The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1930
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PAGE TWO , CONNKLM VlLLiil, SATURDAY, JMSTUARY 11, 10;',v. This radioed picture of the wedding of Italy's royal heir to Princess Marie Jose of Belgium was received in New ' York 13) less than twelve hours after the actual ceremony toolc place. It shows an interior view of the famous Pauline Chapel in the Quirinal Pnlace. In a magnificent ceremony, which carried Rome back to the feudal splen- dor of the Middle Ages, Crown Prince Utaberto, future King of Italy, took his childhood sweetheart for his bride. Thunderous acclaim'greeted the happy couple as they motored through streets packed with humanity in the Holy City after the culmination of their wedding mouy. · Diagram shows the^oute over which the radio picture of Prince HimiUerto's; w.ed,ii'ng to Princess Kane Jose, was brought to-the iBn'ited; Statesby International Newsreel ; The oictuxe''was teleohoaext from Rome to u radioed from London to New York, and telephoned New York to San Francisco, making the longest distant e evtur covered in transmission of a picture. H.' C. SHEPPARD, BAGGAGE MASTER, WEDS BLANCHE McADOO, McKEESPQRT A wedding of particular interest is t h a t of M i s s illaiichc McAcloo, well- known woman of aicKeesport, uiwi H u r r y C. Shepparci, soil ot Mm. Carrie *W, SUepIMml ot 110 Kast. Gveon struct. , Tho oer^mony wtie (juletly. solemnized iu 192?; in IMcKfeaport. Mr. SUep- parU is lonsU Imggage-rnaster fo.r. t h e , .Balt.iuioro Ohio Kuilroiul Company sui-il luu-i a. ho-st [ fi'H-uits in Conimlls- ville IUK! c o m m u n i t y . Mr. and Mrs. Shoiipard arc rc«Uiiiig iu Ea*.t WaiiH- ington avenue MRS. ,V. C. H K i n V I C K 11K.V1- ( I F H A M J l ' K T COMMITT.FK Tho Ladies' A u x i l i a r y to Walter K. H r o w n Fo*l, Vetoruns of Jforcign Wars, has boon oxtciKk-rt an invitation to a t t e n d a mci'tin^ ot the 'fjiiionttnv-fi auxiliary on npxi Tuesday night, at w h i c h Ut-H' ofticcrs for the ensuing your w i l l }c instiillwl. Mrs. Edna Mc- C-'lurc, pa: t i»reK!(k!Ui. of (.lie- local a u x - iliary, hiis been iuvitml to i n K t a i l tho ollicors. Tho !o'-al i i u x i l i u r y w i l l s^i'vo the aninuii r.:istiut!t of NViiMer tl. Brown I'ost, Siiluvdaj' night, February :1. .Mrs. J. C. Hct-wick was named sonoral u h a i n n u i v of tho banquet committee. At tho vosular me-Dtlr.«r on Thursdiiy niiiht, iMrsi. McClure, tiio retiriiiK |ire.-5iilon , was preKODH'U w i t h a beau- t i f u l p u r t i o ty !u:r f r i e n d s . Shower. W i U i o u CnU'i'taiaed at a bridg-.!-^liowoi/ lust night at her iHHiit; in l;iikuit)Wti in honor uf Aim. A i u l r o w Carney, a recent bride. Prizes ·for h i g h .juoru were (i.waixlwl to Irene Criti. i !i;i';UI, fSettj J'oro -anrt IJGOIU; Spet-icock. L u n c h was .served at lliu L-kit-A! o! ilnv 1. C. E. SOCIETY WJL1 . .UOL.D MIISSIO A .lijk'cial ml. slounry meeting' -will · he he'd , Son-da.- ii.ijj'ht by tho Iwter- mc-dlaio Society of tli-o Kirst Methodist 1'roU-stani Cini ·;!). Th-omaH Denceii will give a tal'i. on "Missions.". Tho j.;MK'r;i! topic, i i "How Can .Nations Pra-oti-co thry (;lt1'eii Rule." trailers aro Pauline M i l l a r and Viola l!o;il, w i l l bo special musk;. Tho .society is con'UuMiriK an ofliol'.MM-y conle'Ht iiiKl all niembers nre id a blond. 