The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
Page 2
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F IV I' PAGE TWO. TI-TB DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTI.LS. PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 16. 191S. CONNELLSVILLE HIGH WINS OVER LATR08E TEAM IN GOOD GAME i BOYS AT CAMP LEE TO GET FURLOUGHS BEFORE GOING OVER Invitations have been issued Cor a dance to be held Thursday night at the Colonial Inn by the Phi Eta Phi club. The hours are from. S to 1 o'clock. Kiferle's orchestra will play. Passion \Vteek will be observed the ·week of March 2-1 by the congregation served. One guest, Miss Delia Swmk, Local? Jlnvi 1 Big Loud Until Last Qnar- Irr, and Contest Kudo With Score at S-t-32. The Connelisvillc high school basketball team after maintaining a good cad over the Latrobe basketball team of the First Baptist church with'.Methodist Episcopal Sunday school preaching services ever}- night, with held last evening at the home of the exception of Wednesday night, j Misses Susan and Lillian Hicks in was present. Mrs. Means will enter- i throughout the game ai tbe focal ^ym. tain the club Friday evening, April last irfght won out by only two points. 10th, at her home at Poplar Grove. Business of a routine nature was transacted at the regular meeting ol the J. 0. C. Jr., class of the First Continued '-am Pace On*. Cunningham, a soldier at Camp Lee, hustled off toward his home at Smithfield. Bnt the event was over when he arrived. , His wife m and babe arc doing well. when tie Mission Guild will present a missionary program, entiled 'The Cross in Congo Land." East Faimew avenue. PERSONALS. Mrs. David Poole of Scottdale was a The Knit and Win'Unit to the Char- ! Connellsville visitor yesterday, leston Comforts Bram-h of the Navy i The best place to shop after all League will meet Monday night at the | Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. home of Mrs. "W. R. Smith in Eighth , Mrs. "William Sturgeon and two chil- street. Greenwood. Music by Ur. and- Mrs. S. B. Dull will be a feature at the Sunday evening meeting of the B. Y.'P. U. ot the First Baptist church. Tennant is leader. Miss Alma ;" The Indies' Guild of the Trinity Se- Jormed church held a meeting last nlgh.t at the home of Miss Grace Pen^ rod in Greenwood. "West Side. Eight ~ members and three visitors wer pres- ;; ent. Articles valued at about ?fr were ;- turned in for the annual bazaar. The regular meeting of the "Wo- dren oE Isabella road, have arrived home from Pine Island, Fla., where they spent the winter. Tuesday last day of Downs' Shoe Store's sale of their entire stock of winter shoes. It will pay every man, woman and child to take advantage oE this cleanup sale. Just Saturday, Monday and 'iniesday left to buy.-- Adv.--15-3t. Mrs. L. M. Mace of Greensburg, formerly of Connellsville. has gone to San Antonio, Tex., to visit her mother and sister. "A complete showing 1 of all that is newest and best in this season's millinery at McFarland's, Apple street. ! The te;im had to tlo btmc ical cUssy playing, altboush at times it seemed that l.airobo's passes couid not bo broken up. Time after urue the ball would be taken down die floor by that team only tti fan at shooting. Jimmy McC-onnell made si'c baskets i lafai night but was still off form. Sim- ( ble aiso had hard luck with goals that he usually makes. At the cad oC the first half, liie bcore stood -0-12, Coauellsville increased this margin, slightly at the beginning o£ the last period but Latrobo began creepiug tip. Captain Moore was disqualified on four personal fouls. CROSS K I) OCK.W Y!TH SECIUfTAHT OK WAR KAKER 'Mrs. Jane Connolly received word today of the safe arrival of her son. Peter, in France. He was one of the 10,000 that went over th-ere with Secretary Baker. . Then Lairobe overcame :he lead, and ! more Ohio train No. 15 at o'clock. They are: Richard as