Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 84
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 84

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 84
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July 18 ^CHARLESTON WCHS-TV CBS HUNTINCTON WSAZ-TV NBC HUNTINGTON WOWK-TV ABC OAK HILL WOAY-TV ABC BLUEFIELD WHIJ-TV NBC CD ROANOKE WOJB-TV CBS ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC . HUNTINCTON WMUL-TV PBS-EEN CRANOVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:2 6:45 7:00 I ® Arthur Smith O Bible Answers CD Town Crier 0 Blue Ridge Quartet I Morning Report ® 55 © © Today CD Network News * 0 ® A.M. America 8:00 O QD Capt. Kangaroo 9 Sesame Street 8:30® Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. ® Coffee Break © © Phil Donahue O Cooking © QD New York CD Artie Levin CD. J. 9TBA 9:»0 Barbara Walters O Galloping Gourmet QD Romper Room © Cartoons CD Musical Chairs 0 New Zoo ® Films ® Hathayoga 10:00 O ® © © ® Celebrity Sweepstakes CD Spin Off Barbara Walters 0 Dinah O Body Shop B) Making Things Grow 10:30 0 ® O © © Wheel of For"*"tune O (H Gambit ® Spirit of Victory (8 Designing Women CD Erica Fritoy ® Paul Nuchims 2:00 O CD Guiding Light 0 ® $10,000 Pyramid 9 Woman 2:30 O ® O © © Doctors O CD Edge of Night O ® Rhyme and Reason 9 Masterpiece theater ® Feeling Good 3-00 O ® ® © © Another World O CD New Price Is Right 0 ® General Hospital ® Let's Garden 3:30 0 CD Match Game 0 ® One Life to Live 9 Spotlight CD Yoga You 4:00 O Mr. Cartoon © Gilligan's Island ® © © Somerset 0 Musical Chairs CD Bonanza 0 Mike Douglas 11:00 O ® ® © © High Rollers 0 CD Tattletales ® Friends, Neighbors 9TBA ® Fore 11:30 O ® ® © © Hollywood Squares 0 CD Love of Life .® Blankety Blanks ' . 0 Brady Bunch "^® Mister Rogers Afternoon 12:00 O ® (SB ® Marble Machine O © Local news CD Young Restless 0 ® Show Offs 9 Mister Rogers ® Hodgepodge Lodge 12:30 O ® © © Jackpot © Local News 0 CD Search for Tomorrow 0 ® All My Children 9 ® Electric Co. l:0t) O ® Local News ® Somerset © Marble Machine © Not For Women Only 0 Phil Donahue CD Panorama 0 ® Ryan's Hope 9 Villa Alegre ® Man Builds, Man Destroys ._ _,^_ 1:30 0 ® ® © © Days of . Our Lives * © CD As World Turns 0 ® Let's Deal 9Guitar _ _ , ,... _ . . .. ® You Don't Say 9 ® Sesame Street 4:300 Bewitched ® Corner Pyle (9 Andy Griffith © Bonanza O Mickey Mouse CD World of Animals © Family Affair ® Movie 5:00 ® Bonanza 0 CD FBI O) Truth or Consequences O Lucy ©0 Ironside 9 CB Mister Rogers Neighborhood 5:30 © Get Smart . m To Tell the Truth O Andy Griffith 9 Electric Company CB Hodgepodge Lodge Evening 6:00 O ® m © © O CD 0 ® Local news, weather, sports 9 Jean Shepherd (D Electric Co. 6:30 C® ® © ©O CD 0®. Network News 9 Body Shop OB Yoga 7:00 O IB) Truth or Consequences O Ironside ® (D Lawrence Welk © Phil Donahue 0 Special Report 0 Jimmy Dean ® Messenger 9 (3D Weather 7:300 Tell the Truth © Bobby Goldsboro ® Rex Eleanor O Porter Wagoner O Pop Goes Country 9 Black Perspective ® Martin Agronsky FRIDAY: Morning: 9:00 "Drums Along the Mohawk" Noon: 12:00 "San Antone" 2:00 "Gallant Legion" 4:30 "San Antone" Evening: 7:30 Canadian Travel Film 8:00 "Border Saddlemates" 10:30 "Geraldine" SANFORD AND SON. (Repeat). "Julio and Sister and Nephew." Fred is opposed to the idea of Julio's sister and nephew moving temporarily into the Sanford home, but supprts the nephew when a problem arises at the public school. 8 p.m. NBC. O ® US) © © ROCKFORD FILES. (Repeat). "The Four Pound Brick." Although police term a rookie officer's death accidental, Rockford is persuaded by his father and the deceased man's mother to. reopen the case, causing repercussions in police and underworld circles. 9 p.m. NBC.O 8:00 0 ® 5® ©® Sanford and Son O CD Double Feature 0® Movie . 9® Washington Week 8:30 O ® ® © © Chico and the Man . 9® Wall Street ) Rockford Files The Cities ® Kup's Show 9:30 0 ® Orphan and the Dude 10:00 O ® ® © © Police Woman 0 ® Christie Love Paul Nuchims ffl Jean Shepherd 10:30 CD Woman 11:00 © 0 0 ® ® ® ® © Local news, weather, sports ® Captioned News © Pirates vs. Los Angeles 11:30 8 ® ® © © Tonight : O CD Movie 0 ® Wide World Special @ Janaki 1:00 O Special c- o-.'- ' t » i ··*.