The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLJE PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1918. HEJRT P SNTT-EB, Founder and Editor. 1«7» in*. K. M. SNYDKS, PrMtdmt. JAS. J DKIBCOU* ·»T U4 TnwtlTW JOHX L. GAJ.3. Ujmaftac XdltoT TTALTEK * STDIMEU City Kdltor MISS LYNNB B. KT^CKLL, 3o«l«ty Editor JCEMBKp OP AuocUttd FTOM. Avdit Bureau ot Circulation. P*urlvula AuoeUtsd I»1M«3. Two e*ntt »«r copy. SOc per maoth *' P«r y«»r by mall If paid in advance demonstrated, as it always is Trben the annual appropriation bill come* before the Eboae containing items of salary for clerks- assistant clerks, assistants to assistant clerks, mwaen- gcrs janitors, ^assistant janltws and wbat-bot. Thi^ occasion, always provides an opportunity for Republican meadbers to chastise the Democrats for their, effrontery In. giving them selres additional clerical assistance' and patronage under the camouflage of aapointmg clerks for committees thatj never meet , This ^ear u was Representative \radden of Illinois \v ho led the attack. on the hjpocnsj of his Democratic colleagues He cited the Committee 1 on Industrial 4r.s and Expositions i which is g^en a clerk*at $2000 and i j a jan tor at $750 and pointedly inquii ' how mauv expositions have been ITEKI5G, Itt, 'IS. Tk» Courier · Svnrtet n P SHFKMAN. Ho»pit»l Unit L, O S. A._ Fort JacPher^on Atlanta. Ga. RALPH F SMGEF C*mpany S 31»th Infantry I S N A. Camp Lee Petersburg 1 "Va. To test the matter Representative Madaen oftered an amendment to strike out the appiopnatiou £or the clerk of this committee but the Demo cratic members came biavelv to t i c rescue and, saved that important and much o\ or-worked appointee from be ing forcibh detached from a soft snap b voting to s'ue the job in patriotic preference to '-aving «oinc of the peo pie s monej £ Giv mp i l ook nett week w ill be tl i I proper u t n -which u bring \ ou = | g f t * . lo t i e -,jldier-j up to 1 lit. Th* Associated Prwss 1* « clusively eatitted to the us« lor repubH^ation of all n«ws dia pmtchea credited to It or not oth*rwe credited In this yap-ar and alsoSfae local news published hwein. Whe conies to pr 70 knitters, a.** J nie^^iired \ \ pruduct rathe- th in bv ' jear« Connell'u ille miv w e l l claim i tl e cham-pfonTtilp bv a record of I G f j ' separate pitceJs to the credit, of n. sinpU person 1 3IIST HELP OB EF HCRl. "There are~feir business or industrial enterprises tn,at do not have their periods of financial trouble at some stage of their existence These most frequently but not always occur during the early «ars ol their history, sometimes before the first car has closed Ji is not always possille to guird against iundrances of tais kind par- ticularlr if the line of business or industry be a new one Pro\ sion can raretv be made for all -he conttngen cies which may arise in. the develop- .Emfpcror Bill iuRht to inKc i h i n t from Brer Ground Hog s graceful id ! dieaUon tod o *^nd esrape he certa n [ fn.te of bec minp: ground hop b Core j .another Februar bccond his rolled around Even the clocks -w til advarrco no» that Conffrctra his pa*se i the daylight' H i n d ^as that the German army \* readj to start iis much advertised drive on the western front Ixjt er d r i v e t