Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 83
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 83

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 83
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Course' excellent Bee Gees feast FANDANGO--tt Top (London PS656). That little ole band from Texas is back with another very fine set- half recorded live in concert and half in the studio. It's good stuff. Side One was "Captured as it came down--hot, spontaneous-and presented to you honestly, without the assistance of studio .gimmicks." It was recorded at the · Warehouse in New Orleans, and it opens the album with the band's usual showstbpping "Mellow Down i Easy," an extraordinary live tune. "Jailhouse Rock" is also among the live numbers, as are "Backdoor Love Affair." and "Long Distance Boogie.'' Each is fine. Side One is excellent and perfectly demonstrates why this band is such a powerhouse concert act. Side Two is another strong set, but after the unbelievable power of ' the first half, it pales a little. There's excellent music here--Billy Gibbons' guitar for example-! but some of the excitement of the ! live set is missing. This is a fault that the band's other studio albums has not suffered, and it is difficult to account for. . The music is fine, the playing as direct and hard as ever, but the fire is dimmed a bit. It is not dimmed enough, however, to make this a bad album. It is good blues-rock music played the way only ZZ Top can do it, which means superfine. - (JPR) Disc cussion MAIN COURSE--Bee Gee, (RSO ! Record* S04807, dutributed by Atlantic Record*). This would appear to be the Bee I Gees' attempt to reestablish themselves as a rock force in America. I There, was a time when a Bee Gees i tune was an automatic hit here, but tit's not that way anymore. ; i "Main Course" K a iine album, and if it doesn't do the trick, I'm afraid nothing will. The wonderful i Bee Gees harmonies are still here, ! that fine, whiney voice is here, though somewhat subdued, and the only thing missing is some of the ornate orchestration. To be truthful, that orchestration almost buried some of the group's tunes before,:and it isn't missed at all on this album. The arrangements are sharp, clear and clean. There is not a bad tune on the album. "Come pn Over" is a personal favorite because it embodies so much of the old Bee Gees flavor .while featuring a 'fine rhythm guitar and a slightly country-flavored . riff. I love it :.-.'·· "All This Making Love," which opens Side two is another gem, as is "Jive Talkin'," the new single. "Jive Talkin'" shows the band in a rhythm and blues mood, an unusual one for the group, but a quite natural-sounding one. "Main Course" is an excellent album. It's a Bee Gees feast. Enjoy. Enjoy. . (JIC). » DISCO, DANCE AND LOVE THEMES OF THE 10*--Peter Nero (Ariita AL4034). The disco scene is one of the hottest in America today, and this album fits in perfectly. It features up-beat tunes with just the right tempo for dancing. The fine instrumental arrangements are also just right for singing. Among the titles on this set are . some of the monster rock hits of ; 1975. the recent past--tunes like "Jazzman," "Feel Like Makin' Love," "Superstition," "Nothing From Nothing," "Don't You Worry About a Thing" and "Brother Louie." There is little to fault here and much to praise. "Superstition" is a little lifeless. It lacks the piercing synthesizer of the original and a little of its fire, but the other tunes lack nothing. "Brother Louie" is especially good, and "Love's Theme" is superb. (JPR) BACK TO EARTH-Rare Earth (Rare Earth R6-5485I, dutributed by Motown Record*). This is a fine little album, all upbeat and positive. The instrumentation is excellent, the arrangements clean and sharp. The beat is infectious, often very reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. Jerry La Croix's vocals are uniformly fine. The most outstanding aspect of the album, however, is the tightness of the band. The horn arrangements, particularly on "Let Me Be Your Sunshine," are astounding. "City Life," which closes the set, is another gem. The pounding, pulsating drums which drive the tune approximate the rush of city life, while the singer's near-frantic vocal indicates the urgency of the lyrics. It is an exciting blend. "Back to Earth" may be Rare 