agricultural department will cultivate more than 3f0 acroa o£ farm laud during the coming year, according to Bevert Nelson, Instructor at the school. The project ie part of }.ho Smith- Hughes eehool plan, and will eerve «.s the major part of tho students work. Several livestock projects are also planned for the etudente. STHAY THOUGHTS By S. M. P C I I t i l t Let the Yough Flow On. ton't you I c n u w -- I've a n o t i o n To offer a m o t i o n , To l u t a r o i l a i n t h l i i f j r lf .' J*or thoro's otliors-~-H I t J i o u l iitimbor W i t h wlili'h Lo P i i c u n i l i c r jMl our t i m e , t h o u g h I g and c n c i ' K y . "1 n p \ e r Kmnvc'il I t to f a i l j e s t a s soon a j t l i e ijovi r ' m p n l lintla o u t t h a t It's u j i p o i n t i ' d Lin i ijT'it i an to t i i o r i g h t place I t c K m o t e t lum," c u n p l a l n e i l Iko Ij'irk today, s p o a k i n ' a I\ I o i ro \\. ^'lio i o m i ' m l ' i i · W ' H n wo jc.'it aged to git a l u n t r n i l l i o n t ton- If wo dldn' h a \ e Iho M.MI to j u y T h a t J ' v e laugheil -- and eiied ti'aia, f n t h l h t o w n that's been I ' O i n e Lo me. I ' v e g-iH Uio ili'fat l i m e to II ml Tho Utlnfi- I've gt( lo m i n d Tu b o other than what I t should bo ]!ki' Homo l o y a l f r i e n d '1 hat bttclCH lo t h o o n d , It's n n v o r broken f u l i l i w i t h vur town, In fat t l m e s -- o n d l e t i n It -»n alwayii IJP b o o n K m i U n s , f c t f - H d f a s t , t h o o t h u i t , m a y 1 1 o \v n. So why b o l l u r our lu-iids, Ol l i o awako In o u r beds T i y l i i B to chaiijjo i t l i i i i B tliat's O. K." AVlien wo s h o u l d bo T i v o l i n Our tlioiig-hlb to p i o i n n t i n g " Oiu In a p i u c t l c a l way. a l a i f f o enough llclii Fin t e i t a l n powers t o w i e l d Tliplr I n l l u c n c - e to jici'k ui our town, W i t h o u t w a s t i n g tliin. f ) r so m u c h as a d i m e On H o m i ' t h i n K t h a t ' s l u r f i o i n r u n d o w rio h e r e proos a m o t i o n -To l i i o i ) tlus looi Jiot!o3i , A b o u t d a i j i m l n a tho \ o u f f h l o K h e n y . ' Ken tho m a n y t h i n g s ni.iy icpm tloa i Hi'i-e'b oiib t h a t still f i u \ \ s ahead, So 1, lor u n o , fcn~ 'el il bo. Andrew Melk.n, Secretary of the U. S, Treasury, being greeted by Governor-General "Ter'dy" Roosevelt, Jr., at the Fontaleza Palace Hellon and Roosavelt became acquainted quite some time ago it tho Capital and tho finance chief made sure that Porto Rico became ne of the atoppiiig- plr ces on the cruise of the Caribbean he is zna-k- njj ; ii his yacht, The Vahderer. JONES' IS A DANDY" "I was out there last nigtit and she certainly made the evening an enjoyable one. Didn't seem to have a care hi the world. "Jones ht me in on the secret of his wife's freedom. She does al! her shopping by the electric car. My wife is doing it now and it makes a 'whale of a difference.' " It will be our aim, during the coming year, lo be of greater service to our customers than ever before. Our prices will be as low as the lowest. Our service will not be excelled by anyone. Our inerchnndiso will be sLaudard, or better. Quality wil- not be sacrificed for price. We will continue to handlo a high gra^e line of meats and provisions in our Meat Markets. In our firo'jerj Line you will find best to be had and all the nationally advertised goods. FURNITUKT5--A larger line at a saving to you. CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR--Larger assortment at very moderate prices, LADIES HUADV TO WWAlt OARMJ5NTS--Many patterns to pick from and the prices are right. "QRY GOO OS---Largo assortment of piece goods and all the staples you need. Here, too, is quite a saving. DAIRY'AND CHICKEN FKJ3D--The host brand* at reasonable prices. Save mon y during J030 by purchasing all your merchandise from the Sixty Store * In Nine Counties of Pennsylvania. Patronize Those Who Advertise in The Courier

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