The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1930. DA1LT OOtfBIKR, CGMOTJUMW Lfi, PA. f AUJK . on the skis its ALAN **« H " _i.«"^' in a cigarette its AT is a curious fact that the best-tasting cigarette is the one in which no single taste quality is too evident. Over-mildness, for example--or over, richness--shows lack, of "balance" just as plainly as harshness or bitterness. On this .(basis, test Chesterfield. Arorna, smoothness, satisfying goodness, flavor, mildness, all present--but none emphasized at the expenses of others. The one goal is taste -- better taste, balanced taste-"TASTE above, everything" SUCH POPULARITY M U S T BE DESERVED g 1930, LIGGETT MYIM TOBACCOCa ROMANCE OF ALL GREAT FORTUNES MADE INAMERICA A'chlovoments of Rockefeller And Ford Wave Attracted Most Attention. Attaining Wealth A Prime Incentive Tho late Marl; Raima, a man of considerable we i l t h hlmeelf, is said to have- disparagin ;ly referred to cue of our greatest baukois as a man who had nothing but money. Popbosaod oC thl bentimeut, and on recoid ac one of mctst astute politicians that ever llve-d, it mifiht b - fair to impute to Mr. Manna the belief that hla record as a 1 public man greatly exceeded the reputation lie established ub a eucecMiful Industrialist, sas the American Metal Market. However, whether or not w e should endorse tho ma tmi that money is the root of all evil, the very recent cataclysm In our financial etructuie, the iceuK of the- get-rleh-auick tcver t h a t ! .tfrilctPiJ tho natloiv, clodily demonstrated t h a t the acquisition of wealth was more than a by-product of our existence. It had be-come so deeply rooted through tho attcnipte to emulate our bucecboful men that it has beconio the piune incentive to t h o , emleavore of moot of UH. Ttie objects ' of our w o r s h i p were moneyed heroes wild the degree of homage paid thorn ( was, in d i r e c t j n o p o i t k m to their r e - j puted f o i l u n c o . When did thit, i,pirit, become tho doailiic\nt fore*; In tugng: HChlevei»"nl urn 1 accomplishment 1 ' In tho l i g h t of recent happeiilngtj it c o u l d IK* abbiunt*! to have had itt inception v, ith the era in which an i n d i v i d u a l liiot amat*ei iv f a i t h i t i incomprehensible amounts. There are m my men s t i l l ni active InifinoMs w h o e.iu l o c k back o v e r 50 )c i ait, to w h o m it v. i l l tio d l l f i c u l t to UMlUc t h a t ticxt Ft!da m a r k s t h o ' ,"tith uiuiivi'i'M ry of the t m i n d l n g of tho bUmduicl (US Compans by J o h n D. Hoekcloller, \V 111 1 a m Uockofeliei, Henry JM Klagter, Steven V. Hiirkn?6e and Sfimucl .Vidrewc; w h o signed tho J l r t t incorporation papers Tho Mgmtlc meo of this eve it bo- comes Uuporti ut when it it- u culled that this p o i K ' d marked the new eia in corporation development and the birth of bis 1 itbincss. In tho public mind Ui thi« country, the namee "Standanl Oil" uul "Rockefeller" became u y n o n o m o u * with vast wealth, as voe 'Vioe«ns ' In the ancient timee ami "Hotchsthilds" 111 Kuropo, a decade a^o. A m i l l i o n \\nn beyond the tompre-heutlo'i uf most uuni in J870. e t ,11) VOUTM li U the- Uotkoielloi group v«.y-. iMpiiUivI oiiptxt-cd (o be in tlio blUioti.un 1 c l ' i * f . ,uni t)iei-f ir l i t ! l i ioti it l h a » ll !' v \ . i r i o n - ^t ind ml Ol! c o i n p a n i t ' - , H h U ' i t \ \ o i e «-fKi«Mr.itcd «)!!!'