The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

. SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA- PAGE SEVEN. HOME HUNTING JN FLOWER- LAND. ./^~\N"E day izi early spring. Ttarls wru JC J wnndcrinR- through) the wood) ·^""^ when iriie upled a tiny fairy sk- [tlnn n.morifr this dead leaves and gr.ifsacf poolUnir most lorJorn. ! "What in tie world Is the matter?'' ;nekcd Doria, ktoopinff down to see tha tiny creature fnoro cloudy. i J "I'm houso huntlnff," spiled the tiny (one. ''But thd weeds and ^rossoa nrc so ftfirrlhJy hlph I cnn'l. find th« houses." i "Houaeal" exclaimed Ports, " [kind of housrs did you expect to find " lundcr tho weeda and [" "Flowe KEEP if COMING We must not only ' ii ' feed our, Soldiers at the Front but tbe millions oF women · children behind our lines'" er houses, oi course." replied tho itUo fairy, { "Oh, then you must "bn n ITtowoi EPalry!" laughed Dcrfc*. "But, doar me. Ithcre'a *noiv on tho ground and the ;March «*lnd« are dreadfully cold, You'r« 'TinuM bunting too arly." ! "No, Fra not." replied the tiny one. "I'm not afraid of old Starch and his hvlnd*. That's wtero I received my ftiame. Snowdrop, because I'm not tifraJd of winter wluda or snow*. Pieoso [help me find * homo." i "I'd gladly help you," Doria a*4d. '"But wtierc In thb world ·hall T look for a blossom home in the snow and IceT" "Pall aside that tanrlcd RTMB unrt aeo hat you find." »ald tiny Snowdrop. Doris did tut she wan told, and, BUTO enough, under the de»d leavoa and ItrnaMfl otood a lovely bioauom homa ; (whiter than tho nnow, aurrounrted with J»oft *reen apircs of leaves. i The beautiful white petal g»tca opened. ! «nd Snowdrop entered. The peta.1 twere soft and dair.ty ]n color, shading Krom white to a delicate pink touched Kith pale green. i "What a beautiful home!" exc'.almeu '· iiporla. ! WASTE NOTHING She Raved, "IVnperk entered Into an agreement v.-iih his wife soon after marriajro ten years nsfo that whenever either lost rcrnper or raved the other was to keep silence." "How dM It work?" "Henpeek has been silent for nearly ten your-:." K K K P C f G POSTED. s x X v v E CANNOT TALK SO VER^f LOUD TO-NIGHT You KNOW JOHN is MUCH OPPOSES CLU8, HE SAYS W£ SWOW.O GIVE OUR OR.OEOS TO OUR KON£ MERCHAWTS/7 1 UJ0" 'T WOC'i- BE SOMETHiNC WORTH WHILE MRS. SMITH WCXJLO TO ANY MO BECAUSE SHE ATISFIED LAST PREMIUM THINK HUS9WD fUOHT, THAT 11 JLOIIP A Mistake. Ci:«(OTner--IK i r«, waiter, what is this :.,.,-.--n'iu^ diln^ in rcy simp? NYtilK-r--!'!';;sr! Inv/er yuur v'oire. sir. Don't Irt t h a t sentlomnrt ui the :n-::t i:il»I'? In ;ir jou. llo'.s dined her*' rr^iif;:rly f'.r u year «nd ux-'vo ui-ver I!::MIV.-;I in nnytliins f"r liii;t. Is an Important Factor in Business Success. ; Knowing what to expect and getting ready for new coaditons--;followiuu' ihe trend of activities in your own line and evry other line that may at- fect your business--is just piain busi- ' nefis common .-=ene. You 1 !! Gnd the Monthly Trade Review, issued by the First Nationa] of OvnnellsviHe., a great _ hehi. It's /rec. Send your address to the bark.--Adv. If Von Arc Huatlncr Fiargmins Read t!ie advrrtiseing r o l u m n s of The Daily Courier. You will find thorn. And the Boy Got It. un-t-y traveler put W.t licnrl out ·f a car window as his train imlh-il up »t a sin;tll station, and ?: i .i'.l to n buy: "ilert\ hoy. taku thU dirae and pet me i; snmlwich. \"lll you'* And, by the way, hcre.'s n n o i h t r dinic. t.let u yaud- vich for yourseK, too." The hoy darted :iway ::nU returned, muuchmj! a sandwich, jnst*as the tralo was-«t£rtin£ off. lie ran to tht- trav- tler, handed him ti dime^ nnd said: "Ilurc's yer dime back. boss. They only had one sandwich 1'ji't." A Relief. "Your Tuts? :.ii-i h;:s lic«n tnllcinc: t . ,(i^c I U T I T V ··i.'its «irl.