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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1918
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IT Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 - VOL. 16, NO. 107. CONNBLLSVILLB, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 16, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. TIME AT HAND WHEN LABOR WILL REIGN SUPREME, RUSS CONGRESS REPLY TO WILSON Soviets Adopt Resolution Expressing Ap- | preciation ' JAPS SLAIN IN SIBERIA^ Dispatch to London Reports Murder oi 150 in Uprising. i OTHERS WOTTSDED Welsh Troops Carry, Out Sncccssful Rnid on Armeutieres Sector, Taking} Prisoners and XarhiDe (iuns; Bos- tile Artillery Active on Yt'fst Front. U.irUGKT SAVCft; BIT,!, 50W AWAITS WASHINGTON, March 16.-Daylight saving now awaits only President Wilson's approval. The House amendments to the daylight saving bill requiring all time pieces to be advanced one hour beginning the last Sunday in March were accepted today ty the Senate 1 . The man ·who leaves his home at 8 o'clock in the morning will still leave at 8 by the clock, but at 7 by sun time, hut when t h e roan goes home at 5 o'clock in the afternoon by the clock he will bp going home at 4 o'clock sun time, and those people vrho work until 5 o'clock throughout the country ^ill be going home at i o'clock sun time, but it Trill still be 6 o'clock by the clock. 1,000 COMPLETE COMFORT SETS BY END OF WAR WILL BE OVER WITHIN SIX MONTHS, IS OPINION' , OF A COMPETENT OBSERVER! BOYS AT CAMP LEE TO GET FURLOUGHS j BEFORE GOING OVER! OHLiSVILlE IS PAYING VENTURE Charleston Committee of Xary Lcagne Has Already Completed S30. "ninisl4ika!)lc Vroof That Uncle, Sam Planned 11 Quick {'Iciiji-up. ORIGINAL GOAL WAS 500 DEPENDS ON CAKE OF SOAP , ' Wliatever doubts readers of The i Eighty Sweaters Tnrnnl Out llnrinu j courier may entertain as to UH' durn- Uie 1'asl't'wo Works: All Ha^c Bom . uon of the war can now be sot a; : Sent Forward; »xl Shipment W i l l ; rest. Conclusive jiroof on ihis point.' b, JUul* Utter Part of the Hootli. I"TM*TM, in th, following letter r- ; ceived by thi 1 editor from a \ery c ose ' ' ' observer ami keen analyst of e v e n t s , , In two weeks knitters, fur t h e signs and poru-nus. who I.', in a jt)si-' Charleston Comforts Branch of the tion lo know whereol he writes.: ', Navy League turned in SO sweaters, , .v.' .·UiKKK'AN AJiMV" CA.UP.,- 70 helmets, 27 pairs ot wristlets cund ' March 13. I forty scarfs, all of which were ship-| .Sly l)oar Captain G.-ius: } ped '.o the Navy League headquarters' The v-ur wiil be u v t v ID at Ira-st bi.\ i j on last Tuesday. Tho tout number o f . tuonan, [low io 1 kno* ' SScll, r.'s -i 1 i complete sets shipped since the ; matter of my ow n deduction trom facts ' HOSPITAL Jfl"RSl-;S F.NLIST; PATIKNTS I . K A V K FOR HOttE. Captain R. S. Morion leturn- ori yesterday from arubridge Springs w h i t h e r lit 1 ii.irl gone 10 recuperate Jus health and strength. Ho roporip that pi'tietieaUy the whole nioaicl and nin.smg sLaffh of the hos- l u i t i ) wh* j ro he wae Inra'.ed fnlistpff Tor war service l o a v ins li.m no aUe-native but in return home. ' Announcement to This "Effect' is Mi I by Commiinuer wt UK Iliyision I ! station,-,! There. ! Bed Cross Affair Nets Workers · General Cronkliltc, commanding the. _ _ ^ _ ' SOth Division of ihc National .Army at Sum of $1.)8.50 I or j I'amp i.ce. has announced that every f j )c Cause. 1 membci of the command will bo given! a furlough to visit friends at home! before thr division BOPS upon overseas duty. ; If Direr-tor Gener.'i! of Railroads Me- cars, the Western Pennsylvania members of the 80th Division will parade i HUNDREDS PARTICIPATE ' i n PHi-sbur^ on April G. ;h? opening] day of tin 1 third Libertv Loan cam-, ptngn. 