· J I'(11 I b - l » W C l l ' ' ' H l . i \ l . l U f ' U (1 or for that matter, by but few fforern- monte, either as to ·wcxilth or power. Many question that this record will e-vor be duplicated at ain, particularly in respect to the amount of wealth accumulated in one Hue of industry over a similar period. Henry Ford probably haa more oloeety approximated the Kockofellei record than any other individual as h's vofet enterpiise today could bo unrjutgUonably be capitalized and dlsp-oeco of for several bililon dollars. Carnegie, Prick and tho Mellons made large fortunes and several oE tho bankers are reputed to be worth several Irmdrod mlllion«, yet their operations never engrossed the- public attention to tho extent or, did the- positions hetd by Rockefeller and Ford. These billionaires amassed their wealth in very d i f f e r e n t lines of enterprise, the Rockefeller millions coming from oil wells, the product ot which was marketed on a ncalo and in a manner never before attempted in d i s t r i b u t i o n . Foid, through thft poeeeysion of tho un umal combination ot exceptional busings and executive ability and mechann al j;eulu«, creates and marketed a veh cle that uot only hitrpaesed any of hid individual com- petltore In saleti volume, but became n byword in the industry the world around. Tho development and expansion of tho country ot com-ic cioated opportunities for arnassim; wealth, hitherto non-exlatfut, but those changes have not alone been ros,ioii6iblo for, o r | made possible the arnafbln^ of these j enormoue fortunes in such comparatively short periods but tho explanation would more probably be found HI tho facli(le3 of d l s t i l b u t i o n , railroads and steamships. Rumor's of fabulous wealth extracted from stock speculation cropped up almost dally during the rampant bull market, but It Is foafe to tay that fe-sv if any actually emerged from the maelstrom with any largo fortunes. Hls'ory repeated itself in that merit of tho plungore overstayed their m a r k e t vvlUi onormous pnpr-r profit*, to seo them i n p l d l y vanish during a pariocl when business and in- diibtriul coiaclltione did not seem 1o| w a r r a n t or preosri,"e the rapid C!P- nation Tho fortunes in U u r o p o as w e l l os in this c o u n t r y prior to tho advent of tho Standard Oil Company represented the a c c u m u l a t i o n s of f a m - ily fortunes ovrr many ge-ueiatioofc, but none of these, (, far as the records show, icached t h e t lupendous amounts t h a t are repreep-ntfd In tho fortunes of the Rockofellet and Ford famlliee. ABE MARTIN WB On Cheerful Homes We Preservers nsmc a fork for a cowdorui j LT j. Tlier's an old h f t y or heviiuty-flve- year-o)i) b-ayin' t h a t a f c l l e i kin go home w hen he can't gu nowhercs elhP, an' if l h a t sayin* fit at a time when I her wnz no loafln' places but livery stables an' dog-gerloB, how t r i i R ia it t'ciay v,hen downtown attractions are nuiUlplyln' UKo Belgian h a r c h ' Sometimes we meet a fat, glossy umbrelier mender in th' primes o' life an' conclude immediately that lie don't amount t' anything. We're allus ready t' criticise- married pool players, languid clerks, corner loafers, morose busineMS men, hole! idle;'), uncommunicative plumbers, an' booze hounds. We never stop t' wonder what tner home life may be, w h y they freeze up w h e n auybuddy mentions home. Th' greatest incentive- a fcllor kin have t' keep him pleasant an' huBllln' Is a hip_py homo life. Cantankerous, fdiiH-fuidiu.' wives, icllp, sloiu-hy \\ IVPB, ati' .'crupulom hoiihckeepers an' brlclRQ fienclH have destroyed rnora i n i t i a t