The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 18
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN. ram cotncrsK, /LSVEOI/HJ, PA. FRIDAY, JANT7ART 10, ^ *.) \ A /ni- ·£· J A J I TL A Liassined Ad Is Ihe ** CLASSIf'IED ADVERTISENa LNFORMATtON All ads, are restricted to their proper tlttdslllcatlon and to tho regular fltyla Of typo. T*ie puullshers reaafve tho right to odlt or rejout. any classinod advertising copy, Errors In advertisements should wo reported immediately. The Courier will not ba rcHponaltle for moro than ono Incorrect Insertion. Charged als tor responsible parties will oe received by telephone, and, If paid within »lx days, cash ratea will be allowed. Advertising ordered for Irrearular Jn- sertlono tak^a the one time rate. No ad. Is takorc for less than a basis ol thret, llnea. Count the average worde to tho line. An avoragra v/ord contains j,lx loiters. Ada. ordered tor three or «li times and stopped bctore expiration will ba charged ior o n l y tho numbur of times ·uio ad. apjitarotl, and adju»Unont made at tlia rate oarnoil. Spoolal rutea lor yearly advertising upon royueet. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATKS. Daily rare par lino lor oonaeouctve I!,JB:-HUUU, Chargo Cash One Tim ....... . ...... ij| -°» Tures 'Cimea ........... *TM o " Blx Tiiuas ............ ·»"' -W* N AND WHERE: TO Y.OUK Ai3S. Tho Claialhed Aavonislns De^art- m o n t Is Bitud.ied at Courier Finea.' Tins oUlOb Is opoa to receive a4rer- tlsoujouta :rura a.iiu A, M. to ii:UO f. W. dttUy. All ada. rscolved up until ll:OU A. id. wiU apyuai- In editions iu« saine day. I* in mo 1'our ClaHnUled Ad. ftu. 1», ia ir *»*· Tho Ad Taker will Kindly assist y»u, il d e a u u d , no ui»t tua copy for your »d. is p L c ^ a i n d In sucii a manner *_» to UruijS uo greatesi i-enults f o r you. , Classification Index u»a.aaiui.u.i.iuii are ut order ^u of i 1U.XU ttuu AlourniDji Good* 6 -- fcuuu»a.i U b -- iu.uituuieJii.1 uuu uttmeiAry Lou », fu-tta ± o -. -- v v u o i e lu lo-u-- ud.tu«iiu uuer»i Parlors a.ud contracting UKUis, Btoraso , ueou.atlng -- ,,, _ jiu.i, -- juaie ana A' ema.l» U J -- ^uiiiiluib. Cauvaaaers, ^u-- oiiuatiun* Vvttiuuu -- 1 _ .Mt.Uiuua Vvuulta -- ,it -- ouauioBs Opportunltloj od -- luvtainxJiiLB, txtociis, Bond* .jy _ ii^iiey LU tiou.ii, da. iy-u -- A - a u u i y iguana ^ ^ _ \ v a u i u a -- io iiurrosv i A s r u u i / i IWA -- Coursoo ^ __ AIUJ.ILJ.I, iJiiiicins, Uramatlo j _ i ' i i % u L u instruction. j-i,, -- i-nvalo lusLi u u a o n -- Muslo 4-1 -- ijuna. Cats, Other Pots ts -- Huiou*. Cattle, uUior titock -- j^ivuatocls, tor isttle aud antl Aiu,i -- jjuiiainjja, Buudinsj Jaatorlal ul--iuiiuea» uud uuiua {i.i--i'UiJ/i and IJAiry Fruduots jj. u. -- j.. ai m Jbiiuipnient u i -- Gi-ud 'Xnmtjs to Jiut ;,a -- njineuiausj J. lumsa Ulamontis iy and Tool* iloi.'iia.'idla» Uu -- dJtiis, Flams, ii'lowera 01 -- i'Ui.iil* at tue Stores y 0 -- Wua.iuij5 Apparel 1,1 -- VVautuu -- To Buy A A U UOA1U-- U i -- K U J I U S VV UH Buard ^t -- j.iui ma, VV Uiiout liuttrd til -- Ixoonia, f o r i l u u a Q K ·U -- \ at-atiou fluoou ; i -- Vv u u i e to Kat 7, -- ss'iiuio to btop in Town 7 , -- t v u i t l i d -- Kooma or Board J t i j V J . I-^IA'IK l' - OH UKtNT -7 i -- Apai uiu'iits and i''ia.La I j -- tjusaii-'Si, i J lui.uH tui Jlion! i j--i' iii ma. and i^inda lor Jttanc 7!