the last whistle blew a Latl-obe man shot a goal, the game ending 3-1-32. The lineup: Councils ville--34. Latrobc--32 FTW, 3TKX KSTER SKRVICK TODAT THKOUGH BOAJID 5 j Five Fayette county young men, who are under Draft Board No. 5 will enter the service today. The men. ar« alt volunteers going out on special calls. Four who w i l l go into the coast artillery will leave tonight on TiaKi- 4:25 and Charles Clements, and Brycc James of Dunbar, who will go to the Columbus, 0., barracks, where they will be assigned to the coast artillery. Homer Tie food drink without a fault Made of high grade cocoa beans skil- fully blended, and manufactured by a perfect mechanical process, without the use of chemicals . It is absolutely pure and wholesome, and its flavor is delicious, "the natural flavor of ths cocoa bean. Struble forward Mullen Walters of Hi'.lcoake will also go to Lyon McCouncil . Moore Bufano , forward . center . - guud ~ guard man's Culture club w i l l be held Mon- j -- Adv.--l-i-St. day afternoon at the home of Mrs. B. | Joseph Butiertnore went B. Smith in PatterSon avenue. Mrs. W. P. Clark is leade,-. The first of a series of chain teas planned by the womj-n 04 the Trinity Episcopal church for" the benefit o£ the church building fund, will be ,helil burg this morning to see Monday afternoon, April at the home of Mrs. Frank R. Graham in Chestnut street. A meeting ofthe men of the congregation of the First Baptist church will heli eld tomorrow morning at the close of the services to discuss business of importance. The Unity Fraternity vyill hold an to Pitts- Over the Top" at the Alvin theatre. A complete showing of all that is newest and best in this season's millinery at McFarland's, Apple street. --Adv.--J4-3C Mrs. 0. B. Craft and daughter o[ N'orth Pittaburg street, went to Ha?.- lewood this morning to visit friends over Sunday. M. J. Currraiings left this morning for Ohio to visit bis parents, Mr. und Mrs. "William Cumminijs tor a few days. Two more days Je-ft yet--Monday and Tuesday--to buy shoes at Downs' Shoe Store at reduced prices. This sale includes every pair of Field goals: Jas. McConnell 0; Schultz 5; Lyon, t; Mullen, 3; Stru- blo, '2; Reeves, 2: Hines. Foul goals: Lyon. 10 out of ID; Mullen, TO out o£ \ 11; Struble, 0 out of 2. Substitutions: ] Danner for Bufano; Robmion for 'Lyon; Buftemujre for Moore; Rogers for Jteeves. Ke.'erec Smith. Reeves Columbus. - \Vnght ] Harry Slater of 51111 Run will leave SchulUi | on train No. 5 at 7:10 o'c.ocfa: Pittsburg, whe'-c he will be transfer- rod to a special for San Antonio, Tex. Slater w i l l be m the mechanics regi-j raem. lip is the fourth man to be sei by Board No. 5 lo San Antonio. GKOKGi: DUTKDr UCTS i ?s noi'K George Duffin K expected home this evening on a 72 hour furlough. A teltt- In Lite preliminary the Sophomore j gram Tcceued Ly his sister tJua morn- girls uasijy defeated the Fre^bjnan mg says that he has been sent to New girls. ' York from -which place he will come -- --- [here on his furlough. Duffin enlisted last fall in thu aviation department. j ENTERTAINED BY FRENCH!' | fe Koy From I'p Youtrh U"riles to 1'ar- eiiLs of His Experii-nrc. "Writing to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Harbaugh of Victoria, near Ohio- pj'lo. John Harbaugb, one of the iirst men to go across with General Pcrsh- mg's forces, relates a visit to the home\ winter Easter dance "riday evening April 5, ; saOes m lheir store for men ' womei1 at the ColoniM Inn, South Fittsburgj and children--Adv. 15-3L street. The hours are from S.Srt to 1 ( L. F. Ruth left this mormns for o'clock. Kiferle'b oichestra will play, i "Washington, D. C. i Contractor S. J. Harry is in Pitts- JThe Junior Epworth League of the bur S today. Methodist Episcopal church will give a temperance program tomorrow at ·-·3-oJclock- at the -hurcb. Members have been asked to invite their parents. ATTORXKY M.VXSOV ! r.VDKHGOm; j Attorney Fred D. Munson. who en- i listed in '-!»' oidnunLC (lupartniont, is slili conf.neri to iho V/allrr K Heed hospital in W a s h i n g t o n , D. C , receiv- [ mg treatment for rheumatism \ A complete showing of all that is newest and best in this season's "I had a most afternoon today. I was rnvlted out to lea by a j very wealthy French lad and her i two chsrminE daughters. I visited at then home a f«*w ilnys a#o at which iirae the lady gave me the invitation. | ANNUAL BANQUET SERVED w?r-members- Frs. Harry \ Sheetz and Mrs. Hibner were received [ at tbe regular meeting of the Busy , Twelve club held last evening at the [ hotae of Mrs. Grove r Cole in East i Crawford avenue, West Side. The eve- mitlmerr at McFarland's, Apple street. --Adv.---ai-at. Mrs. J. M. Reid and sister, Mrs. j Frank Huston of Uniontown.'went to Pittsburg this morning. Jlemlf'r of Clinrcb of thr lln-thrcn at Meier^dalc ilske Merry. SpfClil lo Tim Courier .MEJTERSDAl/E, March 10.--The Men's Fedor.x'iou of thy Brethren church heltl ius annual banquet on "Well. 1 got all dressed up. wrbiui . Thursday evening in ihe bjicment - CARTE'S) A 7 TVF^1C l /* f TVfcl! of the church. Th* Sisters' society of , A U^rtLl ULKSAf I Hjl g e n u n e bears this trademark and is made only by WAITER BARER S CO. Ltd. We have been supplying the people of this section with exclusive suits for the past year, or in other words suits that we guarantee to sel! one style only. We are showing Special for Easter--Exclusive Suits Priced Special at $39.50 WE ASK YOU TO COMPARE THESE WITH OTHER SUITS AT $50.00. STOKE AHEAD." Chas. C. MsfrchalJ by the %vay consists of washing and cleaning my shoes. Surely I had a pleasant time. They trenled me fine- i thr- church prepared aud bervetl tiic j leo-st. A. W. Poorbaugh pre."ydcnt of | They could .speak oniy a little ; the foik-ratioi., acted as loastmaster. i I English and 1 was not o\erh strong I The principal address o[ tbe evening No tailor mtain a thousand miles', 011 rreMh . so '" e ha1 a ^ eil t i n i c ! **" f '': lu A' rc ' i b ' Ho \' T ' " 1Co «'.» an talking. Vou sbould sec their hraio Km I. D. Hiirnworth and .1. M i l t o n , The father wan a judKc bofnre the Cuag^y ga;o ir.tcroRtins talk« alho. He has been k'llcd Th own [The. .Mcyprsiljlc Male Quarlcl t,ang :c vcasidti );onie. ulho a nne' s ^ v eral ftne s«'lcrtions and Gene Hos- , country place. '^teller rendered t w o solos. George, has'" ever given better material workmanship than we put in our garments. Dave Cohen. Tailor.--Adv. I w a r Miss Alice Connelly ot Uniontown i 119 South PIUSHUTB Street. Bath Phones. i -- t [ employ no agents or solicitor* ' Am doins business strictly on my own j n-crlts 18 jears practical cirH-Ticitce. I Utotor Funeral Serriee if Desired. was the guest of .Misses Sadie and niag.,was delishtfnlly spent at knit- ^ Goldstor.e ot Lincoln avenue, ' T h B ' iri -\ l!Ircw lwo American ' ^ Bcr s of NW York, who is a guest .,.._--_., v_.._- r,..-_ ,--.,_ vesterday afternoon- I songs, 'My LiiHe Cray Hume m the -it the T\". S. L.vengood home, entcr- " If you have a piano that jou want'. w * 1 '' and '.' Can " ear You Callin - tainel1 tllc Wtiienns hj rcc.tlug nvo ting ind crocnetin-?. Dainty refreshments were served Eleven members and two guests -»ere present." Mrs. Frank Zanchi will entertain the club Friday evening, March 2Dth, at heV home in Aetna street. Miss Rutb. David ion and Miss Grace Adams gave a miscellaneous shower last'erening at Miis Davidson's home in East Green street in honor of Miss Anne Koynolds. a bride-elect - About twenty-two guests t mostly women members ot the h*!;h school faculty attended and presented Hiss Reynolds with "linens, silver and other beautiful attd-useful gifts. Luncheon was served: ! :".