-' fT :iln«i.sE aa ho*,:r. mid y t u i don't seem tu mind it n t I'M." "Not a I'-it. So lor._ a^ they nrv \villi::'.: to lir-ten tu hi?, nonsense, I , filanu School Childton are Sickly SPii^Si?^ i Ailiire^, MolhtrGtayOo., Lei'-oj.- *· "March Wind WU1 Norer Find Mi Nowl" . "March Wind vrlll never flnfl me now," laughed Snowilrop, "for I look so much 4Sk« Lh« snow itn«-U. Just ju noon »fl Vord BO«* into Falrylar.d that the last know haa fallen the woo*l» vrtt! be overrun with Plo'.tor Fairic» hunting homes. I always try to pet sfjtllM 'befon? th« »how* or* gone and avoid tho rush."* "You CurtnJnly urs a brav*» IJttln rio-wer Ffciry!" »nJd Dorta. "But I g-ue^s jt pays, for you've certainly cho»en a beautiful blorsom home." "T«8. Indeed'** «xdalm«d Snowdrop. **Tha earliest Flower FaJry jfets the best .home. Novr I must clean things up ni bit *nd b% r*ndy (or Miatr^aa Stirfntf. . "Good-bj- IltUp Dorifl. and thtink yo'i| v*ry much fnr hoJpinff mn flnd my blw-» nora home," anil Snowdrop ronchwl up. «nd tUswl Uttlo Doris on Ihe cheek. . Doris ran hom« anrt told h«r mjimitin, about Snon-tlrop's blossom home lha£ iihe'd found under th? grtasft. · · "It looks Just llfcfi th« snow!" ex-, clnJmMl Dorln. "It's flo very wMle." "That'j ju?t it lH~a Sonwdrop,"! replied iior mnnimn.. "Tt's rc*lod by that, came becnuse it braves tin: fold March; ·winds. LHlIa Snou*ilrop l» liw very flrat- . ttSMfiryrC''of spring-." . ' P.csl Cause for Envy. "TllL'tv goes a man 1 U'uly ^nvy." ' ' "lllcb, I suppose-:" "Xo. Not very." "Fu.'au:is, liicaj;' ' ! "Xot nt nil." "Siu^^; \v«ll or has a sift that yoa Ions to PUSJCSS?" , "Xoither. lie lives' tv.-o doors from i me nnd I ovrritoud a tin of conl lie- · _ ing iltot into hia cellar the other by." ; Getting Him Plscsd. "Father." saiti the small bov, "ivhat Is a (ihllosophcr?" "I r.cycr met but oiie, my son. lie gave mo tho impression that n philoso- J pher is the kicil of niun v,-ho is hypo- i crite enough to prt'tcnU he cujoys hard ! " HIS LATE CALL, 1 : i '1 paw a in»n 60 drink todaj thai be couldn't #o." "Perhaps he wasn't drank." ·^Oli: yes. he was." "Well, you are not druafe, btrt yon don't seem able to go." None tmmime. Flattery fs the food of Joola-- They love oach bit-Tet tv-here's .tbft man -vvlth soul 99 Won't fall 'for Kt Witt Author. Scribbler--I'm going to write an historical novel about'lienjamio Franklin. Ruyter--Have yon read much about iiirn? .Scribbler--So; rm afraid It would spoil the noi'el. Every boy jsud tfirl wants to buy War Saving Thrift Stamps zmd not beg for them. THE DAILY OOUBlliR offers a means of getting thorn in a dignified way with little effort. Here is the plan whereby you can do your "bit" in the war and save money by investing a little of your time in War Saving Thrift Stamps: The Courier will give a 25-cent stamp to any boy or girl who gets a new customer for The Courier for two mouths at 50 cents per month, paid in advance. It will give two stamps for every customer who will take The Courier for four months, paying $2.00 in advance. It will give three stamps for a six-month subscription pajaug $3.00 in advance. For every old customer who will pay four months iu advance. The Courier will gife one stamp. No subscription will be take u for a longer period than- sis months and no old customer will be accepted, for more than four mouths paid in advance. War Saving Stamps are "Baby Bonds." They are the best investment to be found--better than banks. They enable you to put your money-in G-overnruent securities paying four per cent, c ' p o u n d e d quarterly. Back of them is the government of the I'. :«1 States, the strongest in the world. Here is the opportunity for the boys and girls to help win the war and also save for the future. Call at The Courier office