- -- i i u u b Q a £of Ueii: i v -- uitii-o and Iu3K Hootn U--- a u u r a . M o u n t a i n , l^ako for Ilent ^i.| ~Subu' u u t i , C o u n t i y lor Ksut e l -- \\ iiniud -- 'Lo H u n t Hi \l. t . n l ' A T U FOU SALK-1. -- U i u k t j s s I n Heal libtato ^»~^.!vlb'.!lovs I ' r o i i e i t y f o r Sul\ i , - i ' j i i n \ a and .Land 'or i^ale h t - Ji ju^i. a f o i ^alo · o« -- l . c L ^ t u r balo i.- hi. l i e . iMnuiiiai!i, Lako for Snl« i T -- ^ ' v t i u i tin n i u r isalo s \ ~ ' l o K i . c h a u a e -- Heal K a t a t o v.) -- \ \ . u u o a - H t - a l K s t a t o AI ««rui.\s -- laot-AL -- .») -- A u c t l u n o c r S A u c t i o n baius Tin-; n, \ s s t K i r . u SUCTION u a biK « · .-! ! ' L ,, .n f u n | i U i - \ v h « i . ; all t l i u 3 i. utl* . , in L'un)n,'l'S\ lilt? nuiy bw I u ,t! an 1 · m p - i m , t l H : Ci J ..\f-\y\\,\) re-uilnij- l i a b l t II i '\f t . i i * n"-i i i i n M i y cutiii'S out of i n u r n:n.t i.uru KOu^ i n t o it. Announcements Bcuths . M.RS. KANCV B. BAK1CII. Mrs.) Nancy ICllen Baitor, 84 years old, died Thursday ftt Iho homo of her son- In-la,^, J. jr. Boger of Unlontown. Six ohJldr|in survive. ' ' Flo ivors and i Goods. WEDDINO BOUQUETS--And funornl destgrna at reasonabio prices. Alpha Floral 'Company, Florists, 105 Went Crawford avenu". Phone 1155. Automotive Automobiles For Sale REAL OBNTJINE BARGAINS--In ex- collont used oars. Wilt not rctuse any reasonable offor. Evans Motor, Sorvlco, Wost Crawfoixl avenue. Phone 1834. SEISING IS BELI ISVWG-rA seven pas- sengei' Bulck, \viUi six brand new tiros. In A-No 1 oonclltlan. Very small (Town p.iymont. ConnllBvlIlo Motor Corapan ·, 25U ISast Crawford avonuo. Phone 541. STUDEBA.KEK FE-DAN---In tho beat of condition. W i l l sell to you for $100, Can ba bought through our easy pay- mnt system. Connolla-vllla Motor Company, 250 Wait Crawford avenue. Phono OU. WANTED TO HORROW-- $1,K50.00 as first mortgage on city jiroporty. Ad- drass Box 100, oara Courier. "VVK CAN OFFEU yOU-- Some of " the bo«t huys I n 1 asd Cars. Sen us first and spend t h diflfersnco for gas and oil. Councils /illo-OliJ»mobl!fl Company, ICast Apple street, Upon Sua- dayc ' Phono "574. AUTOMOBII^IDS IN ANY SHAPE WE HAVE ,fr 3T WJHA.T YOU A RIDE WlUi CONVINCE YOU Tin sa Cars Arc .' 11 Classed 10JU Cliovr )l«jt Coach. 101'S Chovi Jlot .Sedan. 1028 C h o v r ^ l o t Sedan, Delivered. 192.S Chavr Jlot Coaches f T w o j . 1028 Chtiviolot Cabriolet 1027 IliJjm obllo Coach. 1!)27 Clu-yMor Coach. li»27 FfT3, Tudor .Sedan, 1024 Balel Sit Sedan. 1028 Clmv olct l ^ j - t o n Truck. ONE TON TTUCK-- 1928 Chevrolet, In v e r y bant f condition. Has f o u r for ard transmission. NOTTCE. ilany O t n e Ba-rg-ains Not Llrtad. 'MASON MOTOR CQJrPANY Trades -- f pon Sundays-- Term*. W.EST AP»L ! STREET. I'HONE 10t R- !3-iI-E-M-B- TllK WEST 8TOK MOTOR i WHIttN BU-XlNCr A US31D CAH. Katty Torms Tradoa! Easy Terms 1 PAi' AS rOU 1UDK. Titucica 1028 C h e r l o t Truck -- Screen Bides. 1025 Ford Model "T" 1-ton Truck. CAHS. 1927 C h e v r o l e t Cnjbrlolot. 1028 Ki Ick Coupe. 