The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 191.?. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FIVE. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWNj Boy at Camp I/ee Writes: Home of the Great Work ; of the Kcci Cross. r,ATKST Of PATRIOTIC MJfiS. AtlCE T,05«irORTlI. CA1P FULLY EQUIPPED, HE SAYS . Setfcodlst Wowtn Are Told of tfcw Tdloe oi S»Timg the MHe and What It H«s Done Toward the SivvinR of «Ws Gone TTa-on£; Sftte.v. Aflair is Held at thn Bice School, JlnJlsldn 'JPoiruslrip. \ A very enjoyable patriolic meeting j i was held at the Rico school bouse on i Friday levelling last that was very j largely attended and the teacher, Miss ' i.Hazel Bovrser, with her pnjHls, helped j ! to makp' the meeting a success. At-. j t.orneys L. C. Corpenning and A.- E. i Jones, both of Uniomotvn, gave Interesting addresses m the war and fooc! i saving question. Mrs. Austfn Khodes : gave several patriotic readings. Misses jOra and Marie Detwiler rendered a patriotic duet. If Tun Want Something Advertise Cor it in our classified column. One cent a word. 5l«cial trf The Courier. SCOTTDALE, March 16.--'Walter ' LocUard of this place, who. left with the last draftees from Scottdale for Camp I!*e, has -written' back here to a friend telling him that he never . knew the strength ot the Red Cross j until they reached Cumberland, Mil.,: »nd Piedmont, TV. Va., where every i ·tcention was paid them. He stated i in his. letter that most of the boys Latest portrait ot Mrs. Alice Roose- who le(t Scottdale first will talte part J ve i t LonjworJi, wife of Representa- in a parade tiat-will be held in Pitts- tive .Nicholas Longwoith of Ohio. She turs April 7." He states that the last j j^ spenl the winter in Washington, men -that have gone down have every- ; where her entertainment--- are always | thins thay netd iti the -way of equip- i very popular, raent from underwear to raincoat and ! · -that they have a new model gun. i For" Sale. ' ' Stackelback, Mrs. i.. Four acres of land on street ear lino. Hawkeye, for }].10Q. Six room house with running water in»i Silsley, Miss I Mary Spier and Mrs. Prank Richie. Initiation Arranged. Hiss Agnes Glenn entertained the U i'',iTacre"of ground. I Daughters of Isabel at her home 10 minutes walk from borough limits, j where they arranged for .in initiation for S" 500 ' I t o ulie P' ace in April. K!x~'rooined house, one-half acre i Properties Solil. lot. West' Piteburg street, for 5!."00. I Beal Estate Agent E. F. DeWnt has *ix roomed house with bath, on sold a six-room house i n t p u r t h ave-; Market street for J'^H) , nue lor the Scottdale Savings Trust " 'sit roomed' house No. 1 condition, company to Mr. Donnelly, and a four- four and one-half acres of land, one I room cottage house in Park street, mile west of Scottdale. for $S,100. E.! the propert y of Walter Stoner, to P. DeWitt.--Adv.--14-3t. fnlontowB MJnister Coining. Rev. 1. M. Thoburn of Unioutown de.iver the sermon at a thank Orpha'Elder. Other "otes. Mrs. F. J. Ziroa entertained the indies of the' First jBaptist Aid society offering-service tomorrow morning at at their regular meeting at her Pitts-: 10 SO o'clock in the Methodist Eplsco- | burg street home on Thursday eve- j pal chnrch. The pastor, Kev. G. W.. nag. The subject, was "The Great] Terbush, will occupy Rev. Tholmrn's j American Inventors." Mrs. H. D. Allen read a paper. ' Miss Elsie Hawthorne entertained the Young Ladies' Missionary society of the United Presbyterian church at her Mulberry street home on Thursday evening. -\fiss Anastacia Pisula of Evergon has accepted a position with Koback- ers in Mount Pleasant. Openine. We will have on display a beautiful showing of pattern hats, Saturday, .March 16. to attend. pulpit. Pittsburg "Woman Speaks, The ladies of the Home Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church held a social in the church