i v e an' made more nmbrcller mendors an' grouchy buslnesa men, i n v e t o - a t o pool players an' loafets SKIZifif) WITH INDECISI ).V than all the dyspepsia an 1 w'hi'ky put t'gether If thor'a some one- al homo ' mee! a feller with a smlip, f.omo one t' make Vua wages at rateh tiorn Saturday t ' Saturday, keep lua c illdren patched an' fit t ' sit on Ms l i p , an' put his undervieir where he 1 In find, it, someone who dooa her hah up, or at Irast puts a b.uul ,-irouud lu r )jcad, before she gits b r e a k f a s t , ho' puily liable t' keep his no^e t' th' grl idstono ( an' w h i s t l e occasionallv. Even If thcr's some one a homo when he gits there in th' ev 'iiin', n husband '11 sometimes make th host o' things. Husbands hen o t' bo kidded along if wives ho'pe t' sit th' est out o' them, an' it's ter better t' lot 'em think they're great, tnat the 'ro th' whole thing, than have 'eni bane'n' around d o w n t o w n with lh' str Pts full o' women an' theatres an' wai ml a* up t' anybuddy that's- pleasant t "em Man ivu2 created t' be th' 'Oss an' all th' oijual suffrage, m o n e ^ , brow- beatin' a n ' threats, ^ o u ' t chai go h i m , an' show me a hnme where h' husband is a negligible q u a n t i t y an' I ' l l j o u A poor, l o w - « p i i i l e d , pigeon- ipcd ulnkujnioop, or a rounder. An' ther's mean, close-fisted husbands, undornestlcated husbands, husbands that are jest too purty for any ono woman, husbands wbo'er ""fiMicl o' missin' bomcthin' 1C they go home, husbands that aro makin 'too much money, husbands who've held ther good looks loo long, husbands o' faded wives, husbands who'er alhis beln' calleri out o' town, an' husbands who'er sw et an 1 p u r t y but won't work. Woman wuz created t' bo loved an' clothed an' fed, especially loved an' clothed, an' If al! o' these thiuga hain't forthcomin' after a reasonable length o' time, she'll h u s t l e fer herself, or ·stay at homo an' make life miserable for whoever's t' blame. Women don't droop an* fado an' withdraw from t h 1 ' p i c t u r e any more wtoti t h e y gli. stung. They raise U--1. But n i l domestic trouble kin be traced dircH-tlj t 1 lh' altar. Ther's whom th' boner w u z pulled Uso our classified advertisements Backward N«TT« of the PUBI denooU from tho u t The Courlsr. Cou- JANUARY !), 18SO. II. Clay Frick b u b tho National Hotel property In .Mount Pleasant ftt p u b l i c bale for $7,5UU. J o h n Bfadley K-j teverely injuied w h e n b t i u c k b .1 t i a l n on the Mount I'leun nit rallroa 1 ( j a b . l u r i d , Ale! , wanSti t l a i l i o a d trom O o n f l u e n c e along the banks ot I h e \ o u g ilc)slien\ }tl\oi to t h a t |il.u e It V nndci,.stooofl i h d l t h e l i a l i i m o u t d h u is p i , i n n i n g to b u i k l "MH 1 ,il a co'-t oi K'MlMU'i' Ur J. l t-mjiuj uiiiU.Lat,(4a the of Stricklor De-Muth in Com Hceville township. It com(r!6^s I 0 u a res ami is underlaid with coal. Tho price is ald to bo $19,500. A corps of engineers in tin employ oi' the Pennsylvania Jlallronf is surveying tha route of tho iropoeed j branch of the Southwest Railroad from Scottdale to Dawaon, a distance ot eight milee. Mibfl Ella Kurtz has purcl ised tho millinery store of Frisbee, ( ooper Company in Main street vvl Ich lun heretofore been u n d e r the uiinage- maiit of Mies, Flora Cunning! am Charles G. Pago of Wolint I'lensant In inlurerl w h i l e leaping iio) u tiain on w h i c h h« !