3IK.S. «AIL\Kfs KNTEK'l'ATNS W. B. A, W1I Meet, IiutallatioH of. officers will take plac'i .at tho regular meeting of the Woman's Ueneflt Aeaoclation T u n a d u y night iu KlUghtfi of Pythiae Hall. The i i H t a l l a t f o n w i l l )e In chnrg* of D e p u t y Mvfi. Mary T., Hardwlelc of ' . Officers awl guanta nro to wear white. The covered cltel; l u n c h e o n , w h i c h V.-O.K to haro boon hold ut this time, has 1)«eu po«t- KIEFERTOWN MAN . AT WORKHOUSf IS GRANTED PAROLE THE early Spring brings with it. many changes. Styles . . . Fabrics , . -.. Colors . . . All Changed. AH New. Everything- is changed . . . and yet . . . not quite everything! THE HEART of this store is not changed I WITH unlagging effort and unlagging energy . . . we contine to serve the principle of giving . . . "a little more" . . . in quality, in .style, in value; "a little more" in service, in courtesy, in attention; those "little mores" that mea.n a LOT more satisfaction. , SEASONS change . . . and we change with the seasons; but it is our styles that we change . . . and not our standards! . - v ···*·· · OUT M A N ' "Connellsville's Expendable Shopping Center. ; Mrs. JesBt* Hames wo.a hostess' at - tho --regular n:eetlug of the Prbmillii Sewing Cin:l( Friday night ut her. h o m o - in Ho'biii3 street. ·'ISIgnlcen members anil (wo guests were pres- old. Funcyw i-k was thfc diversion of . tho evening;. The hoKtesK served it. ' dainty lunch. The next meeting will ; be held iu tli : homo. o E . Mr«. Everett j 0. Camp. ( - -- Tho Sunday School Clasfi of the Firs' Methodist EnwuopaJ Churcli held it« monthly meeting oil Thursday cvr uliig at thj home of JYIise Martha Port in Celar avenue. There were- oight. m e m b u f f i in al.terulaace in addition to ' h o teacher. Betty Yoho gave a rftiwlUig. Geucvlove Snyder fiu'iiiwhed inuslc. Tho hostesB n-orvp(3. I l u n c h e o n . Jiitit; Helen Btiry oE David. won a v e n u e v.-jll be ho«less at tho next ; meeting. ;. A. H. l'»»i- Meets.- \Viliiam F. Kuv'/ X'ost, iO'f, Graml rjiy of tho Kepii'ilk 1 , m-t Friday at'- :t!ViKt!fi in Odd Fellows Teiuple witli '.hroe lueinbere iu attendance. . Coin- muiu't'i C. H. l l i l l wow in charge. All ·.nem^i'i* 'woro reported to be iu god tiealtii. H is iticonvuiilJiit for members rcviiaing iu the outlying dwtrlete to .itt- . nd th-i \vhit(_T tiioetiiigti of the post.. .1. S. !. Club .Moots Mrs. iVcirniait Howaixi w?',s ho«tefi« u t '.bo regular meytliiK at t h e J. S. I, C l u b SS'odnesdny night 'at her homo In North Vrospocl K t r o u t . Fancyworlc wus she divoi'suiu 01 the evening, after w l i i e l i the' hot;t'. - .-.b Herveti a tlulicloiiri l u n c h . ,M!'^. !lai-it.! Uhodos w l i l ^ b B i-.osiorK tn the c l u b \VHtni'«sdiiy uis;ht, Assist Willi Luncli. Mrs. Hlennor Coffiniiu and Mru. AH ; .'.'e Hinhup assisted the president, JMr.i. Elsie S m i t h , In serving luucb at ttu regular meeting of. the I«aci);s' Circle- No. 100 to tho William F. Kurt?. Port No. 104, Grand Army of iho Rt- puijlii',. Thursday afternoon iu Odd Fellows Hal). At the isext rbgulnT m «tlng Mrs. liavlmv Percy will bo iiiKtalk'U purtiotic instructor. .tlrs. )i3i»un H ostoss. Tho .1. \V. N. Club was de'lightl'ii'My oi.tertainfd WwVno.sday nig-ht by 'Atrs. ilelon Oirp-mun at her Homo f.u North Arch sitret.. Two tables woro called