1028 Mi'dal "A" Tudor Sedan. 1020 C h e v r o l e t Coupo. 15)25 Model "T" Ford Coupe. 1S20 Cl e v r o l e t Coach. Mode! "T" I«'or«l COUTH). Automotive Hepalrlug--Service Stations 18 ATTENTION! MR. MOTORIST I Remove Tho Hamrs OI "Winter Drlvlnff." PIiAT SAFE -- By brlng-lnff your car to us, and get your brakes inirpeoted. "VVo wlU give you a "true f o u r wheal brake," Whllo you wait. Our servjco la prompt, r Electric Jumbo Giant Hydraulic Tauter. Braking A Ploaour*." BRAKE ADJUSTING STATION EVANS MOTOR COMPANTT PHONE 77. EAST ORAWITORD AVH. R. Former Shop IPorcnmn Ot oioi- Co. TO ANNOUWOBI TO HIS AND PT3BLIC AT TJI4T JIB HAS OPENBD-- An Automobile Repair Shop n.t t h f » Rhodes . Motor Co , 4lu West Crawford A v a il ue. He alms to pleaao, i-Offo.rdle«B. Kxport aervictt on all rattkea of cars or trucko. Fln,L rtitos, Lf desired. IJ^'ery Jcvta Absolutely Guaranteed. DUCO AND BODY SHOP- i Auto body, top, fsnder repalro, Authorised Duoo K.ellnlshar. Phono 1078, IP' IT'S METAL--We can -w^ld It. ConnaUsville- I n d u s t r i a l Woldlnff Co., 1004 W. CruwforU Ava. Phono 1030-Jt, Business Service Cleaning, Dyeing, Kenovntlng 20 FOR 51.00---You can have your Suit or Top Coat clMinod and prenaod. Our truck* will call for a n d ' deliver, so why b o t l i c r w i t h "Cash and Carry,' ConnellsvlUa Cleaners and Dyers. Phone 160. Heating, riuinbfng, Koollng I^RNACESl FUHNACKSI- Ropalred and cleaned. AH malcoa. "From "Whito It's Rlffht." 1BJ South Plttsburtr St. For turvloe, phone 018-J. PItiiTBE.U -- Hoof, nhlmney, g-utter, flower, wator and heater work at modurftto iricei. I'rumpt emOrK'Mic'y aorvlco. C;.phtt Son, 120 £Corth iiesuiid atroet. Ptiuius 1710. SELLERS CO- Quallty plumbing- and South Plttoburg s t i a u t . 348. Prompt nervlca. Phouc HELP TOtT FTNANCE-- Your oar, with oui Easv Payment Plan. It's tor y o u r b e n e f i t so why not use It, WEST UDK MOTOR COM PANT -101 W. C r a w f o r d Avo. Phono -107 4(H FOH» AGENCY, InHnrtuico nnd Surety Bonds INSURANCE--"Wo writ* It right." All kinds. Uoolc and Laughim, Inc., Insurance, 800 Firnt National Banlt Building, PJiono 6JIO. INSURANCE--All kinds, excepting life, Bertha, C u n n i n g h a m . Inn., Notary Public, 40i Flist Natloiyil Bank Building. Phone "586. Ron. JOIM-R.' Sensible Shopping I £ 9 Q**r* down t ie thne and expense of ycrar shopping by t iking a preliminary "shopping trip" through these interesting columns of varied wants and offers. You. will be surprised how mjch you can save In hotrrs and dollars. Always D fferent--In Opportunity . The A -B-C- Classified Ads Always the Same--In Service Instracticun Privnte Instruction--I [nslc 45-A BA.NJO--Mandolin, tha bes you cs,£i buy at modorati prlci a. Gibson Studio, Bailors Arcade. Phono 030.. Live Stock Dogs, (Juts, Other Pets 47 IMGMAI./E! GANAKXHSS--ITot »ala ohop at 1S32 ffi. CiuAviTord av mo. Phone ICWC-W. Homos, GnlUe, Otlie; Stock 48 COW SOS. SALE--\Vlli b- fresh soon. Mr*. Jji'ntcr H w i n K , R. D 2, Connell.i- vllls. "A mllo oaot of M .rtetta Farm. KAJJO--Kresh cow. 645-J. rested. Cat! IPOU SAL.E--Thieo wl Ito Chootflr saoata, 1" wool's nld.t orounli br-ol iitoclv. j''«'f i n f u m.itloa aildittsy J. 11 I t i c k K O n , It )), -i\u. :'., U o i J B o I l b v i l l e Box 215. Merc hand ie Tool, J?e«d, Kcrt Uzer 58 CONNEIJjtsVJt.t.E COKU O COAJ..