The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
Page 6
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"·"-·· PAGE SIX. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. riATURDAY, IIARCH 16, 1913. WORKING DAY AND NfGHT TO AVERT ' COAL FAMINE IN CITY |)F NEW YORK! · V "- SPECIAL STEAM PROCESS TO THAW OUT COAL. ,.',... .Tbe "photograph.,shows.,-a scene at..the great coal depot of the Lchlgh ."To21*y railroad at Soatb Amboy, N. Y:;. where a force ot'500 men were worked 'day and 'night to avert aJcoal famine :in"New Tort. and 1 'vicinity... "About oa- ' third of the"city's coal supply Is received at this depot. Three special coal ·trains were run daUy. between the.mines and the depot, and at least 100 : barges were engaged" In "transporting the coal'to'.various" points in New ^ork. cases as..Jones?" ."Fine." was the response.; "I'll have his case looked ap and.give him a chance at the next ap- jvointment." A few days Inter the railroad official.chanced to be in Steelton, and,.having an hour to spare, decided to hunt up. Jones in person. He found the object of his search ntwork In rnc yards with o hammer, with · which he ever and anon banged the oil hoses of the wheels as the cars were shunted off onto'sidings. "How lonp j have you lH*cn doing that, Jones?" ' .'. · . . . ': ; " queried the official. "Twenty years," | Six Cylinders of Huge Engine Fur-; u - uy the answer. "What do you hit | nlsh One Hundred and Sixty Horse- | those bo:res for?" was the nert Inter-j power--Hauls Seven Mod- ' \ estlng question. "Domed if I know," j «rn Loaded Freight Cars. ' f was tfce nonchalant response, and . ' . .. . " ' Jones 'slammed his hammer down on another canvheel. GASOLINE 13 USED Automobile Takes Place of Locomotive for Yard Use. NO WASTE WHiLE iNACM SUFFERED FOR HIS COUNTRY SHas Deane^Fint American Diplomatic Agent, Received Harsh Treatment From Government. Silas Deane, the first diplomatic agout of the United States, was bom at Grot on, Mass., close to 200 years ago v Ho became a merchant and *'ns a delegate to the first Ooiitinental congress. In the spring of; 1776 he was sent to France us a secret diplomatic agent. He posed ns n merchant from Bermuda, and upon his arrival In Paris songht an interview with Count de Vergennes, the Minister of Foreign Affaires, -who refused to receive him. Deune wns reduced to the direst poverty nnd was ejected by his landlady. Subsequent American ambassadors have complained of tlio lack oC suitable embassies, but Deane was reduced to a point where he had tn accept poor lodgings from n sympathetic Frenchman. Eventually he was given an audience "with Vergennes and began the diplomatic relations which eventually resulted in the French alliance. In 1777 Beane wns recalled. In the bitter controversy which followed his recall Thomns Puino revealed the fact that supplies fnrnlshed the colonies bad been /nrnished by the French government. This wos considered a diplomatic indiscretion and it cost Paine his place as secretary of the Committee .on Foreign, Affairs. Deane, driven into poverty and exile, died In England in 17SH. .Half a century later his claim for hfs services ubroad was adjusted by congress and a large sum was paid his heirs, * Orrgtn of Blizzard. * BUxzord is undoubtedly a word oC American origin, but it is much older than suggested. In Amersham (Eng,) churchyard today there Is a tomb of the BUzard family, and people of that name still reside In the village of Chalfont St. Giles. A mnn pf this name accompanied William Penu to the new world. This BUzard, it is said, developed very unsociable habits and settled far away from bis fellows In the remote Northwest. Now ft northwestern snowstorm Is the most disagreeable thing there is aboat the whole climate, and Mr, BKzard, bein$ so unpleasant a person to ills neighbors, bis