ir;U) play for five hundred. High p."l?!O was avavdMl to Mrs, liarry Stuo iiiMl K^fO'ii-d, 'to Mrs. Jacob Mtller. Painty rofr«slwnyiitH woro -sorvod by .tho 'ho«'te-ijs. The next moeUug w i l l bo held Wetlnt'-sclay nlpht, January 23, in tho «f Miss Oladys McCla-a- key, Kast UXIONTOVTN, Jan. 3l~~Ji dge D. W. Hondersoii tips m o r n i n g co eoutcxl to ft IKirolo tor Alax Ueltosa o£'Klofer- town, siow etsrving a eont nee of 18 trioiithti In llu; AJleg'aeny eo inty work- houBe for violation of th-o 1 q.uor laws, Coiicoltn. DeKooii. tho a in'a wife, made a p k i t u l pic;,-) to the court say- j ing isho was d e a t l t i t t e and th-e family i rtiarving. In feuiiip-eading f rlher sentence, the court also remi t«l a $500 lino that had been impoH j. Delioaa ; will bo brought, hacit fr-ou thet yprk : I house next ivuek. ·· ·: ',"'^y ! Clarenco S m i t h , rin.ct ier. ..'-'U^uo-r i prffionor, serviiiK elnht c tath^,aleo received mercy ut tho h-aiiia.ote'tlxe court. lite wife naki «h had gfith- orwi toR/sUKT S300 and wi uld-lie \vill- iug to a p p l y that on the H .e and coate. Tlii'ee c h i l d r e n nnd tho ' ifo residing In Cooltspring are in dost :ute circum- Ktancefl, ;Jt wag revealed. The court directe'd Kciith t» ' pay f 27 a month. until the Imln.nee ot the. i ue aiid coets are met. . . . - Tho a n n u ; ' l llegionui Conference of the j u n i o r musical clubri ot this part of the ;;t.ate will be hold January -21 In tho Memorial Hail, lYith Mrs, Tho Dorcas Fancy Work Club met lost night in tho home of Mrs. B. 'S. Swart.zwekior "of South"" Prospect. street. Thu evening 'was s p e n t - at t'aucyvork. At the business sassion it was decided to meet only ones a month, inisfeart of semi-monthly. The ho«te«« (served lunch. The next meeting will Ijc hold February 14 In tho home of Mrs. J u l i a C6snel of Snyder street. rot .VlarUn I Ins (ess, T i n - ..-\vtivr .Vetnii'. 1 ! 1 ^ C'UiKS of the t ' u i i c - . ! !'i'i.-'.hri-.-i ( M i n r i ' h nu-t h i n t u i u l u in t S ' . i - h o m e ol' Mi.-'M .\l:irii;M'«t M : i r t : u - o n Mie t V r i i u ; t i i ' I ( i ]iiki. A f t e r ' t o u r way c n j u y t - ' l . A ili'Hclousi l u n c h \v-.i-; sorvod. by M i ^ s M u r t l t i . GaiiU's vor« p l a y u d d u r i n g t h o t'ViT.inj;. Tfco ln;ri:an Ciu«-: u£' the Pirtil Iktl- '.'ijt O h t i r c h w i l l ruc-i-i T h u r s d a y ui^li Uuu avy 1. sit T:."i! o'cktck w i t h Mm K. k~ Cukumu, , r i3:; . Miss A l - n t v \MI\S of Olades ) City, forjnerly o r ' Meyersdalc, and Frederick Primrose cf Detroit, iMlch., were mar- riod Monday, Oeeember 30, )y lle-v, Ashlee. Tiuv bride Is (lie o n l y ' d a u g h ter in' Mr. a n d Mrs. Jo.sewh hong and \v;i ; i sjratl-.ialed 1'voni th'e. Meyorsda'e H i g h Helu o!, after w h i c h slio Kpeehtl- I'.'.fnl in n usic. She then opened ;\ s t u d i o a- Mcyei'Kdale a n d t a u g h t j music 1 w i l l n y e u r s . . T h o .coupto i .!.! n co I 11111 W. C. T. I, 1 . ! A pro!.- i - a i n .on " M o t h e r " was . pror ' .st'int.-d ai ! h i i J a n u a r y i n e i - l i u K tit t:n ! L a u r e l I I 11 \V. C.. T. f. Wi.Mim.^day iH j t l t , : - h o i i i . 01 .\!r*. K i r ; n v s c r o!' ' H n ; e . l l ' K ' V o t i o u It; \v,-i-e l(.. : l | ly Mr.i!, . ( T i l u - j l a n d . A imon d i n n e r was serv d. i tht ' u;iy - rj."