The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

I 24 COOKING COLUMN Adaptable 0 range Has Many 'Uses, Kefreshini chunk of Cali fornia orange add color to -tender criip salad greens, Tit tangy flavor blends ao. wall with hot crunchy" bacon bit, dripping; and otbar - . ton ina that dress the salad. Remember, the success secret of this salad is toss and serve immediately. ,. WILTED LETTUCE AND FRESH ORANGE SALAD ', 1 heads leaf lettuce, tera as hit - eln pieces . green salens, sliced fine j V4 cap sugar ..-... M leaspsea saassail aaH. H topaaa pePP"-14 "P Iresh kmea Juke 1 . J California ranges, peeled, -;- cat bate bite . steed pieces ; stlcea bacoa , ' . ; In, large salad bowl, combine lettuce and onion. Sprinkle with sugar, seasoned salt and pepper. Add lemon Juice and orange pieces. Dice bacon and fry until crispr-Pour bot bacon' and drippings Over salad. Toss lightly. Serve at once. Makes about six aery- 'tag.'.-' I. " Fresh oranges, available in markets all year, are one of the best and most practical . sources of vitamin C plus ether important body-building , nutrients. Serve whole orange ' everyday for salad, dessert or bandy snacks. '.- , ; I i X - ' -4 am; skdssaass WILTED LFTTL'CE AND FRESH ORANGE SALAD LUNCH BOX ORANGE-NOG 1 u ."' ' ; I cup fresh eraage Juiced 1 tablnpeen hrewn sagar Sprlnkla af greuad ciana. ; Beat egg well. Md orange Juice, brown sugar and sprinkle of cinnamon; mid . well. ' Pour Into 1 vacuum , bottle. Shake well before I drinking.. Yield: two servings. , ',. AMBROSIA DESSERT CUP; I California oranges, peeled, ; cat late bite-etsa pieeea .r lX tabspsoas beaejr ' I tabiespeeaa kepped dates t er rauuns y , t; atmu Shi, Lam4m .IIk. i I U cap flaked 1 medium banana ' . f ': ' I II 'V. -BAC-TO-SCOOL I "JS tetei' :.". it MsaiVALK aoa ArTMS fra CUr Vl IGA ; ' t COLLKAa STaCBT . "( J knn aJj Cttrta riSM. PS IMS I , Combine undraineq orange pieces, honey, dates,, maraschino cherries and coconut. Peel and altee banana; stir i lightly Into - fruit - mixture. :' Spoon into plastic or glass . containers for the lunch box. Yield: three to four servings. ' ORANGE-HONEY-PEANUT : SPREAD ; t Calif erala orange, peeled i tablespoon hoaey ' W cap chunk, er plain style batter I tahlrspaea asayenaalie ' Pinch, af salt ... ' Drain orange , pieces, combine with honey, peanut butter, mayonnaise and. a a It, blending well. Make 'about 4 cup. Use a spread for lunc'h box sandwiches. - ;. . ORANGE-TUNA-MACARONI SALAD, 1 California " ewLJnte bltclxe pteee 1 IH ar f-euac caa tuna ; : drained,. flaked .... iin.h 1 cups cashed macareaL drained, ceeM H cap diced celery K cap fbaty chapped eniea I I 1 t ill 1 a7 AtVvJ r i - II ( .11 . a . H I X TA J I ) H0r V II i : i i -j-.-" .1 i a irarx s s "w of- i If 1 .Vi t S 1: -II V . -a4 I K I m . IF II i II . H I i a I "a, . AT arVTf TlVl II iMiiie-vs immm - " 1 I ' ---.--, i flAT ak. XV as I W I I I II..; MMIa1 K tVllat-lsr W-lX-.V-:--.. X ' . I " i I;. "ffK with tthf fii.inowitalt r RjTj 1 I anff baked tq perfection. So good to eat l! ,-V. . i 1 iit on o marry occasions. ' - ft . r oryx, a type of antelope, has almost exterminated and Is believed to be down to about M animals, most of them in captivity. ; i . , . V i I' ! . ? . TV.. :ir'i "' - o , aOLDINWEAT. t . JO , ' I . fmmmmmmt I I 1 1 I . '; j .--eaupaF-topped 1 1 V ' I ' ' SMALL RICH TEA'- '; ;' : ' I H : . ' J'tI I lA:riici-.;ri;( : jr; 4 :w;rof.'"'w " : t , it -rvcoootaogv-tprinkid. , ' , t anuntt Oterenvt - - I I ... . I J i niflMTIIa . I mayl UAUt ItCnaTtll ' I I ..' I I I : , ' J I ad rich fhTvour ' H; I pewid ASSOITftO CBaVsMI i ' I ' 'C I I I ' . , . Baked ta ntrttrtlom. mmnnmtl tnr rmtmil. K . I, -V 1 -. - . aaai aaai a m a a a. ap-va a vs ri 5 l!i -. fv .v---..v 1 -u . . -.y -v; v.l f :. , 1 1 ......... 