The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 28
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S ! 23 Entertainment Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE Viva Laa Vesae"; -Twillfhl of Manor",. Box olflce apena at a pat. Baow etarta at duak. Aal Sky . -aa al th Top": -Haver on Sunday". Box otflea opana al t jn. Show auMa at 4atk. -Good Mtichbor 8am' Tara Om". Box orttta opana at - - Capital -Kokifl and tha 1 Hood-. 11 1-rfJM . 44 Ml Sao. Laat show J- ... J Canter ' I -Veataanra du Faueon d". .ataS - Mr- - 4I - M AV !nturr da la JiuxM". MO 51- tM -Bikini Baach-. 1JM - 3 SI -TIM . "Ulan School HM-,5et-. XM - a at tJO. Last abow . a Parte -Adorable Julia". M Si ' 5 l. Laat abow o i Baaanle -Bedtime Bury-. lje SJ-- M - 7A1 - 4. Laat aba . a "Tha Haw In lama". It 45 . M - S.1 - IIS !., - : urn lta Tha inaaea". IX - J JO - 510- Jt . I -Bavaa Bam', lot M It. "Giant o Metropolta". 14 - It Laat anow T-aa. ' Mar tall -Sevan Dan In May"- 145. OS -Dnrlaadara'1. 1 JO N SO 110. Laat abow 10. . Tha Tan of tha Bomaa Cm. Ira", t oo us UP- laat taow Baotfane Story": -coma Sep-Aembar". Box otllee opma at t m. Show etarta at duak. SlHll ' . l it - 4.40 tat. Blalta -Blue Hawaii. S -IS. "Slim Carter-, t ie - 11. -Tap Out- , iae eaa. uaat anna -Good Kourhbar Sam-. l.te I SP t SO; "Ptaaaa Turn Over-. I tS . M0. Laat abow T-tt. Star Tap -Trap -Laa Vea-. Twillaht of Honor" Box ollle apaaa al I JM. thaw atarta at duak. " EIVI5, 1 momvcwm i'.:-:J 11 - i34 a! . T.ta .4. Laat abow las. f Oaatdag fVoor Show CltATTAU LATntrB Deaetnt f nlshtlr. aisrtalaan at pat-J and it pa. . .anXB.tXAOtg Plamlpwaal t treat t la. anr-e m$fcjg.lm Saa ATnIAtJ CUTS Daaeaag ad - t twa (Mar show aUhUjr. XOTtX trrnrnUIAT-Oaaemt and j aatertalaiaat alfhtlr ta Jleae- 1 - Baa I aaaal aad faaeattva Peat- 1 aaaaa. tsJITtRPBOVUIClAL IOTB1, 4 Dbtlaa ana diattaa nichtljr. 3TTAWA KOOSI Maaw a ska OrllL BT, LOOIS KTB, Daarlag JTArTDtSHALL Daaawuj aad C ealwlaiaaiaal aaghtl-. .TAU8MAN B a 1 a r t 1 a at a t althtly. Danetna rrktap and I Baturaa aiahts. rroww aorjBB mm m. tatai ; llNAI. AUDITION OTTAWA umi IBUJSI DC 4M Kmf Bdwar Art. i ' rarrt - ; BUUNDQ Dlrartad ay CMeece Palmrr niDAT, AIXL SI PJM. FOB MALE AND FEMALE 'Ft f 'm r T t :lUIJItOrt 'l immorn , T ' af - 5 !faV: '. 1 IV THE MOVIE COLUMN HELD OVER v Th Mad, Mad World of IIALLER BARRETT taaaaUeaal Ceased- Stan . OPENING TONIGHT 1 Comortablf Air Conditioned 1 1 t t i. a . i a AT f. -ntil r. t-JIH .raMI a ai-arf" ai -Sa-rf- ZABETHE WILDE Dyaamlc and axdtlng ; - tiaghTg tftHosis . Special atteatiea la ' ' baapaata, weeawa, parU, ate, . MNNEBS PBOM P.M. . Baaaraatleea ttt-tla . GATItiEAU couNnryais- OM THB ATUtBB BOAO tic a its ron . " TBB UOBT OPSBA "VIENNA LIFE" . . WIBNBB BLVa New ta sal at al J DAVIS AGENCY STORES XM . S.BO . 