The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 23
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t i i .1 ". i . : f- n 41 , i THURSDAY. AUGUST 20. 1984 SOCIAL . Tha High Commissioner ', for Ceylon and Lady -June-warden will bold reception on Thursday. Aug. 27 from a.30 U tJO pjn, la honor of the delegate to .the Third Commonwealth Education Conference. v Mr. Ivan L Khoroshilov, Agricultural CounaeUor of . the Soviet Embassy, and Mr. Atesel Y. Popov, CounaeUor. were In Montreal Wednesday to (reet the Soviet Arkul-tur Miaiater, Mr. I P. Volov-chenko and his party. They . accompanied the delegation on ha flight to Ottawa. . . ' Mr. Warren J. Moma-bono entertained at tea for her daughter. Carol Jane, whoa marriage . to Mr. Franklin Sherman- takes - place on Saturday ' Mr. Irvine M." Marthalll ha returned from trip to Vancouver and Victoria. Among the out-of-town gueit who will attend the Monro-Affleck wedding on Saturday are: Mr. and Mr. P. Lennox Wilton of Sber-brooke: Mr. Arnold Banflll. Lennoxville. Que; Mr. aod Mrs. Carl Steenburgh. Otht-wa; Mr. and Mr. Alec B. wf jmhs sr. bmt mti AfM a Final Clearance -: (Continues All Week)- . f , r LADIES' SHOES ; ' .VO : . Included are all whit shoes. VSELBY CLEAROUT ' V : Black, Brown 12.95 v1mt0 '. 1 AAAA't, AAA'. AA . A. V ' -. V. The selection it still good in color and fittings, but ' not all size in every style. -" ' '" ' i;' OPEN FRIDAY CNTtt t PJC ' ' LLwmitsei. im ffim Mir ua p GUARANTEED REPAIRS . on SHAVERS all mokts ? r V' APPLIANCES i : GOLDSTEIN DROSi LTD. . - - . t ..... . tt BANK ST. , . ! i 1M-TM1 .i t. 112 Qutm tfrtt 1 , 1 Hr. FrM Parking at M Tea Honors Bride-Elect Mrs. E. C. . Whanit tained at a trousseau lea at her home in honor of her daughter. Miss Anne Wherrle. whose marriage to Mr. Gary Hicks takes place on Saturday. Pouring tea were Mrs. M. J. MacKinnon. Mrs. Harold Hall. Mrs. H. V. Kinsey. Mrs. Glen Gay, Mrs. H. S. Hodgins, Mrs. Paul Hortdal and Mrs. R. J. Groves. Assisting were Miss Claire Bailey, Miss Sue Wharris, Miss. Joan Groves and Mist Ruth O'Brien. CFUW Considers Divorce Laws WINNIPEG (CP) The Canadian Federation of University . Women called on the federal government Wednesday to ex- I pand grounds . for divorce in Canada. The CFUW triennial conference passed a resolution asking that courts, la province and "territories that desire it. be able to grant divorces on ground of cruelty, desertion without cause for three year, or Insanity not cured e.'ter five yean' treatment. : The. M delegate attending the convention represent about 110 members in 111 club. . The resolution alio asked the government ip restrict divorces during the jhrst. three year of a marriage. to case of excep-.tional. hardship. The CFUW voted to give Quebec. and Ontario separate vice-presidents on the national exec utive. Previously the two provinces were represented by one vice-president for central Canada. The change was recommended by the present central Canada vice . president. Mrs. M. J. Sabia of St Catharine. Armstrong wish to announce Snturdnv f-, M' Car Park, Ouoon Slrtot THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 23 ALTERATION SALE. SCAFFOLDING UP! PRICES .:-t- j x . . ?.r) J !':. .tVi'-jpfi- Si'-.-rvMJf V'' -.-wwt-jv..' ... sat-" t.KU t I i - Missionary Plans Return To Congo. -at End of Leave By VIRGINIA LAMBE of The Journals When missionary Ruth Stanley returned from the Congo three weeks ago. it might have seemed be wa ' Imply making a wis exit from the political distort- ; ance there. In fact, though, the two events Just happened to coincide. Miss Stanley, a missionary with 'the Christian and Missionary Alliance, was returning for a year n Ottawa after spending four years in the Congo . Mis Stanley say the pre ent trouble have not yet affected the area where she worked. She was a school supervisor- near Boma. an Atlantic port at the snouth of the Congo River. : '-- ' When she first arrived in the Congo, four year ago. the country had just received it independence. And at that Bride-Elect Honored At Tea Mrs. Douglas Power entertained at tee in honor of her son's fiancee, Miu Barbara Murphy, whose marriage takes place Saturday, Sept 