noie ^am hiifl *roint bo* Over Then, who k n o w something" about u«!ine »"prat,y an Hind} will leJirn ON THE WESTERN FRONT. -By Macauley. I , The^ X c p t Teddj from. ffoinf? OV«T I , 1 ut thf-v h a \ e not been able to K e r p * j Vrch e from putt n# It i \ e r on the · Hun so cnmplftc j a 1 * to win a. renr 1 ' war medal as tebtimomil to lit" ^ bra\cr ps®$s®$^^ 1« ment ot a new undert-iking Again circumstances may be verv aJverse to attaining a firm footing Suca appears to have bceu me s tu ation "with, respect to ,the electric steel mill the new eat of Councils( viHe s industries A.t 'he time the i plans *ere completed careful esti mates ba^ed upon the iben prevailing" prices for material and wages placed' the coat o f plan* and equipment at |75 000 \\ hich had H not been ex ceeded would have left $50 000 as working capital an airount regarded as ample for a plant 01 thp capacity TTnfortunatelv a stries 01 delavs from Tarious causes p-evenud the work of construction fceing comemnced promptly ajad pushed to earl? completion. Still other delas occilrred during the construction and equipment of the plant, each,0'which added Terr Jargp corners the w h i t e slavers run wild 1} to the cost tecause ot the rapid ad i ind v t o IA rampant according to re vanees in the prices of matcnal a n d ' ports F the Commandiag Officer de- labor meantime Incut ntallj the en i creos and ytiu liave the monc 1 * taxi ' terprise did not receive that degree ot trolley aau ferrv ^ u i tAe you to Ui ' attention wnich would have advanced, terrible place and \ou can goz t awe tue date of its readmes= to begin oper- j otncfctn at the tall bit I dings re\ol in ation and as in all n t \ v \entuie^ a ^e glonc? 3 of ttrc Great "\\tnto ^ay or certain amount of experimental work| admire t h c ^cird camouflage on the If TOII want to be i^ Th^re i^ill In, no better or nur«»r wa )t financial, A i rt crop this e t.r than t i nan, t lin seL-urlnjf of fcoo 1 *e"d a*- the c u n t \ put ic «af*tr com "ft ith tht. re-tu r of spnnsr th* 1 hou^ht^ of thf hoj s Lt v.j.m{i !an Lock ind r'-irpj I eo inslou^Jv t u r n OTA ard F r a n c e t,v ti If lie r s [ f arc \ot 3 ct direct d t o u a r i ihc vi t WAR-WILL BE OVER WITHIN SIX MONTHS, SAYS AN OBSERVER | _ i Continued from Pace One. wh^Te thf gunner l u r k in hcdarfc ; Fl_\MHt- I \ l \ I l XT 1 rn JIM iiuttll ill 1 c M i* h P^-i U 11 f I \ M W AST* D-- wrH- Call ·*« \\ M o u n t J-- KM (· lilt- M I h r t U T W f -i- ufl after 6 I M Of- [( Fh OS i ^ vin« b Hid I OH R F \ T I " inhpn na r t u r n ^ f j N -i \\ \ N T J - P ~ \ t i M K A t I B V N K. ^ T b --GIR1 ork 10^ I--US 1 ni f \ t t o was done before the be»t metiiod=; and water front plans *ere determined All of these things required the expenditure o' money so much m ihe aggregate tha ·when the plant actualh" began opera-^ tion it was m the unfortunate position of b°mjf without Smc« then it ha after the -manner of many other under- been burdened bv working capital struggled along takings T*hicli the same handicaps That it has met with misfortune is not due to the failure of: the process employed in making steel nor to the lack of orders for its product at prices that would yield a handsome profit instead it has bimply repeated