The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 29
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A in a, while, in the entertain ment world as m jf. the miracle happens. I Ols year's m'rarle is Julie Anorewa. Get ready tor her. She will delight your heart. The members of the "trade" press will be ihown the set-ment of "The Sound of Music" in which Julie and the seven A llr Nlikt la with ttw ol PailUairai Hill LAST 3 EVENINCS t C 4 ' 4 I ' f , 'Ml ' v SHIRLEY WARMER NOTE: OWK WKKK BNI.f I RESERVATIONS I . 21 .MAIM ST. HULL, 'I "DYLAN" - starring ' Sir ALEC GUINNESS : KATE REID ; Thui, Aug. XOth 943 p.m. CFM The Ji ne Juic -tStaiion.l.of Ottawa. OTTAWA. HOUSE us thi saiix' " ' C5 AlC THIS VSIKI ' ',;V. v'- NEAL JACKSON KQCK TWIST and ' INSTRUMENTAL CHEZ HENRI HOTEL ' Solon l'0r ENTERTAINMENT .. r NIGHTIY ' FRIDAY rlATLRS: lit England Dan Ckewdei I'D, f,i,i, IMia Cnotra" Parhat INCLL'IIR PABKINO A nouRMKT itiSNra (t ClMlrrO ticks: r roa nelson TnsAina W.UHll t ms-Twas-MT-tsa children to whom aha la play-Lighting up the whole picture ui governess sin( Do-Re-Mi." I have seen this part of the (Urn, and another half hour of th rough cut in which ahe does the title aong, "My Fav-orite Things" and a new tune which Richard Rodgera wrote especially for the cinema version ol the Broadway show. livery moment that I saw on the screen is joyous magic I would guear that this will be a picture people will want to tee over, and over again, like "Gon, wah the Wind." . ' - I would also like to be able to read Mr. Jack Warner's mind when he sees The Sound of Music" for the first time, and realizes that he could have had this enchantress as hie Lies Doolittla In "My ' Fair Lady." but for some unfathomable reason he passed over her in favor af Audrey Hepburn. Audrey will be a dream In It, of course; she could be nothing else. But aha will be Audrey Hepburn to the fans Jier curt of worshippers who found her in "Roman Holiday adored her in "Funny Face" and were enslaved by her chic in "Break fast at Tiffany'i." Julie would, have . been another Liza entirely a face known only to Broadway theatregoers (a very slim seg ment of the population), a ) graceful surprise to the movie audiences. When aha made her i entrance aa the flower girt in Drory Lena, it would have been i the marvelous difference be-i tween "isn't Audrey charming (exclamation point)" and "who la this wonderful Creature?" 1 Julie, would' not have- been a ; movie star to the paying cue- I tomera; ana would hav. I for most, the first Liza Doo- little they aver saw. 111 ianp'"1 m t....i.V.,.i.vii',l.'la3J . Mr tocatrons ,.n!r..T. Rtdoati'St.- j The TEA WAGON HIS CHaNCCI to ' HOtatiON taatOTNEf . .oaf Hnwaairr FREE TOT SOLDIER - to mat cutTOMta : Iff RINGS N0 SWWMf ' aus. ti to aus. j M ttta) k)rWaW4 MM,lal ' f ai ian iaa 0W GUAM&tAM j iiaitaii8t. n-Mia l Mr. Warner's whimsicality. or whatever it was, ta 20th Cantury-Foa'a gain, for they nave .juiie bursting upon the wtdeacreen in living color m Sound rf Music" movine like a leaf in the wind, smiling like an angel imthiijvlika an imp. CROSSROADS RESTAURANT MOTEL UAAAAZING'' V' The N.Y. Times called the fabulous 4 Crossroads, ; Moira, ! N.Y. (Across the bridge from Cornwall) "Amazing" and it is a terrific hit with locals, ; . Food here is' prepared by i former Chef to the Duke of Windsor., . . .'