\Ilss Reynold*, is domestic science teacher at the high school. .Meetings of the F. 0. M. class and the On-watd class of the Methodist Protestant church were held last evening in :the church, each .class holding a separate meeting. Twenty-four guests were present ~at tbe-thlrd of a series of chain teas at wSfch Mrs. G. W. Buckner and Mrs."~Benton Boyii were joint hostesses'^yesterday aftetnoon at Mrs, BuckneVs home in-ltace street., The ho^rs}were from 3 to 5 o'clock. Some of the-)adies made towels for the Red Crpss'Jlwhi'.e others knit for the sailors^and soldiers. Refreshments were served: These «as were planned by the women of the Christian church for the. benefit of .the "Men and Million" movement of the Christian church, eacfi' Bostess hating the privilege of inviting 12 guests. The last of the serieV-will be held some time in July. Xnn'Connell temple of the Ladies oE tuned or any lepairins done I will give you a special low price tilt April Tri-State phone 66S-Z.--Adv. ' bo * ot saug Tor me in I had tears m my 1st. Call or phone. A. P. Freed's. fotllish c - ve3 w h c n thi * Bnishcd '.My Music Store, 126 South FitUburg U t t l e Gray Home m tbe street. --11-W-l 6-18-21-23. .Mrs. George Coahran and Mrs. Albert Fleming have returned from a visit with friends-in Pittsburg. _ Mrs. Elmer McClelland of the South Side, went to Somerset this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lohr and son, Howard, are tbe guests of Airs. Lohr's sister, Mrs. A. D.-Blackburn of Bovard. Mrs. Raymond Wetherell of Fitts- broken "Mother, could you bake me a fruit cake and pesd it over? M a n of the boys are getting them and they are hurely good." EVANGELIST COMING Baltimore O h i u p Will Conduct Tno- IVeeL Cumpiii^u in .U. 1*. Cbnrclu The succesbful evangch^t. Kev. L A. burg has returned home after a visit j BtinaeU- of Baltimore, .\Id.. will con- with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. j duct a two-weeks revival in the Hrfal Sheetz and other relatives hero. ! Mc-tbodist PortestanL church, West Ap- Mr. and Mrs. E. X. Stahl, who havp ) p!e sireeL There will bf 1 splenr)id j Score One for the Cook. Tonng housewives obliged to practice strict economy win sympathize with the sad experience of a Washington woman. ·· When her husband returned home one evening he found her dissolred in tears, and careful questioning elicited the reason for her grief. "Dan," said aha, "every day this week I have stopped to look at a perfect love of a hat in Mme. Louise's window. Such a hat, Dan, such a beautiful hat! But the price--well, I wanted it the -worst way, bnt just couldn't afford to huy it" '"^Vell, dear," began the husband been m Saint Petersburg, Fla., will j gospel singing by a chorus choir, us- | recklessly, "we might manage ti leave for home tomorrow. Mrs. Walter. Austin has home from a few days' visit with her husband, who is stationed at Camp L«e, Petersburg, Va. Try our classified advertisements. nig B. D. Ackley's new returned j "Hymns ot FORDYCE PROMOTED Conneilsville uess Made OeneriU Ilusi- ti Concern. the Golden Eagio held an anniversary celebration last evening in Moose " "V*"' halir^^A progranL was rendered and tora o' ce ' refreshments we"6 served. . G. Ford-ce' formerly ot Coanells- vtlle, and for some time past located at Pittsburg wbere he was connected j with the Radium Chemical company, i has gone to Chicago, where he will be | general business manager of the flad- ium Cbemicat and Jiadium.Pial companies. He is a director and officer of the company, -Mr. and -Mrs. JFordyce and daughter spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. j^vangelibt Bennett has won over G.OOO souls to Christ, and has beeu successful m establishing aud building several Methodist Protestant churches. The last, church lie b u i l t wits In Milford, Del., which resulted in 1 400 conversions and a beautiful church was built and paid for costing, ? 