The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 26
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i - f A J flits a 'white flat with a red crescent aver - its food Mtspan-eariee and other buildings in the Turkish sector. The weather tends to mat that flat too, look pinkish to time.''1 t-j THREE FOR GREEKS' ' r It's tn the Greek Cypriot Otherwise Occupied ; . PARIS (Reotera) -r Parisians we becoming ' mora and more absent minded, ; That at east b the impres-sion givta-by the latest figures issued by the capital's official "lent and found" depot. - ! The number of Items wkkh appear at the centre is Increas ing not only from year to year, but also front moot (a month. Early summer seems to be the peak season for tost ar ticles. One explanation offered for this is the fact that Parisians. u4 to rush wildly about the city JuaUbefore tha annual mesa exodus for " summer holi days, while tourists visiting the city art anna t tost their be longings on aa unlimited scale t Keyi top the list of items lost la Paris. 'V. : . - The characteristic Preach habit of keeping all possessions under, lock and key results in a massive accumulation of key rings, averaging some M keys a aay.v . ...,, ,' j.,& TOPLESS BANNED BY TURKS I ISTANBUL f Turkish gendarmea intervened Wednesday when six French women tourists attempted to take twim In topless bathing suits, press reports today said. .' The gendarmes were reported to I have forced tba swimmers off tha beach, made them dress and sent them away by bus. For rhoM who apprtcista .; Hit Fintst .v. 5 ; Furniture from Sasloco I potansf ta aaanaaiis Me. UN Wtfflntlaa fK.- TJMltT ( tat rirtuHi areas, however, that tht confusion hits a fine peak. ' vt - ,' There la the Greek Greek flag, the ; Greek-Cypriot, lag. ins) the flag of Cyprus, ,'sf, :' The flag flow outside ' the Greek Embassy here, for example, Is a white cross, on a blue field. In the centra of the cross is a gold crowa. That, says tha embassy, la the official flag of Greece. ' - If common sense were'- the sola guiding force, the official flag of .Greece would be the most logical banner of Greek Cypriote to wave m demonstra tion of their affect Ion for Mother Greece tba way. the Turkish-Cypriote wave the flag of Turkey. - ; .-' Instead, the Greek Cypriote prefer the flag - of the Royal Greek Navy. That flag a se ries of blue ana) white stripes. with a blue and white cross In the ' comer a design vaguely reminiscent of . tha Sura- and Striata. , - '..' OFFICIAL FLAG -r'. For buildings of a public nat ure i Greek-controlled areas-historic monuments, police sta tions, government office buildings, and the occasional Greek Orthodox church there Is the genuine and official flag of CyV pros. J- V . v'W vv-?' The situation, being what it is. the, official flag is among the rarest to be seen. Some Cyp riots have been knows to regard this aa a blessing becauea-tb: flag of Cyprus It the result of com promise. ---.! .'-"'. Whoa the Republic of Cyprus, after years of British rule, was being put together ia 1UI and the question of a flag came up. both Greek- and Turkish-Cyp riote were aura of - only . one thing each. . " . The . Greeks, refused to consider anything with Turkish red on it, and the Turks refected out of hand any possibility of Greek aiue.-- .-, What they, finally settled on was a plain' white background, with aa outline of the Island of Cyprus m the centre, above two crossed olive branches. The color of the central figure is a pa la gold, and the -leaves are dark green. .: . -, ". It is not the type of flag that iners Leave Burma RANGOON (Reuters) - For- eiiners llvine In Burma have begun, to feel the full-brunt ofl the revolutionary government's national (ration of private property- .,: Many thousands of them, especially Indiana and-tha Pakistanis,' bow see bo economic future in Burma and are making arrangementt to return to their native countries for good. , Air passages to India and East Pa kit tea are solidly kooktd lor the next tlx months, India autheritiet art arrang ing to send three liners here to take at least MM Indians bom. .