1 ttorciut'Dt IlPBtlfd bj Mrs. Charles 1C. Parson Promos; Success lieyond Ex- pcctiitioim; Rf*d Cross fhainnfln. kurte and Others Make Brici Talks. PHOTO OK LKKOY BEKKKVS SQ1 A D K O V ON K X H i n i T J O N branch was organized is SP0 and by ! t the end of March a goal erf 1.0M is ex- ever; oat ·to ilu- uuLHide world. ( bin , -says U hounds 11 asonablo. Expeditionary ' MEETSHOMEBOY Frank t'mu-u SH.VH It Docs a Fellm Meeting some on- from home over Lhcre pWi t u n soldier boy in sood That is ev:d»*nt from a I n t t f r The entertainment and bazaar held at South ConnellsMlle Jast night for the benefit or the Red Cross was a A pb.iu.grapb of tbe members of the , , ra(mn(lous sllcca . s . T b p Sonth C on- G U l s i .Aero Supply Souadron. stauon- 1 n( UmUe ujgi Khooi was 1ackc j at oil ,ii Kelly fVia Xo. ?,, San Anton.o.' a ] , . Jnles and n , s est , amleA lha . 3 , S0 0 ·Tei., is displayed , n the window of R.; ,,«,,,,, v]wt(!d ^ buMir , s the c ven- Kendinc's barber shop on s "« !n , in g. At least ;oo Connellsyille persons LINDLEY-BURKEY MURDER CASE TO OPEN ON MONDAY By Associated Press. MOSCOW. Thursday, March 14.-'resident TiVilson's Liessage of sym- atnj" to the Russian people was re- cived with marked r.pplause ^hen H .'as read tonight at' the opening ses- ion of the All-Russian congress of Soviets. The congress immediately dopted tbe folio wing resolution ot ppreciation'. "The .All-Russian Congress of So- iets expresses its appreciation to I ae American people and first of all ! Lending Lawyers of the County V ae laboring and exploited classes in j Bnttlc fnr nnd A train st CODTIC- le United States for tne message] lion of 1etVndn»t, ant by President Wilson to the con- I The I T -^\ O j Kiunk M. Lindlpy for ress of Soviets in this time when the ; the murder of Frank A. Burkcy here .ussian Socialist Soviet republic is . the niybt of December 19 will be open- Ttag through most difficult, trials. ' e d in Cniontown Monday morning "The Russau republic uses the oc- ' Wltb a ^ ronK array of legal talent on xsion of the message from President eacb ^ ( i c . District Auormy S. John Wilson to express to all peoples who : \L 0rrow . f 0 r ^^ Cotmnonwtilth, will re dying and suffering from the hor-,' be ass j ste d by Attorneys E. C. Hlg- 3rs of this imperialistic war hs , bee, \V. E, Crow and S. R. Shelby. For j , . . . . arm sympathy and conviction that ( t} , c a e ;, n se will be arrayed D. \V. .Me- j pecU-d lo be rca.eb.ed. The oes\ s'-^p- You bcc, when nient will bo tuade on March "5. and j Sirs. J, Melvln Grey, chairman of Lh. | .branch, asks ibe i tJn.g to keep on 'v*im .m. eu .'v. -- . - -- -the demand for warm knitted arUcloa .oimea) soap h.m it.s .significance buL for the sailors is always great. | nu bearing cm *bai I am ufw discuss-, ^-,n,ani Sm tb " he s;i\s "They are The article* shipped on Tuesday, iug.) | nol % e r v f a r f r o m m e ' " J sav A]bm were knit by the following persons. That single, ordinary sized cake was Mr.H. William DeiphtmilU'r 7 bfl- i issued for :ti* duration of tbe w a r ; or, mets: Mrs. \V. A. Davidson, 2 bwct-' at an; rale, no more L s n be given era. J hclmoi; Mrs, John Storpy- 6 liel- ; out, mi, ou ibo biu-is of an aJi-o\pr , Pit:sburs street, l^croy F. Berkcy. a , , son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Borkey | T)jo gross receipts of Bast Patterson avenue, is a member · 51M55 from u , e sa , e aild ra £rij ag c j rji/.ation, bis popilion in the, , "1 heard from t'barles McKevntt and niets; Mrs. Ujgan Rush, - lu-Vmris; ! tisth every now and then, and a fate Uo?c yestf-rday. Jt surc-Sy ^ fine 10 ^t'C some OOP from homo. 1 am STI E h p best of health and 1 don't want you ' TO- worry. 1 oau lalk French pn.-tt.yj in charge wifahes to thank all who HOYS AT ritO.VT KBKP ; contributed to the success of the T.VH 0 UOMJ. KTV:\TS.' movement ConnHIsviHc soldiers in France! The ^axaar was in riirect charge oE keep in touch w i t h *-hat is going o°, Mrs. Charles i:. Carson who conceived, back home. In a letter to bis mother.[ lhp ! p!an of ho i(ji ns ; t ^^ John Davis Mrs. i: S. Ku.