10,000. Ho has just closed a. v e i y successful meeting in the West Baltimore Methodist Protestant church. song book' "Thank you, Dan," Interrupted the wife, "but there isn't any 'might' about it- I paid the cook this noon, and what do you think? She marched right down herself and bought that hat!"--Lipplncott's. ladies attended a very en- joyaJiJscmeeting of the Prisctlla Sew- ingrxtab' at which Mrs. John F. Mc- GinSJsr was hostess last evening at her^tome at Poplar Grove. Knitting was^lBe amusement of the evehiiig.. Delicious refreshments were Wtofes Meals Dprit Bother Me says ·/; POSTiMSHES (BEST CORNFLAKES) aresogdod^want them everyday. McCormtck, parents of Mrs. previous to leaving for Penusboro, "SV. Va., to visit relatives, pound more. VISITS FAR APART Tmns Born at IunJ/ar Home; First Aihent in 30 Years. After a lapse of 10 years, the stork yesterday paid a vlbit t6 the home of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Swindell at Dunbar, leaving twin boys. Both are lUbty fellows one weighing seven and one- Ualf pounfis, the other a quarter of a Prom, there they will go to their new | home In Chicago. Dunbar Man Becorers. Tim Dailey of Dunbar, who has been confined to his home with grip, is able to be about again. Mr. Dailey's small son is very sick of bronchitis. Miss Pearle Swindell, the only other Left the Dean Chuckling. The dean of the law department was very busy ind rather cross. Tlie telephone rang! "Well, what is it?" be snapped. "Is that the city gas works?" said a woman's soft voice. "No, madam," roared the dean; "this Is the University Law' Department." "Ah," she answered. In the sweetest of tones, "I 'didn't miss It so far, after all, did I?" . And the weary dean chuckled all afternoon. Purposeful Formula Senrsco'a of that." formula is not "jnst a little o£ this and a little It was derisod tvlth a definite object in vie 1 *'. The object was to produce a tooth. paste possessing medicinal as well as cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could be depended ·upon to remove tartar .ind kacp mouth and gums healthy* The idea] defined, our laboratories set about 10 uCtcrTnino the proper combination t^ produce it. Senreco is the result. It has been, tried, tasted and pronounced good by hundreds ot the profession. Try a tube. A single tube will prove every claim. "S7111 show why thousands today use and- demand Son- reco--and are satisfied with nothing less. All druggists and toilat counters. Large 2 oz. tube--25c* SENRECO--Cincinnati EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. StricUy Fre«h, Clean and Purr. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BR1IAFAST s A.ND SUXDAV DINNER, "Our Pas'tries Are Dehejous Because They Are Homemade," NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. Engagement Announced t Announcement has Jeen made of t the engagement o! Miss Alice "Weh( reck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. child in the family, was born 16'Webrcck of Glencoe, and Alfred Wil- years ago on .March 7. The moLberimot, son ot Mrs. Jennie "Wllmoth of oE the babes was Miss Agnes Knight] Meyersdale. Miss "Webreck is a grad- SCREEN DOORS MADJ: TO ORDEU Made of Cypress, White Pine or Oak. Any kind of wire you want. SUOD'G .\-\I) LOCKING Made of thorough'.? seasoned "White Pine. Guaranteed not to stick You will be surprised how cheap they are. R. D. TENNENT, Itcll Plmne 33-1, I'A. before her marriage. JLKK'l'KGS. I Schedule 1'or .Hethodibts is Arningcii; buerament Jb'oUawlag SoniJny. ua(e of the nurses' training school of the West Penn hospital, Pittsburg. The engagement will terminate in an early spring wedtling. Concern Over Greenshnreer. n v ° r - Ricllard Pcnn formerly Notice. , ,, A .complete showing ot all that is | Community prayer services among , newest and best m this season's , raombers ot'the Methodist Episcopal of Grecnsbursr. now a, nember of the mtlllnery at Ju-f'arland's, Apple street. caurcll W l l , be llel[i next weeli; -^ to ,_ American Red Cross mission in Uus- --Adv.