- ; i - There ere about Mt.eM for signers living la Burma. Some N.aat f them are Indiana and another M,te are- Pakistanis The rest -are Chinese, - taxept for a few hundred Europeans. i MONTREAL. August tk A madam I eawreaeh to money maaaeemes will make I H amea. easier for yeu to live eomfortably J on yewr ioeeae. Under the BANK OP X MONTREAL PamHr Pawnee Ptasi it is sow asasible te group all of yeur time aeyment r ouynf wn ene smgie cemprenensive ptaa. Rather thee eiiiiat about seoarata com- mttaMOta aa the home . Mlla far Srkanl ar eallcaa . . . tka doctor end the dentist . . . aaetpected emerteaeies . aU of f these cea be takea cere of aa orderly feawoa with a single 'monthly payment ea the Bef H Pamlly Finance Pisa. Believe : me, sf yoa wsat to orgsntse yeur heenahold fiaaneee, it will pay , roe to look into this ww-eest. life-insured anoroaeh to moaev - Vm Am rf ki-i a u. tkMjh U w H..L'' LIT Ml TILL YOU A TRAVILLIRt' IICRtT the knew' prefer te visit Europe ia September and October. Yet, this it the season when the I Continent tames to life . . wbea the ParieUns v. are in Paris, the Rtmaat ar at Ram, aad Kurope U full of fu aad festlvaL fly BOAC ; , m urope at tae -tawatsttcate aaaso' . . . ya ean ttffl save with BOAC l-ay Ecenomy f xcurtioaa! Lowest Jet fares evert Only taM M ! Moatreai te Leadoa reund trip, far example. SetU are niiiag fast Better hot newt St , yeur BOAC Travel Agent, WINDSOR Salter t-Paek of lt 4LVP shsters with ye. far addini loe navermg SALT at. On tr ye SALT On a trays. Windsor Salt It V ami laie near sti. thit finer eeec, an I 1 fat tfee i firm ekmct ef bomemtkert. Crystal-pure Wmdeer Salt atganj always free-rtmnint Mother: it's bet 'ar aUl 11 arasut ...those -it t THIRI1 A LOT OP TABLI TALK tbeut the new. MdMS ixtoxx) dry red tab! what reeentbr nxnis.-AB ao weooeri CRISTA KOJA ia e truly remarks hie red tabie wine . . . a blended win, made from imported Preae hybrid grapes wine that gate weB with aay reeT meat from ehareeal-ereiled steaka te reest beef with trimmings. Up until now, I've tkeufW af red wine as very dry, but Crest Beja it a very happy medium a Wiae that wttl nlaaaa m Trw at mmA jm m mnn wiry ana )a a airoaajy otmg talk taout trt-uod the diaaer-tahUa a Csasdal , . r,n ,,t i 4,..,. w., .: . . i. .' sirimi tvw barskvi, aenie SB marmanna mem eTerwim. waea vou're in wielding the toags, H's a smart idea la bar ate by am . . . mside or eat. For barbecue aad eleaiee, get the WrnJaw Batter -foek at weB wbea yeur baymrta regular T4white-iahhie Hekage. ; -.7,; .... , ,.,;. . WOPPIiiOIWCeiag IS CUTAIM whsr ye Qad supermarket i -. . eswvoateatt bat nertaaal mat servsaa. be the Mher maa ia sera's thttT Yea'vo guaaeed HI . right where me Caaadiea weme thee) . . . at DOMINION. If yeu like the eon-renieace ef aupermarket shopping, but oa t like seli-serriee meats, mtredue yertlf t the mat behind the meat counter at Demfaie. la a few Week, he'll veer life. He U tell ya whet the beat meaey-eaviag buys tr eaek week aad ere give ye eeekug Hps af ye want them, are tie t yo . . . meet ta friendly maa hehhtd aha meet ssaatsr at tWaaatiaal -"T--- sets designers and heraldic experts to rejoicing.' t ; 4 While the flag of Cyprus is relatively rare; the Greek naval flat and the Turkish, star and crescent are everywhere. ' In heavily populated, areas,' tha usual procedure is for each side to clear a building of its occupants. . pack the windows with sandbags, build a sandbagged gun .post on the ..roof, and then float a flag in nose-thumbing . defiance above the THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Cyprus, Too, Embroiled In Flag Controversy y PETER BUCKLEY , 1 NICOSIA (CP) .1 Any Canal lian. who hopeaj to escape the - great Oat conupvtrsy t home would be wall advised to avoid Cypriit. ' J ' " " Flajs la Cyprus approack tba (aval of a national mania, sac-pod parlupi only to a day or two; o thootini in tha mountains, n . y.; In tht Turkish sectors of tha . divided Island, tba question is tralihtiorward. . Tha only Dag to be flown is tba flat of Tur key waite crtsctot and star ea red backgrounds t . t Wall, almost straightforward; Since the flats sometimea fly ' br extended periods, the decisive red field tends at bleach in the sua t a pals pink. i ! Then It becomes difficult to tell the Turkish .national t flat from the flag of the Red Cre cent Society, the Moslem equiv- . a lent of the Red Cross, which whole fortification.' Smaller. villages usually have at least one flag high enough end centre! enough to Identify the loyalties of the occupants, and the villsge cafe will often have a smaller banner standing In the corner. In the mountain battlegrounds, however, e Greek or Turkish flag Is nearly Indispensable. . . ) ..... Since the peaks so often look alike and since the Greek- and Children's Day Tomorrow - Aug. 2.1 apUI rta r chuttta tin tae a at nuisrra It irsan at at W a aeainta sa th trmaea It- at fkai-ia tkreasaaat. eaUra aiie af ta taklkltiwt. ROUND. Authorized fcpk Dealers ta Ottawa-Hull: ; riYEns r.:oTons co. ltd. ,. i -i. v Grnr Elgin tni Cathtrrng Sirttfg - r 2334411 233-5653 Turkish- Cypriote themselves are scarcely distinguishable one Hum the other r- a partisan climbing the hills for a day of.j rile practice could become one of the art battle casualties If there weren't ' ' flag to guide him to the right camp. The entire situation has been even, further confused, of Britain, Denmark.' Finland, Ireland and Sweden usually fly their own national flegs over tneirvmain camps, : In addition; to the blue and while UN ban, ner, the ky! above. Cypru it alive with! flags oft every jde? scripiion. t g y "The arrival tf a new flag to replaced the' Red Ensign fever course, by the arrival of the the Canadian camps, if it ever United Nations. ,.,. oniy V,,!,- ",f,msi j Since the six national contin- ripple to" the sea ortonfusio gents in the UN force Canada, here. . j HORSE SHOW -AUG. 21 to AUG. 28 rrmtPar -mCBl VtmlM It Ik J mllammam ah.amti mtm m p.m. tBapflal BiBr sln rtitJt)v. Aug. ta ftl t it djbi. eraaaww aw m taltlW wm jwmt fmXtUBIUNI IJH. , . SPECIAL - SAT. AUG. 22 - MATINEE . j CAR AWARD EACH EVENING 1 I Oa ark aliht at th CxklMilam rry -Uil.a Urkai.-aikti ymm lttlal ta wto. Car awar aaaaaar irmm U--BaaeikaU IS 3 ach n-nlai. Tarkas haktoi aiatt rlalm rar .' wm Uirf tkaar aaaa eraalaf. Vws mait a 9m U. ir-Mtaa I wla. ' GIFT FROM THE PM UNITED NATIONS JPt r-United Nations Secretary-Gen-eral .U Thiant received a per-tonal gift Wednesday from Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson a red leatherbound album , of photographs, of Trie 1 ' M. - 1 "aaaaaaawawawawawasai-- - Ms elate. Ciw arlirited acoeleratkiil and high cruising speeds.- SMOOTH-RIDINCT INDEPENDENT FRONT Sl-SPEN. f" ' v t - .,. 8I0N.; Soak op the bump. EASY STEERING, FAST HANDLING. hears you around euntet like nobody's butt- GUEST MOTORS LTD. 72 Leduc Srrtet, Hull, Qui' 777-2735 V Makes alt synchroniied. ail four corner of' the car With ease. 6. SUPER ROAD. ' 1 1. SUR C STOPPING POWER. Big 8 drum brakes. HOLDING Epic kindles like tn eipensive tporw car! I " 12. INTECRAL BODV4JIASSIS. fmDineiowreight with 7. SO-ITP HIGH-PERFORMANOE ENGINE. The prppieat in "-i..''tW m silt ' sk a'sa i great strength and rigidity ,: -H:.rn?a. rmtT nwti w r viiwii ... w .mw b . ? Your ChevroletOld'smobieEnvoy Detfor f K;' v'- V V f I W W ' 'TBU8SDAY. AUGUST 20, 1984 Thant't visit ' to Otuwa last May ',28.. '.and 28. Canada't permanent UN representative. Ambassador Paul 'vTremblayJ called on Thant to preseirtr-rjsr Journal Want quick results. iHEY! DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN TAKE A WATER TAXI TO THE -EX? . - Adt brlnf BOATS LBAVI C0.MTINUODSI.T to AND PBOtll IX. DOW'S IA BOAT BOtlSt . BW A II. DOCK AT UNION aTATION eVHft. . GATS I AT TUB XX., ' jJV'l . SOU PABKINO AVAILABLX :;rtADIES'toAY-'AUG.25 AUDY WILLIAMS SHOW i EVENINGS ONLY - Auo. 24 thru Aug. 29 i ADMISSION. RESERVED SEATS ! . ; plus tht OSMOND BROTHERS -Thit It the thow to deli (tht emv member of the family. Supporting ANDY WILLIAMS end the OS-, MOND BROTHERS, the talented BROOKS SISTERS are heart, stealers the moment they step on stage. Exciting thrills- and the i mad comedy of the AMANDf S - combine with some of the world's finest, precision acrobat.' The.; ...HAL SANDS DANCERS provide change of pace with their high stepping product ion numbers. , JOHNNY MATSON emcees this stellar Grandstand show. RICHARD HAYMAN Is musical direc- tori - .. .... ..,. ' ... if i Jx i INTER-CITY PARADE AUG. "" aurts tavartar aMralaf at la m m. -alitor aat Mat maa '".t".." aeai'saiaa l la inMi ant traMaa at AaUI II a'CHMk aaaa.. Ta NOBAO Baat will Mitiu Iraai tie i NEW MIDWAY! NEW FEATURES! NEW ATTRACTIONS! f'We'll Show You More in '64 envoy SMALL WONDER AC'-V THE OTTflWA EIIHIBITIOt! STARTS TOrJflROW! I ! Gen; Admission to Grounds 50c Ajai t: urcN y efytlShARP Children Under 12 - FREE J- All latin aaaltut ta lb imrii tr at caart aaUl I N Sm V rt aamtuma ia iacuu uruwHui . www aratiM ar C. Caalaa l.ia. Inurllai aat IUact EVERY PERFORMANCE WEATHER PROTEC TED! ' NEW COVERED STAGE & GRANDSTAND! i La I -mwaBk.BTk. -aaaaWaTMa--xak. '----BieTeTewasw, m wtwa- b i it u r tit ii uj i : TICKETS NOW ON SALE , II7 lAMCnOWMC PAOVf 1 WMIlmlmiaS V THE 'I RED SKELTOH SHOW FRIDAY CVFNINR Allft 91 SATURDAY AFTERNOON ind EVENING AUG. 22 - ADMISSION, RESERVED TICKETS Evenings SS.0O-.S2.S0-SX.OO.S1.S0 Saturday Matinee SS.OO-S1.SO-S1.00 r-a . , plu$; tht flbulouJ r V - BROOKS SISTERS W AND mrj NIP NELSON, M.C. Amrtca'i fiattMl clwn. Rod Skolton. in r - r .a .aseswr 11 atar vtrVeBnEa 49 tintTimntot ? T-iii.'' rharactcr aa Frcdtfv th rtrMlOMtar and r: Af Khtm KadtddUhopptM- rint xw ni f -.''. - n0 dyiMttiit ahaovi bi Cntral Can- , i awttt aviiiimipm nsaiiar.7-., siat awivaau- . V t by led Mwlton. I ., av Tr' i BY GENERAL MOTORS . r i aaaajg -- T EPIC HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO CIlJlflGE YOUR IDEAS 0;iS,lALLCARCO;,iFORT Tw- . - a I -4 j J 4 . 1 - k AND PERFORMANCE MM it L nXLSIZE HEATER. Tested in 40-bdow weather. 2. REAL j LEG ROOM. Epie actuallt hat Irfi-oom than many k ! called 1ig'eara.S. ROOM ft)R fOL'R ADULTS, tuj entry into th back teau . fAMlLYIZK TRUNK. 10.76 cubic; I m feet of Joeifctfng 'ability! A.'cOOD VISIBILITY ALLl - nrttv 10. TINCERTIP-UCHT 4-SPEED STICK. . . - , -- - r u. , t, ' ...... ., - , . . snks to 'generous window space, the driver area? .' your shifts within a four-inch square. Fully syn Thanks I .-: HERE'S WHAT IT COSTS J V l Vrt Si ' iBlMlil autlnua A. J wm ! lirered price of t standard 2-door J -sedan wilh.heati and dafmatar at ' Llf 'f W- M ATT A ttf A t II II I ' vfirj.-l.fuft -itU hi hitf VUMIIM-nUU. j'. Price. quolrd.. include delivery, -and, handling .charge, f :, . Federal Salea and Eiciae taiea. Provincial and local taxa tr j notlnduded. :UZQkitO A r1iVr ,;v 'U Manufturd for Qanew! Motor Producta of Canada. Limited by Vuxhal Motor Llmitaxl, Luton, England. Parta and Sarvic from Coast to Coast. 't DELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED oing to NtwYorkr1 So th GENERAL MOTORf FUTURAMA, t th New York World's fair '444 Monfrstl Rotd, Ottawa, Onf, i i . 'i ?J-7,!!l5rs

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