nnme was adopted to describe the objectionable type of weather which blew from bis direction. For Ions trnnfc lines, the steam lo' comottve has .proved itself to be the most economical type of tractor. For : RAILWAYS ASK LESS TRAVEL short lines, and for factory yards or I .. railroad terminals, however, steam pro- : pnlsion Is about the most expensive. [ Whether the locomotive is standing \ 'idle or not, steam"must be fcept. up, j and coal must be used continuously, j The gasoline locomotive which has now That la.Latest Conservation Plan in. United States--War Con- j ditions Responsible. i It- Is an unusual order of things for railroad m/infi£ers ro ask people to ! travel less, and yet that is tie hi test | conservation plan in the United : States. , With the assistance of the ' government, an active campalrTM is J . about to be started by leading railroad ' executives, with the object of cutting i down, passenger traffic. This brunch \ of the railroad business passed all ; previous records in October, snys j Christian Science 'ifoni . The In-' j crease has come, despite higher fares 1 r.nd a-10 per cent reduction of. train : mileage, according to the companies' ! statistics: Only n short time ago the ' various railroad managers were com- enteved the flotd is doing all that the j peting with one another for both pas- steam 'locoraotire di-cs. without the I sender and freight business. The great [ change is aEtribura)ie to the enormous' amount of business handled, freight congestion nt the terminals, lack of America's First Cartoon. Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette was the first American newspaper to print a cartoon. There were rumors of a possible war with the French, which resulted in a call for a meeting at Albany of the representatives of the British colonies. Franklin was one of the commissioners, and to increase the force of an appeal for united action, on May 0, 1754, printed n cartoon representing a snake cut Into eight parts, the head representing *ew Engtand and the other seven parts the various colonies outside of New E!ng- ..nd. The legend read; "Join or die." Automobile-Locomotive. former's waste when inactive. 'This gasoline'.Incoirotlvc Is virtually the ordinary automobile mounted on a locomotive frame. The six cylinders , of the huge gatiolln'. 1 engine furnish ; -160 horsepower. % Connecting the en- j ·Sine- shaft with th- wheat 'driving- J cranks on. either side of the locomo- 1 live ore a rigid gear transmission' and ; , "an automobile friction clutch of appro- j priate dimensions. The side-bars-con-i looting 1 the wheels w i t h ' t h e cranks! ;ire exactly similar to those on the reg- j ulnr steam locomotive. - · f When the gasoline, which Is stored ·; equipment, and funl shortage, aU of ^ duo to war conditions. EMGIWES QUIT POPPING OFF Where Steam Is Up and Locomotive Is Not Wanted Right Away Fires Are Ordered i3anked. "You seldom hear nn engine popping nff any piore," said a railroad man. n the top of the hood. Is fed'into the j 'Tiremcn are told not to let 'em pop * ""ino .tmder full Io:id conditions, the "^-"omotivo can hurl seven, modern freight cars flHcd t» their 50-ton-;ca- .pacHyat_a speed of tx mHes nn hour. --Popular.Science Monthly. DETAILS DID NOT .WORRY. HIM ' 'Industrious Worker Had Been Hittfng Wheels for Twenty Year's With-" out Knowing Why. ... »"'·"· lK""tfils" business v.'orld of cHlclencr there Is one person who seems, to get ^-thropgh- without wnrryln^ iihout Uie "mcre matter of detail. Hfs name Is Jones. He Is~an indnstrlot'is member of the Pennsylvania railroad Vorces at Stceltoa.'Pn. t -He c.nne'Tindfr the ob- serratlon-of · onp'Of the bnsiness riion' off. "Tn case steam Is gotten up in an engine, and for any reason It is not wan tod right nway, the government end the milroad have instructed us to ·hank the lire, nnd If the locomotive Is not to be used lor some time, to pnt out the Sre and tratlc! it again. "Mnst of these ore little things, hnt they all count up to save a good many tons of coal in the course of a year."