-! * f-r* . Midnight Court case testing Continued from Page 10s System, the National Broadcasting Company and the National Association of Broadcasters--are determined to abolish the doctrine. NBC has used one of its own documentaries, "Pensions: The Broken Promise," as a test case in the courts. So far, the case has done little more than promote confusion. Broadcast in 1972, the NBC program left the impression that 90 per cent of this country's pension plans are worthless. A complaining group, Accuracy in Media (AIM), argued that 90 per cent of the plans are in fine condition. NBC refused to haggle with the group, contending only that its documentary was correct -- period. An FCC panel concluded that the issue of pensions was "controversial" and required application of the fairness doctrine. The matter was brought to court, but finally was buried by the FCC itself, when it decided earlier this year that its own case had become . "moot" since, in the interim, Congress had passed pension legisla 1 tion that removed the subject from the category of controversial issues. The reasoning, as may be gathered, is complex. It is also faulty. As David Bazelon, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, stated in a recent dissent on the issue "... the suggestion of moptness is frivolous since controversiality in this case was never premised entirely on the fact that a majority of congressmen might agree with the concept of over-all performance and the need for reform presented by NBC. I certainly hope we have not yet reached the stage where a majority of Congressmen can by their votes determine that an issue is no longer 'controversial."" In the end, the subject of pensions became secondary to NBC's campaign against the fairness doctrine. Information and debate were sacrificed to corporate crusading. Again Judge Bazelon: "I wonder what the professional journalist who prepared the 'Pensions' program think about NBC's litigation position in this case that their program was not really controversial. My own thought is that NBC has by its litigation position done more to attack and undercut the 'Pension' program than anything AIM could have done through the FCC. This is the saddest commentary of all. It is also the most suspicious commentary of all, suggesting that the network's concern about the fairness doctrine may have less to do with the excellence of broadcast journalism than with the existence of any regulation that might put a crimp in network profits by taking time from entertainment to give to news. Television Movies "TROUBLE COMES TO TOWN," (1973) **y z ,.8p.m.,0®, Provacative subject matter takes over in this TV film starring Lloyd Bridges as a Southern sheriff who goes to great lengths to keep his word to his black Army buddy from his Korea days. The black man's son arrives on the scene expecting Bridges to take him in, and when Redoes, the title of the film becomes clear. "THE LAST BUN," (1971) '*%, 9:30 p.m., 0CD. A case movie that takes time building conflict. George C. Scott, giving a one-note performance, stars as a retired getaway driver who comes back to help a hotshot hood (Tony Mu- sante) escape from the police in Spain. Trish Van Devere is around as Tony's girl who changes partners when she realizes Scott may have a yen for her. Musante comes off best as a brawling, menacing criminal-with little regard for human life. · . · ^ ' · · / · ' ':·· "MODEL SHOP," (1969) **Vz, 11:30 p.m., 0. French director Jacques Demy's first English-language f ilm shot in the U.S. (Los An- geiesi is aiternaieiy interesting and monotonous. Gary Lockwood, in the film's best performance, plays a troubled young man who runs into Anouk Aimee, working in one xrf those L.A. places where you can photograph models for a fee. tllltllllhlllllllllllllllllllllllllllillliiiillllltllliiillillllllllllllllUlltilllll 5 4:30 to 10:00 P.M, EVERY SUNDAY Steam Ship Round of Beef Baked Potato Tossed Salad-Dressings Coffee-Tea 4.00 Hot Roast Beef Sandwich on, a Hard Roll-Pickle Pips 2.00 //Ae ^THIRSTY u A * r · -m^mv nLQW H O T E L l£S| . . . . . . WfereEttnofleMeets'., ire ' -V T f '" f ^. /2s

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