^ 1 " 1 ' 1 "" 1 " 4 1 Uac o u- "want" advonlaom-onl. Charles M'cGhiiiti JUKI A ltd Hughes, both of Dunbar, wro licensee! to wed y.t Cumberluad. .J. U. I. Club 'ti(ifi((ite(. Tho annual banquet o£ the J. B. Club waa held last evening: in tho iiojne of Mrs. lUilph Detwiler of Murphy Skiing. Thirty members were present. Tho loasLmistreijH, Mrs. Batton, introduced the speakers. Grace was aslted by Mrs. Grove. Mrs. Kath- er'ihe' Harris gave the addross ot welcome, after which the president, Mrs. Biliiii IVloPaddoii, made remarks. Mrs. liklmi Mc7fudden nnd Mrs, Mabol Dot- wiler, contributed a dust, and Mrs, Kuthorlne Harris, Mrs. Bdn-a McFadden and Mrs. Mabel Detwiler ou'.or- lainecl with sSreglng. Tho banquet | wn.s follo\v(xl by music and games. Tin; menu consisted of celery, ollvosi, pickles, fruit, cocktail, pork, gravy, mashed potatooa, candied Bwoet potatoes, goldou glow ealad, .buked corn, .cake, Ice cream and coffee, .Favors. were small basketu filled With, salted nuts. Kacli place was marked by .attractive place curds. . C. E. Society Organized. A. .ChrJstian .Endeavor .Soctety was organized . W-ednesday nigiit. at the Methodist Protestant Church o£ Mount Braddock -by Hollo Varmiell, president of the Unlontown society. Officers of the new socioty are: President, .Leland Russell; vice-presiaent, Mrs. Zoaift Adams; secretary, Richard Smith; -treasurer, Walter -Martin; pianist, Mrs. Zenla Adams. The president will bo leader of the service Sunday night. jUlllcr-Fell. Donald "W. Fell and Frances Miller, both of. Uuloiitown, were licensed to wed hi Pltlsburg. I'ldollty Club ut Dunbnr. The Fklelity C l u b will meet Tuesday n i g h t , January 14, in tho homo or Mrs. Millie F a r r ' o f Duubar. A gocxl attoudunco id (lesiro1. "No Preaching; Service. There w i l l ho no preaching HOrvice l,umorrow 'at the' Porryopolie C h r i s t i a n C h u r c h o w i n g to t h u ub.setieo of Uio !;u4oi-, Kov. Percy A Davis. K u n d a y school \\-il\ convent' ul, j):-j5 o'clock in tins m o r n i n g anil Christian Endeavor at ii;^o o'clock iu. tlm evening. MRS. ELIZABETH I ;ALL · DIES AFTElt STROKE- Mrs. .Elizabeth Ball, .15 years "old, died Friday at her ho ;io at Virgin Run, in Frunlclin town-a tip, following a stroke. After atton- higf to her morning rlutlea, she Bufcared a str-oko and im.inodiat.oly passed away. Her h UK-bund, W-ealey. and otie son, Alfred, at home, s u r v i v t . Funeral arrangemc-n a havo not been complntad. JOHN L. POO LE DIESATTARR MOUNT'rijEiA-S-ANT, J.aai. 11. L. Pools o-C Tai,r, 76 --ears cM, at Jills homo tills nx vninig-. H« IB wuirvlv'ed 'by Ms \vi-do- / amd tho following i"hli4ren, Eluw-i- W., Ijulni M., Geoi-g-s, Willlann, Sa-mt el aind.Cho/rles, all ot .TVartr, Ilay.moii'Cl and JfofoiB,, both o.£ Boo(Ailalo. Two gist wa, MTO. Israel Painter and Mms. Ma y Hteson, also survh'e. . ItMwiorial fterviice T IU le. aCtemoou. at .the rtoiiinit Mothodlat Hixlscopad Jbixrob. Intsr- rojcmt will -he in Mouul Ijelsanouj Cemetery . . . . . . · . Committee Fa vors Lock No. 4 Bill By U n i t e d Press. WASHING-TON, Ja i. 11.