the early hlgton of man* enterprises Trntcb having pulled through their difficulties are now operating success fully and proving profitable to their stockholders In the case of the electric steel mill there is no*apparent ie\son wh once it is safely through its period of financial travail it cannot go forward on a coarie of assored H-ospentj. Its ou can \isit j | hou G-mnt s Tomb or tae ^cc-uarium 1^2 Do*n South we lived in elongated j single stoned barracks Here w e are ·WINTBD-- O b N T L V M \ keeper Must I " noused in two-story structures and uome WPU recoromeudt J the aggresa ion naturaHj divide them- "A%D"i t o sehes into cellar rats and sar*~et mice There are man 1 * long and elo- oucnt arguments over the desirabiJ ity of reading above or belov. though its really a one sided fanbject I live ·n-nced nrl n i STM Jl^ma ltd I d ! S \ t- -I p-inel l ^ o l j I n TP-M \tfiTOl *. c n c l l s v i le bt WATF J D-- \i R-rtphci md are Courier , i \m nt tnt st «.i dt i r t d ^ llim i rtfd ' FOR SVLI^--SOL^H ^OVSE-LL-S x t l l f t lots. Cori\i,n ml, cheap co. y I t rms Inqutr* at TH^ COLRli-R OF I PICE 1 [ \ \ C I I I 1 1 M I S t! » u r o r MT Dn Plw i t I ri ft e ' u I I i N )T I t - nit 1 t-nu "1 T 111 IK hi 1 b reSTTinilpnt i i r h r b\ o t i l i Th u ie ^ul) ! nil ti ^ i poom in ihls cap* h \ 1 i**-n r a r n t d N o n * «t invt.ntu: j v u the ret eo,u rt*d to Lppcar n , I t . art r f i n 1 !*»s ol a 1 * r- t t f 1 j L in ! A n 111 l « l \ton-d i% of Apr 1 j i ' urt. V P 191F t a n s w e r the lib 1 rid i In IHo i t h e r e i n tnd hhu r \i*p f s n \ on h i \ o 1 \ a di v n r o fr^ t " bo di c f i ^.trln on\ ha i i " t 11, j.'-inicd the nbetlant ih ^ nam ) H i t M \S J IJO"n ARD S h i r r "-h^r fC Office March S 1D18 with the cellar iau? nnsell I ha\e tasted bully WANTED--ain^KTRS WAITED WHO stJdytne for axa-mlnationa to get . , , t the be*ft m t n i n c book published MJn bcec m fact ine Io a \ su , be u by JAMES w^uii i may go so far as to *-d.y tha"*I have \ LAW Scottd-Oe Pa. Fnce 52 25 eaten t n a half doz*n Toimb since; * 8feb44t leaving Georgia This concentrated es semce of nutriment which I under stand is old grav^nare meat corned 3-OP S U [ --THt I \ n S \ K U I V Mi-iptta r ^ dcitct. in J n h n s t v it -st^rh I n q u i r e MI S J T D \M a E U p ont 75 Trt State me 1 mot l o w n I m i t r t C HiRhct. M a t t h e w * Mtor and canned forms a big item in tiavel rations and having lots ol it left over on arriving here the cooks have served it since in pie salad soup gravy and hash If it really Is horse meat, as the sa T ha*e onl^ this to say Old Dobbin, doesnt make such bad i eating _ , j , , , , TMe here is \ery strenuous We '! , great ^ man , d ' the cos *l ar, 2 e W hen the bugle blows at C 15 a partake OL oatmeal and bullj beef ;o back Lo bed arising, i£ so of production leaves a sood margin of * r ° flt iJ5l ^ ° l ? oricenne has bepn for breakfast ana tn- completed heace that point has been for ttc rcsr f the ^ reached when with its present d fflcul- mellaed whea more bu]1 be[ 1; ties oat of the way thpre should be no 1 ed at 12 and D It is verj »Wa doubt of ita future success In view of these prospects Connells- Takmg out insurance Lo the ?10000 limit is now being advocated a a ai