., ,; ' Appearing Nilely Is the well known Duke Ellington ace Huey Underwood and hi band. A trip to dine or stay over-nita at this Crossroads is an adventure long remembered, j !; Appearini BjWi.; " ; I zw t.'l MARY TREMAIII Sims alii aa Inraaaaama SJltT thai tarawa a flow a Bkawt t an te pm, ttaeont lntl a ConMaaons, dlnnar 4a Me-Ins Irani I Jaj. to tko mnstt of Low Wooktt aa4 ' Ilia orefcattf r t . a Takl maratloas - ' , iia-atti , .,,'., '. COMINO ATTBACTtOK: . ' Yoiin iuoin : " THE , l 1 ... -. DANCt TO ' TONY D'ANGEIO 0RCH. ; r -, ,.; . at the . - ., .. ( RAINBOW ROOM x , ENTIITAINMINT, H f WwWCHTltaUl 'CaTMc loumjo' I STAIIDISI with her warmth and singing the lovely score in her own lovely - voice . no dubbing needed.' . ' The fact that the did not make the team in the celluloid edition of "My Fair Lady" is also a great break for , Walt Disney, who has her. in "Mary Poppins, and Marty Rinso hoff who will be springing her as the unusual heroine of 'The Americanization of Emily." It is Mr. .RansohofTs opinion that Julie will emerge aa the greatest atar the screen haa aeen in 30 years and he hasn't even caught her In "Sound of Music" .' Judging from the 45 minutes I've seen of Julie as Maria; In that musical, I'll cover his bet. While we are In the department of fine performances, I would like to recommend for your attention and applause a new album called TVs Penny." on which the singer ia Rosemary Prinz, a very pretty young woman who has been devoting connderable time to video, soap operas', but who happens to have the voice and style to do standard ballads, blues, rhythm -tunes, and you name Ju I can sea her now at the Persian Room; It's Just a question of time, and not a long time. Rrclwlle (Copyrtfht 1SS4I Carillon Program The following program will be presented by Robert Dort-neil. Dominion' Carillonneur, on the Peace Tower Carillon- to day from 9 to 1Q p.m.; , , Prlw) In A Minor lor Carillon . .. O. Ma Romoa and Julit Walts Canaon ' Paitoralo ' CUM Mlaaao galtotlooa .,.. C. Gounod roiKiorvi i I Air from County Dorry bi La ail a la (onulno Oovntto .... . .. . w. Doftarh Rtquost Suit, lor Quilioa : o-C. Mcnott) s t c J Sir A. Sullivan Btcim In A o. DcUmicli Ltebwrraua ... H. Krelalcr O Canada ana Cod (avo Oi Quota Goren on Bridge By CHARLES $. GOREN NORTH Mttr . OAKJUt A; WEST ; k EASf , AS AAIS4 VAJTll UKtlz OQ4 0I ! 414J 4 KIT SOUTH AQJlti! ? 0J QJS The bidding: North East Seath Wast i NT Pats 1 Pass "laV . Pu Pa Pats Pass Opening lead: Four et game contract in today's hand. The four spade contract was reached in easy stages. South's response of two spades to the one no trump opening Is in the nature of a sign-off. North was near the maximum for his bid. however, and be decided to give his partner another chance. even though it Involved the slight risk of getting overboard. South accepted the invitation and bid our spades. west opened the four of clubs. the deuce was played from dummy and East's king won the trick. A quick examination of the North hand revealed that. aside from the ace of trumps, the defence must rely solely on the heart suit for additional tricks. East realized that, In order to defeat the contract, be have to find his partner wi the ace of hearts, and a to that . suit was clearly cated. If declarer - I hearts, the cashing t d two four tricks or coursa would become routine. If South has only one heart,' however, hope need not necessarily be abandoned, lor pressure can be applied against his trump holding provided that East defends' ina somewhat un usual manner. At trick tyio. East shifted to the king of hearts and. when this held the trick, he continued with a small heart. . Declarer ruffed and led a trump. East was in7 with the ace and another round of hearts reduced declarer to two spades, which was one leu than his opponent held. There was no way to prevent East from -ultimately., scoring la. f . ,' ?' '' v. 1. , i r r - as ' si i ii r NSk DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORES I a .. - . -Ja Dynachrome beats the high c of movie film! Now you catta obtain Dynachrome 23, a new improved high-speed film and save money. ;. For better ' indoor pictures, ask for Dynachrome 40. . " " '. Dynachrcraii ' "to" or U4T . . (includes processing) ' ' Colour. Siidafilni 'and mounting) 4 1'J f 3.09 2;59 -k CYRVIUE ROAD y . UEENSWAY (HWY.I7V AT ST. LAURENT ( ::,r:; OTTAWA ;; V 1 YOUTH MEET KITCHENER (CP) 1 i-V THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 