·-, ,1 o n d u c t o r I o misses his hold a n d ir- t h r o w n ; nr «iiT-l ,i ^-\v itch Mit-s W i n n i e M c C o r m u k , d a u g h t e r ot J. T. AffCVu-micli of Cm e l K i i l l c , ami Huv. J M Hcotl of Mo itaiiu, N. J,, aro united In marriage at the bride's home in Pitlsbuvg sheet by Rev L. Stephens,, president of the Mount Pleasant Institute. J. S. McCaleb seeks permission from the comptroller of currency for the cetablishment of the First National Bank of Someiset. J A N U A R Y 8, 1890. Detailed report at the ConnoHavlllo cok(^ trade for t h o ' w j o k ending December 28 shows a total of 14,158 ovens In the region, of which 13,t31 a r c In blast and S27 Idle, with a total *tin-idled production of 118,127 tons Km met Johita and Harry Shomar, engineer n n d H i e m u n on a Southwest U i i i i u h t u i u i , a i e i n l u i e d wh*n t w o 1'iigiiK'r- c o l l i d e at "Vknei. Alnmagf licenser, r i t e ihhiiid in I J n l o n t c v n ah f o l l o w t - (Jharlos, 10 aiuvw and Marietia Ciuwfonl. both of Dunbar; George \V. Campboll ot Porryopolia and Annie Grower of Bedstone township; William J. Strawn nnd Mary Furlangh, both of lA^ieen- ring; Harry T. Holt of 0) lopylo and AVioo Stark of Farming on, .fames Bobte, Tyrone township, air! Tucind« Forsythe, Jacobs Creek, Jeremiah Thomas mid Jane Coates, b )th of D u n bar, Edward Michaels Htil C'arri« Ambrose, both of Aloyor; Frank Siller and Dessle Jones, botli o' Oonnelle- vllle, and Uaney , nt! Emma Hell, both of Daweon Officers of Fayetto Com cil, J u n i o r Order of United American Meehaiure, installed by District D e p u t y c! 1! Snyder as follows Coun,-Illor, Mex Johneton; vice-councillor, .fohn Strv- cneon; lecording- fcerretriiy, Ioren/.o Kldtler, trustee, Prov.inco Buttermore: fonductor, N. C. S'onei ; warden, James D a r r ; insMt* t endiiPl W. S. Stoner, an! (iu(sMe Pent lie!, George B. Snyder V a n d e r b f l t Council of 'he J u n i o r Order of Unltod American Mcchanh s, KlectK the following ofl,« (·· ^ Ccmiu i l - )er, W. I. C olliorn , vlce-e j i i n n j l o i . J. D. Mooro, atsletant reco !ing- ·,ecie- Uiry, H. B. Moore; w a r d MI, William Reynolds; conductor, C h a r l e s Herbert, ineklQ sentinel, F. A T a r r ; onl- eide, F. Slicliel, and ti ifelee, J. C. Lutz I. F Btilfcloy l e s l g n s !·- t f l l o r or the Youghioglieny liank t Uiko- an i n - terefit w i t h h i s laUie; J R. lUHley, b u i l d i n g c'ontractor DrilliMu strike jvis on t h p Joiner Cocliran farm np,ir Daw^on. Abraham Cc^^ol!. old-( me i p s i l p u t of ConnellsvilJe, vh-its foi t)io first time in 85 years He i , local-Oil at Streator, l i l l i n o i s Timothy Hig-gins, H a i t i n o r e Ohio engineer, and Wise lAzzh .Simely are married on Christmae K o by Ho\ McDormott .it the I m m u u K i t o Conception C h u r c h . J A N U A R Y ,% JfK)9. Detailed report of the Connollivillo coke trade for the wcoK ending December 30 shows a total of in.GS!) ov-en.s in the region, of w h i c h 1S.1.J are In blase and N7Q idle, w l l h i t o t a l c^ti- matrcl production of JSS OJO tout, F r a n k J y p u h d r t is shot ami c r i p p l e d for life when lip. k-, in if t a k e n for a burglar near ihe honn 1 ol' \Vlll!am Fitlmer near Vandf-rbJll Marriage liceribcu aro ·-··uc'd in L'n- ioatovn as follows I,p vin Kuohrcr Wpfit I/eieoiiiitip, and l . u n . i MeClay Normttlvillc, David Fn frock, Tai r, and IVJaiy Williams. W o y o r , J^er (.lav- ton, Central, and Lucy C ux, Tarr, and Frank A l m o and Julld Floweii, Smith- held Criten-ctba Trail, O i d c - of IroQuoii, inatalls the f o l l o