--Via d e l i v e r e d , lie. at the mis c. West Bide Coal Company, Ninth itreot, oarner avr.UB, Pt ne 1076. House tiu Id Oc xls KJTCHHN CABINET - - Combination r a n g e , tlcvitric, KHS h ated mangl*; r of rig a ra t o r , A m e r i c a n Ideal HiwUrola, nl6otr!r nw eper; p i a n o , d i v o n p o r t «ult; leatboir i l i u m « u l t ami ona goo 1 orga-ts. DuD'a ·Storage. li!2 K i s t P. li street. Conn a l U v U U , l j a, i' . 0. Kudio £jnipji out 62A BOSCH RADIO--Scree i-Qrld. d a m o D j i rallon, Baclio arvlc« Co., 185 South J ' U u b u r s utree , Phon* UOS, EDISON AND PHIL/CO- -Hadlou. Free demons r a t i o n i. Th niuia 3. ijiub, X12 Woat Appla stree ,, Phono ISO!! RADIO bAiJS AND Si BVJOE--Phono 1625. ST30-WAHT WATtNWK ! ADIO3--Olio of Ilia VBJ y bcsl } ou c u b u y . Jiidffo for y o u i s i - l f by }eu.v]r f \x give y u u a. d e m a t i t t r a t l o n . We S-EKVICK nl) iimltea and models. A A. Clarko Dnitf Stojra, .North -Pittsbur ,' St. Phono 104. Moving, TrnckSng, Stcra^e S6 j PL.INT THAN SJT El U-- Local and long! Uistaneo moving", lwov ratea. Phono i 55-1, Prompt aorvtca. 'rruchtng-, Stowtgc 26 TiftJ NEW MAJESTIC RAOIO -- Coma I n and hour I t , CJaliJi Tiro and Radio Co., Esst Crawford a -unuc. Phono 10. at t( i St.oi;eg BETTBlt--Wall 3 1 aper '.'or ]o»s money. 5c up. M. iJfroardo 1} lOo Wall Pupor Co., Ill We .t Apple Btro«t. Qt/OTFEL.TY'8 TRANSFER--Lica.l and long distance. Opp. Arllng-ton Hotel Phone 842. Residence ·llOU-Rliipr-Ui!. Repairing and Ilaftnlshlng 29 C A B I N E T JlAKHltS -- All w o r k guaran- t'-'od Phono 184U n n d ieavo youn o i J o r . Prompt service. H. antl B, Go. MOTOR GO'S U -iEU CAR SPECrAIS TRADES! TERMS'. "REAL BUYS" TERMS! TRADES) I«i7 Modul "T" 1-ton Truck--^175. 102S Mod. 1 "T" F o r d ^ C o u p c i -- $150. 1020 Oldf noblle T o u r i n g -- §100. 1920 Modal "A"^ Ford Itoadater -- $3SO. WE WL.L SHKW YOU-- How to f i n a n c a y o u r car w i t h o u t m u c h cost to you, AUTHORIZED FORD AGENTS 3COTTDALB, PA. PHONE 470. Auto AceeHHorlos, TSrcs, l»artH 18 WI£YT N'^T--Out isomo onuti lor y o u r old bus ln»i.oid oX loavlnK It B i t arouiK' and f a l l a.[i,irl, We will buy it II ^ ou p h o n e "Sb" (tnrt l o l l UM w h u r a l» t.-a!£, l/'ayutt« A u t o era, McCormlck aveiuitj, -Sfirvloe Stations 10 r n t!AU 1H A JJiSUltACH "HAVM" 'j'Htl W!FM i to o u t Ami .Look It UVBI-, \\ K U U A H A N T W a SATlrii'AlJTItJN- Tho 3 «tit "Oiir u a s h " In t(3o oUy. Houi"Vt. t ttl t l i r t ( i n d gf»ac' f r o m y o u r i h-isi la \ v i t l i our m o d e r n k o r t i s e n o bpra; C'al' p o l U l i u d , a l l r i i u k a ) jo(- i^'ici- upnolstt-. :-· v d c u i u i } U t j i n c t i j V u r y m o d t i r a t a r,it(=. U l v a ua a trial Wa : mi Ui plaatu. VI UK .TDNW K U H V h J J d t1'lHH, 1NU \\ r . A I I'lvU cjT, ctJH MWAiOW 1 , 1'ailorlng' and 1'ressing (M) M^KN'S and trouHors l e n g t h o n o d , vostu ra, fitted. IM/,/;l, Uanlc Bids. RICHIAN CLOTHES--All 1(22.50, Bold only by Simons Cash and Carry. Phone 1005. Employment Help Wnntc I--Male OPENING JANUAHT 10th~For r a l f a h l o a m b i t i o u s m a n w h o a n j o y s o u t a l d o work, calling on our customers. 