«en. of CiDCinna'j, Earlj w a s in c^rge of t i, e entertainment Mrs, B. O'C'onner, 3 helmets; _ .\! irponging one or l v \ i c t - a flay, this job U Gioa. 1 sweater; Miss Grace pleu-d ia at )«IM six months. 1 figure . j n "[ la i jan - ' ' well now nnd am getnng by very nice-, ly. U is somnhing like Italian. When tho peoplo talk to me I answer them! j R. Russell, will! 'he Fifteenth Bngin- prog ram. Two rooms had been sec ers, has to sar: asioV- in the high school for Ibe bazaar "I am reading :n The Courier this Dut , t Wa6 necessity to use happy time is neur when tbe i Leckcnbr, 1 pair wrisUeis; Miss. Re- ' that no cake of ^ap can Vast longor becca Campbell. 2 Kwenterh-; Mrs. H. , tliat iha:. CVPD though troop^ arc I, StHhragon. 1 sweater; Mrs. \V. P. · warned Uiat w;ae« Uor bathm^J Is Sherniau f 1 sweater; Mrs. Josephine J scarce on .shipboard and "Over There". Ttcio, 1 helmet; Mr*. C. V,". Brbcck, 1 j l hesitated for a heltaot; Mra. George Muason, 1 ael- . mg this important ini^rmatioii pubmots: Miss Cetia Shetirn, 1 pair | He for fear t h e y might decide thul my wristiets; Miss Helen Collins, 1 DJiir , sbcriork HohinM m i n d would bo of wristlets; Mrs. C. U Inks, 1 scarf; ..Miss UUian Hicks. 1 hel'.nrt; MIR.S 1 Susan il'.cks, 1 lielniet, Mrs. J. W. i course, they nia issue more soap i " J '' that , as at home. TP!) all tho relations to guess you see by my address ] am down to flic .samp w o r k , , , , . wnle to me. Iei me know if John i . i-b.!p before mak- -^. 1 M _ .,, ^ ! t l ,,, .-. r . r ,. l f '"sport 1 [evening that ih^ high school has a, ra ore to accommodate the big aliend- larse service Hag for t h e graduates lance. who arp in the service. I have a star j During the evening band selections among tho 320," ! by the Community Uani, directed by He also wonders whether they jaxnos \V, iiuttennoro, were played. morp value in tho Intelligence : Cven. no-A t am taking a chance. Cun?o is still al Camp Eanenck. If bp is Oi'er hfrc I may he abJo .'o look him up I fruess you lieard .ibout the! transport hemg sunk--the fir^t one, I think it will be the last one. "I Iiavo been in several of the churches in ( b i s locality. They sprvice 8a£ at liomc. _ 'The band made j:s initial appearance of conveniences he says: j at the eniortamTn-er.t- rDadering Jts re wo are now locaJcd we have services free. The sections were i hov and erid shower baths. Isn't it j win chosen and were r-iccivcd with, nice? Bui I think we will get out of much applause. here shortly. Just as soon a? WP do ( Tho eaierLaijimenL program was he- fi^nrything fixed np jimdandy v e t g u n about 7:45 o'clock, Rev. \\*. F. move. That is the engineers' luck-jConiey UfJivcring tho invocauon. Be \1'A.VKSE SLAFS IS SU17.RU LONDON, ^larch 1C.-- Maximalists Siberia Jiavc murdered 150 Japan- CONFERENCE CALLED Elementary Sunday School IVorkcrs Meet at BroimsTttle Tomorrow. Tbe Fayette county elementary con- ,vention will be held at the South :e at BiagOYieshtschcfk. capital ot j Brownsville Presbyterian church to- .6 Amor province, according to a re- i m orrow. Tiro sessions have been ar- rt printed, in the newspaper Hochi' r:mged [or .jternpon and early eve- aimbtm Friday acd forwarded by nill g. besinning at. 2 P. M. and at 6.15 A dispatch from Ticn-tsin, China, tbe Daily Mail says that the Japan- P. M. Miss Grace Kane of Philadelphia, elementary superintendent of tbe State Sunday School association. e embassy at PeJrin has been in- | wlll be tb P rij, c i pal speaker. This rmed that during recent disturbance ' mec ting will ho especially interesting Blagovieshtschefk three Japanese 2re killed and seven wounded while lending ilieir property against jlsherilc. ' The town is on the Amur river near, . confluence with thti ieya is and is . poaite tbeManchurian town of Aigun Is 500 miles nortb o£ Harbin and s a population erf 34,000. There are tensive gold mines ia the district. to all pastor? and superintendents and to the workers and teachers with the children in the Sunday schools under 12 years of age. Every Sunday school in the county is asked :o appoint sev- nrai elementary workers to attend this conference. The week of May 5-12 has been set by tne International Sunday School | association as "Children's Week." ! "Cradle Roll" or "Baby" iveek was ; observed last year was such a EUC- IV B\IJ. j cess that this year the observance of CONDON, March 16.