4.B0 S.00 SEPT. 1 aad S CAPITOL THEATRE LADIES' NIGHT EVERY THURSDAY his left leg broken In five placet. By all logic, his. lift or. at least his acting career' lhould have been over, . ..una they W who nfuMd ir.ivLaW o BRANDO ed- V, K. - ft j V the Best amed rAddi m tiM Drive-la Only ROCK HUDSON hi I - -coKsmottor C;VDEMAIN S0IR v si t: j ' ' . - ' - v . .V . - --, t. U Mai a Clavd llth ' 'Guy MAIRESSE Janlnfj MAGNAN DAVID NlVEN SHIRLEY. ONES THE OTTAWA JOURNAL New Career Opens For John Payne By BOB THOMAS , HOLLYWOOD (AP) When John Payne took hit curtain call at the opening of Hert't Lore, in Lot Angela. thrill; unmistakably ecstatic cry km from girls in tha audience. Tha reaction was satisfying to Pays for al leatt ihrea reasons. Tha obvious on wat that any actor with M-odd year in tha business would b pleased to evoke a Beatle-like response. . There wat also the satisfaction of returning to the musical theatre from wich he sprang' and of succeeding in a role for which he "wasn't the type" even though he originated it- But most of all, he could ta-vor lle Joy of scoring -another success in a career that should have ended. In a New York street three years ago. Tha Virginia-born actor was crossing Madison Avenue in a twilight rain, when a car struck him. He landed face down on its windshield, then was battered for M feet. Ha lost considerable blood, his face wat slashed, hit eyea filled with glass and Surgical skill put him back to.fx Into k. Payne had starred getner and he endured a rang recuperation. Today the scars show! faintly. FEELS FINE MOW "tteel great," he said in his Philharmonic Auditorium dressing room before a performance. "Oh. 't may get a twinge In my bones In rainy weather. But otherwise I seem to be In at. good shape as before." Always an independent man. Payne took hit time about return ing hit career. Hit independence was bolstered by two seasons in Restless Gun, a television series of which he owns W per cent i 2ND WEEK r mm ay e mm -WWII IF 4 ACADWY MMIII One fab he wanted. He beard that Meredith Willson wat writing a musical based on 4th Street , and asked his agent to in the movie with Maureen Q'Hara and the late Edmund Cwenn. who won an Oscar for hit Santa Clam. "1 auditioned for the pan several tsmet," Payne said, "but they cast Craig Stevens for the New York company. They said I wasntl the type. Yes, I played the original role, but . I gutss they thought 1 had changed in the IT years since the movie was made.". Payne doesn't give up easily, and he continued taking singing lessons, as he has done off and on over the years. His more recent fame In westerns and at AT POPULAR MICK ' Coatinuous Showings at t.lS4.e.P.M NiREGENT THEATRE MM AT Mra sr. Ut-Slll . AdaJt BaUrtalaanat A Famous Players Air Conditioned Theatre A L'Afliche Ce Solr a Vendrcdi Deux Versions Francaise en Couleur "VENGEANCE DU FAUC0N D'OR" avtc FRANK LATTMORE at ANNA FERRO LES AVENTURIERS DE LA JUNGLE avee JOHNNY WE1SMULLER PROGRAMME POUR TOUTE LA FAMILLE ; ' Sails Cllmalisss , . TLX&r Tel. 1T1-S1U H(ILL I KUf LAVAL . CE SOIR-c, 1 ' . On lilaa da Allred Widamaa S ' Dialoft a,al Jardi f 1 Diplpflpit da Claud llh Dimancha: re prat eau lion mtnwettt a partlr d midi treat. Autre Joan euvertnr dee portaa a k. , . ;O.OAY Tfce Sfn-tillatlng Capers of Two Cunning Con Men who Fleeced . theSodestOiicks 4Nf. nn Hkft RlxAera... -fZ - t m ; 1 I- I 7 V ... L tnt v- v . - i r. ' DnrvB-nr opimi at t tt p.m. Xowttiow at vtna. Meet the Net Marlon Brando at "1.S0 . S.34 . 