1'irni o H t a b l l w h o d 30 yoarn, I'leaHtitit, por- manotit work, BJxoollont carnlnEfB to atcirt, JOvory o p p o r t u n i t y for advanco- mant, Call fioottdalo 141.R-i. 'Financial Opportunities 118 A GOOD P A Y I N G BUaiNIfiSH Now doi«S fJ,nt)0 per tilfJllth W l t l i it profit at ^700,00 m o n t h l y wJtli tin ovei'ltead of MflH.OO, !ftV|iftr a lint, *]ii-ont of p«7,0(), Kepami f n r SBlHrtg, |U health, W, if, OaWrftt, Pa, Loans dO-A IN TI/ HDWAHE1"--Sae us firht. WP save j in money. Frl»- boe H-ardwaro Com) any, 184 West C r a w f o r d avenue, 'hone 101. THE SA.TISF ACTION !' BUY I NO HA It) WAHJfl -- "L.OUCKS" ia t l m l p Ices a;-o tho name ovory week. Ijcuifl' Ifardv.'ara Company, 110 West t rsnviord Avonuo. Phone 135. Wunled--' o Buy 88 CLEAN WHITE BAC 3--^Wanted, Will pay fio per pound. Courier Company, WANTED TO BUT- -Flat top typewriter desk with typewriter compartment o t side Call Bualnaaa Offlco, Courier. BO. ond hand ohuroh pawn. Call or wi to to Mr, 8. C. Kalp, Indian Head Pa. Rooms ai ,d Board JKoomg for H PATTSRSON AVJHi UK, BART, l i t U'hrae f u t n i s h o d ronrn* for l l f j h t houaekeaplng', PKTJDinKTT PKOr M flnA profltable InforanaUon In tho lansUInd Suotlon, Caali fjeuHti t)'p Ta $300 f!4 i-fflcp t j o r v i u e S m a l l M u r t h l y 1'aymtiutu w t f ' L l j pa p u n i ' H i a K I « - - U « w u. loan aa,n he nrianj:t:i, O J I F and ceuifteoxja ^ a r v l u g fjgs many whaf| (.hs^ nanflec) f n o n o y j juir,Uly. pofao jn, "ftliong ar w r i t e f o r f u l l i n J o r m a t i o n , (Bhe-u Is no obliga tion. M N A N U M e Mc-OHORY HUl^UIHO PHUffld 8-1 a wfisaT cHAwt'Oitii AVHHUH raaa! Use ada. today. «=» 15 IT TRUE, OF A ' CANNOT ES HEARD PEAR NOFlH= DO YOU e THE is pui HAAS HOU.WWOO Real Estate For Rent H and Flats FAYBTTIC STRE'BT--Corner Ogrdon slroet, Just o n e block f r o m street car stop. A p a r t m e n t of five rooms and bath. Hot air heat. Rea-sonablo rent. Also at 220 Quean street, islx room hous« with bath, for root, lu- qulro A. (7. Herwlclc, West CJ-awforii ttci Fifth. Phono 626. ONE, NORTH WINDSOR -- Apartment for rant. Third iloor. Inqulro John DavU, South Plttuburg atreet, Soutii Conn«llBVille. Phone Business 1'Iacos for Kent 75 12-t NORTH MTfiJADOW LANB STORE ROOM AKD WARE ROOM-- PoBaeaulon w i l l bo Blven l i n m t d l a t o l y . Way oo'iupled by Chaa. 1' White's Plumbing JBataljllshmnnt. Heat und M a tor f u r J i l s h o i l . Al'so parage. R a n t is very ru-i-'iouahlo, I j i q u t r o FAVRTTJE R.KAI/TY COMPA'NTT T. D. Gardner, RS ARCADT3. PICOKJ3 13V6. HOUMCH »or Kent EIGHTH STRKET, SOUTH', 800--fll.x roojn moJoi'n h o r n p , w.lth bath und hrator. IJiia ilnishcd iLttlc. Konts at S?2,00 jici- m o n t h . Inquire A. B. Wagoner ami feon, 10OO West Oraw- tord avonui). Phone 148. APAltTMENTS, HOUSES, STOKB- ROOMH AND Q.AKAOES--Incjulra 12fl West Puaah a t r o a L Phono 47!X b"Utt UKf.T--ElKht room brick io«aa, f u t n l n a o d or xint'ii-i'nlbhetf IdeoJ. for j v j n n a u o n t honib Phone IM. Wanted--To Kout 81 MODERN HOUSE--Of five or six rooms, on .South y i d « or f l i l l Mixt havo goo'l h p a t l r t t f system, W311 pay r c a s u n i L b l o :ont. Call HOO-J. Real Estate For Sale Business Properly for Sole 82 J8 II P. SAW MllJj--Complete, or will saw y o u r tlmbor or take ioto n* sawyer. 