---"Welsh troops this special week has been extended EiSH TROOPS TAKi: Miss Genevieve Soisson, 1 sweater; 'cattnea! soap and nice, cold.rsaa.rk.Hug.' Miss Gertrude Straw n. * 1 sweater; I wet water al 6 o. m.. a generous help-! " Nclw H p t c n don '' h t a r t worrying. Mrs-'WillIam McCorm'tck. cash dona-1 J r .g O t oatmcul is invariably served i b u : kopp up coura S" e a n d I L WOQ 't be 1ion, ?1.00; Mrs. Wiiliam Deightrnil- ler. cash donation, $1.00. Campfire Oirls Unit No. J.--Margaret llaytosh, 1 scarf, 1 pair wristlets. as tbe first course of breakfast. OaLs| l m l S till we air come bark" coming and going, as it were. Hospital Unit i.., that estimable, atom of the great U. S. Army in which j I am Local No. 42 and Serial No. 805,- CONSERVATION AIDES DRAFTEES^rfflOUTCARD Cannot He Held to rororait a CrimJunl Oitcnse, Judges Say. By decisions given by Judges "\V H. Martha Norton Bible Class- No. 2 j 017, is now comfortably ensconctid in. UoJi---Mrs, Herbert Frisbpe, - sweat- aa embarkation camp whose name 1 ers; llrs. Mary Zimmerman, 1 helmet; have not seen in the ncwsimpers or an Continued on Pace Eig-ht. tho military maps. It is away out in the woods- though only about 20 miles \ S. Thomson and Charles P. Or i United States District Court · in the that al! persons having old clothing no longer in use to donate U to ihe BeJ- Sian sufferers next week. The shipment from this city will be made up at the Hed Cross headquarters where donations will be received. A four-minute talk was given by Pills- v Bela g. Smith and a solo was sung Ly DEBT DWINDLING Motcment in Methodist Episcopal j Churrh to Kaise Fund Progresses. I Tbe campaign to raise $10,000 among members of the Methodist Episcopal church toward the church debt is progressing satisfactorily it is Irom a large and very Ticked Continued on "Pago Four. city BUY THRIFT STAMPS South ConnellsTitlc Students Purchase $210 Worth of "Kaby Bonds." During the week $1*10 worth of ] Committees Earned In County to Carry on PpopH^iuadR. j offense for a registrant u n d e r the se- ' Mrs, L. S. Michael and .1. M. Cecil Regional aides lo direct the food | leetive service law to fail to have a | gave readings. Fayette . clasbjfication certificate upon bis pov- conserradou movement in po'ioc or Department of Justice au- conncy were announced last evening ! S0 n to shov that he has been actually by .Mrs. Charles L Davidson, of Union- , classified. U was also held that the tov-Q, chairman of the food conserve- ' Uon bureau of the women's comTnittce of the Council of National Defense for Fayette county. Tlic duties of the regional member? of the fool conserva- During the eveaJng two service flags were dedicated, one lo Ihe graduates and students o£ the South Connel'.s- v:lle school wh-o are in the service. thorities have no right to act upon , aiw tl , e other to tJic members of the their own initiative m slacker cases, j Souti ConnellsvUla fire department With respect to the latter the judgs interpreted the law to mean that it who arc in. the ranks. Tbe dedicatory addresses were made by Rev. G. L- C. Richardson. itated. By April 1 the finance/com-i thrift stamp* were bought by the stu- oittce will have received money sul- 4cnLs ^ tbe South -Connellsville i mittce will ficieat to reduce the total amount necessary to about $8,000. Rev. G. L. C. Richardson was informed yesterday that two persons are planning to turn over Liberty Bonds. schools. The stamps were placed oc successful prosecution of the war. tion bureau -will be to distribute liter-*does not