last evening. The social rooms were crowded to the doors. Mrs. C. A. Col- bora had charge of the devotions. Miss Ixicille Terbush gave a reading and Mrs. Phil Swartzwelde'r sang a solo. Mrs. William I-ockard of Pitts- Imrs spoke on the mite box SJi'l told how the mite saved helps some young girl, who had gotten to the Deaxoness Home; of the work the home does anil roost of all how it helps girls brought to the city by -white slavers, and-^girls peing entangled in white slave weTs. Missionary MeetinR. The ladies of the First Presbyterian church held their regular monthly meeting in the church Thursday afternoon. Anna Silsley wa* thi- lead- f-r. Mrs. Vf. H. Glasgow read a paper on "The Church in Japan." anil Mrs. Trta Parker, had a paper on "Newest Americans." The ladies were entertained-by Mrs. E. I,. Stoner. Mrs. J. R. Smith. Mrs. D. Trout. Mrs. M. You are cordially invited Brown Millinery Shop. Overboil building, Scottdale, Pa.,-Adv.--11-Gt. On Face, Chest and Shoulders. Disfigured Face and Itched. Remedies Failed. HEALED BY CUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT "Pimples came on my lace aad ·cros* my chest and shoulders. They wert sotteted and came to a bead so that my face was disfigured. They itched so that I irriawed the affected ports. X had thrae pimples two y tars, "I used many remedies, but they did roe no good. Then 1 used Cuti- con Soap and Ointment, and after usinf two cakes of Cuticura Soap with two boxes of Cnticura Ointment I was healed/' (Signed) Mis» Emily Morris, Carmkhael, Fk., August 27,1917. Delicate, sensitivr akins with tendency to pimples, redness or ro ughness should not b» irritated by impure, strongly medicated aoaps. Why not use on the face, and lor every-day toilet purposes, Cutkura. a pure, gentle »o*p, touching the first *%n9ofpimplt3 or irritation with Coticura Ointment. fl«a»l«£«*kPr**krM«i). Address post- caich "C.ti.«r«. Dcyi. K. Bmtom." Sold c. Qiztasent 2S and. SOc. M COURIER WILL HELP THE BOYS AND GIRLS WIN THE WAR Opportunity is Offered for Tliern to j t»cC Siivin£s and Thrift Stamps Without Begging 1 . Every boy and girl wants to buy j War Savings and Thrift Stamps and not beg for them. The Daily Courier) offers a means of getting them in a '. dignified way with 'little effort.- Here j is the plan whereby you can do your , "bit" in the war and save money by j investing a little of your time in War ; Savings and Thrift Stamps: -. i The Courier will give a 25-ceat, stamp to any boy or. girl who gets a j new cus%in]er for The Daily Courier ; for two months at 50 cents per month, j paid In advance. It" will give two ] stamps for every customer who will take The Courier for four months, paying §2.00 in advance. 1 will give three stamps for a six-month sub- 1 scription'paying 53.00 in advance. For i every old customer who will pay four j months in advance, The Courier wi!! j I give one stamp. ' i Xo subscription will be taken for! j a longer period than six months a n d ; I no old customer will be accepted for j more than four months paid in'ad- I vance. I "War. Savings Sumps are "Baby Bonds." They an: the best invest: ment to be found-- better than banks. i They enable you lo put your money ! in government^ securities paying four j per ce'nt, compounded quarterly. | Back of them is the government of f the United States, the strongest in ! the world. Here is the opportunity for the boys and girls to "help win the war and for ths future. Call at The Courier office'and get] instructions and receipt book; You Hunting* Bargains ? rill and them in our ad. colnrans. Yon can't think clearly when your head is "stopped up" from cold in the head, or oasat catarrh. TryKondoris to clear your head (at no cost to you) 50,000.000 have ased this 29-year-old remedy. For chronic catarrh, sore nose, couffbs, colds, snettriiwc, nose-blccd.etc. Write us lor complimentary can. or buy tube