20 years e.xparianco. 3002 Pltteburij atroet, Scottdalo, Pa. BOUHOS tot Sale FOP. SAi/B OR RENT---5 2-3 aorea, alx room housa, water In house, all kind at f r u i t ; Immediata posseBslon. In- tiulro J. E. G r a f t , 1101 Vine street. Phone 258-M-2, C'onnoUsvhle, Pa, Auction--Legals Loprnl Notices 8: WEST rre.VN EI,ECTJ«0 COSIPANV A'OTlOltl O1C J3IVIIK'T)S. TUB BOAl^U OF 1 UIKEGTOBS HAS declared tho regular quarterly dJvi- flonds of one nnd throe-quarters per cent ( L H % ) upon t h e 7 % Cumulative P r e f n r r o d Stock, and of one and ono- htvlf per cant ( 1 M ' % upon tho 0% Cumulatlvo Prefoyrecl Stock of Tho West Pann Hlocfrlo Oomr'any, for the q u a r t e r ondlnf? February 15, 1030, both paya/1le on February Ifi, 1080. to stockholders o£ record at the close of bunl- ncBu on January 20, 1030. O. B. Murrle, Secretary. lOjanlt Auctions--Legals I/ogal HANK NATIONAL BA.NK -- THE annual mecUjig- of tho .-tockholcler.'j of this bftnk for the e l e c t l c n of Directors to uer|V6 for t h a eiiaiilnf year, w i l l bo held ot tho Banking: H«ti3e on Tuesday, Janualry 1-1, 1030, from 1 ) to 11 o'clock., A, M.I J. C. Ion«, Cashl-r. R tire Hen on Pension FIRST NATTOKAIj ByvNK OR V A N DERBILT--The a.nnufl.1 m o e t l i i K of the stockholders of this bank for t h o i elQctlon of director* to serve for the onsulnR- yoar will bo hch) at tho Banking: House on. Tuesday, J a n u a r y 14. 1080, batweon th* hciirii of 0 and 10 A, 'it. Carrie M. Dull, lashinr. FIRST NATIONAJj B VK1C OP DAWSON -- Tho annual i meting of t h e stockholders of this ba ik for tho election of seven dlroctois to serve for the ensuing ypr w i l l no h o l d at lh« Banking: Ilout: on Tuesday, January 14, 1080, between UIB h o u r s of 1 and ^ P. M, R. U. Hunry, Caihier. C1TKODNS NATION k-L, BAOTt OF CONNEJjLBVUjLE--Th a n n u a l mout- \vti of. the irsotokholdort! of this bank for the election of Directors to serve for die ensuing year Tvlll bo hold at tho Banking Hou»r on Tuesday, January 14, 1030, betwaon th» hours of Z and 8 I'. M. J tmoa Li Cashier. FLP.ST NATIONAij R A N K O!T h rmsular a n n u a l of UJQ ato-ektioKlovs of the ITlrst National Bank of Perryopolls, Pa., for tho election of o. Boanl of Directors and tho tr tnatiol Ion of any other buaineoe that nij.y l a w f u l l y come before the mooting, will bo hold at the Bank }3-uLldlng In Penyopolla, Pa , on 3S.taraay, tho llth Jny of January, loao, between 10 o'clrok and 12 o'clock noon. Howard Adajiia, Cashier. T-I-SI3 ANNUAL. Ml Ktockholders of th' Bank of Indian Ii'eaJ tton of nine dlrocto lawful buolncsa that the mcotlnu, will bo o£ the s-ald bank on day of J a n u a r y , 1URO P. M. Roy C. MarU, BT7NO OF TUB First National Pa_, for tha elcc- 's n.nct any other may come boforo hold a.t tho oineo TuofxJay, tho 3'Hh . between 1 and 2 Cashlor. After 17 Years' Servlc« N. Y. -- In her old age and tafinnity, a ben which laid n. goodly. wupply of CKK8 regularly for Henry Lauster for nearly 17 yoar» bas been "retired." The Jben la blind cow. LniuUif P»- fusod to kill her whon nha