131 ) 7.48 ami 1.48 pM. ftmeraet and Elmdale. iVn k WATCH FOR THE BIG ONES tHIS FALL - 1 and "McHALE'S NAVr o nimt a few . . . r " . ' OBBON TRIAtaSI ABB OCAUTV TStBATBtt M TOWN lion films hat obscured the fad that he first made his success as a linger. "Goidwyn brought me out here in 1IM after I had been tinging in At Horns Abroad with Beatrice Lillie." he said. "I did Garden of the Moon it Warner Brothers at a sub lor Dick Powell, who was having a tight with the studio. Then 1 did all r I ALADDIN Bank St aad City Uatlla TAt-mt ii i 111 rnnn niuii 'Wr-l m Ddiiiiii SHian tHMIIIIII those muticala at Fox (with Batty Grable and Alice Faye) II of them in all." - When Here's Love was scheduled for a road tour, the producers thought of Ptyne. He broke in with three weeks in New York before the tour began. "1 felt uneasy at first because everybody in the show but me knew what they were doing." be said. "But I caught up with them and now it feels good." He plans to stay with tha tour until San -Francisco in December, then consider other show offers that have .resulted from his Here's Love success. SO BIG If MUST HAT AT TWO DtiYl-19 feis MKT ISflWM J I) wray!?:L,re, hii i a sfsf m nnun m mill inn hp i ill i unit mm miu w'wy; in 1 1 71 II .COWtC (3: X 1 I. IH-TI IIMWqifiMllillillilHI I .VXWbVI -aT3" 7t '. IfViT I tni STAR-TOP parva-iN omn Bead aatti - - ELVIS PBE8LEYS ANN-MARBRET O SIMRIMG IIP A STHRM ft akaj w aet,ttttpf jBae tsaaxAAAAAA.' tnatllf and the wild Idea ot dolus the Robin Hood . legend la Chlcaeot -SwlMkAMtaX! ar '.'Door Open 11.43 -Last Show 8.00 Feature 12.15 130 4.43 7.09 9.29 , ... . Children S5e Anytime -. . I . - I I 1 Student, Matinee, ?5e Ereninga, $1.00 Adulta, Matinee, $1.00 Evenitrje, $i.j . ak ' X r . iWiv A THURI t II W I '' Pa -A . X '' SPAY, AUGUST 20, 1964 . 'a. ' " " r,!UtTA!t t .e!crrRTlMltO WFU5i Nvr-11 a3m'rttanCt W al0"B . ,1 thialtinel T' ' Mnn on i Lj aLwtM ann- tsnti bmht ' - - rr n . 1 - ll'ik'flilllf' J "FOTO-NITE- NAMES SELECTED LAST NICHT! Jf 0r S2JS0 2nd Oftr SSOO Miss Judith Hawes Mr. J. R. Johnston : m Blake BWd Eastylew 1434 Civendlsb Rd, OtUwi v Nunu Km lUnrf Umkoi . Matla! StaC laa, Ans II tvealnf trad. SI. Adaha I S ChUdraa aajtba 2nd Hltl GORDON MITCHELL in "GIANT OF METROPOLIS" color CU1TT ULISTCn in.-.:! c:-:lao Plat -BBVLAMOaaa' A tra ttary at Caaada't Waal s raANCIS NVI.AND JAMES DOUOLAt 6th AND FINAL WEEK ! I KEVER BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKE- ln SAMUEL BRONSTON I,Tril vTs tolor oomiA LUKtN OswTal r, STEPHEN BOYD ALEC 6UNNESS. JAMES MASON ,;- CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER pniltil,- Tl I EaSlii&ij liMAtfaT Mtisoa . Cf.t-taat i ruwiit Aiuiw- -Awirnr Fruicciu ? AN AUC- iltCH '.1 IN ""p.ii asi-a. m jB(tf ""-rVONNt LIME-BRET HALSfY WNA IUND: - af r Warn. AOS SATURDAY! i Dally i , tod. Sun. i Dally (incL Sunday) at 1.30 . 1.30 . 5.30 7.14 M0 ST L!lT$i- " , ; JtjJll'l .J.llir U (jj'ii TODAY M 'tC i j n .jrr AlwCONWTIONeO Cr-JI ' ' t. !ft m-Bffla hush s nnsnu LAST "GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM"' (Adult) '. j DAY I', Alo "PLEASE TURM OVER" i.t'V ft rraTiTTl 1 1 gy I PHONE U3-IS7 .taa W- "V, j i laa. BANK STREET at QUEEN . ADULT ENTERTAINMENT V ' ' .and their new loves h n 1 f : S.i,t p -aw? - U .-aaaaa. a WON. THRU SAT. AT j . 1349.345.1.10.' 7JS.0.4 v''v. '

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