--A project for improvement o£ Lock arid Dam No. 4 oti the Moncn guhela Hlver in P e n i i H y l v i i n l u at a eo t of $819,000 was iipprov.Ht today by t is House Rivers . Harbors f o r * Jurg-nins 1 If. BO, read the ad '·ertisdiiig of Tho Thiiiv CJouirii r. Oneawnllowof T wxhio in guarantee) to rolio- e Bore throat. Quicker, hotter -nd pleasanter thiui anyth'lng: ou hiivo evur us^d, or your money back. 85.:., Cpc., §1.00. Alt d . jj Paint Given Away Free )ne one certain day hi Jiinuary we will refund the price paid for every article purchased ! rom us on ihut (lay, No strings, no advance la prices. No reservations made eaxopfc on Linseed Oil, White Lead and Turpentine This offer is effective from January 6 till January 81st, regardless of the amount you ptn base. B«y pap:r enough -to re-paper your entire house, or paint cnongh to paint it. This is the plan that we have arranged with the Second-National Bank. They take A January calendar aad mark one date, Sundays ex eluded,, with a cross as illnsfcrateda [X] t may he the sixth ttsiy of the month that is Marked, It may he the 81st day, or any day between, so it will pay you to start on the 6th and scatter your purchases over the entire month. . . .'his January calendar is placed in an envelope and sealed by the Cashier, nnd kept hy the Second National Bank. On the first day of February the envelope will he opened hy an of- 3cer of the hank hi the presence of responsible witnesses, and the date marked will ho announced in this paper. So. one but the bank officer wilt know the da'to. Everyone who bought goods from us on that date, and paid cash, will receive every dollar back that was spent. It makes no difference how many people made purchases on this date or where they cuine from--ail will receive a complete refund, YOU LUCKY? January and Get it FREE! RULES--You must keep your purchase slips and present same to us on or before February 10th, 1930, in order to get your money. Don't wait until Spring. Let us hang your wall paper now! .You'll receive closer personal attention and save money as well. Paper Co. Ill West Apple Street, Wholesale lietall -- AH Gnidcs of Wnll Papor Plume 5«S. CouneHsvlHe, Pr-., SLOVAK HALL ' West Sirte, ConnellsTHle, Pa., Saturday, January 11 Hours: 7 to 11:30 Ladies 25e. (jlentlemen 75c Every body Welcome At Eiist LIhorty Churcli. Luther MiicOonulcl ol the W«utorn Theological Seminary will prtvich lo- inorrow at the Bast Liberty Presbyterian Church. Ho will preaoli at tho morning service at, 11. o'clock us wo!! as tile e v e n i n g w o r s h i p at 7:30 o'clock. Thu c h u r c h is w i t h o u t a pan- tor i n a s m u c h as no! 1 io llov. Dr. E. B. Shaw has na yi s -i lieuii naniod. I N. SPRINGER DIES ."'NEAR LIBRARY; WAS RUFFSDALE RESIDENT | S p r r l h t i* 't'll^ t'lMU't^;' : SnO'l'TDAl,!'.',. - I n n . U Ttu-turtti : NcAVton Spi'tiiK^r, 7-t yoiU-i I'UI, iliini road, HiiUhvln U « n n U I \ i . A H c o u n t y , n i « r I H i r n f . v , M r r^ w a n f o n n o r l y i. i-«vitil»u *r U ! i n i n Ic.'iilliic. I ' t t U ' t - n i-t Uuu in u n i t y , U n v i u K wn-ii In Uc; M '!», fl Square Dance K L K S H A L L r»niu«HsvHlo, Pa. Salxirclay Night, January 11, 1930 ^ Fuller K v o f j- bo tl y VV eleo mo Patronize Lhasa who advertta*. Burial v ill b HIHh. Higara rr« an- ill' an cij?ht pouml uiitiary 8, a!, M',-.s. H:i;am'.s jiiiror la. M f . Mr*. (.;. U,iy H u y U o n of I'lllotl- I' i ) f l r « l u ; lu ol' V i i l o i i i . ' i n . 'Plus t'Ullnri 1 : t i M \ l - n v v M I .,i!buuil iil, );. I ' U n i ' t !i H

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