BtoppwJ laying, rewarding her faltlufalnesii Wltli an euttru large dally ration, rf corn, Instead. Lauetor, a retired bntctM», tnragfaf the lien In 1913. Grandfather^ 70, Is · , Father of Twin Sable* ArkaJeliih!H, Ari. -- J. B. Mcader, SPveu.ty-ntne, a pkoai%r of Ar'tflxielphl*, was quite Omiiifnl on mianka^lvSng. Mr. and Mrs. Mender una parent* of twins, a boy and n girt Mrs. Meador Is doing Dlccly. Although th« old man has many grandchildren end groat- grandchildren, the arrival of twtos b«s filled a iplsb of long standlBg ftxr bins. Light of the "N"o InvenUon ia perfect, end tbe Incandescent lamp 01! today IB no ercap-. Hon. Light without beat IB the Idea!, 1 and that Is still far off," said Thomas Hdlson. "The electric Incandeacent lamp of today la the cheapest form of i llluminnnt that has ever baon yfo- duccd, but some day It wWI ba nrach cheaper and colder than It now Is. There Is a good deal of trath fn tt« anylng that tbo firefly Is ideal. It lo, BO for us coldness goes. Bat Its color la agalnet It Ton couldn't ntw a 1,000-candle firefly to match colors, and jou wouldn't want the Insect to light up a street, because his light would! be a hideous greenish-yellow. Bnt (some dny we will get reasonably i«ar lUe firefly for efficiency wttbwit copying his disagreeable color." D NATIONAL BANK OF CON- NKIjI»SVJIjLil5--'Dho i n n u a l rnoeUnff o f , th« H l o c h h o l d a r a of tills, b a n k for the I election of Director! to nerve for t h e ' o n s u l n i i yoar, and (c vote on a m e n d i n g ' ' tlu- T h i r d A r L l e l c o£ lh« Articles of J\3- J t o c l a t t o n , w i l l be In id n-t tho H a n k i n g IIouiio on Tuesday, J a n u a r y J t, l'j:O, b o t w B B n the h o u r a nf 10 A. M. and (1! A. M. Alex B. Hood, Cashier HENRY T. COCHRAN ESTATE TM REFUND WASHINGTON, Jan. 10.--In tho caso of the Payola Title and Trusl, Company as ndmlnlstrator, the Burcen of Internal Revenue hap abated $54,831.60 In tho tax on tho ostato of Henry 'I. Cocbxan of Dawson, Payette count y, Pa. As explained by tho Bureau, $35,- G64J)6 of the ov«rtsscpfimi i nt resulted from a reduction in tho value on tho data of d«ath, of c e r t a i n stocks owned by tha decedent At reported *a th» tax rotwra since and it iu doteruaJoed that the fair market · alue o£ tho stocks, on the date of doatli, was less than the value disdosl by tho adrnhilBlru- tor on tha return. Tho remaining $19,276,65 te causcfl by the (tllowance of a crwllt on ac- co'unt of state i^'a.orltar!c^6 tsjca paid subaecjuent to the filing o£ tho federal estate tax return. JtOf n),ts I "Wihon jxu use Ads, In The Dal'y Ctnrler. Je small, reemlte sirs big. Tno cost Bad Enough Now Let us pnty tlict the ultr.r.tton wll 1 nevar get so bad 1 thnt a rana'a age Wl't be reckoned by tbe number of weekends he has snrvlTDd.--Toledo Blade. Credit G'lTen ItaHan* The Italians, la tha Sixteenth eer- tury, are considered to ba tha first to manufacture artificial Ice foe cial purposes. Gave Naaao to Mineral (The luineral, amlthsonlte, was name d after James Smlthson, tbe fwonder of the Smlthsonloa tnstltntion at ,' Ington. Surgeon Operates on Own Child; Saves Her Boston..