WA-NTED -- KVI I- PTENCbD CASH ier and stcnocraph«- for depart -nent store State ^ tlirv printed and ifl\ c iroference w i t h a-ppl cation Ir own hand " ·writing Addreaa "V c re Courier -CfebUd "WAITED-- WOMLN 524 00 t ULiL TIM I T-OP S\LF:--B VKGATN riunr mom .hou^c *nd lot - t O x l 0 1 c,hth street "V\ f « t Sfdt I n q u l t 3 10 b utit P i p h t h ^.i.rf»et Tr Gt- \\ R S \LjJ----T\\O \ C F F S tcven r n o n i i p o till f o n n d l T X i l l tlorif; ur \dd-i_« JIO111 L in. ( T hosier^ to wearer time Big ^ring 1 ience unnecessary MILL.S ^or^i8towTl 0t, in h o u t sp LTC business b-iper I N T L R N \ T I O N M. Pi Ittnarlt* WANTED--OLD F \LSE TLETH Don t matter if broken I pai $2 00 to $la 00 per set. Send b-y parcel post and receive check b'v rctu n m a i l I*. MAZER 200" S Fi( h Street Phi adU phia, I a, Sraar_3t* J-OH S M U~0\i i KCI MI tot 11 U16 ClasH cond t i o n \* I Scott dale ( H \RLJ S N =I "HPTS 1 S J PI A M So ci I n ic C a v i t of Common P] i oC I % t * t t t c o u n t v la. N o 418 1 inibp Terr 191 To L^la M be I rets re " on lent 't ire hereb% DO t R d ih IL U c frubpoeni ami ^lias nb i po DJ. I T ili ssc ba\ e 1 em roiuried S fst. i % ( . n t t. ou are therefore . r i u i i t l I i] ir in t h e Pou-t o( j [ C o l i o n I If-us of F*aT ettf count^ Pa on he t M n d i j oC A p r i l of S"a d ( ir \ D 1 \ « 10 iniwor the Hbe tnd o n p l a i n t 1 d t t t e r e n and show cilia iT fin\ s o u h a v e wh a divorce i Troi r h f 1 o n d s o^ mfif-iinonv should ' not be printed the l i b e l K n t above '"name THOMA 5 * L HOW \ R D Sheriff b l e r i l T s O lice "M ircl 8 I S I S I Sm.irU ^at wile ought v be very vitally interest guarantee of comparative security eft in having the -iffairs of the com- durmg ^ c unpleesantness across the pany untangled The-permanent loss| wa ter A. Jewish recruit who -wanted or failure of the undertaking would be) to take out ?I5 000 adranced the so disastrous to the city insofar as theory that u won Id he poor * achievinj any future increase in the number of bur industrial enterprises is concerned that the city would be Tirtnally at _a_standst II in that respect. TTrfmaat not siop even if difficulties do impede our progress They ought merely to spur us. fo greater effort Thats -wnj* ConneltsTiIIe ought to do all that It can to help set the ctectric steel mill oti «s feet and steady Jt in that position until it can take firm steps forward If we (ion t help we li be hurt s 111 G The atgh tide of fe} been bw eepms for the pabt !,%o jcaia aoaument in strei gta t ness for \Incie Sam to risk liaving to pay a lot of ?10 000 polities h putting the holders 11 the front line trenchefe DraCteei, awaiting- call might c Jjp this paragraph out and saye It Service capa are issued here B^ weanns "wrong side front, one gets a fetching effec.t similar to that imparted bv a Scotchman s hcadgea- A. rol- poly fellow with one of these on is a sight for the gods I *vcar mv^ own a*. H 3aunt\ angle and many fttlks turn to look as I strut by LAteij I hare be flo\v come sus-picious of those looks They may be admiring and they mar not. Ma-garet Wilson he President s daughter sanj for u^ las,, night Miss \-\ ilson must have a lot of personality for the \ was packed and she was