'Earth's best set. (JIC) Is New," "Litha" and "Tones for Joan's Bones" were released in '66 as an album titled "Tones for Joan's Bones." "Windows" and "Trio for Flute, Bassoon and Piano" were released on "Laws Cause" by Hubert Laws. "Inner Space" and "Guijira" were never before released. The personnel on these sides is outstanding. In addition to Corea on piano, there is Joe Farrell on tenor saxophone and flute, Woody Shaw on trumpet, Steve Swallow on bass and Joe Chambers on drums. The session was produced by Herbie Mann. The music is all "up." It is positive, creative energy all the way, yet even in the most frantic moments of abandon on "Inner Spaice," Corea's ear for the graceful phrase, and full, melodic lyrical line is evidenced. The material on this two-record set ranges from chamber music to ballads to Latin music to straight jazz--everything Chick Corea plays. And each he has mastered. It is too bad this material was missed its first time around, but it's so nice Atlantic has given us another chance. Grab it, jazz fans'. , ! (JC.) INSIDE OVT--The Flock (SRM- 1-1035, Mercury). The Flock, back in the '60s, was labeled a "progressive" band, playing experimental music, exploring the boundaries of rock and jazz, learning and making some fine music. Thje same is true today. The Flock is making the kind of interesting, exciting, innovative rock that few others today are trying. "'hang On" is a good-time number; itj radiates energy. "My OK Today't is a reaction to the book "Ifm Ok, You're OK." The melody goes through many changes, but remains in one key, echoing what the book says about one person taving many changes and characters within him. It is cohesive and well worked-out. "Back to You" is about the theory of karma--the belief that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. "What goes around, comes around, 1 ' I say. "Whether it's bad or good, it comes right back to you," they say. The Flock is good. Get it when it comes by you. i '4JIO CARR'S PANT (WALLPAPER 3111 licCOIKU Ml SillMIU CITY Phone 923-1333 Question Box i INNER SPACE--Chick Corea (Atlantic SD2-305). Chick Corea is now one of the most widely-respected pianists in jazz. As leader of the group Return to Forever, he is recognized as innovative, creative, exceptional. These early recordings for Atlantic, made in 1966 and 1968 and now rereleased, prove he has always been a genius. "Straight Up and Down," "This Q. -- "Mannix" is my favorite show. I'm sorry to hear it will be canceled. Please give us a biography on Mike Connors, the star of "Mannix." - H. G., San Antonio, Tex. A! -- Mike Connors was born Krekor Ohanian in Fresno, Calif., about 50 years ago. He attended UCLA on an athletic scholarship after serving three years in the Air Force during World War II. He became interested in college theatrics and appeared in a few campus productions. However, he had no intention of becoming a profession! al actor until he entered law school. Ironically, he played a young lawyer in his first professional role. He made his motion picture debut in "Sudden Fear/' starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance. In those days, he was known as Touch Connors, a name -- designed to bring him to the attention of casting directors -- which he later dropped. A succession of other movies followed, but Connors didn't really make it as a star until he was chosen to play.the part of ALCOA ALUMINUM SIDING i Serving the Charleston Area for 31 YEARS Complete Home Modernization! * ALUMINUM REPLACEMENT WINDOWS * ALUMINUM SIDING * INSULATED SIDING * PORCH ENCLOSURES * RECREATION ROOMS * ROOFS * STORM WINDOWS DOORS * GUTTERS* DOWN SPOUTS free Estimates! Terms CHARLESTON HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. fASHINGTONST. CHARLESTON, W. VA. CALL NOW 346-5701 NIGHTS-SUNDAYS-HOLIDAYS CALL 925-7104 Nick Stone in the popular TV series, ".Tightrope." He followed this with numerous guest-star roles on the various TV series and parts in a number of films, including "Harlow" with Carroll Baker, ."Good Neighbor Sam" "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" and the remake of "Stagecoach." Mike is married to the former Mary Lou Wiley, and they live in Encino, Calif., with their two children, Matthew and Dana. 250 Pittcnutf ·iJMter ·Stick. 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