--Iron nerve and «. firm band defied a mwJdeal l«t- dlUoo. when Dr. Harvey Oousb- ing, Jiiternatkr.elly known BOP- geon, successfnlly compl(rt9d a sldllfol glandular operation ou his twclTO-yaar-old daughter, Barbara, roiher than aubmlt other members of the hospital staff to the responsibility erf jwsslbla failure. At tho hospital th« child -was reported restteff comfortably. When consulting physicians declared an. operation waa nee easary, Doctor Cushing came at. once to the aid of the "baby" o!.' the Oushlng family. Aathorltii nt the honpital said the dccto-: was dismayed to leant that plans for tha operation had boon revealed. ·0- Totlay's Cross Word Puzzle Sto«l Raat-proof steel is easily welded by the ncefylena-oxygen procass and) Is oven mere rust-proof alter woldtng than before duo to loss of carbon, silicon and manganoag darlos meltlBff. I'hofls tlnillnsB by W. noft'rnnn, Oer man aietallnrgiati were announeed by tha national advisory committee for aeronnutlos fn Washington. Tbo physical characteristics ol rust-proof-stool ·welda aeo better ttmp thoee of sott steel welds but the hardness of tlio motel dua to weldinu roust be ro- moveil by bent trentaient. The rustproof stoejs moat used coatnln large percentages of chromium oc chromium uctl n|cUe], ^ ' . Taars of Womfen The tonrs of women: How Ciom the boginnlng of time they h«d wnehod away ovary evil thing, every I t i n d of deviltry! Down tho centuries Imtl flowed those tears, ctenrlng our rnce'H conscience from poisons, washing cleun tlio mind of mnn from tlio torture of rational logic, washing It clean from the rortaro ot memory, ye-eront!nj{ It, fresh, careless, fro«, but liow could fcuch » wide, dark, wet etnln (ipon fhoNe r!"fc roses hove rorae from so lumill ft Bl»i!l!--John Cowper Powyfl )n Wolf Solent. Books Linked With Homoa "BooUK" nnd "liomo" ore Imlissol- ' tibly u n t i e d In the mtufla of jnost t»oo- pia, !nt' iurs on anfnvy evenings, on warm m i m n i e r duj'S In (lie shntled swhig, In bed ut night when sleep IK ehisivo, they i\ro BUnich, rclhiblo f r t u n d s . Such Crlands n b those should be iiitiiie to fool nt boiw. 'Thoy slu-uld be Iiousotl whit q loving can- .-irid ono should llud room l i u . :i'"t' i t t at all It ·ao 0 an ·at i-a .4."=. a?. to ACROSS 9 goft IT Inerut plu. it JiBaenilal |rinuiple of JqaU 3S Dormif window 16 Poiwd at the EX 1 face o? tho earth JT Rlosct lino 1» OfEor 30 Playlr-E eace} 21 Pouicitto unimals 83 6efa£ i ·28 Naws article 38 Fancies 28 80 S u b t r w t ^3 Detestation 33 Outo! 84 Bly urtitlco 86 Secoi dary part of BPOCl !l 89 8how 43 ABCP lain 44 Mo'nj rol 4 8 iSate · 47 Mak'* lace 48 Snip (jo Riiinod city of \ BI High prlost 63 Uncloae (poet) P? TuUn 63 Mi)-o fafl Castor oil 68 Foreahad 60 Trappopu Gl Gieets fl'! Mirror S3 Paths 1 EiHerpribo unJpr taken with zeal 2 HLatlouorl .1 i J r e u K letter ·1 ' 'i yploiiarnoua plant Answer to Previoup 0 6 -- lAiko warm 7 Amontr 8 Limb 8 Supreme hol JO Unfclsiied H Unruffteol 11 Baiamandten* U Ttml whtati H Aboundud 24 Heli 27 2'j 35 Diiirtnin Difeh of Tag .;;; Part of body 3» Varies 3i Train." , ' 37 Ord.ruimf'' as Owing- 10 Kllll\/;fi 41 Ovcrw-helmn 4 t Clanip of skill ·15 ·IS ·13 f4 j vvav n;ii»'

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