-Cedar Rupirls (Ta.) Gazette. Chinese Canals. At what period the Chinese began to dig canals, there Is no authentic record to prove. SometJroes It seexus as if these remarkable people must always have had canals and other works, so Jong have th'ey been familiar to them nnd so well established have they been as a part of the conn^try as the men from the Occident first vlaited It. One thinks of the Grand Canal of China and the Great Wall of China together, although, of course, they hove nothing whatever to do with each other, except that they are both ancient and remarkable works of the Chinese people. than banking- house . . L a w f u l . r e s e r v e w i t h Federal Reser.^' Bank . , Cash in v a u l t and net amounts due from national banks Net amounts due from banks, bankers, and trust .companies other Uian included In Items IS, 3 4 , and 15 CheckK on other b a n k s in the same city or town as reporting: bank ( o t h e r than dent 17) Total of I t e m s 11. 15, 1^, 117. and 13 3 E G . 4 5 2 . S 3 Checks on ks located o u t s i d e of cety or town, of reporting: b:mk and o t h e r cash I items fiedoniptiu:: fund w i t h TJ. S. Treasurer anil d u e , " f r o m IT. S. T r e a s u r e r . . YV;ir Savins* C e r t i J i c a t n s and T h r i f t St:irn].s actually owneil T o l o l 32,314.35 114.503.17 S.500.7S 7.500.00 iiss.^s L I A B I L I T I E S . C a p i t a ! stock p a i d i n . . . . S u r p l u s f u n d U n d i v i d e d profits . . . . 5l,08.".7l'. Ij^rii; c u r r e n t rx- penses. i n t e r - ost, and t a x c £ paid 11.-!03.02 A m o u n t reserved for all i n t e r e s t accrued C i r c u l a t i n g note? nin- Kt and ing; N e t a m o u n t s due 10 National brinks Total of items 32 and 33 .. 10.1L9-09 I n d i v i d u a l deposits subject to check C'ertiOeati?;: of deposit due in le^ii t h ; i n SO days (oth o r t h i\.n f o r mone*y borrowed) . . . . C e r t i f i e d checks Cashier's cheeky o u t s t a n d i n g D i v i d e n d s u n p a i d Total of d e m a n d deposits f other than bank deposit?) subject to Reserve, Items 3-i. .15. 36, 37, 38, 39, -1C, and -tl V 15,^03.12 o t h e r time deposits .... Tota! of t i m e deposits subject to Reserve. I t e m s ·(-, · -13. -H. anil Aa l,433.94a.$5 J. 200.Mi9.OU ioc.fino.oo 143,300.00 10,119.0^ H6.056.5i 2,051.1! 11.210. if) 108.00 1.433.945.6$ I Total t2.SS0.03S.2l KlaU? of rennsylviinla, county of F.iy- iMtc, .ss: I, OKO. W. STACFFBR. Cashier ot { r h c abcive 'named bank .do solemnly a w n a r tlia.1 the above a t a t c m c n L ta t r u e to t h e hcs ot my knowleclg-e and be- j Hof. OKO. "W. STAUWER, Cashier. Sub8criberJ nnd sworn to b e f o r e me j th,is 15th day of tfarch. 391S. J. B. Kl'RTZ, Notary Public. W. D. McGTNNIS, w. v. sorssoic. ROBT. NORH1S. Dircct-ora. Bank Stmttnatnt. DIETRICH NOW CU1M AGENT jworti for "the -faithful- servitor n: friendly'Official of^the-rail road, the-employ of the rfor 20 yparsv-dur- T"lmd" not"' lost n i_* jo ti;-a re- _the Changes Made ion Milwaukee Road on Account of Death of H. P. Elliott --Job for Brown. · Charles H. Dietrich has been dp- pointed- freight claim agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul, succeeding H. P. Elliott, deceased. 3Zr. Dietrich began sen-Ice with thnt rood as ja-- tefegrripj) operator in ' 1392. Charles-- B.--- tVilkinHpn succeeds Mr. ..Dietrich as assistant freight claim .Tamef- L./Brown, car account- Lselstant su- - RE! PORT OF COXDITIOX OF T H K First XatJonaJ Bank 'at ConnpllsviJIc. in the state of J^ennsylvn-nla, at the closti oC b u p i n e s a on March 4, 1018. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts (except those s h o w n in b and c) I1.4S1.312.64 Acer rtancos r{ other b a n k s discounted . . 21.127.30 51,502,43'.!. 1)4 Overdrafts. « unsecured 2,573.20 2.57B.20 L*. S. bonds clp- pnaited to secure circulation (par val- u e ) ....... 150.000.00 L'. S. bonds and ciTtiUcatcK of indehtodneHH owned and un 1 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE Fir at N'a.tiona.1 Bank at VandcrbiJt. In the Ktjue of Pennsylvania, at the close oC business on March 4, 1018 . RESOURCES. Loans and (Us- ? counts (except b and c) $131.657.95 H31.657.9C ppcuretf 1-05 '3 ;vorfited tfi secure i M r c u l a t i o n (par v a l u e ) 25,000.00 ' certificates of indebtedness o w n ed and unplcip'- ed 17,500.00 ' -52,500.00 Mberty L o a n Bonds. 3% per cent and 4 per · * cent, unpledg- ed 21.128.00 21,128.00 Securities other than "U- S. bond? (not Including: utor.ks) owned unp3edff£?f] . . . . D,766,25 9,766.25 Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (SO per CMH : o£ - subscription) ·-. J.050.00 Viiluc at bank- inp houso . . 8,000.00 8.000.00 Furniture and fixtures .. J.500.00 I-aAvful reserve with Federal Re-Fervfi Bank , . . . 15.U94.SO Cash In v a u l t anil net amount? due from national bank.'? 63.57U.03 Total ot Items H, 15, 16, 17. and 18 53,572.99 Checks on banks located outside or city or town or reporting" ha,nk and other cnflh i t e m s 343.75 Redemption Tu:iri w i t h U. S. Treasurer ;tnd d^e from U. S. Treasurer War Sa,vlns« Certificates and Thrift Stiimpa ;u-t- ually owned 855.00 WHAT railroads are tq motor cars are to e nation, is --John N. Willys .Mobile-oils, hearj, medium and light ia lots of .", 10 paJHons. half barrels and barrels, from the barrel only, per gnllou ...: _ - BOc Buetej-e Son-Skid Tires, made by the Setirinjr Tiro Cdinpanj, Sebring. Ohio. We are using these tires on our own cars and a number of people in Conuellsvillc are using them and getting as good results from the use of Buckeye tires as they are from the 3,aUO guaranteed tires. ;{0 x ;{ _ _..._ § 8.75 30 x 3^2 - -... S 10.05 3J x j. _ _ $15.05 32 x 4 ; $16.45 Other sizes--pricts in proportion to the above. We carry a fair stock of automobile accessories." We charge your battery. We \vork six mechanics in our repair department am! can do your work to your ·liking. V'e cau vulcanise your tubes and tires. We sell Hudson and Overland pleasure cars and Little Siaut Commercial Trucks. The new models are in. Look them orer. Your telephone and mail order will have an immediate attention. We will treat you the best we knoiv how. Why not give ns a portion of your business' WELLS-MILLS S. Pittsburg Street ConnellsviHe, Pa- UM) «ubjec t to Reserve, Items ?,t. ,15. 36, ,17, 3S, 59, -10. aivl 41 145.9-fC.7S Certificated of deposit ( o t h e r - t h a n f o r m o n ^ y borrowed.) ' TotiU oT L i m e dv~ posit;? subject 10 Heacrvc, Itcmfi 4i!, 45, U. and 5 69,631.16 Total J28S.7! 9.5-1 i Total J28S.7I3.50 t and cent, u n 79.387.50 v « . f f a a i o e o a r don't you'.take care -of"«tch" worthy i pcrlntendenf of. trnnsportatloB. S t j c u r l t t f t s o t h - er t h a n L*. .S. b o n d s (:if.t hi- c l u d i n f r sto(:!tn) owned u n pledged - . 31^531. 93 Stouk.v, other t h a n Jd- taral H e t m r v e ' Bank B t O O l C ....... . ........ Stock oJT federal Reserve H a n k ( 5 0 per cent of subscription) ........ V a l u e of b a n k me house 135,470.39 F u r n i t u r e and f i x t u r e s .. Heal estate owned, other 185. 470. 3D 24,08^,79 LIABILITIES, Capital .stock paid in . . . . S u r p l u s f u n d Cnriivfded prolUs 8,8D^.18 Less -urrent ex- · ponH^-H, fnterost, and taxes paid 3,S17.S'J Circulattnif notes n u t n t a n d J n K -.,.. T n c t i v l d u a l tie p o u t IB s u b - ject to check :.. Con If: nf depoeH. duo tn -lots:. 