direct tbe locking of TUPII in , aturc on the subject in their respcc-j jail, but merely directs the police t o ' TJH; bazaar and ente-rainment was tlve communities an*j to keep ever slackers before ihe local boards, * the first effort on the i«rt of South before the public the importance of but only at their request. jconnollsvillc to enlei into Red Cross conserving food with rehttjou. to the . The decision, if sustained, will have 'activities and those back of ihe affair sale in every roo?u in the school and [ Aides announced include the f ol low-1 draft evaders \ nation-wide effect and vnl result -u rried ont a successful raid last night I to the entire elementary division. A t , The committe will probably he ready the neighborhood of Araientieres ' the Brownsville convention tbe delo- d captured lo prisoners and two gates Trill receive some very valuable ·.chine gtras," tbe war office reports, j suggestions for the observance of this ostile artillery was active southeast j special week. Tpres in the neighbrhood of the ·nln road and south of Hontholst PLENH OF PLANES Kepatr Telephone Chlf . Partial telephone service has been given to the South Side by the Tri- to enter upon the every-member can- r-ass within a few days. Donate to Kcl Cross. The boys and girls teams of So-nth ConneUsviUle disbanded this 7?eek week after a successful season. After all accounts had beeA settled there S XAKKK FIGHT. Front by JnJr J, Military | Tony Committee of Honee is Told. By Associated Press. i built battle p'.anes will be ( State Telephone company with the re- j was $2J5 remaining in the treasury. pairing of one of tbe cables that was jThis was donated to the Connellsvilla burned out by a fire in the store of chapter of the Red Cross, being- re- France by Jury in sufficient quanti- Sunday morning. Shed Rn A shed in the rear of the home or i to insure adequate air protection | ing bun]6d the sectors then held by American ops. 'his statement rests on the author- of the "War Department and was d* following the -presentation of ts and figures ot the situation be- 3 the House Committee on Military iirs. John Enos at Snydertown this morn- ceived this morning. I 1 Sells Coal Tracf. Cyrus Echartl disposed of coal land . in ftewicUley townsbip to D. A. 3-AUgh- I ling of SutcrvjJlc for $3,000. Is Gi^cn 15 Iays in Jail by TIayoi John Duggan for Boin^ IHsorderly. Virginia Watson, given 15 days in the loc] of a $25 fine, by Mayor John Duggau this morning. She was ( arrcatod yesterday afternoon -n Apple street by Vand-erbilt, Miss Margaret Lyons ; Perryopolis, Mrs. "W. L. Armstrong; FLatwoods- Mrs. Duubar, Miss Agues Nemcn. To\vnacn d ; also at the Humbert school. In the j ing: ConneUsville, -Mrs. M'. R. CJasper; grade and high school $110 were sold and at the Humbert school another $100 worth was purchased. Room No 7 lead in the South Con- neilsviLIe grades, 150 thrift stamps being piirchased by pupils in that room. No. i vas second with 101 followed by No. 4 with 70 stamps. practically an- TAKE INVENTORY mune from puttishniont. except only as action against them is instituted by (he local boards. It is understood (ac -ted t h a t an appeal or other action w i l j lie ;aker. in respect to this decision 1 which-1? u is allowed to ^land, ·will, it ( j? asserted, make PiUsburg ihe ^"slacker center of the Tnited States." are highly enthused over its success. South Co-nnellsviUe is an auxiliary of Lh-e local cnapter of the Hcd Cross, Trustees of U. S. Electric Stoef Cflnt- vray for Sick .Man. puny Go Over Plant Tbe OOQgV cgaUon of the First Bap- There w e r e no new developments i tist clnircli w i l l bold a prayer moci- ' Tenlict of ^«t (-uilty Rdurneti AIsv the srtuat.on of tbe United States 1 ing tomorrow afternoon at 230 in Dojle JBurdor C'asc. Many morabers of the loca) chapter s patrontscs (or the affa.r. Articles raffled were won by as follows: Porlierp, Mrs. C. S. Lowory; unj- brelJa, Mis, Charles