Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 82
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 82

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 82
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Page 82 article text (OCR)

July 17 ^CHARLESTON WCHS-TV CBS HUNTINCTON WSAZ-TV ' NBC HUNTINCTON WOWK-TV ABC OAK HILL WOAY-TV ABC , BLUEFIELD WHIS-TV NBC ROANOKE WDJB-TV CBS ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG W BOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURC WTAP-TV NBC , HUNTINCTON WMUL-TV PBS-EEN GRAND VIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:30 GD Arthur Smith · Bible Answers ffi Town Crier 0 Patterns For Living 6:45 · Morning Report 7:00 · 3) ® 81 55 Today 'IB (D Network News B (D A.M. America 8:00 O (D Capt. Kangaroo 3) Sesame Street 8:30 (I) Sesame Street 9:00 B A.M. QB Coffee Break ffl (B) Phil Donahue B Cooking ® 3J New Zoo (D Artie Levin BD.J. J *O TBA (J) A.M. America 9:30 B Barbara Walters ® Romper Room (CD Cartoons B Galloping Gourmet d) Musical Chairs B New Zoo (B Sacred Heart ® Yoga 10:00 B ® (H ® ® Celebrity Sweepstakes B(D Spin Off B Dinah S) Barbara Walter's IS Yoga ·*ffi Erica 10: 30 B ® ®) ® ® Wheel of Fortune OCD Gambit (5 Calvin Evans 8 Frying Pans West ? (!) Bridge 11 :00 B ® ® © ® High Rollers O CD Tattletales ffi Friends Neighbors ®TBA · ® Folk Guitar 11:30 B ® ® © ® Hollywood ,* Squares '' B CD Love of Life , (B Blankety Blanks B Brady Bunch (B Mister Rogers Afternoon 12:00 B QD ® ® Marble Machine B © Local News CD Young Restless (D (B Show Offs ' ® Mister Rogers (D Hodgepodge Lodge 12:30 B CB © © Jackpot ' @) Local News O (D Search for Tomorrow ffl (B All My Children 19 ffl Electric Co. 1:OOB® Local news . US) Somerset © Marble Machine (3) Barbara Walters O Phil Donahue . . . , . . , CD Panorama 0 CB Ryan's Hope **® Villa Alegre (B Book Beat Court case testing status of net news 1:30 B CB ® © © Days of Our Lives B CD As the World Turns BCB Let's Deal ·-' O Episode (B Special 2:00 BCD Guiding Light B (B $10,000 Pyramid 9 Family at War 2:30BCD Edge of Night B ® ® 8 ® Doctors B CB Rhyme and Reason 3-00 B CB ® © UJ Another World 8 CD New Price Is Right B CB General Hospital Q| Chess (B Erica 3:30 0 CD Match Game B CB One Life to Live Capitol Cable Channel 10 THURSDAY: Morning: 9:00 "Border Saddlemates" 11:00 Spotlight Noon: 12:00 "Geraldine" 2:00 "Drums Along the Mohawk" . , . . · ' . ' · 4:30 "Gallant Legion" Evening: 6:30 Spotlight 8:00 "Geraldine" 10:30 "San Antone" "THE YOUNG SAVAGES," (1961) * * *, 9 p.m., CB US © a Evan Hunter's novel. "A Matter of Conviction," makes for a hard- hitting crime drama with Burt Lan, caster playing a determined assistant D.A. engaged in the battle against juvenile delinquency. There are many tough and brutally realistic scenes. O Guitar (B Bridge 4:00 (BO (3) Somerset B Mr. Cartoon 9 Gilligan's Island · Musical Chairs (D Bonanza B Mike Douglas CB You Don't Say O (D Sesame Street 4:30 B Bewitched d) Corner Pyle ® Andy Griffith ©Bonanza B Mickey Mouse Club (B) Family Affair CB Movie 5:00 BCD FBI GD Bonanza ® Truth or Consequences BLucy © B Ironside O CD Mister Rogers 5:30 ©Get Smart B Andy Griffith ® To Tell the Truth O Electric Co. CD Hodgepodge Evening 6:00 · 5) ® Q) IB) O CD CD 3) Local news, weather, sports Q Book Beat d) Electric Co. 6:30 O (E®® ®Offl CD® Network News ®Yoga (E Folk Guitar 7:00 O B) Consequences ® Arthur Smith ® Ironside © Jimmy Dean O What's My Line CD CD Let's Make a.Deal ® Hank Thompson 9 Nova (D Black Experience 7:30 O ® H'wood Squares CD To Tell the Truth (5) Friends of Man © Outdoorsman O Price Is Right (D Nashville Music ® Police Surgeon (B Martin Agronsky 8:00 O Reds vs. Expos - ® O) © ® Gladys Knight : and the Pips 0®Waltons ffl ® Barney Miller : O (5) Best of Pops 8:30 CD ® Texas Wheelers 9:00 CD © © © CD Movie 0 "Pardners" (D CB Streets of San Francisco · ® ® Space For Man? 10:00©® Harry 0 11:00 O CD ® ©© 0 CD CD (B Local news, weather, sports ©Captioned.News 11:30 O © ®) US © Tonight 0 CD Movie CB (B Wide World Special 3 Janaki By John J. O'Connor 1975 IV. Y. Time* Newt