1 tlian ao days (other than for money b u r r o w e d ) . . . . C e r t i f i e d · checks oirl- Standing Cashiers checks o u t - standint? . - . '. D p po si t.s req t; i r i 11 p notice hut ]CHS t h a n 30 days D i v i d e n d s unp;iid Totn; cif d e m a n d dc|io^lts (.other · llia.n hank depos- J 25.000.00 10,000.00 138.5S7.50 4.71:2.31 2,6-13.75 fl.35S.S6 Sti.OO Static .of Pennsylvania, Comity of 3*"ay- j (rtte. sa: I. "\V. A. COSGROVE, Cashier of t h e above mimed bank, do solemnly j sv/«ar (hat th,e alove .^tAtcmcnt is , true to tlie beifi" of my knowledge and belief. \\". A. COSGROVK, Cashier. Subscribed suid sworn to before me this 13th tiny uf March. 1018. . E. Mcl'AL'GHLIN*. Notary Public. P. G. OGLT2VKK, ,1. f. BI-ACK, C. S. ROBERTS. Director?. HOW A LITTLE BOY SAVED* HIS FIRST $100. A prudent father gave his little son a practical lesson in .saving by opening an account for Iiim with us for $5.00 and a(l- vised him to save every spare nickel anti dime. The little boy did this and made ^ 11 * 1 * de P° sits - It "was not long before bad $10 ° to his credit - \vhat this hoy did, other boys can do. UNION NATIONAL BANK REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE j JTlAt. National Bank .it Perryoplis. in : the State of Pennsylvania, ot t)i» : close on March 4th,. 1918. ) '' RESOURCES. I Loans and dis- · I counts (except . . " those shown in b and c).. J42fi,5R4.98 S 42S.SC4.9S Ovcrdroits, un- aecxirerf J 1.310.57 1,310.07 U. S. hood a Ue- poHlted to secure clrcuhi- ^ i o n ( p IL r value ) S 50,000.00 U. S. bonihi-ant] indebted n e s n o w n e d u. n tl unpiodKWl . . . 2-0,000.00 2TC.OOO.OO \ Jjiberty IjOan · buiida. 3»t per . cent 'nnd 4 per ocr.t, u n p l e d g e d 56.SOU.OO 6(j',300.00 ' S e c u r i t i e s o t h e r t h a n . U. S. bonds ( n o t i n - c l u r i i n t f t f t o c k s ) o w n e d · u n - pladpe 9 8 . ^ ^ 3 . 5 4 Stocks; o t h e r t h a n F e d e r a l HeHerve B a n k stock . . . Si'ock . of Federal Hdserve Bank (50 por cent of subs c r i p t i o n ) ' f u r n i t u r e and f i x t u r e s . . . I j i i w f u l reserve w i t h f e d e r al Reserve Bank CasJi in v a u l t and n o t a m o u n t s due from m i t i u n " al bank}} Total of Hems H. 15. 1C, 17. anil 13 $563,296.M Checks on b a n k s located outside of city or t o w n of report in FT bank and othr-r cash item*? Redemption f u n d with U. S. Treasurer am! due from L', S, Treasurer "War Savinys '."erlilicatt-s 4 and T h r i f t Stamps a c t u a l - ly owned Total SI LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in . . . . J Surplus f u n d U n d i v i d e d p r o f i t s J3U.720.5- Leas current c.v- perurs, I n t c r p F l . a n d t a x t f ^ paid 2,:t25.13 Clrcula.tlnp notes ouit-iaiid- I n d i x j k J u a J depo.-)H.s s u b - ject to check 1, Cashier's checks o u t - D i v i d e n d s u n p a i d Total of de- niatu! tie- thai; h a n k d e p o s i t s ) R e s e r v ft , . 50.000.00 8MOO.OO 30.8fll.5P 5-"i. 000.00 ENLIST YOUB DOILAKS in a good o^use--one that will help you and your country. Decide to save all the money you can. can now and deposit it regularly to your credit with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania. Your account is invited. The only Bank in this community paying 4 " u on Savings Accounts. r Stnte o f v l * c n n s y ! v i u i i n , O u u n t y tir b";iy- uttp, sa: · I. H O W A R D AHAMd. O.tsliU'r i'f th.' H b n v u-naiv.od t i t t n k . tic sol.Tiinly s v c a r '.lie best nf ::-.y IcnowlfilK.- ami M O X V A l : l A P A M S . Snli-srril'Otl IHHl s w o r n u I' Ulis I 2 l h ilay of 5l;uvli. 11US. K D M l ' M " M A H T 1 N . N . H a r y .M. !·:. STt: \ \ V N .1. i.. t M H ' U U A . s . J. 11 1'KU'b:. Want Ads--1 Cent a. Word. Homer's QotMng It's an Eatlcss Daj for Pet«r By C. A. VOIGHT Tkev Kwov \T'S J?AV.

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