K-. Carson; kimono, "Vv". G. Koffer. MANCUSCOACQUniED Electric Stool company today. The \ o'clock for John L. Moore, who ;s ill. negress. was trustees went to tbe factory this I The services will bo held ac the Moore ed in iwo murder cases in L'nJontown :kup in default I morning to take invenlory ot Ihc stock I tome in Ninth street. yesterday. Bruno .Mancuso was ac- and materials on hand. The men apopinied a,= trustees b y ; Attorney Joseph G. Carroll of Union- City Detective Mitchell for being . town, referee in bankruptcy are P. E THREE DIE IN BLAST iBoa ot Pocket of Jllows Vote- TWO FLAG DEDICATIONS MARK LARGE GATHERING AT SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE Two service flags n-ere dedicated at ( Joseph Leib, Albert Stuart, John jsouth ConnellsriHe last Eight during |Leib, Harry Stuart, Arthur Hartman, I the entertainment and bazaar hold by , and disorderly, and au addi- JMarkell of this city: A C. BIlis and I Uonal charge of resisting arrest^was George L. Gadsby of Pittsburg. made against her after she 'was taken to the lockup. It was necessary to place her in an automobile truck and haul her to (lie Is Improving 1 . Miss M^aralloyd Stilhvagon of bin- Not guilty was the verdict return- quitted of the murder of bis uncle, Sante Pizzemenu, ai the letter's home m Faette street, ConnellsviUc, the coin a\enue. who underwent an oper-1 n i g b t 0( December i\ His defense station. ORGAMKE1W UT.ET. Tlans inr Jnninr Ii«d Cross I.flid Poivn xuu Out of Xlnv. By Associated Press. 1VNOHVILIJE. Pa.. March 1C.-- ·ee men were killed, in the Camp- mines near here today by an ex- tile women of that place. One was dedicated to the members of. the fire department who are in the service and the other was to the students of the high school -who are now in the trenches or in training. iion of sras. Four other miners es- | Both aags were dedicated by Rev. Robert Lee, William Jamieson, Andrew Thombley- Rhen MoShane, B. F. Bryner, Charles May, Paul Evans, Steve Balnea, Itichard Daily, C. Floyd Grove, Harry Geiger. John ' Kenner, Roben Bungard. Joe May, Lawrence May and Edward Freshley. On the firemen's banner the follow- u( HipJi Seliofti A meeting of the ij) morning. committee charge of the Junioi Red Cross movement in this section of Fayette county was "held in the high school bmld- tng this morning, S. P. Ashe outlining the plans of the v ar.on ai si. Joseph's bobpiial. P i t t s - i ^ t h a t l n c shooting of rix/.Gmenti burg, is getting along very nicely. was accidental and ihe evidence ail :-^r----?- ·_ ·_-_;'-_· · --^--·_. __ _ _' .- .-- {tended 10 substasitiato ihe defense, T-XT-IT r/~\'~r i r^Tr t C^ /"VT" 1 T\T^ A 11 7 rs~\Ts-T^T^ [The jury was out 55 minutes. Attor- DEVOTEES OF DRAW POKER i-^ j K^k KmTM was coun sc i f0 r Ml 1ST INC111DF FARNINPS i'^^T^***i J °D"J*i s fuorw m V J O l llNVxL,UUE, H/\r\iNiliUO I H . George May. appeared for tho IN INCOME TAX RETURNS ! ~«p^-f »». f»»- - t Not a liule constcrnatlOQ has been' apparpiitlj. ail-knowing, employes oC s "'-" ! ° m u r °' or ' " 1B atricU created in certain circles--reported L o j t h e internal revenue departiueni. pro- bave had its roost pronounred effect'\-1dr upon request, al the, County Capita.1--civor the in- Some persons, whom rumor liath i t ! Ju.v * tciligence tat earnings of the rotees of the le- hare yieldcti lo the allurements o* "pu- of Ling; in with tile boys." imagine vhc-y SELLS COAL LAND The committee M-ill immediate!}' | get the .Tvmior Red Cross machine ea - ' G.H'c. Richardson of the'First Meth- ' mg are represented:. Walter Artz- I working smoothly, he men were blasting coal when| O ( J l s l ; Bpj scopfl i church of this city. , man, John McEihaney, C. J. Miller, shot opened a pocket o-: gas which j There are seven stars in the firemen's ! Orral Grear. B. P. Bryner, n. Benford loded with such force as, to blow j flag a!ld m that ol the high 5C hool and Paul Trevitt. A m e r i c a n l draw poker, and similar tesrs of can fool L'ncle Sam as ;o ihr amouc!; ! caanc e ^ud skill, must be included in j or source- of their income. But tli^r ,!olin Curr K^«!iMs 47JMO for Tracts in Sfenurt TtnYnship. deed filed in Umomown shows ·ert Kiui ainr. the foreman out ot the I the , 0 are 37 Twenty Pfritb in lire. RL'RO. N. K., March 16.