given a wonderful reception A contraption that Jocks like a ] I dl ^ « believing tnac tie supply oC moiiPi is mexhau^tSbX no proposal I dl ^ ar ' 9 suit aad 1S guaranteed to keep iuvoUiiio the appiopn-^on. of p\ihlic! o n afloat and w a r m for 12 honrs m funds is permitted to'lack support the event of some nitshap at sea is particular!) if it carry with ifc^tht. op- bem S tt ° Id IU the Great Citv to soldiers portuoit to name cle «\ing- Demo- abouE lo trata £01 new places ut eoioii WANTED-- LAB GE MAN UFACTU B er wants representatives to Hell ahirta «nder*^Bar hosiery dresses waists skirts direct to homes "Write for free samples JVTADISON MLiJjS 503 E oad ·Ray York City lSaug-*.6t sat W VNTFD-- AGLATS M \K1 BIG profl ·* spllint, out extracts l e r f u m t - b cold ct earns fa.c [o\v4ei *- met! ci i^s etc U f a a t i f a } Iiif,h ofa-de line I - K C l u s i N o l r n o i Sample soap tree I AC-VSSi \ N ( u Iiopt 95 fct 1X3 i i S M O l6marU* WANTED--A,Y KIND OF PttlN P Inc- whether rt is a. ciliing- card Buie bill or the finest engrd.'VLd wtiddi t. Invitation or announcement We nrlnf. anythine--^verythin^--do *it promrtly TH3 and do t richt P*U1 the man COURIER office Bqtb phones fit TH !? tf A N D WOMT"N IS oc over needed for po\crnmpnt ivar Job 5 ; Thousands of clerks wanted $1(11 month R n p i d increase r"om nnn education eufflcient AATFRICAJS IN STITLTS Dept G 30 Rochester N mar 16 2 * W \\TED--S VL.rS'VTA N WELJ \f quaintrd n citj or nearb-v 'owns to ervi^n auto own^r;* ^ e offer in S per ent preferred tiro otock at $2o per «? are with corrnion bonus in vestors are fnrnished t res it whole o. Car owner* u ill sT.\e covl. of \n\ e"tment ftra year on tire pur chaseff "We hii e rien c a r n t n K ' 00 weekly Tf interested "writo M \it ICPLI Room "04 S^oo r c-hd Clevt" Hn-d ICinarlt* FOR S \ t b -- a«5h(l cat n it\ ^umji VIsn L o i l d j u t i b l f P I T "V\ Vf OSS 10 _ 1 f n b ^ i i ^ L e n d i o^t Uf,cfl fo Mi ot nt, ft e x t i a bit Ln iu i C o n r e J s U I J c t 11 m i r 6 t I OK i i N r-- \ HRL.Ii, fcT Of ^ bricl b u i l d i n p ^ \ 1 J b u l t a b l e for i ffari.t or man fTOtiirmj, i urpOEcs on the c jnc oT 'Mo wlow Lane and Church I l i c o I n q u re J I ST ^ DER. Urn rtf ror su i --o\r sc\ ^\ I L VR old black t inel h i c k I orfat w e i f c l t l"00 i d i n d \ j,oo3 w rl er in aJl bar nes^ binsle 1m Ol G three e 11 old colt h s been dr v e n q u i t e nf n t l e in I v. ill nike T, nice li i\ t r One b ff v , o r K m u l e in "ihapp to RO n to the / l o w Come and mike me a n ) off i \ \ i l l c 1 one o U l lliroi. in a i l u n I C - Wf RTHING^ON D iw son P u J 4 m i.r " \T ONCE I TNOT"i PF OPL RATOR AT THE DAILA COURIER OFTICE hlic of 1 I pr^ J ipiiptumt d Lie 1 i 1*1 S bet, c o n t e n t s Ing of lb head m itc ed bl tck te t MO CPI/I D MI i or i ^ i l l on j t P u h l c S L! at barn on h L trcet Srot t n a t ! **to\-\ ^ VK H i n i n ^ , it 9 o clock A 11 t u C n 1 \ c r v b trn co *? «t oori hois 3 1 K ra\ te tm REAL ESTATE (O"-)bLL.r ilL, IP 5 OU H A \ r K t A J j estitic for sitlt, or r o i t I h a v e monies to la in j ou to p r chase a home Call in i 1 f t me tMI ~\ ou about our new fca ttire ·; rcb% von rcc en«. bark ci erj c o l l a r TOII p it l i T ha^vc barpams m I