--14-3t. i lows- sla ' ls eit - llei " '" t!:i ' C!t y ° c Odessa, a ! Monday. East S-de, at the home 0 i\VTMczer of the Germans, or on his to Mrs. r.ufano III. , Mr p lorpoint . O n East Crawford ave . I Switzerland, vr.lh a party of 28 other Mrs. Antonio Bufano is reported to nue; TlleiKay, West Side, at the home i I!imlber s ot t!*e missions. be seriously ill at her home in Green OFFICiat HOUSEHOLDER'S FLOUR REPORT WRITE CAREFULLY. Xo householder is permitted to purchase over 49 pound* oJ -wheat Hi nor to have more than 30 days' supply. Every householder must report mediately (on thig form) to their County Food Administrator. Make port of nil wheat flour on hand whether it is excess or not and urge your neighbors the ianortance and necessity of making this report prom ly. Namber In household adulta, chCdren under Wheat fjour on hand (all flour containing any -wheat) i Thirty days' requirements (when usad -with substitutes accordinE to 5C regulation) Ibs. I agree tc hold my excess subject to the order of the United States F Administration. Name ,,,, p , 4 ^ Postofflce , Street and No. or R. F. D Mailmum penalty for hoarding is $5,000.00 fine and two years imp onment. These blanks will not be distributed. Ton must fill in your c blank and mail or deliver it to your County Pood Administrator. An mediate report will avoid possibility ot search and prosecution. HOWARD HHTNZ, Federal Food Administrator for Pi.nasy!»»! . Send Report to Charles L. Davidson, CniontOTvn, Pa- Federal Food Administrn tor for Farette County. When irregular or delayed use | Triumph Pilla. Safe and always de- i pendable Not sold at drus atort.-s Bo ' not eipTiment with others; save d:s- I appointment "Write Cor "I'.e lef" ,ind j p-irticul.lrs; it'H free Address NAT1ON- «.!, MEDICAL 1-SSTITUTl:, MjU-lukce. Wisconsin. Gone 1o Oklahoma. 3. C. Beatty, Sr., ot Vanderbilt has gone to Oklahoma to spend the winter. ot U S Michael, on Morrell avenue; "Wednesday, at tbe church;-Thursday, at tie home of 'William Engle 1.1 1'er Cent Increase. A general increase ot about 15 pov JoHcston avenue; Friday, at the home ! oettt ln commodity rates was granted of Harry Fowler, Chestnut street. The saeran.ent of the Lord's Slipper yesterday by tlie Interstate Commerce Corn-mission to railroads east "of the U tin- Hospital. .John Mortjffliago of Star Junction, uderwent an operation today at the | Cottage State hospital. Fillippo Graaioso of V.inderbjlt. who was injured in a railroad accideit near Vanderbilt, was discharged yesterday. Mrs G. E. Albrcciit- who underwent an operation at the Cottage State bos- HecOTcrs From Grip. J. C. Moore, well known Yanderbilt citizen, has recovered from an attack of grip.. St. Patrick's Dance Monday At Jacques. Souvenirs to all. Kifer- le's tour-piece orchestra. 16 mar-2t. will be observed nest Sunday morn- Mississippi and north of the Ohio anci mg and evening marking the begin- j Potomac rivers. uing of Passion week ! - ~ - ~ Commnnity Seriice. Tbe community services of ])atiRlitcr m. Mrs. Uriah Ringer o£ ConEuence was the] called to itcKeesport yesterday 03 ac- churches of Dawson will be held to- j connt of the serious illness of her morrow evening m the church. Rev. G. If. Riley, the pabtor, will oc- cirpy the ""'nit. daughter, Mrs. James Weyant, Patronize those who advertise. pital, well. is getting along remarkably Conllncncp Property Sold. | CON'FLL'ENCE. March 10.--The| property of the .ate .Maria ",Vatson, j consisting of a house and several lots,' was sold Tlniisday to Mrs. Orville Os-, ler, a niece, for $2,050. I s. Patronize* those wno adveitise. Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navj man than a box of candy. There isn't any better thar Whitman's, so why not include some in the next box you send to training c^amp or overseas? We Have It In All Size Packages. Collins' Drug Store South Pittsburg Street.

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