5, In Smith Fall. Receiving with Mrs. Power war Mis Murphy and her mother. Mrs. Vincent Murphy. Pouring were Miss Joan Simmons. Mrs. Victor Mallet . and Miu Barbara Short Assisting in the' tea room were Mr. R. E. Simmons. Miu Ann Kearney, Miu Shirley Simmons, .Miss Norma. Simmons. Mis Kay Watson and Mu Margaret Power. ' ' , Weddings McLcnna Ikriduc Miu Audrey Boldue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ren . Bolduc. wa married On Saturday, August IS. to Edward Peter McLennan, in Sacred Heart Church. The bridegroom's parent a re" Mr. and Mr. Frederick McLennan. Father , Charles Bolduc, uncle, of the bride, performed the ceremony and wedding music was provided by Mr. Paul Ltroea, organist and Mrs. Roland Gagne, soloist. The bride , waa attended by Mrs, Edouard Gagnon. . Mr. Frederick McLennan Jr. was best man and the guests were. Ushered by Mr. Jam Moir and Mr. Char lea Bolduc brother of tha bride. Following a reception, the trip to the Pocono Mountains, Penn. Mr. and Mrs. Lennaa will reside in Otuwax . : " ' 1 -- ImiiMMi ea iHttii aeMssiss aa r . 9ru ! WUts mr M 4c ea Ik SarM Paie i te s . Sictens UI k swMie t Met ft itatle ntaaia " s4k wMk te s ware ne mmj wmw ? (a pKim . tlS-s ft Mlkli a r si k wk MISS RUTH STANLEY time, "there waa'anti-whita-feeling among soma of our people.'' she said. , "Our muuioo didn't have to evacuate after independence, but I think ell but three did," , she continued. . "Most ' of the miuion returned, but some have had to evacuate again." CANADIAN FOUNDER - The Chriatien and Missionary Alliance was founded 7S year ago by a Canadian, but its headquarter are now in New York. The Gospel Tabernacle repreaenta the Alliance in Ottawa. , In the Congo Miu Stanley . was 'responsible, for elementary school teaching about. I 5.000 pupils. The 130 teach- , era and principals under her supervision were all Congo- ' lee. Her territory - was primarily' an agricultural and bush area. She said the Alliance looks after a total of more than 12.000 pupils in the Boma area. The progress tn education has been encouraging. Miu Stanley uid. Tw een a big difference even in the four couple left on a honeymoon paaa. ja-itii. aaw DOWN! at " : ' a; y " r- .f..H-..r...v.. m m weras at fvaatai aMtiar aaaar sanara. u aa ism tar att)aal aralb at warass la raa ajwe ray at aiMa SI a. , ? : : v - . . We're having a Wonderful face-lift at H.R.I Iff the initial step in complete moderniiation of our store. Business will continue during this work, but before remodelling the Interior, we rnusr clear our entire stock Tof Fall-dnd-Winter Furs - designed by Dior, LanvinRittef and pur own superb stylists. We're sorry about the debris, but ifs worth a scramble .o obtain one of the extraordinary fur values featured in this sale? Sorry, w eppwroUr PERSONAL an Monro, Kingston: Mrs. W. G. Dales and Miss Catherine Dale of St. Catharines. -a , i . Miss Maralyn Hortdal held a recipe shower it her Summer home in Kingsmere in honor of Mis Ann Whar-rie, bride-elect . of Saturday, Miss Audrey'Wooff whose marriage take place. on Saturday, waa honored at a miscellaneous shower given by, Mis Maureen Beaton and Mia Mary Curry, at the lat ter s bom. ;,; , - .i - Guests t the Hicks-Whar-. rie wedding on Saturday who will attend from Toronto are Mr. , T. A. Kilner. grand--father of the bride-elect Mr.; and Mrs. G. P. Gilbert and' faniily. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Kilner.' Mr, knd Mrs. 'Brian O'Brien. Miu Zaiga Zarins. Mrs. James McLean; Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Lockle and Mr. and Mrs. William Spence and . family.. - , Miss Louise Boyer end Miss Marian Barry entertained at a shower at the home of Mr. Donald Appleby in honor of ' Miss Cornelia Kroon, whose marriage lakes place on Saturday. . ' NMrs. Brian Kirby enter- SAVE $12-14 Value to 21.93 iv- 1-5 i. ' , '.' IVortli of 11.R. Quality Furs, Reduced to Clear I 1 iv'' :t' ,V:'...t.r--.,V i ' . Wi DISCOUNTS OF 'A TO W OFF ORIGINAL PRICES w CO.D- 1 H.' , ; ' ' tained at a misoeTlineous shower si the home of her mother, Mrs. Ula ' Byers. Brockville, in honor of Mis Maureen McLaughlin, bride-elect of Saturday. . . ' Mrs. Harold Fisher hat returned to Ottawa after a trip . to the West Coast J ' Among the guest from out-of-town who will attend the ., Nichols-Wevill wedding on Saturday sw-Mr. William . Blundell, of Vancouver; Mrs. Charles Hlnnen, Ardsley, NY; ' Mrs.: Edgar Levedag, New ! York City: Mr. and Mr. George Child. Nyack. NJ: Captain and Mr. Robin Bryan. Ste. There de Blain-' vlllei Mr. and Mrs. Awdry . Bryan. Hudson Height. Que. , Miss Anne Wilson, whose marriage will take place on Saturday, Aug. 29. was ' honored at a miscellaneous shower given by Mis Bev-erley LaRocque. , : . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker accompanied by their daughter. Julie Ann and Susan Elizabeth, of Samia. have re- -turned home after spending the put two week with Mr. Baker parent. Mr. and Mrs. Minor S. McAdam at Golden Lake. - ' - Mr. Arthur Wigney held reunion for more then 50 members of the Wigney family at his home in Osgood. BURTONS IN MEXICO " MEXICO CITY , Eliza beth Taylor and Richard Burton arrived in Puerto Valletta Wednesday from Los Angeles for a two-week stay. The couple acquired, a house In Puerto Villarta last .year during the filming of the movie "The Night of the IguanaT tn which Burton atar. X. Engagcmcn Arnutronf Brewer s ; . Mr. and Mrs. H. Everett the engagement of their daughter, Noreen Eleanor, to - FA) Roe Edward Brewer, son of Mr.' Stephen Brewer and the lata Mrs. Brewer, of Parry . Sound, Ont Marriage to ! take place Sept 5, in St Psul's United Church. Carp. LaceUe McDlarmld i : Mr. and Mrs. Albert iacella wish to announce the : engagement of their daughter, Sonia Lea, to John Alaister, son of Mrs. Marguerite McDiarmid, of Manotkk. Wedding to take place Saturday. September S, 1964. . k ' ' . .' - '... Nlcoi--Matt Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart, Rochester, NY.- announce the engagement of her daughter, Judith Nicola, to John D. Matte, eon of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Matte, of Ottawa. Marriage to take place m Christ The King Church. Rochester, September's, r SnlrJ Ends .?.'. s-Jea--i m hs....b-- m l I. Cowvonlonf Term f Poymorrt 'V. . ' i . . . as- I I . . t : V Jt ... 1 year I was there, especially among the girls. More and. more i girls are continuing their schooling. The new nurses' training ' school at Kinkonzi ha already graduated its first class." Before she went to Africa. Miu Stanley spent four years teaching at Viscount Alexander Public School in Ottawa. LEARNED LANGUAGE In addition to French, the Congo's official ' language, Miu Stanley learned Kikon-go. the native language used in her area. The latter, she says, "is a very interesting language and 1 found it relatively easy." At the end of 1er year in Ottawa, during which she win lecture on her African experiences, Miu Stanley will return to her work in the Congo. 4-H Leaders Named for Fa 1 1 Mr. Leonard Moore Mrs. Francis Wood and named 4-H leaders for the Fall, at a meeting -or the Leonard Women's. Institute, held at the home of Mrs. Richard Kraus. Mrs. John Thorpe presided. Others who took part in the program were Mrs. Charles Rathwell. Mrs. Alex Rogers. Telephone A Sharp Shirt' ' "A KatUCilt From OurNew mm t35-3355 c 'Little Price' Shop The place to find the current "looks" at pittance-prices! Come, tee the , .. . new separates, coats, dresses. ) : j 'The Shirt, 3.95 1 v Tab collar, long sleeves, double cuff. In fine cotton beige, powder or pink. Sbes , .10 to 18. Also a button-down collar style In . white oxford cotton at - 15 Pure wool.' In clan tartans styled with all-around pleats and hip straps. Sizes 8 to 16. ';-. v;-' - -, , Y Tin "LUUt trier Shop Third floor TIMED FOR .SCHOOL! OPENING- , Corduroy j j , In spicy Autumn shades of red. ttaK pina-fretn, Ncrai-'" ' berry, brown, blue. Normally you'd pay abnoat half a nuch again! The good washable quality, the harvest of Fall colour will start scissors . snipping, needle stitching, making school clothes, suits, housecoats, skirts, draperies and bed covers, too. 36 inches widt. . y! h "'-:.'Vf " ' "rtbrle Centrt fourth Floor Mrs. Meivia Larmour, Mrs. Harold Moffatt, Mr. Bower Heney and Mrs. John Moffatt.

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