ome-i it'^ lots and count ·"· proper w lls and al notar'v noL.l^^ \v ork f r e e t re il estate b r t l P r and o u r banker about to suggest thai wflltt hack not toch one *ets jou f j i r For Kent f C P KP NT--S ..IE iV^at G'-e-n d bn pratuc-il violent oi»po*itiO!t Ibis ^a^ illu*tr*ted J . ago when the u t t t r u^c - of thr coiDmjftcf * f t * c'v, of acrain J Uas ouc *»* of d n e " et -'-^ lu " h a n d Ol l wim w i t h that he or c*ae hold vigorous strokes n general dmxtioi of Lrmr FOP 14 00 ROOM STA-STON SlPi- I- i t ) i .". P S ! f o r m e i n q n i r OSr r i * S I R A K T r U ocrup P1 bv Sl^ani F L O R b N T ] S M U T / tei n o bav col I l e i m of d ns \ v i t h \ h l t e m iiit-s nd t Is T h i s i b t e be L I o o k i n 0 heir P or t, i r d ^ e te i in V estern 1 c n n s j H n i J I s r r ^ t nart 1 113 d i i nf, 1 o se 1 bl ick dr \ int. b. bo 1 chest r ut son c! dr \ mt, 1 rbt. The^e teai K r nge p at,e from o l i j c i i 0 - ! e s?h f om 1 aO lo i t pe und 1 ' S \ ci b^ of t e best raal a 1 in K o! con 1 t on 1 s ] \ c r f,r~j futiei U ir 11 e\cr»ll nt ro ilition 1 \ 1 it C h Id s hftrs* 1 L t r - i i ^ 1 $ f j.t I t r a p bURrg-i s t n Lboiii-j b I h^ 1 inc. d u i t Li^ u u l ioii t a i v, a"oi u a! up and ^ e j t s i n I n ret V.^%011 \\ t i l up a j U r-.lfv 1 rl bud tt J. l i l l \ LgO J tu b o l 1 d w r S o l d t c i im i li cnst d notary p u b l i c my reliAiUtv JOSEPH A. MASON , ^eeor d National Bank t u i l d m g nad w w j,on l Scut cb t k u lu i ! ! i r e ·= 1 c of inprle P\ 1 : ^ t of single b sri, l v o r % f n n « a n d hats inc" a n r i ri p p i n a m ^ r - h t n ^ bli k f t vr\ ip« and c I RELAYING RAILS uir Vroiiipi ^hiiHnenL Hllti Oli M K l l l . i K) T^MPOI 1 0 Box JO C LARKSWRG According to our usual custom there -will be on sale at all our stores a good variety of Easter flowers--blooming plants of all the popular ea;h kind Persons anticipating buMng Easter flowers can leave their orders no-ss and we will have them in ample time for Easter A\ e will also have a complete and large stock OL special foods for Easter consisting of Eggs Lamb ^ eal, Schcmier Kae'se Hams, Fresh Pish etc Owing to the inefficient transportation facilities arrival oC all goods is uncertain so it is advisable for ^ou to leaie %our orders earlj for am special faster goods that you maj desire Vt e v, ill do our best to serve you promplh and completeh but the transportation facilities are a great handicap and interfere frequentlj with our plans t3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Weatmoreland and Allegheny Courses. The Store lha insists on fitting then Shoes correctlv Particular people in*e our Shoes The\ re pleased "flitb our style ^eiccuon and our methods in fitting A FAMIIA SHOE STORE ·Hith Belter Shoes--Better N a ues--Better ber\ice--for our customers satisfaction Call and see «ome new shoe 1 - SAVE and INVEST THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY -- BbY-- w. s. s. Weir Savings' Stamps JSSUED Bl United States Government 3L4RCH, 1938. ,JA. 1, 192S. '$4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNELl^VILLE, PA IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. Th«y Bring the Results,

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