29 53 DOROTHY KILGALIEN HOLLYWOOD Every one JuiieislGreat! the setting 'trick with ma long trump. '. . . Observe that, if East makes the normal return ol his lourth best heart the deuce at tylck two. West is in with the ace and on the heart return dummy's ten will force out the J king .at declarer ruffs. The queen of hearts now becomes a topper and enables South to retain control of the hand. When the ace of spades is driven out. East . it unable to exert any further pressure against hit opponent's trump holding, and South can draw all o( East's spades when he regains the lead." I- Teen A somewhat unorthodox de-1ge" c'"0" T G thm llnilawl Ctaiata ftraa In Witch. icniifo nianucuTrv njr aii aav- counted for the defeat of South!. ener to attend the five day Mennonite youth fellowship convention, held in Canada for the first time. The convention wi include group Bible study, woi ships on topics vital to youth, a dramatic presentation tna ad dress by leading Mennonite speakers. Orchestra Fights Order To Shed Title LONDON (AP)-A discordant note echoed over Britain today as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra defied a government order to shed its "royal" The orchestra haa had a dif Shoulder-High Handlebars llleaal on Bikes TORONTO (CP) - John Murray, deputychief of Metro politan Toronto, police and head of the traffic branch, said Wed nesday anyone operating a motorcycleequipped with shoulder- high handlebars will be charged with operating an unsafe motor verutle. he death of James William evins, 20, oL Toronto, killed riday when motorcycle he was riding struck a hydro pole, prompted this decision, he said. The general penalty section of the Highway TraificAct proves a fine on conviction of from IS to $50. 3 " ' -i. ) I .- ! i 'J It' fault time since the death oil its wealthy and talented founder Sir Thomas Beecham. four years ago. Last year ji spin with management under Beech-am's widow and the musicians set out to manage themselves 1 as a co-operative. At iqcsame . time their link was severed with the Royal Philharmonic So-, ciety. Then Home Secretary Henry . Brooke told the orchestra it could no longer use the titl Y.rbyal." - "The orchestra'a existence depends on the name. It would be irresponsible, lor the com-1 pany to acqu esce in the de struction of the orchestra on other than artistic grouhds," the Philharmonic management replied. . INTERPROVINCIAL HOTEL Dancing Nightly to R0BBY and THE HAWKS - , 1 ""THE PARASITES 1 eta naUtxlAf mJ Krriartaiiivat Iron Hi im p.m. The society, with royal approval, has held its title smce the llth century. It is aa ama teur body which runt a choir and sponsors concerts. UST FORTNIGHT no covte CHABOK wtuty Sam Saun. THE 5 VIVONA BROTHERS y" Q j " "'" ""fl 111 ' " 1 nf i. ..-, r .' ..' . i, - f , it . .:, , 3 i . r JockMcPgrtlin Present ArjUSErj3ENTS , . -at tne 1 ft-' ' ' "o Central Canada Exhibition . AUa 2U 29.(Exctpt Sunday) . : . aaaaaaBBHaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaiaMaaaaaOTaaaB ' ' ' OFFERINC MORE THAr: ' 100 ATTRACTIONS Many of Which WU1 Be Making Their 4 - FIRST CANADIAN APPEARANCE 1 RIDE! For the first Time RIDE! THE TRABANT- Kewtst. M tlas Htm BUBBLE BOUNCE.., .. Tops tat Thrills BAVARIAN SLIDE " KMs Will Urn tl HURRICANE r y-.; The tpead Bpsctal .; CASA DE MOBILI ItaUaa laapaet r ' ':-' I I m r V CAVE-LAND DeaMe-Derker Daft aMa PARATROOPER L.. New H;rmarat Vi FLYING CACES- . Tea Operate The ' ' BIG BAD BARREL A New KM at raa FLYING COMET . . Bail Mha That Oat .a for, the First ; Time SEE!. - PLAY-GIRL CLUB - V -. OatataJaataa ltrae ICOPPERTONE REVUE Slaaaaat Nffra She v- vH' ' ' ,rr i .. .t .... v,i !r V i ,; Villus . ' j MOULIN ROUCE I " WT ! f t" ! Mmtf, M9, I v INTERNATIONAL I TW MWaa ( ! v ' 0,kr Ft"i I ATTTlAtmON :, . ' "IBOKLUO" , ' ' ,', ' " i. . " ii 7 '' .' ' i 1 f- ''

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