Service NEW YORK-The television critic has reached a point of radical reassessment with electronic journalism. From the beginning, TV news has been treated as just another part of the TV schedule, in a class with TV entertainment. The TV documentary was "reviewed" as another TV special. Egos were stroked nicely as producers, direc-. tors and writers received notice and, not infrequently, applause in the print press. Even if the reviews were negative, the over-all relationship between critic and TV news had settled into a comfortable and thoroughly predictable groove. But TV news was only doing what it should be doing. A certain level of competence had been reached and was generally being maintained. It could be assumed that a CBS Reports or an NBC White Paper would be professional; responsible and conscientious. Occasionally, very occasionally, it might even be provocative or laced with original investigation/ABC's Close-Up series demanded attention when it first appeared because the format was different. The format is now familiar, and the series requires less attention. But still, too often, TV critics can be found rushing to any TV documentary script and churning out a column merely by recapitulating the content of the documentary. The routine is boring at best, worthless at worst. . My own current preoccupation is with the proposition, endorsed by the best and the brightest of people, that electronic journalism is automatically an extension of print journalism. The ramifications of this assumption are numerous and enormous, but by far the most profound is that electronic journalism would demand full protection under the- First Amendment's "freedom of the press" guarantee. Any regulation of broadcasting might then be construed as unconstitutional. That is the rationale behind the current proposed by Sen. William Proxmire to abolish not only the "fairness doctrine" but any* governmental control over broadcasting. In effect, station licenses, now renewed every three years, would be 'granted in perpetuity. But from its earliest years, broadcasting has had a special status! The airwaves belong to the public. Regulation of broadcasting was instituted to insure that the industry operate in the "public interest, convenience and necessity." Many broadcasters have become impatient with these basic tenets. The president of one network news organization has public dismissed the concept of the public's airwaves as "rhetoric."' So, in any unfavorable confrontation with the Federal Communications Commission, which has never been among the moire aggressive of government agencies, broadcasters tend to revert to statesmanlike proclamations .about intimidation and "chilling effects." The resulting Alice-in-Wonderland whirligigs can be found startlingly demonstrated in the bizarre history of the fairness doctrine. As part of Section 315 of the Communications Act, the doctrine merely seeks to afford "reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public importance." Those views do not have to be "balanced" within a single program; they can be spread over the entire schedule of a station. The basic purpose is to provide some "access" for a variety of viewpoints and opinions. That may seem reasonable, but powerful broadcasting forces-including the Columbia Broadcasting (Cont. on Page 12s) ace 1:00 O I Tomorrow *_».» *: *»'*"»' * »Y-'~* *"»V»Y WALTONS. (Repeat). "The Spoilers." When his New York business fails, ruralite-turned-so- cialite Ted Hanover returns to his humble beginnings only to find Ms big-city sophistication in conflict with his family ! s rural ways. 8 p.m. CBS. O QD. . · STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO. (Repeat). "Asylum." After two mysterious deaths in a mental in- .stitution, Keller has himself committed to the asylum to investigate. 9 p.m. ABC. CD (B A Durable Fence Uric That Lasts... Without Costly Maintenance!! When you specify Page aluminized fabric, the eturri on your investment is maximized 3 to 5 mes longer than galvanized. 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