w i n g oiUcer 1 ): Prsi- dent, Harry J e n n i n g s ; -Icp-prcniclent, S. S. Sipo; couneeloi, M W. Moreland, past president, E W I orner; secret a r y , H. W Solf_on; cdloctor, O B Brown, treasurer, Groi ,'c- T (J riff I n ; prelate, Ilobeit A. B u r j ' J o n , m a i s h u l , II. C. Schmidt, guard, A l b e r t II Sipe; sentry, W. W. J J r o n n ; rufiter^, J. 13 Marietta, P. J. Toimay ,ind J A C u n - nhigliam Mio. ^Tattie G i l r h r i s f n i i e of W D. G i l c h i l f i t . lk« .it thfv , i f p of :) yp.u'ts Henry Dellot, SS ypa p old, rlio* a t Gibson .Ru at ViiKk x r- bllt. DJfCEJrBER SO, JW)». Detailed report of the Connellerilld coke, trade for tho week ending December L'5 fibowH a total of ;i!5,25f ovens In thp region, of whicb. 36.71J are ir. blnel and 3.5U idle, with a total estimated p i o d u r t l o n of 374,551 ions West Ponn Uailw.iys Company m- augtiratos a penr-lon ^vsteni for H f mploycs. Thomai- ^ Carroll, a t , well-known t e l e g r a j i h f ' r , d es. John II union, formerly of Leiecni- lins, tiie« at Krodpncli, .Mrl Hoc. I K i n g , 17, d a u g h t e r of MI-F. Kleanoi h ing of Confluonce-, if, killed wh«:i a gun !-, dccidenlally lih hcirgcd . Mihf, Flui wu e Hlna l i j r n o of H i c i son ami John D u g R j i i , , t r , oi Conn e l l s v l l l o di-t married a t St John'* Ji. C. Cluti cli al Scottdale In Hev. Jfathri AT. A. J imb!ng. Captain W i l l i a m ^ J Xefl, 77, dies ou !he West Side T r o n n i p l y a l u a t l o n or pi opei hee in HIP i , r \ c n ttfinlr nf C o n u c l I b M l l o khnv-, a olal of ^1,530. 60D Captan J. H Breen o| tlu; J i a l t i m o i -· K- O h i o police lorco oiul formerly lo- c.ited in ( o n n e l l i i v l l l e , is ai»|iointc'l l«iw rcncf c o u n t y d o t p c t j v e Mr" .Mary A rKi!Ck« ol K c o t t ( J a l c annonnes the r'liR.iqomr'nt ot IJPI c l a u g h t o i .\1is6 M a i t h a Crace, l u Joseph H. I t o b b i of N'tirdiampion, .N H J A M \ I O \S I WO. DetailcM t-pport nf the C o n n o l l h V i l l o ' okp tra le foi i h e week cii'lin ; J.ui nary :i ·shon.s a t o t a l of (5.75.S ovens in Ihe l e g i o n of w h i c h 22,-l')l aro in ')kist and J.'!,2G7 idle, w i t h a tola! iUimatPd p r o d u c t i o n of ^ 3 7 , 7 J i tom- Jolni H Iteilly, biiperintenilent of f l i e Nellie Minos In Goorge t o w n f l n p . is f a t a l l y bin t by a niinp cii Taj lor Weighty of LcMsonrlng No. I In tondeied a feurprlse party on the occn»5]oii of hi« 7,'!iv! l i j r t h r i u j anniversary by momboir, of K. K u r t z Post, O i a i n l A r m y oi tho Rep u b l i c , Mrs, Cello H o l i p r a u , 7fl ypinr, old, w i d o w ot .Michap! J l o l l e r a n , dint, Mrs. S a r a h Harton Kaeton, 37 y e a i s old, wife of ij C. K.K-.OII ^pll K n o w n drusgiet ai I M i n i i . i i , i«, (ailed by p i Klo(i c . i l p i n , 27 vcoiv, o l d , his Inune at Junul.i Letter Arrives in Time To Save Sleeper's Life CALAIS, Mo , Jan 11- A letter arrived in tinuj to fcave tho life of William McNamaru, local policeman. McXamara wa-s anleep in lila room when his d.uiKhfer-in-iaw, Mrs. F. J. Mc.N'inaia, opeiuO the door to glvo him the m i t t IVP-. Kho found the room lull of eaioko and awakened him to his peril in time to save his life. The fli c- had started irom niatche 1 } in lite pocket which ignited when hifi trotters fell on the (loin Ad«. K v e r y r f a y you w i l l find homes homa sltea a.dv«rtipcd In our t,ljw,ai- . a«cl column* -- read them ovei

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