1. . . . - . . 1 - V J ' - I. 'J --ifTiT -- -rnnr- -i-Tiaifar-aiti'a, - - T,swt,iiVi,ifjmiw,ii-ir.rfi THE OTTAWA JOURNAL M cup mayeonaiM .; ' , 1 teespeen prepared mustard - ' tseipeen salt -Cearsety greuad Hack Combine orange pieces, flaked tuna, macaroni, celery and. onion.' Blend mayonnaise, mu-tard, and salt; stir through salad, ingredients.' Add black pepper to -taste. Pack in containers for lunch boxes. Salad will keep : for several days when covered and refrigerated. Yield: six to eight serv-tag. ' ' '- 1 . ; 'r -4789 egN ' SUES 711 ' 'Mm -""' SWEET DREAMS ; -All flare, freedom and fashion in easy-cart Dacron or airy batiste. Sew both gown one for yourself, one as a delightful shower gift Printed Pattern 478th Misses size 10, 12. 14. 18. IS. 2a Size 18 (top view) three yard 45-inch; other 2 yards. ; I FIFTY CENTS (50c) In coins (no sumps, please) for this pattern. Ontario residents add, 2c sales tax. Print plainly SIZE,: NAME, ADDRESS. STYLE JNUMBER. V ' ; ' Send order to ANNE ADAMS, care of The Ottawa Journal Reader Mail Ltd. 60 Front Street West, Toronto 2, Ont. NEW! 300 sparkling designs, five exciting fashion and fabric feature plu coupon for ONE FREE PATTERN 'any on you chooset Send for new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalogue, 50c FEW ANIMALS' The desert based Arabian 1 ANN LANDERS. Dear Ana Laaderst My sis ten and I plan to give a party in honor of bur parent's 35th wedding anniversary. Since my home i the largest. I have offered to have the party here. The trouble U .my folk know everybody in town and the guest list will run to about 30 DeoDle. My home can't ac commodate that crowd, but I don't see bow we can trim the liti My husband tuggested we remove all the chairs from the house to discourage people from sitting down. We plan to have sandwiches and a, sweet Uble, but (oiks like to sit when they are having a snack especially the men so I vetoed the no chair idea. l I know you are not running a social column. - out mis comes under the beading of a problem. Please suggest something: HATTIE. b Dear Hattlet Stagger the guests. Invite N far U f. another M par 44 Of course some people can he depended on to arrive wjth the first wave and to' hang around till the last drop Is poured, but nobody has ever figured out what to do about ' them, so dost try.: "'' . ':' ' '. Dear -Ana Landers: I told myself for months I was Imagining It, that M was impos--: sible. But now I know the .-' truth. Last night I witnessed an incident which leaves no - room for doubt. My older sis-, ' ter, who' Is divorced, fat inak-" ing a play for my husband. WadV and 1 have been married three years. We have one . little boy and I'm pregnant again. We've always gotten N" along well and I have never ' worried about Wstde cheating. -But It's easy to see how. a' -: man could get involved with Annette. She Is beautiful, pro- - vocative and so aggressive you ..wouldn't believe H. ' Last night we had some peo-ple over. I went to the back'. RuthSlavin Honored at Tea , Mrs, Addison K. Laing entertained at tea at her home honor, of Miss Ruth Slayin of Belleville whose marriage to the former's son, Mr. John ' Laing-,. take place oar Saturday, Aug. 2. - '..' Receiving with Mr. Laing and the guest of honor. . wss Mrs. William J. ' Slavia, mother of the bride-elect, v - Pouring tea were Mrs. Cecil Joynt. Mrs. H. E. Carter. Mrs. Walter C. Berost. Mrs. Lewis Mullin, Mr. K. S. Guest, Mrs. Stewart B.. Morris. Mrs.; Charles - Ferguson and' Mrs. William B. Shore. ;. '" Serving were Mrs. L. M. Clarke, Mrs. George Letch,: Mrs. Blyth' Robertson, Mrs. Ernest Martin. Mr. Cletu Cassldy-and Miss Kathi Slavin. ' ' :,; I lallatM a( Fkw tan AND . CrtliR tit Buk M IF YOU Cnil'T AFFOHD AKEVFUn COAT... it WeH Take the Fullneu Oat of Your Old Far Coat J k Well Change the Style of Your : Collar and Sleeve Wm Repair 'AV "the Wore Fen ' WelTProvlde a Silky New Lining Then Cieaa and Glaze the Far NOVTS THE TIME TO RESTYII ' WHILE SUMMER PRICES ARE 10WEST -. ' ' , :' V , . - y .