and get instructions and receipt book, or from any Courier Agent. HOW THE CLUB PROMOTERS TALK IT OVER Tlie w o m e n promoting the mail order c'.ubs in any c o m m u n i t y are that community's worst enemies. They connive and plot by ni^ht to steal from their homo merchants t h a t which r i g h t f u l l y belongs to them in a business way. As one woman learns of tlio fallacies of the mail order houses, the lack of merit in their so-called premiums but which are n o t h i n g more nor less than bait or graft, she desarts the ranks and more victims must be necessarily enlisted. The husbands of these agents o£ the mail order octopus oppose their wives g i v i n g their services against the community in which these men earn^their livelihood and in many cases the wives go secretly into the work to slave and toil, to inveigle and then lose friends, all merely for a worthless reward. MORAL:--Be\vare of the woman who smoothly seeks your co-operation in a club; she is after your money and happiness. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ·zra:iiKR3r,LX-vriLn Knrnilurt, Kairs, Si'ivc* lu-i-laS IV. O.-nrfwd -ire. \V. . LHCHE- Dry :KM!« V.W W. Crrmiurd Are. THE H O K S E K COMPA5Y .lien's Wear 1»6 IV. Crawford ATC. COLOMAI, N A T I O N A L BASK Corner I'iUsliiirg Street nnd Crawford Avenue. JlcDO"ALO 31USJC A.M) JKtECTRIC CO. Itoyal llutel BloeU X. rittsbnrg St. JI. KOBACKER SONS ·The Big Store" X. I'ittsburg St c. ir. DOMTfS I'ootnciir for Ki-nrybodj- 137 5. Pittsburs St COXSJELLSVI1LE MARJCET A5D NORTH E"B MAKKET I,caiiiiiff Oroccrr Stares 136 aud 313 ". Pittsbnrg St. AM)ERSO-LOUCKS HASDWARE CO. Hardware 110 V. Crawford Are. CHARLES T. GILES Jtncler 141 West Crawford Arc. BROW'ELL SHOE COSITAXY Shoeii ITest Cravfiord Are. · COSKELLSVILIE DRITG COMPASY Drills 1:10 West Crawford ATC. 1'ETEIl R. WEOIER I'iunos and Pkoaytrraplis 127-129East Crawford Are* A. V. BISHOP Jewelry 107 West Crawford Arc. THE A A R O X CO. -Horai' Bnilder" IW X. Pif(slnr.c St. CROWLEY-MESTREZAT CO. ', Sboes for the Whole I'araily 113 W. Craivfurd Are. ART31AN "n'ORK Chtiia aud Hall Paper H7-J3I H'. Crawford ATe. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 IV. Crawford ATC. ELPERX'S Ladies' Suits and Coats 130 '. Pittsbnrg St. FIVE AND TEX CEST WALL PAPER CO. Wall Paiier 103 W. Apple St. WELLS-MILLS 3IOTOR CAR. CO. Agents for Willys-Knight, Overland Cars, Accessories WERTHEIMER BROS. Men's Store 124 \. Pittsbors St. COSXELLSV1LLE LAUNDRY "Snutv While Work" 12!) Baldwin Ave. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dugijau . West Side FRISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware · IV. Crawford Ave. WRIGHX-jtfETZLER CO. Department Store W. Crawford Are. LAUGHREY DRUG COMPANY Drags. 112 S. rittsbnrg St. RAPPORT-FEATHERMAN CO. Toil Can Do Belter Here. No More Guesswork whenyoubakc. No ruined pastryifflo poorly done bread, no wasted material -- no worry, because of wrong ovsn regulation. Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the. Iicat as easily as you measure milt in a pint cup. You simply set the Temperature Wheel and obtain any degree of oven beat that the-receipt calls for. LOCAL iXD LOXG DISTANCE HOTIXGS. Hell 842. Hesiticncc 101 Haas Are* Tri-Stat« 573. COX.VULLSTILLE, I'A. PATKONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO.ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEfil If Y o u Know a Hritisli or Canadian Subject Who Ought To Be Helping in This War GIVE US HIS .\A3IE Name .,, ._ Address Where Employed F. T. EYAS'S ESTATE, .' Acents, Both Thones.: Head The Daily Courier, 1 Cut this out and forward to the British and Canadian Recruiting Mission, Suiitlifield and Fourth Ave., Pitts- I burgh, Pa. J .,.,,.,...,,,,,,.·

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