at druRffist'-a. It will benefit you fovr times more than it costs.orwepay money back. For trial can fretf ^rite to XOftQU MTfi. CO., Minurtui, »». Boys' Suits $4.95 in the cleverest new models, trench styie with slash pockets aitd military belt, featured at $.J.9ri. OTtU'.K ZfBVT SPSTJfG SDITC, S7.M, ttWMMWtfWi*MWSaagmB^^ Brown itid Boots $7.95 i ; Xow arri- tils of Women's Boots, lace stylo, bouis heel, S-inch tops and only 57.05 Taupe Kid Boots $10 Has clofh tops, lace style, new 14-8 military Ucel. The Spring Opening Display Discloses Representing the talents of our own Artist Designers and noted New /York Milliners. Wo are particularly anx- ious that ever}' woman should^see these extraordinary creations,- I Featuring "The Big Store's" leader ] line at $5.50. At this popular price ! tliey will further increase our repu- i tation of offering the gi-eatest M.illin- ^ erj' values in the city. ' Every "ew Shape, ew Sfraiv. Sew Color. "ew Style, included i?i Uiis assortment at SG.50. ^K*^Ji^'a±\KVWKfVVWV}:JVtVWMSW Patonize Home Merchants Who Advertise in This Paper! Svithiiie Just behind the lines -- the quaint little French village seems the very personification of peace -- yet each passing minute brings its grim reminder of war-. On his way to billets -- trim, neat -- astride his Harley-Davjdson -- an officer slowly threads his way down the narrow street and pauses to greet a friend from "The States", An artillery caisson rumbles heavily along. The hum of an aeroplane comes, from the blue above. Then a chorus of thrumming; exhausts as a squadron of engineers mounted on Harle3'-DavUsons jaunts by on Us way to the front. Tried and proved by Uncle Sam and the Allies, the Harley-Davidson has emerged with an enviable record for durability and efficiency. The machine which has so successfully weathered the grilling demands of war and earned the praises of critical military experts, should he your choice in selecting a motorcycle for your own use. Come in today and talk it ov;r. Federal Garage Co. 155 E.' Crawford Ave.,. Connettsville, Pa. Have you seen the Harley-Daoidson Bicycle? , jaf WEST .Patrons of our marltet make little complaint of the hieh cost of lirine, as will le shown if you compare (h; following prices with those of OTHER STOKES. Free Delivery to all parts of the West Side. Potatoes, per peck 2 large cans Baked Beans 1. bottle Ketchup _ 1 can Tomatoes __ 1 pound 3Uc Coffee Eggs, strictly fresh Corn Flakes, per box Xavv Beans Pinto Beans -Me J f c 24 c . lie . iOc ISc . IGc G cakes Soap Lard, 1 pound Creamery Butter, per pound Baked Beans, per can Roiled Oats, per box Tomato Soup, per can Prunes, 2 pounds _ _ Lima Bean s 2 small cans Milk . Zac 31c . Vie. These Arc Only H Few oi the Exceptionally Loiv Priced Articles in Our Store, We Always Carry a Full Line of Choice Fresh Meats. Fresh Oysters.Every Day, per quart, ."0c. We have Fresh Farm Milk Every Day. West Crawford Ave. and Eighth St., West Side, Conneflsville. MOVE BY AUTOTROUfS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE., PA. Based On Cost Per Tablet... It Saves CASCARA QUININE No advance in price f or thb 20-yisr- oW remedy-- 25c far 24 tablets-- Some cold tablets now 31c for 21 Ubieti-- Figured on proportionate cost per tablet, you save 9^c when you bur Hill's-- Cures Oold in 24 hours -- grip in 3 days -- Money back if it fail*. 24Ta B uf 0 r25c. AtonjrDrurStor* WELDING Anything Made of Metal STEEL CUTTING ANYWHERE C. H. CRAFT BELL PHONE 52 51 Arch Street, yniontown, Pa. f;HHG1%!£B.S_PJLLS /-ffi. " ' * ? /,' /rVvN ,,,, KMWI(CJM Oold ^s oooooopooocoooaoooootyooooo I J. B. KURTZ, § g NOTARY PUBLIC 55 £ AND REAL ESTATK. § g No. X Couth M««Kn* Cenml)wtU« Pa, SOLD BY DRCOO!STS EVERYWHERE i 'OCSOOOOOOOCXXXXXXXXXMSCOOOOO "CAP"STFBBS JESS WEtX HAVE SOTHISG OS SAMMY By EDWIJU THATWOZ FINE PER TOT

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