-V wis buarantee Toar ttestyieel coat Against Rips aad Tears for 1 Year DVonKin Funs ltd. 25 Ridraa St. m P. ii' porch to get more ice cubes. As I walked toward the kitchen 1 beard Annette say, "I've felt this way about yon from feu GIRLS SLIPS White plain and polished cotton slips. ; Sizes 3 -6x !-V ' v s a I ' : v T t E Should Stagger So Many Guests i THURSDAY, AUGUST 20," 1964 the first." Wade replied, "You're drunk, Aaaette. Pleaaa be oulet or someone wiH hear you.".. . i- , 1 ,,, ':' ' I Walked around to the front f f "the house and cam ta'-t through the ronf doer; I'm ick at heart What shall I do? -SHATTERED . Daar SaattSTsdi hasoaad yes) heard ard BACK-TO-SCIIOOL APPAREL iCa GiHs'weaters TnturiMd.1 V '' ' ?' Aaaorsia t ' CUM Style - - V i-;.oloof lor hMlifi ( A WW' ! yur Hk. loe Bark-to. I J ... '- i ttoa. Suaa PULLOVERS CARDIGANS 52-T7 $33 H $33 Girls' School BLOUSES lit cotton poplin blouse with abort AQgt tves. Size 4 to 6X 4 QQP REGULATION STYLE . plain white sanforized cotton' blouse. Sizes 7 to 14. Short sleeve $1X3 Boys' and Girls' Sweaters - Orion pullovers and cardigan with fancy knit "deigns.v Assorted colours for your vf ( election, Size 4-6X. Each )'" BOYS' COTTON ; SPORT SHIRTS Shirt with long eeves, button front nd bne 'pbc ket Various , colour ' and pattern.' Sizes fv 9 to 18 .......v .- I j Jr. Boys Flannel Shirts Size 2.- 6X Sixes 814- rfy: 9 : i v a t i- v 4 77 BOYS' KNITTED . SPORT SHIRTS , Combed cotton shirt with , long sleeve. . Assorted plain colour with Emblem de sign. .. $1X3 ;; BOYS' COTTON CASUAL PANTS ' Dak style pants with uper-,d legs and no cuff. Plain - colours of beige. Mack. ' rjk fooen ana antelope. SiV'. Size 8 to 18 $2X3 'I.'- la - a Awe, 'isit ; POLO SHIRTS , , dombed Cotton Blilrts wUi Ian ikno. selUr an button opmlns at asek Aa asorlmmt of pUla eeloars. trip an patterns. SUM $1.33 L $1.53 .1 . TA ar the back t aad 1st his t aaew ns inn mam iwpnn;t,. y jf Tsll Wade, lea, yak wig say aathhag la Aaaetla that r J ap as kin. Than stay eat el ' It. Carry aa with aer hat Mr yea beard aetkbuj Aad knew " ; aethfauj. , '. . lA '. - H - 3 UDIES'BLpUSES xMan- tailored style shirt I bloused with short -anti : long aleeves."." White 'and : . assorted fol our a front which to choose.' . - Sizes ' 10 to 20. "ALSO avaOsble. whit: cotton ' minicare blouses. Sized 10 to; : J3.8T ft- v'..i-t Misses.''-- STRETCH $UIS J For after school wear. Aspen tretch fabrio slims with . oV.l ; uchable foot - strap.. .Black! and assorted colours. A Qm Size 10-18 ... j - LADIES' ,'IIYuj;is STRETCIIIE TOP IIYLOIIS First quality - seam. : less mesh hose. Sizes toll. 3 P Pattern j i IlylsnsB High fashion nylons with small and large diamond designs. . Sizes 9 to 11. 2 S Ml V.. r". ..I ' COYS' SKII.TS ssd SuCnfS . rancy Rib KnH ahlrta and Shorts wlU) aintle mat ana double ml mt '-x i. - .J8 EOYS' TRCUSERS Rayofi Bam armi-Boiier Styla Trouans tat Stadium Otar. Ckarcaal and lam . asat eokm, Sbjas to la J A. . j ; , dUH f YC'JTKS' and L'lfrS K3SE A variety of Woola.' Bylana IM Orloa faork - Hi pi. In rlha ami amall. naat aattarna. BtratHi Hoot u II w 11 staai Ham f? 8k T - tae $lJr tl.4 LADIES' end f.'ISSES CAMPUS HOSE .. Stretch nylon', wool and orlon fabric. Several different pattern for your selection. Wide rang of size and prices. - ' 1 V A TO J - . i J 1 ' RICEAU STREET tnd WESTCATE SlwrPIS CENTRE . I

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