--Word Tho dedication was witnessed by hundreds who thronged the high school rooms where the entertainment and bazaar was heins held.. In three the income tax returns of 'hose who are clue to haip i b i s delusion dispcll- l n i , ; r ansfcr by John Curn- (o the are subject to provisions ol the u e w ^ e d . !n a mysterious way all records Orient Coke company of parcels of lavr. ' 'of income noon at Uncle Sam's c o m - ' i m d in Stewart townsuip for ?T,300. 'Whatever may have boen the ac-|mand and the mx evaders may he very The deed boars the date ol February cumulations as the result of holding! much annoyed at having to explain s. Other deeds show the lollowing": the right kind of a hand in "a little, where and bow they accumulated cer-, Charles Veibc to Daniel P. Lenley. social game." wagering on the "pon^tain amounts, which had been d i s - , i o l in Connellsville. $2.900: John ; lea," or adding to ihe ciche^uer' covered as having passed to them K. Bush to William Lowthcr, two lots Fair ind warmer tonight and Snn-l through any of the various m e a n s ' f r o m other hands. , m Franklin township. J275. I :hed here today that Ji) persons [ instances stars on th« flag of the high | aigh't. c burrmd to death when the lumber i school represent the same soldiers on . Four names have been omitted from the list ot the high school graduates, they having been mislaid and were not available when ihe names of . those in the service were read last ! flay ls tlie noon weather-forecast for known and practiced among those 'Better make a clean breast of it p 61 A. A. Sutherland at Alvin Sid- . the firemen's honor banner. N. S.- was destroyed by fire last { The namos of those represented on t'»»p jthe high school uag are: 1 Shank, Julias Grouse, Han Herbert Wsley. I Daniel Keffor, Isaac Richoy, James Plan JTemorinl Sen-ice. Memorial services for Robert G. Kotonch, who wafi killed Jn action in France, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock In the Zion Lutheran chnrch in Greenabtirg. Rev. Gamer "Western Pennsylvania. Tcraperutnre liocord. 191S 1917 Maximum, 42 51 Minimum --.---- 20 31 Mean 31 41 willing to back up their opinions or at the start," said a well-known man skill with cash, il has decreed by the I about town yesterday when discuss-! rs. Harry B. Heed of Vandarbilt j pierce, Samuel Pierce, Louis Lancas) yesterday for Camp Lre'to visit ter. Earl Weaver, Walter Artrman, jc. Rees, the pastor, will deliver the 1 The Yottgli river fell d u r i n g thorns "Other Income" on the blanks III. Pleasant M.iu Dii-s. ... - . , Michael AY. Myers, well known re- I income tax authorities us constituting| Ing the nossibiHties that lie ivitbin .-in tired farmer of Mount Pleasant town- Inrnrae just as much sw Incomn f r o m ' evasion of reporting "easy money" as;ship. died this morning at the home hUBiucfis, Sfilarie?. 'vagea, rontfi or ^ a part of one's income during iho tax-' ot his son, IMward, in Yoiler avenue. otbor soureoa. Accordlnglj the re-' ' ceipts from Ulls source will bo ei- pocted to be entered unaer the head- husband. Corporal Eeed- John McSlhoney, Lawrence Ringer, momorial address. ) night from .90 feet ti» li.20 fecL ; which, the courteous and obliging and, able ycnr. "One may gel away w i t h ' at the age of 72. The funeral win be it for a time, I ml it n ill lie found out | held .Monday at 2 o'clock from St. John latar. If found after a false siateraem ! Lutheran church. The funeral will has been bworu to, it will make a had j leave the home at 1:30 o'clock, inti'r- flniia IJQ a poor start, Imont will be in Su John, cemetery. -5s'-a

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